Monday, 31 March 2008

Thank God I Discovered P.J O'Rourke At An Airport Newsagent.

This is the mediocre natural end result of a rancid and permanent immaturity. Behold the inspiring majesty and joy of the total absence of Quality Control that is socialist left liberalism. You too can look this cool and right on! An embarrassing cavalcade of utterly and willfully self-unaware idiots and they're everywhere. Good grief! Charlie Brown.

The mediocre often imagine that the superior [ie: productive adults who possess curiosity, principles, read and have made effort] are somehow inferior to them and their whining. Anything is better than imagining you’re crap. I'm sorry, but I can't ever believe anything anyone looking this shabby would ever say. I love people who are better than me, so naturally I love a lot of people. Such as our serving troops of the Australian, American, Polish, Canadian kind and so on. Everything we have is because of them and only them in the end. If it wasn’t for these better men and women, I wouldn’t have been able to waste my life as a an alleged musician, alleged artist and confirmed anonymity.

How do the troops do what they do? I can't stand people shooting at me, especially while I'm eating. They inspire me, as my Scottish Dentist does. Now there’s a dedicated man. Every time I visit him, he asks me in his wonderful burr “Is it safe?” Well, yes, because the Scots, their engineering, discipline and so on, created much of the modern world. P.J O’Rourke led to Mark Steyn, who both inspire me with their total lack of mediocrity as writers, their enormous output and their great senses of humor. I constantly re-read their pieces and books. I recently re-read P.J’s ‘Give War a Chance’. So good. It described two decades ago, virtually every empirical fact just as true today regards the inherent and useless tyranny of cliches that make up the leftist pose, and posture it is.

As P.J says “the principal of contemporary [left] American liberalism is sanctimoniousness”.

As usual he nails it like in this bit. “People who care a lot are naturally superior to we who do’t care anymore than we have to. By virtue of this superiority, the caring have a moral right to lead the nation. It’s a kind of natural aristocracy, and the wonderful thing about this aristocracy is that you don’t have to be brave, smart, strong or even lucky to join it, you just have to be liberal”.

Yes, narcissism, striking a pose, having the right kind of “feelings”, being morally vain and permanently outraged while dragging around a grab bag of opinions by numbers, is all you need to be a left liberal. You can stop way before risking any proven and effective action that you’ll ever be held accountable for, or even pay for, so it always works out. Neat, eh? Man, there’s so much in this little O'Rourke paperback that sums up in a few hilarious paragraphs everything about the fantasy mental illness, personality disorder and character flaws of leftist drool. Sure there's a negative side to leftism too. P.J is exactly right when he says left liberals “hate wealth, they say, on the grounds of economic injustice, as though prosperity were a pizza, and if I have too many slices, you’re left with nothing but a Domino’s box to feed your family”.

“A rich man does more for society than all the jerks pasting "VISUALISE WORLD PEACE" bumper stickers on their cars”. Even if he cheats on his taxes, he’ll still put $100,000 into education, charity or the marines. “And the Marine Corps does more to promote world peace than all the Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream ever made”.

Jen and Berry give a percentage of their profits to promoting er, world peace when not merely a brand name subsidiary of Unilever. I guess Ben and Jerry are big on sponsoring gun ships to kill the Janjaweed, hit squads to knock off Mugabe, Israeli Divisions to destroy Hamass, Marine and Air Force divisions to liberate North Korea and Cuba and so on? Well, this is what the meaningless bullshit phrase of “peace” looks like. As another great book by P.J O’Rourke titled 'Peace Kills', shows empirically the hideous reality of what “peace” is like for millions of ordinary people right now. Every year and every moment, millions of human beings every year are oppressed, tortured and murdered by “peace”.

Outside of the free West, Japan and South Korea etc, peace mostly sucks big time.

More P.J. “ Liberals actually hate wealth because they hate all success…especially when it’s achieved by other people, but sometimes they even hate the success they achieve themselves…Liberals don’t like any form of personal achievement”.

Yep, they only like “…the kind that can’t be easily quantified, the ‘achievement of Winnie Mandela’ for example”. This is because “…wealth is, for most people, the only honest and likely path to liberty. With money, comes power over the world.

But liberals are not interested in such real and material freedoms. They have a more innocent, not to say toddler-like, idea of freedom. Liberals want the freedom to say bad words and to expose their private parts in art museums”. This fits very nicely with their love of “irresponsibility” and their default creed of “self righteousness” and “unaccountability”.

“Liberals have invented whole college majors, psychology, sociology, women’s studies, to prove that nothing is anybody’s fault. No one is fond of taking responsibilities for his actions, but consider how much you’d have to hate free will to come up with a political platform that advocates killing unborn babies but not convicted murderers. A callous pragmatist migh favour abortion and capital punishment. A devout Christian would sanction neither. But it takes years of therapy to arrive at the [Left] Liberal point of view”.

Now that’s mediocrity for ya, right there. Would you buy a used University educationfrom such a mentality? Nope.

Last excerpt. “The [left] liberal is continually angry, as only a self-important man can be, with his civilization, his culture, his country and his folks back home. His is an infantile world view. At the core of Liberalism is the spoiled child, miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats”. Ah, that’s better as P. J says at the end of this section titled ‘Hunting the virtuous and how to skin them’. My Lord, how much I remember how and why I loved this book and any P.J stuff.

And what I’ve found is that beyond pity, there is entirely no point in being fair with folks waterlogged with leftist ideology. You have three choices really. Total avoidance, humor them with bundled opinions on everything [and we all know what those are] or crush them. Either way, you’ll have a better time than if you give them the benefit of the doubt, because there is no doubt that a lefty twit believes in benefits entirely without merit. You owe them nothing but ridicule. No, really. So good hunting of the irrational, sports. But be careful though, they can be very dangerous when challenged or cornered by facts and reality and especially in their natural collective group an' mob. No, really. But hey, it is to laugh.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

The trouble with institutions and people that are vastly inferior to me. No, really.

The wilfully clueless and Dhimmi Western elites, dream on that all is well with the fifty-eight million Muslims in Europe alone, and rising. (By an average 3.5 plus births per Muslim couple, plus legal polygamy with welfare for each wife in Britain! I kid you not.)

"It was such a lovely day I thought it a pity to get up".
W. Somerset Maugham.

“Article 18. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Article 19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”.
UN declaration of human rights.

“I must be a God. Not THE God, but one of the Gods. I’m just not that smart”. Bill Murray as Phil Connors in ‘Groundhog Day’.

Firstly, I’ve always found our current Prime Minister when compared to me, to be terribly under par, and not just physically but morally. Not only is his full height a metre beneath his knees, but he’s only the width of a hair ribbon and his head is of the same dimensions as your common dust mite or at best, a ceiling clinging Gekko. Morally he is completely bankrupt and feels no shame in living the lie that all men do, who hide furtively in the shadows, waiting for a fleeting chance at dirty love with a caterpillar in an insect club. Yes, he was there, as they cavorted with their lascivious antennae and swelling pudenda.

As an example of his pernicious and relentless darkness, of which there are many terrible examples, I will tell you of a particularly appalling episode. As per usual, I went around to the Lodge to have dinner with the Prime Minister around seven, and turned up a little earlier than this, having changed into the required formal dress of the evening. Gowns for the women and for the men, full Luftwaffe uniforms.

As I was marching briskly up to the back window, I could see him through the large and open French doors wearing his favourite Bo Peep outfit. He had a box of puppies from which he was taking one at a time, placing them neatly in the doorway and then kicking them out across the lawn with glee. How this empty, crocodile smiling and venal windsock came to be our directionless and plan free PM, only the black arts of the main stream media, PC Left Socialism and Diplomacy can describe accurately.

Another highly professional disingenuous dhimmi surrender freak is the latest corrupt weakling in the hideous form of the useless to humanity U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, now performing on our behalf, all the necessary steps towards Western security and cultural suicide.

The half-man in the moon man is nothing if not nothing. How does this unbelievable moral spastic get such a job? Easy! Moral contortionist, liar, fraud and logical retard are a UN position description.

“Being a very useful idiot and endlessly pliable friend of every theocratic Hellhole, Islamist Monkey House, Communist basket case, Nationalist dirt pile and African cannibal gangster kingdom dysfunction or indeed any failed state, will be seen as a definite advantage”. 'UN General Secretary Required' ad, next to the child sex slavery business opportunities section. (Ask for Hans, Mbongo or Ali.)

Incredibly, I can’t get even a fraction of Moon's tax payer funded million dollar wage and perks, and I'm a genius! Outrageous. Nope, not even one Bahama's bound massive kick-back cheque, and all because I’m not a bought and sold professional mediocrity, you see. Merely a humble and rather struggling writer and guitar player thang. Whatever.

On the heights of the UN and other international frauds, what would make you unemployable and under arrest in the real and normal world, is merely something to add to your resume in an elitist cloud land.

“The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side”. James Baldwin.

Here is Ban Ki-Moon, AKA Son of Kofi ‘here’s my bank account number in the Bahamas’ Annan, on the censoring of Geert Wilders film ‘Fitna’. The empirically correct short film on the reality of Islam. It’s a relatively mild piece when compared to the full and terrifying reality of “the filth of Islam” as Christopher Hitchens has correctly called the religion of er, peace.

'U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday condemned as “offensively anti-Islamic” a Dutch lawmaker’s film that accuses the Koran of inciting violence. Ban acknowledged efforts by the government of the Netherlands to stop the broadcast of the film, which was launched by Islam critic Geert Wilders over the Internet, and appealed for calm to those “understandably offended by it".

(Hey, so he appeals to Muslims to not be violent because Islam is shown to be er, violent. Check.)

“There is no justification for hate speech or incitement to violence,” Ban said in a statement. “The right of free expression is not at stake here”.

Riiight. So no factual reporting of the massively relentless and daily global violence of Islam. Check. With that logic, the reporting of rape, murder and bank robbery, even by the victims, is entirely the fault of the victims, and shame on them!

Yes, I'm sure Ban has been put on the list of 'Not to be beheaded' come the Global Islamic Caliphate.

Ban, short for bankrupt Moon boy said this because he is a dhimmi asshat. Islam is violence is Islam. Without violence, Islam would not exist anywhere. It was founded by the most extreme violence by a violent rapist, pedophile and Jew hating bandit. Is it not amazing how many of our alleged betters hide their utter mediocrity and stupidity behind a few lousy University qualifications?

None of which in themselves are any guarantee of character, intelligence, competence or anything, except that you were willing to spend half a decade memorising the possible answers to a hundred or so exams without ever being told where you went wrong.

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance”. Will Durant.

My Scottish Dentist impresses me infinitely more, as all his theory is accompanied by very effective skills that work in an immediate reality. Thus he could never find employment at the UN.

There is an old joke that the UN can be improved by cutting off the top ten floors while it’s in session. Now I couldn’t get Ban’s job even though I’m vastly superior to him where it counts, say being correct about anything at all, plus I can cook Italian and play Jimi Hendrix's 'Machine Gun'.

But then the UN is a house of the darkest most evil lies, truly rotten motives and the sickest modus operandi imaginable. The largest voting block at the UN is made of 57 Islamic Monkey House states AKA the OIC. Thus the endless and virtually exclusive condemnation of Israel for existing. The MSM is no friend of the Jewish people.

'A couple of readers have pointed out that John McCain at least has the guts to refer to "radical Muslim extremists". But "extremism" surely means views out on the fringe: 36% of young Muslim men favor the death penalty for apostasy. That's 36% not in Yemen or Waziristan, but in the United Kingdom. By definition, 36% can't be "extremist". It's mainstream'. Mark Steyn.

This is Liveleaks backdown to the expected Muslim threats against them for posting Wilders film.

“Following threats to our staff of a very serious nature, and some ill informed reports from certain corners of the British media that could directly lead to the harm of some of our staff, has been left with no other choice but to remove Fitna from our servers.

This is a sad day for freedom of speech on the net but we have to place the safety and well being of our staff above all else. We would like to thank the thousands of people, from all backgrounds and religions, who gave us their support. They realised is a vehicle for many opinions and not just for the support of one. Perhaps there is still hope that this situation may produce a discussion that could benefit and educate all of us as to how we can accept one anothers culture.

We stood for what we believe in, the ability to be heard, but in the end the price was too high”.

It certainly is, but Live leak are obviously willing to pay it, which means by default, continuing the long walk on the road to our total surrender and submission.

Hate to tell ya guys, but they’re gonna keep coming until you won’t be able to show anything, and neither wil your company exist, the economy to support it or any people to watch anything you put up er, so bravely. At some point, the most downloaded vid will eventually be where and how to escape from worldwide Islamisation, and just before we all die rather badly I imagine.

'There’s plenty of evidence out there that the most extreme “extremists” are those who’ve been most exposed to the west - and western education: from Osama bin Laden (summer school at Oxford, punting on the Thames) and Mohammed Atta (Hamburg University urban planning student) to the London School of Economics graduate responsible for the beheading of Daniel Pearl.

The idea that handing out college scholarships to young Saudi males and getting them hooked on Starbucks and car-chase movies will make this stuff go away is ridiculous - and unworthy of a serious presidential candidate'.
Mark Steyn.

And here we have a report on the magnificent dhimmi asshat Prime Minister of the Netherlands crawling on his hands and knees for forgiveness from Islamist freaks.

“Islamic leaders in the Netherlands will ask a court later today to ban a film which accuses the Koran of inciting violence. Dutch MP Geert Wilders launched his film on the Internet after local distributors refused to release it. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende added his criticism of the film, saying it was offensive to Muslims.

"The film shows images of violent acts, and holds Islam and the Koran responsible for them. The government condemns such acts and those who commit them. The film equates Islam with violence, and we reject this interpretation. The vast majority of Muslims reject extremism and violence. In fact the victims are often also Muslims".

The endless list of things offensive to millions of Muslims can be broken down to everything, anything and nothing.

Here’s a nice little review of a neato book I’d like to get on the largely bad and conversely hubristic MSM. As per usual, I thank one of the true Gods of freedom and Democracy, Berners Lee, for the Internet. In the wilfully naïve West, the hour it is getting late.

'Henry James spoke years ago of the "house of fiction" through whose windows writers must necessarily peer out at the visible world. James added that while these windows were of varying size and breadth, it was the duty of any conscientious writer to attempt to be "one on whom nothing is lost."

In other words, if a God-like "objectivity" is not fully granted to any writer, he is still obliged, after recognizing his angle of vision, to search out truth and be as fair to the realities he treats as possible.

In attacking the oft-repeated claim by movers and shakers from our mass media to possess a complete and superhuman "objectivity", James Bowman argues most persuasively that journalists should recognize and admit they too look through vision-limiting windows at the events they report. His position here is similar to the noble one of Henry James.

In acerbic, witty prose, Bowman shows in case after case that our self-described, "objective" journalists, in fact and unfortunately, look at life not even through a large living room window, but at best through a peephole. They are these days by and large ignorant of or deceptive about their own easily identifiable and widely shared biases. These include a devotion to multiculturalism, Utopian fantasy, and moral equivalence, among others. Such biases are embraced with complete, uncritical dogmatism.

People opposing the views of such journalists, consequently, can't be ill-informed or simply mistaken, but are deemed necessarily "wicked." Bowman's conclusion is that such practices have led to the corruption not only of the mass media and its reporters but of "our political culture" at large.

Not all readers may share Bowman's out in the open, on-the-table political views, but that's neither here nor there when it comes to assessing the value of his book. As a well-documented analysis of current "media madness," it is indispensable. In my view, it should become required reading in college composition and journalism classes'. Review by Stanley H. Nemeth of the book ‘Media Madness: The Corruption of Our Political Culture’ by James Bowman.

Hey, keep on smiling and the world smiles with you, eh? Jesus H. Christ. All the best, sports from Colonel Neville.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Yes, we have no Obamas.

"I have a dream that one day, no unhinged University student Leftist, dangerous and deluded trust fund brat, retarded and eternally tenured academic, just flown in International Socialist radical extremist and criminal creep or Carlos Santana, will be judged by the quality and colour of their Che the child killer Guevara t-shirt design.

Yes, a beautiful dream that we can walk together as one mindless, embarrassing mass on the way to another, violent mid-town riot and car burning, as we all scream "Fascist!" and assault any old veteran who just happens to pass by on their way to being productive. Yes, I have a teen cream dream!"
Barack 'follow that dreamscape' Obama.

Dear sports, people ask me and even some very famous people have said, “Who are you?” And that’s the kind of question anonymous chaps like me love to ask of er, the very famous. But where's the er, forum? Not in the MSM that's for sure. That's mostly for bad journalists so it seems, mediocre being the hack qualifier of choice. Who are they really, these creeps with power and privilege? Who am I? Thank God nobody, though I'd love the cash.

Marlon Brando used to delight in asking what he considered the only statement worth knowing the truth of regards anyone. “He’s a phony” he’d say and act accordingly. Marlon said Montgomery Clift was so uptight that it was like he had “…a Mixmaster up his ass, and he doesn’t want anyone to know”.

In the Truman Capote book 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s', the narrator “Fred”, says that Holly Golightly is a “genuine phony”, because she really believes it. Man, that’s like the most! And the film of the same name is a genuinely touching piece of entertaining and dated corn that's like gold, because today, such a film with such a feel, cannot be made at all. The main reasons among others, are the abundance of money multiplied by the dearth of stars to pull off an original idea worth a damn. Ah, the dreary facts of a faux reality obsession. If I wanted mere fake reality on film, I'd watch documentaries on diarrhoea.

Like all movies, the film is a total fake, but so delicious and cosy. They really believe it too, so it seems, and so do we, and therefore it’s genuinely er, real and really fake. The good fake. Don’t cha’ love the taxi in the rain scene, the party and Audrey singing Moon River and..?

People are most often nostalgic for things that never happened, eh?

“Are you alive and have you been born yet?” said Jim Morrison the very talented clinical depressive. Jimi Hendrix once hit Paul Caruso, a friend of his and when Caruso asked “…why the Hell did you do that?!” Jimi replied, “I’ll always touch you…” And he did.

Frank Sinatra counted loyalty as the bedrock of friendship. Sadly, like Sinatra, some of these people were disturbingly complex and possibly mad and depressive alcoholic's, so maybe just forget about it. Barack Obama, the Manchurian Candidate of our times, is related to a whole lot of white people, especially himself. Genetically, Obama could have been born looking like the third Johnny Winter brother, or the “brother” Winter. But nope, he just looks more black for what it’s worth, and looks really can deceive, which is spelt aye before he, and the ayes have it, apparently.

Barack related to Brad Pitt and a whole lot of other er, brothers and sisters? Hence the good looks and the dull mind. Yep, a whole list of top profile movers and groovers. Surely he's related to a fruiterer or a used car salesman from New Jersey or something more er, regular?

Here's a hip piece by our hero Mark Steyn on Obama and the Wright 'Brother'. "Look! I can fly!"

Tragically, Obama is like the old clichéd banana comparison. Obama appears more black as his time in the laudatory sun drags on, and more so in say California and New York than other spots. Sadly, he’s mostly yella when it comes to facing up to Jeremiah 'Bullfrog' Wright, or any solid policy of any sense or usable and proven value whatsoever. Obama is so environmentally PC, that he’s constructed himself completely out of the surrounding atmosphere that's mostly filled with the expanded hot air of a heavy breathing mob of Leftard hysterics. Never mind.

With Obama’s lovely smile, and as the old Pepsodent toothpaste ad goes, "You’ll wonder where the yellow went, when you clean your teeth with the President!”

I imagine that when Obama sat listening to the Pastor Wright out of the ballpark, Barack thought “Hey, that’s some insane, bigoted and low intelligence insanity I’m listening to, and I’ve been doing it for seventeen years now. How ‘bout that? Boy, lucky I disagree with it and frown a lot. Yes indeedy. Yet strangely, I feel compelled to get this freak to marry me to Michelle my belle, and I think I’ll even throw in my daughters baptism…a baptism of fire! Why not, eh? Gee, am I talking out loud? Am I?”

“No, you’re not and I’ve never felt more proud to be an American!” Michelle ‘rich and crazy’ Obama.

And er, talking of loyalty, not really a big quality in the Democrats who love as they say, to eat their own. And um, Islam comes with an inbuilt loyalty clause. “Please note: Leaving Islam results in death”. Obama will be the worlds first high profile Muslim to leave the ahem, 'faith' for Christianity of a whacko kind and live. Good luck there, kid.

Is Obama a genuine phony or just a phony but without the fake credit? Is he a baloney slicer or just a smoke blower of the most snake oiled and platitude spouting type? Or is he just full of crap, but authentic crap? The audacity of hopelessness? Or like Clinton, the audacity of grope? Or like Englishman Tony Blair, the audacity of soap? Having English parents, well, we used to share the same bath water every Saturday night whether we needed a bath or not. I once stepped into the bath and stubbed my toe on the floating soap scum.

Which is just great. Because with the new wave of PC Leftard Liberal neo-Global Socialism via Global Warming and its empty heroes crazily sweeping the West, we can at last all finally dispense with the harsh facts of life. Like needing to bathe, earn a living or even dentistry.

People like Barack 'follow that loony Preacher' Obama, our own PM Kevin 'populist windsock surrender boy technocrat' Rudd, and some Gordon 'kiss that Koran PC sod' Brown, are gonna find a new way to deal with the reality of the scum of life floating opportunistically to the top. They’ll simply congratulate themselves on getting there, while ignoring the largely voiceless dissent of over half the populace. What a load of big rich and phony baloney creeps and poo poo pants. No, really.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Soft Headed Parade Has Now Begun.

Cathy Freeman ponders the Theory of Irrelevantivity. E=Moronic2.

"Listen to the engines hum..." The Doors.

Hey, the promotion of irrationality means big money! Dear sports, all we have is our ability to think and act rationally. Without this hard won and precious ability, we have nothing and all is chaos and darkness. Cathy Freeman, Olympic athlete, Aboriginal media celebrity and global economic energy specialist, features in a ridiculous TV add for the Earth Hour total fraud.

For this laughably cringe making and virtual slapstick promotion, “our Cathy” will most likely be paid a very nice featured actor bundle for crazily running around the city at night, turning off the lights, even while people are uh, still there. I don’t know about you, but if someone ran into a place where I was working or eating, manically flicked off all the lights, then ran out again leaving us all in darkness, we wouldn’t be cheering them on exactly.

“Get the Hell out of here, you loon! Lookout folks, a crazy and profoundly deluded black woman is heading your way! Hey, not even a sorry, eh? Check.”

Great! If Cathy is in a dumb ad about a dumb unproven belief, that's good enough for me! And it's on television, your guarantee of scientific Quality Control! It is, in a word, stupid.

This embarrassing, dumb as a plank exercise with no logical or scientific basis whatsoever, is part of the avalanche of pointless behaviour promoted by a hack filled, PC Leftard Liberal MSM, a neo-Socialist posturing government, and business hopping aboard an easy gravy train and well, kindly and caring advertisers.

Gosh, why do ya think? Maybe because it sells more products and bogus services, makes money, and promotes a narrow and very useful to some, Leftoid ideology. It’s a disgrace to promote any cause and propaganda over reason, just because one’s moral vanity overrides the mind and it’s oh so fashionable. It’s simply snake oil, as all Left shibboleths are.

Fact: It costs more to turn an electric light on and off than leave it on for an hour.

I’m sorry Bub, but I consider the objective clarity and thinking skills which equip young people to think with discrimination, more important than indoctrinating people with what they should think. The mature skill of being about to see beyond the mass and self righteous hysteria of fashionable ideology and coercive political movements, is a precious thing, especially for young people. But then, the idea is pushed that this is too important for any dissent. This is baloney and merely a necessary precursor to Totalitarianism. Here’s a slogan for the slogan crowd:

Global Warming = Global Socialism. Yes, it does.

Hey, it’s symbolic! What Left fantasy isn’t? None of it, I repeat, none of it ever works out. For any Left Liberal idea to be discredited, you just have to wait long enough. But that’s Left Liberal Fascism for ya. It’s all so group crazy and conformist, just like the Cultural Revolution!

“Down with the Capitalist Railroaders and their Counter Revolutionary Office Lighting!”

I’ll tell you this, the chances of seeing much if any critical examination of this er, bullshit in the MSM, is about zero. I think of the radio, TV and print as a 5% proposition of usefulness. In fact, if you stayed with the Internet, books and literature, you’d be less distracted by a Himalaya of distortion, bias, incompetence, fraud, cluelessness and manipulation Sure there’s a negative side too.

Walid Shoebat, the ex-terrorist, who now travels the world trying to get through to a naïve, wilfully ignorant and dhimmitude West, states he never consumes any main stream media. Thus he tends to be so very surgically correct in his specialty and more.

I don’t know what Cathy’s motive is, but as per usual a celebrity usually means an average to below mind that swallows current Leftard scams whole. And one does get paid after all. Gee, I hope the fees don’t come from anything that uses electricity, lke er, television ads!

Oh I get it now...Cathy the Aboriginal heroine is going to lead us non-indigenous folks away from wicked Capitalism and the electrified, modern and inherently bad cities of the whiteman, and back into the purity of sitting around a wood fire in the dark. I feel itchy already and I can feel my teeth falling out! Let's roll in the dirt and daube some ochre on each other...Right on! Er, no thanks.

If not this exactly, what is she saying? Hmmmm? It's all new style anti-modernity bollocks at best. Cathy, like most of us, has the great life she has, and has benefited entirely from modern science, technology, Capitalist free markets, the Western Canon and er, nothing else.

Jesus, what a joke so many dumb bastards are and how sheep-like they are as they gobble it all up. Why? Are people just not very bright or do they want to believe because they’re uh, lonely and um, therefore have to believe? It’s a joke kids, fit only for the mediocre and the parasitical.

I'd feel sickened if I wasn't so busy vomiting into a bucket.

“It crushes a man’s ego. I feel…lonely”. George Taylor considers the infinite darkness of space in Planet of the Apes.

It’s shocking, is it not, that the public discourse is so controlled, censored and biased that there are few if any alternative voices to the current dominant phony paradigm? No, really. And it’s getting worse outside of online. The MSM, losing relevance and audience numbers one informed consumer at a time.

Let me put it this way: anyone that sucks up this endless fools parade of enviro-freak conformity is a dumb robot. Yes, now that’s a scientific fact to pull out at the next inner-city dinner party and smug conceit fest.

“Yes, Adrian and I, as highly paid University educated professionals, living in our beautiful house with all the things we could never live without, nevertheless, just love to entertain masturbatory fantasies regards a simpler life whatever that crap means, and spouting this at the drop of a custom kitchen appliance”.

The affluent and successful parts of the world, meaning the free Western Capitalist Democracy countries, are seemingly filled with phony and deluded chumps who don’t want to face the Conservative realities that have made their life so good, and the true reason why they are even alive at all. It certainly ain’t because they have enough brains to remember to keep on breathing.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Sister of Little Mercy.

Being physically ugly and possessing the personal charm of a cane toad is all you need to make it in today's Socialist Party. Join now and get a free pair of sandals with unmatched socks, and a years supply of orange juice!

I once worked in aged care where there was a Nun who volunteered to help the residents. She was seemingly of the sadly now all too common type, that carries a bundle of PC Left canards and cliché’s around through which are filtered faux ‘tolerant’ views with an irreligious and mundane rigidity. Now I'm a Christian, funny enough, and old Sis was writing a book on that timeless philosophical and religious conundrum of er, environmentalism! And with the usual idiot shouts I imagine, regarding the alleged evil of John Howard/BushHitler etc, etc ad nauseum. Had to, Mister!

Is it not pitiful that for some folks, the most profound concerns are best explained via the shallow, fashionable, predictable and the bog standard? Yep, she did turn me off eventually! And like most Socialist Left middle-aged women, it has nothing to do with them looking like a cross between Jean Paul Satre’s buffalo shouldered sister and a permed file cabinet, but without the glamour.

I asked her once to turn down the TV room Soma box from napalm level, and this was er, somewhat difficult for the old chuckle head. Did I tell you she had a great sense of humour? That’s because she didn’t. She had a sense that humour was out there, somewhere

Colonel Neville: "Excuse me, is it possible to turn down the volume a little? It’s just kind of blasting to work to”.

Sister Vinegar: “WHAT?!”

Colonel Neville: Repeat.

Sister Pissed ‘er. “She’s gotta hear it! She’s deaf!”

Colonel Neville: “I understand, but I’m not...yet. It does echo around unfortunately and disturbs the other residents too, you see”.

Sister Blister: Silence. Turns down volume.

Colonel Neville: “Thanks”. Leaves then thinks: “Maybe I better see if all is well. Excuse me, but is there something wrong with me asking you to turn the volume down a little? Have I offended you?"

It's alive!: “Yes!”

Neville: “How?”

The Sister from the Black Lagoon: “I’ve never had a person in your position ask me to turn the volume down”.

Neville: “My position eh? Ah, this must be the humility you’ve learnt from Jesus?”

The Lump: “I thought you’d say that!”

Neville: “Well, I’m a Christian too”.

The creature speaks. “I don’t care!”

Neville: “And that would make you a fraud, right?”

Sadly, my chances of promotion consequently plummeted and the old pig bladder got me kicked off the site. I believe I was about number 150 in 18 months. I heard she was considering taking me to some kind of Human Rights Commision because I er, insulted "her" faith! Hey, a chance at my own potential ersatz Mark Steyn and the CHRC conundrum! Never happened but what a riot. Christian loon attacks Christian guitar slinger for er, something.

Ah, it was a gay, carefree, yet claustrophobic, pedantic and mostly female place. Tense? I’ve experienced lighter moods on the edge of active volcanoes. Which just shows that getting the technical details down doesn’t necessarily guarantee one is a Christian at all.

“When you’re stuck for the rent and you think ya gonna break, the last thing ya need is another phoney on the take”. Iggy Pop.

In fact like most anywhere, you can get the membership or subscription even as a total bastard and freak, though you may be lacking any new friends. Whereas an Islamist will find being a freak a plus, and can therefore always form a good sized group.

Sadly, Jesus did seem to lower the Quality Control beyond repenting, which may have been a mistake. Shouldn’t there be some standards, like clean shoes and a workable personality? Couldn’t hurt. Just a suggestion. Sheesh. I prefer to live near other Christians if I can, though not exclusively. In fact, one of my neighbours worships a plasticine likeness of Tommy Cooper. I don't know how orthodox he is though.

Yep, a major part of charity and assistance in the world is Christian or Jewish, among a million other points of massive difference. Israel and the Jewish people help everyday, thousands of people who are otherwise their mortal enemies. Terrorists who come into Israeli hospitals get the identical treatment to any Israeli. There is no equivalent in the Arab and Muslim world, a world of pride, shame and revenge.

So many Islamic Charities are fronts for terror funding and money laundering, that they’re almost impossible to be seen as anything but criminal. And golly, Christians are not into beheading, and er, homicide/suicide bombing, er, genital mutilations and er, come to think of it, even a third rate Christian is preferable to a first rate Islamist.

The presence of total Islam is a virtual guarantee of only the totally negative and insane, and its absence is usually a great first step toward normality. The more authentic a contemporary Christian and the surrounding culture Western, the better citizen one will generally be. The more authentic a Muslim and therefore an Islamist you are, the more er, problematic one becomes. Christians by definition are Conservative, where as true Islam is an entirely radical proposition.

I’m sorry, but these are facts and I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

The presence of Judeo Christianity in particular, which is inseparable from the Western Canon, just about guarantees in the world a whole lot of positives, from traditions of critical, discriminating and rational thinking, of social depth, of values, the free exchange of ideas, innovation, freedom of expression and freedom in general, Democracy and especially of a working economy. Judeo Christianity is like a theological McDonalds. Everywhere you have it you have successful and free societies by default.

Yes, a fashionable idea is that Buddhism could, would or should do this, but no dice. Never has and never will, anywhere. Firstly, Buddhism has all the material and economic seriousness of belly button fluff.

It has neither the depth, application or commitment to overcome the natural um, inertia and entropy of its fatalism. And a lot of Buddhist sayings and thought, has an unfortunate desk calender ring to it. Judeo Christianity has a central idea of choice and consequences. That the here and now has human glory and great value, and that we are always moving towards something better. Thus the statism of Buddhism is the spiritual fancy dress of choice of shallow Hollywood actors uncommitted to anything serious beyond themselves.

You can tell a Christian if their concerns are more immediate, say a higher regard for people they actually interact with, like er, me. And gee, so there are no deeper concerns for an adult Christian in this world than the entirely fashionable sense of superiority one of enviro-Socialism? I can’t take a single theological concern or non-credential that such twerps and mediocrities would ever utter, even by some surprising accident.

Yep, millions dead from diarrhoea every year, sixty million dead from malaria due to the banning of DDT, six thousand Muslim girls genitally mutilated a day, over 10,000 known major Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11, the Islamist global war for a worldwide Caliphate and their plans to use nukes when they get ‘em, 1.6 million abortions a year in the US alone, millions oppressed, tortured and murdered in North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Africa etc, etcetera.

Or what about the mass hysteria and indocrination and manipulation of people by a Logical Fallacy and Cognitive Biased challenged, PC Left Liberalism and radicalism via the MSM, and our compromised education system? Hmmmm? Now there's a real and immediate topic for ya.

Then there’s the collapse within far too many Christian Churches due almost entirely to the corruption, stupidity, mediocrity and the relentlessly pathetic attempts to be fatuously contemporary, read that as entirely PC Leftard. All helped in no small way by the Left indoctrination of our school children and a major reason for parent’s flight to private and more authentic religiously informed schools. None of that seems to ever interest these people, like er, ever. Not even a blip on their myopic PC screen...

Nope, what people who are seeking a closer profundity to God need, are the latest embarrassing versions of the 1950’s ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’. This was a ridiculous and now largely forgotten attempt at getting with the swinging hep cats and greaser delinquents of the time, by re-writing the Bible or at least the Gospels I believe, in now tragically dated lingua Frankenstein.

Punk extra straight from West Side Story: “Hey Padre! Us kids just ain’t gonna make it with that Jesus cat, man!”

Happenin’ young inner-urban priest who can even play folk guitar: “I can dig where you’re comin’ from Daddio, but let’s cool it a little, hey? I’m totally hip to your bug with the squares and the fuzz, but Jesus is real, man! Trust me?!”

Hold’s out hand and punk places switch blade gently on upturned palm of hand. Kids then organise a bongo’s and prayer night every Thursday and Friday at the local Church Hall. Be there or be square!

Well, Jesus was neither fashionable, superficial, a wimp or merely ‘relevant’. He is the reflection of the eternal human condition, the profound and the forever unresolved faith in the awesome and strange presence of God, to whom we forever posit questions of the Divine.

And is it ok if He turns the damn volume down a little bit? If that’s ok with You an’ all. And where's my membership card?

It’s a little known fact…

Free, clear minded Western women and Islam don't mix. Ever. Ain't that great? It's the only good thing about Islam. Oh yes, and that Islamism can and will be destroyed.

In the 7th Century A.D, somewhere in God’s Monkey House of the Middle-East, a lone sand rapist and matchmaker, one Mohammad Wilson (no relation), was heard to say “Jesus, I really need to go to the bleedin’ Khazi, mate!” No, he did.

Cart wheeling among a rocky outcrop, Wilson saw a cave opening and said “’Ere’s a nice slash stop. I don’t want no bleedin’ camel looking at my zucchini, mate”, as he used an old ceramic fish tank left casually on a chez lounge.

“Well, time to get back to that crossword puzzle. Nine down. A five letter word for weird and odd starting with K that is not Koran? Kooky. Seventeen across. A five letter word for mad starting with I that is not Islam? Insane. Forty-two down. A twelve letter word for monstrously perverted and depraved control freakeries starting with M that is not Mohammadism? Megalomanias. Bloody easy, and most of these words haven’t even been invented yet”.

Mohammad Wilson was not just a great crossword puzzle champion and a goat rapist extraordinaire, but a psychopath whose many obsessions included cutting off heads because as he put it, “they were looking at me”, bathing up to once every five years in lice and sadly, playing garden bowls. “I may be a paedophile but I’m covered in filth, eh?” he often said proudly.

Which by an amazing coincidence, is exactly what another young man said at exactly the same time from the back of the cave, who was not just a psychopath, but completely insane, and also called Mohammad. And why he drank the fish tank of urine will perhaps never be known, but it seems to have pushed him over the edge, so to speak, even though he had long ago run out of any ‘edge’ to go over, having used any normal man’s ‘edge quota’ a thousand fold to the power of quod.

It was this brinksmanship, where he always went over the brink, that inspired Mohammad to get a very rare and literate stripe assed baboon and scribe, to write down every piece of crazed rubbish that Mohammad would gibber day and night, that consequently became known as the Koran. This translates roughly as not just crazed rubbish, but as a triumph of crude, turgid, unreadable madness, but with a small section in the back showing local and state wide bowl clubs.

Sadly, few people who were not insane were interested in this or Islam in general, even with the free bowling club memberships and the relentless threats of violence, so naturally Mohammad formed a friendly society to kill them all. “If we kill everyone who disagrees with us, you won’t get more peaceful than that! Hey, let’s call it the religion of peace?” And he did, and soon everyone else was saying the same thing, who weren't running, screaming and dying, no matter how empirically stupid and what an enormous lie it clearly and obviously all was and is.

The moral of this story is this. Never get trapped in a lift with an Islamist loon, or in the same country or even the same planet. Really.

Friday, 21 March 2008

That old Barack tragic has you in its spell.

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream as Barack Obama, the Rubber Soulman and Doctor Robert, sings his greatest hits such as, I'm The Higher Taxman, You Won't See Me, The Word (Change), Michelle, If I Needed Someone (As A Cipher), I'm Looking Through You, In My Life (Don't Ask), What Goes On, Nowhere Formalwear Man, Drive My Limousine, Wait (For A Policy), North Western Veneer Wood (This Bird Has Blown) and finally, Think For Yourself (Don't).

In America, 94% of black homicide victims are murdered by other black men.

“We hold these truths to be self evident. Just words? We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Just words? Don’t tell me words don’t matter”. Barack Obama, son of an American white Mother and a black Kenyan Father. Virtually identical to a speech by another politician in 2006.

“This is the first time I have ever felt proud of America. Until now, I was never proud of my country”. Michelle Obama, the privileged, upper-class and rich wife of Barack Obama, a rich, educated and very successful politician. They have been able to achieve this because they are both US citizens who live in America, and not in spite of it.

"Baby, you're a rich man!" The Beatles.

“God damn America, God damn America. America created AIDS to kill black people. Hillary Clinton ain’t never been called a nigger. Bill Clinton done us like he done Monica Lewinsky. He was Ridin' Dirty! The US of KKKA. What we are doing is the same thing Al Qaeda is doing. America's Chickens are coming home to roost”. Pastor Wright.

The last in the previous long line of freak quotes, was part of a hate America sermon just after 9/11, by the Jew hating, race baiting, Black Panther supporting Pastor Benjamin Wright, Obama’s personal friend and Pastor of 17 years who married Obama and his wife, baptised both of Barack's daughters and so on, ad nauseum.

"I said, who put all those things in your hair? Things that make me feel that I'm mad?" She Said. The Beatles.

Oh, yes, Obama denied hearing any unpleasant speeches in all that time because he would have naturally “rejected” them. Naturally.

"The movies gonna make me a big star. 'Cause I know the part so well. Well, I hope you come and see me in the movies, then I know that you will plainly see, the biggest fool to hit the big time, and all I gotta do is act naturally". Act Naturally. The Beatles.

“I have known him 17 years ... He helped bring me to Jesus and helped bring me to church. He and I have a relationship. He's like an uncle who talked to me, not about political things and social views, but faith and God and family. He's somebody who is widely respected throughout Chicago and throughout the country for many of the things he's done not only as a pastor but a preacher”. Barack Obama.

"Everyone smiles as you drift by the flowers, that grow so incredibly high. Newspaper taxies appear on the shore, waitng to take you away. Climb in the back with your head in the clouds and you're gone". Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. The Beatles.

A common lie is that people won’t vote for Obama because he’s black. Then equally they won’t vote for him because he’s white. Oh, he just looks more black? All meaningless balls. Obama thinking he’s a black American because his Father is a Kenyan, is the same as me saying I’m Swedish because my Mother was a white woman from England.

"I'm looking through you. Where did you go? I thought I knew you. What did I know?" I'm looking through you. The Beatles.

Why doesn’t Obama run as a “proud” white man? He’s exactly 50% black and 50% white. Exactly. Because it’s a creepy and phony political tactic. To run as a white guy specifically would be thought of as preposterous, in the way that running specifically as a black guy isn’t. It’s all bollocks, lies and bullshit. Imagine teaching black children that the main focus of their ambitions should be that another race is to blame for everything?

What a pitiful, boring, useless and doomed to a life of failure lie.

"Hey, you've got to hide your love away". The Beatles.

People may not vote for Obama because he is a very junior Senator with only two years experience in Congress, where he did virtually nothing but support race based policies. And because his Father is not an American born citizen. Also because he’s a far Left typical rich Liberal, who believes in retreat and surrender as a viable policy that will impress our enemies. Perhaps because he supports partial birth abortion, you now, where they pull the baby out half way, stab it in the head and break its neck? Great, eh?

"There's a fog upon L.A. And my friend's have lost their way. We'll be over soon they say, but they've lost themselves instead". Blue Jay Way. The Beatles.

Riight. So it’s bad to discriminate against black people but OK to promote the mutilation and murder of their babies? Check. Got it.

"Say the word and you'll be free. Say the word and be like me. Have you heard the word is love?" The Word. The Beatles.

Maybe he's not someone to vote for as President of the United States of America because he spent some of his childhood growing up as a Muslim in Indonesia? Kinda problematic, don't cha' think?

"The Magical Mystery Tour is hoping to take you away. Satisfaction guaranteed". The Beatles.

Maybe he ain't good enough personally, and not as an absurd race representative? Or maybe because Obama digs the utter failure of Socialised medicine and the worlds number one Che the child killer Guevara fan, Hugo Chavez, and sitting down to chat with Iran's Jew murderers and the mass murdering despot, Kim Ill Sung etc? Could be...

"You say you got a real solution. Well, you know, we'd all like to see the plan. You ask me for a contribution. Well, you know, we're doing what we can. ...Money for people with minds that say you'll change the Constitution...but when you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow...". Revolution. The Beatles.

Or in Obama's case, putting Che the child killer Guevara posters up on his campaign office walls. And of course, the maximum way to enforce and control people, is to first push for gun control, which always leads to total gun confiscation and disarmament of the people, as it has in Britain and Australia. Then it's a short step to economic control and then total control. They'd sell your soul for total control, over you.

"He's a man you must believe, helping anyone in need. No one can succeed like Doctor Robert.

You're a new and better man, he helps you to understand. He does everything he can, Doctor Robert.

My friend works for the National Health, Doctor Robert. Don't pay money just to see yourself, with Doctor Robert".
Doctor Robert. The Beatles.

Maybe folks don’t want to vote for a man who attends an insane, hate filled, racist, Jew hating, trapped in past paradigms of victimhood, Black Panther supporting Church of the Poisoned Mind, run by the ridiculous old bigot and low intelligence freak, Pastor Jeremiah Wright? And maybe that Obama then spent an hour spinning it as someone elses fault? Nothing can ever be a black guys fault, eh? Because responsibility defines adulthood. Yes, that could be it.

"Everybody got something to hide except me and my monkey". The Beatles.

Ah, Sexy Sadie, what have you done? You've made a Democrat of broke the rules, you layed it down for all to see, one sunny day the world was waiting for a lover. She came along to turn on everyone...however big you think you are, you'll get yours yet.

Many black people do see through Obama's guff, such as the great Allen West (Rep) from Florida. Vote Allen West!

"She's got a ticket to ride. And she don't care!" The Beatles.

Disingenuous and stupid white people can get excited about supporting Obama and his zero policy count while taking it for absolutely granted, that a half black man would by default be a radical Leftard and incapable of formulating intelligent and empirical action via policy.

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise". Blackbird. The Beatles.

Many white Obama supporters would never think of holding Barack up to the same adult and professional standards as everyone else, because in their hearts they don’t think a black man should or can be. That’s the slimey fact of the matter. Where's the honest scrutiny of Obama's er, 'abilities?' Such people are merely inverted bigots.

“...liberal orthodoxy cannot exist in a world where blacks and Latinos no longer 'need' their help”. John Doggett.

It's funny, but the Republicans for all their flaws, have Condi Rice, have had Colin Powell and others in the GOP. While the Democrats have had precisely zero blacks in any position of power in the Democratic party, ever. Gee, not even the "black" President Clinton did.

"When you're in the thick of it, help yourself to a bit of what is all around you, silly girl". Martha My Dear. The Beatles.

Still, the Democrats have had Senator Byrd, the long time actual KKK member, so that kind of counts as a black related politician! No, really they do and he is. Check him out. Hard to believe really.

"I don't know how, you were diverted, you were perverted too. I don't know how you were inverted. No one alerted you". While My Guitar Gently Weeps. The Beatles.

"I've got a word or two to say about the things that you do. You're tellin' all those lies about the good things that we can have, if we close our eyes". Think for Yourself. The Beatles.

Do a lot of black people and Left Liberal whites vote on race, either real, perceived, ersatz or entirely imaginary? Seems that way. Why vote for New Orleans venal, incompetent and irresponsible boob mayor, Ray Nagin? There is no intelligent and empirical reason to do so.

" know the place where nothing is real. Well, there's another place you can go, where everything flows. Looking through the backed bent tulips, to see how the other half lives. Looking through a glass onion". The Beatles.

What exactly has Obama ever said that is not a meaningless, empty and dime a dozen platitude? What are his actual achievements? Zero on both counts. What have I ever done? Not much and that’s why I refuse to run for President of the United States! I had to decline.

"I get high when I see you go by, my, oh my. When you sigh, my mind inside just flies..." It's Only Love. The Beatles.

Barack Obama is a mediocrity whose only outstanding attributes are a sonorous voice, and looking half black. Being black is not a qualification. He’s merely a typical Democrat Party style of politician. He has nothing to say about anything worth a damn. Osama’s, sorry, let me start again. Obama’s real message is an empty vessel into which any fraud and grievance can be poured.

"And now my life has changed in oh so many ways. My independence seems to vanish in the haze. But ev'ry now and then, I feel so insecure. I know that I just need you like I've never done before". Help! The Beatles.

America is the most successful, free, dynamic, exciting, inspiring, interesting, fair, opportunity filled, open, fun and generous country in history. This is what Barack Obama wants to change.

"I read the news today, oh boy. About a lucky man who made the grade. And thought the news was rather sad, well, I just had to laugh.

A crowd of people turned away. But I just had to look, having read the book. They'd seen his face before. Nobody knew if he was from the House of Lords.

And though the holes were rather small, they had to count them all. Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall. I'd love to turn you on".
A Day In The Life. The Beatles.

But er, like all rich and privileged Left Liberals, this never includes the part of America that people like Obama live in. Nope, only yours.

"When your bird is broken, will it bring you down? You may be awoken, I'll be arond, I'll be around". And Your Bird Can Sing. The Beatles.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

I am them, as you are them and we are them, and we are all together.

Everyone loves hanging out with old people. No, not really.

I’ve worked in aged care, where the most common default type of old dear is a variation on the astoundingly boring, paranoid, whining, grizzly, utterly clueless, nasty, incurious and void of personal initiative old stinker, and that’s not just the Management. Of course there’s a negative side too.

Most old people love nothing better than sitting motionless, while staring into the curtained gloom, whatever the time of day or however the weather.

Colonel Neville: “Why don’t you open the curtains and let the sun in?”

Weird old freak: “I’m 90 years old! I don’t have time for opening curtains! I’m so bored…”

Colonel Neville: “Well, maybe learn something new. Learn a language or...”

Old peanut nibbler: ”I don’t want to learn Chinese! I’ve been to the Suez Canal!”

You see 'em fiddling with a piece of newspaper that they’ve cut out about pumpkin pie, or a curtain rod on special. Saving rubber bands and old jam jars is pretty damn vital work. Some have hundreds of them. Numbered and in alphabetical order. Great, eh? Ah, old people and daytime TV, and whatever’s on.

“And now for our advertised eight hour potato peeler infomercial marathon!”

Just the chance that an old person may actually speak can give one a feeling of inertia. Now let’s be honest. They mostly never say anything even remotely interesting that anyone sane wants to hear, needs to hear or haven’t already heard them say every other time they’ve spoken.

“That’s nice linoleum, isn’t it?” It’s all I ever think of. Linoleum is my life. When I think of excitement and adventure, I think linoleum.

“I don’t like to make work for anyone”.

Who does? That’s why I never use any products or buy bread for example, because it only makes more work for the bakery. I never breathe as I don’t want to be any trouble.

“It’s cold today!”

Yep, it must be around 28 degrees Celsius! Arctic! I’m expecting snow.

“They have that yellow cheese now and there are seagulls”.

Yes, the wonders of the steam age.

“I’m too old for jokes and laughing!”

I gave up laughing when I turned forty five. I realised it was time to grow up and be a sour old bastard.

“I don’t know what’s happening. I’m afraid I don’t know about things. I don’t understand anything much”.

Leave the gas on and I’ll come back tomorrow then.

And then there was the case of the missing brown sock. One old guy was so outraged about a single lost brown sock, that he forced management to call a staff meeting and bring in his family! It took days to resolve. No, really. For old people, the whole world is merely a convenient backdrop to a vast conspiracy of persecution, being plotted and schemed covertly and out in the open, by er, everyone. Especially you.

“This is an outrage and a crime against me! I pay good money to you monsters and you steal my sock! I won’t stand for it!”

Microscopically pathetic and yet, somehow sickening. Like five year olds, one of the most popular three word introductions to any statement is “I don’t like..." Well, virtually everything really, except not liking things. Old folks really like not liking anything! Though they do like cups of tea.

"But not in that cup!, or too hot and not with that milk and I know what you’re up too! You despicable creature! I’m going to report you!

But I just got here? Hey, just let me write down the things you do approve of on the back of this postage stamp. And never, ever move anything, especially if it’s on a doily, no matter how yellowed, dusty and seemingly deep fried it may appear.

“I have a very weak bladder. It drips constantly. The constant dripping. The drip, drip, drip, drip”. From memory, Mrs Fuzzybee in the Jerry lewis film The Disorderly Orderly.

Why do old people have to have hideous tea stained underwear that’s 48% bigger than they are? Perhaps as you age, your arse and genital area spreads to your neck? Maybe that’s why old folks smell everywhere? And telling a joke? Don’t bother. It’s all literal and they have to be dismayed at every step. Ah, the illogical and random segues they take make you feel like you’re losing your mind, to them.

Three Chinese guys go into a bar...“Ooh, I never drink. It’s not good for you and I, Chinese drink do they? Oh, I suppose they would, but you wouldn’t think so because of their traditional things and...”

My wife is so ugly that...“Ooh, you can’t say that! I’m sure she’s lovely and...”

I had a cat whose legs were so short that they didn’t reach the ground...“Oh, that’s terrible! They didn’t reach the ground? Oh, the poor thing. Who’d have guessed?”

No really, old people are fantastic. Though I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would say so.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Keep Away from the Shadows and Carry a Machine Gun.

The default position for a dhimmi is that of an ass hat wearer, who demands that this is the only hat that should ever be available to anyone and everyone, even to the headless.

“Very few seek knowledge in this world. Mortal or immortal, few really ask. On the contrary, they try to ring from the unknown the answers they have already shaped in their own minds: justification, explanation, forms of consolation without which they cannot go on. To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind. To answer may annihilate the question and the questioner”. Spoken by the vampire Marius in Anne Rice’s book ‘The Vampire Lestat’. Ballantine Books. New York, NY. 1985. Source link.

“…exercise restraint…”. Our Great Leader PM Kevin Rudd on the Communist Chinese murdering Tibetans.

“…do everything within our power…to end this slaughter”. Kevin Rudd on whales.

I have been reading some very good things on the Net and wonderful pieces on critical thinking and values. I sure need 'em. I was perusing in the unlucky dip that is our simply bad and largely useless MSM and the as per usual bizzaro mind set of our“betters”. This time it’s ex-Australian Prime Minister Bob ‘just ignore my exposed genitals' Hawke and some usual virtual pro-Castro crap. Bob’s a Rhodes Scholar and I thought that was a good thing. Nope. Can you do a Rhodes by correspondence? Maybe it means the Fender electric keyboard, and Hawke majored in Advanced Ray Manzarek Solo Studies.

And the creepiest thing is that the MSM by virtual default present much of their voguish lies as taken for granted facts in their own quality control free wonderland, reporting virtually straight from the Cuban propaganda Ministry and as reality, the almost fifty year long pantomime of the mass murdering pig Fidel Castro’s monstrous façade of Cuba Murder Inc.

Quite. In a stunning one hundred to zero election result, Fidel’s even more murderous brother Raul has won the “elections!” Riiight. And he may usher in “Democratic reforms!” Only if the entire Cuban Government gives all their guns to the people of Cuba, resigns and then commits mass suicide. How do you reform ex-judicial firing squads exactly?

Every TV and radio station seemingly presented this non-event virtually word for word from the commie hell island. If the Western media worked at this zero level of journalistic standards in Havana, there would be no arrests among any journalists and several editors would win 'Hero of the Revolution' badges, free Spanish health care, a house and a life-times supply of Cuban child prostitutes.

Now for foreign readers, Hawke was our oft rough n' tumble cum crème de la crude PM in the 1980’s. Noted for being that rare thing: a man that anyone can imitate with a croak and be instantly recognized as ‘our Bob’. He’s also noted for being a very popular PM and as they babble 'consensus builder.' Meaning perhaps reform for you but let’s leave Labor pretty much with its socialist left roots for us, unless you’re a bum leaving militant unionism intact.

Consensus builder. Whatever. Everyone mostly agreeing on something proves nothing. And for rich, stratospheric living Hawke, neo-Euro elitist Keating and Malcolm ‘I was a senile IMF rioter’ Frazer, their world views now occupy the same tedious rings of Venus where every left shibboleth is spouted ever more publicly over subjects that seem way beyond their bog standard yet laughably PC analytical capacities.

In the Herald Sun for Wednesday March 05 2008, Bob says he’s gonna find “common ground” between er, Islam and the West. There is none. Can Bob be serious? Yep, amazingly he is. Just wait till Islamist mass killers have nukes. Then they'll find our common ground zero like they did in New York, but er, more so.

To quote and Fisk, I present the following: “We need to bring together the thoughtful, constructive forces in the Muslim and non-Muslim world”.

Er, Bob dear, the West is made up of every religion and the Western Canon is based on the thoughtful, rational, free and constructive. That’s why the West has progressed and the Middle-Least has not. It has achieved everything through oil developed entirely by Western engineers over a hundred years ago.

Beyond this single product of crude, the entire Middle-East produces less products than Finland. Spain translates more books and literature into Spanish in any year,than the entire Middle-East has published in 1300 years of insanity and violence. No science papers, no outstanding contributions to the world and not a single world-class University in any of God's Monkey Houses. But I digress.

More from the great statesman, Bob: “ That challenge which exists at the moment between the Muslim and non-Muslim world has the potential to be disastrous as reflected in the extremism on both sides”.

Moral relativist cognitive dissonant PC leftard twaddle. There are no sides beyond Islam on the side of evil, oppression, homicide and utter depravity. Islam is entirely assaulting the West as it has for over 1400 years. Now they simply have the means. There is no equal measure of extremism, only from Muslim states and their dominant Islamist loon populace.

Apart from said profoundly disgusting moral relativism, there are dozens of countries in the West, Asia and the rest world who don’t give a damn about Islam one way or the other. But Islam is belligerent, deceptive, apocalyptic and active to that end, everyday, in every way and virtually everywhere. It hungers for an undeserved attention. Islam can't get noticed for anything constructive, because it never was or is. Thus Islam's repertoire exist's entirely of the hideous, frightening, intimidating, repulsive and profoundly boring.

What extremism is there in Norway, Japan, Thailand, Australia and Scotland etc, etc? All are under attack by Islam. By Hawke’s logic, Islam is not waging an asymmetrical war with its own goals and drives at all, but is being pulled into atrocity by equivalent daily acts in the West, a kind of reciprocal see saw, then? Balls.

This paradigm would have an equal mirror reflection to Muslim states with Western culture, religion, government policy inciting and brainwashing millions of people to scream daily in the streets for death to Muslims. But it doesn't. Not a shred and nowhere. And where's an equal millions of Western immigrants to the Middle Yeast organizing violent jihadist terrorist action in their host country? Sadly, Bob neglected to name any empirical examples where this is so.

Still, I would never call anyone a daft, privileged old dhiimi treasonous bastard. Nay, that's for other Plebeian jesters like me. Hey, so Bob is gonna get Iran and every other Muslim Islamist mad house to realize the error of their ways, and no longer want to murder all Jews and "wipe Israel of the map?" Sure. Now Bob has always publicly supported Israel, so what gives? Opportunism? Senility? Senile opportunism or opportunistic senility?

"Oh, so blowing up, beheading, mutilating or raping Jewish, Thai, British, Iraqi, Sudanese, Afghani, Spanish and French men, women and children, etc, etc, is wrong? Now you put it that way, I see what you mean. I will tell all Muslims to modify the Koran and Mohammads teachings accordingly. I'm sure every Islamic terror group in the world will be eager to take up dancing and rock music instead!" Imaginary Ahmajinedad.

"...the Jews are bacteria". The real Ahmajinedad.

Bob, like many of the powerful goofball Western elites and the MSM, deliberately, wilfully and mostly just incredibly stupidly, refuse to see an enemy clearly. Islam's roots, drives, history and relentless daily actions seem to not register clearly with Bob, because Bob is a perfect dhimmi fool. This is as per usual. Why do these people find it impossible to take Islamists at their endlessly stated word, especially when it’s followed by endless corresponding action?

Because they are phony baloney's. As Islamist garbage are frauds and the "filth of Islam" as Christopher Hitchens has rightly defined it, is a total fake.

He drivels on: “…We share so much in common…” No we don’t. We share nothing. Islam is utterly hostile and incompatible to Democracy, Capitalism, freedom of expression, rational and objective science and reason, the individual, feminism, gay rights, music, art, fun, the rule of law, private property, any other religion and so on and so on ad nauseum.

Maybe this piece from Phyllis Chesler on the extremely common cultural art and practice of Muslim child murderers is some common ground that we share? Er, no.

Bob: “…the great religions of the world have been hijacked…” All the great religions? Oh, he means… “…on the one hand by the Osama Bin Ladens...” Er, no. There is only one Bin Laden, though there are millions and millions who love him and are a lot like him. Unless Bob means a formal invitation to a dinner party at Bob’s multi-million dollar Sydney Harbour side mansion. How inclusive and embracing of diversity.

MC: “Presenting the Osama Bin Ladens and their twenty seven children!”

Ah, the ever popular hijacking of Islam lie. Bob is either a liar or an ignorant dhimmi twerp or both. If someone hijacked the religion of peace or else, its been a 1400 year hijack, involving millions and millions and often actual hijackers, dozens of Islamic states and the free West, the East, North and South as hostages. Islam is hijacking. Islam is based entirely on murder, deception, oppression, lies, envy, spite, blame shifting, dysfunction, conformity and madness and all funded by billions of petrodollars. Bob sees this [or does he] and sees good things.

Nobody can ‘pervert’ a fully armed, utterly merciless, belligerent and aggressively warring evil like Sharia Islam, any more than one can pervert Nazism, communism or any totalitarian death cult. They all come pre-perverted. Especially when Mohammad is the head pervert, pedophile, rapist, mass murdering, Jew-hating and lice infected head slicer. So no.

It is not possible to make a turd pie fit for consumption.

Bob continued: “…hijacked on the one hand by the Osama Bin Ladens and on the other by the George Bushes who invoke his God to justify the most horrendous acts”. Riiight. You are either grossly ignorant and incompetent or a disgusting stupid lying fucker, Bob. Your choice. Yes, George Bush and his beheading videos. No.

What a repellent slur on America, a country of 300 million people of all races and beliefs. Where do I begin to Fisk Bob’s long line of retarded myopia, his moral inversion, mental gymnastics, irrational leftist hyperbole, outrageous, venal, vile and willfully stupid bullshit? And his faults?

See how Bin Laden and Bush are in their stunning moral equivalence the same? The ability to discriminate between two opposing things such as good and evil, safe and dangerous  is the basis of rational thought. Is soapy Bob going to use this same level of non-judgement in reconciling the homicide/suicide bombers of Islam and the thousands and thousand of people they have blown up, beheaded and otherwise murdered at the rate of over [as at August 2013] 21,000 known major Islamist attacks since 9/11? That can be hundreds a week, not including the as usual state endorsed mayhem in any Muslim theocracy.

Last time I checked, no one had hijacked Judeo Christianity. As Ann Coulter said "the Amish have been quiet lately." Yep, we're all scared of that Anglican on our flight. Bob declines to provide evidence and detail. Bob is the brand of Western millionaire power elite that has never considered that if you don’t stand for the liberation of ordinary people from a massive tyrant, then you stand for absolutely nothing but your own perfect inaction and moral vanity. And that’s high level left fraud and chauvinism.

Is Bob incapable of recognizing real terror or seeing a distinction between the apocalyptic drive for a Global Caliphate where anything is permissible, and a free, open, successful and naïve West under sustained and relentless asymmetrical attack? On the eminently polite and successful John Howard, Hawke spat this sour absurdity: “a disastrous era which had used frightful deception to terrorize Australians!”. 

Er, riiight Bob. When you look at Islamic jihad you can't see a shred of a violent global agenda but with John Howard you can see terrorism.

When many see the insane ideology of Islam and its profoundly organised, Muslim state backed worldwide terror network, they see entirely no Islam or Muslims, or even terrorists especially none that could possibly have their own goals. When they sees the USA, they don't not see the worlds most productive, generous and open democracy or the worlds most free and modifying state, they see something no sane, intelligent and mature adult would, but what Sean Penn always does.

When Bob thinks of the democratically elected ex-Prime Minister of a great country like Australia, all he has to offer as a laughable analysis, is identical to the grossly juvenile and insane rubbish screeched by any auto pilot Kos kid parody. Yep, Bobby spouts the same fantasy's as a frothing seventeen year-old trust fund twerp or tedious Che the child killer Guevara loving brat smashing a McDonald’s window at a IMF peace riot. Of course, there’s a negative, unhinged and clueless side to this  too.

But then before such silly people even start their ridiculous and disingenuous efforts, you and I all know what the real goal is: it will all be our fault and how the West must be nicer to millions of people who want us dead. I would never say that Bob Hawke and his views are those of an old ass hat wearing, worn out, un-tethered, non-researched, unrepentant stale Labor boob cum bloated old rich Leftard.

Nope, the guy at the milk bar said that.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Earth Hour is completely ungrounded.

Nobody in the world cares more for the little guy and the average Joe than the rich, powerful PC Left Liberal Democrat, or Labour Party and socially concerned kind of guy. Nobody! Especially not you and me. You try it, fella. They will ALWAYS care more than you, because they SAY they do, and that's a lot of caring!

It’s funny, but if you believed the MSM, almost everybody will believe anything, no matter how irrational, evidence free or embarrassing. As long as plenty of fools and phoneys also believe it, or just mouth the mass propaganda platitudes. Thus we have the illogic of er, ‘Earth Hour’.

"...British reader Peter Monro nevertheless reminded me of something that seems relevant, Orwell's far-sighted concept of 1984, 'Crimestop':

Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc*, and of being bored and repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity.

There's a lot of that about". From Mark Steyn.

Turning off your power for an hour cannot achieve anything, because there is nothing to achieve in the first place, if you understand how economics work at all and how energy is generated, stored and used. But gee, no need to face that we live in the twenty first century, when we can all hold hands for a classic nineteenth century séance. Just believe.

“I feel an overweight presence in the room. Uncle Al? Is that you? Show us that voodoo that you do so well!”

If a problem is real, then either their is an actual action that can be taken or there isn't. So why the emphasis on the symbolic? Because it's just another farce in a long line of Leftard bollocks. My friends, we are being buried alive in an avalanche of PC Leftist con jobs and Socialism by stealth.

And not a single MSM newspaper, TV or radio outlet seems to have questioned or more correctly ridiculed such mass idiocy bullshit. Nope, it’s merely another chance to put out stories without any content, value or effort with the as per usual absence of any discernable journalistic standards. Don’t need ‘em when everyone is on board the same gravy train and monopoly of Leftard environmentalism. It is a vast and limitless churner of cash and undeserved credit, innit?

Beck played an acoustic set in the dark to 35,000 people. Did he charge less? Then he flew back home in his peddle powered Lear jet, right? Who would have thought that pop stars are superficial, intellectually lazy, fashionably Left, ineffective, and about as rebellious as oatmeal?

At least gay men have not got hysterical about ‘Earth Hour’. Er, no. A gay drag show was held with a few hundred torches while a yoga studio held a candlelight session. Yoga, or stretching, did as much to get India from a backward toilet to a modern powerhouse, as cheese making did for the space program. Next to this information was a picture of Cate Blanchett, a virtual parody of the clueless and hypocritical rich celebrity. Full of the standard movie star boob disdain for America and the movies that have made her rich, untouchable, obscenely privileged and entirely fatuous.

Which brings me to ‘A moment with Simon McKon’, er sorry, McKeon, in an interview slash self serving standard promotion, in ‘The Melbourne Weekly Magazine’ for March 12 to 18 2008, page 12.

He’s a Macquarie Group Executive Chairman who has “heard the call of conservation and embraced it”. Yep, for a lot of big business, it’s a virtual direct bank deposit. Macquarie Group make enormous amounts of money of the kind that can make incredibly comfortable and bloated egos even more enormously conceited and smug than they usually are.

It's a shame some folks don't hear as clearly, the call of say global Islamism and nuclear weapons, Communist regimes, the real causes of poverty, the oppression of Muslim women and gee, lot's of other more er, problematic things .

The level of cash and remuneration at places like Macquarie, a very good friend of Middle-Eastern global business concerns, gives the rest of us Plebes, a clear perspective on our true position as insignificant, voiceless and powerless. Thus we are spouted to by a fraudulent media and their select chums who are given a speaking platform. Er, gee, Simon has worked at Macquarie for 20 years and was a lawyer before that. What a surprise. Thank God lawyers reject all bullshit and money churning by default.

The MWM makes up over half its pages with the great fraud that is Real Estate advertising. See Neil Jenman’s great book, ‘Don’t Sign Anything’ for a reality check. I wouldn’t trust much of anything the old MWM editorial staff put out beyond the date, but I'd still check the calendar. It’s the classic ‘we’re all pal’s here’ and back scratching fishbowl that is the local MSM.

This is the first question put to old Simon the likeable, and I kid you not. “When did you first discover you were part of a larger Universe?!” No, really.

Ah, if only Peter Cook were here now.

“I first discovered I was part of a larger Universe, when I started receiving my enormous pay cheques and monthly and yearly bonus. And of course, if God has deemed me as obviously so very highly worthy to receive such a handsome stipend, who was I to refuse, my destiny?

A destiny to show the world the way of the future. A bright and golden future, where rich, powerful, stupid, disingenuous and profoundly hypocritical mediocrities from all walks of life, from rich and powerful politicians, to rich and powerful musicians, rich and powerful business people, rich and powerful movie stars and academics, can make ever more lovely money and indoctrinate our children to their heart’s content, all while receiving a virtual Himalaya of credit for absolutely nothing.

I feel it’s a wonderful thing, bringing a little fantasy, especially a bloody enormous fantasy such as Al Gore has done with Global Warming, and the vast expansion of his carbon credits fraud company, into the drab and meaningless lives of the common wage slave, is the least that people like me can do. And believe me; I can do a lot less”.

That’s how I read it, kid. He also said the usual by the numbers platitudes with the perfect little encapsulate of PC multi culti clap trap. You know, the subtext is a moral relativist one, and you sense clearly that any problems are of course, our fault. You know, crappy local Aussies.

Simon the wonderful: “…there are many people in our community who do it really hard". (Not at Macquarie there ain’t.)

"It was very multicultural..." (I no longer have to live there.) "...and I learnt that there is enormous diversity..." (But virtually none in the MSM.) "...but that the very strong principles of love and respect..." (You are about to be screwed and snow jobbed.) "...should transcend..." (Should, would, could, maybe, er, no.) "...our differences”.

Why have or care about any differences, learn about any differences, or celebrate them if they need to be ‘transcended’ anyway? Like er, gee, could there maybe be something wrong with the atomisation of irrational diversity worship, as opposed to cohesion? Doesn't seem to be much of a problem for the Japanese...

But that’s multiculturalism for you. As Mark Steyn said, multiculturalism absolves you from learning anything about another culture at all. Just feel good about it and go to the restaurants. Same with ‘Earth Hour’ posturing and pantomime. You just think and act in the dark. Everyone else is.

No one really wanted to really know all about my Japanese wife’s Japaneseness. Why should they? They either didn’t care one way or the other, or just felt good about feeling good about a Japanese person and just came to our Japanese café’s.

Asked on his commitment, another baloney word, Simon blew the following smoke. He was going “natural” on March 29. Great. Big 'effing deal, as they say. Simon is going to roll naked in the dirt, without dentistry, medicine, technology or money, while tearing apart a rabbit with his bare and gnarled hands. Excellent. Balls.

His “real interest is setting targets over the next twelve months to decrease carbon emissions..." (Read as swell opportunities for many people to make vast gravy train profits out of an entirely bogus service, via a fake crisis with phoney consultancy.)

“…by at least ten percent and preferably considerably more”. (Hey, they just love to throw these feel good and endlessly elastic parameters out there, don’t they? Cos’ they sure sound good. Simon has started buying his suits from Kmart as a gesture. Er, no.)

“….While it may be seen by some…” (Critics and dissenters are no good. Check.)

“…as a token gesture,” (It is entirely.) “…it is much more than that”. (Yep, it's also mass hysteria, the biggest fraud in history, a scam, a big lie, fraud, baloney, crap, manipulation, incompetence and money churning bullshit. Yes, they all come to mind.)

“…Hopefully as a community..." (Yep, people who live in the swankiest areas and have a public or business face, love to say ‘community’. Say it now. 'Com-ma-yoo-nit-ty'. Feels great, eh? Kudos to you for thinking about the er, community.)

“…we can make a statement…” (Love those statements!)

“…that we are moving from awareness to action…” (How very Socialist is the urgent call to action. But er, what action exactly and to what proven result? It's amazing how many of those that have got enormously priveleged lives due entirely to Capitalism and free markets, like to have a Socialist fantasy wank.)

“...and that we can actively reduce our energy consumption, just as we are doing with water”.

Enough water flowed down the deliberately dam free Mitchell River over one 24 hour period in the 2007 er, floods, to supply most of Melbourne’s water for around six months. Yes, the cost of one dam to end much of Melbourne’s water crisis, a phoney crisis manufactured through political and ideological incompetence, is 1 to 3 billion dollars. To collect the same amount of water would require 150 million rain tanks.

“…And hopefully with government incentives, we can substantially increase the supply of energy”.

What is the incentive to develop that which is seen as bad? No tax payer funded incentives are needed for supply and demand. Has Simon heard of the market and um, Capitalism? Seems to have worked for him, being a major beneficiary of it, an' all. Why involve the damn government all the time anyway? Oh thats right. The Left loves ever bigger government as a solution to everything.

Gosh, it’s great to know the rich and powerful still see real value in carrying around, if only metaphorically, a nice little current grab bag of PC Left Liberal shibboleths and canards. Nothing, I repeat nothing is better for business than repeating what deluded people want to hear.

Simon describes his work a day world. Nice work if you can get it…

His career highlight was being appointed by the Federal Government as the inaugural President of the Takeovers Panel. Terrific. Love those takeovers. Saves energy via shareholder suicide! He resolved a dispute, hosted a dinner for the Oak tree Foundation, and compered a hypothetical in Sydney about business in the developing world.

What’s hypothetical about it exactly? They need the same things as we have. Capitalist economic systems and civil democratic government, human rights and no Islamist and Communist terrorism, I imagine. Oh yes, no Internationalist Leftard twaddle scams. But I digress.

Simon: “I managed to flee the CBD for a few hours to Sandy Point, Waratah Bay, where our yachting syndicate is getting very close to reclaiming its world speed sailing record”. Quite.

Yeah, I don’t know how many times I’ve had to flee an air conditioned luxury office tower with catering, in my late model prestige car, down to an exclusive sea side spot and do a bit of yacht clubbing. Had to, old boy. Just had to, what?!

“How stressful is your work?”

Simon: “I am very fortunate that I don’t seem to suffer from stress. My view is that as long as one is doing one’s best, there should be nothing to get hassled about”. Riiight. What the Hell are these people talking about?

It’s all so clear to me now. So cool it man, or you’ll bring the fuzz down on us! Yes, won’t get fooled again. Er, apparently many of us are eager to be. Yes, but you know, as Jimi Hendrix said, "...this is why I am so concerned, with the smell of a world that’s burned".

I thank God for the many great debunking sites on the Net, which clearly show that most celebrities are not a guide to anything. Just as many other rich folks ain't, who go along with any fashionable bullshit. So don’t get burned, gang. Maybe.