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Oliver Stone interviews Adolf Hitler.

Audience reaction at the Academy Awards, to Oliver Stone receiving his Oscar for Stone's fifteenth assassination conspiracy film about who really killed Momma Cass, titled 'KFC'.

Scroll further down for a charming satirical updated classic from February 22 2008 in dishonour of the tinsel town rebel Oliver fucking Stone, and his absurd Hollywood slander film cum Koskid junkshot fantasy of George Bush, made almost entirely from wholecloth. The film is called 'W'. Rather ironic that Stone is the bigger wee wee pants. I shall make a film about Oliver called 'S'.

W? JFK? WTF? Whatever. The chances of Ollie Scone coming up with genuinely honest, warm and thoughtful entertainment grounded in any known reality with a worthy creative uplifting energy are precisely zip.

The Stoners films involve as much convoluted sturm und drang conspiracy to consistently defraud an audience of an authentically enjoyable experience, as any other tired and juvenile Truther drivel spilling around in his forever undergraduate commie lovin' Bel Air head.

According to Stoney, JFK was murdered by the CIA and "right-wing" gays. Riiiight. Sure he was. Good luck with that mate, ya old alcoholic faced Rodeo Drive circus geek. For "right wing", read as anyone who is not a coke head movieland fuck. The simple truth of a Soviet trained commie misfit mediocrity murdering Kennedy, is just too hard to accept for Stone and like-minded house of cards deluded, conceited hordes.

Note how there is no conspiracy theory for Bobby Kennedy? Gee, cos that would draw attention to the fact that he was murdered by Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian. Yep, guess so.

Yes, President Bush was apparently so bad that in tiny Pavlovian lefty minds, he was simultaneously a Machiavellian genius and a moron. A moron who was a fully qualified and trained jet pilot, passed with a C average at Yale and Harvard, was a popular and successful Texas Governor and a two term President presiding over seven years of growth, low unemployment minus another major domestic terror attack. Curiously, Olivier Stunt dropped out a' Yale twice, once to write a book. As Peter Cook replied to someone who said they too were writing a tome: "What a coincidence. Neither am I."

And yet Oliver Stone is an actual Vietnam vet who won a Bronze star and Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Clusters. Better than me, yet how odd innit, that such a man is now so overtly and joyously treasonous. Is it the Hollywood director type alchoholism or in spite of it?

Hey, Bush was bad when he acted like a high-spending, debt crazed corruptoDemocrat and an Imam's to the Whitehouse inviting PC multiculti boob, which sadly he did among other er, unfortunate things.

Here's the very swingin' Andy Bolt with the crush of Hollywood and MSM stupidity, paraded as er, "creative talent" and "journalism".

‘Has Stone indeed, to my astonishment, made a film showing Bush much as he is—honourable, disciplined, determined, unfailingly courteous and far more intelligent than his gleeful critics sneer?”

Colonel Neville: Not a fucking chance with Stone the fucking drone and ass licking fan of Fidel the fat fascist mass murderer, and Che the child killer Guevara. And most every elitist MSM Marxist sodden affluent twerp thinks the exact same shite. Big as they say, ‘effing surprise.

Andrew Bolt: ‘The very denial confirmed the lie, and in case you’d missed his joke, Stone went on to contrast Bush with the “very moral” and “selfless” Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who has jailed his political opponents, killed his rivals and beggared his country.

“Castro will talk to you. He’s a real human being. But I see George Bush as a synthetic person. As I once said, he’s an ex-alcoholic who believes in Jesus. What could be more dangerous?” [Oliver fucking Stone.]

Andy Bolt: 'The group-think is the most unmissable thing about this baaing of reviewers who see the crudest monstering as the least Bush deserves. No dissent from this party line is even considered or uttered. None of this tribe defends Bush as some will defend even Saddam Hussein, the psychopathic killer he toppled.

Take scriptwriter and Labour speechwriter Bob Ellis': “I assume Saddam, a ruthless, ambitious fan of Stalin, did bad things and killed a lot of people in his time. But kill them pointlessly? I don’t think so. He was too shrewd for that.”

Colonel Neville: Er, shrewd? Now dig this.

Oliver Stone Interviews Adolf Hitler.

Academy Award winning film maker Oliver Stone, recently visited Nazi Germany and over several days interviewed the Fuhrer while a guest at Hitler’s residence, known as ‘The Beagles Hair’. Stone acknowledged that many right wing conservatives have criticised such visits who in Stones words, "have a rabid and almost pathological dislike of Hitler and his various reforms.

That's their reactionary trip, man, and I just don’t buy into it. I’m an artist and as such, I want to show that there’s more than one biased side to a story. I've gotten to know him as 'Adolf' and believe me, anyone that can stand up to American Imperialism is a genius as far as I’m concerned” said Stone by telephone, from atop the picturesque ‘Berchersmuesligarten'.

Oliver continued that he was of course prepared to ask the “tough questions” such as alleged abuses of human rights and “whatever”. Stone is known for such controversial films as ‘The Last Temptation of Christopher Hitchens’, where Stone hypothesises the writer being tested before launching his latest book with being able to live an alternate life as Jesus Christ.

The film ‘Full Bread Basket’, chronicled the massive support by Hollywood stars and celebrities for the two and a half million Vietnamese refugees that left Vietnam after 1975. Many actors, directors and other Tinsel Town illuminati, such as Oliver Stone and close friend Jane Fonda, have dozens of Vietnamese families still living on their large Hollywood estates as virtual permanent guests to this day.

“They’ve become our families now. We love them maybe even more than any of my public speeches or Oliver’s films. Instead of a macho and violent 'victory', we support as we have since the 1960’s, the more inclusive idea of defeat. As actors, we were always naturally determined to keep up the long Hollywood traditions of responsibility” said Fonda, who was known as “Washington” Jane during the war.

Stone spoke of how he was “always very interested in German culture with its sexy, sultry, fun, swinging beat and rhythms. Any party you go to, put on some ‘Beer Hall Oom Pah Pah’ music, and people throw off all their inhibitions and simply can’t resist dancing. It’s very sensual music. You know I toured the Albert Speer industrial zone and ya know what I liked? It was so co-operative and ‘for the people’. No child in the Fatherland is without a heavy rubber truncheon. They just see it as a natural part of being a Nazi”.

The movie maker also spoke to ordinary Germans and went into their homes. “Of course, I had thirteen Storm Troopers with me. But that’s just Cu…, I mean Nazi Germany, man. I have to play by their rules if I want to show the bigger picture, especially at a multiplex”. What impressions did Stone have of regular life for the average German?

Stone considered for a moment and said, “Sure, I see where the criticisms can come from, but ya gotta remember, ever since ‘The Bay of Normandy’ fiasco, the ‘V2 Crisis’ and the subsequent cargo cult, it’s been a question of survival, so some things are just necessary. And remember, whatever economic pressures they are under, the Germans still have their wonderful culture, dancing and music. Yes, they still have that. The dancing, the culture...the dancing, thing, they”.

The Director also shared some lighter moments with the German Chancellor, such as when Stone broke into one of Hitler’s long and stimulating monologues to ask a personal question. “Hey man, sorry to interrupt, but you’re what, over a hundred and fourteen years old now? I know ya always been a ladies man. Can I ask you, is that still part of your life today?”

Hitler, who had appeared quite tense and stimulated for the previous eight hours of his speech, suddenly relaxed while the assorted guests returned to drinking Argentinean wine and eating strudel.

The Fuhrer laughed in that beguiling way that he has and answered cheekily, “With the new and superior German ‘Super Drugs’ my scientists have developed and that will be ready any day now, it will be my first pole and then around the world!”

Stone spoke of how the light hearted mood of the evening changed a little at the mention of Rudolph 'Chump' Hess, who since his death and after trying unsuccessfully to foster a Nazi rebellion in Hawaii in 1967, has become an icon to students and librarians around the world. Many wear the face of Hess as a hip T-shirt design, and he's also a very popular poster boy.

“I can easily see why”, said Stone. “Hess or ‘Chump’ as he’s affectionately known, just looks so good in that classic T-shirt image, with his deep set, very beady black eyes and bushy eyebrows looking off into the distance. It’s a great image with the Hula skirt and he was really just the Prince of Wehrmacht cool and style, especially with his leather Leiderhosen and that cuckoo clock he often carried around with him”.

I asked Stone about the documentary’s release. “I’ll be releasing a Directors cut soon in a boxed set of eighty seven DVD’s. I think, and I’m just being honest here, it will be seen as a major event and a great work of art”. The documentary, ‘Hitler: Misunderstood Genius, Rebel and all Round Nazi Party Guy’, is released later this year.

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