Saturday, 16 February 2008

Send Guns, Capitalism and Civil Government.

"Dictators agree. Gun control works". As Penn and Teller have empirically shown in the first of a video series, gun control is bullshit. Watch them all. They swing!

Dear sports, a gun free zone means the armed can roam free shooting at their leisure. This is why lone killers go to “Gun free” school’s instead of an NRA meeting, a gun show, a police station, a gun shop, an air force base, a motorcycle gang roadhouse, a firing range, a military academy, a South Central gang house, a Mafia barbecue or Charlton Heston’s house. Well, because in a “Gun Free” zone no-one can defend themselves but most of the latter will take their rights of survival entirely seriously.

"Power comes out of the barrel of a gun". Mao, cliched but true.

It was precisely THE LACK of student guns that were the problem. Students are chosen because they’re entirely defenceless and in the end, for no other reason. That’s why the killer always fires so calmly as he knows everyone will I'm afraid, mostly die like sheep. Even hundreds of student’s to one creep will usually not try to rush one pud with a gun. That’s how everyone is trained now it seems. That’s what you always hear. “It’s foolish to resist. No point being a dead hero. Etc, etc, etc”.

They even tell women to do as they are told when raped! Men rape unarmed women. Armed women can stop a rapist completely.

Regards the Amish murders, half a dozen alleged males meekly stood passively outside in the hallway as the swine inside the school room shot one girl after another in the head. This is not so much a gun free zone, as a balls, spine and courage free zone. It certainly seems free of a sense of survival and strength of community.

Do not, I repeat do not rely on the fashionable and plain stupid directives of our weak minded authorities and the police, unless you enjoy the idea of dying like an animal in an abattoir.

Hey, following their illogic, why not make school a non-boredom zone, hospital’s a non-screaming zone, work a non-stress zone, make shopping centres a non-stealing zone and cinema’s non-farting zones. The non-applications that apparently and instantly make the world nicer and safer are endless.

Yep, ya right, these are all natural things though. So is the fact that killers will arm themselves and prey on those in the weaker position. I hesitate to call such killers fully insane beyond disturbed, because they are clear minded enough to figure out how to get a gun and go where people are unarmed and passive. Now if they attacked everyone with a banana, that would be insane.

Nearly everything that the MSM say about guns is wrong. As are those that have no experience of guns and are often irrationally hostile to the mere thought of their existence, knowing little to zero about them. Every cliché is just that and belongs in the realm of Logical Fallacy, Cognitive Bias and false attribution etc.

Let me say this clearly. I want guns but they have disarmed Australia just like England. Thus we are not free. Only American’s are truly free because no one and I do mean no one, can take their freedom away from them as long as they have their guns. Consider the truth of what the possession of guns by citizens means. We are not free because our freedom does not belong to us. The government allows us to be free and in a profound way, we must justify it and ask for it.

In America, the government cannot ask the question of “Can we take your freedom?” as they know the answer and they know they can’t. In truth, all Totalitarian Government’s and dictatorship’s never ask for anything from their people, they just take it and it’s gone. First they take the economic freedom of the people and then their guns. Thus a nation of slaves and mass murder victims are made.

Nobody ever oppressed and killed a wealthy and fully armed people.

Yeah, I want guns, racks of guns. I want submachine guns, heavy assault rifles, sporting guns, handguns and rack mounted heavy calibre weapons. I want to have a vast array of every kind of weapon I feel like having. Sorry, but I do. And I want them all entirely legally, and stored in an advanced secure armoury. I know I shouldn’t. I should purchase them illegally within a few days to weeks like most killers, criminals and Dictators do. Hey, but that’s just me.

Instead I have a trench shovel, a reading lamp and some dinner pepper. I’m ready! Ready to have every freedom stripped from me.

You see I was watching the film ‘The Lord of War’ starring Nick Cage as an arms dealer. The basic cliché is that people are dying because of the mere existence of guns. There are lots of guns in New York and not one civil war, revolution or coup. Gee, I wonder why? That’s right. They have a Capitalist economy and civil government, so no reason, no need and no way to start. It’s very hard for the average cannibal warlord, narco gangster, Islamist freak, Communist loser, revolutionary Che the child killer Guevara fan or other parasite misfits and frauds to build up an effective power base, say in Venice Beach, Boston or Fifth Avenue. Sure, they may often shop there…

A lot of smart, talented and skilful people were involved in making this film, but it never seemed to occur to any of them what the actual causes of people being killed with guns are. In this Sherlock Holmes Free Zone, no one noticed the two real reasons their Western home countries didn’t entirely suck and other places do, and not because the places that suck have almost as many guns as very gun bristling Sweden.

Nope, it’s because as P’J O’Rourke has clearly and empirically shown, every place that sucks lacks two things: great Capitalist economic systems and civil governments. Suck places can have lots of people or no people, resources or no resources or fertile land or desert. It will in the end, make not a damn bit of difference if they don’t have these two things. And once they have these two things they need guns to keep them. Mugabe took peoples economic freedom and only he has guns.

Now the whole idea is that if we can just take all the guns away, people won’t get killed anymore and will just sit pulling faces at each other, or maybe just start hugging.

“I love you man!” “No, I love you, man!”

So, apparently, the 90% of war dead made up of unarmed civilians can be decreased by making more civilians unarmed? Er, governments can and always will be able to buy or manufacture weapons. The problem for many civilians is that they have no civilian government to go with being a civilian. Thus their lowly status and the lack of any means to the prosperity with which to afford to arm and defend themselves. A pivotal scene that sums up a lot of the fairly modish views of the film is where Cage is making a gun deal near a refugee camp in Liberia. The guns are going to be used to first kill all the refugees, all living in er, a "Gun Free Zone!" His brother is shocked when he sees a women and child run from the camp and they get hacked to death by machete wielding killers.

"You can live and die in a Gun Free Zone!"

So what’s the message exactly? In the entirely impossible scenario of an unarmed cannibal kingdom, they’ll be reduced to machetes? Most of the fully unarmed of almost a million dead in Rwanda were murdered with machetes. Took a month but gangster states have plenty of time on their unproductive and heavily financed hands. Just like at a Bono and Bob ego Wankfest, no one ever mentions economic systems and civil governments of the type that make Bonzo and Boob’s lives so obscenely privileged as er, the answer. I mean at all. Apparently guns can not only kill, but even direct government policy.

“If it wasn’t for polishing my golden Kalashnikov, I really would have created free markets, a constructive environment for a professional business class to flourish in, an education system to be proud of and serious infrastructure projects. Instead I used up all the donor money on cocaine, whores and most spare evenings were spent eating human body parts. Guns are evil!”

Someone in the extra features said that it's not a Leftish film. I beg to differ, kid. The film lacks real solutions based on any historical or contemporary and correct analysis. It ends on a bogus and hopeless solution of control of the mere symptoms, and is filled with contradictions. That's pretty classic Left all right there.

Governments should be afraid of their people and not the people afraid of the government.

The film was enjoyable but it lacked clarity of insight, to put it mildly, of the central theme. It was maybe the usual Leftish list of evil big business, sinister government and America as the pre-eminent Machiavelli nation. Oh, there was the ‘good’ government agent, but he was er, ineffective and trumped by a shadowy mystery man from the Military Industrial Complex.

Hey, while wearing his full uniform, he remained undetected by keeping his back to the camera and re-enacting the ‘Deep Throat’ parking garage scenes. Yeah, sure, a government that can’t run a Department to handle drivers licences or your health care competently, can somehow still run a world wide conspiracy so perfectly that only Hollywood film directors, Charlie Sheen and Noam Chomsky know about it. And they roll out their global Master Plan while being simultaneously alleged “morons?!” Riiight, sure they do.

Hey, that's 'Innate Contradiction of the Left 326/12B'. One of my favourites.

Che the child killer and Fidel the torturer and pig destroyed the economy of Cuba, which was better than most European ones, and then disarmed everyone. All Totalitarian regimes act as if they are a government with a country. Free countries behave as a country with a government.

“The only way to make a small fortune with Marxism is to start with a big one”.

There are places in America where you have to carry a gun and they have little to zero crime. Only the unarmed of the world have been oppressed and murdered en masse for decades and always will be until they have economic freedom and guns. Enforce the correct training, use and storage of guns, not the disarming of millions of people. Thirty million guns in Africa and it’s a Hellhole.

There are millions of guns in Scandinavia and it’s not riven with perpetual civil chaos, patrolled by beaten up utilities stuffed with teenage rapist mutilators and mounted with machine guns. 250 million guns in America and an immeasurably small percent of the population act negligently or criminally using guns.

The numbers are entirely measurable regards the 100 million unarmed people murdered by Communist regimes so far. They’re still killing them in North Korea, China and Cuba etc. Why? Because they can, sports, because they can.

Unarmed people can never really be or stay free.


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