Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The weird manifestation of mass dhimmi cowardice.

[Link to updates.] Weird scenes inside the goldmine. Francine Drebbin, the Principal of the Naked Gun College AKA Wesley College Melbourne, limbers up in preparation to introduce "intellectual giant", Waleed Aly. AKA genius, saviour, saint, the only one with the truth, handy beard and cypher, front and back and sideman, professional bore, PR guy and representative for Islam Inc, Melbourne Branch. Call 1800 LAUGHTER to speak to a consultant. Yep, he's a super duper dandy whizzo extra reasonable man and all round fun guy! Oddly he never mentions a single unpleasant fact about Islam...

On Monday night, three chums and I attended a Waleed Aly dronefest, one of Australia's top taqiyya blowers, bundled logical fallacy devotees and standard columnists for life for the former newspaper, The Age. This was believe it or not hosted by an allegedly top inner-city Christian College.

Heard the joke about the conservative, the PhD, a Jew and a Christian who walk out of a hall of about 600 or more dhimmi PC leftard boobs? The doorman says “Why the long faces?” Well, it would have been a great lecture if it was actually true percentage wise, and not merely disturbingly manipulative and deceptive, but hey, all in the nicest way.

“The more we talk about it, the more we deny it”. Waleed Aly.

Nope, it was after all available anywhere guff, left tactical lies for Islam, Muslim lies for Islam, standard excuses, canards, as per usual blame-shifting, victim-car playing, egocentric drivel packaged with a bit of faux humility, easily dismantled paradigms and er, sorry, bullshit. But that's just my opinion.

The evening was in short, a waking nightmare. [See th follow up post on what they teach to students at an alleged Christian school about how lovely Islam is: Feeding the lyin' to the Christians.]

And just a little like a cheaper Tariq Ali, Muslim Brotherhood Brother Number One. With Tariq you buy your ticket and either swallow it whole, or are intellectually and morally repelled. Ah, Brother Tariq.

The talk largely boiled down to Islam has some hey, funny quirks, many allegedly cuddly and rather endearing. And gee, there are some unfortunate problem's, but it’s all kinda really the fault of the Christian Crusade’s of 800 years ago, the modern West in general, in particular white Christian American’s, Australian’s and the Jews and Israel too. Yes, Aly said that the few papers that dared to re-print the Danish cartoons and the original publication that did them of course, seemed to have a secret agenda! Riiight. Not secret. They wanted to publish cartoons that Muslims  murder people over. Seems news worthy to me.

But hey, apparently there's a vast conspiracy aimed only at Islam, Muslim states and Muslims, spearheaded by relatively unknown Danish cartoonists. Er, no.

Wally the er, “intellectual giant” became progressively smaller as he droned on and on and on then finally asked for questions. Sure, many a PC chum loves to say how they genuinely want er, “dialogue”, and a “conversation”. No they don't. Not at all. And especially the crowd at Almond Pie Hall on Monday night.

You know, to explore the “issues” and “celebrate diversity”. All balls of course. They respect every view, except yours and mine.

“Excellent question”, says Walsmart. Excellent question meaning entirely un-provocative and we already know what the standard reply will be, especially Wally. Let me write an excellent question on the level that Wally face. 'Wally, why is Islam so wonderful and misunderstood by racist white Australian's?'

Er, no. Yes, I have a few questions. Is this the stage production of Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

How many more of these phony one way “dialogues” will we need to have to stop tomorrow’s bombings?

Wally, you say that connecting “Jihad with terrorism” is er, “problematic?” Quite, I imagine it is.

Um, why do you not find it er, problematic, that Islam is a total political doctrine and fascist ideology, created by a mass-murdering bandit warlord and Jew hating 7th century loon, child-rapist psychopath who said “I am made victorious through terror?” Hmmmm?

Or that the major Muslim states support the murder of Jews and destruction of Israel among other unpleasant things? No problem’s there, then? Nope, cos' Wal is a sophisticated Islamic kind of guy.

Wally really digs circular meandering’s that ignore, dismiss and make eerie excuses for every large Islamist elephant in the room. I found the Logical Fallacy quotient exhausting, especially his legions of straw men.

Danish cartoons? Hey, he says you can’t for example, “publish pornography!” etc, etc. Er, obviously they don't and didn't. False dichotomy and thus a rather irrelevant comparison, I'm afraid. Wal says enough mild rebuke of Islamism to appear a reasonable fellow to the naive and witless.

He's sellin' but I ain't buyin'.

So er, why do I have to respect or like Islam at all? I don't and cannot. How does that help anyone? Is it compulsory or can I be absurdly neutral per se?

The answer is yes, I guess it is compulsory to respect Islam now, ever since the introduction in 2001, of the insane 18C religious vilification laws by gormless Labor Premier casual Steve Bracks, and maintained by BOTH idiot creep political parties. In this law, intent, truth or anything is no defense. You cannot criticize, or ridicule the ridiculous and critical cruel reality of Islam. You can only cheer on the wonderfulness of it all.

Do Google this anti-democratic, anti-free speech, anti-healthy society law, folks. You'll vomit. Welcome to a smiley-faced semi-fascistic state, mate. Never have I felt more like running away to the mountains or another planet. Maybe one is better off being ignorant and then maybe it's just a sudden shock in ten years time or less, when they cut Aunt Doris's head off at the MCG.

To counter every tedious canard that Wal thus spake, would take from last night to next Saturday. Listening to Aly was boring, boring, boring, though like the great M*A*S*H quote, "there's always tedium to fall back on".

Where was the center, narrative and dynamic? Nuttin'.

His writing is even worse than mine. And as for entertaining? Only as the old joke goes, if you like root canal work. Nope, the only dynamic was intestinal. And it came from my natural repulsion at hearing such a laundry list of diversion, apologia, blame, victim-hood psychopathy, paranoia, out and out lies, misrepresentation, inverted bigotry and racism, [but the right kind, ie: against white people, Christians and America etc, etc.] all delivered in a not especially engaging tone, by not a very good public speaker and with the support of an average University trained intelligence.

To me, Waleed Aly comes over as a kind of slick poo poo face. But that's just my personal feelings. Apparently not illegal yet, or are they? Tah dah! That trip of Wally's to Egypt to discover er, true Islam was really worth it, eh?

Though Wal in his own perverse way, is mildly charming when ministering to his embarrassingly eager, mostly white, middle-class and rather elitist twit audience. There was as P.J O’Rourke has said of any large gathering of like-minded souls, "a whiff of the lynch mob about them". Especially for anyone who disagrees even in the slightest.

If you were not applauding Uncle Wally and laughing at the lame, unoriginal and two-sided er, ‘jokes’, you were frowned upon. And I've never received such a frowning. Blasphemer!

To respectful laughter, Wal said he'd heard so much of himself that er, "even I was sick of me!" Wah hey!

As usual there was the daft and phony pantomime of acknowledging the local non-existent Koori owners of the land. Hey, if you're serious, go out and find a Koori and sign over the school property to them. No takers? Thought not, just self-congratulatory wanking innit. Er, gee, so singling out one racial group above all others is not discriminatory then, if it's the right one?

Where does this leave the Vietnamese and everyone else etc? Excluded a little, eh? Irrational balls really. Never have balls felt so irrational.

There was a lot of post modern deconstructionist jargon. A lot. By the way, deconstructionism is an original Nazi word and ideology. Islamists were great pals of Hitler and Nazism too. But I digress.

Wal talk: “Particularity?” Uh? “Exclusionary process?” Hey, just like Wal says, but with him, it’s all white people all the time. “Stereotyping and essentializing?” WTF? Find ten more long Brave New Words like this and name your thesis!

Soma, how ya bin?

Allegedly Islam has a “complex and rich...history, sociology and economics”. Yes, an often nightmarish history, an often deeply dysfunctional sociology and without a Western engineer developed oil industry, and 80% of work done by foreign workers in Saudi Arabia, many a non-existent economy.

And yep, while he seemed amazingly on this night, to have avoided speaking about the Jewish people and Israel, Wal couldn't resist pushin' the old bogus white power line. Yes, we’re all afraid of white power, aren’t we? Nazi’s are everywhere today! Oh no, maybe that’s an Age newspaper journalist I’m thinkin’ of.

The Wal spoke of “egocentricity”. He should know. “The world would be so much better if we were all the same”, said Wal, to show that it's more the multicultural and free West, and not mono-cultural, mono-religious Muslim theocratic states, that are guilty of trying to make everyone the same. Sure they are, Wal. A clear and easily checkable absurdity but then, there were literally dozens of absurdities all rather acceptably presented.

And didn't the kid's love it! Weirdly yes.

Wal was jocular and drearily happy as Larry and did a nice line in faux humility when he noted he was following previous speakers like Peter Garrett, Pat Dodson and Justice Kirby. Um, two professional incompetent biased lefties and Age hack contributors for life and a strange judge. Riiight. This is the lefts idea of “diversity” in action.

Wal called criticism of Islam a “violation of a sacred sphere”. No, really, he did. So not really much room for a conversation there, then Wal? After all, Islam is so obviously way above us mere human infidels.

Wal also said there are two opposing sides. Er, no. Islam is attacking the West, as it has for 1400 years. Islam OPPOSES every other side.

He said it mostly involved “our own stupidity”. Islam, ours, his or equally shared he didn’t say. Man, when did grandiose paranoid delusions of conspiracy, evidence-free moral inversion, equivalence and mental gymnastics become a major and recurring part of mainstream college lectures? Right then.

Oh, that’s right, for about 150 years and accelerated ever since actual Nazi official’s, Cuban killers like Che the child killer and Castro the gangster pig, humorless High Treason geek Gnome Chumpsky, domestic terrorist Weathermen, CAIR creeps, Iran’s gay murdering President Ahmachimphead and Al Gore ad nauseum, have all been welcomed onto major U.S school campus's. At least that long. But I digress.

Aly actually comes over mild, appealing and smooth to many, especially easy teen dupes for a dull act. It's perfectly within the accepted and singular paradigm of today! Buy one now! Group discounts!

Wal mentioned rather surrealistically the utter lie of how the Maldives are a "tropical paradise", apparently he inferred, due to the importation of er, Islam. Riiiight. It's actually a classic Sharia shit hole. He said you probably don't normally associate Islam with a tropical paradise. He's right. I don't. I wonder why? Obviously I need diversity training.

Wal said the Muslim view of America is getting worse. Not enough to stop going there, leave, or stop obsessing about it though. Gosh, why doesn’t the Muslim view of any Muslim state ever get any worse, no matter what? Hmmmm?

And for an intellectual giant, Wal can’t seem to get that much right at all, even his own corny premises. He used the old left tactic [as he regularly does] of saying the Cold War was about Communism vs Capitalism. Er, no.

It was the utter failure of totalitarian collective communism based on murder, lies, conformity, envy, spite, forced mediocrity and madness vs. the enormous success of capitalist DEMOCRACY, private property laws, free markets, free movement, free speech and human rights. Thus left ideology fits comfortably after more than a century with the not so strange or new bedfellow of Islam.

So a major Christian inner-urban college supports a guy like Aly, laboriously building phony constructs for spurious denial arguments such as the West is “constraining identity!” How can Wal be seen as normal, reasonable and right? Yeesh and yuck. Jesus H. Christ, I do believe we're all doomed. And worst, this all happened very locally.

What a peculiar and unnerving disgrace. Does not bode well for the future. As in England, France, the Netherlands and well, everywhere with Muslims approaching, at or over ten percent of the population and right now.

Find even one such place that's a delight and a joy and I'll send you a nice cheese. Try research and deny it. It can’t be done, folks. Once you know the sunny truth of global Islam and Sharia's true goals and modus operandi, you can never go home.

But back to Aly. Wally is actually un-listenable and almost indecipherable. He's playing it seems to the oddly arrogant and self-loathing who seem to need someone to love and adore, as long as they're foreign and weird enough. Anything, ANYTHING but love their own culture and country. No, that would be like, totally gross!

To infantile fools, every culture is equally valid, except for our own. So OK. I agree. Sharia Islam jihad is really, really, really, really great! I love it! Get me more of it! We’re agreed then? It's so wonderful! It’s those Christians fault, you know, the one’s that have murdered around 80 million Hindu’s over the last 100 years? Oh, that was Muslims. Sorry.

The kicker was when Wal gave some kind of outrageous credit to Bin Laden’s allegedly true motive. It was “retaliation!” See! We started it! Retaliation for Osama being a venally rich playboy thanks to Western science developing the oil and the required technology. Anything but look in the mirror for old Osama, the shit of the desert. Yeah, Osama really need's defending...

The equating of “...Jihad with terrorism is problematic”. Wal. Yes, I imagine it is.

Yes, the Crusades. Of course. One could set one's watch. You were saying. The Crusaders arrived four hundred years too late at the request of besieged Constantinople. This was after centuries of one civilization and state after another falling to Islamic oppression and MEGA mass-murder. The Crusades lasted for two quite un-sustained and broken up hundred year periods, and failed 800 years ago.

Um, isn’t Islamic terror right er, now? What’s the beef or pork today exactly? I suggest reading some Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch. And for a real laugh visit memriTV. All straight from the source, sports.

The saddest yet creepiest thing is that most of these clueless, incurious, unread teeny twerps really lapped it all up and believe this shite entirely. The only problem with the misnamed war on terror for apologists of Islamic terror, is that the war may be won but our side has already lost. Wal said “19 people” did 9/11. Not Muslim’s then?

Wal doesn’t like the word moderate. After all it has some kind of er, "judgement" in it. Something we are not allowed to do with Islam or Muslims. Nope, apparently only the right kind of people can do that for us. The difference between the mythical moderate Muslim is that the moderate is not currently trying to kill you. There is no such thing as moderate Islam. There is only one Islam. And it's terrifying.

They don’t say moderate for any other religion because mostly they don’t have to. There is for much of the other faiths, usually some normalized rank and file and a coherent leadership of some kind. It may be that few faiths have an insane 1400 year old dream of a Global Caliphate. Could be. Thus we are not forced to talk about them, but only Islam.

Islam is so very easy to misunderstandNever misunderstand Islam! Your head may come off or you may explode.

Moderate I imagine, is someone who doesn’t want to slice off your head, or blow up your train, plane, bus or restaurant yet. Aly didn’t or couldn’t mention any actual moderate Muslim names or even describe what it means. Still, it’s a laugh.

Not moderate, would perhaps mean people who state clearly and relentlessly that they despise you and everything you value and seriously want to kill you. Then they follow up these extreme and apocalyptic threats with effective and real actions. Yes, that may be it.

Oh, in that case, It's all a misunderstanding, and I agree 100% with anything Waleed Aly has ever said, or his cat has meowed and even dig his jokes. And loving it.

After all, I would never call anyone a liar, just because they say things that are empirically and deliberately untrue. Of course I may be completely insane, or imagined it all and I'm thus 100% wrong. Er, it happen's.

“My entire position is a fraud”. Waleed Aly.

Ah, and what of the passive cheer squad audience for the creep of creeping Sharia and charming mini Nuremberg rally? Bizarre it was as were they. The nausea finally did get to me though, and how unwelcome we non-applauders who giggled really were. The whole spectacle was in turns ridiculous, appalling and rather creepy. We had to leave. Had to, Mister!

Unfortunately, we had ungratefully laughed, whispered and passed notes, and I had mentioned how I thought that this freakishly ordinary gathering was quite frankly, unbelievable. So you've all listened to an hour of mediocrity and you're so excited? Why? It's all so bad. And yet who can deny the applause of the porridge people.

One of my chums had suggested to several indoctrinated and rather emotional students surrounding us, that they should er, gasp, actually read the Koran and do some independent research.

Where's the rebellion? When we were kids and teenagers, we took it for granted that most adults, parents and teacher's were rather full of crap and often useless, clueless and borderline to over the border idiot's. And we were amazingly proven quite right.

A woman, who hinted at a possible Mother load of twerpiness in a twerp rich audience, sat grinning with a seeming rictus smile of auto-agreement, her head nodding with each fatuous line. Like Felix Unger's wife, I was eventually told to leave if I don't agree with the way things are run here in Tombstone. Fine, pally.

Apparently Wal’s arguments are so convincing, that they can't stand up to any laughter. Ridicule is strictly verboten, as is screaming in the gas chamber, I imagine. Um, as we were leaving, and I kid you not, a student band then started to play and with our Wally on guitar. They performed Hey Joe, the Jimi Hendrix version. No, really.

Yeah, when ever I think of Islam, I automatically think of the swinging sixties and of the great, free, sexy, talented, musically rebellious and personally quite conservative in many surprising ways Hendrix. Er, no. Jimi was an ex-paratrooper, [101st Airborne] an anti-communist and all about individual freedom, creative expression, authentic soulful music and thus he had a pretty natural, groovy image and reality.

So a perfectly jarring end to an evening of pointless mediocrity with all the fluidity of yesterdays manure.

Now dig this, dear reader. We were kind of slowly ambling along the street talking about how nauseated we felt, how ridiculous it all was and "are these people mad and is it contagious?" and "gee, I didn’t realize Mohammad was so worthy of the support of so many Western feminists? Er, excellent then. And afterward’s they can all watch some child-bride porn followed by a beheading”.

Why not, eh?

So we stop and decide that we won’t go to a café after all, where said hordes of dhimmi twerp’s may take offence as they do, at us not agreeing totally with their mass delusions. And then I look to my right, and there's a teenage girl in her school uniform standing with her, ah, Dad? Psychoanalyst? Vet? Zookeeper? Circus trainer? Bin Laden? Whatever.

Yes, the last time I received such a hateful stare it was from a lout in a bar saying the classic “What are you lookin’ at, ya slang term for female genitalia?" But not in those words. Then it went something like this..

Neville: “Hello?”

Teenage cadre pointing accusingly: “It’s fuckin’ moron’s like you that..!” Then the charming child wanders off with mobile phone and Daddy in tow.

Neville: “..that would be your college education then?”

Our little group chatted on and then decided to run away like the sniveling coward’s we are. Junior Red Brigade Girl then decided to return, and as she passes, each one she passes, goes, "ugh!" Not really. Nope, she’s glaring at us while saying loudly into her phone “No, there’s a load of fucking racist’s here!”

Because ideology equals race on the campus of crazies.

Neville: “Er, my wife is Japanese, luv".

[In thick John Lennon accent] Me drummer was a black guy from Chicago like, and the bassist was Greek, eh? My first wife was French Jamaican, eh? Me parents were English, I looved a girl in Taiwan and lived there. Me great grandparents were Gypsies like, and my Aunts and Uncles were Scottish and Irish etc, etcetera. So, er, no but never mind.

I was wondering if she was gonna do the classic call in of five car loads of bat wielding teenage thugs routine, as they do. Or just whine me to death with juvenile PC slogans.

At that point, I realized I will never again attend such a farce, nor attempt to engage in er, "dialogue" with a dhimmi leftist or Islam contortionist. Too many of these event's make one feel like you're going mad. You may as well talk physics with an unhinged squirrel. Maybe I did.

So the college has obviously informed their student’s so deeply about the empirical facts of Islam, that the student’s know Islam is wait for it, a race! Er, no.

It’s a totalitarian political ideology and merely one man's madness, kids. And a fully armed one with many followers who merely want to kill us all, as the unbelieving Christian’s and Jews we clearly were. Well, I just don’t believe in Islam and I did't know I had to. Islam pretty much got the thumbs up at old Orb-like Hall though. Why? How?

Seeing Christianity as peripheral, un-serious, malleable and disposable as a CD is er, maybe a bad idea, ya think? For a public lecture it was my friends, more suited to a public urinal.

So silly students, why pray tell, should anyone take you or your beliefs [Christianity] seriously, if you don’t because they are entirely negotiable? Especially when so many Muslim’s do take their beliefs totally seriously and only negotiate to their advantage over you.

As Jonah Goldberg has shown empirically in his book [Left] Liberal Fascism, the multiculti crowd, love to prattle on theoretically about how tolerant, reasonable, decent and open minded they are. Invariably they often fail to achieve this in practice, because they are sadly, hysterical, morally vain and permanently tantrum prone children. But enough about Wesley.

Left and Muslim control-freaks can never be satisfied, no matter how much you applaud their bunk and lies. It’s all pose and talk you see. Such icky souls merely want to control you and me via the state, and they do. Oh yes they do.

I wonder, wonder I did, were there dissenting student’s or was the Fifth Party Congress, [teenage division] unanimous in their rejection of all imperialist running dogs? It was an oddly conformist and mob atmosphere really, and these fools are apparently the elite’s of tomorrow along with their elite parent’s of today. Germanistan belong's to us.


Jenn Sierra said...

A couple more examples of 5th Column stupidity:

1) ACLU Fantasy Land vs. Reality

2) Afghan Hijacker Found Working as Cleaner at Heathrow Airport

Cappy said...

Wal said the Muslim view of America is getting worse. Not enough to stop going there or leave, or stop obsessing about it?
How soon can we make it bad enought that they start leaving?

USpace said...

I think support for Islam is the last refuge of the Left. They must think that they'll be able to 'reason' with them and 'talk things out' once the Muslims are too strong to be resisted. As some have said, Liberals make great pets for jihadists. The Left will try to control everyone else at all costs. They are unwittingly trying to commit cultural suicide.

Thanks for that great link and plug Colonel! I hope you enjoy my "naughty e-book". I love that, I think I may quote you in the book if that's OK?

I'll download your naughty e-book and peruse.
- Colonel Robert Neville

absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
moderate Muslims

only the extremists
may speak out publicly

absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
secular Muslims

they may not speak out
against suicide bombers

absurd thought -
God of the Universe loves
theft by the government

restricting people's actions
interfering in their lives

absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
individuals' rights

ALL people must live their lives
in the ways the state desires

Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon

Help Halt Terrorism Now!



Anonymous said...

What is pathetic Waleed Aly has even got the Jewish community conned into believing he is a moderate..Aly when he was Spokesperson and a board memebr of Islamic Council Of Victoria had no problems that this org has links to C.A.I.R [USA}and F.A.M.S.Y [Australia] 2 of the most anti semitic pro hizbollah, Hamas Jihadist organizations in the world ,if Aly is considered a moderate god help us all..