Thursday, 31 October 2013

Colonel Neville's Blog Is Over And Out, or Why Bother If They Have Power And You Don't?

Free at last! Good God Almighty, I'm free at last!

Dear folks, do you know that legal firms can appeal to Google to remove anything they want from your blog? It happened here.  Quite frankly it's all kinda spooky. It's also nerve wracking yet boring and sadly, kinda lacks a lot of laughs. So this is the end of this blog and indeed mebbe blogging for me. Ah, threats work if you're the right identity group whose threats are always taken seriously by everyone and perversely enforced by the state.

Why bother if it fills one with dread. I mean, really. From attacks on Mark Steyn and gatesofvienna, to Pam Geller, ah, Pam and Michelle Malkin and Tim Blair to Bosch Fawstin and all us regular little people and so, so many others, it sometimes just gets well, too much. If only I was Bill Whittle or Mark Steyn or John Connor. Plus there are sock drawers and tea towels to rearrange.

Hey, I get it. Blogger belongs to Google so I'm like a guy complaining about hotel management removing the cheap sheets from the short bed at his free and wind swept room. Time to forget about ultimately useless Blogger. And who did this removal involve if ya just wonderin' an' all. Prefer not to be too specific at all, old boy, but this kinda of fun as you may be aware, usually involves either the left and other state power and allied elites and politicians so inclined, or as Mark Steyn's dry wit has termed it, mebbe something that starts with 'I' and ends in 'slam'. Could be but what do I know. Nuttin'. Apart that it may just involve a man with a peculiar thousand yard stare.

Just for arguments sake, it could even involve an alleged follower or two of the ravings of a 7th century Arab psychopathic rapin' and murderin' freak name a' Mohammad. Mebbe. Ya never know. Yep, often as many have noted many such madcap  and zany antics regularly do include various creeps and powerful elite folks working nice and cosy together. Funny, innit? Mebbe even involve any level of government, any major politician, professionals, academics, alleged 'conservatives' and folks who just want to go along to get along and those who just don't know or don't want to know and so on ad nauseum. And who can blame 'em as they salute their alien collectivist overlords or hey, themselves. Go figure. It's China 'Stan, Jake.

Hey, but that's the way it goes and the way it is. Legal eh? Jeepers, that's like the office with the bookcase of unreadable tomes, the worn leather swivel chair, the long lunches and the alleged drug abuse. Gee, said removalists could have simply done as I suggest in the open and unmoderated comments guide on the right, and merely quoted any error I allegedly made [and ditto The Australian newspaper, the Australian Jewish press and B'nai Brith I quoted etc, etc,] and I would have cheerily changed or removed anything accordingly. And I QUOTE:
"Mediocrity is its own reward.
While comments appear INSTANTLY and are UNMODERATED, relentlessly unread and unfunny cognitive dissonant logical fallacy ad hominem may be archived off-site and then deleted. 
Alternatively, mount a sourced, empirical evidence-based case proving that I am in error, and I'll modify or remove any post accordingly. It's up to you, but do avoid all CAPS, endless exclamation marks and ad nauseum death threats. Cases mounted refuting a single blog fact so far are about zero and counting."
Rather clear, even for the stupid, phony and opportunistic, just for example. Anyone could have simply and easily posted a witty Fisking with hilarious cutting insults or maybe, wait for it, do their own damned blog. Curiously they never really do, especially the wit. It may have something to do with the fact that I'm usually entirely correct with a massive Himalaya of empirical evidence to back things up, which to many simply proves how wrong I am and thus must be shut down.  Now like most bloggers who are overwhelmingly ordinary citizens, we welcome being corrected on facts as that's the entire point of blogging. We love to learn. It's WHAT we do. How curious too, that neither myself or a single blogger I know, has ever appealed to Google to censor anything about us ever, from endless logical fallacy ad hominem et al, to endless death threats.

So why bother reading, researching and writing anything if it just eerily disappears, at least if it's Google. If things can be just like the old, off-line n' dying media where the powerful are infected by and dominated by an ideology or two whose logical end is the wonderful world of total control, then no thanks.  But then there is so much more that says they're already here and they're winning and we're doomed.

Outside of America, there is no real freedom of speech via the First Amendment and no defense of that speech via the Second Amendment and and thus no authentic liberty. I'm not joking. One thing for sure, with so much long-term infiltration and subversion of our institutions meeting so little effective resistance, and in fact getting overwhelming positive assistance and enabling, the center and thus our liberty cannot hold. No, really.

So it's goodbye, folks. Who knows, maybe I'll form a renegade Mariachi band, but this time in the free state of Texas. While I'm very small bananas and there are many far better blogs than my feeble and shabby efforts, I thank everyone for their interest and support over the years. But that's the end of the show, folks. All the best from Colonel Neville. No, really.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Why Are You Endlessly Coming Here Little Russian Federation Creep?

According to my traffic feed monitor on the right and over a boring month or two, you have made creepy serial visits to this home page at an average of around one geek visit per several hours or so and in weirdo blocks of around 10 or more over tedious 24 hour periods, all while apparently looking at nothing beyond your own ass. Why exactly? No, I'd really like to know. Are you nuts or merely a Chechen? If you can write down even one a semi-coherent gibbering, please, make a comment. They're open and often even to the criminally disturbed. Ah, you just made another er, 'visit'. Ya got anything to say, bub? You do appear to be an ugh, actual automated troll. No, really.