Saturday, 6 October 2007

What’s Left Of A Mind.

"Fascist!" is the mating call of the left liberal fascist.

Wouldn’t it be useful and kind of nice to have a fairly concise point list so you can recognize the modus operandi of the left mindset? A kind of Cliff Notes about those who invariably go over the intellectual and moral cliff. So now you can! Here’s my 43 points that you can whip out as your favorite radical twerp rolls out their entirely predictable default positions of back dated mediocrity. It’ll be like being a biologist, an anthropologist or a vet. "Down Penn, down boy!" Aah, you'll have such fun! So, good luck on your identification safari into the Dark Continent of leftist mental illness.

As Jonah Goldberg has empirically and historically shown, the left of mind are permanently in the grip of their entirely totalitarian urges. Thus they always want ever bigger government and maximum power via control of the state. They don't really believe that the most important freedom is the freedom of the individual. Really.

They mostly despise capitalism while enjoying its benefits. Thus Hollywood movie stars. They want to disarm the ordinary people who they simultaneously romanticize and despise. And remember, the left hate being ridiculed. No, really. They hate the wealthy because they are often wealthy. They are not really interested in the poor except as mere ciphers, because the poor bore them and well, don't dress so good.

As Evan Sayet has said in 'How [Left] Liberals Think', that the left liberal will always choose evil, failure and the wrong over the good, success and what is objectively right. In his book, give War a Chance', P.J O'Rourke shows how the politics of the left liberal are those of a sniveling brat child having a life-long tantrum cos' they want everything they want "NOW!" And note that usually though, the subject whatever it is, will be changed most commonly from the very start, to laughably evidence-free, logical fallacy ad hominem attacks on you. And often that's as far as any er, 'discussion' will go because this is largely all the left has. 

It's all your fault for being evil instead of a selfless-saint like they are because hey, a leftist couldn't possibly be wrong about anything because they already know everything there is worth knowing, and for all the right and virtuous reasons, ie: they care more than you and we know this to be true because they tell us this all the time.

The Left, Liberal and Radical Axis of Mediocrity Modus Operandi List.

1. Subject Change. As Christopher Hitchens has noted, subject change defines the left, liberal and radical axis of mediocrity member, here after referred to as a LRAM. Pronounce it as 'El-Ram' and we can coin an acronym. Subject change usually happens within three second’s of you making any statement that’s not affirming any predictable and very boring criticism of George Bush and the West etc. Anything else you say is merely an unconnected launch pad for the LRAM to make a default moonbat statement. They ain't listening, folk's!

Why? Because no LRAM is actually interested in anything that you may ever have to say, unless it’s a mirror image of their bankrupt bunkum. This is because once one starts examining even a single playing card in the LRAM house of cards, the whole thing collapses. 

You: “Gee, I see the Iranian Theocracy regularly tortures, rapes and murder’s children”.

LRAM: “What about George Bush? He’s the biggest killer of children in the world!”

You: “I bought some cheese”. 

LRAM: “What about George Bush? He’s the biggest killer of children in the world!”

Remember, you must always accept the total LRAM package. You can't reject or question any part of it, or you'll be accused of being a "Right Wing Fascist!", even if you're merely a hot dog vendor or even a Left Liberal yourself. True.

2. Hyperbole. The LRAM speaks almost entirely in hyperbole, platitude and rhetoric driven almost exclusively by narcissism, jealousy, envy, mediocrity and moral vanity. You may rather naively assume, that if you remain composed, unemotional and concentrate only on your concise, meticulously researched, verifiable and empirical facts, that you'll somehow make progress with a progressive. Er, no. Because you are superfluous to an LRAM except as a trigger for their tedious streams of insanely teenage, meaningless and empty revolutionary bilge.

Or they simply and glibly dismiss any Mt Everest of empirical evidence that you may have compiled as complete proof that their feelings, impression's and formed by mere chance' opinion's were right all along.

You: “Er, if you fill a glass with water and ice and wait for it to melt, the level doesn't rise, it actually falls. This is because water expands as it freezes. Thus, water uses less area than ice. That's why you sometimes have to clean out your freezer”.

LRAM tangent: “Bush, Coke Cola and the Jews have killed billions of people and control the world and even the sea floor! They won’t make the electric car so they attack Al Gore who is a genius and just want’s to save the world! John Howard is...” Complete the sentence.

A: A polite, mature, extremely competent and professional ex-Prime Minister.

B: A qualified Solicitor.

C: Was the most evil "Fascist!" in the known Universe, ever.

Remember folks, anyone who disagrees even a smidgen with a LRAM is a "Fascist!", an "Imperialist!", a "Neocon!", "Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalist Warmonger Military Industrial Complex Corporate Tap Dancer!" etc, etc, etc,etc.

3. No sense of Quality Control. The LRAM has zero Quality Control, accountability or appreciation of history whatsoever, especially of their own. Anyone can join. Absolutely anyone, as long as they are against the things that the LRAM are against and for the same things as the LRAM. But, er, exactly and um, totally. No nuance, mate.

These things, whatever they are, can change places in an instant and at any time, occupy for and against positions simultaneously or suddenly completely disappear and then even reappear thirty years later!

This mission statement of non-achievement means that you can have a schizophrenic, barely medicated meth-amphetamine addict covered in snot screaming “BushHitler!” at a WTC riot, an academic employed exclusively by the government (via the taxpayer), who writes Islamofascist apologia and has a Che the child killer Guevara poster on his wall in his office where he bangs young co-eds, and a lawyer who is such an exemplar of venality he believes the revolution is simply right on while PM John Howard is a “Fascist”, and they can all still be on the same ideological page. Ipso facto, the not so strange bedfellow’s of the all commie totalitarian regime loving LRAM are all Islamic terrorists, all Latin American and all Middle-Eastern dictators and similar.

4. Passionately held beliefs do not match their actions or lifestyle. No middle-class LRAM or otherwise, want’s to actually live the life they advocate for everyone else. Nor do they want to live in such places. They entirely prefer the comforts and benefits of the capitalist democracies that they fashionably despise, and are bravely ‘fighting’ from their three piece lounge suite and jacuzzi.

They also often have an inability to transfer their compassion for abstract and far away populations they will probably never meet, into decent interaction with the local and real people that they do meet, especially those that disagree with them.

5. Their motivations include: envy, narcissism, self-loathing, negativity, a pessimistic explanatory style, (See 'Learned Optimism' by Martin Seligman), paranoia, personal failure and flaws, self-righteousness, moral vanity, a sense of superiority and an urge to destroy. Of course, there’s a bad side too.

6. Their ‘ideas’ are non-ideas and are entirely theoretical. All LRAM non-ideas are in a mythical and epic future constructed completely of dreams that never arrive. The LRAM has no proven methods, only utterly failed, discredited and loathsome ‘abstract hypotheses. Everything is based on feelings, but only their feelings. And like aroused emotions, they must be enacted ASAP. For any left liberal idea to fail and be discredited, just wait long enough.

Anyone who questions this or urges either caution, validation via trial and testing, is an enemy and clearly insane. For the LRAM image, theory, deeply held emotions and abstraction, always trump any objective reality. No empirical evidence can ever prove otherwise. The mere total absence of evidence to support their non-ideas is evidence only of your faults and that you are a member of the massive right-wing conspiracy.

7. Everything they say is the opposite of what they really mean. Completely. If a LRAM says they care about any marginal group, they actually don’t at all. They are just handy cipher’s for their ideological posturing and mealy mouthed drivel.

8. Only their own opinions are tolerated. Anyone who disagrees does so because they are evil, insane or not as smart as they are. Hence phony talk of diversity means everybody has a voice but you. Nothing is ever really stable in this world built entirely in the clouds.

9. Any cause, group or individual can be dropped and forgotten even faster than when they were first picked up and used as a slogan, banner or bumper sticker. But not as quick as they find another newly seized upon replacement.

10. Any adamantly defended non-idea and emotionally charged shibboleth can be conveniently forgotten at short notice.

11. They are an immature and permanent child. They have not truly taken personal responsibility for their own or a dependent's life. Nor have they gone through the natural and usual steps to adulthood, preferring often teenage pursuits and concerns, such as popularity, belonging to the group and pointless faux rebellion. The LRAM are entirely a product of a fantasy life completely supported by the system they despise.

Thus tantrums when they don’t get their way, screaming, demanding and smashing things. Hence “Smash capitalism!” The equivalent of breaking a favorite toy, throwing their food on the floor and destroying their bedroom. That’s why they hate the ‘adult’ in society; the government, the responsible, the conservative, the military, business and so on.

12They absurdly an willfully trust outside agencies to the open ended extreme, while automatically distrusting also to the extreme, believing anything, and I do mean anything, about their own government. Hence, they are more likely to be conspiracy bores and U.N fairy garden worshipers. They love conspiracy and the UN! Er, why? (See 'Zero Quality Control') Sadly and forbiddingly, we've allowed the long and relentless acquiescence to the demands of scores of these PC creeps and LRAM pressure groups etc, and now naturally also the lobby of stealth Sharia jihad cum Islam Murder Inc.

13. They have positive opinions of all cultures, religions, systems and people, except their own. They auto-approve and like people because of their ethnicity as a group and not as individuals. Thus they 'like' my wife even though they haven't met her, because she's Japanese. As Mark Steyn said, with Multiculturalism, you don't need to know anything about the actual people, their culture or anything, just feel good about it.

14. They are eventually deliberately and casually anti-Semitic, and align themselves with naturally anti-Semite Islamo Fascists. They don't recognise a Fascist when they see a real one and don't want to, being Fascistic themselves.

15. They often want an ever bigger government to provide almost everything and control more element's of every citizen's life. As Dan Zaremba at the mighty Islammonitor org has said, they are oddly and curiously eager to give up even their own and especially your rights to the government that they later accuse of infringing on their freedom's! These include such foundation pillars of freedom as private property, freedom of speech and gun ownership. Dan also suggested number 43. Thanks Dan.

16. None of their non-ideas when taken to their logical ends as they usually are, make any sense or work at all. Hence, the many usually left New-Age fools' believe in anything but the facts.

17.  They deny often completely the hideous murderous truth of variant left, radical, communist and socialist regimes while showing no interest in their 150 million plus and counting victims of oppression and mass murder, all while selecting various useful pet victims without asking them, as opportunistic cyphers entirely for advancing their one true agenda of gaining total power. [When no longer useful to the left, these pets and the previously loudly trumpeted causes are both invariably dropped, forgotten or put on the left’s endless enemies list.]

This is called "Bambi Factor". A true elitist would not feel 100% progressive if he/she/it did not possess at least one Bambi to look after. Having a Bambi (cute, cuddly and totally dependent) creature makes them feel better, more important, superior (and poor bastard Bambi is the living proof of their superiority). Working-class people aren't good Bambi anymore because as living standards invariably rise and people are successful, they don’t need the activist left for anything worth a damn.

18. They are uninterested in their own history [except for fraudulent re-writings of it] and deny that their ideas essentially mean and require totalitarianism with all its classic oppression, coercion and implementation via murder. When they do admit it, with opportunistic eruption, they're almost at their most spittle flecked. (Wait until they actually get the chance to kill people.) When it's with their common and casual glibness, it's as if such malignant, inhuman viperous talk of "necessary" and "required" mass murder, is the most logical and beneficial activity in the world.

19. The LRAM is more likely to be a government employee, an employee in general, in the media, a celebrity, the arts, tertiary educated, though more often in the theoretical than the practical, such as the trades or self employed, less likely to be a business person, in the military, self taught through experience or self-made. Though in the end, they can of course come from almost any background and class, once infected with the virus of the Left.

20.They don’t really believe in any opposition to themselves. Because opposition to the only truth can only be described as: FASCIST!

21.Their views actually require absolute conformity and extreme radical rebellion.

22.The LRAM think all Conservatives should be eliminated.

23. They're against law abiding citizens owning guns and want a disarmed populace. Why? It's one of the first steps to establishing a Fascist Totalitarian state, the natural end result of PC Left Liberalism.

24.They don’t support the military but are indifferent to the military forces of the enemy.

25.Are for peace even when peace allows oppression and kills millions.

26. Are against force, action or violence except for their own causes in which the ends always justify the means. Thus the Weathermen, Symbionese Liberation Army and the Baader Meinhoff Gang etc.

27. Nearly all their heroes are psychopaths, frauds, murderers, deluded, phony, liars, traitors, impractical and unproductive parasites, spoiled rotten or incompetent, and have usually never achieved anything worth a damn.

28. All their heroes cannot be criticized.

29. Are antithetical to business and its heroes, innovators and leaders, and are clueless as to its importance to society and state, seeing it as essentially bad, exploitative and a source of wealth to be stolen or appropriated.

30. Are usually not Christians and comfortably insult Christians but er, simultaneously perform incredible apologia gymnastics regards Islam.

31. Are often not just atheists, but irreligious while eagerly picking up ‘fashionable’ beliefs or cults to which they are invariably obsequious and accepting, however ridiculous. Thus Harrison 'Chuckles' Ford and Richard 'Smirky' Gere etc, are oblivious and comfortable with the two faces of old cue ball, AKA the Dalai Lama.

32. Speak superficially about spirituality but can’t tell you what it actually means.

33. Replace moral clarity with the amorphous.

34. Largely unaccountable no matter what the appalling evidence. They rarely if ever admit they were wrong or apologise, in fact they repeat the same process's again and again.

35.No matter how intelligent they are, the result is in the end stupid and unworkable.

36. Avoid discriminating thought which is the basis of rational thinking, is seen as a moral imperative. Thus they have no judgement.

37. They don't really believe in right and wrong, or good and evil. Everything is seen as subjective and mere opinion, one being no more valid than another. They're ultimately nihilists. Though oddly, Bush is always "Hitler".

38.Anti-American by default and indifferent to contemptuous of the Western Canon, including the enormous, unprecedented success and pro-human scale of free-market capitalist democracies.

39. They hate Working-Class people who are now happily middle-class. Unless they're rich celebrities and hypocrites who use their wealth and privilege to criticize capitalist democracies and the West to the point of absurdity, treason and destruction via parroted Marxist critical theory. The real success's of the poor via the empirical reality of the triumph of capitalist democracy enrages the LRAM, because it completely validates the overwhelming success of free-market's, while utterly discrediting all their idiotic, useless and destructive LRAM, socialist and communist junk.

40. Prefer people who are victim pets and losers and want them to stay that way. Though this does not usually apply to themselves or the people they associate with. Hence the enthusiasm for whining, criticism, envy, spite, blame and the habitual refusal to give any due credit.

Working class people aren't good Bambi anymore. Thus the dependence, weakness and culture of complaint generating that is welfare, special rights for minority groups, hyper-regulation via the Soviet product of PC enforcement, government funding for private artists and gun control and multicultism, with the brunt of unassimilated immigration being born mostly by the poor and the working-class to lower middle-class and the areas where they have to live and so on.

41. Don't want actual solutions and are uninterested in any, as this would remove a very handy Central Casting mass of people for their "Look how bad the West is!" crocodile tear soaked cant. Thus they can never be satisfied and there is no end point to their er, 'thinking'.

42. They’re dangerous and will destroy us all.

43. They are destroying us.

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Dan Zaremba said...

Dear Colonel,
It's been a few days.
I am too busy for my own good.

This is superb!!
No kidding.

BTW just a few, humble additions but in my books your version gets as close to perfection as possible.

I'd add to No: 15.
They desperately wish to give up ALL their freedoms, property rights and rights in general to the government. In return they expect the government to manage all those goodies for them.
Later they blamed politicians for stealing their freedom.

)which also connects to 18.
System is good but the individuals in charge a BAAAAAAD.)

20.They don’t really believe in any opposition to themselves. Because opposition to the only truth can only be described as: FASCIST!
39 - This is called "Bambi Factor".
A true elitist would not feel 100% progressive if he/she/it did not posses at least one Bambi to look after.
Having a Bambi (cute, cuddly and totally dependent) creature makes them feel better, more important, superior (and poor bastard Bambi is the living proof of their superiority).
Working class people aren't good Bambi anymore.

42. ..they are destroying us