Monday, 30 June 2008

Oh Ma! He's Making Oy Vey's At Me!

Two young boys hanged by Iran for being homosexual. My God, they're BOYS! They are only two of over 4,000 human beings hung or otherwise murdered by the Islamist freak regime of Iran, merely for being who they are. Where's the er, protest?

"Hey, when did you become anti-Arab?"

'Me? No way! I admit I was feeling a little negative toward the alleged harshness of desert ways for a while there, but I managed to overcome it by being open minded... After all, we are being lynched by Persians! Hey, here's an interesting thing. President Armachimphead is ethnically a Turk and he was helped into power by the Iranian Communist Party. Those fascistic totalitarians, really know how to swing!'

I received a surprise email from an old Canadian chum of ten years ago. I shall call him Roger Kaputnik. Now I really liked him a lot and probably kind of still would, mostly. But I feel I’m not really the same dope as I was a decade ago. Nope, I'm a completely new dope. He's perhaps the swinging, happening and international Canadian kinda guy he always was. But I never understood what that may mean, until I started reading P.J O’Rourke, Mark Steyn, David Horowitz and visiting thepeoplescube and Dr Sanity and zombietime com etc.

Oh yes, Dissect Left too. As the great favorite of mine, Bill Cosby said, "...if you haven’t seen someone for over twelve years, don’t". And maybe he might feel the same way. Er, not Bill, but my old pally with his not so unusual views for a Treaudopian. So once again, here’s my Fisking of the whole rather confused and logical fallacy kinda prone thang.

Roger Kaputnic:"Hey Colonel: I checked out your blog and must admit I was rather shocked by some of your statements”.

Which statements exactly? But hey, tell me about it. Ya right. It really is shocking how dominant and default is the Return of the Return of the Son of the Son of 1960’s radical leftist drivel. All via their regurgitated and entirely fashionable re-packaged Marxist Critical Theory crud of acceptable Jew hatred and their useful crawling Islamic Jihadist bedfellows. Bizarrely, such creeps can count among their curious dhimmi pals, self loathing anti-Zionist Jews. Yep. Shocking. Go figure. But what can ya do? There’s no accounting for suicidal stupidity. There's leftardism everywhere. It’s the lifestyle choice for today!

Roger Kaputnic: “When did you become anti-Arab?”

Er, never. I never said I was anti-Arab, kid. It’s as unlikely a frame of mind to be thrilled at everything about a culture as to be repelled by it all. To like all is not only balls, but the meaningless nullity of a newt. The ability to discriminate is the basis of rational thought. I guess I’m just not crazy about the beheadings, blood, screaming and pet market bombings as steps to a Global Caliphate. But hey, that’s just me. Oh, maybe lay it all out like wallpaper? Well I do try to do the detail as it were, but not every detail every time. Such an approach of covering all bases and each contingency would make the un-writable un-readable, much like this blog.

I thought I was merely empirical, researched, harshly factual, rational, humorous and almost passable. I write about culture, Islam, theocratic dictatorships, and anti-Zionism which is just Jew hatred etc, and not much about tedious ideas of race, which can be of limited use and lack a clear scientific basis. Um, I would say if one really cares about Arabs, Muslims or Chinese etc, one should care about what honestly who they are and what makes their lives suck and what they may want to harshly impose on others. Like an Islamic police state such as Iran, that beats, rapes and tortures women to death for uncovering their ankles, or for playing in a band, as a matter of policy.

I won’t be indulging as quite a few Arab Muslims have for over 1300 years and counting, in lies. absurd and phony moral equivalence excuses and other blame shifting fantasy’s based on their own imbibed since the cradle, irrational Islamic Jew and Infidel hatred. So startlingly devoid of self-examination and actual achievement as it is. Of course there are many courageous Arabs who do dissent and critique their own culture such as it is, and if they live much past lunchtime are uniformly abused and ignored by the Western left.

P.J O’Rourke said that the two main things that make any place suck is the absence of responsible civil government and effective economic systems. The presence of these is what makes our lives not suck. That’s capitalist free markets, democratic civil systems of government and thus the free flow of ideas. Couldn’t hurt.

And the odd fact that proportionately, the Jews contribute more literature, science, medicine and so on than anyone and everyone else combined, as in this neato little tip of the productive iceberg. It's called So you want to boycott Israel?

The trouble with those enamored with the miracle of multicultural faux tolerance and the posture of being so open minded that one’s brain is open to the water-logging effects of the rain, is that one ends up believing in every culture but one’s own. Thus no other culture that has a rather stronger self belief in itself like Islam, will ever believe in you. Mark Steyn said the great thing about multiculturalism is that it absolves you from having to learn anything about another culture at all. You just feel good about it and go to the restaurants.

Roger Kaputnic: “I thought you were a free thinking and didn't fall for the hype?”

Ok. Free thinking now means only Jew-hating and treasonous leftist? Check. Er. No. I am as my blog banner reads. Oh, I get it. Islamic Jihad is not real! Riiight. Ah, the "hype?" Ironically the left has NO substance of worth and is entirely hype of the ever future, unproven and un-provable Utopian kind. Hey, mebbe you mean the Muslim and leftist hype of it really is and always the evil Jews all along? Gotcha. So the incredible democratic, scientific, intellectual, moral and social achievements of Israel against massive odds are a dream? Er, no. I get it. To you, anything good fact about Israel and the Jews is hype while conversely, every Islamic madhouse is pretty er, cool and ok by well, default.

Where is this er, pro-Israel “hype” coming from exactly? It sure ain't very effective, izzit? From a left dominated media, academia or the entertainment industry I suppose? How and where exactly? Hey, and I’m such a passive dupe, I fell for it! I doubt it, being as my Mother used to say of me in her working class English way, “E’s sharp enough! 'E’s all there with 'is lemon drops!” But let’s not be bitter.

Roger Kaputnic: “If you are pro-Israel you should read this:”

Hey, I read as much as I could stand. Yeech. Not really a withering counterpoint to the vast Himalaya of facts regards Islamism, is it? I believe that if one is a decent human being, one is naturally pro-Israel and the Jewish people. So yep, I'm so pro-Israel, it hurts! Oh, so maybe being an anti-Zionist, meaning a Jew-hater and historically Nazi supported creep is perhaps merely another, but just as equally valid viewpoint? No.

Here’s a nice little piece of extreme moral-equivalence logical fallacy bunk from the rather bog-standard link you sent me. Ah, it says so much in convoluted, inverted and polarized neo-left speak, that I may have to get out my Polaroid, take a picture and have it framed.

“Do you like Hamas?” Avnery’s Weekly.

Hey, who doesn’t?!

“Not at all. I have very strong secular convictions. I oppose any ideology that mixes politics with religion, whether Jewish, Muslim or Christian, in Israel, the Arab world or America”. Avnery's Weekly.

How about Taoism? The Anu people? Laplanders? You are an excellent self-loathing dhimmi twit comrade! You have shown that for many a vacuum dwelling boob, there is no difference between totalitarian Islamic Jihad and the Anglicans!

The Truedepian Revolution of Canada salutes you!

Ah, “secular convictions”. I'm reminded of the kind of mind that is convinced of nothing real or good, but believes absolutely in it’s own moral vanity driven conceits that interestingly, mean nothing. Nothing deeper than always siding with evil over good, right over wrong and lies over facts. Funny how the alleged secularism is put on hold for Islamist loons...

Here's a Youtube featuring the great Evan Sayet on "How [Left] Liberals Think". Via the Heritage Foundation.

So let me get this straight. You are kinda saying something like er, 'I like Hamas?! Hamas? You kidding me?! No way, man! Absolutely not! No, Never. Not a chance. Nope. Yes'. Check.

“That does not prevent me from speaking with Hamas people, as I have spoken with other people with whom I don't agree”. Avnery’s Weekly.

I bet it doesn't. Big 'effing surprise. So it’s just a point of view then? It always is in a Amrxist xcritical Theory mired moral relativity land. Unless it’s the Jews right? They’re always judged rather harsh and relentlessly though, eh?

“It has not prevented me from being a guest at their homes, to exchange views with them and to try to understand them”. Avnery’s Weekly.

Ah, “understand” them. I can dig it, baby. Which part of "...we are going to kill all Jews and wipe Israel from the map” don’t you understand? Yep, understanding is a wonderful hobby for those who understand nothing and like it that way. Yes, and that's why you're the creep of dinner parties. How many Hamass dinner parties you been too, exactly? Hmmm?

“Some of them I liked, some I did not”. Avnery’s Weekly.

So it's with strict conditions, eh?! I gotta like 'em! Er, which one's? So you liked the bomb makers but not the pedophiles? Yes, not all Islamic rapists, child killers and beyond belief depravity fanatics are easy to warm to at first. But keep on trying. Every leftist proxy jihadist gets there eventually.

Back to Roger Kaputnik:“I just got back from the Middle-East. Iranian people are the friendliest people I have ever met in my life”.

Of course, I’m sure they are. Especially seeing how half the population is secular or non-Muslim, or non-fundamental, most are under twenty-five years old or close, they apparently dig Western freedom per se, music and fashion and most hate their hideous freak Islamist authorities. I never said otherwise. It’s just the Iranian mass-killers who hang retarded thirteen year-old girls and over 4,000 homosexual people from construction cranes, when they’re not whipping into women, children and men in the streets, that I don’t want to be pals with. Sure, I’d be happy to shoot such vicious bullies and killers like the mad dogs they are, but that’s for another fun-filled day, when the many surviving beautiful people of Iran are truly free.

Again, good luck if you're appaently into the dumb-ass Pavlovian leftist "Bush is Hitler!", "Fascist is Zionist!" thang, and any other by the numbers fake blah-blah, woof-woof Marxist boredom. [On massive photo display at zombietime com.] Why you do, I cannot imagine. And don't worry, I won't "believe the hype". But you obviously do.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

MSM content is mostly bunk and the form is under par.

Editor of the Age, Andrew Jaspin works through the night, compiling lists of people who are class traitors to the supremacy of the glorious peoples newspaper!

Walid Shoebat. “I never watch or read any of the mainstream media”. Nope, Mr Shoebat moves online and via literary journalism, specialist publications, as well as having lived it all and knowing a lot of rather strategic people. Can't hurt. Walid is an ex-PLO terrorist and now an anti-Islamist Christian, who travels the world with two similar guys speaking on the harsh truth of global Islamic Jihadism and macrame.

For Walid, the pathetically PC and dhimmied Western media are almost by default, profoundly wrong in reporting on the Middle East, Jihadist loons, or any serious threats to Israeli and the free West. Shoebat compares the facts of the world that he knows intimately, with the almost uniform and absolute unreality of the MSM as if they are reporting from another dimension. Which they are.

"If the editors, photographers, cartoonists, reporters and analysts who shape the reports delivered into the conventional news channels were obliged to face critical analysis, had to justify their frequently agenda-driven spinning, had to give an accounting for their prejudicial distortions and lies, then most of the venom directed at Israel and Israelis wouldn't be there." TheblankpagesoftheAge.
Via thisongoingwar.

A vast world and its events are reduced via a selective squeezed conceit. Essentially a morally vain one. The old Age will maintain at all costs it seems, their ridiculous Left credentialed view of themselves. They really believe it. No, really.

Dig, the MSM love to say their er, business, is informing the public. Nope, it’s more about not informing the public and using manipulation, lies, their own cowardice, ideology and influence peddling. If the media was about informing the public, the MSM would firstly promote the analytical skills necessary, eh?

Yep, there'd be a few solid and ongoing weeks of explaining how the artifice and phony construct of media and alleged news works. They’d first have to admit that it’s been mostly been bunk to make money and stroke ya pet ideology.

“Hey, folks. Absorb the crap we churn out, and ya mind'll be so taken over by our fake take on reality, you’ll be almost incapable of accepting the empirical truth of anything. You can imagine making laughable choices, developing faux rebel tastes and even contributing. Good luck!” Anton Jasper. [Any similiarity to the name of the editor of the Age, is purely coincidental.]

The MSM is uswful as a utilitarian classified and a rough source of an often surprisingly poor standard of information on almost every subject. The MSM is like a University exam, where they sit the exam, but you as the subject, never really find out where they were wrong, because it's rarely ever follow up with corrections or any depth of analysis. Trying to learn anything about the world from the MSM is like trying to learn about a city from an express train. At best, you often get unsatisfying pointers, beyond a journos limited ability and the control freak stupidity of the editorial staff, however professional that stupidity may be.

There is not one subject I can recall researching, where I didn’t find the MSM profoundly lacking to grossly incompetent and right up to plain liars.

Now the Age er, newspaper has...

"Please! put down that vase!"

As I was saying, the Age has on its masthead, oh, this is a killer, er, “Australia’s Independent Newspaper!” Independent of what they neglect to say.

How does a major publication of the giant Fairfax Corporation resemble anything ah, independent? Hey, maybe they’re rad, underground and out there, man! You never know what crazy thing they’ll publish next! Gee, one day it’s a tired old Leftard bore and mediocrity by the numbers, next minute, it’s a freakish Islamist apologist like Amin Saikal or Waleed Aly, and then just like that, they throw up another dozen Leftard Jew haters! What a surprise fest!

Next moment it might be an old ABC PC drone! Who knows? Wow! Gues what gang?! Michael Leunig has done another self loathing Jew style anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and anti-US cartoon! What a turn up for the books! Oh, look, Geaorge Bush is drawn as an evil cowboy! Look, a duck! What an incredibly innovative talent! Almost as delightful as Bruce Petty!

Why does hilariously neurotic old Mike look like an alchoholic housewife awoken at 3:AM dressed in wino casual? Go figure.

It can verily be said of The Age et al, that they are truly only limited by their imagination.

Gosh, I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Australia is so far away and lacking any real media competition? Could be. Hey, there are good things in there such as a neato piece of art deco I just read. Sadly, this kinda thing is as per usual, because the good doesn't usually rise above the genre of specialties and lifestyle. Anything serious and important in the world often has a striking similarity to a well edited student paper, but without the endearing spunk.

The Age has been on a trajectory of chronic Leftardism, envirofascism, radical, pro-Islamist apologia and general baloney for years. Like a moving object in the vacuum of space, there is entirely no reason this will slow or change course. In fact, the boosters are on.

Thus virtual whole editions of pro-'Earth Hour' drivel, while over 240 Age journos allegedly signed a letter of complaint regards how they were forced to write only in pro bullshit. Hey, that's journalistic ethics right there. Thus absurd exposes on things that have not happened like the icecaps melting and little to nothing on the mass murder of North Koreans and Cubans, the fraud and wilful lies of Al Gore, or the hideous cult of a narcissistic sadist like Che the child killer. In fact, little to nothing on the almost invariably hideously bogus heroes of the Left at all.

And then there is the cutting expose of the UN by SBS and the ABC. Er, no.

"So, nothing on the true goals, methods, history and core genocidal beliefs of Marxist environmentalism and the similar encroachment of global Islamism for me. And the wife will have the fish".

That’s why the same press could report enormously and almost gleefully on the murder of over of over a hundred and thirty people by US troops at Mai Lay, but not the murder of 2,500 Catholics by Communist Viet Cong during the siege of the Citadel in Hue. Because one fits their paradigm and bias and one doesn’t. It’s why everyone followed Walter Cronkite’s line on the Tet Offensive being a massive rout for the South Vietnamese and US troops, when it was the opposite. The South and US fought back courageously and utterly destroyed the Viet Cong.

It’s why the most famous picture of the Vietnam war of the Saigon Police Chief shooting a captured Viet Cong has no back story. It didn’t fit and the average hack, thousands of ‘em in Saigon at the time, just go to the same file drawer as the last guy.

The bastard he shot had within hours, gone into the home of one of his officers, and stabbed to death his wife, children and the officer concerned in their kitchen. I woulda shot him. That photo has been used countless times, and apart from hip war photographer Tim Page and Vietnamese reporter, no one ever thinks to go any deeper than said file drawer. This is your MSM in action. It’s why they report so many lies of Islamist propaganda like the monstrous Al Dura Pallywood fraud as fact. And when it’s thoroughly exposed, er, bad luck, we ain’t gonna really follow it up.

Thus there must be a Conservative conspiracy when JFK is murdered by a Commie creep who went to Russia for more than the larfs. And there must be a conspiracy when Robert Kennedy is murdered by a Muslim. But there’s no hint of a conspiracy by any MSM scribbler when a boneheaded redneck murders Martin Luther King. Cos you know, that fits nicely into the Leftard dystopia.

It’s why Jimmy farter Carter is reported as an alleged peace maker, when he has done no such thing. But no reporting of the millions of dollars he has received from the Saudi’s for his rotten and ample efforts in their combined war against the Jews and Israel. And indeed, little serious reporting on Israel at all, I say. And I’ve seen no serious examination of the terrifying truth of Mohammad, Islam and the Koran, but plenty on how terrific a guy the feudal Marxist and desk calendar spouter, the Dalai Lama is. And every celebrity usually gets free reign in their half baked and undergrad clichés, as long as they're of the as per usual limousine Leftoid kind.

It’s why so many journos sneer in boring unison with comfortable cynicism at George Bush’s empirically correct assessment of Iran, North Korea and Iraq as being a true axis of evil.

The first two clearly are, and the latter was. In fact there are dozens of such inhuman triangles in the world. Just replace Iraq with Syria et al. Think of the disconnect from not only the easily researched reality of such rotten nightmares, but the separation of the average MSM creep from most ordinary people. Think about it.

If such crap piles that murder millions of their own people as a matter of relentless policy are not evil, then what would be evil if at all, to such faux worldly boobs? Oh, America and Israel. Check. Gotcha.

It’s why Castro’s brother is not reported as the sadistic monster he is, or how Cuba really is. Or North Korea, or Iran beyond enough to just get by. Thus a series of top five New York best sellers get almost zero mention, because they debunk Left Liberalism and its many frauds, crimes, utter failures and conceits.

Such as Mark Steyn’s America Alone, WWlV by Norman Podhoretz and zero mention of the large selling and very popular and controversial [Left] Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. And why wouldn’t ‘The Real Che: And idiots who idolise him’ by Humberto Fontova, wouldn’t trigger some kind of revision of one of the major planks and shibboleths of Leftist Socialism. I mean, why is anyone still promoting neo-versions of this crap unchallenged?

Like Obama the Manchurian Candidate.

A vastly successful world is ignored, because it’s not totally accepting of the whole package of Leftist ideology, much like the voice of pro-Zionist, pro-Jewish Jews are mostly ignored, sidelined and attacked. Nope, our MSM prefer Islamists, self loathing Jews and Leftard fellow travellers. Our MSM gives equal or more weight to theocratic totalitarian terrorists than to the successful democracy of Israel.

The Western MSM publishes a vast smorgasboard of hate and lies aimed exclusively at Israel and the Jewish people, but usually within the currently accepted level of idiot anti-Semitism.

There's nothing more subjective than objective journalism. If one examines it, there are really often few to zero journalistic standards in much of our press and broadcasters. No, really.

Pro-Zionists mostly just don’t exist beyond anomaly. When forced to notice any unpalatable truth, our media to a virtual hack, will drop to the level of a juvenile Koskid hyperbole screecher, drowning in idiot cliché’s of “Racist!”, “Fascist!” ad nauseum, even their own at any deviation. Our media is for the most part logical fallacy afflicted.

Thus over 3,000 Camden protesters are called en masse, without evidence, without names, “Racist!” for not wanting an Islamist school in there area. This reported as serious analysis by the same people who would never live in an area that would ever get an Islamic anything, such as the affluent and urban. So the Age reports a Maoist success in Nepal as a good thing. Of course, Maoism is not a good thing for say the city suburbs of Melbourne like Brunswick or Glen Iris where a reporter may choose to live. And they do.

And a Hamas killer is a “spokesman”. These people have no values as their values. All such beliefs are entirely fashionable and for sale.

But changing all this would not only be problematic for the ugly and phony house of cards built by our media empires of which there are about two or three, it would also be bad for business. Now imagine how enabling this long term fraud on empirical and evidential reality means. It can only mean that the public are addled and deluded and that mountains of evil can find a predictable and reactionary home in said printed and broadcast drivel.

In fact, they are the very promoters and propagandists of many big lies repeated enough to be accepted by perhaps the majority. Ah, the handy tools of handy moral equivalence, logical fallacy, manipulation and general venality via a controlled market.

It’s hard to know how damaging decades of such narrowing has been to the public mind. But then, one can merely look around.

It’s amazing how much of the local MSM subjects fall into the narrow paradigms of a kind of neo student union meeting for the middle aged, comfortable and unchallenged.

Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Mo on the couch, fully restrained. Part 1.

Dr Lazlo: "So Mr Prophet, how long have you hated everyones Mother?"

"I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-Fire were women...[because] they are ungrateful to their husbands and they are deficient in intelligence". The er, Prophet, Mohammad. Sahih Bukhari V 2, B 24, N 541.

[Part 1: The following is from the incredible Faith Freedom Org, an apostate ex-Muslim site. The level of insight and information is kinda startling. These are just a few important sections that er, caught my attention. The main man who presents an overwhelming and seriously scholarly analysis regards Islam, Mohammad and the Koran etc, is Ali Sina.

While English is not Ali's first language, this has made so it seems, little difference. It's a vast triumph of profoundly researched, far reaching, deep and imperical fact. Thus almost eleven million visitors. You will I believe, need months to get through a much of it.

Faith Freedom is not the only great site of course, but it is one of the greats on this subject and related. Jihad Watch Org, the Religion of Peace com, Prophet of Doom, Zombietime com, the Peoples Cube com, Brussels Journal and Bruce Bawer come to mind, among many others. [Some photos embedded in the original text were not transferred from the site.]

Of course, some will say the curious and absurd pseudo ad hominem that well, they’re not real Muslims, thus apparently discounting the verifiable facts. Well, he is and they are Muslims. So I get confused, confused I do. Real Muslims and especially ex-Muslims, are either ex because they are indeed capable of rational and empirical analysis or not? Perusing Faith Freedom, plenty obviously are.

And just as Christians have criticised the sometimes appalling behaviour of our own Churches. Today, Christians are not oppressed or murdered for this last time I checked. In fact today, the more weird, perverse and meaningless, the more the kudos you might just get. Sadly, this freedom of speech and belief or disbelief, does not usually apply to the many courageous Muslim and ex-Muslim critics of Islam. The difference is that the message of Jesus is good, light, love and life. The true message of Mohammad is evil, dark, hate and death. A flawed Church may be reformed, while a bad ideology cannot.

One of more hopeful parts in the largely appalling saga of Islamism and Mohammad, is the hope by Faith Freedoms ex-Muslims, that more will leave Islam after learning the shocking facts of its founder, history and doctrine. Many millions already have and do leave, and not just by being slaughtered by other Muslims merely for leaving their own faith, or via explosives. This still seems a limited scenario as far as it goes.

I still favour the combination time machine and deep space vehicle I'm building in the garage.

Also via Faith Freedom, here's a great piece from Healthy Place, on the cheery personality type of Mohammad, which was largely that of the monstrous narcissist. Sure, there were Messianic delusions too, so it wasn’t all bad. As Ali Sina makes clear, how does one insult a man who has been dead for 1300 years?]

From Faith Freedom Org.

Ali Sina: “Apart from the fact that I am a very ordinary guy and there is nothing amazing about me, I think truth is not revolutionary at all. Truth is just stating the obvious. The fact that you and most other people find this site truthful is because it states the obvious. There is nothing revolutionary in saying sun is bright, water is wet, fire is hot, ice is cold, etc.

Then why the truth about Islam sounds so revolutionary? It is because we have been fed with lies. Those of us who are born Muslims are fed with lies from day one and the rest are told the truth that may hurt the sensitivity of others must not be told. Since Muslims have petal like delicate skins, they scream and will not hesitate to kill you if you hurt their sensitivity, no one tells the truth and this lie has been perpetuated to such an extent that now stating the obvious sounds like a revolutionary act.

Most concepts that today sound truisms, were once deemed to be revolutionary and even heretical. Today, we all know for a fact that the Earth is round and it is going around the Sun, that sky is not a dome and at least the majority of us know that the world was not created 6,000 years ago. Yet all these truisms were once revolutionary and heretical claims.

They sounded revolutionary because of the predominance of lies. Once the truth is given a chance, it will always destroy the lies, just as the light of the dawn destroys the darkness of the night. Now that we have the freedom to speak, the days of Islam are numbered. Islam cannot stand the truth. It will melt like ice under the heat of the sun. The hotter it is, the faster the ice will melt. This site is hot. Very hot!

Many good intentioned people advise me to tone down. What does that mean? Do they want me to tell only half the truth lest saying it all may be shocking? I leave that advice to others. I tell all the truth, naked and unaltered. Is it ugly? Is it shocking? Well, that is the truth. If it is hard to swallow, take it one bite at a time.

Understanding Mohammad.

Ali Sina: “Since September 11, 2001, there have been over 11,000 terrorist attacks, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians and a lot more injuries, throughout the world. The perpetrators of these attacks were not monsters; they were Muslims. They were pious people who believed and acted in accordance with their faith. There are millions more who think like them and are ready to do the same.

If you think Islamic terrorism is a new phenomenon, think again. Islam owes its success to terrorism. The prophet of Islam boasted, “I have been made victorious with terror". [Bukhari: 4.52. 220] Since the day Muhammad set foot in Medina, he started his campaign of terror. His followers have been doing the same ever since.

Muslims are intolerant, supremacist, bullies, and violent. They are highly inflammable and can explode if they are not treated preferentially and with respect. At the same time, they abuse others and violate the rights of people of other faiths. This is psychopathology.

To understand Muslims, one must understand their prophet. Muslims worship and emulate Muhammad. Islam is Muhammadanism. Only by understanding him can one know what makes them tick.

Understanding Muhammad is a psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet. It seeks to unveil the mystery of that man. Historians tell us Muhammad used to withdraw to a cave, spending days wrapped in his thoughts. He heard bells ringing and had ghostly visions. He thought he was demon possessed, until his wife reassured him he had become a prophet.

Convinced of his status, he was intolerant of those who rejected him, assassinated those who criticized him, raided, looted, and massacred entire populations. He reduced thousands to slavery, raped, and allowed his men to rape female captives. All of this, he did with a clear conscience and a sense of entitlement.

He was magnanimous toward those who admired him, but vengeful toward those who did not. He believed he was the most perfect human creation and the universe's raison d'être. Muhammad was no ordinary man. He was a narcissist.

Understanding Muhammad, ventures beyond the stories. Focusing on the "why" rather than the "what," it unravels the mystique of one of the most enigmatic and influential men in history.

Muhammad believed in his own cause. He was so certain of the reality of his hallucinations that he expected everyone to believe too. He would make his Allah indignantly ask “What! Do you then dispute with him [Muhammad] as to what he saw?” (Q.53:12) This is psychopathology. Why should others believe in what he saw? Wasn't it up to him to prove what he saw was real? Only a narcissist expects others to believe in his claims without asking for evidence.

Muhammad was an orphan. Spurned by his mother in his infancy and left in the care of a Bedouin couple, he had a loveless childhood. He then passed to the care of his grandfather and uncle who took pity on him and spoiled him. Not receiving love at a time he needed unconditional love and not receiving discipline when he needed to learn about boundaries, he developed narcissistic personality disorder, a trait that made him a megalomaniac bereft of conscience.

He fantasized about unlimited power, expected praise and admiration, believed he was special, and expected others to believe him and go along with his ideas and plans. He took advantage of others, was jealous, yet believed others were jealous of him, and was extremely hurt when rejected, even killing those who deserted him. He lied and deceived, feeling entitled and justified in doing so. All these are traits of narcissistic personality disorder.

Thanks to another mental illness, temporal lobe epilepsy, the prophet of Islam had vivid hallucinations he interpreted as mystical and divine intimations. When he claimed he heard voices, saw angels and other ghostly entities, he was not lying. His problem was that he could not distinguish reality from fantasy.
He also suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder, causing his fixations on numbers, rituals and stringent rules. This explains why he lived such an austere life and why his religion is filled with so many absurd rules.

In the later years of his life Muhammad was affected by acromegaly, a disease caused by excessive production of a growth hormone, resulting in large bones, cold and fleshy hands and feet and coarse facial features such as enlarged lips, nose and tongue. Acromegaly occurs after the age of 40 and usually kills the patient in his early 60s. It causes impotence, while it increases libido.

This explains Muhammad's sexual vagaries in his old age and why in the later years of his life he had such an insatiable craving for sex. He would visit all his 9 wives in one night to touch and fondle them, without being satisfied.

His impotence explains his insecurity, paranoia, and intense jealousy of his young wives. He ordered them to cover themselves, lest other men would cast a lusting eye on them. Today, half a billion Muslim women veil themselves, because Muhammad was impotent. Muhammad's illnesses explain a lot of mysteries of Islam.

The combination of all these psychological disorders and his unusual physiognomy made Muhammad a phenomenon that set him apart from ordinary people. His uneducated followers interpreted his differences as signs of his prophethood. Like devotees of all cults, they rose to champion his cause with dedication. By defying death and butchering others they made Islam the world's second largest religion, now the biggest threat to world peace and the survival of human civilization.

Why is it important to know Muhammad? Because over a billion people try to be like him and do as he did. Consequently, the insanity of one man is bequeathed to all his followers. It is by understanding him that we can see through them, and be able to predict these unpredictable people.

We live in a dangerous time. When a fifth of humanity worships a psychopath, eulogizes suicide bombing and thinks killing and martyrdom are ultimate acts of piety, the world becomes a dangerous place. When these people acquire the atomic bomb, the earth becomes a powder keg.

Islam is a cult. It is time for mankind to wake up and realize that this cult is a threat to mankind and there can be no co-existence with Muslims. As long as Muslims believe in Muhammad, they are a threat to others and to themselves. Muslims must either leave Islam, leave their culture of hate and join the rest of mankind as fellow humans, or non-Muslims must separate themselves from them, ban Islam, end the immigration of Muslims and send home those who plot against democracy and refuse to integrate.

Islam is incompatible with democracy. It is a warring creed that uses democracy to destroy it and to establish itself as a world wide dictatorship. The only way to avert the clash between this barbarity and civilization, a world disaster, is to expose the fallacy of Islam and demystify it. Muslims must be weaned from Islam for humanity to live in peace.

Understanding Muhammad is imperative for both Muslims and non-Muslims. This book makes that task easy.

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad: A psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet [ISBN: 978-0980994803]. He is the founder of, the organ of the movement of ex-Muslims that tries to unveil the truth about Islam to the world and help Muslims leave it, abandon their culture of hate and join mankind in amity.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mo the Knife.

Mohammad, you’re so fine.
You’re so fine, you blow my mind. Hey Dhimmi. Hey Dhimmi!

Maybe it’s because I’m an Islamist. [Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner.]

Maybe it's because I'm an Islamist,
That I love London so.
Maybe it's because I'm a terrorist.
That I think of Mo whenever I blow.

I get an angry feeling inside of me,
When jumping up and down.
Maybe it's because I'm a Muslim,
That I bomb London Town.

Jihad Boy. [Georgie Girl.]

Hey there! Jihad boy,
Swinging down the street a total freak.
Nobody you meet could ever see,
The explosives there, inside you.

Hey there! Jihad Boy,
Why do all you boys just hate women?
Could it be you just a perv, or is it the rags you wear?

You're always widow shopping but never stopping to build.
Unsheathe those old box cutters and fly, a little bit.

Hey there! Jihad boy,
There's another Muslim creep inside.
Bring out all the hate you hide and oh,
What a change there'll be,
The world will see, the true Jihad boy.

Hey there! Jihad boy,
Dreaming of the virgins you believe.
Death is a reality, you can always blow away.
Don't be so scared of changing and rearranging yourself.
Its time for blowing up all of yourself, to little bits.

Well Halal Dhimmi. [Well Hello Dolly.]

I said Halal, dhimmi. Well, Halal, dhimmi.
It’s so sad to have you back where you went wrong.
You’re lookin’ Hell, dhimmi. I can tell, dhimmi.

Bombs still blowin’, you’re denyin’, we’re still goin’ down.
I feel that room swayin’, while the Imam's prayin’,
One of their old favourite Hadiths from way back when.
So, take their crap, fellas. Find you an empty sack, fellas.
Dhimmi you’ll blow away again.

So golly, gee, fellas. Find an empty train, fellas.
Dhimmi you ought to learn today, a dhimmi’s sure to die someday,
Dhimmi we’ll never come this way again.

What a Waleed full World. [What a wonderful world.]

I hear deception, what liars do,
I see them doom, both me and you.
And l think to myself, what a Waleed full world.

I see lies are true, and black is white,
The white cursed all day,
The dumb scared to fight.
And l think to myself, what a Waleed full world.

The canards of the phoney, so pretty in the lie.
Are also on the faces of people going by.
I see friends shakin' heads, sayin' "What do we do?
They're really saying, they fooled you!"

I hear students cryin', I watch them grow,
They'll learn nothing, that I really know.
And I think to myself, what a Waleed full world.
Yes, I think to myself, what a Waleed full world.

Mo the Knife. [Mack the knife. The Sinatra version]

Oh, the sheik had, shitty teeth dear,
And beheaded, Pearl all right.
Just a jack knife, for Jihad dear,
And he keeps it, way out of sight.

When Islam bites, with its teeth, dear,
Scarlet billows, begin to spread.
Fancy words though, has Mohammad,
So there’s never, never the truth that’s read.

On the sidewalk, on Sunday morning,
Lies a body, oozin’ life.
Someone’s sneaking, round the corner,
Could that someone, be Mo the knife?

From a car bomb, an intersection going slow,
An IED is blowing downtown.
You know that bomb blast, is for Islam dear,
You can make a large bet, Mo is back in town.

Their man Zarqawi, he's split the scene, babe,
After making mountains of dead, with Saudi cash.
Now Osama, spends like an Arab,
Do you suppose our boy, he caught some kind of rash?

Old Saddam, O bin Laden, Old Sheik Yassin.
Did this song nice, lady Yasser too.
They all sang it, with so much feeling,
That old dead eyes, he aint gonna add nothing new.

But with the Saudi, Kingdom behind them,
Lying hard, CAIR, they know they can’t lose.
When I tell you, all about Mo the knife babe,
Its an offer, you can never refuse.

We got dhimmitude, media playing that piano,
And the great big lie, bringing up the rear.
All the Left cats, in this band now,
They make the greatest sounds, you’re ever gonna hear.

Oh so its tawdry, phony bastards, can’t teach ‘em, old Mohammad got around.

Hey the line forms, on the Left dear,
Now Mohammads back in town.
You’d better lock your doors, they changed the law,
Because Mohammads back in town.

"A Basketball Jones is when you think of basketball so much, you are like a basketball!" Cheech and Chong.

Like a Killing Jones. [Like a Rolling Stone.]

Once upon a time you dressed so fine.
You blew five bombs a time with the prime, didn't you?
People'd call, say, "Beware Mo, you're bound to fall"
You thought that Mossad’s hittin' you.

You used to laugh about,
Everybody that was hangin' out.
Now the bang sounds so loud,
Now you do seem so proud,
About having to be scraping up the human meal.

How does it feel?
How does it feel?
To kill with just a phone,
Like a complete unknown,
Like a killing Jones?

You've gone to the Islamic school all right, Mr Lonely,
But you know you only used to hate Jews in it.
And Hezbollah has really taught you how to flatten the street,
And now we find out we're just gonna have to get used to it.

You said you'd never compromise,
With the West and man, but now you realize,
The press are selling all your alibis,
As they stare into the vacuum of your eyes,
And ask you, do you want to make a deal?

How does it feel?
How does it feel?
To be on your way,
With a direction home,
Like a complete unknown,
Like a killing Jones?

You always turn around to see dumb frowns on the media and the clowns,
When they all come down and do tricks for you.
You always understood that it sure is good,
You can let all the dhimmies make up bullshit for you.

You always lie on the tv show like a diplomat,
You go right over the head of a BBC prat.
Ain't it nice when you discover that,
He really was just where it's at,
After you took from him everything you could steal.

How does it feel?
How does it feel?
To be on your own,
With no direction home,
Like a complete unknown,
Like a killing Jones?

Prince Abdullah’s steeple, and all the pretty people,
They're drinkin', thinkin' that they got it made.
Emirates have all kinds of precious gifts and things,
But we'd better stop taking it in the ass, we better deport ‘em babe.

You used to be so abused,
At the madrassa in rags and the language that he used.
Go to him now, he calls you, you can't refuse.
When you got Islam, you got nothing to lose.
You're so visible now, you got nuke secrets to conceal.

How does it feel?
How does it feel?
To be on your own,
With no direction home,
Like a complete unknown,
Like a killing Jones?

Monday, 23 June 2008

All the fun of the fair.

The beast of totalitarianism and fascism has many faces, but entirely the same goals: the death of the free individual. Dig the rather startling predate of envirofreakism.

“Well, show me the way,
To the next whiskey bar.
Oh, don't ask why,
Oh, don't ask why”.

Alabama Song. The Doors. Brecht and Weil.

Sports, these days I change day by day and it is as the great Bruce Lee said, a process of stripping down, of peeling away the layers to find the essential and perfect truth. Beware of those who believe there is no truth. To such nihilist and relative freaks, your life or death is all the same to them. Though interestingly, they prefer the latter.

Ah, I love to have a deeply researched and profound empirical understanding of a topic so I er, kinda know most if not all of it, and can turn it inside out and use it, like a sharpened tool. And now I use virtually none of that really, when faced with an opponent. I go back to absolute basics, beautiful in their simplicity. I ignore or act.

Lee used to work heavily on very basic moves relentlessly until they deflected and cut through anything and in any situation. I like that. Another lecture, and this time the wonderful and newly discovered for me, Michael Burd. Mike talked about anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Zionist Leftard Jews, Islamists, media, academics and the rest of them.

And yes, the facts regarding the freaks aimed against the great Jewish state and the Jewish people are shocking, beyond belief and numerous. They also make me damn angry.

Of course, being a little cramped and energetic kinda guy, I sometimes say er, a little too much on first meetings and maybe blow it. Though Mike seemed hip and liked my shabby blog. He’s a snappy dresser, in that urban Jonny Cash smart casual way. I dig this because I often favour the hipster via ranch hand style. He was great and as usual, there was little time to discuss anything much. There were a few er, hostile natives in the veldt of the auditorium too, which can distract one.

Anyhow, as clearly shown by Mike, much of our MSM, the ABC, the freakish anti-semitic, Leftard and pro-Islamist, neo-Socialist fraud that is the Age newspaper, academia and celebrity ad nauseum, are stuffed to the gunnels with an irrational hate drenched, anti-Zionist parade of untouchable poo poo faces. And as stated, many are not just Islamist Muslims in positions of Saudi funded influence in Australia and the usual Leftoids, but a bizzaro cavalcade of anti-Israel and self loathing Jews. Go figure.

In fact, the figure they represent as a proportion of the Jewish diaspora is miniscule, something like 0.0001%! But they have a massive voice and influence.

But here’s my bag, baby. As a few people made their bogus and feeble non-points a la hackneyed...

“She was a lovely bird! She was from East Hackneyed!”

Young semi-Left student. Cliché No. B7/A29D: “While I agree with some of your factual statements straight from the mouths and acts of PC Left Liberal anti-Semite Islamist retards and loons, I don’t agree with some of your other utterly factual and evidential statements. And what about 'balance' and hearing both sides blah, blah, woof, woof and snurgle?” Or some crap like that.

“Show me the way,
To the next whiskey bar,
Oh, don't ask why,
Oh, don't ask why”.

Alabama Song. The Doors. Brecht and Weil.

Er, let me answer a little, hmmm? The logical fallacy and false argument that there are always two legitimate sides is a total tank of crap. It’s balls. It’s bullshit. What’s more, I ain’t interested in hearing from either the Islamist or Leftard side except as raw material for ridicule, and a reason to move to America where they amazingly still have freedom of speech and the right to bare arms, guaranteed by the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America.

“Oh, come on. Let’s be reasonable! Please, a warm round of moral equivalent applause for Mr Goebbels! He’s going to give his side of Auschwitz!”

“Oh, moon of Alabama,
We now must say goodbye.
We've lost our good old mama,
And must have whiskey, oh, you know why”.

Alabama Song. The Doors. Brecht and Weil.

I don’t need to hear any Leftard cliché from 1 to a 1000. I don’t need to hear Islamist trope 1 to 10,000. Nope, I've heard ‘em all ad nauseum.

Some stinking Sheik was invited to lecture to children here and he tells the kids and I kid you not, that "the Jews are poisoning the bananas!". As per standard illogical paranoid conspiracy proneIslamist garbage.

And he was invited back! And oh dear, the oddly naive and pathetically nice Major Cosgrove, invited the King of Muslim Gardens and purveyor of smooth Islamist baloney, Walid Ali, to the phony posturing of the 2020 Summit...

To talk at the Global Terrorism Research Centre! Ah, the list of venality and dumbness is endless, sports.

So, I ain’t your reasonable and easily ruffled pal you may be lookin' for. It ain't me, babe. I know a friend from an enemy. I’m basically a little right of Frank Sinatra and like Frank, I have a short temper when faced with lies and evil. Now I didn’t used to be like that. No, not at all. I was a sap. I was a typical inner-city Left boob, always trying to deal with people on a tedious one on one basis.

“Gee, really? Maybe you have a point there. Charles Manson was it? Great. A party you say?”

Not any more. I tend now to be sharp but flexible like bamboo, and I often snap back when pushed. Long ago, I was more like cooked spaghetti!

Ah, so the King sized turds of Hamas knows they can murder a few Jews a week with rockets and nothing much happens. The people rocketed sit in despair wondering when and if their own government will ever act to protect them. Wounded terrorists are treated in high quality Israeli hospitals the same as Israelis. While Palestinian Muslims who get hold of Jews, literally rip them into pieces of flesh, parading it in ecstasy and licking the blood.

Israel should line up a thousand missiles on their border and televise it live 24/7. Then say the next time a rocket lands in Israel or a homicide/suicide bomb goes off, we’ll launch ‘em all and then repeat. The attacks will most likely stop or they will maybe run out of Jihadists. Oh, yes. Also aim 1000 missiles at strategic targets in Iran, one of the main suppliers to Hamas Inc, and globally.

Hamas and Hezbollah always love to fight deliberately among civilians, using the retarded and children etc, because they know the Israeli's are thus hobbled. And it's great PR in the Western media too! Every time.

Funny how such people and every other scumbag dictorship from Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea to Mugabe etc, [and every Leftard radical] say how much they incongruously and fraudulently er, care about the Palestinians, whoever they are. And yet they don't care about anyone else, especially their own people? It's a fake and ulterior modus operandi of convenience, folks.

“For if we don't find,
The next whiskey bar,
I tell you we must die.
I tell you we must die.
I tell you, I tell you I tell you we must die”.

Alabama Song. The Doors. Brecht and Weil.

Another guy, a little tense and hostile, then laid out Cliché B15/87D [Paragraph 9. Section 23. Ask for Jim.]

“I just wanna say some dumb ass crap that criticism of Israel should be permissible!”

Er, cos it’s not now, right? Bollocks. It’s everywhere. It’s a fucking replicating Himalaya of er “criticism”. Really, it ain’t criticism but a variation on the theme that Israel and the Jews can never be good enough while they exist alive. They are saying in truth, now if they all died and Israel disappeared. It’s easy to follow the evil logic to its disgusting end, and it’s all like this, folks.

This alleged ‘criticism’ isn’t Islamist loons and their Leftard fellow travellers just saying “Gee, maybe you should change your hair a little and buy some new shoes. It’d look a lot better”.

Nope, it’s basically that they hate Israel, the Jews, the US and the West. Like a lot of the garbage hacks at “Al Age”, eh? Ah, Mr Andrew Jaspin. You are a creepy bore. How many Islamist creeps do you need to hire to provide ugh, “balance?” Maybe you mean to the Leftist creeps? He needs as many as he can get, apparently.

Apparently my saying I ain’t interested in the slightest in hearing any of the venal tactic of forever demanding criticism of Israel, stops said criticism. Riight. I didn’t know I was omnipotent. So I should cluelessly advocate adding to the daily avalanche? Er, no thanks, stinky.

People always say, yes but what can we do? My answer is that it’s clear and it’s the same as what Israel must do. Stop caring about what anybody says at all. Such phony critics will only be happy at Israel’s funeral.

Stop keeping a purely a defensive position until you are so degraded as a fighting nation, that victory is impossible. While attack does not guarantee victory, it’s the only thing that can bring victory. A defensive position guarantees defeat, as it can not be maintained. It is, as simple as that really.

In a life threatening street fight, I do not need to understand my enemy. I only need to know how to destroy him. And if they understand that, the this is all the better. There is no opponent, only an aggressive force that must be deflected, and counter hit. Israel must utterly destroy her enemies now. Such mortal foes have every intention of annihilating Israel. And they are half way there now.

Much of Israel and many pro-Zionist Jews are tangled in the meaningless undergrowth of discussion and compromise. Forget the pointless details of weighing up each argument and counter argument. Move forward rapidly with absolute force. Do not throw countless ineffective punches. WTF are they waiting for? Forget the critics. Forget the UN. Forget your allies and even forget your enemies. When delivering a punch, you always see past the target.

Past the target is victory. Stopping just before or on it, is defeat, death and badly complex. Who am I? Actually, I’m just great! No really. I get a kick out of it. But what I say is all true. Just ask Patton, Lee, Churchill, Sun Tzu, Caesar and Hell, even Rommel.

And the target my friends, are all perverts and freaks.

“Well, show me the way,
To the next little girl.
Oh, don't ask why,
Oh, don't ask why.

For if we don't find,
The next little girl,
I tell you we must die.
I tell you we must die.
I tell you, I tell you I tell you we must die”.

Alabama Song. The Doors. Brecht and Weil.

I’ve decided quite incrementally, sometimes daily, to not always hold back, but state a thing rather plain, harsh even. Why? I’ve had enough and we’re never gonna get anywhere being purely logical, intellectual and fair. Survival is primal. Do not engage your enemy in conversation.

“Always provoke your opponent!” Bruce Lee.

All the arguments are tactical lies. Ignore them. Island hop all unimportant distractions and go straight to Tokyo, er, Tehran. One only needs the enemy to know that you seek to destroy him and are happy to do so. Thus Hitler said he only feared Churchill coming to power.

Sadly, our multitude of cultural and security enemies both foreign and domestic, know this. And as they have clearly stated and acted incrementally toward this end, they mean us harm, dhimmitude and death.

I’m not interested in being duped and distracted into fake paradigms of being fair, right up to my own suicide via an idiot, cowardly and confused reasonableness. No, no. If Israel and the Jews go, the whole Western Canon will go. And this is entirely what the ah, "critics" of Israel and the Jewish people want.

Just remember the classic marine tattoo. "Death Before Dishonour". Make it the death of our enemies before our dishonour.

“Oh, moon of Alabama,
We now must say goodbye.
We've lost our good old mama,
And must have whiskey, oh, you know why”.

Alabama Song. The Doors. Brecht and Weil.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

There's a lot to be learned so look around. Part two.

Hey, can you spot the diversity of "differences" and the common similiarities? That's right.

For diversity, there are uber-perverts, Mummas boys, spoiled freaks, rapists, heavy users of prostitution, sexual deviants, drug users, chronic masturbaters, super liars, fakes, cheats, destructive nihilist madmen, stunted permanent nut boys and affluent professional bores. Hey, there's beyond belief messianic, philistine control freaks who misunderstand everything, while writhing in impotent rage and stuffed with poisonous hate at normal life and real human emotion.

There's consistently and permanently jealous, envious and spiteful spidery dullards, who have never contributed a single positive thing to the world. Sure, there's relentlessly negative mega freaks too.

There's drop kicks, creeps, bad haircuts, startlingly ugly faces, deceivers, deluded hypocrites, bad grooming, bad skin, suicidal failures, profoundly unppealing and uncool mega spaz dorks and dags, vastly unpopular with women, who hate women, maybe love men, small children, the occassional goat, newt or household object but sadly, no Roger Whitaker fans.

Now if that ain't diverse, I don't know what is!

For sameness where it counts, they're ALL mass murderers, dead and Muslim.

“Next time you’re found, with your chin on the ground,
There’s a lot to be learned, so look around”.
High Hopes.
Frank Sinatra.

Waleed Ally at his recent speech at the er, Naked Gun College: “...the urgent importance now, of us being able to make sense of things that are foreign to us”.

Hey, tell me about it.

Wal: “’s not about the news that’s out there. It’s about the news we select and the prism through which we assimilate it into our conscience. That’s what it ultimately comes to be about”.

I hear ya, sister!

Wal: “The more we talk about it, the more we deny it”.

Riiight. I believe it.

Wal with his er, insight into why a small Danish magazine published some cartoons. Always with the cartoonies.

Wal: “They were people who were angry about things that happened a long time ago...”

Er, no. He’s met the cartoonists then? Knows them well? Relentless Islamist atrocities are happening now.

“...and were looking for a way to give that expression”.

Er, that’s what cartoonists do, give expression to things, like um, reality for instance. For Wal, it's a plot I tells ya!

Wal: “And so the decision to publish material offensive to Muslims, really was based on the fact that things had been happening involving Muslim communities in Europe in the years previous”.

Really? So it was all so long ago, and rather scattered events at that, eh? Er, no. Maybe a little more like over 11,300 reported Islamic terror attacks since 9/11? The violent and clear march of Islamism in the UK, Europe and Hell, most everywhere, including over 750 no go Islamic zones in France involving an average of over 120 cars torched nightly?

Maybe it has something to do with the daily avalanche of statements of policy by Islamic states and agents of murderous intent, followed up with the corresponding crimes committed within and outside the Islamic world? Or maybe because the way they do things over there, and now they’re doin' it here?

It takes massive denial and incredible cognitive dissonance, to avoid the vast Himalaya of empirical evidence that absolutely supports the harsh facts of Islam. It’s easily available to those who really want to know. Curiously, relatively few do.

Wal:The London bombings, particularly the murder of Theo Van Gogh, and so there was something there”.
Riiight. And these were all isolated events, without any connection, meaning or purpose? Like er, the continual modus operandi and goals of Islam? Could be. I could add hundreds more to the list of Islamic forged Hell on any day.

“Just what makes that little old ant,
Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant.
Anyone knows an ant, can’t,
Move a rubber tree plant.
But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes.
He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes”.
High Hopes.
Frank Sinatra.

Wal: “...there was a tension that existed and that tension found expression in these cartoons”.

Reducto ad absurdum. Check. What breathtaking drivel. What kind of insane moral equivalence and extreme non-connection is being made here, and to what end purpose? Hey, I heard there’s a lot of tension during a beheading, an “honour” killing and the endless UK and EU Muslim demonstrations calling for the slaughter of those who dare to “Insult Islam”. And the great thing is, you can insult Islam without even knowing it. Even millions of Muslims do it Thus Prez of Iran, Armachimphead, has hung over 4,000 gays for being gay. And many were minors.

What is the Islamic beef or pork exactly? Wal mentioned Muslim “perceived hegemony” as a clear contender for an excuse to mayhem without limits.

Er, "perceived hegemony?" What does that even mean? As long as it's nothing tenuous, unlikely and abstract then? And evidence free! Why don’t they have this worrying affliction of perception and its alleged murder inducing effects, in successful places, like say Japan? Gee, I wonder why...

“We clearly have a problem I think”, says Aly, without necessarily who “we” are. Oh maybe he meant “We clearly have a problem, because I think!” Just not very well. Or maybe I misheard? “Clearly we have a problem. I stink!”

Oh no. It’s the USA that’s the problem, right? With all that hegemony that they’re lettin’ everyone perceive, an’ all. Wal said the jolly Islamic Ummah empire was apparently happy just to er, rule, not um, enforce belief .Riiight. Sure they were. They were a barrell of laughs! I'm laughing just thinkin' about it!

You and a couple of hundred indoctrinated teenagers believe it, so that's good enough, eh?

Lucky for Wal, Robert Spencer is not on the curriculum. Walter says that Bin Laden’s "writings" are all about the um, “purely defensive”. But Wal noted he didn’t want to get involved in a “semantic discussion”. Yes, nuance.

Radio announcer: “And now for a word from one of our sponsors! It's Osama, the shit of the desert!”

“So any time your gettin’ low,
‘Stead of lettin’ go,
Just remember that ant.
Oops there goes another rubber tree plant!

When troubles call, and your backs to the wall,
There a lot to be learned, that wall could fall”.
High Hopes. Frank Sinatra.

Wal says we’re merely “describing ourselves” when we er, “label” Islamic terror as um, violent or terror.

Wal: “I could resolve conflict in many ways, some of which could be violent”.

Yeah, but why bother? You’re doin’ great as you are! You know, the average boob could listen to Wal, and think he’s talking about us all, or Islamists. But usually he’s not, especially whenever he’s in the negative. The endless convoluted blame shifting onto Western culture, and the bogus bizzarro excuses are incredible. One could get mental whip lash switching from as Wal seems to see it, a largely innocent and misunderstood Islam, back to the West, the originators of most all evil.

Wal believes in “human nature”. Check. Whatever. Well, er, Wal, deception and the entirely phony are a part of human nature too, ya know.

Wal: Cultural differences are often real. Religious differences are often real”. Ya don’t say?

What is Walt on about exactly? Difference? Sameness? What? If we’re all the same, why give a damn about Islam? Because Islam forces us to notice it, I'd guess. I mean it’s the same right, or different? Only superior. Actually Islam is precisely alien, hence the exploding torsos.

“Once there was a silly old ram,
Thought he'd punch a hole in a dam.
No one could make that ram, scram,
He kept buttin' that dam.

‘Cause he had high hopes, he had high hopes
He had high apple pie, in the sky hopes”.
High Hopes.
Frank Sinatra.

According to a rather startling and cheery little view of the Walter, when we get a serial murderer in Australia, [yeah hundreds of ‘em!] er, we should ask “...what’s wrong with white Australian culture?”

Check. White. Only white. Hey, no racial profiling or racist bigotry there, because every PC Leftard knows you can’t be racist about white people, cos’ white people are evil! Check. Even if it’s an Asian, black or er, a man of hey, Middle-Eastern appearance.

Every Jihadist from Osama down, is a serial killer of the most monstrous and highest order. Ditto for the theocracies of every Islamist state.

Nope, instead we mistakenly look at the individual who has committed the act and start analyzing them. How gauche. You mean like the Police and the courts do? No personal responsibility in Islam. It’s all pre-ordained by Allah. In the Koran all evil and misfortune is created by him. No, really. It is nihilistic fatalism proscribed. Nope, Wal says we shouldn’t ask “what’s wrong with this person?”

Ok. I’m white and my wife is Japanese. What the Fred is wrong with Waleed Aly?

“So any time you’re feelin' bad,
‘Stead of feelin’ sad,
Just remember that ram,
Oops there goes a billion kilowatt dam...”
High Hopes.
Frank Sinatra.

Aly says “We are not necessarily what we do”.
Ok, whatever that means. That’s what I say. Just because I strangled those puppies, it doesn’t make me a puppy strangler!

I mean who gives a damn if someone is as polite as say, Wal for example, but they’re slicing off your head? It’s empirical that actions trump who you may be, every time. He says whatever people do, we must judge it as none the less, human behavior. And?

Why do I get the feeling he is not directing this tolerance at gee, “white” Westerners? Hey Wal baby, what about the massive murdering global Islamist elephant in the room? Good luck at the next armed robbery, assault, rape or murder. Just remember, that’s human behaviour!

Police Officer: “Drop the gun sir!”

Symbionese Liberation Army cell member, Weatherman or Islamist Hizb ut-Tahrir slash Al Aqsa slash Hamas slash Hezbollah Jihadist loon: “Hey man, stop judging me by what I do, instead of what I am! I’ve gotta be me! Stop laying your perceived hegemony on me!”

Wal says we gotta “understand” the ah, “differences”. And we are not allowed to use our own experience or history. Because according to Wal, it’s so badly flawed! Ah Islam is so er, pure. The true reason this is often pushed, is that without these rational thinking and discriminating skills, which are an intrinsic part of the scientific heritage of the Western Canon, we will be incapable of seeing Islam for what it really truly is.

And then every now and then Wal says something...almost interesting.

Wal: “Talk to any Arab for five minutes, and they will tell you that English is a hopeless language cos’ it doesn’t express the richness of the Arabic language. And I’d just say that’s typical”.

“So there is a little light in the forest after all?” Chuck Heston to Mathias in The Omega Man.

“All problems just a toy balloon,
They’ll be bursted soon.
They’re just bound to go pop,
Oops there goes another problem, kerplop”.
High Hopes.
Frank Sinatra.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Nothings gonna touch you in these Golden Years. Part One.

A woman "projecting" her Western style misunderstanding and bigotry, onto the defenceless men of another great Islamic success story...Iran! She wore "un-Islamic dress!" How "truly offensive!" Oops, she's er, a Muslim. How about that. I love that song. "She wore un-Islamic...un-Islamic was the style that she wore". Nostalgic, eh? Takes me back to the 7th century!

[Link to previous post on same.]

“There's a whiff of the lynch mob or the lemming migration about any overlarge concentration of like-thinking individuals, no matter how virtuous their cause”. P.J O’Rourke.

Yep, the Wal mart logical fallacy stock clearance sale is now on! Everything rational, empirical and decadently Western must go!

So when do I get my award for listening to Walled Aly’s er, lecture and twice? Man, the following could have been a total transcript and piece by piece Fisking, but ah, not without the crazy pills. Wal is like many alleged lights of the “intellectual and cultural landscape of Australia” A bore, ersatz and monumentally lame. But don’t the clueless dhimmi kids and the PC Left liberal boomers just love it? Go figure.

“A virgin’s consent is indicated by her silence”. Mohammad.

It's apparently all about what we should do or not do, apart from apologising, aquiescing and abasement. Wal neglected it seems, to say what Muslims should do and er, stop doing exactly, if anything...

Er, I believe I know what Wal is sellin’, but I ain’t buyin’ it. How can one read his angle and the logical endgame of it all, but as nicely packaged cultural and security suicide? I mean really? I’m not responsible for how someone presents themselves, only for understanding it. And er, I’d match my mind with Wal’s any day.

Wal had among many glaring contradictions, two real classics. His entire premise almost comes down to there being little to nothing to fear from Islam, merely things to er, “understand”. And virtually any alleged fault in Islam is our fault, the “white” people in the West. Did he mention Vietnamese, Pago Pago people or Laplanders? Nope. And anyway, we’re just “projecting” our own bigotry onto Islam and apparently pretty much all Muslims etc.

You know, like the Doctor with his id in Forbidden Planet. Threats, beheadings, bombings and so on, they’re all our negative thoughts, eh? That’s sure some kinda mind power we got!

“Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positively fortifies it”. Stephen Vizinczey.

And then, my oh my, he says how secularism kinda means nothing to Muslims and well, secularism pretty much sucks really anyway, and is just another crappy Western thang. Check. So as per usual, Islam is fundamentally superior but is gee, not trying to assert itself in any unpleasant way.

So remember, there are no ulterior motives or hidden deceptions in Islam. No. Not one. Forget about that Taqiyaa stuff. Forget I mentioned it. No, really.

“No! No way man! Just cool it! Impossible! Er, yes”. Someone incredulous.

And virtually all blame for being attacked and murdered by Muslims is the er, victims fault really. It’s that perception thing of ours. Merely discussing or thinking about it, may be causal! That’s an amazing theory regards the existence of a parallel universe of time, cause and effect if ever I’ve heard one. But then, what has Islam, Mohammad and many Muslims um, not invented? Especially with that mythical Golden Age of Islam. It was in all the papers. You know, the one’s that can’t be traced.

“Don’t let me hear you say life’s taking you nowhere, angel.
Come get up my baby.
Look at that sky, life’s begun,
Nights are warm and the days are young.
Come get up my baby”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.

Waleed Aly: “But what I’m interested in are the hidden motives, the hidden statements that are being made when people act in certain ways”.

What a coincidence, mate...

Wal: “For mine...the publication of those cartoons was made as a way of testing the way Muslims would react”.

Er, evidence? As long as you’re not paranoid then... And many Muslims did react, didn’t they? Six months later. I wonder, wonder I do, who was genuinely surprised? Now Buddhists, Anglicans or Taoists etc, reacting that way, that would be surprising. Why is it that most every time there’s a mob of religious fanatics screaming for death and destruction, its several hundred guys named Mo?

“There’s my baby, lost that’s all,
Once I’m begging you save her little soul.
Golden years, gold whop, whop, whop.
Come get up my baby”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.

“I believe in being free, acquiring knowledge, and telling the truth.” H.L. Mencken.

Wal: “...that is Muslims have suddenly found themselves in a category in Denmark, where they were to be tested, and this is not something, this is not the normal function of media”.

Suddenly? Really? Like just now you mean?

So media should not test the veracity of any claim if Muslims don't like it? Check. Media should only please the potentially or currently violent? Check. Wal doesn't say what is the role of media. Obviously, it must never involve upsetting Muslims. The list of thing's that offend so many Muslims, can be narrowed down to everything, anything and nothing. But do go on and on and on.

Wal: “That the normal norms of civility..." [Tautology. Nuance. Ah, threats of death and actual murder civil, cartoons an outrage. Check.]

“....that talking about whether something is newsworthy versus whether something is gratuitously offensive..." [Um, many Muslims think it very newsworthy, but let's allow the most violent and intimidating to set the rules, eh? Check]

"...that the normal norms..." [Hey!] "...that exist in publishing somehow became suspended...”

What the? Riiight. How come only Muslims seem to have this problem? Hmmm? So all Manga, underground stuff, rude things, rap and porn etc, or any critical analysis of anything that is er, critical and analytical, was what exactly? Continued or suspended? No porn? What would the biggest down loaders of porn in the world do? The Saudi’s.

Wal: “ this particular point in time because we were talking about this particular group. And it is that value judgment that I think is truly offensive”.

Gotcha. Ok, not really as offended by the over perhaps 100 people murdered by er, gee was it Muslims? Nor a great, successful, free and open democracy like Denmark being under sustained cultural assault by immigrants? Check. But a series of pen drawings in an obscure private magazine and you are ah, morally aroused? Now that’s a Hell of a value free judgment right there, mate. Check.

“I am made victorious through terror”. Mohammad.

One of the hallmarks of Islam is its hall of mirrors styled perceptions, a virtual default. We see irrational madness and threats; they see their own perfection disturbed only by our refusal to “understand” er, something. Islamism is cognitive dissonance codified. I tell ya, if you can get angry at the Danes, [The Danes!] you can get angry at anyone or even no one. Why do such violent people go to an advanced Democracy like Denmark anyway? To spread Islam.

“Last night they loved you, opening doors and pulling some strings, angel.
Come get up my baby.
In walked luck and you looked in time.
Never look back, walk tall, act fine.
Come get up my baby”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.

Wal: “What’s interesting about that was that nearly every cartoonist in the world thought that the Danish cartoons weren’t very good either”.

Interesting? Really? Maybe to you. So what? Do better one's yourself then. Wal checked with all 50,000 cartoonists? Matt Groening? Pixar? Mort Drucker? Bruce Petty? Oliphant? Rodriguez? Spooner? Disney? Etcetera? Wal doesn’t say.

Hey, OK. Now we know that Islamist loons have very high standards for cartooning, and will even kill to maintain them. That’s some editorial board. Check. Er, what’s with the Muslim obsession with other men’s doodles exactly?

Er, coincidentally I can do cartoons a little. Oddly, I didn't get worked up over the Danish ones, nor adopted a phony posture of stylistic snobbery. Gee, why is it hard to believe that screaming bearded freako mega dork dags, ever read comics, or are hip to Western humour, graphic art, illustration or satire? I wonder, wonder I do.

Hey, while the Jews collect their 159th well earned Nobel Prize in the sciences, Muslim’s are groveling and writhing around a bonfire over pen pictures.

“I’ll stick with you baby for a thousand years.
Nothing’s gonna touch you in these golden year’s, gold.
Golden years, gold whop, whop, whop.
Come get up my baby”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.

Wal: “I thought it was well put by ‘The Age’, [newspaper!] that the decision to publish is very different to the right to publish. The Age: “The fact that we have the right to publish, does not mean we have to publish to prove it”.

Gosh, er, you would. The old mutual backslap, eh? Maybe cos' ya write for 'em? Ya think? Must be nice to be a virtual Age contributor for life. Nice work if you can get it.

Er, the Age review is balls, and yes it does mean "we have to..." etc. Pure 'Al Age' style, crawling two-faced and mealy mouthed cant. Because what such a fraudulent er 'stand' by Al Age certainly proves, is that they don’t really believe they have the right to publish anymore at all, and can’t and won’t. I mean ever.

Yes, I could win the 600 meter dash, I just choose editorially not to. Check.

So, pictures pertinent and central to a story are not used because of laughably alleged ethical concerns, and not due to er, fear or bias? Now that's convenient!

Wal says he believes offensive stuff should be published, and then spends a lot of effort dreaming up logical fallacy's for why you can't. Ya can’t have it both ways or can You? Oh, but the Age does. It’s the 'people’s broadsheet!', and largely despises them. The Age would almost never publish outside of its right kind of bigotry, cloaked comfortably in PC. They are for the most part, dull, spineless, smug, Leftard elitists and hacks.

The Age seems to be able to degrade an almost non-existent journalistic standard over any minimum subscription period. How low can they go? Who knows? And one day, perhaps few to no one will care. Viva online.

Andrew Bolt reported that around 240 Age journalist's apparently lodged a petition of protest, on how they were forced to report only in a biased pro position regards the laughable Earth Hour fraud. Didja read any critical analysis of the whole joke anywhere in the Age? Maybe I missed it. Lucky they're in a mostly closed Australian media, and have the classified concession, eh?

“Some of these days, and it wont be long,
Gonna drive back down where you once belonged.
In the back of a dream car twenty foot long.
Don’t cry my sweet, don’t break my heart.
Doing all right, but you gotta get smart”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.

Wal: “..that there was something specifically, there was an attempt, something very specific in the publication of these cartoons going on”.

Beyond his absurd paranoia and blame shifting victimhood conspiracy drivel, er, no. Er, so specific he can’t say beyond er, “testing!” Maybe it’s a conspiracy headed by the Secret Danish Cartoonist Cabal! Maybe it’s in the Protocol’s!

Wal: “ the vanguard for free speech emerges...”

There’s no “vanguard”. Most normal people in the West value free speech. Still, divide and conquer if you must. It’s all very Leftard Marxist and Nazi political theory, innit?

“Und zen zer enemies of zer peeple und zer schtate und zer counter revolooshunaries vill schtrike! Vee must veed zem out, Comrades!”

Wal: “The free speech martyrdom, [!] seems to me very convenient to me”. Whatever. Our right to free speech, is about as “convenient” as the American Constitution and the First Amendment, and our Westminster Parliamentary system, mate.

Wal said it’s more “...the clash of the uncivilized”. Hey, nice moral equivalence! Er, the Danish are uncivilized? Since when? So Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Dubai, Sudan etc, are the civilised spots on the maps and the er, Scandinavians are not? Scandinavians are modern civilisation. But hey, we all have our dreams. eh?

“Wish upon, wish upon, day upon day, I believe oh Lord,
I believe all the way. Come get up my baby.
Run for the shadows, run for the shadows, run for the shadows in these golden years”.
Golden Years. David Bowie.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Clintons. Meet the Clintons.

Bill Clinton has always seen things differently to normal people. Getting up always means going down and going down is always coming up.

The Clintons. [The Flintstones]

Clintons. Meet the Clintons.
They're the modern stoned age family.
From the, town of Bedhop,
They're a page right out of perjury.

Clintons. Saudi money.
They're the venal two-faced family.
From cash, of George Soros,
They're a page right out of Alinsky.

Let's ride with the Democrats raking dough.
Through the courtesy of Bill’s big blow.

When you're raped by Clintons,
You'll have a grabba a Bubba dong time,
A stabba you time,
You'll have a stained old time.

Obama. [Maria]

The most meaningless sound I ever heard:
Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama.
All the fraudulent sounds of the world in a single word:
Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama.

Obama, you can’t know a man named Obama,
and now the verb “change” will never be the same to me.
Obama! I've just dissed a man named Obama.

And typically I've found how terrible the left can be.
Obama, say it loud and there's muzak playing.
Jerking off and it's almost like praying,
Obama, they never stop saying: "Obama!"

Al Gore. [Alfie]

What’s it all about, Al Gore?
Is it just for the moment you lie?
What’s your ass about when you’re spreading out, Al Gore?
Are you meant to take more than you give,
Or are you just a behind?

And if only fools are blind, Al Gore,
Then I guess its wise to be Green.
And if life belongs only to the rich, Al Gore,
What will you bend on an old golden rule?

As sure as I believe there’s a sun spot above, Al Gore,
I know there’s something much more,
Something even non-believers can believe in.

I believe it’s fraud, Al Gore.
Without bullshit you just exist, Al Gore.
Until you find the fame you’ve missed you’re nothing, Al Gore.
When you talk let your ass lead the way,
And you’ll find less every day, Al Gore, Al Gore.

Butterball. [Thunderball]

Mike always waddles while others walk.
Mike eats while other men just talk.
He looks at this world, and wants it all,
Mike Moore lies, like Butterball.

He knows the meaning of success.
His needs are more, so he gives less.
They call him the whiner who takes all.
And he cheats, like Butterball.

Any kudo he wants, he'll get.
He will break any chair without regret.
His days of basting are not gone.
His fat goes on and on and on.
But he thinks that the fat is worth it all.
So he slides like Butterball.

Sean Penn. [Born Free]

Sean Penn, unstable his films blow,
As his treason shows,
Born free to follow his ass.

Live rich and stupid surrounds you.
L.A still astounds me,
Each time I look at a star.

Chavez freak, where no crime offends Sean,
You're dumb as a roaring toad,
So there's no need to know.

Bored me, your films are not worth paying,
But only worth fingering,
'cause you bore me.

Cocaine, and life is worth living,
But only worth living,
'cause you're over there.

George is still single. [George of the Jungle]

George, George, George is still single,
Dumb as he can be. (Ahhhhhhhh)
Came out of TV.

George, George, Clooney loves jingo,
Lives a life that's free. (Ahhhhhhhh)
Girlfriend on her knees.

Hanoi Jane. [Helen Wheels]

Hanoi (Hanoi) Hanoi Jane,
And a Commie rats gonna know the way guns feel.
Hanoi (Hanoi) Hanoi Jane,
And they never gonna take her away.

Diarrhoea’s a girls best friend. [Diamonds are a girls best friend]

The Greeks are glad to die for ass,
They delight in pounding stool's.
But I refer to the men who give,
And have extensive tools.

A schlong in the butt,
May be quite continental,
But diarrhoea’s a girl's best friend.

A piss may be grand,
But it won't clean the rectal.
With a humble splat,
Or help you at, the autoshat.

Men grow cold as girls grow old,
And we all lose our bowels in the end.
But square-cut or pear-shaped,
These cocks don't loose their shape.
Diarrhoea’s a girl's best friend.

Stiffany's! Fartier! Black Starr!
Frost Gorham! Talk to me Harry Reems!
Tell me all about shit!

There may come a time,
When an ass needs a reamer,
But diarrhoea’s a girl's best friend.

There may come a time,
When a hard-oiled impaler,
Thinks you're awful tight,
But get that grease, or else no night.

He's your guy, when wangs are high,
But beware when they start to descend.
It's then that those gasser's,
Go back to your asses.
Diarrhoea’s a girl's best friend.

I've heard of affairs that are strictly colonic,
But diarrhoea's a girl's best friend.

And I think affairs that you must keep Ebonic,
Are better bets, if little pets squirt bigger jets.

Time rolls on, and youth is gone,
And you can't straight up in your end.
But stiff crack or titties,
Can hand crank and jizz I see.

Diarrhoea! Diarrhoea!
I don't mean Rhino horn!
But diarrhoea’s a girl's best friend.