Friday, 30 November 2007

You wake up this mornin’ baby and Lord you find yourself dead.

"The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet". William Gibson.

In 1968, the great Jimi Hendrix played at Madison Square Gardens. Or Jimi attempted to play, because a clarity free hippie dropped some "very bad LSD" into the drink of the exceptional and very young guitarist. Very "bad acid" is somehow very different to the kind of "very good" acid that is the first step on the disciplined and focused path to a successful concert.

“Hey, drugs got me where I am today! Nowhere!” Some hippie bastard.

Jimi struggled through the start of a set, halted and allegedly said “I’ve been dead a long time”. Dramatic or apocryphal, it was in the end maybe just the drugs or the decor. Hendrix was a very hard working, talented person and a generally nice guy, plus that rare thing in a modern celebrity, a patriot. Hendrix being a Screaming Eagle of the 101st Airborne an’ all. Ok, he dug it due in large part for the thrilling experience of parachuting and it also seemed like a good opportunity to his alternatives at the time. And yep, Jimi took er, drugs! To put it mildly. Though he was more of a red wine man and an avid room tidier.

Jimi sometimes startled his peers when he spoke patriotically about his own country and how Communism, especially in South East Asia er, sucked, which it did and still does of course. He also disturbed those unfamiliar with such things, when he spoke of the many bigotry's he had long suffered and not just from white folks, but from almost everyone.

People often misunderstand the deeply profound art of Jimi's expression, thats both raw, subtle, tender and furious while drawing their own fashionable, often one dimensional conclusions. For Jimi, a love of his country was a natural like he was, while sometimes terribly problematic, nuanced and even stark, but never stupidly hateful. Thus his art is lasting...the only thing Hendrix really lacked was enough time.

"I'll always touch you...can't you hear me, calling you?" Jimi.

And we've been dead a long time to how deluded and bankrupt general perceptions, or the lack thereof, have become.

Hendrix, like any subject I’ve ever got seriously interested in, could not be discerned accurately from the MSM at all. You could always feel the fingerprints of the last journo who went to the file drawer, and the one before, and before that, all repeating the same photocopied lack of insight and received lameness. For me, real insight came entirely from literature often sourced via the Net or the Net itself.

“I should have quit you, a long time ago. Now you got me crying, crying on the killing floor”.

And that's almost entirely my feelings regards the MSM, or the um, main stream media, Hollywood, celebrities and most of those with a repeated public voice. I feel a similar repulsion with our degraded, convoluted, and often compromised education system. Like an idiot hippie, they can have surprisingly similar views often completely unmoored from reality.

The common line that's pushed now, is that the Western Canon is mostly bad and pretty much entirely responsible for all the ills of the world, when the contrary is the empirical truth. The answer to the ills of the world is the spreading of the Western Canon, nothing else. There would be no modern 'world' without Western traditions.

"You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood, place it in the navel of a firefly and still have room enough for three caraway seeds and a producer's heart". Fred Allen.

"Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well housed, well warmed and well fed". Herman Melville.

The MSM is a mostly laughable and casual diversion, filled for the most part with hacks, shallow frauds and mediocrities, with little to zero insight, analysis, fact, depth or meaning beyond their own profoundly stupid and censorious bias. Of course, I’m not talking about the highly qualified modern journalist, who has studied hard over several years to become a professional. They’re much worse.

Much media is directed and twisted as a matter of fact and practice to fit the er, dominant paradigm. We've arrived at some kind of Kingdom of Logical Fallacy as a non-thinking norm. Where is media generally good? Maybe it's where real journalistic standards are indeed about life and death? To find a real journalist, pick your choice of any third world dump.

"The sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous". Shana Alexander.

Yep, it's a miserable stinker, and such cruddiness is not just in the general news and opinion pages, but in other sections of various tedious publications. When I was a kid, I thought publishing was done in a pub and I was right. The financial pages often have some of the most bizarre and clichéd ‘guidance’ that’s just simply not true. It might seem like something to a dullard with a comfortable and bogus MBA, but many of the ideas are often bunk. But what do they care? Not a whit.

Fatuous and hackneyed advice to the plebes on Managed Funds and such as the way to security. Er, no, only for the Managers of Managed Funds, sport.

Gee, no talk of the reality of the wealth of the truly wealthy coming from real estate, business, the development of ideas and services, capital movement, entities, trusts and buying through these etc? Or the fact that the discipline of buying consumer goods only really through real asset cash flow is what the rich do, not consumer goods and services via highly taxed wages, divided by time?

You can read mountains of this without stumbling upon any mention of the fundamental nature or existence of capitalist free market and the democratic freedoms that support it all. It's almost as if the Western Canon is its own ghost. A Che T-shirt wearing juvenile freak could read this stuff and see the economic world as entirely separate to any essential, useful or worthwhile reality, and of course, they do entirely.

This demonstrates that on almost every subject, the passive received MSM is wrong headed, dumb, limited, dishonest, mediocre, repetitive and pretty much useless beyond raw material for laughs, fustration and rage, and not always then. The MSM are happy to peddle the same reasonable sounding flop and bilge year after year. Study the reality of money, markets, business and so on and then look afresh at the usual ‘Financial Lift Out’ rubbish. Repeat the exercise on almost any subject. They hardly get a damn thing right.

Expect nothing from the media and you'll never be disappointed.

Why? Because they’re the MSM! They’re selling products to you, not real understanding or jeepers, news. In stentorian tones “Cutting news! All the news! News out your ass!” Like a magic act, you don't notice what ain’t there and what’s truly behind the empty illusion. A guy with a mop!

The medium is the message and the message contains no meaning, because they're not really in the business of informing you. While often entirely deliberate in their omissions, the MSM often don’t really know much themselves.

For these reasons, the reality of Islamism, resurgent Leftism, Communism and variant radicalisms, may just be into their third or final act without being reported, if reported at all, but as a contradictory lie. PC Leftist bunk after decades of concerted indoctrination has infected our body politic, public discourse, our institutions and even our own way of thinking.

It's so bad and poopy now, that the same kind of shrill freaks continually look for sources of complaint to give legitimacy for their er, obsessions. Thus absurd screams of “Racist!” and “Fascist!” with zero evidence or reason.

Folks often parrot to me that there's “lot’s of racists” um, "around". Well, in that case you’ll be able to supply at least one or two names then? Oh, I get it. Oh, you mean white people who are not PC Left? Check. There are no asian, black or Hawaiian racists. Check.

“All Left and Liberal ideas are discredited if you simply wait long enough”. Somebody cool.

The ordinary citizen will be under assault way before they read or hear about it, as they are in many ways already. There are many freaks that grow naturally, out of the logical decline created by PC Left Liberalism.

Britain and France etc, are already lost in the wondeful world of Islamisation, but we don’t see it reflected much, if at all in the Oz MSM, not even when we're dying in the streets and our homes. We'll wake up one morning and find our traditions, society, institutions, beliefs, decency and every one of the millions of things that make up life in a the free world, dead, dying and fighting for our lives.

You’ll be buying some cheese at a supermarket and the check-out girl will look flustered or crying, and there’ll be a feeling of bee like activity in the background and you’ll ask “What’s wrong?” And she’ll say “Haven’t you heard? A nuclear bomb exploded in Atlanta.” Or Melbourne, or Naples, or Dublin or...

Maybe it’ll be something else beyond our imagination that we turn away from thinking about now. There may be a point where people will ask why we weren’t er, "informed".

They’ll be cutting your head off, along with Mrs Noodlemier and your Aunt Doris, while the MSM are still blaming us while relentlessly trying to present a “balanced” story. You know, both sides of Auschwitz.

Those that disingenuously seek the intellectually lazy and morally bankrupt nonsense of “peace” with our determined and mortal foes, need to realise that such bunk will guarantee a harsh response. Whoever is hit, will launch missiles at ALL the likely suspects, and not wait for the next blast. That’s the way it’ll be, sports.

Remember, for the Left, the road we’re on is entirely the right and only road, except that the left can never be satisfied. The true goal of the Left is to accelerate, completely eradicate and then cement over any opposition to their irrational poison by stealth and legislation, and as soon as possible. Yep, try disagreeing with any of it and see how far you get.

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” C.S. Lewis.

In Melbourne, there have been dozens of attacks as per usual, and every day for years by groups of North African males. Recently, a few unpleasant incidents even got reported. Whiz-zo!

They included attempted car jackings in peak hour inner-city Melbourne! Just like South Africa, Nigeria, the Sudan and any other vortex of tribalism and religion, kids. But not once is there a mention about the true reasons. Often alien cultures, religions, standards of normality, life and death experiences including war, warlordism, misogyny and well, expectations and attitudes. Damn hard thing to chang, the old attitudes, especially over the duration of a plane flight.

Nope, it’s invariably our fault somehow, or the Police, for either acting or not acting or um... In some cases yes, but er, mostly no.

Like, that fault would be all our faults then eh? Including every other immigrant group too? So the Welsh, Chinese, Norwegian and Scots are all to equally blame for social disruption? Nope. But er, personal responsibility, culture or religion is not? Guess not, eh? Or then we’d know why everyone doesn’t commit the same offences at the same levels.

My wife is Japanese and so far no Japanese gangs, not even a single band of marauding Sushi Chefs has troubled Melbourne.

That’s the ridiculous flaw in the Left activist chant of “You are on Aboriginal Land!” Er, right. So ya gonna go down to Little Saigon and say that? Get the Hell away from me! Er, isn't the land supposed to be like er, everyones Mother? Then hi, Ma!

As Mark Steyn has said, in France, it’s always the same story about rioting “youths”, meaning the global MSM can run this story a hundred times without mentioning the word Muslims once. Most no one I spoke to really knew exactly what and who they were voting for in Kevin Rudd, but they were very determined that they would, and why not?

For all John Howard’s faults and he had 'em, he was a relentlessly polite, dedicated, highly competent civil servant, patriot and statesman. When somebody's sellin’, I want to know what I’m buyin’! And people expect damn too much from government. This ain't healthy, bub.

The Left Liberal see's Nirvana-like answer to everything as essentially ever bigger government. Aah, but they do plan to control the state and all its power to co-erce the rest of us, so naturally it’s one of the few times they plan ahead.

Imagine going to the dentist but you’re not sure if he’s a dentist. “I don’t know. I’m tired of the other guy. This new guy that just started hangin’ around, looks great, and anyway, he despises my old dentist, so that’s good enough for me!”

The West will end badly if we don’t focus on the harsh realities around us. The Bolsheviks were only around 3% of the population, not that long before they took over, and the Nazis were at about 5% near 1930. Then it was ever onward to an endless murder spree.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it". Alan Kay.

How many people now hold views that were not long ago, extreme Left and radical non-ideas? Now they're totally acceptable as mainstream and are even regarded as er, sensible? Environmentalism seems benign and smiley, at least without looking under the surface and at its history.

Enviromentalism is actually anti-human at base, and many of its main advocates in positions of influence and power believe utterly in culling via a legal genocide the “virus” of humanity. The head freaks are driven entirely by the passions of moral vanity, ego and ideology. Islamists are driven by their joy in all things necrophiliac, just like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Che the child killer Guevara and all such "beasts among men".

At my puny Uni, there was an activist festival made of the usual standard smorgasbord of stale and bankrupt non-ideas. Students seem able to assemble this crud at the drop of a pavlovian hat. There was a stand protesting, surprise, the evils of GM crops. The evil that can feed millions and greatly reduce irrigation and pesticides via resistance to disease, and similiar to the plants we have had for decades, nearly all hybrids. Yes, evil.

The neo-hippie table girl, seemed unaware that the freak movement died around 1966, when Robert Plant and others paraded through ‘The Haight’ with a coffin. On it was written the cheerful news that "The hippie is dead", because the movement had already been flooded by affluent drop outs, misfits, criminals, the mentally ill and entirely appropriated by business who sold it back to millions of boobs as the rubbish it was.

As someone once said, "Once you could buy hippie wigs at Woolworths, you knew that the 'revolution' was over". Oddly, "hippie" was doomed to carry on as a kind of irrelevant and eternal 'Day of the Zombie Hipsters' right up to now.

I said to my fellow ‘student’, “Isn't it logical if you are against something, that you are ipso the old facto, also for something?”

She replied “Er, whatever…Viva the Revolution! Down with Fascist Imperialism and BushHitler! Viva Che! Bigger parental trust funds!” or something like that. Actually she just had a dumb look on her spoiled and very slappable face.

Says I: "Do you know anything about GM Golden Rice? It's the only way to deliver Vitamin A to the millions of people who without this essential element, are left blind and disabled?"

She did say “Er, what are you talking about?” Um, she didn’t want to know anything of course as her posturing is nothing to do with any reality faced by real people. It's all about her feelings and vanity. All protesters seem to contain quite a few, if not all of 'The Seven Deadly Sins'.

Now how can a tertiary student not have picked up on much if any of the facts of a major subject that they claim to be so passionate about say via the MSM? Why hadn't any teacher or other student it seems, pointed out such profound ignorance? Because mostly those sources don’t exist.

"Hey, I said I had strong emotions about it... I never said I wanted to understand anything!"

Only a few days ago I saw the usual headline standby of lazily calling GM “Frankenstein Food”. Ho, hum. Plus there was a picture of Frankie Stein with a carrot head! Pitifully stupid. GM technology is a highly refined plant science, not a Gothic assembly of freakish flesh, dig?

"What is at risk is not the climate but freedom…I see the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity now in ambitious environmentalism, not in communism. This ideology wants to replace the free and spontaneous evolution of mankind by a sort of central (now global) planning”. President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic.

The difference between being a Conservative, is that you believe in proven evidence and consideration, while the Left Liberal is interested entirely with the future and intent and how one feels about it all. Conservatives also usually believe in God, while the Left of mind in some way, often believe they are Gods. It's the mentality and perspective of the narcissitic and egotistical control freak. Thus as Mark Steyn has noted, the chances of running into celebrities at any Democrats, Labour Party or Greens rally is pretty high. The converse is true of Conservatives.

From Mark Steyn: Barbara Streisand told TV Guide, "Al Gore called from Air Force One for advice. I couldn't take the call. I was in the middle of something." Riiight...

Maybe we better concentrate on the right things now, before we have nothing left to focus on, but how to simply survive through a long dark night for civilisation.

“All failure is a lack of concentration”. The great Bruce Lee.


Aurora said...

From Hendrix to Vaclav Klaus, interesting post, Col. I'm really surprised about Hendrix actually. It's always surprising to find a patriot in that profession, one of the reasons being that they were able to make it past the jury of their peers to fame. I wonder if he would have gotten away with making those views public today.
Vaclav Klaus is one of my favorite people and now that Howard is gone, is one of the few true Conservative leaders left on the planet. I'm always surprised they haven't done away with him yet.

Dave said...

Those are some really good quotes in there.

I hate politics these days, but I have more problems with liberals and moderates than I do conservatives.

What service are you in?

GM Roper said...

Robert, when I come to your blog, and I mean EVERYTIME I come here, not just sometimes, I find wisdom.

This is the perfect example why one should not judge a book by it's cover.

Great Hendrix story, and one that needed telling. Thanks my friend.

GM's Corner

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Dave:
Thank you for the kind comments on my shabby blog. People such as yourself are the kind of folks that really do impress me.

Being in the military is like devoting yourself to being a rural Doctor; it ain't the money, its gotta be the service to fellow citizens.

The Colonel title is sadly, a writing name. My mistake for not joining up. In fact, I think Colonel Sanders has more rank than me, and he's less chicken!

Yep, as time goes on and I study more about the unique value and heritage of the Western Canon, which is essentially Judeo Christian, Greco Roman and Celtic, I realise that I'm Christian in basic ethics whether I want to be or not.

The West is surprisingly, entirely what it is today due to Jesus and Christianity, as they say. And Jesus is all, alright by me!

And while I would have no trouble putting up several worthwhile posts a day, it's the time, you see. Note to self; buy more real estate, start another business or find dumped briefcase full of cash.

All the best and I hope you like these older posts on topics such as John Wayne, as you mentioned, the military, patriotism and a few other things.

Colonel Neville, Melbourne Australia.

Colonel Robert Neville said...
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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear GM:

Jeepers! That's a very flattering thing to say. I've never felt more flat! Thank you very much and I always look forward to your comments, and visiting your super blog.

Yes, Hendrix, like Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen, are ALWAYS an inspiration. And this is no matter how long the time lapse is between ones return to their influence and work.

All the best Doc.

Colonel Neville.