Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Stealth Jihad in Melbourne CBD Presents The Muslim and Marxist Ecofascist Jew-Hating Freak Show.

I kid you not, but this here is a row of Hot4Jihad Muslim weirdos praying for victory for Hamass, Hezbollah and Al Aqsa etc over the "evil Joooos!" and evil Israel - and all acted out on the front lawn of the Melbourne State Library, on Sunday afternoon the 18 January 2009. As you do. 

On the white t-shirts of the third and fourth brute from the left, is a picture of an AK47 held in a clenched fist: the delightful Hezbollah logo. Hezbollah is the illegal terrorist group that apparently only Muslims are allowed to promote, especially on a t-shirt. And anyway, it was only a "minority" of around 3,000 average psychopath variants showing up to show some violent revolution lovin' support for their jihadist pals, so nothing to worry about. Their fun weapon branding carries the hilarious ironic slogan of "Support Our Troops". Wah hey! Head-slicer wit!

Ah, the richness of multicultural integration. You know...every culture is valid, great and beyond any criticism but ours. Also on the oh so fashionable shirt-wear, is the Islamic black flag of Sharia Jihad and other fab iconography ad nauseum. Yep, there were many such flags on that heart-warming day that mean only one thing - the jihadist holy war for spreading Islam n' Sharia Law by any means. This movement is a massive, global, blatantly Jew-hating and Communist supported Islamofascist one. No, really. 

Sadly I blew a chance to get a close-up of these local thugs and mutants. As I was leaving 'The Day Of The Locusts', I spotted the two t-shirted and muscle bound boneheads coming across the road to join their fellow Islamist and Marxist geek show pals. It was perfect. While I fumbled with my shattered nerves to get the camera going, I asked them cheerily about a pic. "Of course", they answered with a sparkle. They lined up and said, but "Don't forget the wife!" and daughter too. No, really they did.

Just then a middle-aged Marxist and Jew-hatin' bint frump ran over and said "Don't! He accused me of being a Jew hater!" Well, yes cos' clearly you were, ya dumb fuck. The Sharia clod brothers said no photo if I was going to "use it for trouble!" Quite, you dopey terrorist lovin' cheating bastards. And this was the problem for the almost two hours I spent at the Gaza Peace blah blah woof rally on the front lawn of the old Melbourne Museum and State Library, now only the latter. Nerves. They can get ya.

It was actually a get together of global-minded Muslim stealth Jihadists and supporting Marxist circus freaks, leftard self-loathing Jews and "name" left boobs such as Michael Leunig, Labour/Greens supporting militant Union spastics and various other treasonous, phony and quite mad, fellow travellers.

It was a truly a disturbing experience to be surrounded by 3,000 entirely acceptable to many, [and even lauded] allegedly "respectable" casually Jew-hating toxic bores and maniacs. Quite a few of them were well known successful and published er, people per se. A Jew-hating rally in the Melbourne CBD. That's what it was and then some. The local mostly shite and thus dying mainstream media has merely beyond belief lied and scrambled to misrepresent the whole thing or simply ignored reporting it at all, as they do.

Tim Blair has posted my classic pic known as the "Jewedtodeath" t-shirt and the Commie flag thang. Thank you Tim. And here's the GREAT Tim Blair on how the freaking Al Age newspaper, [sure it is] amazingly had to APOLOGISE to the Jewish community for a Jew hating article by Jew hating asshat Michael Backman. Gee, one apology for thousands of anti-Semitic articles?! [Link to theblankpagesoftheage blogspot.] The Age and Jaspin suck more shit than the Shitsucker 4000.

The article has been removed from The Age online. Yes, erasing the past from The Age, comrades. Here it is at Malaysian Insider. Ah, Malaysia, home of virulent Muslim shithead Jew hater and friend of Pan Arabist Jihadshits everywhere, Dr Mahathir. I've copied the whole article for you at the end of this damn angry post. And all this in Melbourne on a sunny Sunday afternoon, attended by about five clearly clueless, uninvolved, uninterested, bored and witless police. The only squad car was on the corner of Swanston and Latrobe with the front of the car facing toward Elizabeth Street and AWAY from the crowd. Der Fuzz were NOT even looking. Go figure.

Muslim Errorist. Here's the great pic by my swingin' friend. A picture that has wonderfully and deservedly gone around the world via Jihadwatch, Tim Blair, Atlasshrugs and so on. Go Nilk!

Below is a taste of the disgusting aftertaste of the er, not Israel and Jew-hatin' Green's, [no, no, they just hang out with and support entirely, Jew-haters] and the either astoundingly stupid and oblivious and thus grossly incompetent to hold office or, wait for it, entirely simpatico to Islamic jihad and its clearly stated and acted upon goals, the Plasticinian, er, Hamass, er, Hezbollah er, whatever, flag waver pal Sarah Hanson-Young. She's just hangin' out at Gaza Rally Jew-hatefest as members of Parliament do.

So which is it, Sarah or your lyin' eyes? She's either massively ignorant, incompetent and deluded or like-minded. Gee, I don't know. It's a puzzle. Ah, of course! Mebbe she's supporting Israel and the Jewish people and brought the wrong speech and missed the thousands of flags and signs! Especially this one. Mebbe they all were and I just misread the signs too. Got it. Thus the dozens of Hezbollah and Hamass flags were for promoting love.  The above photo and Sarah come together as a kind of nice progressive twit set.

As the great Tim Blair said, it's the "assembled in the dark" Sarah Manson-Young again. the hyphenated Green's head-headcase perma-undergrad addressing Islamofascist and leftist group mob filth in Melbourne. I'm sure she just never noticed all those Jew-hatin' signs and head-slicing jihad scarves bein' at a Jew-hatin' rally an' all. It happens. I remember speaking at the local church fete and not noticing that division of SS next to the lucky dip. So what am I missing? Nothing.

As I stood right next to the lone police squad car, a hatch-back made a hook turn and stopped right in front of me. It contained three Middle-Eastern youths in baseball caps. Yeah, big surprise there. They all looked uncannily related to Bilal the teenage Lebanese gang rapist from Sydney. One grinned up and asked "Are you Palestinian?"

Riiight. These punks clearly were not concerned about the police in the slightest. Gee, ya reckon they were just being friendly and would've been real nice to me in a quiet side street somewhere? The rally was a short tour of hell and a glimpse of coming country-wide attractions. Dig below how it's apparently A.OK for Muslim's to promote, support and celebrate Hezbollah or hell, anything really - and right in the middle of Melbourne CBD. Awesome then.

It was a day that the Melbourne I loved was revealed to be in many ways much like suicidal London, rape-filled Europe and the badlands of certain parts of America like say Dearborn etc. Fabulous then. A hideous free for all playground for Muslim and leftist misfits, psychopaths and traitorous, dangerous rats with all the government, law-enforcement and media response of a bowl of jello. [Mob-mindsets are well described in empirical detail in things like the Broken Window Theory.]

Creeps "testing boundaries" as they search for "signals" of weakness. And the rally funsters found that weakness everywhere. The "filth of the Koran" as Christopher Hitchens called it, and the total fraud and bankruptcy of its deliberate left enablers, is a major basis for a global avalanche of nihilism - all assisted by the venal censorious lies and incompetence of the media, the wilful ignorance of the often dimwit police and our own regularly spineless, dhimmitude stricken and treasonous idiot-like government. But I'm sure they mean well...

When the rapidly growing EU, Netherlands and British styles of asymmetrical social warfare come to your personal and public world and mine, expect limited to no help whatsoever from anyone much. Expect the first priority of authorities will be to defend and lie for Islam and attack Australian patriot citizens and threaten them over the never eventuating "backlash" to tomorrow's bombing. There will be heavily armed security for them and disarmed voicelessness for us.

I once owned a cafe in an area where limited to zero law enforcement response was de rigeur. The boobs in nominal charge were so far up into their pathetic PC gutlessness, brain-free apologia of denial and blame-shifting, that you couldn't even begin to communicate with the bastards. The oh so hilarious kicker is that our authorities are far too often on the freaks side, and can even be the same people.

Here's a short aside about Obama the Manchurian Candidate via Jihad Watch who featured the great pic by my good friend from sundays Melbernberg Rally."BARACK OBAMA is planning to reach out to the Islamic world, seeking a rapprochement with Muslim opinion alienated by the Bush administration. He believes a personal initiative will dramatise his wish to reassure Muslims, and intends to give a speech in an Islamic capital during his first 100 days in office as a sign of his engagement.

He has not said where. Egypt and Pakistan are obvious possibilities, but there has been speculation that he could choose Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, where he spent part of his childhood. Obama will be sworn in as president with his full Muslim-sounding name of Barack Hussein Obama, in keeping with White House tradition.

“This Tuesday, we can reaffirm our own veneration and love for our country and our democracy,” he said yesterday in a radio address. “We can once again provide an example to the world.” His inauguration presents a “unique opportunity to reboot America’s image in the world and also in the Muslim world in particular”, he said in an interview".

Fabulous. I'm sure it'll be a huge success. No. Gee, what a shame FDR, Churchill and Curtin didn't "reach out" to Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy during WW11. So dig, Here's the problem per se. This is the first protest I attended since I was a clueless fifteen year-old. I was to put it mildly, rather effected by it all and missed so many good shots. It was crawling with agitprop leftist and jihadist filth. It was everywhere. Wherever I turned most every person I heard speak, drooled some beyond belief Jew hatin' cliche and big lie dragged straight from Mein Kampf, the Protocols of Zion and Gaza tv.

The scumbag fuck below was attending for the entire time I was there. I never saw anyone object, least of all the police, because they didn't. My friend told a plod about the Nazi Muslim kid sign and he said that "The other's, [meaning the Jew hating protestor's] will say something". Yeah. "Great Nazi T, bro!"

I was so angry I forgot to photograph this twisted twerps face. But then, I may have had a "disproportionate response" and punched him in his stupid dial. The disproportionate response logical fallacy follows that if say a single unarmed rapist attacks you in your home, only a single unarmed policeman should attend. Don't want to discriminate unduly against rapists, do we? Especially if they're Lebanese rapist gangs. Yes, we should let Islamist killers incrementally ratchet infiltrate into our society right up until it's far too late. Yes, 3,000 loons and five silly police. Check and nuance.

Did the ACTU ask all of their union membership if they support a rally organised by Hamass supporters? Nope. Is it ACTU policy to endorse terror against Israel and the most vile, blatant and overt Jew-hatred to the 9th degree in the Melbourne CBD? Apparently so. Hey, go ahead then and betray decades of membership and Australia, you disgusting traitors. Now, the sound alone shook me up. The casual Jew hatred, radical chat and conversations matched nicely with the guttural screeching of "Allah Akbar!" They hated Jews, Israel, the US, Christians, Capitalist Democracy, the West and Santa Claus apparently. There was a weird grinding and ever present sub-hub-bub that rose after each ridiculous speech to a cacophonous and multi-layered noise, like a madhouse or outdoor prison. Plus there was a negative side.

Kind of a locust plague just before it takes off en masse. As I approached these social diseases from a side street, I felt a terrible er, unease. That any official attending this orgy of hate was insensitive to any of this is beyond comprehension and belief. They were clearly testing how far they could go at this moment while rebranding Jew hatred.

There was an air of latent to overt but yet apparently acceptable violence. AMost anyone I questioned threatened me in the most extreme ways. That is they couldn't assault me here and now at least not yet. The screams of "Allah Akbar!" at the start of the march were a delight and a real crowd pleaser. There was zero space for er, dissent and any questions were strictly verboten and haram. Any sign of support for Jews and Israel would have been well, a potentially fatal mistake. No, really. A poisonously spiked atmosphere swirling with hate where a coagulated lynch mob included alleged 'ordinary' people munching sandwiches and nodding in agreement that Jews are evil and expendable. They were all clearly in entire agreement with each other, you see.

The Cognitive Dissonant bint below cheerily showed me her teenage uber-ignorance in cardboard. "Do you want the other side too?" No says I. Too much of a good thing an' all. She smiled like the idiot she is and maybe always will be. On the other side was written "Gaza the worlds biggest concentration camp". Move over North Korea, Cuba, China and Iran.

Ah, the threats of death from the Marxists who only offered their amazingly dated and all purpose pamphlets, their drone smiles if you agreed with them entirely. With any disagreement you got not egg roll but automatic threats and abuse all extrapolated to hell. That's Marxism. A smorgasboard of sociopathology, folks. The Muslim promises to kill the Jews. Check. The eager hope for degrading and destroying Israel via support for big Muslim and leftard radical lies. The insane but official Jew slander of the official speakers. Excellent. Every one a shitbag. After the Jews it's us Infidels of course, or simultaneously. Hey, Islam and the left naturally together again all nice and cosy. Use plenty of butter you murderous bugs.

I could go anywhere and hear that "The Jews control the media", the IDF "targets children", that the Jews want to "take over the world", [all 14 million of them] the Jews want to "kill everyone", [not very successful then] and that Jews "lie about", er. Take your insane pick. So Jews lie about those nice Hamass people who want to murder them for Islam? How exactly? Accuse Hamass of not hating Jews? Good grief. A Marxist alleged 'book' stand attendant said that he wanted me dead, that he liked Hamass and that "Whatever faults Hamass might have, Israel is a million times worse!". Riiight. His figures apparently. mHim and his grotesque teen assistant then accused me of being a Jew and wanting to er, "kill children" among other pursuits.

A Palestinian[?] midget female then abused me for not supporting Hamass. I asked her what feature of Hamass did she admire particularly and like to live under herself? The beheadings or the massive child abuse? I said that I had read the Hamass Charter and watched all the videos of the Hamass leadership explaining their "industry of death" and how they love to use men, women and children as assassins via their own suicide/homicides. The Muslim female impressionist concerned then instantly said this was all and I kid you not, "a Zionist plot!" Oh, there was sooo much more. They were totally nuts. Amnesty International were there too. No, really. But AGAINST the Jews and Israel. Nuance. Gee, Soviet style Communism. How refreshing.

Gee, what a big fucking surprise. Pro-Castro and Che the child killer Cuban Current Truth Agitprop, via the Ministry of Kuban Kulture!

A cute little junior pro-terrorist headslicer with his Hamass headband which says "Resistance", handing out Commie junk. Aaaaw. How cute. Maybe he made it at Mosque creche? "Come on children, repeat after the Imam. Death to the Jews and Christian Infidels!"

Jeepers, Nurses For Terror? There were fucking terrorist PLO scarves everywhere. EVERYWHERE! How fab.

Pro-terrorist Jew hatred and Taquiyaa based infiltration is always a Muslim Family Affair. Just like the old Soul song! "It's a Family Affair..." Ain't they cute? Yep, those kid's are gonna integrate so well. A real multi-culti success story!

How's this for cultural diversity! Fat, ugly and utterly stupid pro-terror Muslims mixing harmoniously with fat, ugly and utterly stupid Commie creeps! Another immigration success story!

Classic Nazi style Jew slander in the Melbourne CBD. It's an anti-Semitic Santa! What a shame I never got to slap this bint into tomorrow. Via Tim Blair who is graciously hosting two of my pics, the Jewedtodeath com t-shirt and the massive Commie shitflag display.

A classic old leftard turd dullard with his shabby boarding house single guy tedium just a' pourin' from him. What a monkey sweat sucking reject. Maybe living comfortably retired in the suburbs with a knitted rainbow throw on a summer couch. Has a garden shed containing an old bakelite radio. Spending an afternoon with such a terminal bore and non-entity is worse that cracking masonite with your own teeth.

Here's another cunt who has appears to have never comeup with a single interesting sexy thing in his entirely useless existence. Hence the goofy pencil neck look and the pitiful little board held close to his sunken chest. Similar pinwheels are at University thanks to Mummy and Daddy, or thanks to drugs dealing to your teenage children or both. Most likely working in retail or computing. Or a dance club DJ. Or something else like say, casual Jew hating. "Gee, maybe I'll just carry around this random bit of mindless Jew slander. What do I care about any actual real world consequences to actual living Jews? Obviously I don't, so zero."

The fantastically laughable and ludicrous Grand Poobah of Quat. Gee, people really are just the same all over the world. Yep, as soon as we all start wearing lounge furniture on our heads we'll all be identical. So no. Why are they here again Apparently for a different lifestyle and to enrich us. Whatever 'difference' this Hollywood backlot loon extra has I don't want to catch it, do you? Yes, he's just a harmless nice old guy with his wife in a black tent, happily enjoying the Jew hatred concert. You got nothing I want and nothing I need and the same to your er, 'hat'.

BIG UPDATES April 05 2011.

Now dig the following charming candid updates below, that were also taken at the moderate jihadist and Marxist Hamass fan club Jew hating festival above. They were snapped by one Takver the ass hat. The drab kicker is that Takver is clearly and entirely simpatico and thrilled about the hideous sentiments expressed by his several thousand strong alleged er, “minority” of Islamofascist bedpals and assorted leftard circus geek parasites. [Takver is pictured on the left in progressive shorts, socks and sandals ensemble doing his famous socialist gnome impression. Hey, just as the socialist left looked in Orwell's day. How 'bout that?]

Now try and read the ugly yet rotten agitprop cum radical pro-Hamass drivel text Takver er, ‘wrote’ under each of his uber-creepy and disturbing snaps. So empirically it appears that old Chuckles Takver really is as Peter Cook and John Lydon would say, a lousy rotten bastard. No, really. Now this may come as a shock, but the apparently Jew-hating Takver is gosh, a radical, anarchist, leftist, ecofascist and Labour Greens lauding twerp. No! I’ve never heard of such a thing! I know. It’s as Frank Sinatra used to say, a big effing surprise. Er, no. Maybe Takver is not an anti-Semitic clod? He’s just exactly the same as them and hangs around with ‘em and mutually digs them and er, nope. I got it. He's a Jew hater, er sorry, an "anti-Zionist!"

I know! He's an "anti-Zionist!" The difference between an anti-Zionist and a Jew hater is that the anti-Zionist lacks the balls to admit they are a Jew-hater. Gosh, and he was selected as “the Labor[sic] website of the week, and Leftist and Progressive Site of the week during April 1998.” I bet he was. Oh, bravo and five stars then you old Internationalist Socialist wanker. Takver spouts how he tries to live “ethically”. Er, riiight. So except for the Jew-hating and love of Marxist socialist firing squad based ideology, he's er, "ethical". Got it. Hey, that’s “progressive” ethics today! Nihilstic parasitism but with morals.

Then you've won The Catherine Deveny Combination Leftard Venality and Enema Award! Big effing surprise two. Takver has as he terms it, “Radical Tradition: an Australian Radical History Web Page. Focussing [sic] on libertarian and anarchist..” Ya don’t say. Er, let me guess. "Focussing" on wealth creation, limited government, low tax, respect for The Constitution, respect for life and personal responsibility? Er, no. None of that old-hat individual freedom stuff. Free Che the child killer t-shirts for everybody, then! Ah, the Petri Dish that is the left. So enjoy, but do bring a vomit bucket. I do.

Celebrate multicultism with Hamass and Hizbollah! Again, it's easy to miss any massive big black Jihad flags when they're at the front of a parade of Jew haters. It happen's everyday.

Out and about with stylishly Westernised Muslim Jew haters and their Jew hating cracker pals. Gee, and Jews are apparently baby killers. Nice touch, you shit headed inbred freaks.

Look! It's Lyn Allison the folded and defunct Democrat and Hamass lover. Aaww, Lyn is sad cos' Hamass get's a raw deal! Not from Lyn though. She's progressive. Your guarantee of venality and always siding with any murderous Islamofascists and Commie tyrants.

Look! It's Michael Leunig doing his famous 'alchoholic housewife awaken at 3:am' routine! An apparently bi-polar yet laughably neurotic and apparently Jew hating er, "National Treasure." Then let's bury 'im, then. Isn't Mike just adorable schilling for Hamass? What a hilariously repetitive cartoonist thing.

Hey, Jew hating turds demand er, ethics! I guess a life of welfare funded out of time drum circles and inbreeding cancels out any sense of irony.

Illiterate AND incoherent! Yes of course! We should adapt to their superior cultural standards and not the other way round. What do we know with our awesome Western Canon and spell checking?

Gosh, is that a mass murder threat and not just against our own Jewish community? I believe it is! I bet the police and media got right onto this...Er, nope. They never do.

In the topsy-turvy illogic of God's Monkey House also known as the Muslim world and the Middle-East et al, Jews are always the Nazis. Especially if you're pro-mass murdering Islamofascism.

Wife number three always asks me "does my Hamass look big in this burka and bomb-vest twin-set?" Less Semtex.

Aaww. Muslim parents are teaching their innocent children to hate Jews. How adorable! Simply wonderful. And they even have a little dolly murdered by evil Jews. What inventive tykes! I'm sure as they grow-up or blow-up, whichever comes first, they're going to ad to the rich multicultural diversity of Australia's dhimmie future. To the Bomb Mobile, Burkaman!

Well I'll be a Diamond Dog! "This ain't rock n'roll! It's genocide!" Paging Mr David Bowie...Good news though! Millions of the 200 million Indonesians only a landing craft ride away, hate Jews too and many are already in-country now! Wait, there's more! We're training their military and giving them half a billion dollars for their Sharia friendly Islamic schools! Bravo, Super Genius Australian Government People.

Look! It's a Sea Of Love, Muslim and Marxist left style! Hate is the new love!

"Palastine" eh? I imagine it's made entirely out of plasticine. Or Semtex. The immoral leftard twerp and jihadist toilet candy among us just love to talk about morals. They just never do anything moral. Never had the practice or the Latin.

The Multicultural Death Squad. So patriotic. So sincere. So laughably taquiyaa. So very close to the endless midnight of the once free West. Gee, didn't I see her in Beneath The Planet Of The Apes? Hey, I did! She was one of the mutants! "I reveal my inner-most self to the Holy Car and Bomb Vest..."

My, she certainly does have a look on her face that spells a determination to be a wonderful addition to Australia's brainwashed junior Jew-hating community. You go girl! You can marry that 75 year-old goat herder cum bomb maker. Live the dream.

And here's a teaser of the exciting all Muslim version of the stage play and film 'Cabaret,' featuring that heartwarming favourite of determined junior Brownshirts, Marxists and Islamofascists everywhere, 'The Future Belongs To Us'. Take it away, boys!

The Pumpkin Headed Inbreeding Experiment In Green hates those ugly Jews too, naturally. Have you ever seen so much er, 'peace?' Well, not since the around seventy-five Lebanese gang-rapes of teenage white Australian girls in Western Sydney.

It's The Greens then Jew hating Jihadist filth then The Greens then Jew hating Marxist scum then Jew hating Islamofascists then The Greens again then Jew hating Islamofascists! Dizzying! Where does one end and the other's begin? Who knows?! One could get get so confused. I never do.

"Pssst! Jews are criminals! Pass it along to the cunt next to you".

"Jews are sub-human" says the fucked-up old pencil-necked Wonder Bread headed gutless fuck above, apparently thirty years after his last blow job. And look! It's his pal the crepe-skinned breast growing pensioner man and the neckless socialist bag lady in Prince Valiant style old lefty bob hair and hog woman, in a hat! Bravo, superior physical specimens!

Hooray, fellow PC drones. The future of multicultism, the cult of ignorance and denial is here! What time are the public beheadings for being gang-raped?

Yep, sure, the Jews are always killing babies, whenever they're not winning 159 Nobel Prizes in every area of human achievement, that is. Proportionately, Muslims should have over 24,000 Nobel Prizes. They have seven. One to Arafat the pedophile rapist, gangster, embezzler and mass murderer for er, "peace". There’s a couple to ex-Muslims in literature, and exactly zero in science, medicine or anything else. Oh yeah, one of the writers was stabbed and paralysed by another Muslim for er, "blasphemy". Critics. Who needs 'em.

Nothing can replace a pro-Jihadist Mother's love. Except a nest of vipers. Is she dissin' The Raelian's? They wait for us beyond the clouds in their silvery spaceships, ya know.

Hey, a classic Arab/Nazi Axis Blood Libel Jew-Hating cartoon! And it's bein' held up by some miserable Mohammadean fuck and his plug-ugly bint. Excellent, dude. Rock on.

It's always "the Joooooos fault!", say dumber than dog shit white leftards. Now fuck off before I call in an airstrike.

"I don't like the look of your homicide/suicide bomber".

Dr Peter Slezak loves that old time 7th century desert religion. What a guy. What a shitbag.

Oy vey. Always with the baby killers. There must be much disapointment in the Muslim babies killed quota camp. "Boy, when are those Jews gona kill some of our babies already? We launch thousands of rockets from every creche, school and hospital, but nothing works!" The IDF are the most moral military in history defending Israel from a profoundly dysfunctional people who have no limits to their depravity.

Jew-hating, oops, "anti-Zionist" leftist cracker takes his Village Of The Damned child to join the Rally of the Damned, as you do. Dad kinda looks like a teacher or summit, eh. "Gee Dad, thanks for taking me to meet all those radical Marxist creeps and Jihadi Jew haters! Better than a normal kids day out any time. You're the best!"

There's just not enough dead Jews, says grinning human pile of excrement. Do you know this twit?

A Third-World organ grinder and his dimwitted monkey pal hate Jews too. Hey, like millions of Muslims, it's easier than looking at why you come from a shitpile of failure and are so damn determined to continue that tradition of wilful stupidity and shiftless blame-shifting.

Look, it's a badly assembled fake rebel and wanna be hipster from a Smith Street toilet block who hates Jews too! "Yes, I have bug sunglasses and my midget hat on and yet I'm really going nowhere with my unwanted racing tadpole creep look. I know! I'll join this crowd of nihilist parasite scum and hate me some Jews! Then I'll be someone for a day. Yessirree. Now where did I put that Vaseline."

For many, attending Commie scream parades in your best leftard fancy drab dress, is a far better option than say, actual employment, and er, not stealing your parents electrical appliances to sell for heroin.

What a lovely family. Funny, but I'm suddenly thinking of the Manson Family. Gee, how do we "stop criminal Israel?" I imagine it has something to do with the Hamass Charter that states they are going to annihilate Israel and murder all Jews. Aw, gee, what swell immigrants and first generation junior jihadists all celebrating multiculturalism. A heart warming delight.

I love what you've done with the curtains! Hey, we need to be more tolerant, man! These are The Beautiful People! Can't you feel the Islamic Koranic love of inclusiveness?! She or Cousin It hates ALL Jews! Insane is the new normal. Thus we are entirely doomed.

Guess what? Jews are baby killers! Ah, cultural festivities circa 2009.

Free Gaza From Hamass? Nope. It's The Suicide Homicide Socialist Sisters! Go on girls just do it! Just in your basement though. Now appearing in Big Tits and Hamass Magazine.

Oh look! It's the Archbishop of Melbourne! Hey Archie! By strange coincidence, I'm actually a Christian but of the "praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!" kind. How nice of Fluffy to volunteer his precious and pious time to help enable Jihad and Jew hatred. What a guy. What a profoundly spiritual man. What a disgrace. What a stupid dhimmie cunt. Oh and look. The miserable bastard is wearing a little Hamass front group Free Palestine badge. Nice touch you creepy useless and semi-clueless old sewage clown.

And do I see a full Burka or Mosque waiter hat AND jihadist head-slicer cum head-band ensemble lurking in the background? Why, I believe I do! I'm sure the Arch musta missed it or he would have you know, 'distanced' himself from something so murderous and evil an' all. No? Carry on then, Archbishop of Melbournistan!

And now for something exactly the same! It's The Michael Backman salute to Mein Kampf and the Protocols of Zion.

Link to a very, very great piece of satirical Fisking of the Michael Backman drivel by the fabulous Catherine Overington at The Australian. This article via Malaysian Insider January 20 2009. Yep, The Age has definitely removed a single pair of stained underpants writen by Mike Backdoorman written Jan 17.

"Israelis are living high on US expense account. Michael Backman.

There's a memorable scene in the Stephen Spielberg film “Munich”. After the 1972 Munich Olympic Games killings of Israeli athletes, Prime Minister Golda Meir tells confidants she wants to show the plotters that killing Jews "is expensive". She then organises for the assassination of each of the plotters. Today, it is Israel itself that has become expensive. Most directly, it is very expensive to the US, which subsidises and arms it.

But Israel's utter inability to transform the Palestinians from enemies into friends has imposed big costs on us all. We have paid for Israel's failure with bombs on London public transport, bombs in bars in Bali, and even the loss of the World Trade Centre towers in New York. It is not true that these outrages have occurred because certain Islamic fundamentalists don't like Western lifestyles and so plant bombs in response. Rather, it is Israel — or more correctly the treatment of the Palestinians — that is at the nub of these events.

The world's Muslims have no head: no overarching caliph or pope equivalent exists — no single power source with whom to negotiate. Instead, Islam is remarkably decentralised. So, how extraordinary that Israel and the West have managed to unite this headless, diverse, dispersed grouping without any institutional framework, around just one issue — anger at the treatment of the Palestinians. Otherwise dispersed groups of Muslims do seem to feel for one another in a way that Christians and others do not. In this respect, the international Islamic community is like a body: kick it in the leg and the rest of the body feels it. Kick it hard enough and the entire body will be energised to defend itself. Pictures of distraught Gazan mothers beside the mutilated bodies of their children are circulating right now among Muslim communities worldwide. It is pictures like these that make them want to do something.

Consider Malaysia. Every citizen of this outpost of Islam has printed in his or her passport that the passport is not valid for Israel. And given that Malaysians are not allowed to hold dual citizenship, this essentially means that every Malaysian citizen, including the 40 per cent who are not Muslims, are banned from visiting Israel. "When will Malaysia recognise Israel?" I once asked the then finance minister. "Once Israel treats the Palestinians better," was his reply. How would he determine that? "When the Palestinians tell us," he said. It is not Israel's right to exist that is at issue.

The enmity many Muslims now feel for Israel has nothing to do with religion. The historical persecutors of the Jews have been Christians — their punishment for the death of Jesus. Jews and Muslims have lived in peace for hundreds of years in many parts of the Islamic world. When Catholic Spain and Portugal expelled its Jews, the Ottoman sultan in Istanbul invited them in. It is the Palestinian issue that has ruined all this.

Of course, today Israel must defend itself. If the residents of Bendigo started firing rockets into Melbourne you would expect Melbourne to retaliate. But what must Melbourne have done to Bendigo to make them do such a thing? Constantly slapping an opponent in the face, kicking it down to its knees, and watching it struggle in the dirt will not teach the opponent to love or respect you. It teaches only hatred.

Persecuting people does not weaken them. Israel should know that. The Jews have been persecuted for centuries. It didn't destroy them but gave them the impetus to survive.

One characteristic that is common among persecuted groups is a strong investment in education — when people's physical wealth is in danger of destruction from war and persecution one store of wealth that stays with individuals even when they must flee as refugees is education. It explains why such groups often insist on their own schools — education is too important to be entrusted to others. Hamas did not enjoy the support of all the people of Gaza. It does now. Why does Israel keep getting it wrong?

Trekking in Nepal is fashionable among young Israelis. So much so that many shops in Kathmandu and Pokhara have signs in Hebrew. But once you get on the trekking circuit and speak with local Nepalese guides and guesthouse operators you soon discover how disliked the Israelis are. Many guesthouses in this poor country will even tell Israeli trekking groups that they are full rather than accept them. This has nothing to do with religion or politics: Nepalese people are some of the warmest, most hospitable in the world. Rather, they say that the young Israelis are rude, arrogant, and argue over trifling amounts of money even though they clearly have means.

Israel needs to change. The Parsees of India might provide a model. The Parsees are a very tiny, very rich ethnic and religious minority. They own perhaps most of the land in central Mumbai as well as the country's largest conglomerate. And yet ordinary Indians admire and respect them. Violence against them is unthinkable. How have they achieved this? They are not flashy or arrogant. Their overriding characteristic is a deep interest in the welfare of others. They have established hospitals, libraries, schools, museums and many other institutions and, most importantly, not for the Parsee community exclusively but for everyone. So the Parsees have peace and the Israelis do not". The Age.

Hey, Michael Backman. Apparently a total and perfect as Peter Cook would say, cunt. Thus he is employed by the Disgusting Pages of The Age.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding coverage Colonel.
It's chaps such as you who will see that these dangerous creeps get their richly deserved comeuppence simply by exposing their revolting goings on.
Personally I'd like to deport the lot.
The fact that they hate our Country and use the free speech bought in blood to undermine our very democracy....shits me to tears.
Where are the ROE for these home grown quislings?
They blatantly fly their flag in the enemy camp so I say when push comes to bloody shove, well, better keep your eye in.
Again, well done that gent.

Anonymous said...

Regarding "Gaza the worlds biggest concentration camp",

have a look at the photos of the Gaza Hilton here. As Israellycool notes, the first thing that came to mind was Auschwitz... No really, go and have a look

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work, keep shining a light on the cockroaches and drive them back into the darkness where they bellong.
(Ps were a he shirt next time and no-one will second guess you as a "mole"

Cheers, thefrollickingmole

Roger W. Gardner said...

Terrific work Colonel. You are a master of satire. And the loony left is fertile ground.

Wilbur Post said...

Dear Colonel,

Hope you don't mind my lifting one of your great photos for my take on the Age newspapers trashfest coverage of Middle East today - SEE NO HAMAS


It sort of fits in with your coverage of last Sunday's freak show - please keep on taking the piss out of these imbeciles.

Incidentally, are they marching tomorrow? I heard that most of the retards and freakoids are at Rainbow Serpent and the Hamas folk are organising a protest at Broadmeadows for the local imam who's being talking out of school about allowing parishoners to rape their wives. No mention has been made as yet about the family goats.

Anonymous said...

Since when is opposing Zionism equal to anti-antisemitism? Only 20% of Jews even back the Zionist movement. Are you there for, by logical extension claiming that 80% of Jews are anti-self?

Moreover, since when does Communism, Marx or socialism have anything to do with modern day Zionism. Marx wrote his theory before the nation of Israel was even born. Moreover, what the hell does society controlling the means of production have to do with Zionism?

Sorry, but I think you just regurgitated some shit you heard on Fox news and haven't done your homework as to either what Zionism or Marxism is... I would stake my life on the bet you haven't even read Das Kapital, let alone ANY book on economy theory. Suggesting the insane comparisons you have shows you don't grasp much of these topics on an intellectual level at all.

Wakefield Tolbert said...

Cool beans, Neville.

By the way, the mug of Holmes is a great touch!

I'll have to share some handy photos of some really ODDball things up here in the USA regarding street performance art and the Left.


Did see you missives on Twitter!

How are things down under?

Here, of course you know we've had some jihad incidents that the media gloss over as an unappreciated of PC pieties and mutliculturalism, etc.

...now that 13 US servicemen are dead at the hands of men who proclaim the wonders of Allah...

Such is life...

Wakefield Tolbert said...

Also, Colonel, you can find me on Facebook at Wakefield Tolbert, or Networked blogs for Wakepedia.

Either way works, and the NB version I highly recommend for exposure of your own blog!

new york city truck accident attorney said...

It seams as if terrorist group is trying to spread their evilness all around.

Wakefield Tolbert said...

After all this time since I first posted, those pics of the "Palestinian" and pro-Pally protesters are still otherwordly.
Scary stuff.

So the year is now 2011, and while we're probably not on the verge of the physical destruction of the planet in 2012 as some have interpreted the Mayan calender of doom, I'd say that evidenced by the support shown for the Pally Gut-splat bridgades, we're very close to the end of Western civilization.

Well, Colonel, at least the silverware will be clean and we'll be dressed properly for the last supper, eh?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha you cracked me up, pathetically funny, you used "jew hating" or "jew hater" over 40 times!
dont you have anything rational to put forward? nothing to justify the israeli bombardments that killed thousands in gaza? it can't be that hard to pretend israel needs to carpet bomb civilians to defend itself, come on, make an effort bozo, it's all over the israeli propaganda, copy paste cant be that fucking hard, can it? even for you!
99% of the pictures condemn zionism and israel, this is NOT equal to judaism. But yea of course, it's much easier to pretend it's all about antisemitism and use the same old broken record.
the way you talked about the archbishop makes me doubt you're a christian, or you'd be the inquisition kind of christian
anyway, all this doesnt matter much, coz you know what? hezbollah is seriously gonna kick your sorry israeli ass, and we'll see how much of right to defense you support.
die sucker

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear spinelessly "anonymouse" as per usual:

Excellent low IQ incoherent drool. Five stars, you laughable repellent nobody. So you are either a Jew hating naturally lying and violent mob Marxist and gutless leftist anonymous creep, a bog standard affluent left brat drone parasite twerp or an Islamofascist Jew hating filth pile victim of inbreeding, child abuse and the rest of the vortex of dysfunctional madness that is Islam.

I think I liked this by the numbers parroting cowards drivel of yours:

Quote: "99% of the pictures condemn zionism and israel, this is NOT equal to judaism. But yea of course, it's much easier to pretend it's all about antisemitism and use the same old broken record." End quote.

Quite. The only difference between an "anti Zionist" ad nauseum, and a Jew hater is that the "anti Zionist" lacks the guts or currently the power to admit openly they are merely a slimy leftist or Muslim hater of Jews. That's you.

Ah, but of course you could not contain yourself entirely, thus you give your true barren core away with the following nihilist murderous junk:

Quote: "anyway, all this doesnt matter much, coz you know what? hezbollah is seriously gonna kick your sorry israeli ass, and we'll see how much of right to defense you support.
die sucker".

End quote. Yes, of course. Can’t spell, no grammar, not a whit of wit and entirely self-obsessed. You’re NOT popular with attractive, intelligent, free, educated and successful women, are you.

The Hamass Charter is ENTIRELY about Jew hatred. One on one, YOU would likely come off badly and you know it, thus your anonymous violent mob love.

Stupid ugly sub-literate non-achieving child rapists like you babble on as you do all the time. Narcissistic destruction is all you are capable of. Thus you don't even have a blog link. Ya got nothing except your twittering laughable jealousy of the uber-achieving Jewish people.

Perhaps YOU are one of the low IQ circus geeks in the photo gallery. Have you raped anyone's sister or Mother lately or just your own? Like all Jew hating turds, you are a laboratory specimen and barely an Exhibit A.

I pity your destined to be damned in hell soul, and it will come around sooner than you think...

No, really. Colonel Neville.

Anonymous said...

As expected Neville, your answer is 99% insults and cursing, but I must admit you're pretty good at it.
I guess having been shat into a sewer instead of given birth must have its perks too.

In what is not purely insults, you keep referring to me as a Muslim, well, you may find it interesting to know I'm an atheist.
The whole religious aspect of the 'debate' is irrelevant to me.

As far as I'm concerned Judas Jesus Mohammed and Moses are probably having orgies in Gomorrah, and laughing at the gullible souls who bought the whole religion crap.

In know this may come as a shock to you, because you seem to be able to understand the world only through your narrow and hateful religious views, but try to get over it.

Fact is, israel is a sick, ethnic cleansing, mass-murdering, child-torturing, land-stealing colonial enterprise.
It is the duty of every person with a conscience to oppose the psycho thugs behind it, and tagging all those who do with your cheap "antisemitic" accusation only glorifies antisemitism.

Colonel Robert Neville said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Analmess, er, riiight. Excellent Marxist Critical Theory logical fallacy drone parrotings. Five stars for nihilist left atheist creep cred.

Got it. So you're a bog-standard Jew-hater leftard and a laughably theologically ignorant shallow atheist twerp. Got it. Carry on then, dirtbag.

Ah, you are so sure of your pathetic values free vacuum of glaring raw JEALOUSY and witless hatred, that you golly, post as a "no reply anonymous" circus geek.

Perfect. You have nothing but your emotional twitdom. Good leftard. You are lost, little boy. You don't read, do you.

And my my. Maybe post the evidential sources for your repellent, rabid and animal-like yet standard leftist atheist hatred of Jews and anyone better than you, such as ironically, God or even an ant.

You are using a computer with a CPU developed by Jews. Israel created texting and a thousand other medical, scientific, technological and massively contributing essentials to the modern free world. Unlike you...

One last thing...I always notice how Jew-hating leftards and Islamofascist filth have precisely ZERO ability at self-reflection, coupled with zero sense of humour and know virtually nothing regards the subjects they Tourets Syndrome-like squeak about, and always anonymously...UNLESS of course they're in a MOB.

Ugh. You utterly stink, bub. AGAIN, YOU DON'T READ, DO YOU. Good leftist brat. You are nothing more than an embarrassing phony and a gutless mass produced criminal.

No, really. Colonel Neville.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Another thing my amusing and laughable twittering anonymous fraud, try NOW to actually FOCUS on the photographic, linked and empirical facts of THIS post, then counter with your empirical sourced counter-evidence for where these photos are what, faked? The links are not true? None of that applies and you know it, like all unread lying leftist and Islamofascist Jew hating creeps.

Ya got precisely nothing and that's why you don't write about anything online, and like every leftard and jihadist geek pal, you talk about everything and anything but the facts and the subject at hand. Gee, cos ya can't as you have no content. Five stars logical fallacy and cognitive dissonance then!

No, really. Colonel Neville.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear anonymous type hordes:

If you look very hard at this post, golly gee!, you may just notice the ENORMOUS gallery of photos depicting JEW HATING atheistic Marxist leftist creeps and their natural Jew hating Muslim Islamic jihadist pals, AND the empirical massive data base links that reinforce the Himalaya of fact totally and utterly proving what I say.

Ah, but phony spoiled brat clowns like you will never notice a damn unpleasant harsh fact, [until like the useful idiots of the Iranian Communist Party who helped the Islamist psychopaths take over Iran in 1979] you are being executed en masse by the Jew-hating totalitarian fascist nihilist two-faced swine you laughably, UNCONDITIONALLY and uncritically support now.

Good luck at your coming beheading or bullet to the head courtesy of Islam.

There is no place for atheists or infidels or Hindu's or Buddhists or Jews or Muslim's who are not totally Muslim enough in the Islamic Caliphate, the one that you are helping to come about.

For example, Muslim Jihadists will murder all of the thousands of BLACK Ethiopian Jews who were airlifted to Israel. But then, you don't care.

For you and your witless unread indoctrinated dog-like narcissism, Marxist collectivist Utopianism is the thing that matters most to you.

No, really. Colonel Neville.

Anonymous said...

Another example on how Faith has always been more powerful than the actual facts.

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Unknown said...
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ovei bardhan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear folks:

A note that that almost all of the comments I remove are merely SPAM junk.

Colonel Neville.

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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Verve:

Great! Next time I think of Jew-hating jihadist vermin, I'll think of a Verve disco!

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