Monday, 10 December 2012

Frosty the Snowman, the Pilsener Dough Boy, Stay Puff the Marshmallow Man and Casper Celebrate Their Black Roots.

The four famous pals are pictured on a recent nude skiing trip. Sounds shocking? Not really, as technically the foursome are nude all the time.

“We’ve always seen ourselves as black and anyone who can’t see it is a racist” said Frosty, wearing a ceremonial red knitted scarf and a traditional top hat while smoking a 'Dreaming' corncob pipe. The decorative winter snow pile and tribal elder, was speaking at the recent government funded forum being chaired by ‘Leftist Intellectuals Against Racist Something’ [LIARS], which aim to make always and only hating white Anglo people and Western culture not just habitual, dominant and across the board as it is now, but compulsory.

“Makes sense” chimed Stay Puff with a smile. “But what do I know? My heads full of marshmallow! Ah, but it’s all so sweet. Sweet Power!" Any parting thoughts I asked Casper? “Hey, I don’t even exist! I’m entirely made-up and imaginary but my stupid opinions count more than real people! And you better not question me with your racist questions, fella!”

“Don’t forget the Dough Boy!” quipped the popular swollen lad from Pilsener, as the Fat Four headed into the Charles Manson and Peter Singer Memorial Hall and Abortion Clinic.  “We never do” replied the chums. 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Age to Feature Michelle Grattan as 'Page Three Girl' in Bid to Boost Sales.

Michelle Grattan pictured above in the famous Monty Python 'Dead Press Parrot Sketch'. Michelle was a regular Python player usually dressing in drag to play the part of a woman. Grattan's employer since 1926, Fairfax Media, has lost over 2.6 billion dollars and hopes to build on that success into the future.

Defiantly bankrupt broadsheet The Age will be giving the masthead some much needed Press Gallery sex appeal, featuring daily page three girls starting with the “mysterious allure” of Michelle Grattan. “Anything to give a hand” says Michelle cheekily who also likes water sports and beach volleyball.

Other “Sirens of the Left” will include Jenna Price who was coy about her birthdate. “I always lie about my Age!” she quipped. Fellow Green Sarah HansonYoung will star in a 'Marxist All Star n' Best Of Hamass n' Hizbollah BDS Double Spread.' “AllahuAkbah!” eh, boys? Sarah's face was originally "assembled in the dark" using largely recycled materials.

Wearing her trademark permanent death mask, The Green's Christine Milne will be the lead babe in a “Strange Butt True” pictorial along with ex-Green leader Bob Brown, made entirely from wood and the odd man out, as he poses with his column titled, “Who Needs A Gender Anyway?” Bob’s first post will be on the humble newt, which the ex-Senator has been trying to breed. Any success yet, Bob? “No, sadly I have found that newts, especially two males, cannot breed...yet.”

The Age Girls are right behind Bob and his column. “There’s a lot of Brown in all of us” they chorused. Editor of The Age Carlos T. Jackal explains the shake-up: “We have tried everything but nothing works. Over the years we have hired thousands of the best that progressive journalism schools have to offer, while searching out professionals from all walks of left. For The Age team,  thinking is always a group effort."

Why Michelle Grattan? Jackal: "Many people have asked that same question. Because she's a real professional. I've seen her express one firmly held viewpoint and then quick as a flash, the entire opposite one and on the same subject! Yes, brilliant. She not only moves her own goal posts but the entire field, most of the car park..and the mobile hot dog stand..and that cute little ice-cream van.    

Another big plus at Fairfax is that we have never allowed extremists such as right-wing extremists or extremists of the right-wing into our serious newsroom, turning off readers with their unappealing facts. Instead we have focused on quality international and local caring Marxists and jihadist moderates, many with entirely acceptable Jew-hating credentials.”

Apart from Fairfax as the leader in the exciting areas of massive debt and collapsing sales, were there any other particular turning points for such bold changes?

Carlos T. Jackal: “Well, we’re big on serious research at The Age, and our research has shown that most people want to see more women of the left who are so sadly under represented in the media, academia, government and in road construction. Let’s face it. Women of the left are filled with many things. They’re fun, sexy, fresh thinking and appealing, and not just to our lesbian feminist readers from Brunswick. So after waiting for over thirty years readers can now see even more of Michelle Grattan as well as men exactly like her. I believe we’re onto a real winner. Now if I could just get Laurie '"I don't see obvious bias in ABC news" Oakes to do a Greek Mount Olympus cum Star Wars themed thing I have in mind…”

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Stones Stripped Of Title Over Drug Use.

The Rolling Stones in their heyday. Brian Jones is pictured sitting front row right, standing back row right and on the left.

A scandal revealing that the popular singing group The Rolling Stones have used performance enhancing drugs on more than several occasions, has shocked dozens of people around the globe and led to The Stones losing their title as “The Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band in the World”. The famous group are now known simply as “the band in the world”.

Keith Richards Denies Doping.

“I’ve never used drugs” said guitarist Keith Richards. “I don’t even drink. I prefer sober reality and living in the present, however challenging. Just ask Brian.” Guitarist Ron Wood says that he has never been involved in any kind of drug use, claiming “I don’t even own a bicycle.” Lead singer Mick Jagger of no fixed address, admitted that “the Beatles and The Who were doing it and then Led Zeppelin and Bowie…they said they were forced to do it. It was expected, though we never did ‘em. I’ve always preferred afternoon tea me'self”.

The head of World Celebrity Louis Renault, stated that he was “shocked! Shocked to discover that artificial stimulants were being used in the music establishment!" Could the Stones have written their songs without drugs or tricycles? "Who knows, but they wouldn't have been so profound. Anyway, what happened to the joy derived from the simple pleasures of sunshine, the great outdoors and healthy, wholesome pursuits like say, cycling for example?” What indeed.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Got It. Never Insult Mohammad the Psychopath and his Insane Ravings.

“I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear. The Narcissist In Choof, who like most of those in power most everywhere, is apparently intent on giving all the assistance he can to those who wish to destroy us.   Yes, and millions of Muslim's make so many of those er, "negative stereotypes" every passing moment. In fact just counting Muslim terrorist attacks as reported in just the mainstream media, there's been over 19,608 "negative stereotypes" since 9/11. Can't we get some positive spin ready for tomorrows bomb blast? 

Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, wasn’t impressed by this notion. “The line seems pretty clear,” he said. “Developing mass commercial aviation and soaring skyscrapers was the west’s idea; slashing the throats of stewardesses and flying the planes into the skyscrapers was radical Islam’s idea.” Mark Steyn.

“ striking contrast to the official line, the Benghazi slaughter was not a spontaneous movie review that got a little out of hand but a catastrophic security breach and humiliating fiasco for the United States. Even more extraordinary, on Sept. 14, fewer than two dozen inbred, illiterate goatherds pulled off the biggest single destruction of U.S. airpower since the Tet Offensive in 1968, breaking into Camp Bastion (an unfortunate choice of name) in Afghanistan, killing Lieutenant-Colonel Christopher Raible, and blowing up a squadron's worth of Harriers. And, even though it was the third international humiliation for the United States in as many days, it didn't even make the papers. Because the court eunuchs at the media are too busy drooling over Obama's appearance as what he calls "eye candy" on the couch between Barbara and Whoopi.” Mark Steyn.

"To know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize". Voltaire.

What offends millions of Muslims around the world can be narrowed down to everything and nothing. “This has nothing to do with Islam” drivels Australian Immigration Minister Chris 'Blowin’ In The Wind' Bowen, regards the Muslim mobs by the numbers rioting in Sydney two weeks ago, and their standard and catchy “Behead All Those Who Insult The Prophet” advertising slogan. So we’re agreed then…Chris has apparently never read or heard a damn thing about Islam, Sharia and jihad except how wonderful it all is.

Isn’t it great to have an Immigration Minister who apparently does not know and does not want to know anything about Islam, beyond that Islam has nothing to do with anything negative? This blend of incompetence, seeming cowardice and willfully unread fraud is virtually an across the board drill now, and not just with spineless left infected circus geeks and their witless, dangerous, ultimately treasonous and appeasing Pavlov's dog attitude to that thing that starts with I and ends in slam. No, no. 

Thus semi-conservative leader of the Australian Opposition, the otherwise decent Tony Abbott, sacks his Minister Corey Bernardi for making "one too many mistakes". Quite. Apart from Corey making factual statements willfully misrepresented by a twerp media as per usual, and Mr Abbott jumping to attention to this crap sadly as per usual, Bernardi's "one too many mistakes" would include well, Corey being one of the few politicians who have bothered to study and read up on wait for it, Islam. Yep, Tony has in the recent past openly reprimanded Corey for insulting Islam Murder Inc. with er, facts. No, really.

Hey, you need Bill Whittle and Lt Col Allen West now.. 

How do you not insult Mohammad? I know. Pretend and lie! Er, but it's not rationally possible to insult a cave crawling monster who has been dead for fourteen centuries. Ah, but there's the blasphemy laws now in place in throughout the West and Australia, but in practice only for Islam. Can you fucking believe it? Yes. 
Egyptian President Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood chief [who wants the 9/11 blind sheik released] speaking at the U.N said “..insults to the Prophet Mohammad..we will not allow this by word or deed…” Quite. But you're a sack of shit. 

Hey, whenever I have to think of Mohammad and 'slam and the Krazy 'Ol Koran, I do try as my mother suggested and think of something nice to say, but it's so difficult when the Koran is largely turgid yet terrifying drivel about killing unbelievers and apostates, Mad Mohammad was a complete moral spastic, [and that's if he even existed or was merely a crazed composite of assorted loons] and when Islam appears to suck more shit than the ShitSucker4000.

Me, I prefer to support those who help Muslim girls escape Islamic "honour killing" murders and remember the thousands that didn't make it. Don't you? Ever hear any government dhimmi twit speak of them? Nope. Because they 'care'...Hey, Islamic society is based on three things: honour, shame and revenge. Sure, it sounds swell, but it's not really.

Our own charismatic P.M, the socialist scrubber Julia Gillard, said at the U.N and I quote: "..denigration of religious beliefs is never acceptable...Australia's ideals are those of the U.N.." So we're for uber corruption, child rape, theft, cannibalism, destruction of Western freedom and Jew hatred then? Got it. Whatever, you laughably inarticulate university commie and one time lawyer for a typical corrupto union. Hey, as long as Julia has never lied to the public an' all, that's the thing, innit. Ah, but Muslim votes in Sydney sure do work in Labour's favour though, don't they. 

Alleged conservative ex-Howard Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said that he "..has no problem with Islam.." Quite. Who does? It's wonderful. So no problem with Sharia Law, global jihad, Jew hatred and child brides then? Good luck with that then, Alex baby.

How certain numbers of Muslims will behave everywhere and anywhere at anytime, is entirely predictable by percentages. To deny this central fact or the terrible permanent truth of the 1400 year-old super violent Shia and Sunni divide, is to deny reality, something our authorities and elites are highly adept at, and in the face of courageous, empirical speaking men like ex-NSW detective Tim Priest, [a must read via The Australian] many a prosecuting lawyer to any non-Muslim or ex-Muslim Islamic scholar.
Tim Priest: "The problems in south-western Sydney are a direct result of covering up criminality because it went against the script that Peter Ryan and his executive had continually pushed in the media, day after day after day - that crime was on the decrease and Peter Ryan was the world's best police commissioner...In hundreds upon hundreds of incidents police have backed down to Middle Eastern thugs and taken no action and allowed incidents to go unpunished. Again I stress the unbelievable influence that local politicians and religious leaders played in covering up the real state of play in the south-west...
With no organised crime function, no gang unit except for the South-East Asian Strike Force, the New South Wales Police turned against every convention known to Western policing in dealing with organised crime groups. In effect the Lebanese crime gangs were handed the keys to Sydney.. 
The most influential of the Middle Eastern crime groups are the Muslim males of Telopea Street, Bankstown, known as the Telopea Street Boys. They and their associates have been involved in numerous murders over the past five years, many of them unprovoked fatal attacks on young Australian men for no other reason than that they are "Skips", as they call Australians... 
...involved in all manner of crime on a scale we have never seen before. Ram-raids on expensive stores in the city are epidemic. The theft of expensive motor vehicles known as car-jacking is increasing at an alarming rate. This crime involves gangs finding a luxury motor vehicle parked outside a restaurant or hotel and watching until the occupants return to drive home. The car is followed, the victims assaulted at gunpoint, and the vehicle stolen. The vehicles are always around or above the $ 100,000 mark and are believed to be taken to warehouses before being shipped interstate or to the Middle East... 
 The tactics used by the gang were simple. A large number of Middle Eastern males would enter the club, upwards of twenty at a time. They would outnumber the security staff and begin assaulting Australian male patrons, sometimes stabbing them. The incident would be over in minutes and the gang members would be long gone before police arrived. A few days later, senior members of the gang, well dressed and business-like, would approach the club owners and offer to provide protection from similar incidents for around $2000 to $3000 a week. Many of the owners paid up and considered it a necessary expense in keeping their business viable. 
If they didn't pay up, or contacted the police, the gangs would wait some weeks, even months, before returning to the nightclub and extracting a terrible revenge on the owners, who would pay up or leave... 
What sets the Middle Eastern gangs apart from all other gangs is their propensity to use violence at any time and for any reason. I thought I would never see the level and type of violence that I saw with the South-East Asian gangs in Cabramatta... 
The Middle Eastern cycle of violence is not local. It can occur...anywhere in Sydney. Unlike their Vietnamese counterparts, they roam the city...even more alarming is that the violence is directed mainly against young Australian men and women. There is a clear and definite link between violent attacks on our young men and women being racial as well as criminal. Quite often when taking statements from young men attacked by groups of Lebanese males around Darling Harbour, a common theme has been the racially motivated violence against the victims simply because they are Australian..."  

So au contraire, this tiny tip of the Islamic "iceberg" cum Sydney riot has everything to do with Islam, the rise of immigrant crime syndicates and why Islamic Murder States murder non-Muslims, Jews, Christians, Infidels, Animists, Hindus, Taoists and the Lawrence Welk Orchestra etc, as well as murdering Muslims who are not Muslim enough or Muslim in the wrong way. Sadly, this is the central message of Mohammad, Islam and The Koran. And Islamic aggression has found the perfect aid in the delusions of multiculturalism and and the most useful of useful idiots in the left. And the catering is lousy, especially the sandwiches.

The Muslim Ummah is an often strange yet ever fractured thing that can nevertheless seemingly come together for various PR and other mutual and exclusive benefits. Like the OIC, Hamass, Hizbollah, Al Qaeda and so on, it seems that laughter and fun filled Islamic states, fronts, variant associations and jihadist groups can be like a hissing wall of vipers, forming temporary and curious, yet very effective alliances that may simply or bloodily hiss apart afterward. Just like the commie sodden left, eh. Hey, it ain't my idea.

The caveat as per usual is that yes, there are millions of entirely decent Muslims in the world. Gotta be. Logically this means they are merely Muslims without Islam. That is, they ironically know little or nothing of Islam and are honestly deluded, or are willfully deluded, or are plain lying and waiting until they're in a more powerful numerical position. Or they are seen by Islam and thus authentic Muslims as apostates because they are. 

Decent 'reforming' Muslims are the first targets of Muslims hot for jihad. Islam cannot be reformed or else it would not be Islam. Culture can be reformed but not always and culture as Mark Steyn says, "trumps everything". Muslims who point out the many serious problems in Islamaville are routinely ignored by media and government folks spouting boilerplate platitudes of 'Diversity, Inclusiveness and Caring', or DIC.

Chris and company just refuse to listen to and are laughably nay, dangerously uninterested in global Islamic doctrine and statements made 24/7 for about the last oh, I don’t know, fourteen hundred years. Hey, but that "behead all who insult Islam" unpleasantness was a one-off anomaly! A rarity, never happened before, an oddity, old chap...Er, no it was not. Not at all. Go visit zombietime, faithfreedom and atalsshrugs and vladtepesblog and so, so many more. No, do it. You'll find that Islamic jihad is being waged on some seventy odd fronts across the world and in some form in almost every country, even Japan.

Christopher Robin Bowen like many apparently chooses to exclusively suck up the laughable taquiyaa lies and deceptions of Muslims and their phony dimwit front groups as they merrily spin him outrageous and easily refuted PR fraud, preferring instead to attack law-abiding Australian citizens, international specialists and great writers and speakers when they or indeed any known reality presents him with empirical facts. It’s safer that way. There is The Net ya know, Chrissie.

Yep, so they sell out and betray the non-threatening, non-lethal patriot messenger and side with the two-faced, unstable variant stealth jihad subversive, fluffy. Ah, the stench of cultural and security suicide. Celebrate multicultural diversity! 

And yet various creep n' sharia outfits are believed because plenty of dhimmie twerps want to believe. The alternative is to admit one is wrong and have been for a long time, in fact ever since they came up with the "denial of reality" and cultural relativist "cult of ignorance" that is multiculturalism.

If the left admit they're wrong about a single thing and they rarely ever if ever do, their entire house of cards would collapse. It's why they always turn on their own if anyone of the left manages to disagree with even one current truth cum drivel delusions. Hey, so that’s what's kinda holding up much of the standard power play treason of much of those in authority today. That and big money and power and status and corruption and ideology and fear etc.

And here's the fraud of it all. Do you think any Muslim females, never mind everyone else mortally threatened by the joys of Sharia, has any chance of catching a deaf and death to reality government ear with useful idiots much like Bowen in charge? Nope. How about homosexuals barely living and murdered under Sharia? Nope. Ex-Muslims? Not a chance.

Curious how people like me who find Islam a murderous drag actually do care about the millions of human beings oppressed under Islamic Sharia Law, both Muslim and not. I'd like to free them all. Ask the average twerp accusing us of "Islamophobia!" [as Robert Spencer and the FBI proved, "Islamophobia" is a phony neologistic term coined by a Muslim Brotherhood front group]  how many, mostly Muslim females, are genitally mutilated a day and they neither know or care or care to want to know. They are in short, full of shit. [The number is 6,000 per day meaning there are around 140 million Muslim females living with genital mutilation.]

Another fun fact: Muslims have murdered around nine million Muslims since 1948. Concerned? No, they ain't. They only care about attacking as "extremist" those who notice anything extremist. 

As Pamella Geller at atlasshrugs proves over and over again, all over the world Muslims oppressed, mutilated and murdered by Muslims and everyone else oppressed, mutilated and murdered by Muslims, don't have a voice and almost no one in power listens, really listens. Hell, none of us have much of a chance, because our governments are actively against any of their own citizens and ex-Muslims who dare to object to their slow usurpation and death by a thousand cuts of Islam and their eager enablers, mostly of the left.

Hey, I'm sure the millions of Muslims who are soooooooo against the spread of Islam via jihadist terror are going to start global protests any day now, any day, and are just as determined as the current Koranic mobs calling for a global enforcement of Sharia DeathTM. They just haven't ya know, ever got around to it yet. They sure are pretty damn effective for an alleged "minority" backed up by 57 Islamic theocracies. Oh, that's right, they're not a minority.
Thus, what is most frightening is not that there are Muslim terrorists, but by how little criticism of Islamic terror emanates from normative Islamic groups. While some Muslim groups have condemned individual acts of Islamic terror such as 9-11, not one significant Muslim group in the world, including here in free America, has condemned Islamic terror generally. And the leaders of Al-Azhar University, the most prestigious institution of Islamic learning, have actually morally and religiously come out in support of Islamic suicide terror against Israelis.” Dennis Prager. 
I live in the heart of a Jewish neighbourhood and regularly listen to many folks tell me "Colonel, it's a disgrace!" regards the daily threats they have to face from the Jew-hating media and Jew-hating Muslims and their leftist Jew-hating pals. Yes, it IS a disgrace and it gets worse everyday. Thus Christine Bowen rushes through a visa for an imam creep cum jihadist recruiter and delays for weeks Dutch M.P Geert Wilders, a liberal atheist who just happens to have studied Islam and understood its meaning and purpose.

Now those beheading videos that jihadist freaks relentlessly produce with their signature orgiastic and nihilistic Koranic mania, are Islamic advertising promos on how to emulate Mohammad and spread Islam Murder Inc. 

Beheading videos ARE the message of Islam. 

As one jihadist said in the Berg beheading video: "You know, when we behead someone, we enjoy it". Not a lot of shades of grey in there is there. I noticed there were a lot of "behead" placards held by adult males and females at that Muslim mob fest, and as zombietime com, memritv org, jihadwatch org, faithfreedom org and many, many others have shown there ALWAYS is. 

Yep, it wasn't the first time, it was just the first time the media couldn't hide it, almost accidentally reporting it. Hey, but they could spin it in the most phony cliched way and they did. "disenfranchised..misunderstanding..poor" and all our fault and the Jews of course. As with Marxist Communism, Islam is exactly how Islam and millions of Muslims behave at an entirely predictable mathematical percentage and when in POWER. But er, listen up. I take peoples threats seriously. Don't try those madcap death threat high jinx at my home unless you enjoy German trench shovel and the loneliness of the desert.

And the majority of Muslims in the West always become more Muslim and not less, thus the children of immigrants want death for apostates more than their laugh a minute parents do. 

Now if ever there was a guy deserving of every epithet, it would be Mohammad who was quite frankly a .... hey, sadly he was such an insane mass murdering uber criminal, that a mere epithet does not do it even if he was one of the biggest epithets of all time.  And yet he was so beyond horrible, oh yes he was. Really. I find Mohammad and everything about him naturally repellent and so should you. To quote an episode of Seinfeld "he sickens me, and yet I cannot look away."

Hey, I get it. The only acceptable view is that Mohammad was a bwahahahaha!, wait for it, a “holy prophet” worthy of total respect...or else.  Wonderful then.  Yes, let’s all respect Sharia Law and Islamic jihad. Er, how does all that grovelling dhimmie "respect" an' all tie in with Mohammad being a 7th century kept bandit boy psychopath cum pedophile rapist and mass murdering warlord loon, hallucinating as Christopher Hitchens called it, "the filth of the Koran" in a lice ridden cave who enslaved and destroyed half the known world? I’d really like to know. 

Islam really only exists and is so allegedly wildly popular because it was and is always compulsory, uber-violent and leaving means death. Could work. Another attraction is that many a mediocrity can get benefits unavailable to them in a normal, competitive, open and free-market world, thus the converts. Beats working and achieving something positive from scratch. Now I've always supported the many eager ex-Muslims and not just cos' it cuts down on sudden jihad syndrome. I'm hip and swingin' to any individual Muslim who wants to just live their life, really I am. Who ain't? But tragically, Islam doesn't always really work out that way, does it... For authentic incitement to hate and violence read the Koran. It doesn't come much more explicit than that.

So dear reader, ordinary decent Muslim people are sadly irrelevant to jihads global march, and are eventually subsumed as they have been and always are all over the world, by the true tactical and strategic nature of Islam, the Ummah and massively Saudi funded Creeping ShariaTM. Islam is a perfectly designed totalitarian ideology that can only be stopped by taking its words, pronouncements, laws, actions and goals deadly seriously. Like Marxist mob leftism, Islam is a global international death cult. So offended you say? Hey, join the cliche, poopy. That's life and funny as it seems, some folks get their kicks just blowing up a girls school...

It appears that that many permanently offended Muslims and only they, have the right to be offended as much as they desire and to act accordingly and then to be accommodated to ad infinitum and ad nauseum. Why? Ah, a fear and death threats with  endless examples of the latter carried through to their logical end, do work wonders.

They are as someone once said "skinless people in a sandpaper world". So bad luck, bub. I'm offended every waking and sleeping hour by an avalanche of cognitive dissonant logical fallacy lies, threats, intimidation and control by the twin death cults of a corrupt ecofascist lovin' Marxist product sodden left infested media, government, academia and celebrity and of mass murdering expansionist Islam, and I just have to take it. 

I'm offended by the ever more rapid spread of terror, halal terror funding, Sharia Finance terror funding and creeping Sharia Law in the West fueled and backed by the U.N's biggest voting block the 57 Islamic shit piles of the OIC, headed by the House of Saudi Freaks and also funded, enabled and enforced by Western governments like ours. I'm offended by the daily destruction of our liberty via multiculti lies, leftist Marxist Critical Theory variants, over regulation and intimidation etc, ad nauseum. And I don't like most movie remakes, especially The Time Machine. 

So if your'e offended, join the reality club, bubbles. If free people and the real world upset you and you want to go carrying pictures of, oh that's right, there's no pictures allowed of Mohammad the twisted desert virus. OK, if you're offended by individual liberty and indeed normality well, so what, fluffy? If you're going to spoil everyone's fun with beheading threats and subsequent deeds then fuck you and your retarded, very dead prophet of nothing. 

So mebbe ya dig Hamass n' Hizbollah ad nauseum n' love to intimidate and kill Infidels, Jews and whoever else you hate, [the list is long]. Got it. And your goal is to take down everyone and everything that I care about on your merry misfit way to destroying what's left of the free Western world, as you do. Well then fuck you and the dysfunctional upside-down monkey house that you may have sprung from and so badly groomed. I can only pity you and take your words and actions seriously.

Hey, if I want failure, madness, violence and sodomy, I can get plenty of that at home.  

And while I'm here fuck the fraudulent, lying, laughably unread yet spineless media and our fear n' treason sodden governments who have shown how willing they are to shred the compact between free citizens and the the civil state for not only every left junk idea and more, but almost completely for Global Islamic Death ThreatTM. No, really they have. And many a treasonous creep enjoys attacking and betraying not just the great state of Israel, but their own country.

Oh, there is so much more I could write, but why bother. A Himalaya by spoon in fact, so perhaps video is the way to go. We're doomed ya know. No, really.

"..left-wing outlets like the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, and the like have now devoted themselves to fashioning an image of the world they think their audiences ought to believe in—that they may guide us toward voting as they think we should. They have fallen prey to that ideological corruption that sees lies as a kind of virtue, as a noble deception in service to a greater good.." Andrew Klavan.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Oliver Stone Interviews Adolf Hitler.

Audience reaction at the Academy Awards to Oliver Stone receiving his Oscar for Stone's fifteenth assassination conspiracy film about who really killed Momma Cass, titled 'KFC'. Sadly, Cass actually died from going on a crash diet. When I queried Stone about this, he said "that's what the neocons want you to believe!"

Scroll further down for a charming satirical updated classic from February 22 2008 in dishonour of the tinsel town rebel Oliver fucking Stone, and his absurd Hollywood slander film cum Koskid junkshot fantasy of George Bush, made almost entirely from wholecloth. The film is called 'W'. Rather ironic that Stone is the bigger wee wee pants. I shall make a film about Oliver called 'S'.

W? JFK? WTF? Whatever. The chances of Ollie Scone coming up with genuinely honest, warm and thoughtful entertainment grounded in any known reality with a worthy creative uplifting energy are precisely zip. Spilling around in his forever undergraduate commie lovin' Bel Air head, consistently defrauding an audience of an authentically enjoyable experience, the Stoners films involve as much convoluted sturm und drang laden with anything but the facts conspiracy tripe, as any tired yet venal and juvenile Truther drivel.

According to Stoney, JFK was murdered by the CIA and "right-wing" gays. Riiiight. Sure he was. Good luck with that mate, ya old alcoholic faced Rodeo Drive circus geek. For "right wing" read as anyone who is not a coke head movie land fuck. The simple truth of a Soviet trained commie misfit mediocrity murdering Kennedy, is just too hard to accept for Stone and like-minded house of cards deluded and conceited hordes. What was the conspiracy with Lincoln then? Seeing how he was murdered by a Democrat and an actor...

Also note how there is no conspiracy theory for Bobby Kennedy. Gee, cos that would draw attention to the fact that he was murdered by Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian. Yep, currently kinda problematic for the left to say the least.

Yes, President Bush was apparently so bad that in tiny Pavlovian lefty minds, he was simultaneously a Machiavellian genius and a moron. A moron who was a fully qualified and trained jet pilot, passed with a C average at Yale and Harvard, was a popular and successful Texas Governor and a two term President presiding over seven years of growth, low unemployment minus another major domestic terror attack. And George did all this politely while never answering back relentless venal left ad hominem andattacks including endless death threats. This again in spite of President Bush having a slight dyslexia.

Gee, what happened to all the usual liberal self-serving cliches like "empowering" and "not discriminating against" those with golly, disabilities an' all? Hmmm? Well, it's another opportunist fraud. Always has been.  Thus the death threats. Curiously, Olivier Stunt dropped out a' Yale twice, once to write a book. As Peter Cook replied to someone who said they too were writing a tome: "What a coincidence. Neither am I."

And yet Oliver Stone is an actual Vietnam vet who won a Bronze star and Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Clusters. Better than me, yet how odd innit, that such a man is now so overtly and joyously treasonous. Is it the Hollywood director type alchoholism or in spite of it? Hey, Bush was bad when he acted like a high-spending, debt crazed corrupto-Democrat and an Imam's to the White House inviting PC multiculti boob, which sadly he did among other er, unfortunate things. But these things neither register with the rich left nor is it ever likely to made into a film them.

Here's the very swingin' Andy Bolt with the crush of Hollywood and MSM stupidity, paraded as er, "creative talent" and "journalism".

‘Has Stone indeed, to my astonishment, made a film showing Bush much as he is—honourable, disciplined, determined, unfailingly courteous and far more intelligent than his gleeful critics sneer?”

Colonel Neville: Not a fucking chance with Stone the fucking drone and ass licking fan of Fidel the fat fascist mass murderer, and Che the child killer Guevara. And most every elitist MSM Marxist sodden affluent twerp thinks the exact same shite. Big as they say, ‘effing surprise.

Andrew Bolt: ‘The very denial confirmed the lie, and in case you’d missed his joke, Stone went on to contrast Bush with the “very moral” and “selfless” Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who has jailed his political opponents, killed his rivals and beggared his country.

“Castro will talk to you. He’s a real human being. But I see George Bush as a synthetic person. As I once said, he’s an ex-alcoholic who believes in Jesus. What could be more dangerous?” [Oliver fucking Stone.]

Andy Bolt: 'The group-think is the most unmissable thing about this baaing of reviewers who see the crudest monstering as the least Bush deserves. No dissent from this party line is even considered or uttered. None of this tribe defends Bush as some will defend even Saddam Hussein, the psychopathic killer he toppled.

Take scriptwriter and Labour speechwriter Bob Ellis': “I assume Saddam, a ruthless, ambitious fan of Stalin, did bad things and killed a lot of people in his time. But kill them pointlessly? I don’t think so. He was too shrewd for that.”

Colonel Neville: Er, shrewd? Now dig this.

Oliver Stone Interviews Adolf Hitler.

Academy Award winning film maker Oliver Stone, recently visited Nazi Germany and over several days interviewed the Fuhrer while a guest at Hitler’s residence, known as ‘The Beagles Hair’. Stone acknowledged that many right wing conservatives have criticised such visits who in Stones words, "have a rabid and almost pathological dislike of Hitler and his various reforms.

That's their reactionary trip, man, and I just don’t buy into it. I’m an artist and as such, I want to show that there’s more than one biased side to a story. I've gotten to know him as 'Adolf' and believe me, anyone that can stand up to American Imperialism is a genius as far as I’m concerned” said Stone by telephone, from atop the picturesque ‘Berchersmuesligarten'.

Oliver continued that he was of course prepared to ask the “tough questions” such as alleged abuses of human rights and “whatever”. Stone is known for such controversial films as ‘The Last Temptation of Christopher Hitchens’, where Stone hypothesises the writer being tested before launching his latest book with being able to live an alternate life as Jesus Christ.

The film ‘Full Bread Basket’, chronicled the massive support by Hollywood stars and celebrities for the two and a half million Vietnamese refugees that left Vietnam after 1975. Many actors, directors and other Tinsel Town illuminati, such as Oliver Stone and close friend Jane Fonda, have dozens of Vietnamese families still living on their large Hollywood estates as virtual permanent guests to this day.

“They’ve become our families now. We love them maybe even more than any of my public speeches or Oliver’s films. Instead of a macho and violent 'victory', we support as we have since the 1960’s, the more inclusive idea of defeat. As actors, we were always naturally determined to keep up the long Hollywood traditions of responsibility” said Fonda, who was known as “Washington” Jane during the war.

Stone spoke of how he was “always very interested in German culture with its sexy, sultry, fun, swinging beat and rhythms. Any party you go to, put on some ‘Beer Hall Oom Pah Pah’ music, and people throw off all their inhibitions and simply can’t resist dancing. It’s very sensual music. You know I toured the Albert Speer industrial zone and ya know what I liked? It was so co-operative and ‘for the people’. No child in the Fatherland is without a heavy rubber truncheon. They just see it as a natural part of being a Nazi”.

The movie maker also spoke to ordinary Germans and went into their homes. “Of course, I had thirteen Storm Troopers with me. But that’s just Cu…, I mean Nazi Germany, man. I have to play by their rules if I want to show the bigger picture, especially at a multiplex”. What impressions did Stone have of regular life for the average German?

Stone considered for a moment and said, “Sure, I see where the criticisms can come from, but ya gotta remember, ever since ‘The Bay of Normandy’ fiasco, the ‘V2 Crisis’ and the subsequent cargo cult, it’s been a question of survival, so some things are just necessary. And remember, whatever economic pressures they are under, the Germans still have their wonderful culture, dancing and music. Yes, they still have that. The dancing, the culture...the dancing, thing, they”.

The Director also shared some lighter moments with the German Chancellor, such as when Stone broke into one of Hitler’s long and stimulating monologues to ask a personal question. “Hey man, sorry to interrupt, but you’re what, over a hundred and fourteen years old now? I know ya always been a ladies man. Can I ask you, is that still part of your life today?”

Hitler, who had appeared quite tense and stimulated for the previous eight hours of his speech, suddenly relaxed while the assorted guests returned to drinking Argentinean wine and eating strudel.

The Fuhrer laughed in that beguiling way that he has and answered cheekily, “With the new and superior German ‘Super Drugs’ my scientists have developed and that will be ready any day now, it will be my first pole and then around the world!”

Stone spoke of how the light hearted mood of the evening changed a little at the mention of Rudolph 'Chump' Hess, who since his death and after trying unsuccessfully to foster a Nazi rebellion in Hawaii in 1967, has become an icon to students and librarians around the world. Many wear the face of Hess as a hip T-shirt design, and he's also a very popular poster boy.

“I can easily see why”, said Stone. “Hess or ‘Chump’ as he’s affectionately known, just looks so good in that classic T-shirt image, with his deep set, very beady black eyes and bushy eyebrows looking off into the distance. It’s a great image with the Hula skirt and he was really just the Prince of Wehrmacht cool and style, especially with his leather Leiderhosen and that cuckoo clock he often carried around with him”.

I asked Stone about the documentary’s release. “I’ll be releasing a Directors cut soon in a boxed set of eighty seven DVD’s. I think, and I’m just being honest here, it will be seen as a major event and a great work of art”. The documentary, ‘Hitler: Misunderstood Genius, Rebel and all Round Nazi Party Guy’, is released later this year.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Derek and Clive Discuss Arsehole Breivik and the Fucking Leftard Media Ad Nauseum.

Clive: So there I was just minding my own fucking business and spreading some gravel and this cunt comes on the fucking ABC talking about that horrible fucking Breivik arse hole - and then he says he's a "right wing extremist". What a fucker. Which means your Aunt Dolly is a "right wing extremist", Derek. She wants limits on government regulatory power and to keep more of her own money. So I thought I'd do a blog post on it. Aunt Dolly loves that sort of thing.

Derek: What a complete waste of fucking time.

Clive: Exactly.

Derek: And what's this about the media calling Breivik a "Christian fundamentalist", Clive.

Clive: Yes, that claim is backed up by the fact that in Breivek's own un-readable yet insane manifesto, which is eerily similar to the New York Times, I grant you, where he says clearly that he doesn't believe in God on account of being an atheist an' all. Thus the media naturally call him a "Christian fundamentalist." As you do.

Derek: The fucking cunts! Cunts, the lot of 'em!

Clive: Precisely, Derek.

Clive: Remember when we were blind drunk and did that massive investigation of Breivik and the background of Utoya Island that the left shit-sucking media are too bankrupt, lying and incompetent to do?

Derek: Yes I do. It was a scream. I had to change my sheets twice. I remember how we worked and slaved away so hard trying to find the empirical information that the media just couldn't find. It was hiding at Frontpage mag and a million websites and documents and photos. Sometimes we even had to get out of our chairs.

Clive: Yes, it was demanding. Far too demanding for your simple media types. Well, did you hear the latest from the bigoted control-freak left media pricks and what they called Utoya Island, where Breivik horribly mass-murdered all those unarmed people?

Derek: No, I didn't. If the ABC are on, I was probably on the karzi at the time.

Clive: You are not a well man, Derek. Er, well according to the media, first it was a "political youth camp" and then just a "youth camp".

Derek: Riiight, a "youth camp" eh. Sounds lovely. Lots of acoustic guitars n' campfire singalongs and swimming then I imagine?

Clive: No. Well, it was a "youth camp" if by youth camp, you mean a PLO[Palestinian Liberation Org now P.A] and Marxist activist sponsored Islamofascist and leftist annual get-together to plan and incite among other things, global BDS attacks on Israel, and indeed any Jewish business. The delightful headslicing Hamass are major BDS pals too and that's why the left march in love with them.

It was a "youth camp" if by youth camp, you mean supported by the Government of Norway, possibly the most Jew-hating socialist country in Europe unless you moved Saudi Arabia to Sweden. Utoya's Jew-hatefest was visited and lauded by the Norwegian Prime Minister, Derek. In fact the ruling Labour Party of Norkway runs it.

Derek: What a nice touch. What a prick. What a load of Jew-hating leftard cunts. Er, tell me more hilarity about the inability of the fucking MSM to not use anything and everything to push their leftist shite narrative, the dear little otherwise useless arseholes.

Clive: I will Derek. Do you know it is beyond the media to define basic terms. Apparently for them, Breivik was like your Aunt Dolly, Washington, Eisenhower, Gandhi, Mark Steyn, P.J O'Rourke, Rep Lt Col Allen B. West and Abraham Lincoln, a "right wing extremist".

Derek: Riiight. The mainstream media are a fucking disgrace. Exactly when are they going to burn the ABC and The New York Times to the ground is what I want to fucking know. Burn it all, I say!

Clive: Apparently a week from Thursday if they can find enough kindling. Did you know that the alleged "right-wing extremist" Breivik acted alone?

Derek: No, er, so there was just one of him then. I never knew the right-wing were so er, small.

Clive: Er, "extremely" small. And yet said tedious media say he's ipso facto a part of a distinctly gang-lacking gangster movement called "right-wing", as yet so undefined except that it can be called without pause for a single supporting fact, "extremist". Here's two words you don't always hear thrown together with gay abandon at the fucking ABC cum BBC cum NPR cum MSNBC et al...

Derek: You often hear "gay abandon" though. Er, two words never mentioned at the ABC you say? We suck? Merit based? Just facts? Fuck Marx? Lower tax? I'm overpaid? No grants? Sex appeal? Public respect? Empirical research?

Clive: Sadly not even close. "Left extremist", because as every ABC freak knows there are none. Baader Meinhoff, Che the child killer, Hamass, the Greens and Gnome Chumpsky ad nauseum are merely people with legitimate grievances.

 Derek: Legitimate cunts would be closer. What is a Breivik, Clive?

Clive: I'm glad you asked that boring question, Derek, because the Breivik is a peculiar thing. Oddly, as a conservative, I don't know a single other conservative individual, group, publication, party or website that agrees at all with Breivik and doesn't want to see him hung slowly. But the leftist mob do like to project their cognitive dissonance onto conservatives instead of er, asking them what they believe and thus they never do, never giving us an opportunity to give an effective conservative answer with facts they never listen to or understand.

Now regards your boring question, if a Breivik is anything at all it's whatever the media assemble out of nothing, whole cloth or random, meaningless and contradictory components and then arrive laughably at "right-wing extremist". Breivik said he was inspired by Al Qaeda's er, "success" and did you know he references among almost everyone in history fromThomas Jefferson, to Hitler and er, Sitting Bull?

Derek: Who doesn't?

Clive: Everyone sane. So Breivik is according to the witless, bankrupt yet laughably lying media, the world's first combination rich Arab jihadist pervert, Founding Father, National Socialist, Indian Chief revivalist.

Derek: Not exactly political precision. Er, logically why are dimwits calling him "right-wing" when he is logically everything nihilist yet entirely nothing coherent, and where did they pull "right-wing" from?

Clive: From their collective arseholes, Derek.

In Breiviks own transcripted words, he is a " ultra nationalist." Breivik hoped to incite violent mob movements as in a large scale Charles Manson-like helter skelter yearning. Breivik is like Che the child killer: uber-narcissistic, hideously grandiloquent and a cold blooded killer of the unarmed. He is an "ultra-nationalist" coincidentally like the fun Axis folk of Imperial Japan, fascist Italy and Hitler's National Socialists. In fact he has compared "himself to a Japanese "banzai" warrior during World War II."

I note that Breivik's dream has most in common with nihilistic leftist heroes like murderous Marxist boobs the Baader Meinhoff gang, the SLA, The Weather Underground or The Black Panthers, The BLA, The Nation Of Islam and the anarchist Occupods ad nauseum, who all plan for a stealth jihad stealth socialist variant revolutionary tipping-point to be triggered by their acts of singularly meaningless, continuing activist intimidation, stupidity, violence and destruction. Er,  Breivik said he wanted to destroy conservatives! No, really.

Breivik: "I think 22 July managed to provoke a witch hunt of moderate cultural conservatives and nationalists. You can see that too. Just look at [Prime Minister] Stoltenberg’s New Year speech in which he basically called everyone who was critical of immigration extremists. So it has turned out exactly how I was hoping it would...With more radicalization, more will make a choice. Thus, the more people who lose hope of peaceful struggle, that is, democracy, the more people choose to become revolutionaries...[and] We want to create a European version of Al Qaeda."

Anders ideological awfulness only differs in method if not outcome with that created by Saul Alinsky: it's manipulative, deluded, monumentally absurd and evil junk with a fraudulent veneer of 'for a greater good.' Ya know Breivprik had planned to set off three bombs and or behead the Norwegian Prime Minister, then post a video of it online?

Derek: What a surprize...'Ere, 'funny I thought. Seems oddly familiar.

Clive: Exactly. Our old pals at Islam Murder Inc. Thus Breivik is in words, mentality and actions, a violent radical revolutionary combination leftist and Koran Kreep headslicer type ad nuseum. He's a fucking abyss dwelling mediocrity psychopathic shit. Like left hero Che.

Derek: Suddenly I feel like some nice toast and jam.

Clive: Toast is a beautiful thing, Derek. And after this Himalaya of easily researched countering facts we find that according to the nitwit yet evil media, "right-wing" though used only as a pejorative, still means conservative. For media twerps conserving somehow means destroying. Go figure.
Conservatism is a set of four proven principles. They are respect for The Constitution, respect for life, limited government and low tax and personal responsibility. They are largely negative rights which mean a restraint on the state against the individual, against the infringement of "unalienable rights...endowed by their Creator". They are not special group or collective rights that always lead to and indeed are tyranny. By contrast, the smiley faced fascism of the left has no logical end to its ridiculous and dangerous Utopian collectivist demands usually over the individual. They're shits.
Derek: Fucking hell! So if Breivik was ever an "extremist" right-winger then he must have really wanted even more respect for The Constitution, even more respect for life, even more limited government and lower tax and even more personal responsibility. And did he?

Clive: No. He did not. Not a fucking bit. Breivik the turd, as we showed in our last tedious Breivik the turd outing, is the spoiled atheistic and welfare-state loving deluded psychopath son of two peculiar Euro-lefties.

Derek: Why don't the Norwegians hang him?

Clive: I offered to and even bought a rope and a trench shovel from Woolworths, but alas, I received a narrow-minded no way from Norway. Now, the lefts logic such as it is, dictates that if a conservative believes in freedom under the rule of law for all individuals regardless based on property rights, freedom of speech and trade etc, and all protected from the slow usurpation by the state but he really wants these things a lot, he could turn into a fucking Breivik or Hitler! Nay, 10,000 Hitler's! Likely inspired by madmen like Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, lover of economic freedom and prosperity John Locke and the only living re-Founding Father Bill Whittle.

Derek: Fuck. Who knew?

Clive: Clearly the media do Derek, and as the media are superior to us plebians, this accounts for their massive factual failure rate. You know who helped create the phony meme of Hitler, the National SOCIALIST Workers Party totalitarian, collectivist, eugenicist and ecofascist nihilist being all er, allegedly yet laughably "right-wing" an' all Derek?

Derek: Lee Rhiannon?

Clive: Close. It was wonderful Stalin and the Marxist sodden left have run with the 'effing ball before and ever since and just like before. In the 20's and 30's much of the leading left loved Sovietism and fascism and thought they were the way of the future. Thus the history of [left] Liberal Fascism.

Derek: Balls eh.

Clive: No, really. After the revealing fact of the Hitler/Stalin Pact came to a sudden and violent end, Soviet circus geeks could no longer massively celebrate how they and the manure pile of the Third Reich had very much the same collectivist mass murdering goals, structure, propaganda, ideology, symbolism and parallel dictators etc, etc, etc, and gee, just what would they do and say after the war? After all, the Soviets and Nazi's were rivals for the same things: total power. They had to say why they were suddenly fighting Hitler and why Der Fatherland was attacking The Motherland an' all.

And how Hitler was a German fascist entirely distinct from er, the much larger and longer lasting Soviet fascism. So hey presto! THE Soviet meme for the Cold War. Commie creeps couldn't really start calling America the country that defeated totalitarianism cos' that would awkwardly remind folks that the Soviets were vastly superior totalitarians. Nope, it was the "evil capitalist imperialist aggressors!" etc, all while the Soviets were behind almost every proxy conflict for half a century.

After 1945, the West that defeated fucking Axis fascism and had the largest most powerful standing army in history and the only side with atomic weapons with which they could rule the world but didn't, are now ludicrously called "fascists!" by Soviet fascists. Thus capitalist free-market democracy is 'fascist!" and "fascist! becomes conservative and conservative becomes right-wing and right-wing is extremist and Che the child killer is a mass-murdering leftard tshirt hero. Thus prosperity and individual freedom from Marxist Communist Socialist Sovietism is evil. And you can get a permanent job at Monash U and Columbia U talking about it ad nauseum. And Derek, 'fascist' means 'fasci' or a collection of sticks ie: the collective, where the state is all and the individual is nothing.

After forty-years of dirty Marxist Political Correctness and Marxist Critical Theory subversive march through the institutions, many people are utterly cognitively lost, passively accepting drivelling logical fallacy assumptions for definitions of important terms.

Derek: I'd ask for my fucking money back. That's a lot of large words, Derek.

Clive. Most of them I made up just now.

Derek: You should get a job in the media.

Clive: If you listen to the ABC/BBC and NPR et al, nobody there seems to know that much worth a damn except how to often lie badly. The ABC do have some great magazine programs though. And yet, do you think Derek, that rotten deliberate media lies and manipulations, will make it more or less dangerous to be a conservative speaking empirical facts about radical threats and expanding government power etc?

Derek: They leftist mob will only love us more.

Clive: It's funny innit, that there is little to zero interest by the same people in the media, regards the hideous annihilationist ideological rhetoric broadcast 24/7 by the freaks that make up the 57 Islamic states, leaders and global jihadist groups of the OIC, [the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation] the venal yet corrupt U.N's largest voting block.

Derek: Yes, hilarious.

Clive: You know Derek, I do believe it's near tiffin time.

Derek: Toast with jam?

Clive: Exactly.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Celebrate Communist Mass Murder With Schweppes.

Heart warming yet disgusting commie money shot taken April 2012 by Colonel Neville. It's a gas station on the corner of Rivers Street and Bridge Road Abbotsford in Melbourne, Australia. The eager twerp comrades at some venal advertising agency are apparently entirely simpatico with the asshat shite management of Schweppes. Who knew? Yes, ONE HUNDRED MILLION to perhaps 170 million people murdered and counting under Marxist communist socialist leftist barely variant regimes is somehow, well, just a big laugh and so allegedly hip, unlike say that hideous socialist Hitler and his National Socialist Workers Party AKA [NAZI Party]. Nazi's only murdered far less as gee, they simply lasted far shorter than commies who NEVER seem to die. But then it is easier to keep Marxism going when you have Marxists in love with tyranny working throughout the media, academia, unions, celebrity and government. Now that's funny. Exactly when will Marxist communist regimes and their influences damn well fall and be destroyed forever like their collectivist mirror image of the nihilist Third Reich did?

[Hey, did ya hear the one about the black Afro-Cuban Doctor, Dr Elias Biscet incarcerated for 27 years, making him once the longest serving black political prisoner in the world? It's a riot! Yep, the kicker is that he was imprisoned in a cell the size of a telephone box for handing out sermons by Dr Martin Luther King. Yes, madcap. Via Forbes: "In 2007, while still in prison, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush. Almost exactly a year ago, he was released." Did George get credit for this even on a t-shirt? Nope.]

There was also among thousands of others Eusebio Peñalver, who died utterly ignored by the MSM mainstream media, in Miami in 2006.] Excerpt."Today, Cuba's jail population is 85 percent black. The regime Castro founded holds the distinction of having incarcerated the longest serving black political prisoner of the twentieth century, Eusebio Peñalver, who was holed up and tortured in Castro's jails longer than Nelson Mandela languished in South Africa's.

Peñalver was bloodied in his fight with communism but unbowed for thirty years in its dungeons. "Nigger!" taunted his jailers. "Monkey! We pulled you down from the trees and cut off your tail!" snickered Castro's goons as they threw him in solitary confinement." Ever heard of him in the MSM, on ABC or at SBS? Nope? Not really amusing at all is it. Here on ugly display is the total RACISM aimed at blacks that is Cuba today. A Cuba loved by the left n' Hollywood and Australia's own vile militant Marxist MUA [Maritime Union of Australia]. Gee, ya know Branch Secretary Kevin Bracken is an ugh, a 911 Truther and an eager supporter [as is the MUA], of the Jew hating left and stealth jihad Islamofascist allied pals BDS attacks on Jewish business? What a surprise. What a creep. For such filth it's always the Jews fault, innit? But then the Jew-hating pure evil of BDS is endorsed by the ACTU[Australian Council Of Trade Unions] and the ecofascist mediocre stealth socialist world government yearning creeps of Der Greens. No, really. It is. Look it up.

Destructive Dinners Deserve Destruction.
The scene is a get-together of assorted talentless advertising creeps and Schweppes twits at Stalin's Bar and Grill, where one of the guests has a surprise: a totalitarian mayhem themed advertising campaign! The Gang of Fraud were reminiscing about the signing of the Hitler/Stalin Pact which er, "really shook things up". The shitty drinks and Gulag concentration camp referenced laughs flow freely...

Comrade Lenin [no relation]: Where is my Revolutionary Raspberry? I left it on the table just a moment ago, comrades!

Comrade Beria [no relation]: Comrade Lenin! Comrade Trotsky ironically confiscated your Revolutionary Raspberry for the good of the revolution! He said you shouldn't drink alchohol on account of your advanced dementia, comrade!

Comrade Stalin [no relation]: I'll show that damn Bolshevik! Where's that ice pick? [Turning to Mugabe, the ANC Delegation and random Baath Party folks[no relation]. Comrades, ya gotta try the Firing Squad Fiesta Party Pack!

[In unison:] We always do, Comrade Stalin! YOU are our inspiration and guide. [Girlish giggles and laughs all round, except for Trotsky. Er, the ice pick n' all..]

Che the child killer [no relation]: You want ice? I have cubes and firing squads, Comrade Stalin. [Fun note: Che Guevara's full name is Ernesto Guevara Lynch. Che the child killer was apparently part Irish and part of the Argentinian aristocracy. He is loved by the racist criminal Mexican militants of La Raza [The Race], yes, "The Race" yet ironically, Guevara was arrested for being in Mexico illegally! Oh, the zany capers!]

Comrade Stalin [no relation]: Che, I note you always plan ahead and always badly. Last time you went to get the party sausages you got lost, my hair-covered Charles Manson to the power of ten comrade. And by the way, can't you take a damn bath once in a while? You smell like fourteen million executed political prisoners! Hahaha! I made a Siberian death camp joke! EVERYBODY LAUGH!

[Everyone laughs without stopping until Beria is shot, whereupon everyone starts laughing for real, except for Beria.]

Comrade Mao [no relation]: O.K, we've had some fun and yuks, now let's get down to business. Advertising. What is it? Love, comrades, love! People see a product but they also want to feel that they belong and not just to any ordinary mixed drink, but that they're popular, that they're even well, loved. And way too many people will go along with anything rather than risk being currently friendless and...alone.

And what's the easiest thing to join in the world today after any roaming violent nihilist Occupod mob, cannibal based tribalism, a fun death cult, Islamic jihad or The Book of the Month Club? Whether you're thinking leftarded academia, socialist freak government, militant thug unions, Rage Against The Machine, inbred Hollywood n' celebrity or the ABC, it's the leftist mob, for fun and profit, comrades! Think mass murder, commie conformity, envy, spite, lies and madness and think...Schweppes!

[A gasp and a hush falls over the room, then it suddenly errupts in cries of "Brilliant!", "Bravo!", "Death To Capitalism!" and "Cheers!"]

Comrade Pol Pot [no relation]: I love it! It makes me want to clear out entire cities and beat women and children to death with axe handles! Bring on the revolution!

Comrade Kim Ill Sung [no relation]: [in tears] Now I know I was not wasting my time torturing three generations of families to death! It's the bomb...Has anyone tried the Old Fashioned Lenin's Tomb Lemonade? It never loses its formaldehyde fizz!

Comrade Fidel [no relation]: Look, I enjoy drowning over 88,000 Cuban escapees, murdering thousands and supplying child prostitutes to foreign stars as much as the next Marxist pervert, but will people buy such crap? Won't somebody notice a fucking gigantic billboard extolling Communism and drinks? They sure as shit would if it was Nazi symbolism, mebbe..

Comrade Bill Ayers: Are you kidding? They're nearly all indoctrinated from childhood. No one will notice a billboard sized blow job to Communism, nor will barely anyone care or understand. It's entirely normal to them. And if someone oh, I don't know, points it out, empirically explains everything and says hey, 'ya know murder-based totalitarianism sucks big time, fella', they'll go and attack them! And then they'll hire the commie-lover and give him a title, tenure and or a raise for life. Believe me.

Hey, this Marxist Critical Theory Margarita Mix is delish!

Comrade Fidel [no relation]: Of course! What was I thinking. I've been doing it for years and Hollywood loves me. Now where's my Revolutionary Raspberry, comrades?!