Saturday, 7 August 2010

Morelandberg Council Celebrates Multicultism with Al Qaeda and Nazi Diversity.

General Von Schrager pictured here with Morelandberg City Council Diversity Officer Mrs Helga Gestapo, playfully wrestling over who is the more inclusive and sharia friendly. "I tell you, I'll host the Australian Union of Lebanese Gang Rapists!" insisted the ever cheerful Helga. Von Schrager responded in his light-hearted Prussian way that "Nein! I vill host der Baader Meinhoff Glee Club und zer Amalgamated Dubai und Sri Lankan Federation of Pedophile Imams! It'll be a gasser! Man, Islam's a scream! It's great for der kinder too!"

A phone call is made to Morelandberg City Council:

"Good Morning. Zis is General Von Schrager. May I say zat I salute your courageous council members voting to host der vonderful Al Qaeda franchise Hizb ut Tahrir Australian Local at Morelandberg Council premises last Sunday. If only more people ver so eager to include everyvun in our moving ever vorwerts. Of course you are right not to accept such extremists as Jews, conservatives, Christians und sceptics. Zat vould be madness!

And in zat very schpirit of multicultural diversity zat makes verboten any shallow moral judgement at Morelandberg, I look vorwart to our annual beer hall putsch-over vizzin your humble council gas-heated chambers of the Class of '43 Old Panzergruppen Boys. Today Morelandberg, tommorrow zer world!

Shall ve say about 20:00 hours?"