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Derek and Clive Discuss One Terrorist Attack in Around 17,504 Since 9/11 That Was Not By Muslims.

The black deluded heart of inhuman darkness. Oh, the crushing hideous irony. Horribly murdered by a twisted and deluded self-admitted atheist socialist psychopath, the Norwegian Marxist leftist teenage variants concerned were members of the Norwegian LABOUR Party youth wing - and together with more than a few middle-aged Hamass groupies on the island of Utoyo had rather ironically been er, um, gee, celebrating the wonderful Jew-hating nihilist and mass-murdering psychopaths of Hamass and their Charter an' all their ongoing Islamofascist and leftist plans to demonize, economically destroy and annihilate the Jews and Israel. Like, totally rad, dudes. 

Gee, some of the students were wearing fashionable Jew hatin’ Hamass head slicer scarves. Radically sick, bro. I guess that's why the leftist director of the House of Literature in Oslo and former leader of the RED Electoral Alliance, [no, really] Mr Aslak Sira Myreh the current liar and fraud would call these Hamass pals if even by mere default, the more anodine term of "young political activists", instead of the more ugly yet accurate term for what many and perhaps all, sadly were. But hey, that's The disgusting Guardian via the equally screwy newtpaper 'The Age.'

Yet the endearing mop tops never had the chance to protest against all the rapes of Norwegian women and girls in the last five years being committed by wonderful peace loving Muslim immigrants. Cos’ er, you know, naturally they would have, wouldn’t they, bein’ all feminist an’ all. I’m sure it was on the agenda. Oh, there it is, pencilled. Nope, that says how Hamass are just swell and to get some more Rage Against the Machine downloads.

[Post dedicated to the great Walid Shoebat. Shoebat com.UPDATE: Frontpagemag with incredible Breivik et al insights. Sultankinish with more and more. BRILLIANT video takedown on the radicalisation of Anders Breivik via answeringmuslims com. Hat tip to Jill. UPDATE: Peter Hitchens on the massive anabolic steroid drug taking Breivik.]

Derek and Clive.

Clive: Now here’s an idea. Regards the family background of the all round repellent Anders Breivik, the plastic faced Norwegian mass murderer, psychopath and Thunderbird puppet freakishly devoid of humour..Breiviks is a pro-eugenics, pro-abortion Darwinist racialist, an identity politics spouting welfare state advocate and an oddly self-admitted crippled son of a Euroweenie liberal, socialist feminist mother and the estranged son of a largely absent lefty father. It's hardly your typical er, Christian Church going conservative family type profile like say, the Palin's, is it, Derek?

Derek: He sounds utterly fucking horrible. If it wasn't for this toasted cheese sandwich I'd be filled with despair.

Clive: That's the power of melted cheese, Derek. Clearly Breivik was influenced by the well-known rabble-rousing fringe extremist wackos that he referenced such as er, gee, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Lao Tzu, John Locke, Rudyard Kipling, George Orwell, Mark Twain, John Stuart Mill, William James and the Founding Fathers etc.

Naturally, we can expect at least a billion more Breiviks at any moment to start screaming out of every reference library. It's those evil books full of historical figures and other people recklessly discussing facts and values. Oh dear, he also referenced Freidrich Nietzche, Marx and Mohammad. So the left have just admitted that Nazism, Communism and Islam are a perfect three-way match. Well, I'll be a Darwinian conundrum.

Derek: The wilful cognitive dissonance of the left sickens me. 'Ere, funny I thought, but a lot of lazy lefty media fuckers have been trying to connect Breivik to the very working class EDL, the English Defence League but 'ere I said, 'ere! The Australian newspaper reported that, and I fucking quote: "He came from an affluent background, shared an Oslo flat with his wealthy mother and went to a middle-class secondary school in the city." I imagine she polished his bottom every Thursday to make it all shiny.

Clive: Quote you do Derek and no, not very lager and crisps is he.

Derek: Hang on a minute! It's just like those wealthy upper middle-class shits of Baader Meinhoff, Patty Hearst and the SLA and the Weathermen etc, fucking ad nauseum.

Clive: Ah, classic nihilist mass murderers of the left as they always have been. I once had a Bill Ayers arsehole ashtray.

Derek: Lovely.

Clive: Coincidentally, Breiviks the mumsy boy, said his shocking crimes were "necessary", which is exactly what the left always say about their own relentless nihilist political ideology of destruction on the way to their creep Utopia yet a road to serfdom for us, and exactly what their hero Che the child killer Guevara said about his endless murder sprees.

Laughably, the dirtbag Breivik now requests a platform to drone on about his witless, uncomprehending psycopathy. As a platform I suggest a high wooden one with a short rope.

Derek: Everyone loves Norwegian wood.

Clive: Not to mention Norwegian rope, Derek. Not to mention smashing in Breiviks knees with a German trench shovel, yet I am a man of peace, Derek. If I am a man of anything it would be peace. Fucking peace is my thing. Call me an old stick in the mud conservative, but I cannot stand mass murdering psychopaths.

Derek: Typical fucking intolerant conservative!

Clive: Exactly, Derek. And here's an interesting fact. The Norwegian island of Utoya, where the next generation of Marxist socialist Jew-hating teens were frollicking until to quote the great Mark Steyn, their "fantasy life completely supported by the system they despise" collided with a criminal and disgustingly unhinged reality, was a er, gee, my my, a FATAH PLO political and terrorist training camp. Another criminal, disgusting and unhinged reality. In fact PLO creeps have had a presense there for around golly gee, fifteen years as you do and all lauded by the idiot dhimmie Norwegian Prime Miniature. What a surprise that Euroweenie socialist twerps and Marxist totalitarians are eager and praising bedpals with Islamfascist terror groups an' all. Er, no. Hey, when Jew haters meet.

And look 'ere Derek, the Islamshits of FATAH/PLO have issued a heart-warming statement of condolences for their teenage "comrades" on Commie Island. Beware of the irony overload, Derek, beware of the overload..
Via Debbie Schlussel: 'BETHLEHEM Fatah/the PLO was founded in part by Yasser Arafat, relative of Hitler’s best buddy, Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who begged Hitler to speed up the Final Solution of the Jews and export it to the Middle Yeast.

(Ma’an) — Fatah Youth released a statement on Saturday condemning attacks in Norway which have reportedly killed over 90 people.

FATAH: “It is with consternation that we have received the dramatic news of an awful terrorist attack against a summer camp ran by our comrades of Norwegian Labor Youth ‘AUF,’” the statement said.

The Fatah Youth group had taken part in the summer camp in the past on the Island of Utoya, near Oslo, where over 90 people were reportedly killed in a shooting spree on the Island and a bomb attack in Oslo on Friday, news reports said.

“Fatah Youth declares its consternation about the terror attack. There are no words to describe an attack against people that have been our comrades in our struggle for freedom and independence. Very few people have stood by our side as much as the Norwegian people, and particularly our AUF comrades.”

“We know those who have been cowardly assassinated. Those are people that have stood for the human and national rights of the Palestinian people both in Europe and while visiting Palestine.

“Fatah Youth has participated for almost 15 years in the same summer camp and our youth has benefited by learning and sharing experiences on democracy and advocacy for peace and justice.

“We hope that those responsible for this criminal terror attack will be brought to justice. Such sick minds should not have a place in any society."
Clive: And here's a crushing video on the murder and decapitation of the Jewish Fogel Family that shows what the Islamofascist Palestinian idea of 'peace' looks like.

Funny innit Derek, how the leftarded media immediately attacked every conservative blogger, writer, politician and waiter in the world before expressing how much they allegedly naturally care about over ninety murdered teenagers. The left are the go-to creeps for crocodile tears and contrived outrage. They are a mob. They thrive on lies, manipulation, mayhem and the wreckage that they do. Then they instantly move on to a newly useful pet and front, with never an apology for their invariably utter failures. There's a negative side too.

Derek: They sicken me yet I have to listen to the parasitical freaks 24 hours a day. The left believe they are never wrong thus their 100 percent failure rate.

Clive: Exactly. The twerps of the mainstream media say that Breivik the arsehole of the month, is naturally a “fundamentalist Christian” because he followed the dictum of er, “slay them where you find them”. Oddly that’s one of Mohammad’s. Clearly they do not read, especially the truly outstanding objective analytical and research skills of PRODOS on this. Bastards.

Derek: Mohammad. He was fucking ‘orrible. Where’s my cheese sandwich? I was just moulding it into a rough hewn creamcheese nude of Bob Brown. I thought that the more that you followed the words and deeds of Jesus Christ and the fundamentals of Christianity, like the Golden Rule of love your neighbour and treat people as you would want to be treated etc, the nicer you’d be. I thought the more you follow Marxist left radicalism and the words and deeds of Mohammad, the more of a dangerous nihilist lying fuck you'd be.

Clive: Au contraire Derek, it just shows you how wrong you can be if you don’t accept the cognitive dissonant grovelling betrayal and venally opportunistic lies of our leftist betters, Derek. accept the dominant left paradigm, Derek, or they'll smash your face in. The stupid fuckers have ignored the fact that every conservative and conservative group are instantly and naturally repelled by Breivik, and that he acted it appears, alone. There are precisely zero conservative movements based on intimidation, coercion and mass murder. The left and Islam have thousands and always have. It's what they are. But then, conservatives value the freedom of the individual and people above all, while the left and Islamofascists always value absurd and abstract collectivist and tribal ideas over human beings. Now Derek, you’ve heard of the left dominated mainstream media? It was in all the papers.

Derek: Of course! How do you think I got VD? So you mean the dying media. The relentlessly incompetent, grossly lying ideology perverts, fraudulently opportunistic ends justify the means, hideously venal, logical fallacy spouting zombies, dumber than dog hair living dead, cognitive dissonant and laughably irrelevant affluent Invasion of the Body Politic Snatcher asshats of the dominant leftist mob of the MSM? The weirdo bores that will use any pet cause to keep and gain total raw power, to delegitimize any dissent and to annihilate their enemies and advance their dissonant, treasonous ideology? You mean those laughably phony yet spineless lying circus geeks? The delightful clods who try their best to dehumanise Jews, Conservatives and Christians et al?

Clive: As usual you are too kind, Derek.

Derek: I can’t be cruel to a dying medium. Apparently Clive, there's little chance of the average Norwegian being an actual Christ believing Christian if you read this miserable study I was reading in the bog.

Clive: What's in it, Derek? Anything about cheese?

Derek: If fucking only. "In Sweden, church is for 'unbelievers', Three-quarters of Swedes belong to the country's official church but only 15 percent believe in Jesus."

Clive: Hardly a basis for your Christian belief. More like a have your Christ and eat it wankers guild. Which reminds me..

Derek: Funny innit, how after every hourly bag of shit Islamic terror attack that the media don’t report, the same leftist filth take forever to mention gee, Islam, and that’s if they ever do mention it. Then they say they’re not real Muslims and that they are a tiny teeny minority that have hijacked the fun filled love of global Islamic jihad. This is the bleeding opposite of what they do to the virtually once a decade non-Muslim terror attacks. Then it’s anything but the harsh facts, Ma’am. Fuck ‘em all.

Clive: Yes, Derek. Interesting how Islam is so often hijacked by actual hijackers. Well, the neutered lady boys and semi-women of the leftoid media say that Breivik is apparently a Christian and this is based on the fact that he said he is and that he murdered over ninety people.

Thus the usually ridiculous Peter Hartcher can report nevertheless the simple fact that, "..Europol this year reported that there were no right-wing terrorist attacks in Europe last year. There were, however, 45 left-wing and anarchist attacks and 160 separatist attacks..."

Derek: I must have negelected to read the front page of The fucking cunt up your arsehole prick Age on those days, Clive. So the left say that Anders is like er, The Salvation Army, John F Kennedy, The Pope, Jesus and ah, anyone who goes to Church like black Somali Christians then? Stupid turds.

Clive: That’s the logic such as it is in Saul Alinsky and Marxist Critical Theory tactics land, Derek. 15,000 black Ethiopian Jews living free in Israel mean nothing to the left as do millions and millions of Asian and black Christians throughout the world. The left are a mindless demonic mob. Did I tell you how I had a problem getting into the tourist line at The Vatican because the Pope had us pinned down with automatic fire? It’s the Christianity that drives him to it, you see.

Derek: It’s the Pope with a scope!

Clive: I had the same problem with heavy calibre crossfire when I tried to drop off an old pie griddle at the Salvation Army. If it wasn’t for the airstrike, I would never have got past the pile of armless dolls and soiled Twister games.

This is why Albert Einstein, so noted for his free and easy way with the standard patois of Lord Jim Far-East waterfront saloon slang said of journalism, and I quote, that it was “full of stupid collectivist cunts and other Marxist boobs, who would fuck a cancerous pig in a cesspool of shit if it suited their laughably fraudulent socialist control freak house of cards.” End quote.

Derek: Yes, but is George Galloway the snot sucking chimp rapist available?

Clive: At very short notice if there’s a free arse reaming involved. Though I hear Chomsky always brings his own excrement and Guy Rundle at The fucking Age actually is cancer. It’s a little known fact that Rundle, raconteur, skunk molester and Cairo toilet acrobat, has given virtually everyone cancer since 1987. He’s given my Aunt Dolly cancer and as she said to me during her weekly enema cum art installation, “if I wanted to lose control of my bowels and vomit on the couch, I’d subscribe to the fucking Age!” Trundling Rundle is a Marxist twerp and squirrel strangler, which at The Age is CV norm and where it’s entirely cool to follow a totalitarian ideology that has murdered over one hundred million people and counting, based on mass murder, lies, theft, conformity, envy, spite and madness.

Derek: Cunts, they’re all cunts! Arsehole Bundle Rundle used to call me all the fucking time. He asked me what kind of underwear I had on, the dirty fucker. I said you’d like me to tell that wouldn’t you, you shit headed bedpan wearing bastard, just so that you can imagine wearing my Y fronts on your fucking shrunken head, the turd. Clear off Rundle, you stripe assed baboon polisher, I said.

Clive: Ah, the famous Rundle Reamer Gambit. The left care so much, Derek, just not about anyone else, anything factual or anything of actual worth. They notice many things that have never happened but are wilfully oblivious to any relentless and actual moment by moment events of importance. If only any of the over17,000 murderous jihadist terror attacks since 9/11 got so much attention to the lefts imaginary detail. Or massive and organised global Jew hatred say, or North Korea, or The Congo, or Sudan or millions of child brides, or 6,000 genital mutilations a day leaving 120 million Muslim females victims in the world today, or Lebanese rape gangs, or 270 million people murdered over the centuries by Islamic expansion and infiltration or fourteen year-old Charlene Downes being kidnapped, raped, tortured and turned into food by Muslims in Britain etc, etc, etc, etc. Of course it’s not all this wonderful.

Derek: I blame the Anglicans.

Clive: Exactly.

Support the GREAT Barnabas Fund Org. "Hope and aid for the persecuted Church.."

The brilliant analytical skills and insights of Prodos at prodos com and thinkertothinker com.


Karma is a bitch . . . especially for Jew-haters who were Fatah's bitch. You hang out with snakes, you get bitten.

The idea is that the murdered anti-Israeli lefties brought their murder upon themselves.

However, my study of Breivik's "2083" Manifesto indicates that there is no such Cosmic Justice operating here.

Indeed, even Breivik's claimed support for Israel (as well as his claimed support for "Cultural Christianity") is merely a pragmatic device serving a "higher" purpose.

I believe that should the Breivik types get their way and form their "monocultural" ... "European Federation", Israel and the Jews will be next on the chopping block.

What will Debbie Schlussel say then?

Furthermore, the idea that "if you hang out with snakes, you get bitten" is supposed to mean that the Islamists (the "snakes") with whom the Norwegian Left is schmoozing with will ultimately "bite" the Norwegian Schmoozers.

Not that some wilder-eyed more brutally efficient Norwegian will annhialate the the Islamists + the Lefties + those whom both the Islamists actually hate and the middle class Lefties who play the hate-game (i.e. Israel & the Jews).

Don't underestimate the mechanically efficient brutality of the European. The Islamists are amateurs in comparison to the European Killing Machine, should it be stirred from its slumbers. Should it get its taste of blood.

Breivik: " ... we are a relatively cynical/cruel/goal oriented armed resistance group"

Debbie Schlussel doesn't seem to recognise a Rehearsal for Slaughter when she sees it. My guess is that she hasn't actually studied the "2083" manifesto.

That's like talking about Hitler without studying Mein Kampf. And then being surprised by the outcome.

Very stupid.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Derek and Clive Discuss How Wallpaper Patterns Lead to Violence.

Derek and Clive examine left liberal civility that leads only to ever more love and kindness. The left are a progressive kinda love. It's a wonderful thang.

Clive: Did I tell you I had the kitchen repainted?

Derek: Er, no. You didn’t.

Clive: Yes, I had to. It was the violence. It had to be stopped.

Derek: What violence Clive?

Clive: Not only the violence but the vitriol, Derek. The vitriol and the wallpaper combined lead directly to the violence.

Derek: Er, do go on.

Clive: Well, you know I like a nice pattern on my wallpaper, maybe a concentric circle in soft orange or a bamboo jungle on a soft golden yet roughly tactile raised rustic finish. Or repeated Balinese fishermen on pastel.

Derek: Lovely.

Clive: Well, it all had to fucking go. Every time I sat eating a nice bowl of Rice Crispies I became enraged with vitriol. The vitriol if it was anything, was enraged. Whenever I heard any vitriol, out of the blue I’d start raving about 'is furniture real' and 'what are the government doing about adverbs.' And then the wallpaper patterns would set me off. I could see meanings in the patterns, Derek. If the patterns were filled with anything, they were filled with meanings. Dark and terrible meanings, especially the flock cubes.

Derek: A very nasty business your vitriol. Er, what is vitriol exactly, Clive?

Clive: Vitriol is anything said by people who don’t agree with Marxist sodden left liberals but is never anything the left say themselves. Remember Derek, the left are never wrong, thus their 100% failure rate.

Derek: Those leftist hypocrite arseholes sure do like to project logical fallacy, don't they?

Clive: Projecting is their modus and logical fallacy is their operandi, Derek. On a good day they are narcissist control freaks.

Derek: Any examples of the beauty of leftist non-vitriol, Clive?

Clive: Fucking millions. When one says “Sarah Palin Is A Cunt” or “Kill BushHitler”, or that “my big black brothers will gang rape” Palin, that is er...

Derek: Vitriol?

Clive: Er, no. That is left liberal Democrat civility. If I say I believe in the freedom of the individual above the group and in a respect for The Constitution, in limited government and low tax, respect for life and in personal responsibility, THAT is vitriol.

There are many beautiful and entirely acceptable and respectable left words except when it's problematic to mention them, and none have ever caused or been associated with a shred of violence ever, only misunderstandings. As the left always says, all their lies and violence are entirely necessary.
Beautiful words like The Baader Meinhoff Gang or the affluent Marxist killers The Weathermen, or perhaps the more stupid than mud Black Panthers, the SLA, the BLA, the left's natural mega-treason, The Democratic Party created KKK and Jim Crow Segregation ad nauseum, FDR the double-down Depression extender and his mutual penpal Mussolini, people hating atheist psychopaths Marx, Lenin and Stalin - who was not an anomaly but a genuine well-versed Marxist communist ideologue and the logical result of any communist system, the Jew-hating nihilist Marxist collectivist left and their natural bedfellow Jew-hating pals of the Islamofascist global jihad out to destroy Israel and the Jews and the entire free West etc, etc, and leftard hero and tshirt salesman Che the child killer Guevara and his compadre the commie gangster rapist and pedophile pimp pig Castro...

...Charles Manson the true spirit of 1960's collectivist commune ecofascist mass murdering hippiedom, Green ecofascism control freaks eager to exterminate five billion plus human "cancers" for Gaia, Marxist Ira Einhorn the Earth Day co-founder and girlfriend murdering fugitive, Marxist Critical Theory to our destruction, ACORN the sub-prime enablers and voter fraud specialists, the SEIU and endless myriad uber-criminal thug unions, BIG ever expanding ever more controlling government, disarming the people intoripped-off indoctrinated slaves ripe for mass murder...

...nationalisation to taxpayer subsidised bankruptcy, socialism, collectivism, communism, liberalism, progressivism, George Soros and his hundreds of front groups, racist rapist La Raza, Noam Chomsky endorsed Khmer Rouge and Noam Chomsky the nihilist Marxist Critical Theory parasite and uber-traitor, filthy Mao now with over eighty million murdered, the left's eternal and never arriving Utopianism, Viet Cong with 2,000 Catholics murdered in 48 hours, North Korea the concentration extermination camp state, Pathet Lao the roaming mutilating rapist psychopath killers, Shining Path ditto, Red Brigades ditto, S11 affluent rebel cred, WTO riots, Hitler’s National Socialist Workers Party a perfect socialist mob nightmare...

...International Socialist as your guarantee of disgusting nihilsm, Marxist Odinga his Islamisation and Sharia pals and the Obamessiah, Islam Murder Inc, mythical moderate Muslims, Bill Ayers the tenured terrorist, every leftards true guide and guru Saul Alinsky, Gramsci, Columbia University guest speaker Ahmadinejad, millions of Saudi dollars bought and sold Columbia University and the Frankfurt School of Political Correctness...

...instant Palestinians, Hamass public crucifixion, Hezbollah beheading videos, multiculturalism, identity politics, abortion, the Hitler admired Margaret Sanger's eugenics and so on.
Derek: It’s all very complicated Doctor. Nurse! The sheets!

Clive: Now you see how the toxic mix of that tufted paisley in the kitchen and my own conservative Constitutional vitriol naturally turned into mayhem and violence.

Derek: What kind of violence?

Clive: Well, as I said, the wallpaper pushed me over the edge about Thursday morning. I heard the word beehive and I just had to unleash millions of killer bees onto Mrs Colombo next door.

Derek: Oh no, Mrs Colombo hates killer bees!

Clive: Exactly. And as I was out and about Tuesday, I walked past a Target store. Well naturally I had to attack my local MP with a flame thrower. It was that enormous bullseye they have up on the wall. I couldn’t help myself. Did I tell you what happened after I watched that documentary on WW2?

Derek: Er, no, the one with Shirley Temple as Himmler?

Clive: Yes. Well, I missed it. But after The Good Ship Lolly Reich finished, I noticed that the mainstream media started spreading Sarah Palin’s target poster all over the world, thus exposing most of the non-blind to it’s evil influences, and now two billion people have lined up to shoot their local politician. It’s THAT powerful. Do not look at it Derek! It will make you into a crazed assassin especially if you hear any vitriol at the same time.

Derek: Don’t worry Clive, I won’t! I’m deaf, blind and fucking incredibly stupid and it’s lucky that I am, or I could be so easily manipulated.

Clive: [rings a small bell] You are drooling, Derek.

Derek: Uuuurk!