Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mark Riley Reacts Badly To Accusation That He Still Beats His Wife.

An alleged photo of Mark Riley possibly attempting to run down a small child, a scampering beetle or perhaps an innocent caterpillar.

Alleged drug addict, sexual pervert and journalist Mark Riley, was caught speechless when confronted with damning video evidence that he still beats his wife. The two second clip of Riley, who was also once accused of kidnapping the Lindbergh baby and was rumoured to be connected with the murder of corrupt union boss Jimmy Hoffa, clearly shows the alleged goat fancier saying “Er, yes, splutt!” in response to being asked “do you still beat your wife?”

When shown the shocking evidence of his own words by veteran reporter Charles Manson, Mark began to cry in loud shoulder-jarring sobs that lasted for almost a full minute, as an ever widening pool of urine surrounded his shoes, [a noticeably budget line of Florsheim's favoured by journalists and pimps.] He fled the scene on a small three-wheeler child's bicycle similar to the one pictured.

This is not the only scandal involving the alleged serial rabbit-fondler and fondue-thief. In another one second clip showing his response to a soldier asking the alleged one-time supplier of crack cocaine and child prostitutes to alleged news reporters at Channel Seven, to the question “what kind of music do you like?”, Riley is clearly heard saying “cunt..”

Mark Riley denies ever saying or reporting anything.


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Terra Blee Deep :) said...

You sure get around, Colonel!!
As a "journalist" Mark Riley has a lot of bad Abbots.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

This really is quite fabulous. It is and I like it.

Olivia said...

Thank you for fantastic blog post. Where else could I get this kind of information written in such an incite full way. I have a project that I am just now working on, and i am sure this will help me a lot. and I have been looking for such information since from few days….Thanks!!!!!

Eowyn said...

Ah, I knew one of the places I missed most while offline was the Colonel's corner ... still chuckling even as I comment!

And to Terra, I might add, as a journalist Mark may well need to be renamed Rile E. Coyote ;)