Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Triumph of the Al.

Hey, what’s the fuhrer? Al Gore is almost life-like, eh? Though he does tend to get worked up at any er “diversity of opinion” that dares to question the totally phoney orthodox snake oil show of Global Warming or his ah, true history. Al makes much sound and fury signifying nothing. Nothing but millions and millions of dollars from many, many surprising sources.

Hey, have you seen the Albert, er, Adolf Hitler propaganda film by Leni Riefenstahl, called “An Inconve…’ er, ‘Triumph of the Will?’ It’s a major relative of Gore’s unwatchable boreyoumentary or any Mike ‘Goering’ Moore lie fest for that matter. Choose any Goebbels worthy Meisterverk by Der Fat One’, add a few easy laughs and Seig Heil!’

Man, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is not inconvenienced by almost a single truth, really. But to tell the truth, it certainly made me spend more time than usual in the convenience. How does such a boring doco starring Al Gore for Christ’s sake, inspire anyone, beyond realising they are being had from beginning to end? I’m going to go over both turgid ‘classics’ regards the Hitler Show and the Gore snore a little and will Fisk ‘A Convenient Money Spinner’ exclusively, in a following post. So you’ve been warned!

Here's a nice piece on how it was Gore's tie-breaking vote in 1994, that helped get the current ethanol cancels food disaster going.

I had to watch ‘Triumph’ sped up. Almost two hours of monumentally tedious rallies, marches, Oktoberfest promos and Hitler speeches plus various sub-brutes trying to out spittle and out-screech der frickin' Fuhrer, tested my limits of endurance. Next time, I’d prefer to sit through the entirety of World War II. I’d only just regained consciousness after watching Al’s er, how can I say this? Utter bullshit. Yes, that’s a concise and accurate review.

A million reviews like the following drivel quote.“The most important film?” How, where and why? What they all mean is, they want to believe it to be so, as all fellow travellers do. And then they demand that you swallow it too! For swallowing, don't you usually charge extra? Why not just say the greatest film ever of the greatest genius ever of the entire Universe?! Hey, many twerps do just that, especially Al Gore.

But what struck me, is that both Adolf’s ad for National Socialism, now with added Nazi, and Gore’s Global Leftist Environmental Socialism and blow me now bunk, are so similar in drive, effect, modus operandi and the massive ugly frauds they propagandize. Get this clear. Albert Gore, for anyone who wishes to research beyond MSM trope, is a con man of the highest order. He is a mentally unstable trickster and like Clinton, Gore is an incompetent and a permanent liar. His greatest competence is his merely current and most public scam. Like the Clinton's, the world's foremost clinical narcissist's, Gore will say and do anything, absolutely anything, for status, money and power.

Or maybe he just cares so much? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha dee ha.

Intellectually, and without a script and often with one, he is an addled criminal boob. Al Gore has all the depth and mental sharpness of a bag of wood shavings. He failed literally at University getting consistently E, F and sometimes C grades. He failed in the very subjects that he now unbelievably lectures the world about. Natually, the brain damaged Congressman spent much of his youth as a hard core stoner.

Gore lied about the pathetic truth of his four and a half months of non-action in Vietnam. Among other naughty, highly dodgy enormous sources of income, Gore has received funds from criminals, also from his own family’s tobacco farm and so on ad nauseum. Oh yes, what a convenient truth that he owns shares in his very own crazy carbon credits company. Gosh, the very thing he's a' pushin'. Never let it be said that the avarice of Al is not cheeky and loaded with a surfeit of pure gall.

His massive mansion uses 20 times the local average power. He flies by his private Gulf stream jet when there are over a hundred first class flights available. Then Al get’s into his private limousine and why not, eh? Take the seven deadly sins to the limit, I say!

Gore is rotten to the core folks, even by the standards of the most extreme of political transvestites. If you are pro-Gore, you are being had cos' ya wanna be, or you are getting some of that nice thick Climate Change gravy. There's ladles of it! Courtesy of the tax payer and business.

It says much about the MSM, politicians and the public that such a sick character with such a hateful, absurd, narcissistic and paranoid history can get where he is today. It shows that anything is possible with lies, money, power and the media largely on your side, promoting your wares.

Hey, I’m not that great myself, but then that’s why I had to decline running for President and Saviour of the Planet. Also, I never received the cash. Where the Hell is it?!

No matter the Himalaya of evidence, millions of boobs across the world, want to believe Al and the scandalous scam and uber gravy train of Global Warming. So, until another decade passes and none of fat Albert’s ludicrous doom control freakery has come to pass, and indeed the exact opposite will have happened, I’ll show in this first in a short series, how much of the sentiments of Hitler’s stupid and manipulative film fit comfortably into the dominant mentality of enviro-freakism, of which Al the bastard is one of the main faces, if not the main face of said er, “movement”.

Now dig this. The following blurb is off the back of the cover of ‘Triumph of the Will’. Just change the Hitler things add a touch of Obama and it could be a current and eerily precise description, or a future blurb for when Al’s film or any Moore and Obama style Leftard manipulations are finally exposed publicly. But then, Nazism is short for National Socialist Workers Party, eh?

“Triumph of the Will may be the most enduringly controversial film ever made, justly despised and admired. Is it disgusting propaganda? Absolutely. Is it a documentary record of a critical historic moment? Yes…but also no. Perhaps the only thing on which everyone could agree is that it is one of the most terrifying horror movies of all time.

A shamelessly biased, unabashedly subjective rendering of the infamous 1934 Nuremberg Rallies of the Nazi party, Triumph of the Will was commissioned by Hitler from his favourite actress turned Director, Leni Riefenstahl.

The power and purity of Riefenstahl’s artistry is such that this incredibly perverse and corrupt film has its own demented integrity. An essential document of Hitler the Orator and mesmeriser of the masses, this program revels in the monumental architecture of Albert Speer, the formal precision of the marching cadres, and above all, the almost religious exaltation of Hitler as the mystical personification of the dreams of his people, captured kinetically with a mastery of technique that is both breathtaking and revolting. It is a film no one who sees can ever forget”. From the back cover of the film 'Triumph of the Will'.

And now they show this shit at school’s to children. Er, wait, is that’s Albert or Adolf’s film? I get the two ‘A’s’ confused.

Adolf Hitler: “Once again people will be moved, happy and enthusiastic because the idea of our movement is the philosophy of the people and a symbol of eternity!”

You can’t get more er, “sustainable” than that!

Massed rally: “One people, one Reich, Germany. One Fuhrer. We work together in the swamp. We work in the swamp…we plant trees for roaring forests!”

Trees! Trees are great! Love those trees...

In response Hitler salutes and says “Heil my RAD men!”

RAD stood for Reich Labour Service. A very levelling and er, back to nature organisation and one of many. How totally rad! Hitler got a nice “Heil my Fuhrer! Forward with Germany to a new era!”

Always with the new era…

Riiight, the swamp. Check. The Nazis sure loved nature! Hated human beings. But they loved “youth”. So malleable, so useful, so easy, so cheap.

Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg, Party Theoretician: “It is our hope that the youth of today will continue the struggle”.

Live on hope no longer! Go to Columbia U, Berkeley or gee, anywhere, and live the dream of National Socialism!

Adolf Hitler: “You represent a great idea, for you and millions of our comrades. No longer will work be divisive! Instead it will bind us together. The whole nation will pass through your school. Then no German will be a part of our community unless he has first been a part of your community!”

And so inclusive. A plus with Honours!

Adolf Hitler: “My German youth. You here today are only a part of what is spreading all over Germany. We want you, my German boys and girls, to absorb all we expect of Germany. We want to be one people, and you my youth, are to be that people. In the future, there must be no caste or classes and you must not let them begin to grow in you. We want to see one Reich and you must educate yourselves for it. We want this people to be obedient and you must practice. We want this obedient people to be peace loving, loving but also courageous”.

I can feel the love and right on! Peace, man!

Adolf Hitler: “The same spirit that dominates us burns in your young minds”.

I bet it does...Hey, and that’s gotta be a good thing, don’t it? All that er, youthful enthusiasm for city centre street riots and such…

Adolf Hitler: “Nobody but a fool or a deliberate liar could think or imagine that I would disband an organisation that took so many years to build”.

I never doubted it for a moment and that’s why Marxist Leninism and all radical Leftist diseases found a perfect blood transfusion and home in environmentalism, Universities, the media and various government departments etc.

Dr Otto Dietrich, Reich Press Officer: “Truth is the basis of the power of the press. All we ask of the foreign press is that they report the truth about Germany”.

And the MSM always do report the truth, even if they have to make it up.

Josef Goebbels: "May the bright flame of our enthusiasm never falter. It alone gives light and warmth to the creative arm of modern political propaganda. It comes from the depths of the people and in the depths of the people, it finds its strength. Power based on guns may be good, but it is better to win and hold the hearts of the people”.

Heart warming ain’t it? I wonder, wonder I do, if the neurotic and miserable effects of the sack of crap, baloney and dogs balls that Gore has helped enormously to spin around the world and into the pudgey minds of millions, could be er, measured? Could the cash at least even be counted? What a swinish creepy bore he is.

In short, Al Gore is a sickening geekoid and his crap film, like the phony and deeply ugly products of Moore and Hitler, are in the vernacular, pure boring and disturbing Leftard shite.

Sadly, this, like the deification of Albert Gore, is to be continued...

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GM Roper said...

Colonel Neville: "Al Gore has all the depth and mental sharpness of a bag of wood shavings."

My Dear Colonel,

I'll have to disagree with you here. I've a bag of mesquite tree shavings used for smoking brisket taht is pretty deep and has awful good mental sharpness. In fact, the bag of mesquite shavings (and chips if the truth be known) are pretty insulted by having Owlgore compared to them.

Having said that, I loved your post. The comparison to Riefenstahl is sheer genius. Thanks for a delightful read.