Monday, 10 December 2012

Frosty the Snowman, the Pilsener Dough Boy, Stay Puff the Marshmallow Man and Casper Celebrate Their Black Roots.

The four famous pals are pictured on a recent nude skiing trip. Sounds shocking? Not really, as technically the foursome are nude all the time.

“We’ve always seen ourselves as black and anyone who can’t see it is a racist” said Frosty, wearing a ceremonial red knitted scarf and a traditional top hat while smoking a 'Dreaming' corncob pipe. The decorative winter snow pile and tribal elder, was speaking at the recent government funded forum being chaired by ‘Leftist Intellectuals Against Racist Something’ [LIARS], which aim to make always and only hating white Anglo people and Western culture not just habitual, dominant and across the board as it is now, but compulsory.

“Makes sense” chimed Stay Puff with a smile. “But what do I know? My heads full of marshmallow! Ah, but it’s all so sweet. Sweet Power!" Any parting thoughts I asked Casper? “Hey, I don’t even exist! I’m entirely made-up and imaginary but my stupid opinions count more than real people! And you better not question me with your racist questions, fella!”

“Don’t forget the Dough Boy!” quipped the popular swollen lad from Pilsener, as the Fat Four headed into the Charles Manson and Peter Singer Memorial Hall and Abortion Clinic.  “We never do” replied the chums.