Monday, 26 May 2008

In the lobby of the Waldorph Hysteria this Saturday night.

The Waldorph Hysteria Lobby can get a little hectic sometimes, and it's only Monday night.

Dear sports, here's 18 daft cartoons, [a few are missing which I'll add soon], that started their two dimensional life on a whiteboard in Taipei, Taiwan about twenty years ago, in order to teach English in a more fun kinda way. If that's er, possible. I used such typical phrases as "You know, elephants generally prefer to use the bus", "That guy's head is made of ten cubic metres of pastry!" and the old stand by "You're standing on my duck feet!"

Just click to expand. Er, the illustrations, not you.

Each one was usually drawn over one day, so, a total of about seventeen days work. Work? Yeah, right. I used refillable plastic pencils, an eraser and the edge of the lead container for any straight lines. In the end, I did them mostly for my own amusement. Of course I drew them mostly on Earth and I was usually breathing oxygen throughout. This is what happens when you can mostly only get local Taiwanese TV, featuring Brian Dennehy dubbed in high pitched Mandarin.

I hope ya dig them. You're free to use, though regards the unlikely chance of making any monkey out of them, the usual copyright and vast briefcases full of cash apply. Other than that, post them, print them off or whatever, as they're "just the right size for wrapping fish!" Next time I'll draw a single idea and hopefully they'll make some kind of sense. Colonel Neville.

He was a tough cop in a tough city, or was he?

We Kings and Queens of Maine, leaving too late from the fields.


Pontiac Rain.

Hey, tattoo's are back!

Celebrity party.

Wah's new?.

A bunch a bananas.

Hey! Kid's today. What can ya do? Nuttin'!

Another bleedin' Colonel.

I am not a cartoon!

See monster!

Rusty's most challenging role.

The Big Three. String, Cardboard and Cheese.

Is there Table Service on Mars?

Anyone for tennis?

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