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Bin Laden Franchised Islam Murder Inc Target the Worlds Schools to Murder School Children: They ARE Coming to Ours Too and Sooner Than You Think.

Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America's Schools [Paperback] by John Giduck. Beslan is NOT a one-off; not before, not now and not in the abyss-like vortex of the coming er, Muslim jihadist made assault on our children and schools.

Ok. Now listen up fellow citizens of the amazingly still free Western Canon currently under a relentless asymetrical assault by the Marxist Left and the totalitarian Death Cults of Islam. As the title says, little is known by most anyone about the full story of Beslan and Islam. Nope, not a tedious conspiracy bore, but the simple fact of the stratospheric nihilistic child murdering nature of Islam itself and by default millions of Muslims who practice it.

The awesomely qualified, profoundly experienced and empirical scholar John Giduck has the most in depth and witheringly terrible book on it all. The twist is that there is enormous evidence that true Muslims are planning a massive and co-ordinated assault on American schools. Yes they are. Just like Beslan. And just like they ALREADY do across the world. This is Islam. Buy the book. Read it. Accept it and ACT effectively as the book directs.

I will. Even if it's now illegal to survive, folks.

Dig the vids with the caveat that from some PC retarded habit, the otherwise very good and very nice guy Glenn Beck just can’t seem to grasp that the core problem is Islam, Islam, Islam, Mohammad, Mohammad, Mohammad, Koran, Koran, Koran. Islamic terror is not an anomaly, but authentic and natural Islam.
What ya gonna do, kid? While we still have our kids that is.

From Blogcritics:

“Why was John Giduck – unique among all others, American or otherwise - afforded such access in the aftermath of Beslan? Because he already had a long history, relationships, and trust built into the Special Forces community of Russia. He was not a Johnny-come-lately to the scene – he’d already spent a decade and a half working and training with Russian Special Forces.

John Giduck holds a master’s degree in Russian Studies and International Affairs, with a certificate in Russian History, Culture, and Language from St. Petersburg University in Russia. He has traveled Russia, lived and worked there – the Russian people know him, and trust him.

Giduck is the only American to have conducted any on-site analysis of the siege, or given access to any of the players. He made several trips and spent months in Russia for the express purpose of studying Beslan.

No one else has ever bothered. Giduck is also uniquely qualified to analyze the strategic and tactical situation within the broader context of the War of Terror. He holds the highest level of certification in Homeland Security and is a member of the executive Advisory Board of the American College of Homeland Security.

He is a U.S. Army Special Forces hand-to-hand combat and firearms instructor and is highly skilled in several international martial arts disciplines. Through the Archangel Group, he currently provides consulting and training on anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism to law enforcement and other agencies – he is one of our nation’s leading experts on terrorism.

John Giduck was the only American to conduct months of on-site investigation. It is this unique, knowledgeable, and experienced perspective that John Giduck brings to this book. As American civilians, we would be foolish to rely upon the notoriously inaccurate media reports of the events at Beslan or white-washed political analysis of the aftermath. There is no one else out there more qualified to analyze the events leading up to Beslan, and contextualize the subsequent ramifications for America than this author.

The author makes no bones about it, and his assessment has been confirmed many times over by the FBI – we will suffer a massive, simultaneous, multi-site terrorist attack on our schools, and likely very soon. Beslan, in all its horror, degradation, and suffering, was merely a trial run for what Islamic terrorists intend to visit upon American children.

There is no more room for pallid hopes that they will “see the light” or grant mercy upon the innocents. Islamic terrorists have already attacked the schools of other nations (not just Beslan), they have said they will attack our schools, and they will. Lieutenant Colonel John D. Grossman, who wrote the forward for this book and is himself an expert on terrorism, has an axiom that states that the best predictor of future conduct is past behavior.

In the case of terrorism against children, to plan for anything less than a full-out, multi-site assault on our schools would be criminally negligent.

Finally, in Part Four, Preparing America for Battle, Giduck lays out a very comprehensive plan to prepare us for the inevitable. There is much to do to prepare, and not much is being done about it. When John asked Russian experts what the most important things were for America to learn from Beslan, it was to prepare – physically, tactically, and mentally.

Russians are not typically a people who take great pains to keep their opinions to themselves. However, when urges to articulate what America must do to prepare for an assault on her own schools, even the most vocal become strangely humble. They know what is at stake. “Security in schools should be a large system,” Special Forces commander Sergei Lisyuk says. “The first and most important part of the system must be the information and intelligence system.”

....He is not unrealistic about the changes this would entail. “This would be a large deviation from how schools have historically viewed themselves and their mission,” he admits. “But if they do not adapt to the times, and recognize the threats they are now under, they may not have children to teach”…To keep their children safe in order to educate them, [schools] must take on – at least to some degree a tactical mindset.

We Americans are woefully under-informed and ill-prepared for a ruthless attack against our children, likely because we cannot fathom it. Giduck understands the threat like no other and conveys the seriousness and urgency with which we must face the facts:

The problem up until now is that to most Americans – despite all of the terror attacks on our fellow citizens, on our property, and despite 9/11 – the very notion of Islamist extremists coming here to kill us remains a distant and unrealistic thought.

The average person does not get up every day and seriously contemplate that the bridge he is about to drive across on his way to work, or the office building he is about to walk into, the mall or restaurant she will have lunch in, the school or day-care her children will merrily clamor into that morning, may well be the target of a terrorist attack. Moreover, Americans have not been given the information needed – in the context required – to recognize this is not only a realistic and serious concern, but an inevitable one.

…Most of us are incapable of realistically appreciating that Beslan was little more than a dry run of operations [Islamists] intend to soon be running on American soil, against American targets, and American children.

Giduck has spoken with a number of security officials and administrators from different school districts and though they are aware of the threat, they know that what really needs to be done to prepare for a Beslan-type attack in America would never be tolerated by school boards or parents.

[To] a person they say, “That will be the case until the first school is attacked, and there is a big body count of children.” Only then will America wake up to the reality of the situation and what must be done to prepare for what is certain to happen again.

I can’t speak for you, but I am most adamantly not willing to wait for children’s bodies to pile up before we begin preparations. This book is so chock-full of practical preparations that it would be negligent to not implement them – if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. And in the case of terrorism, children will certainly die as a result of our wish to not face the harsh reality in which we now live. We are a nation at war, and it is coming very soon to a neighborhood near you.

One of Giduck’s comprehensive approaches to this book was to painstakingly provide history behind world-wide Islamic jihad. Throw out what you think you know about Islam, and be prepared to have your eyes opened.

Giduck, in the tone of a dispassionate counter-terror instructor, leaves you absolutely no room for doubt as to what we are up against. He says it is critical that we Americans put aside our “naïve expectations and unrealistic hopes of a happy or peaceful resolution.” We are in a war that cannot and will not be fought only by our Armed Forces – we are all, quite literally, in a fight for our lives.

In order to understand the threat we face today, what the terrorists are planning for America this very minutes, some grasp of the history of Islam and its impact on the world is essential...

It has become popular and politically correct to publicly tout Islam as the “religion of peace.” Though the vast majority of Muslims live peaceful lives, it remains a faith steeped in a foundation of violence. Today, there is no other single common factor in the wholesale slaughter of innocent men, women, and children around the world than the perpetrators’ conscription into the Islamic faith. And when a terror attack occurs, the average, everyday Muslims living in America are all too quickly seen on television decrying the non-Islamic community for blaming them for the acts of the terrorists.

Their only response is that the consequences of the terrorist attacks should not be taken out on them. In this, too, they prey upon the sensitivity of Americans to claims of discrimination and bigotry. Strangely, what seems never to be heard is an outright condemnation of the terrorists’ atrocities.

For a single religion to spawn so much hatred, so much inhuman capacity to commit violence against the innocent – there must be a cause. That cause cannot be the preaching of tolerance and peace so often ascribed to it.

According to [Billy] Waugh [Special Operations], America must start recognizing that we are not dealing with a group of people who see anything from our perspective. “Islamic fundamentalists have the capacity to believe in something to the point where they would give up their lives for it. We don’t have that level of belief for anything in our country, and...part of the shock with suicide bombers and our inability to understand this level of passion and commitment.

It seems horribly misguided to us, but it’s real, and it isn’t changing. Our ideas about them have to change to fit reality.” It would seem that the majority – the hundreds of millions – of peace-loving Muslims the world over would condemn the extremists, would come out in opposition of their atrocities. Few do".

From an Amazon review by Alyssa A. Lappen:

"First of all, Giduck notes that Chechnya is an large center of global Islamic terrorism, not the innocent victim of Russian brutality. As he points out, although the Naqshabandi Sufi sect is prominent in Chechnya, it is not the peaceful ideology that it is often portrayed.

On the contrary, Chechen Islamic terrorists have murdered thousands of innocent Russians in previous terror attacks, wounded a much larger number and taken still more hostage in dozens, perhaps hundreds of assaults. According to one source, over time, Chechens have considered it "the very best thing to commit fraud and hurt people of other religions." He continued, "Historically, they would rob, steal, kidnap and sell slaves for money rather than develop an economy." And they have done all this in the name of Allah and Islam.

Secondly, thousands of these Chechen terrorists now reside in America, having immigrated as "war refugees," all too often under the auspices of the naïve and uninformed U.S. government.

Thirdly, the U.S. has thousands and thousands of unprotected potential "soft" terrorist targets, including grammar, middle and high schools in every state, bridges and tunnels, railroads, shopping malls, restaurants, parks, entertainment centers, assembly halls and so on.

As Giduck sees it, Americans even after 9/11 remain largely and dangerously oblivious to the fact that Islamic terrorists have immigrated legally and illegally and mean to do great harm. Very few have a substantive knowledge of the history of Islam, much less its historical use of violence or the gravitation of Muslim masses to the radical modern Shi'ite and Sunni sects that justify, fund and commit violence with the stated intention of creating a worldwide Islamic empire and enforcing the Islamic Sharia law globally. But their ignorance does not make the U.S. immune to this scourge, Giduck writes.

On the contrary, the national American amnesia on Islamic history is a "deadly affliction." Contrary to politically correct thinking, Giduck notes, while the average Muslim lives a peaceful life, what is touted by the PC press as a "religion of peace" is actually "a faith steeped in a foundation of violence." And actually, there is "no other single common factor in the wholesale slaughter of innocent men, women and children" worldwide except "the perpetrators' conscription into the Islamic faith."

After terror attacks, American Muslims all too quickly decry non-Muslims for blaming Islam for the terrorist acts. They prey upon the American sensitivity to discrimination and bigotry, yet seldom if ever offer "outright condemnation of the terrorists' atrocities." Witness, for example, the current global press assault on Israel's defensive attacks against Shi'ite Hezbollah Islamic terrorists in Lebanon.

Instead of blaming Islamic terrorists for thousands and thousands of ceaseless, cross-border rocket attacks on Israel, the global press criticizes Israel for daring to respond--a position that only encourages more terrorism, in the U.S., as well as Israel".

Colonel Neville: Dig the link for a hoot on what would it really means if you actually boycotted Israeli and Jewish products. It's curiously much easier to boycott Muslim er, products. I've cut right down on figs and dates, and as for child brides, bomb vests, Krazy Korans, pervert Sheik's and Imam's of madness? Who needs 'em!

Well, the vid might help you to get a laugh and sleep tonight...the dark dreams of the enlightened.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Etihad Is An Anagram For I Death.

"Welcome to Flight 9/11 via New York and thank you for flying with Muslim Airlines. We'll be travelling at approximately less than 900 feet at a speed of 650 miles per hour, but with a very sudden stop. I know a minority have expressed doubts about our final true goals and destination on this long journey to Islamic Paradise and a Global Caliphate. As you've trusted your MSM, academia and governments, trust us. We're Muslims."

"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds". Robert Oppenheimer, Trinity 1945.

"Never face facts; if you do, you'll never get up in the morning". Marlo Thomas.

How much shit does Islam n' Sharia suck? All of it? I wonder how far along the scale of doom things are? If our own Islamisation can be measured from from say zero with no real percentage of authentic Muslim population and thus no Muslim stealth Sharia jihad deception demands, to the classic empirical of whenever you get a Muslim majority you get total Sharia hell at one meter, well, how far along are we to our own complete submission, dhimmitude, doom and mass murder? Sure, it's not all fun and laughter.

With thousands of Islamic dawa cum bullshit artists supported by the MSM, academia, our education system, the government and the law plus ever more Muslim immigration and Saudi/OPEC funding buy-ups and their massive PR, and their not just left supporters and big business/dhimmi treason, I'd say we're at least 20% of the way to hell on earth. Yes, that'll do nicely.

One post ago under the title of 'The Unforgiven: Islamisation For A Few Dollars More', I wrote about my relentlessly ever more dhimmi Australia and the wonderful Abu Dhabi government-backed Etihad Airways with what can only be seen as PR for a child slavery n' pedophile kingdom. To paraphrase Spike Milligan: it's their part in our downfall.

"The UAE are slave traders: Dubai's rulers are charged in a Californian Court with 30,000 cases of child slavery but we all know nothing will happen to these wealthy utterly immoral people". Circe. Islam Monitor.

With their inexhaustible petro dollars and typical a PR facade like Etihad Air, [The Arab Emirates of which Abu Dhabi is a member state] has bought the sponsorship rights to the Telstra Dome. It’s right in the Docklands development in the heart of Melbourne. Fantastic, eh? Gotta love the the I death dome.

“Etihad can be translated as meaning United or Unity". Aviation News.

Unity in Islam means everything is Islamic. Why is this not an alarm bell ringing problem?

Aviation News. "The governments within the United Arab Emirates, [UAE, of which Abu Dhabi is a member state] are forward looking, thinking and acting".

Yes, they certainly are, unlike say, us.

AN: "Oil has brought them great riches in recent decades, but securing long term economic prosperity, with a degree of independence from oil related income has become a priority”. Aviation News.  AN: “A Fleet From Nowhere. Etihad’s initial, blistering pace of growth has been facilitated by a steadily enlarged fleet of leased airliners,” Aviation News.

So ugly local weird beards plan relentlessly to murder thousands of my fellow citizens as sports fans in stadiums, and our business elites and government allow a major Wahhabi Gulf toilet and global terror financier to buy up a sports stadium. Of course. Why not I say. Who are we to judge people who want to destroy us? Let’s live on the edge of annihilation, Jim.

The Monkey House of Saud is THE major terror funding basketcase in the world, along with all the other Gulf state literal piss puddles of Syria and Iran etc ad nauseum. Ah, but you're all welcome to set up as many a casbah as ya want in Oz, pal. Just show them the filthy Arab petroleum money!

If like the totalitarian communist Chinese, you have money and power well, you can get away with doing almost anything really. Thus plain clothes Chinese Gestapo organize busloads of pro-communist protesters in Melbourne and bring in said goons to escort the crap Olympic torch and all in front of our er, law enforcement officials and er, media. And they get away with it and enabled in doing so.

"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong". Voltaire or Vince Foster.

So imagine what a petroleum mega-dollar state funded airline, with briefcases full of money for every dhimmi big business bastard from Melbourne to Geneva can achieve. Another massive piece of the global caliphate jigsaw puzzle. Thank God no Arab Muslims control any of our airports or sea ports! Oh, Dubai Ports do. Never mind. So all-rightee then. The wonderful Dubai Ports will be bringin’ up the rear while who exactly is praying to good old disgusting Mecca where Jews, women and infidel's are banned.

"If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; But if you really make them think, they'll hate you". Don Marquis.

AN: “Following the decree issued by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE armed forces, Etihad (the name may be translated as unity or united) was launched on November 12, 2003, with the Abu Dhabi government as sole shareholder...

...Another facet of Etihad’s growth plans is that it intends to apply for its own traffic rights without impinging on agreements that pre-existing UAE carriers hold. With regard to Etihad’s ambitions, Peter Dunkin has this to say:- ‘Etihad will benefit from the growth of the UAE and Middle East as a whole.

We will fly only to those destinations where we see a need for a guest (customer) focused airline, and where there is the most business potential. The continued growth of Etihad as well as other UAE-based carriers will benefit the whole region as well as those passengers travelling through the region’”. Aviation News.

Yes. "potential'. Quite. Notice how in this entire alleged professional report for the professional and highly qualified specialty of aviation, that a simple and glaring two and two are never put together? Do the math Aviation News, you miserable dhimmi bastards.
"Tell me who are You in such a fierce form? My salutations to You, O best of gods, be merciful! I wish to understand You, the primal Being, because I do not know Your mission. 
The Supreme Lord said: I am death, the mighty destroyer of the world, out to destroy. Even without your participation all the warriors standing arrayed in the opposing armies shall cease to exist.

Therefore, get up and attain glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a prosperous kingdom. All these (warriors) have already been destroyed by Me. You are only an instrument, O Arjuna". Bhagavad Gita, chapter 11, verses 31-33.

Bat Yeor on how Eurabia is already lost, lost, lost, too late, she cried.

And here's my pointless post with some swingin' comments at the great Islam Monitor.

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Triumph Of The Al.

Hey, what’s the fuhrer? Al Gore is almost life-like, eh? Though he does tend to get worked up at any er “diversity of opinion” that dares to question the totally phoney orthodox snake oil show of Global Warming or his ah, true history. Al makes much sound and fury signifying nothing. Nothing but millions and millions of dollars from many, many surprising sources.

Dear sports, here's a classic from Tuesday 29 April 2008. [Link for original comment.]

Hey, have you seen the Albert, er, Adolf Hitler propaganda film by Leni Riefenstahl, called “An Inconve...’ er, ‘Triumph of the Will?’ It’s a major relative of Gore’s unwatchable boreyoumentary or any Mike ‘Goering’ Moore lie fest for that matter. Choose any Goebbels worthy Meisterverk by Der Fat One’, add a few easy laughs and Seig Heil!’

Man, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is not inconvenienced by almost a single truth, really. But to tell the truth, it certainly made me spend more time than usual in the convenience. How does such a boring doco starring Al Gore for Christ’s sake, inspire anyone, beyond realising they are being had from beginning to end? I’m going to go over both turgid ‘classics’ regards the Hitler Show and the Gore snore a little and will Fisk ‘A Convenient Money Spinner’ exclusively, in a following post. So you’ve been warned!

Here's a nice piece on how it was Gore's tie-breaking vote in 1994, that helped get the current ethanol cancels food disaster going.

I had to watch ‘Triumph’ sped up. Almost two hours of monumentally tedious rallies, marches, Oktoberfest promos and Hitler speeches plus various sub-brutes trying to out spittle and out-screech der frickin' Fuhrer, tested my limits of endurance. Next time, I’d prefer to sit through the entirety of World War II. I’d only just regained consciousness after watching Al’s er, how can I say this? Utter bullshit. Yes, that’s a concise and accurate review.

A million reviews like the following drivel quote.“The most important film?” How, where and why? What they all mean is, they want to believe it to be so, as all fellow travellers do. And then they demand that you swallow it too! For swallowing, don't you usually charge extra? Why not just say the greatest film ever of the greatest genius ever of the entire Universe?! Hey, many twerps do just that, especially Al Gore.

But what struck me, is that both Adolf’s ad for National Socialism, now with added Nazi, and Gore’s Global Leftist Environmental Socialism and blow me now bunk, are so similar in drive, effect, modus operandi and the massive ugly frauds they propagandize. Get this clear. Albert Gore, for anyone who wishes to research beyond MSM trope, is a con man of the highest order. He is a mentally unstable trickster and like Clinton, Gore is an incompetent and a permanent liar. His greatest competence is his merely current and most public scam. Like the Clinton's, the world's foremost clinical narcissist's, Gore will say and do anything, absolutely anything, for status, money and power.

Or maybe he just cares so much? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha dee ha.

Intellectually, and without a script and often with one, he is an addled criminal boob. Al Gore has all the depth and mental sharpness of a bag of wood shavings. He failed literally at University getting consistently E, F and sometimes C grades. He failed in the very subjects that he now unbelievably lectures the world about. Natually, the brain damaged Congressman spent much of his youth as a hard core stoner.

Gore lied about the pathetic truth of his four and a half months of non-action in Vietnam. Among other naughty, highly dodgy enormous sources of income, Gore has received funds from criminals, also from his own family’s tobacco farm and so on ad nauseum. Oh yes, what a convenient truth that he owns shares in his very own crazy carbon credits company. Gosh, the very thing he's a' pushin'. Never let it be said that the avarice of Al is not cheeky and loaded with a surfeit of pure gall.

His massive mansion uses 20 times the local average power. He flies by his private Gulf stream jet when there are over a hundred first class flights available. Then Al get’s into his private limousine and why not, eh? Take the seven deadly sins to the limit, I say!

Gore is rotten to the core folks, even by the standards of the most extreme of political transvestites. If you are pro-Gore, you are being had cos' ya wanna be, or you are getting some of that nice thick Climate Change gravy. There's ladles of it! Courtesy of the tax payer and business.

It says much about the MSM, politicians and the public that such a sick character with such a hateful, absurd, narcissistic and paranoid history can get where he is today. It shows that anything is possible with lies, money, power and the media largely on your side, promoting your wares.

Hey, I’m not that great myself, but then that’s why I had to decline running for President and Saviour of the Planet. Also, I never received the cash. Where the Hell is it?!

No matter the Himalaya of evidence, millions of boobs across the world, want to believe Al and the scandalous scam and uber gravy train of Global Warming. So, until another decade passes and none of fat Albert’s ludicrous doom control freakery has come to pass, and indeed the exact opposite will have happened, I’ll show in this first in a short series, how much of the sentiments of Hitler’s stupid and manipulative film fit comfortably into the dominant mentality of enviro-freakism, of which Al the bastard is one of the main faces, if not the main face of said er, “movement”.

Now dig this. The following blurb is off the back of the cover of ‘Triumph of the Will’. Just change the Hitler things add a touch of Obama and it could be a current and eerily precise description, or a future blurb for when Al’s film or any Moore and Obama style Leftard manipulations are finally exposed publicly. But then, Nazism is short for National Socialist Workers Party, eh?

“Triumph of the Will may be the most enduringly controversial film ever made, justly despised and admired. Is it disgusting propaganda? Absolutely. Is it a documentary record of a critical historic moment? Yes…but also no. Perhaps the only thing on which everyone could agree is that it is one of the most terrifying horror movies of all time.

A shamelessly biased, unabashedly subjective rendering of the infamous 1934 Nuremberg Rallies of the Nazi party, Triumph of the Will was commissioned by Hitler from his favourite actress turned Director, Leni Riefenstahl.

The power and purity of Riefenstahl’s artistry is such that this incredibly perverse and corrupt film has its own demented integrity. An essential document of Hitler the Orator and mesmeriser of the masses, this program revels in the monumental architecture of Albert Speer, the formal precision of the marching cadres, and above all, the almost religious exaltation of Hitler as the mystical personification of the dreams of his people, captured kinetically with a mastery of technique that is both breathtaking and revolting. It is a film no one who sees can ever forget”. From the back cover of the film 'Triumph of the Will'.

And now they show this shit at school’s to children. Er, wait, is that’s Albert or Adolf’s film? I get the two ‘A’s’ confused.

Adolf Hitler: “Once again people will be moved, happy and enthusiastic because the idea of our movement is the philosophy of the people and a symbol of eternity!”

You can’t get more er, “sustainable” than that!

Massed rally: “One people, one Reich, Germany. One Fuhrer. We work together in the swamp. We work in the swamp…we plant trees for roaring forests!”

Trees! Trees are great! Love those trees...

In response Hitler salutes and says “Heil my RAD men!”

RAD stood for Reich Labour Service. A very levelling and er, back to nature organisation and one of many. How totally rad! Hitler got a nice “Heil my Fuhrer! Forward with Germany to a new era!”

Always with the new era…

Riiight, the swamp. Check. The Nazis sure loved nature! Hated human beings. But they loved “youth”. So malleable, so useful, so easy, so cheap.

Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg, Party Theoretician: “It is our hope that the youth of today will continue the struggle”.

Live on hope no longer! Go to Columbia U, Berkeley or gee, anywhere, and live the dream of National Socialism!

Adolf Hitler: “You represent a great idea, for you and millions of our comrades. No longer will work be divisive! Instead it will bind us together. The whole nation will pass through your school. Then no German will be a part of our community unless he has first been a part of your community!”

And so inclusive. A plus with Honours!

Adolf Hitler: “My German youth. You here today are only a part of what is spreading all over Germany. We want you, my German boys and girls, to absorb all we expect of Germany. We want to be one people, and you my youth, are to be that people. In the future, there must be no caste or classes and you must not let them begin to grow in you. We want to see one Reich and you must educate yourselves for it. We want this people to be obedient and you must practice. We want this obedient people to be peace loving, loving but also courageous”.

I can feel the love and right on! Peace, man!

Adolf Hitler: “The same spirit that dominates us burns in your young minds”.

I bet it does...Hey, and that’s gotta be a good thing, don’t it? All that er, youthful enthusiasm for city centre street riots and such…

Adolf Hitler: “Nobody but a fool or a deliberate liar could think or imagine that I would disband an organisation that took so many years to build”.

I never doubted it for a moment and that’s why Marxist Leninism and all radical Leftist diseases found a perfect blood transfusion and home in environmentalism, Universities, the media and various government departments etc.

Dr Otto Dietrich, Reich Press Officer: “Truth is the basis of the power of the press. All we ask of the foreign press is that they report the truth about Germany”.

And the MSM always do report the truth, even if they have to make it up.

Josef Goebbels: "May the bright flame of our enthusiasm never falter. It alone gives light and warmth to the creative arm of modern political propaganda. It comes from the depths of the people and in the depths of the people, it finds its strength. Power based on guns may be good, but it is better to win and hold the hearts of the people”.

Heart warming ain’t it? I wonder, wonder I do, if the neurotic and miserable effects of the sack of crap, baloney and dogs balls that Gore has helped enormously to spin around the world and into the pudgey minds of millions, could be er, measured? Could the cash at least even be counted? What a swinish creepy bore he is.

In short, Al Gore is a sickening geekoid and his crap film, like the phony and deeply ugly products of Moore and Hitler, are in the vernacular, pure boring and disturbing Leftard shite.

Sadly, this, like the deification of Albert Gore, is to be continued...

Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Unforgiven. Islamisation For a Few Dollars More.

Will Munny: "I seen 'em, Ned, I seen the Angel of Death. He's got snake eyes".

Ned Logan: "Who Will? Who's got snake eyes?"

Will Munny: "It's the Angel of Death. Oh Ned, I'm scared of dyin'". Clint Eastwood. The Unforgiven. Quote source Wikiquote.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, eh? Stare long enough into the windswept Badlands of the current dominant narratives of our, oh sorry, their media, academia, celebrity and our authorities and you can believe in your soul, oh yes you can, that the Bad and the Ugly far outnumber the Good. It must be the darkest joke since millions of affluent spoiled student brats circa 1967, thought that Mao the mass murderer and Marxism was tres cool and just what the world needed, and RIGHT NOW.

Or was that only within hours of September 11 2001, when the same mass boobs thought that super rich Arab Islamofascist filth and other wealthy Muslim social misfits often with degrees, had “a case”, even before they knew who these alleged “victims” were?
William Munny. The Unforgiven: "Look son, being a good shot, being quick with a pistol, that don't do no harm, but it don't mean much next to being cool-headed. A man who will keep his head and not get rattled under fire, like as not, he'll kill ya. It ain't so easy to shoot a man anyhow, especially if the son-of-a-bitch is shootin' back at you".
I digress. It’s now startlingly clear to me that many, if not a majority of our influential, powerful, elitist authorities and business folks, will take Sharia Creep all the way to the nihilistic logical end for A Fistful of Dollars. The mountains of petrodollar cash comes directly from the perverts and deceivers of the filthy Kingdom of Saud, the Arab Emirates, the Gulf and Dubai ad nauseum.

Yes, where women cannot drive, work or leave the house uncovered and are punished with death for being raped for protecting their children. The United Arab Emirates and other Gulf and Arab Muslim states, kidnap hundreds of children from two years and up from all over neighboring countries. These Arab monster perverts and they are, tie the children to camels, after torturing the children in many ways and sodomizing them etc, all to keep them er, underweight as possible. Then the children are raced to death. Around twenty die a week in this way in the delightful lands of Islam.

Still, the in-flight service is apparently top class...

Hey, maybe that’s why we allow the Emirates to have a massive Neon sign facing Flinders Street Station. And now a word from our fascist totalitarian Islamist freak sponsor, I kid you not, the Melbourne Cup? Because when you have endless cash to spend you are automatically worthy.
Little Bill: "You'd be William Munny out of Missouri; killer of women and children". 
Will Munny: "That's right. I've killed women and children. I've killed just about everything that walks or crawls at one time or another; and I'm here to kill you Little Bill for what you did to Ned".
Hey, if it’s good enough for Jimmy Carter to get paid millions by Saudi Arab Muslim geeks for conducting Smilin’ idiot Jimmy’s war against Israel and hating Jews, it’s good enough for our own local fellow travelers and dhimmi class I'm a guessin'. Heard a single voice of the powerful say anything about the buy-up and Sharia PR avalanche in the millions of dollar$? Nope, guess not as per usual, Al Age newspaper neglects to make any depth of analysis whatsoever but then, that is the Age’s thang.

“Airline here for the long road”. Yep, to Damascus and Mecca via Islam Murder PR Inc.

"Telstra Dome renamed Etihad Stadium by Scott Spits October 23, 2008.

Melbourne's Telstra Dome will be known as Etihad Stadium from March.

Stadium's name change. Five-year deal. Airline 'here for long road'. Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, is the official airline of the London-based Chelsea Football Club".

William Munny: "Who's the fella owns this shithole? (pause) You, fat man. Speak up".
"The airline's chief executive, James Hogan, said the sponsorship was a five-year deal. "Australia is a hugely important and rapidly growing market for our airline, and this deal provides an excellent opportunity to continue building our global brand and long-lasting relationships with the travelling public, many of whom we know are huge sports fans".
Little Bill: "I suppose you know, Bob, if I ever see you again I'm just going to start shooting and figure it was self-defense".

"The stadium's chief executive, Ian Collins, wouldn't disclose how much the sponsorship was worth, but described the deal as "significant".

"The naming rights sponsorship is something that you don't often have to go to the market with,'' Mr Collins said".
William Munny: "Any man don't wanna get killed... better clear on out the back".
 "Mr Hogan said the sponsorship of the Docklands venue, along with their association with Chelsea, the Ferrari Formula One team and the Harlequins Rugby Football Club, was "part of a strategy of being associated with sport". "As a Melbournian, I know better than no one the impact of footy", Mr Hogan said".
William Munny: "It's a hell of a thing, killin' a man. Take away all he's got, and all he's ever gonna have".
"The deal is for five years, with an option for a further five. The airline is here for the long road.

We'll be promoting Melbourne, Melbourne sport, Melbourne as a destination through our network". Mr Collins predicted Etihad Stadium would eventually become part of the language for Melbourne sports fans.

"No doubt it will become part of the vernacular in Melbourne. I'm certain people will know about Etihad the Airlines, and Etihad the stadium and venue". He also said there would be flow-on benefits for tenants, such as AFL clubs.

"With Etihad coming to Melbourne, from a branding point of view I think the venue will present something that does give them recognition on the Melbourne skyline and right through everyday usage as it gets known", Mr Collins said".

William Munny: "You better bury Ned right; and don't go cuttin' up... nor otherwise harm no whores, or I'll come back and kill every one of you sons-a-bitches".

"It (the benefits) will flow on through to the hirers and they'll get benefits out of it as well. "We're in (to the deal) to make the stadium profitable but also to the hirers who work with us, that they have a good experience when they come here". The sponsorship takes effect from March 1, 2009, just weeks before the airline launches a daily, non-stop service between Melbourne and Abu Dhabi”.

William Munny: "All right now, I'm comin' out. Any man I see out there, I'm gonna kill him. Any sum'bitch takes a shot at me, I'm not only gonna kill him, but I'm gonna kill his wife. All his friends. Burn his damn house down".

My, I do believe that's exactly what some of them there Muslim fella's arrested and imprisoned here were a' plannin' to do. Nothin' ta see here they say...

[This article is cross-posted at the great Islam Monitor. Go there now young swinger, and dig the groovy comments.]

Saturday, 25 October 2008

The more of your money the government has, the more fools it can employ.

Washington's premier counter terrorist Drum Circle and Group Think Tank, The Ridiculous 3rd World Hippie Tourist Shirts, headed by Louis Botta in glasses and MuMu drag, perform their latest slap out, to ward off tomorrow's terrorist bombing. "Just keep drumming fellows! If we send out the right mellow vibes, everything will be beautiful. Remember, wonderful Islam is NOT the real threat to the free West, it's the Salem witch trials, the Inquisition, the Scopes Trials and the year 1892! And boy, are we ready for THAT!"

I can’t believe it’s not better. It almost never is. It’s Politico Town, Jake.

So dig, fellow space and time continuum travellers. I finally got around in my inept way, to getting a handle on Facebook where the following post developed. Yes, I know. Fascinating. But I've pictures of my cat and my best friends and some totally insane shots of whatisisname!...Er, no. But there are some very groovy folks out there. And some not so swingin'.

As is my thang, whenever I get a nice challenge, off I go on a tedious tangent. It’s my trade mark. TM. Tangenital Meditation! Nope, but really. The curious thing is that even when you think you’re hooking up with the like minded, the YouTube Effect can happen well, anywhere really. Thus stuff that ain’t empirically true, canards, Logical Fallacy and lots and lots of Cognitive Dissonance comes a' flyin' up at choo!

Sure this post ain't perfect cos it's list of comments really, but it's pretty much as I posted. Except for few little er, modifications. Of course I edited everything to make me look better and Louis appear worse. Or was that the other way round?

So in the cheerfully combative spirit of ridicule, here’s my feeble and laugh soaked response to one Louis Botta. Believe it or not, a one time Washington Politico er, “adviser”. I know. “Gee, take my advice. I don’t think that couch will go with those curtains!”

It all began one October night with the fantastically named and hip, Vern Vonheeder lll. Vern put up this nice pledge thang.

"Vern Vonheeder III. Yesterday at 2:48am.
The Pledge of Allegiance, established by a Republican President.

"Ever since it was written in 1892, patriots have recited the of Allegiance to the American flag. On this day in 1892, President Benjamin Harrison (R-IN) endorsed reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools and at public ceremonies. He...Continued". "A picture says a thousand words".

Add a comment'.

Colonel Neville: So dig. Vern Vonheeder lll has my vote! And so after Lou the butterball arrived on the scene I did comment, again and again. Now I like the Pledge and things of that nature, and wish we had one. Hey, we used to, but suicidal Leftism courtesy of the retarded Teachers Union and the Indoctrination Dept...oops, the Education Department et al, got rid of it.

And here's Obama not saluting the flag to you know, prove that er, something. Maybe that he's 17 years old! That's teenage rebellion for ya!

"Some supporters have suggested that perhaps the picture does not tell the whole story and that he may have raised his hand shortly after it was taken. An ABC News video, however, shows that Senator Obama did not salute at any time during the Anthem and that everybody else on the platform did". truthorfiction.

"And then there was the case of the strawberries" in one Louis Botta. The laugh a minute boob I've been feebly a' joustin' with.

Louis Botta; (Washington, DC) Yesterday at 11:10am.
"I'd love to be able to publicly recite the original 1892 Pledge of Allegiance, composed by a rabid Socialist, Francis Bellamy... One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty, Equality and Justice for All... But of course, we'd have to do the original salute, which would be par for the course for the adherents of the Religious Right..."

Colonel Neville: Now I had to answer that. Had too! Even though I liked the "rabid Socialist" bit. Sadly, it was all down hill from there. Look, I'm sure Lou is OK per se, for a dhimmi. Folks just believe and say the most peculiar things.

Colonel Neville; Yesterday at 10:39pm
Ah, the almost mythical "Religious Right", and never applied to Islam, eh? Gee, yeah, everyone is soooo scared when they get on a plane of an extreme Anglican, Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist & Mormons etc. They may be much like everyone else or horrors! An annoying bore. They may even be armed with...pamphlets! Tedious one's you maybe don't agree with. Yep, the Religious Right are scaring the whole world. Er, no.

Louis Botta: (Washington, DC) Today at 12:23am.
Same thing different symbol. Both want to redefine public policy to ensure we all get to live like their particular creed does and we don't offend their God(s). Yes, Islamic fundamentalism is much more virulent, but the Religious Right is more insidious.

Colonel Neville: Today at 12:47am.
Dear Louis: Balls. False dichotomy. Moral equivalence. Islam operates in it's vile historical way within totalitarian Islamic states & infiltrates & assaults all others, including ours. There is no global & mass Christian theocracratic war, coercion, worldwide Jihad either "insidious" or overt to develop any theocracy. None. You R in a democracy, thus can have fantasy's without running scared to the airport over utter nonsense. All the best from Colonel Neville.

drsanity blogspot com thepeoplescube com dissectleft blogspot com jihadwatch org [Robert Spencer] marksteyn com faithfreedom org thereligionofpeace com bruce bawer com Theprophetofdoom net. brusseljournal com americancongressfortruth com [Brigitte Gabriel.]

danielpipes org. shoebat com. militantislmonitor org nctc gov [US counter terrorism center] islammonitor ajacksonian blogspot com

Louis Botta: (Washington, DC) Today at 2:32am.
Stop living in a phone booth. I gather Eric Rudolph was a rabid Islamist as far as you're concerned?... And when we talk about vile historical operations, how about the Inquisiition? Burning of witches in Salem? Scopes Trials? Please...

Colonel Neville: Today at 10:46am.
Dear Louis, hey, I get it. You take Islam so seriously as a subject, that you can't stay on the subject at all. Subject change is the first avoidance tactic of the Left Liberal, followed by ad hominem. It appears you know little to zero about the harsh facts of global Islam & wish to stay that way. Check. Nuance. In Australia we call that the occupation of the bullshit artist. Yes, we're all so worried about Eric Rudolph today.

For you the false connection of events from long ago mean what? We live in a Salem/Scopes Trial/Inquisition? Before you get totally lost in Logical Fallacy & Cognitive Dissonance & Bias, go to even one of the empirical & great sites I gave you. Read books on the subject by those who have been shown to be serious & utterly correct. Go to stop honourkillings com. For an actual comparison on body counts for Salem etc, and how Christianity to Islam is lived on the ground, go to the religion of peace com, faithfreedom org, prophetofdoom net, brusselsjournal com.

Colonel Neville: Today at 11:05am.
Dear Louis, hey, I still get it. There is no argument to show the actual positive achievements of Islam and any state that is Islamic, beyond the remnants of any original culture & petro $ funded extravagance. Thus the corny Salem/Scopes diversion etc. Yes, I live in fear of those days returning. Who doesn't? Er, no.

Islam was founded by a pedophile rapist mass murdering Jew hating bandit & madman who hallucinated the imagined direct word of God into the permanent warfare, doctrine & filth of the Koran to be unchanging for all time. In Islam Mohammad IS God IS the Koran IS Perfect & unquestionable under pain of death.

The ONLY duty of an authentic Muslim is to spread Islam globally via the deception, infiltration & mass murder of Jihad. Thus a true, complete and 'GOOD' Muslim is the same as Mohammad: a permanent terrorist. A 'BAD' Muslim is not a terrorist, not a true Muslim by default, therefore a blasphemer & is to be murdered by any other Muslim.

Colonel Neville: Today at 11:28am.
Christianity has an often hideous repellent history. But that's because if one see's the idea of Christianity as the teachings of Jesus Christ a civilian teacher/carpenter non-killer who taught love logic & profundities, that ain't Christianity by default. A true Christian is mostly someone who endeavours to act as much as they can as an ordinary decent human being, not a fake Saint or an actual terrorist. Jesus didn't create the Church in his name. Mohammad did.

Thus I find the behaviour of true Christians today to be pretty regular if not always the thang for me. Its impossible for any Muslim to be any kind of normal if they HONESTLY follow Mohammad/Islam/Koran. Theres NO normal decency anywhere in Islam. All is preproscribed thus no act is ever bad. The Will of Allah an' all. Islams TOTAL made up of political strategic personal clerical & military wings. The alleged religion is a fantastic cover. A dichotomy of comparing Christianity to Islam is false. Islam assaults/murders Hindu Buddhist Taoist Christian Athiest Secular & MUSLIM etc

Colonel Neville: Today at 11:39am
I meant "Jesus didn't create a Church in his name per se. Mohammad did". Thus Mohammedism and not Jesusism maybe. Oh yes, I also forgot to mention how not only are Muslims the BIGGEST oppressors and murderers of their fellow Muslims, but they do love to blame Jews and everyone else for every one of their largely self inflicted dysfunctions.

But er, a very, very large proportion of Muslims foreign & domestic, their states, leaders and alleged clerical class, just love to scream about murdering the Jews and they DO just that. It may be because 14 million Jews have 159 Nobel Prizes for science, neuroscience, aerospace, literature, medicine, philosophy, arts etc. While1.2 billion Muslims have ...7. One for Arafat & the only writer stabbed by another Muslim for "blasphemy". Not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are empirically Muslims. 95% of global violence is due to Muslims. Then there's the laughter within their own states of unique failure.

Colonel Neville: Today at 11:49am.
Yep, being Christian is not a guarantee and many Christians can be phony's. Most I find are not. But the fact is the absolute core teachings of Jesus are trancendent, positive and based on love, tolerence and understanding. They are an intrinsic inseperable part of who we are as a Judeo Christian free capitalist democratic West. The Western Canon is not a litany of evil. It's mostly human nature projected through time and the way people were.

We are living now in a small bright light in the dark tunnel of history. Most of the world is totalitarian by degrees including virtually EVERY Muslim state. There is NO comparison between the free West & such places, & the blame for their state while sometimes valid is more often absurd. Places that suck lack 2 tings that non-sucking places have. Accountable elected civil democratic governents & capitalist free market rule of law economic systems. This eliminates most every Islamic state.

Colonel Neville:
What the abscence of majority Christian Buddhist Taoist etc & the presence of a Muslim percentage DOES guarantee, is Islamist terror & oppression in all its forms. Bombings beheadings infiltration endless escalating demands anti-Semitism the erosion/removal of womens & childrens rights, gay oppression/murder [Paradoxically as the visibility of women & normal interaction btwn sexes decreases an increase in traditional Muslim homosexual substitution, often with underage boys], collapse of the judiciary, erosion & ellimination of free speech/press, crushing of artistic expression, music, fleeing of investment, massive clerical corruption/influence etc, etc ad nauseum. Islamists export this Wahbist Hell to the West.

To get a tiny slice of this relentless Himalaya of events updated daily, go 2 the religion of peace com & dig the right hand column. Ah theres so much more & NONE of it involves Christians wanting a Global Caliphate. U know it & despite the Marxist Critical Theory.

Colonel Neville: Today at 12:18pm.
The ONLY natural true state & conclusion of Islam & the Islamic is Hell on earth. Read Brigitte Gabriel's Why they Hate, for how a succesful free state collapses to Islamist Muslim Jihad insanity. Read Robert Spencer on the truth of Islam/Mohammad/Koran. Infidel by Hirsi Ali. Anything by Walid Shoebat, WHile Europe Slept, Londonistan by Melanie Phillips, Bruce Bawer, Mark Steyn, WW1V by Norman Podhoretz etc, etc. OR one can maintain a moral vanity pose of wilful and monumental denial right up until they behead Aunty Doris at the local supermarket carpark.

The Marxist sodden drool and mechanical box of Left Liberal paradigms is neither up to the task of defending what we value nor intends to. Maybe because they wish to largely destroy it. Start at drsanity blogspot com, the peoples cube com & dissectleft blogspot to understand why. I dont know your politics or philosophy, but so far they are er, second hand canards & shibboleths. Check out Logical Fallacy etc.

Louis Botta: (Washington, DC) Today at 1:07pm.
Paul, stop being a hypocrite. [Colonel Neville: You first.] You don't know me first of all, and second you don't know if I can or not comment on modern Islamism. Would it surprise you that I was a politico military officer at the Pentagon dealing with foreign policy and one of these was indeed the rise of militant Islamists? Obviously, since you accuse me of ad hominem, you're the one who can't bother making the slightest research about whom you're debating and postulate ad hominem yourself.

And frankly, your postulates about Islamic faith are garbage. As well as your postulation that Jesus didn't build a church in his name. Read Mat 16:18 which is the basis for the Church of Rome. Not that I am nor profess to be a Roman Catholic, but consider that fully one billion people believe that He indeed DID establish a church in his name.

But in any case, my original argument was about the Religious Right in the US and your turning it around to expound your anti-Islam propaganda.

Colonel Neville: Today at 5:54pm.
Dear Louis: "Would it surprise you that I was a politico military officer at the Pentagon dealing with foreign policy and one of these was indeed the rise of militant Islamists?" Er, gee, funny enough, no it WOULDN'T. But it would explain most everything. Like the failure, utterly incompetent denial and ineffective dhimmitude regards Islamic fact by much of our authorities etc. I don't really need to know you or not regards the Islamic. Neither will change the facts of Islam.

"And frankly, your postulates about Islamic faith are garbage". Really? You forgot to say which one, in fact zero. Try an actual point & counter evidence. You have precisely zero cos there is none. Nope, Jesus neither built, stole, demolished or took over a single church. Mohammad spent his entire miserable life doing this. Christ said wherever people gather is my the heart and soul etc.Your baloney about the religious right is ALL about your seeming strange Marxoid self-loathing for your own culture.

Colonel Neville: Today at 6:07pm.
Hey Louis, classic Logical Fallacy re: your "politico officer at the Pentagon" schtick. That is an appeal to authority. Do you have a big official hat an' all? Well, you kinda show that you not only can repeat the usual dessicated PC bunk of the average political elites regards Islam, but you are determined to stay hip to the morally vain & clueless. Dhimmi on, kid. STILL doesn't prove your bogus and negligent "Religious Right" canard, no matter how inflated with "Right on!" hyperbole.

"Anti-Islam propaganda" eh? Well, yes anti-Islam. Propaganda no. Sadly it's ALL true. Which bits do YOU like? The mass murder, stonings, hatred of women, total obedience, pedophilia, Jew hatred or the totalitarian Islamic states wide dysfunction and global Jihad? Maybe the deception is more your thing.

"Hypocrite?" Really? How? Nevermind. Have a Martini at the next Washington mutual back patting. I'm sorry, Louis, but I'm better than you and you know it. Still, fluff on and smile, and the Washington whirl smiles with you.

Colonel Neville:
Dear Louis, I can see all your heavy and serious contribution to countering radical Islam has been wholly, no. About as effective as cabaret at countering Hitler. Did you graduate from the Jimmy Carter School of Making It In The Big World by Smiling Like An Idiot? Jimmy has a great scholarship system where the Saudi's fund up and over 13 million dollars and counting. All ya have to do is betray Israel and hate Jews.

Carter the Farter is the first and ONLY graduate so far. Cum Liar I think. What DID you do all that time in some Washington Group Think Tank? Apart from waste taxpayers money it appears.

"How to recognise Islam by Louis Botta. Remember, it's bigger than a breadbasket ! And it's not er, something bad! No, not bad.". I bet people used to say "Hey! I can't believe it's Botta!"

Louis Botta: "Same thing different symbol. Both want to redefine public policy to ensure we all get to live like their particular creed does and we don't offend their God(s). Yes, Islamic fundamentalism is much more virulent, but the Religious Right is more insidious"

Colonel Neville:
Riiight. Sure. Actually Lou, in the over 100 Islamic states, Islam IS public policy. There is no dissent. Islam is virulent because it is fully active as many totalitarian and autonomous STATES. There are NO Christian Theocracratic states. None. Nada. Zilcho. Only with the geopolitical and historical grasp of a mediocre 14 year old, could anyone seriously, [as Mark Steyn said], possess "the greatest flaw of the West: The ability to draw a moral eqivalence between anything and everything. It's the inability to see anything in due proportion".

Good luck with the Cognitive Dissonance. Ya gonna need it unless you get your old government job back.

Louis Botta:
Hard to converse with a demagogue. Your tirades against Islam would be funny if they weren't so pathetic. What do you want? A world war against Islam? I'm afraid to hear the answer. Other than I'm very glad that you and folks like you have little influence in our foreign policy. You're the past. A bad past of religious intolerance. And in that, you're no better than radical islamists. The equivalency is yours.

Colonel Neville: Dear Louis, "Hard to converse with a demagogue". No, you find it impossible to answer a SINGLE point where I'm wrong with a counter FACT. What do YOU want? Ultra delusional dhimmitude & $uper lying for Islamists? Well, you have achieved this. So a beyond belief wilfully ignorant disingenuous phony like you, was advising on OUR foreign policy re; Islam? Good God! No wonder all the previous and right up to the WTC & beyond.

"You're the past. A bad past of religious intolerance". My dear PC Left darling, Islam is ATTACKING every other religion...You can only be uber stupid or an utter liar & fraud. Which? Both? "'re no better than radical islamists". Riiight. Sure I am. So they exist then? And yet I must be "religiously tolerant" of them? Check. Nuance. So I've beheaded, bombed, kidnapped & oppressed millions? Cognitive Dissonance on a grand scale, mate.

The moral inversion/equivelence/denial & mental gymnastics are you, pally. I posted on you. Had to, old boy. Look, are you actualy a parody from or a classic case from

Louis Use More Butter Botta: "you're no better than radical islamists".

Colonel Neville:
Riiight. Sure I am. So they exist then? & yet I must exercise "religious tolerance?" Check. Nuance.

Oh, I know, come on & say it. "They're are not real Muslims! They've hijacked a religion of peace!"

They never are. Just ask Derek and Clive. Islam just happens to be historically and globally murderous, founded by a pedophile rapist mass murdering Jew hating bandit madman hallucinating the insane filth of the total doctrine of the Koran in a cave. Coincidence, I'm sure.

Hey, I know Louis! Instead of spouting PC faux offended cliches, canards and "Right on!", feeling smug and righteous platitudes, maybe counter a SINGLE point I have made with your vast knowledge of Islam, and start with Mohammad. What do you know about the swine, beyond zero and your utterly phony fraud of "tolerence" posing? ANYTHING? I didn't think so. Nope, it's everyone elses fault for noticing. Your Logical Falacy mind follows that rape & murder victims R to blame. Got it.

Tolerating the entirely intolerent is the occupation of the spineless fraud, the deluded, the utter fool, the super disingenuous and/or a fellow traveller. It warrants precisely zero credit but deserves total contempt. It's NOT a choice, but a failure, a suicidal ignorance and surrender. YOU sink into "pathetic" dhimmitude. I and many others insist on the harshly empirical and not the wilfully delusional cant of the morally vain. Hey, those who will do, say or attempt absolutely anything to project their professed image. Yes, you were about as effective in your job as a ball of fairy floss at stopping a storm. Keep up the great work. I see you are entirely.

Sadly, such twerps insanely defend our mortal enemies while attacking their fellow citizens. Why I wonder? I call your mindset asshat wearing at best and highly treasonable at worse. Look up the definition of treason. Actively supporting or giving aid and comfort to the enemy, while working to discredit one's own society and institutions. Dissent that is not about our continued freedoms and truth, but our security and cultural collapse, is pure treason.

You were under oath as a Washington "Adviser" I presume? Hey, did you cross your fingers, Louis?

PS. "What do you want? A world war against Islam?" There already is a world war of Islam against everyone else. Er, in case you haven't noticed, Islam has long ago already declared global Jihad against the free West etc. DO you not grasp what these thousands of daily attacks mean? WAR! And YOU are invited whether you want to be or not.

So yes. The sooner this empirical, asymetrical war of relentless Islamic aggression is declared to be the harsh reality it is, the better and the sooner we survive and have some chance of victory instead of utter defeat. Empty weasel words, super denial and PC posturing will not save you or anyone. Analyse that.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Our Best Man in Hollywood.

Tom Von Cruise pictured 'psyching' himself up to give a rousing speech at the Scientology Headquarters in Berlin.

Here's a groovy one from 28 January 2008. Click link for original comments.

“Fortune does not change men, it unmasks them”.
Suzanne Necker.

Dear sports, I watched the freakish nine minute clip on YouTube, now on Gawker of Tom ‘Not Joseph Goebbels’ Cruise, talking about the bog standard whacko crap of Scientology. Hey, if you have to have “jargon”, I always make mine “nonsensical!”

I'm glad there's no vids of any of my senseless outbursts. Are there any? Ok, just forget I mentioned it.

I also dug the ones with Tom wearing the ‘Flavor Flav’ medallion cum Super Thetan Award from a box of Cracker Jacks. Dig Tom’s little ‘Sieg Heil’ to the big wall painting of L. Ron Hubbard, done in the style of early 1970’s backstreets of Manila. Yep, real discerning judgement , subtle sense of style and taste there, Tom. Just like some of ya movies.

“Why ask for permission? We are the authorities.”
Tom ‘Not Stalin’Cruise.

I also collected a lot of rather adroit and fun comments too. Why? I just had to, Mister! The whole interview transcript is at the end of the page. When you listen to actual Scientologist loons such as one of the Head Freaks of Scientology, you see the obsessive and intense will to pointless action.

Pointless group behaviour is the classic enervater and driver of all crazy conformist cults and Totalitarian movements.

“You must do zis absurd uhnt pointless behaviour now uhnt relentlessly! It's a matching set viz der stupid rhetoric!” Any loon leader of any cult and any Totalitarian nut state anywhere, anytime.

Ya start doing the 'Dance of a Million Idiots' and then they have ya! Because kid, you’ve shown and proven that you are indeed a spineless robot drone without any rational thought process’s of your own. This is the real reason Scientology keeps their evil, insane, typical and exploitative methods hidden. They do want to get your mind first. Then your money follows.

“An epigram often flashes light into regions where reason shines but dimly”. Edwin P. Whipple.

Now imagine the skills, experiences and ability that Tom has picked up in his long movie career. From physical fitness, to business, money, strategy, organisation, acting, and from all that travel? The people he’s met, the friendships, the massive opportunities denied mortal men, the support, the Himalaya of free stuff and the incredible range of folks, many of them not insane that he must have learnt from etc, etc, etcetera.

Yep, he's also genuinely helpful to many people as they say, a loyal friend, kind, thoughtful and to his fans. Tom gives generously to charity, is a very hard working, reliable and professional actor, honest and er, he has many other noble traits.

Sadly, Cruise displays none of these qualities while frothing and spouting for Scientology, which has precisely zero noble traits.

In Australia, a corny joke term for trash collector is "Garbologist", just like Scientologist, eh.

So along the way, a man who has succeeded through his own incredible efforts, has also sadly had the full Scientology treatment. To escape after living so long in Ron L. for Loon and liar, Mother Hubbard Land, really is an impossible mission. Can Tom accept it? It don't look like it, kid. Ah well, he'll figure it out. Er, no.

"L. Ron Hubbard, went to the cupboard,
Lord, to give the dumb star a bone.
When the star bent over, the Thetans took over,
now the star ain't got a bone of his own.
Help him Lord, help him!".

Colonel Neville.

Here's a very interesting piece from Tristan on disembedded. See the cool links in the first comment posted. (My edit.)

"When Cruise talks about ethics, this is how Hubbard defined ethics:

According to L. Ron Hubbard, Ethics is defined as “that additional tool necessary to make it possible to apply the technology of Scientology.”

Note that this is not the definition used by the rest of the world, so any discussion of this topic between a Scientologist and a non-Scientologist runs the risk of being hindered by dissimilar assumptions of what the actual subject is.

"I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in the house!"
L. Ron Hubbard.

Ron Hubbard had an early interest in Satanism and he lived for a while with the most prominent Satanist in the US, Jack Parsons, right after WWII and just before he started defining Scientology.

Black magic is the inner core of Scientology. Scientology borrowed its ethics from Satanism and adds modern light hypnotic and mind control techniques for an enhanced “brain washing” effect, as observed with Tom Cruise in the above video". Tristan.

Ok. Black magic is a load of bollocks as is the "Ooh! It's da Devil!" schtick. But what's that 'Old Black Magic' for, if not to convince fools that you have powers that you er, don't? And it would explain a lot of Scientology's guff and sinisterism. It's a freakout in a moonbat daydream, baby!

And yet, Tom is as they say the ‘Top Man' in Hollywood. He’s the best of the best. Incredible, eh?

If I look and I try not to, at my own shabby, kinda uneventful life made of too many wrong choices, then compare it with the golden existence and bizzaro achievements of the Cruiser? Yow. I think he wins mostly hands down except for a few little things. First of all, unlike Tom ‘Not Mao’ Cruise, I’m not a madman. Or a Devil worshipper! "You ain't the Devil!"

Well, I think sanity is something worthwhile. Or is it? Ok.

"Show me the money then!"

Also I write my own material. That's gotta be something? Sure, like most anonymous and alleged guitar playing humourist writers, I may be a teensy bit eccentric. But, I’m not a 'Light Fitting Swinger' or a 'Ceiling Clinger' like Tom ‘More Laughing Gas!’ Cruise seems to be.

Also I have no weird urge to conserve my “bodily juices”. I try to use ‘em up as quick as I make ‘em. You could even say I regularly blow the lot on some woman. So I have the juices thing together. There ya go.

“The only thing that sustains one through life is the consciousness of the immense inferiority of everybody else, and this is a feeling that I have always cultivated”. Oscar Wilde.

Tom seems to be suffering from some kinda Scientology sub-clause catch that means he can’t use all his position and opportunity to take the opportunity to get into er, enough positions. To paraphrase Robin 'Stuck on a cocaine fuelled Leftard gibber' Williams, 'never have I seen a guy more in need of either giving an injection or receiving one'.

That’s some catch, that Catch 22.

Cruise on the other hand and not even his hand apparently, is a curious echo of the Stanley Kubrick film ‘Tom Strangelove: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Cruise Missile’.

Tom Cruise really is either crazy as they come, or is easily wading out of his intellectual depth merely by trying to analyse anything outside of his specialties. Though even in a lounge room 'The Crazed Cruise' has that ‘thousand yard stare’ .

Nothing he said in the wondrous Scientology promo vid makes either any sense or holds any meaning whatsoever. Beyond showing that Crooze is plain 'Rich Guy Nuts' that is. Cruise is like a character that was originally in the script of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' but was never used, because it was just too ridiculous.

Being Australian myself, I don't know how long the average down to earth Aussie, even at the vaunted level of Nicole ‘You’ve got to be kidding me, man!’ Kidman’s stardom, could tolerate a perhaps one inch from insanity, in the stratosphere Hollywood loon and obscenely privileged control freak.

"The desire to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it" H. L. Mencken.

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort”.
Herm Albright.

If Tom is the best, then what are the rest? What’s after crazy control freak, illiterate, bloated with narcissistic power, money and personal assistants, after incoherent, deluded and dumb as a plank? It’s George Clooney, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn and Harry Belafonte ad nauseum!

Come on, they’re either nearly all daft freaks in Hollywood or well on their way. Without such privilege and exposed to the harsh reality that the rest of us schlubs live in, most would simply shrivel quicker than the crew of Captain Nemo’s Nautilus in 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea.

Except that celebrities live 20,0000 leagues above the earth.

Hollywood seems held together entirely by accountants, technicians, lawyers and personal assitant's.

“Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth”.
Rex Stout.

Celebrities, movie stars and especially musicians often have entirely nothing to say about anything much. It’s pseudo depth like the plastic rivers on a train set. Outside of their performances, celebrities are usually merely diverting, as all amusement and entertainment is meant to be. God bless ‘em, I say.

What went wrong was when stars went from being just stars, to somehow thinking they're kind of Geopolitical Experts on anything and everything. Empirically unlikely, as it is absurd.

“I know who I am. No one else knows who I am. If I was a giraffe, and someone said I was a snake, I'd think, no, actually I'm a giraffe”. Richard Gere.

Hey, lucky Heath Ledger had the down to earth advice of Jack ‘Blow me again while we’re driving’ Nicholson to guide him. Jacks advice on drugs?!

“Hey, ya takin’ the wrong drug, kid!”

“The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment”. Dorothy Nevill.

Here's some pretty neato comments, sports. Better, more insightful and clearly more sane than than what old Tom had to say. Dig.

Coffeman64. “Even when I concentrate, it still sounds like complete gibberish coming out of his mouth”.

Coffeismyfriend. “Help me Tom...because I know you can help KNOW.

Boxpox. "Do you get the feeling that the reason Nicole left him was because the "Cruise Missile" was a dud”.

At Gawker dot com.

GreanBeanKitty. “Tom Cruise is so "intense"... I was waiting for an alien being to come tearing out of his chest.. Maybe in the next clip”.

Snowpea. “Tom Cruise is like a guy at 3 am on the Shopping Channel, flogging off Butt Crunchers or Ab Busters, just with one hundred times more zeal. I think the really interesting thing about Cruise is that he's a very charismatic man, and totally mesmerising to watch. He knows the power of a pregnant pause, and a staccato delivery. Unfortunately, though, he has started to believe his own hype.

He looks as though Good Tom is out to lunch, and in his place, Evil Tom has taken up residence. The Scientologists have obviously erased his brain, and started over. The stuff he is spewing out is about as sensical as the musings on a "Hello Kitty' pencil case”.

Whiskeybaby on Stephen Colbert’s Cruise impression. “I love that version. The bit where he says, 'Sorry? I thought you asked me what it was like to be on the verge of insanity...' Priceless".

From disembedded.

Anonymous female. "WTF did he say?
I don’t think he actually had a lucid thought in the entire video. He sounded like he was on something. And this video is suppose to make us want to what? Join his cult at the behest of a cult leader want-to-be? Folks…this guy is seriously whacked.

If he and the people of his cult “know” everything (how to reform criminals, assist world leaders in obtaining world peace, cure mental health and whatever else he claimed), why haven’t they?

He stated he is “carrying more than his load”…Yeah, it’s called shit, Tom and you’re full of it! What the poor slob won’t do for a little attention".

SusannaJones. "Does he really stop at each accident he sees to help? How come we’ve never heard, 'Yeah…I was in a bad accident, but Tom Cruise came to my rescue?' You’re either in, or you’re out, Tom".

Verndroid. "Good Lord! Get a grip man! If you can’t say anything remotely understandable about your beliefs then please shut the fuck up.. oh. No. Wait! What am I saying? 'Good going Cruise. Keep up the good work' Jeeez".

Maddy. "That video made absolutely no sense. Was he drunk? He says that as a Scientologist, there is so much work that must be done yet he didn’t really elaborate on said work. He incoherently oscillates between the drudgery of work and the amount of 'fun' that comes along with it. He seemed almost overwhelmed by all of it. Take that vacation, Tom - apparently it’s long overdue".

Patrick. "This is what you might call a CLM (Career Limiting Move).

Cheetah64. "What the hell did he (TC the SP) say? Does he know? Does anyone know? Wow. That was just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo that made no sense.

Alanajoy. "Feel like I’m just watching another one of his movies.
He’s talking but he’s not really saying much. I can almost see him trying to remember what they told him to say. Aw poor unitooth Cruise. For your own sake, I hope one day you get ‘Beamed up".

John Q Citizen. "Fascinating to watch and listen to. edited from transcript. Tom Cruise: 'So, for me, it really is KSW, and it’s just like, it’s something that, uh, I don’t mince words with that'. You’re right Tom you don’t mince words, instead you make word salad".

Madnessmanifesto. "I loved the part where he sez, “I’d rather have a bottle-infronta-me than a frontal lobotomy.” You have to listen real close, ’cause he kinda mumbles and slurs a bit, but it’s there…I shit-U-not".

Dr. Gonzo. "So, Tom Cruise thinks he’s a Jedi? Now I know what Scientology is all about. Seriously, delusions of grandeur".

Libob. "Mr.Crusie has too much money, and he has an opinion. The truth is he doesn’t know who he is, and this is something that he feels he's a part of. He's voicing what's on his mind. We listen because he has money. Not because we care. We find something amusing about watching stars mentally crumble".

ProblemWithCaring. “What are the character traits associated with pathological narcissism again? Oh yeah:

[1.] Dependence on vicarious warmth provided by others combined with fear of dependence. (An adoring cult could fit the bill nicely!)

[2.] A sense of inner emptiness. (Though, maybe he couch-jumps because he is NOT empty inside.)

[3.] A boundless repressed rage. (I am not sure, but from that 9 minute video clip, sure looked like someone was due for an "anger audit.")

[4.] Pseudo self-insight (yeah - THATS not Tom.)

[5.] Calculating seductiveness. ("Women smell good. They look pretty. I love women. I do.")

[8.] Nervous, self-deprecating humor. (Well, he could be Will Smith.)"

Codepink. “I went onto last night and now I think you're all being really mean and that this religion is really, fun, cool and fun”.

Sedated."And much cheaper than I expected!”

NYMinute. “That's because they are having a special, two Thetans for the price of one”.

Umwhat. “Sounds like somebody's on board! But instead of giving all your money to LRH, can I have it? I'm really, fun, cool, and fun,too. Thanks”.

WriterWriter. “Are you quite serious? You think a "religion" based on a 1960s science fiction novel and supported by vicious, predatory lawyers is "quite fun? You need to read up there, babe. Scientology has been classed as many things; a cult, dangerous, predatory, false, a pack of lies, damaging, etc, etc. Never cute”. stupid-files dot blogspot dot com.

Whatitis. “eeeeewwww....that last video.....I feel so cold and frightened. someone please hold me”.

Colonel Mustard. “I'm sorry...did he just declare war on the non-believers?”

Karennuhoh. "And, if elected, I will order the installation of beige berber carpeting in all American automobiles!"

Littleolly. “ZOINKS Scooby! I think someone unleashed the monsters!

Bellyboop. “The pompous, narcissism that this cult breeds is gut wrenching. I haven't seen Tom Cruise find the cure for cancer, nor have I seen him stop the war in the middle east. But I have seen Kirstie Ally reach out to accomplish off a whole box of Ding Dongs on Fat Actress”.

Sassypants. “I can only assume that the "So whattya say, should we clean this place up," thing is a reference to putting away the folding chairs in the Knights of Columbus Hall after the meeting”.

DanfromRaleigh. “Dammit, that tears it! I'm going to start my own cult. Making people say bat-shit crazy stuff on camera looks like the coolest thing ever. I just have to get a celebrity spokesman...I have it! How about George "Goober" Lindsey? Everybody likes Goober, right?”

Ridiculopathy. “Wow. You hardly ever get to watch insanity manifest itself publicly while wearing a suit anymore. Sure, you expect it from the occasional standard-issue street corner babbling psychopath, but the dressing-up-and-reveling-in-our-psychosis-together-at a-rubber-chicken-dinner thing has been largely closeted the last...oh...century plus.

When the ability to record and distribute verifiable sounds and images became widely available, most psycho clubs went underground. Thanks Gawker! It's like Christmas! Who's up next?”

KarenNuhoh. "You read that book I gave you?"

"What book?"

"Dioretix. Science of matter over mind."

"Uh nuh."

"Well you'd better read it, and quick. That book will change your life. Found it in a Maserati in Beverly Hills”.

J.A.H. Times Online. "Wowee...a touch of bipolar or is he just manic? A megalomaniac? I don't know but his psyche is wacky. He laughs like a loon! Hmmm, let me think. The Servant King who changes peoples' hearts and minds with his radical love for the downtrodden and oppressed and the 'authority' of the ‘Scientologist?’ No difference eh?

I would say there was 33 year lifetime of difference. Jesus said blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall see God. He didn't label people SPs or PTSPs. This Scientology can be compared to 1st & 3rd century Gnosticism, where they thought they has 'special' powers and insight above and beyond mere mortals. I think I'm back to the megalomaniac comment!"

KarenNuhoh. “I thought it was "Diuretix".... That scene and Tom's interview tape are just alike in that the premise is that the hearer must wish to become like the admired speaker. Unlike in that Sy Richardson is working from one of God's great scripts whereas Tom Cruise is working from native dumbass. I still can't believe it isn't a mess of raw footage that forgot to get edited.

Tom Cruise laughs maniacally whenever his train of thought runs out of Thomas the Tank Engine wooden track. And even Tom Cruise must have been thinking: It goes without saying that you will clip out the breakdowns so I don't look this dumb”.

And here is the unedited transcript of Tom ‘She drove me to the point of madness’ Cruise, in full-tilt Hollywood loon intensity.

"I think it's a privilege to call yourself a Scientologist and it's something you have to earn. And because a Scientologist does, he or she has the ability to create new and better realities, and improve conditions.

Being a Scientologist you look at someone and you know absolutely that you can help for me it really is KSW [Keeping Scientology Working] and it's just, like, it's something that I don't mince words with that, you know with anything. But that Policy [doctrine of founder, L.Ron Hubbard] with me has really gone, 'Boy'.

There was a time I went through it, I said, you know what, when I read it, I just though 'Wooh' : this is it. This exactly it.

Being a Scientologist, when you drive past an accident, it's not like anyone else, it's, you drive past, you know you have to do something about it. You know you are the only one who can really help. That's what drives me.

I know that we have an opportunity and, er, to really help for the first time and effectively change people's lives, and I'm dedicated to that. I'm gonna, I'm absolutely, uncompromisingly dedicated to that.

Orgs [Scientology organisations, divided into complicated hierarchy of classes] are there to help, OK. But we, also as the public, we have a responsibility. It's not just the orgs. It's not just Dave Miscavige [church leader]. It's not just me. It's you. It's everybody out there.

Re-reading KSW, and looking to see what needs to be done, saying Ok, am I going to do it, or am I not going to do it? Period. And am I going to look at that guy, or am I too afraid because I have my own ethics to put on someone else's ethics, because that is all it comes down to. I won't hesitate to putting ethics into someone else, because I put ethics ruthlessly in myself.

And I think that I respect that in others, and, you know, I am there to help. We're here to help. My opinion is, look, you're either on board or you're not on board, OK? Which is it? If you're on board, you're on board, just like the rest of us. Period.

We are the authorities on getting people off drugs. We are the authorities on the mind. We are the authorities on improving conditions. Criminon [sic]. We can rehabilitate criminals. We can bring peace and unite cultures. That once you know these tools and you know that they work, it's not good enough that I'm just doing Ok.

Travelling the world and meeting the people that I've met, you know, talking with these leaders in various fields, [pause]they want help, and they are depending on people who know and who can be effective, and do it, and that's us. That is our responsibility to do that. It is the time now. Now is the time.

It is being a Scientologist, people are turning to you, and you better know it, and if you don't, you know, go and learn it. [Laughs] but don't pretend you know it, or whatever.

It's like, we're here to help. If you're a Scientologist, you see life, things, the way they are, in all it's glory, in all of it's perplexity, and the more you know as a Scientologist, the more you become overwhelmed by it. [Laughs again, clapping his hands]

And [mumbling], they said, so 'Have you met an SP?' [Laughter]

And I looked at them and I thought, what a beautiful thing, because, maybe, one day, it will be like that.

Wow. SPs, they'll just read about them in the history books. I just go through that tech [technique], literally. It's not how to run from an SP. It's PTSP [potential trouble source person] - how to shatter or confront oppression. You apply it, then boom.

Because they wouldn't do that to me, not to my face, or anywhere in my vicinity where they feel they could be confronted. I wish the world was a different place, I'd like to go on vacation, play, and just do that. Know what I mean? I mean that's how I want it to be. There's times I'd like to do that, but I can't because I know, I know, so, you know, I have to do something about it.

It's not, you know, you can't sit here and wish it was different, and then, you look at it. And at that moment, I have to do something, don't I? Because I cannot live with myself if, and that [mumbles] I don't care whether someone thinks it's hard or it's easy. Because you're either helping and contributing everything you can, or you're not, ok?

Because you're carrying my load, all right, and as much as you're carrying, I still have got to do more. There's still a thing of 'let's go.'

You can see the look in their eyes. You know the ones who are doing it, and you know the spectators, the ones who are going , 'Well, it's easy for you. That thing, I've cancelled that in my area. [Laughs] It's like, man, you're either in or you're out. That spectatorism, I've no time for it. That is something we have no time for now.

So it's our responsibility to educate, create the new reality. We have that responsibility to say, hey, THIS is the way it should be done. We do it this way and people are actually getting better. Let's get it done. Let's get it really done.

Have enough love, compassion and toughness, that you're going to do it, and do it right.

I have to tell you something. It really is, you know, it's rough and tumble. It's wild and woolly. It's a's a blast. It really is fun, because damit, there's nothing better than to going out there and fighting the fight and suddenly you see.

I want to know that I've done everything I could every day I think of all those people out there who are depending on us. I think about it. It does make me feel we need more work, more help. Get those spectators on the playing field, or out of the arena. Really, that is how I feel about it. I do what I can, and I do it the way I do everything... there's nothing part of the way for me".

(Fades out as Cruise laughs)

ADFS 10. “One of my sons was recruited by scientology in Australia, we live in North America, he was told to call and say his goodbyes because he was expected to severe all contact with us and essentially never see us again. Fortunately we got assistance from some former scientologists who guided us in what to say and how to get him out.

I was able to convince him to talk to me daily saying that I might be interested in joining, at the same time my wife flew to Australia. I convinced him to let some relatives take him to their house for the weekend so that I could be sure that he was okay.

My wife was waiting for him and throughout the weekend we convinced him that we loved him more than scientology did. He went back on the Monday and told them that he was leaving but they wouldn't let him leave the compound. It was only after he told them that his mother was a formidable force but his father would unleash a firestorm if he had to come to Australia that they let him go. That was on the Friday.

This was seven years ago and my son at times still is affected by the brainwashing that they did on him. Scientology is a dangerous mind manipulation cult that uses people for money or slave labour, which was the case for my son.

Government leaders should launch a major investigation of their practices. Hubbard's only reason for setting up scientology as a religion was to avoid paying taxes. They recruit celebrities to try and gain legitimacy with the celebrities' fans”.