Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Derek and Clive discuss public telly.

Clive: "Do you know there are two ways that many of our most well known MSM journalists can show how much they care about journalistic standards and the public in general?"

Derek: "Lovely. What are they? Do tell how".

Clive: "With their resignations and subsequent suicides".

Clive: “You know that George Negus?"

Derek: "Old Puff N' Stuff?"

Clive: "Right. There is an interesting effect whenever I see him on the telly. His mediocrity follows you around the room. No matter where I sit or where he is positioned, it always appears as if he hasn’t moved a single paradigm for years, but the shallow hackery of his standard naff journalism sans integrity is always ready to pounce, like a rice pudding. Do you want the rest of that cheese sandwich, Derek?”

Derek: “Yes, I do. I was just about to pounce all Negus-like”.

Clive: “You are a non-sharer of the cheesy bread repast, Derek. A non-sharer you be”.

Derek: “That is the question”.

Clive: “To Negus or not to Negus”.

Derek: “Thank you, Clive”.

Clive: “The great thing about your public television and radio is that you can totally ignore the public. It’s a wonderful idea to employ public servants and University Graduates to enlighten panel beaters and labourers. Of course there’s your sport. Hours of it, but that’s because little else in public broadcasting is ours. Have you ever seen Dateline on SBS? All lies and misrepresentation. I called them up and said I’m an attractive single man and as a public service, I’d like you to aid me in meeting a nice woman in reasonable condition”.

Derek: “What did they say?”

Clive: “They said “I’m sorry Sir, but we are a highly respected and professional weekly current affairs television program. We are not a dating agency”.

Derek: “Liars!”

Clive: “Exactly. I said I’ll watch the program again, and get back to you. And they were lying. Obviously Negus is doing this rubbish to pay for his blow jobs. The whole show was one endless fucking wank and not a very good one. If I say arsehole, what comes to your mind Derek?”

Derek: “George Negus!”

Clive: “Fucker?”

Derek: “George Negus!”

Clive: “Unbelievably stale, monumentally smug, boring and relentlessly by the numbers bags of shit?”

Derek: “The entire editorial board at the New York Times going down on the staff of the Melbourne Age in a public toilet! And George Negus!”

Clive: “Yes, but hopefully not this one. Usually they have about three stories on each Dateline and some of them have actually almost happened”.

Derek: “But no fucking dates! The cunts! They’re all cunts!”

Clive: “Yes, and the first cunt was Gerhard Heibard of the IOC, or the International Olympic Committee. According to Gerby, the Chinese Communists have been slandered by the million Tibetans they have murdered. And yet, the Chinese are willing to forgive and forget if everyone applauds and says bravo. Is that asking so much? I fucking ask you? Is it?! Every mass murdering Totalitarian Dictatorship only asks to be treated the same as a free Democracy”.

Derek: “The Reds are Saints! Living fucking humanitarians! And yet, I still want to kill the entire leadership with my bare fucking hands!”

Clive: “You have always been a romantic at heart, Derek”.

Derek: "And at knob!"

Clive: “Yes. Gerby showed how any “alleged” Chinese violence and 100 million murdered by Communism and Socialism, is far less unpleasant than the outrageous protesting and waving of placards by Tibetans. Heibard is a great statesman and decent honest man... Either that or a disgusting, privileged, toadying, spineless liar and convenience pusher, crawling out of the sewer of lap dog appeasement. But I would never say that, because he’s obviously a cunt”.

Derek: “Mass murder. It was “necessary”.

Clive: “It always is, Derek. And if anyone is going to oppress, torture and murder Tibetans, it should be the original Tibetan medieval theocracy. One must respect traditional culture Derek, no matter what backward shite it is. Did you hear that Japan generates 80% of it's electricity from 47 nuclear reactors? And France has a similiar scene happening at around 65%?"

Derek: "Er, no. I must have been watching Dateline...Er, what was the next pile of steaming shit on the Negus Show?”

Clive: “Well, according to Dr Raj Patel who was actually on Dateline, millions suddenly starving across the world is er, not due to the domination of Leftard activist enviro-imperialism resulting in crops being diverted to the dumb disaster of bio-fuels; the stopping of development by said Leftard activists to the tune of over 300 dams etc; Saudi manipulation of oil prices; nor the West not using nuclear power which could replace 75% of oil usage; nor the behaviour of economically incompetent, neo-Socialist retard, third world and developing world, idiot gangster governments. No.

Patel, who lives in the successful Capitalist West, says it's due to misguided attempts to implement the same modern free market efficiencies that have made the free world a massive success. He also blames the use of mechanised farming that has more than quadrupled food production over recent decades etc. He feels it's a real drag, man. Curiously, the "innate exploitation of the Capitalist hegemony" has managed to keep the good Doctor at a comfortable body mass”.

Derek: “Damn those efficient modern methods and functional economic systems! Damn them all! Confusing innit, the world of public and mainstream media?”

Clive: “Not if you reverse everything they say unless someone neglected to lie as per usual”.

Derek: “Lovely! There's obviously a lot of misunderstanding about, Clive, especially by those who just won't agree with everything. And the last piece of flying shite?”

Derek: “Well, Hugo Chavez apparently cares about the Bronx! Now as you know Derek, no grossly overweight Che the child killer Guevara loving Socialist Marxist creep would ever lie, manipulate or use their lazily and forcibly appropriated natural resources to spread propaganda and influence in a foreign country, by taking advantage of the poor and vulnerable. Never. They need all the people they can get for the firing squads and Gulag come the peoples revolution. Er, yes, Huge-o Cheese edge is donating oil and money to the people of Brooklyn, no strings attached".

Derek: "Er, Shaved ass is sans string?"

Clive: "Apparently yes Derek. There is an enormous shortage of twine in Venezuela. But that's Socialism for you. And big ‘effing surprise, government employed socialist workers are lovin’ it! Are you sure you don’t want that sandwich, Derek?”

Derek: “They’re all arseholes! ‘Ere Clive, have a cheese sandwich”.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Triumph of the Al.

Hey, what’s the fuhrer? Al Gore is almost life-like, eh? Though he does tend to get worked up at any er “diversity of opinion” that dares to question the totally phoney orthodox snake oil show of Global Warming or his ah, true history. Al makes much sound and fury signifying nothing. Nothing but millions and millions of dollars from many, many surprising sources.

Hey, have you seen the Albert, er, Adolf Hitler propaganda film by Leni Riefenstahl, called “An Inconve…’ er, ‘Triumph of the Will?’ It’s a major relative of Gore’s unwatchable boreyoumentary or any Mike ‘Goering’ Moore lie fest for that matter. Choose any Goebbels worthy Meisterverk by Der Fat One’, add a few easy laughs and Seig Heil!’

Man, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is not inconvenienced by almost a single truth, really. But to tell the truth, it certainly made me spend more time than usual in the convenience. How does such a boring doco starring Al Gore for Christ’s sake, inspire anyone, beyond realising they are being had from beginning to end? I’m going to go over both turgid ‘classics’ regards the Hitler Show and the Gore snore a little and will Fisk ‘A Convenient Money Spinner’ exclusively, in a following post. So you’ve been warned!

Here's a nice piece on how it was Gore's tie-breaking vote in 1994, that helped get the current ethanol cancels food disaster going.

I had to watch ‘Triumph’ sped up. Almost two hours of monumentally tedious rallies, marches, Oktoberfest promos and Hitler speeches plus various sub-brutes trying to out spittle and out-screech der frickin' Fuhrer, tested my limits of endurance. Next time, I’d prefer to sit through the entirety of World War II. I’d only just regained consciousness after watching Al’s er, how can I say this? Utter bullshit. Yes, that’s a concise and accurate review.

A million reviews like the following drivel quote.“The most important film?” How, where and why? What they all mean is, they want to believe it to be so, as all fellow travellers do. And then they demand that you swallow it too! For swallowing, don't you usually charge extra? Why not just say the greatest film ever of the greatest genius ever of the entire Universe?! Hey, many twerps do just that, especially Al Gore.

But what struck me, is that both Adolf’s ad for National Socialism, now with added Nazi, and Gore’s Global Leftist Environmental Socialism and blow me now bunk, are so similar in drive, effect, modus operandi and the massive ugly frauds they propagandize. Get this clear. Albert Gore, for anyone who wishes to research beyond MSM trope, is a con man of the highest order. He is a mentally unstable trickster and like Clinton, Gore is an incompetent and a permanent liar. His greatest competence is his merely current and most public scam. Like the Clinton's, the world's foremost clinical narcissist's, Gore will say and do anything, absolutely anything, for status, money and power.

Or maybe he just cares so much? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha dee ha.

Intellectually, and without a script and often with one, he is an addled criminal boob. Al Gore has all the depth and mental sharpness of a bag of wood shavings. He failed literally at University getting consistently E, F and sometimes C grades. He failed in the very subjects that he now unbelievably lectures the world about. Natually, the brain damaged Congressman spent much of his youth as a hard core stoner.

Gore lied about the pathetic truth of his four and a half months of non-action in Vietnam. Among other naughty, highly dodgy enormous sources of income, Gore has received funds from criminals, also from his own family’s tobacco farm and so on ad nauseum. Oh yes, what a convenient truth that he owns shares in his very own crazy carbon credits company. Gosh, the very thing he's a' pushin'. Never let it be said that the avarice of Al is not cheeky and loaded with a surfeit of pure gall.

His massive mansion uses 20 times the local average power. He flies by his private Gulf stream jet when there are over a hundred first class flights available. Then Al get’s into his private limousine and why not, eh? Take the seven deadly sins to the limit, I say!

Gore is rotten to the core folks, even by the standards of the most extreme of political transvestites. If you are pro-Gore, you are being had cos' ya wanna be, or you are getting some of that nice thick Climate Change gravy. There's ladles of it! Courtesy of the tax payer and business.

It says much about the MSM, politicians and the public that such a sick character with such a hateful, absurd, narcissistic and paranoid history can get where he is today. It shows that anything is possible with lies, money, power and the media largely on your side, promoting your wares.

Hey, I’m not that great myself, but then that’s why I had to decline running for President and Saviour of the Planet. Also, I never received the cash. Where the Hell is it?!

No matter the Himalaya of evidence, millions of boobs across the world, want to believe Al and the scandalous scam and uber gravy train of Global Warming. So, until another decade passes and none of fat Albert’s ludicrous doom control freakery has come to pass, and indeed the exact opposite will have happened, I’ll show in this first in a short series, how much of the sentiments of Hitler’s stupid and manipulative film fit comfortably into the dominant mentality of enviro-freakism, of which Al the bastard is one of the main faces, if not the main face of said er, “movement”.

Now dig this. The following blurb is off the back of the cover of ‘Triumph of the Will’. Just change the Hitler things add a touch of Obama and it could be a current and eerily precise description, or a future blurb for when Al’s film or any Moore and Obama style Leftard manipulations are finally exposed publicly. But then, Nazism is short for National Socialist Workers Party, eh?

“Triumph of the Will may be the most enduringly controversial film ever made, justly despised and admired. Is it disgusting propaganda? Absolutely. Is it a documentary record of a critical historic moment? Yes…but also no. Perhaps the only thing on which everyone could agree is that it is one of the most terrifying horror movies of all time.

A shamelessly biased, unabashedly subjective rendering of the infamous 1934 Nuremberg Rallies of the Nazi party, Triumph of the Will was commissioned by Hitler from his favourite actress turned Director, Leni Riefenstahl.

The power and purity of Riefenstahl’s artistry is such that this incredibly perverse and corrupt film has its own demented integrity. An essential document of Hitler the Orator and mesmeriser of the masses, this program revels in the monumental architecture of Albert Speer, the formal precision of the marching cadres, and above all, the almost religious exaltation of Hitler as the mystical personification of the dreams of his people, captured kinetically with a mastery of technique that is both breathtaking and revolting. It is a film no one who sees can ever forget”. From the back cover of the film 'Triumph of the Will'.

And now they show this shit at school’s to children. Er, wait, is that’s Albert or Adolf’s film? I get the two ‘A’s’ confused.

Adolf Hitler: “Once again people will be moved, happy and enthusiastic because the idea of our movement is the philosophy of the people and a symbol of eternity!”

You can’t get more er, “sustainable” than that!

Massed rally: “One people, one Reich, Germany. One Fuhrer. We work together in the swamp. We work in the swamp…we plant trees for roaring forests!”

Trees! Trees are great! Love those trees...

In response Hitler salutes and says “Heil my RAD men!”

RAD stood for Reich Labour Service. A very levelling and er, back to nature organisation and one of many. How totally rad! Hitler got a nice “Heil my Fuhrer! Forward with Germany to a new era!”

Always with the new era…

Riiight, the swamp. Check. The Nazis sure loved nature! Hated human beings. But they loved “youth”. So malleable, so useful, so easy, so cheap.

Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg, Party Theoretician: “It is our hope that the youth of today will continue the struggle”.

Live on hope no longer! Go to Columbia U, Berkeley or gee, anywhere, and live the dream of National Socialism!

Adolf Hitler: “You represent a great idea, for you and millions of our comrades. No longer will work be divisive! Instead it will bind us together. The whole nation will pass through your school. Then no German will be a part of our community unless he has first been a part of your community!”

And so inclusive. A plus with Honours!

Adolf Hitler: “My German youth. You here today are only a part of what is spreading all over Germany. We want you, my German boys and girls, to absorb all we expect of Germany. We want to be one people, and you my youth, are to be that people. In the future, there must be no caste or classes and you must not let them begin to grow in you. We want to see one Reich and you must educate yourselves for it. We want this people to be obedient and you must practice. We want this obedient people to be peace loving, loving but also courageous”.

I can feel the love and right on! Peace, man!

Adolf Hitler: “The same spirit that dominates us burns in your young minds”.

I bet it does...Hey, and that’s gotta be a good thing, don’t it? All that er, youthful enthusiasm for city centre street riots and such…

Adolf Hitler: “Nobody but a fool or a deliberate liar could think or imagine that I would disband an organisation that took so many years to build”.

I never doubted it for a moment and that’s why Marxist Leninism and all radical Leftist diseases found a perfect blood transfusion and home in environmentalism, Universities, the media and various government departments etc.

Dr Otto Dietrich, Reich Press Officer: “Truth is the basis of the power of the press. All we ask of the foreign press is that they report the truth about Germany”.

And the MSM always do report the truth, even if they have to make it up.

Josef Goebbels: "May the bright flame of our enthusiasm never falter. It alone gives light and warmth to the creative arm of modern political propaganda. It comes from the depths of the people and in the depths of the people, it finds its strength. Power based on guns may be good, but it is better to win and hold the hearts of the people”.

Heart warming ain’t it? I wonder, wonder I do, if the neurotic and miserable effects of the sack of crap, baloney and dogs balls that Gore has helped enormously to spin around the world and into the pudgey minds of millions, could be er, measured? Could the cash at least even be counted? What a swinish creepy bore he is.

In short, Al Gore is a sickening geekoid and his crap film, like the phony and deeply ugly products of Moore and Hitler, are in the vernacular, pure boring and disturbing Leftard shite.

Sadly, this, like the deification of Albert Gore, is to be continued...

Sunday, 27 April 2008

I’m fixing a hole where Clinton gets in.

Like Stephen Hawking, Bill Clinton was always very interested in bending the space-time continuum and holes.

Dear sports, there is a fun program called ‘The Hawking Paradox’ on TV. It’s about how Steve had a naff theory that black holes eventually disappear, I mean completely man! And take all the information with them, leaving no forwarding address.

I mean, light, time, space, history, energy, mass, potential and every cheese ball ever. Being a good sport and after thirty years, Hawky said he was wrong, and that there are actually multiple universes in which black holes exist and others where they don’t. So no information is ever lost after all. Thank Christ for that. Instead, the info is er, “smeared” as a kind of 2D image on the outer fabric of the vortex whirl. The previous theory by my feeble reckoning, would have meant if all past, present and therefore future information goes up the old flue of the meaningless and empty void, well, it’d mean we never existed and nothing ever happened. Kind of the same feeling one gets at an unfriendly party.

So everything that is sucked into a hole is still around, can be retrieved and reconstructed, even cigars and the smears too, eh. Sadly, knowing any of this has not made me 109 million dollars. Now Hawking had a respected friendship in B. Siskind whom he disagreed with, but they fought it out with formula, thinking, posits and serious science. And as far as I can tell, theory pushing between the two enormous eggheads was in flux and open to er, contention.

Nice, eh? And Hawking eventually admitted he was wrong…and er, so was Siskind! Now there’s a Zen counter move, for ya. See, even scientists have pride, emotions and other motives, just like regular dunces.

And there’s the rub. Unlike with Steve and Sissy, it’s often mediocrity, repetition, the utterly fake, phoney and bogus that will do it today more often than something real, at least regards a public fame of the earnest Left Liberal kind. Just package it right. And er, be bold, really bold. Be proud of your bullshit and say that anyone who disagrees is the one who has something wrong with them, because after all, they're against ‘the people’ and are stompin' on a dream... You know, the eternal Utopia that never arrives.

At least not before the endless firing squads, mass execution being an integral part of all Marxist er, 'economics'. But I digress.

Imagine a public discourse and media of not only quality minds and skills, but any, and not merely the largely useless and distracting freak forum of the wealthy and influential, peddling their endless first gear logical fallacies? Imagine, eh?

Keep on imagining, cos that’s as far as you’ll get. Thus populist ideology adopted by governments and sections of the population invariably end in disaster. Hawking has done some wonderful and “elegant” equations, though sadly, I can’t. But I’ll try, cos they’re true anyway.

And it goes a little like this. Middle class freaks in Paris salons with time to spare, formulate idiot and monstrously morally vain abstractions to alleviate their discomfort at their true crap natures. That is, they are not and never would be, useful to anyone and especially “the people”, meaning those they will never give a damn about.

Through murder, lies, envy, conformity, spite, manipulation and insanity, they spread their radical disease of Communism and Socialism. This directly murders 100 million ordinary people as per plan, and beggars whole countries and societies, eventually collapsing into an internally contradictory slag pile. Where to go? Environmentalism and PC Left Liberalism multi-cultism trans Socialist Totalitarianism via Democrats and New Labour! And it’s working great. Hey, Leftardism now comes with added Islamism!

In fact as perfectly as per the collective Socialist blueprint of old. Massive success for the mass of people via triumphant and empirical Capitalist Democracy, freedom and free markets can be turned on their head, thus validating the rotten to the core ideology and existence of the Leftard mind and ego, which is just like a black hole now I come to think about it. Forever sucking everything in and giving nothing out, spinning in rapid circles while emitting a high pitched whine. This is why Al Gore and Mike Moore get ever fatter and fatter and still wants ever more undeserved cash, fame, power and recognition.

“They used to tell me I was building a dream,
and so I followed the mob,
When there was earth to plow, or guns to bear,
I was always there right on the job.

They used to tell me I was building a dream,
with peace and glory ahead,
Why should I be standing in line,
just waiting for bread?

Once I built a railroad, I made it run,
made it race against time.
Once I built a railroad; now it's done.
Brother, can you spare a dime?
Once I built a tower, up to the sun, brick,
and rivet, and lime;
Once I built a tower, now it's done.
Brother, can you spare a dime?

Say, don't you remember, they called me Al;
it was Al all the time.
Say, don't you remember, I'm your pal?
Buddy, can you spare a dime?”

Buddy, can you spare a dime?"

Lyrics by Yip Harburg, music by Jay Gorney and a special credit to Al Gore.

Yep, it’s all going to a dumb plan all right, just like the banning of DDT has killed 60 million, just like WWII! Yes, all this and World War too...

Hey, dig the crazy stopping by affluent Western activists with plumbing and electricity at home, of over 300 dams in poor countries, which has destroyed the health of many and killed millions more. Right on, hipsters! Plus the latest massive gravy train fraud of Global Warming, that can potentially murder millions, by slowing down and even stopping the economic facts that we in the West take for granted. And bio-fuel pushing is starving and killing thousands as crops are diverted as we speak. Bravo! Just like the good old days of Red China, Soviet Russia or Cuba, Tajikistan and North Korea today! See, Global Warming really does equal Global Socialism and with all the historical benefits of mass oppression, starvation and death! The dream is being revived once again.

Global Warming = Global Socialism.

As Stephen Hawking said of one of his great equations, "’s so elegant it has to be true".

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Enter the Drag on and on.

Hey, who doesn't love Mao? Especially now he's completely dead. Almost. Well, one day then. Er, maybe.

“Coming home from very lonely places, all of us go a little mad: whether from great personal success, or just an all-night drive, we are the sole survivors of a world no one else has ever seen”. John Le Carre.

Everything is more resonant at night and mostly vanishes with the daylight. Though I often feel the same either way. Generally enervated, unsurprised and er, often disgusted. A singular fact that often makes me fill with a cool rage, is witnessing the work of bullies, as they comfortably Lord their power over the vulnerable and weaker.

Ah, this is the point where I’d like to step in and when I haven’t, I’m left with bile in my gullet. Being a regular guy and of er, extremely limited powers, meaning zero, this bile thing naturally happens quite a bit. But then nothing makes one feel lonelier than people, especially when they imagine they're uh, "reporting the news".

This brings me to the bleak, hate filled irony of bunk upon junk, lies, venality and plain rottenness of the whole er, "spirit of the Olympic flame..." A crock says I. And it reveals much about the multiple conundrums, the internal phony contradictions and the pointless behaviour that is Leftard activism, and so much more about er, so much less...

Has China changed? Sure, essentially though, only as much as Mars. The standard of living has gone right up, which is terrific, really. After 5,000 years of crippling poverty, Dynasties and foreign exploitation, the Chinese will not listen, don't have to listen and why should they listen to er, anybody? In a recent five year period, the Chinese reduced the number of people in poverty from 300 million to 150 million. Now that's raw and explosive Capitalism, bub, however weird Chinese free and freaky markets are.

Sadly, the standard of oppression, arrest, torture and execution have remained pretty constant. But that's culture and tradition for you.

The multi-layered irony of the Leftish of mode criticising a Communist Dictatorship for invading, oppressing and murdering Tibetans. And all while wearing Che the child killer Guevara t-shirts, a man who totally destroyed an economy, a culture and a people and freed precisely no one.

People can protest this way entirely due to the freedom available only in a Capitalist Democracy.

So like Popeye, I watches the non-news regards the Olympic torch protests and I’m left unsurprised, how much of the hack brigade are incapable of reporting with any spine, brain or worth. No surgical insight or effective anything will disturb the crap at six, six thirty or seven, or even the late evening bullshit in.

“It's a God awful small affair,
To the girl with the mousey hair,
But her mummy is yelling, "No!"
And her daddy has told her to go,
But her friend is no where to be seen.

Now she walks through her sunken dream,
To the seats with the clearest view.
And she's hooked to the silver screen,
But the film is saddening bore,
For she's lived it ten times or more.
She could spit in the eyes of fools,
As they ask her to focus on,

Sailors, fighting in the dance hall.
Oh man!
Look at those cavemen go.
It's the freakiest show.
Take a look at the lawman, beating up the wrong guy.
Oh man!
Wonder if he'll ever know, he's in the best selling show.
Is there life on Mars?"

David Bowie. 'Is there life on Mars?'

Some people have underwear that isn’t even good enough for suicide. And so it is with the sad little Tibetan flags and the tonnage of “Free Tibet!” stickers, THE most ineffective adhesive in the world. In the recent and feeble protests in Australia, I noted that all those sad human faces were treated rather, er harshly.

Ii is, a relentless, endless series of awfulness, sports. If Mao and his fellow Chinese Communists were always happy to murder maybe 40, 80 million of their own people, well? Mao said he'd be happy to murder 300 million to do just as he pleased, and he always did. What a guy.

"I never brushed my teeth for thirty years! Thus I am a God". Mao to his Dentist, later arrested and shot for Counter Revolutionary root canal work.

Er, old Tibet was a hideous Theocratic oligarchy, folks. It's absurd to believe that the Left are interested in genuinely helping oppressed and ordinary people. The Left loves eternally still, Che the child killer. Che is their blueprint and high ideal. Now many young Chinese are proud of their country etc, even the firing squads and outnumbered protesters locally.

Er, especially the 10,000 screaming pro-Communist China supporters brought in on 50 buses and paid for and organised by the Chinese Dictatorship. Our addled and spine free authorities allow massed, screaming, assaulting Communist rallies in Australia? They always have in one form or another. So er, check.

And gee, our local Government and most others welcome the Olympic pantomime and we allow Chinese um, security to hang out doing the Olympic shuffle.

Dig, China is still a Communist fun mirror no matter the recent fun with Capitalism. And don't you forget it.

Yep it's a global three ring circus of status, cash, ego, celebrity, wank, supplying the Janjaweed and an empty ritual dreamscape of the essentially selfish art of sport, all with a cast of thousands. Oppressed and dead people too.

It can hurt ones head. Me? While I'd prefer the small clique that owns China Inc, to tender their resignations and subsequent suicides, I see little to no effective insight and analysis of anything anywhere much. Especially regards dealing with the unpleasant realities of er, gee, Communism, Islamism, anti-Semitism and Barbarism in general. As per usual, eh?

Fifty years of Tibet stickers have resulted in enormous improvements in sticker technology, and a Left Liberalism that has perfected its profoundly utterly useless stupidity, control freakery and hubristic, destructive delusions. A Left of smug moral vanity and Totalitarian urges criticises the multi-layered monster of the Chinese authorities? Ha, it is to laugh.

And what replaces the freak power group that runs a vast and unstable madhouse on a whim exactly? Or the cheerful arrangement in Tibet? You know, the old theocracy of torture and 10th Century backwardness? Maybe King Richard Gere or Harrison Chuckles Ford as President? Maybe old Dreary Lama the Q ball head, the worlds leading purveyor of desk calendar faux wisdom, as a host?

A joke of misery with a cast of useless phonies says I. The Communist Dictatorship rides a freakish dragon after all though historically, a vastly improved nightmare. And um, I believe the head creeps of the middle kingdom may have some rather unpleasant plans for us all, being the arrogant and untouchable swine that they are.

Hey, that reminds me of Tibets monstrous and feudal leadership circa pre-1959, of which the head 8 ball of the Daily Lumper was the primary beneficiary. Ah, the Buddhist wisdom of eye-gouging and flaying people alive. I’m just glad I’m not in charge of anything, cos I'd take a bat to a most of 'em.

Yes, China has evolved, just like our convenient, wilfully naive weakness has evolved into er, a really convenient, wilfully naive weakness.

Colonel Neville: “Aunty, what do you think of Red China?”

Aunty Doris: “Och, not with the blue table cloth!”

Thursday, 24 April 2008

What's Left Of A Mind.

"Fascist!" is the mating call of the left liberal fascist.

Wouldn’t it be useful and kind of nice to have a fairly concise point list so you can recognize the modus operandi of the left mindset? A kind of Cliff Notes about those who invariably go over the intellectual and moral cliff. So now you can! Here’s my 43 points that you can whip out as your favorite radical twerp rolls out their entirely predictable default positions of back dated mediocrity. It’ll be like being a biologist, an anthropologist or a vet. "Down Penn, down boy!" Aah, you'll have such fun! So, good luck on your identification safari into the Dark Continent of leftist mental illness.

As Jonah Goldberg has empirically and historically shown, the left of mind are permanently in the grip of their entirely totalitarian urges. Thus they always want ever bigger government and maximum power via control of the state. They don't really believe that the most important freedom is the freedom of the individual. Really.

They mostly despise capitalism while enjoying its benefits. Thus Hollywood movie stars. They want to disarm the ordinary people who they simultaneously romanticize and despise. And remember, the left hate being ridiculed. No, really. They hate the wealthy because they are often wealthy. They are not really interested in the poor except as mere ciphers, because the poor bore them and well, don't dress so good.

As Evan Sayet has said in 'How [Left] Liberals Think', that the left liberal will always choose evil, failure and the wrong over the good, success and what is objectively right. In his book, give War a Chance', P.J O'Rourke shows how the politics of the left liberal are those of a sniveling brat child having a life-long tantrum cos' they want everything they want "NOW!" And note that usually though, the subject whatever it is, will be changed most commonly from the very start, to laughably evidence-free, logical fallacy ad hominem attacks on you. And often that's as far as any er, 'discussion' will go because this is largely all the left has. 

It's all your fault for being evil instead of a selfless-saint like they are because hey, a leftist couldn't possibly be wrong about anything because they already know everything there is worth knowing, and for all the right and virtuous reasons, ie: they care more than you and we know this to be true because they tell us this all the time.

The Left, Liberal and Radical Axis of Mediocrity Modus Operandi List.

1. Subject Change. As Christopher Hitchens has noted, subject change defines the left, liberal and radical axis of mediocrity member, here after referred to as a LRAM. Pronounce it as 'El-Ram' and we can coin an acronym. Subject change usually happens within three second’s of you making any statement that’s not affirming any predictable and very boring criticism of George Bush and the West etc. Anything else you say is merely an unconnected launch pad for the LRAM to make a default moonbat statement. They ain't listening, folk's!

Why? Because no LRAM is actually interested in anything that you may ever have to say, unless it’s a mirror image of their bankrupt bunkum. This is because once one starts examining even a single playing card in the LRAM house of cards, the whole thing collapses. 

You: “Gee, I see the Iranian Theocracy regularly tortures, rapes and murder’s children”.

LRAM: “What about George Bush? He’s the biggest killer of children in the world!”

You: “I bought some cheese”. 

LRAM: “What about George Bush? He’s the biggest killer of children in the world!”

Remember, you must always accept the total LRAM package. You can't reject or question any part of it, or you'll be accused of being a "Right Wing Fascist!", even if you're merely a hot dog vendor or even a Left Liberal yourself. True.

2. Hyperbole. The LRAM speaks almost entirely in hyperbole, platitude and rhetoric driven almost exclusively by narcissism, jealousy, envy, mediocrity and moral vanity. You may rather naively assume, that if you remain composed, unemotional and concentrate only on your concise, meticulously researched, verifiable and empirical facts, that you'll somehow make progress with a progressive. Er, no. Because you are superfluous to an LRAM except as a trigger for their tedious streams of insanely teenage, meaningless and empty revolutionary bilge.

Or they simply and glibly dismiss any Mt Everest of empirical evidence that you may have compiled as complete proof that their feelings, impression's and formed by mere chance' opinion's were right all along.

You: “Er, if you fill a glass with water and ice and wait for it to melt, the level doesn't rise, it actually falls. This is because water expands as it freezes. Thus, water uses less area than ice. That's why you sometimes have to clean out your freezer”.

LRAM tangent: “Bush, Coke Cola and the Jews have killed billions of people and control the world and even the sea floor! They won’t make the electric car so they attack Al Gore who is a genius and just want’s to save the world! John Howard is...” Complete the sentence.

A: A polite, mature, extremely competent and professional ex-Prime Minister.

B: A qualified Solicitor.

C: Was the most evil "Fascist!" in the known Universe, ever.

Remember folks, anyone who disagrees even a smidgen with a LRAM is a "Fascist!", an "Imperialist!", a "Neocon!", "Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalist Warmonger Military Industrial Complex Corporate Tap Dancer!" etc, etc, etc,etc.

3. No sense of Quality Control. The LRAM has zero Quality Control, accountability or appreciation of history whatsoever, especially of their own. Anyone can join. Absolutely anyone, as long as they are against the things that the LRAM are against and for the same things as the LRAM. But, er, exactly and um, totally. No nuance, mate.

These things, whatever they are, can change places in an instant and at any time, occupy for and against positions simultaneously or suddenly completely disappear and then even reappear thirty years later!

This mission statement of non-achievement means that you can have a schizophrenic, barely medicated meth-amphetamine addict covered in snot screaming “BushHitler!” at a WTC riot, an academic employed exclusively by the government (via the taxpayer), who writes Islamofascist apologia and has a Che the child killer Guevara poster on his wall in his office where he bangs young co-eds, and a lawyer who is such an exemplar of venality he believes the revolution is simply right on while PM John Howard is a “Fascist”, and they can all still be on the same ideological page. Ipso facto, the not so strange bedfellow’s of the all commie totalitarian regime loving LRAM are all Islamic terrorists, all Latin American and all Middle-Eastern dictators and similar.

4. Passionately held beliefs do not match their actions or lifestyle. No middle-class LRAM or otherwise, want’s to actually live the life they advocate for everyone else. Nor do they want to live in such places. They entirely prefer the comforts and benefits of the capitalist democracies that they fashionably despise, and are bravely ‘fighting’ from their three piece lounge suite and jacuzzi.

They also often have an inability to transfer their compassion for abstract and far away populations they will probably never meet, into decent interaction with the local and real people that they do meet, especially those that disagree with them.

5. Their motivations include: envy, narcissism, self-loathing, negativity, a pessimistic explanatory style, (See 'Learned Optimism' by Martin Seligman), paranoia, personal failure and flaws, self-righteousness, moral vanity, a sense of superiority and an urge to destroy. Of course, there’s a bad side too.

6. Their ‘ideas’ are non-ideas and are entirely theoretical. All LRAM non-ideas are in a mythical and epic future constructed completely of dreams that never arrive. The LRAM has no proven methods, only utterly failed, discredited and loathsome ‘abstract hypotheses. Everything is based on feelings, but only their feelings. And like aroused emotions, they must be enacted ASAP. For any left liberal idea to fail and be discredited, just wait long enough.

Anyone who questions this or urges either caution, validation via trial and testing, is an enemy and clearly insane. For the LRAM image, theory, deeply held emotions and abstraction, always trump any objective reality. No empirical evidence can ever prove otherwise. The mere total absence of evidence to support their non-ideas is evidence only of your faults and that you are a member of the massive right-wing conspiracy.

7. Everything they say is the opposite of what they really mean. Completely. If a LRAM says they care about any marginal group, they actually don’t at all. They are just handy cipher’s for their ideological posturing and mealy mouthed drivel.

8. Only their own opinions are tolerated. Anyone who disagrees does so because they are evil, insane or not as smart as they are. Hence phony talk of diversity means everybody has a voice but you. Nothing is ever really stable in this world built entirely in the clouds.

9. Any cause, group or individual can be dropped and forgotten even faster than when they were first picked up and used as a slogan, banner or bumper sticker. But not as quick as they find another newly seized upon replacement.

10. Any adamantly defended non-idea and emotionally charged shibboleth can be conveniently forgotten at short notice.

11. They are an immature and permanent child. They have not truly taken personal responsibility for their own or a dependent's life. Nor have they gone through the natural and usual steps to adulthood, preferring often teenage pursuits and concerns, such as popularity, belonging to the group and pointless faux rebellion. The LRAM are entirely a product of a fantasy life completely supported by the system they despise.

Thus tantrums when they don’t get their way, screaming, demanding and smashing things. Hence “Smash capitalism!” The equivalent of breaking a favorite toy, throwing their food on the floor and destroying their bedroom. That’s why they hate the ‘adult’ in society; the government, the responsible, the conservative, the military, business and so on.

12They absurdly an willfully trust outside agencies to the open ended extreme, while automatically distrusting also to the extreme, believing anything, and I do mean anything, about their own government. Hence, they are more likely to be conspiracy bores and U.N fairy garden worshipers. They love conspiracy and the UN! Er, why? (See 'Zero Quality Control') Sadly and forbiddingly, we've allowed the long and relentless acquiescence to the demands of scores of these PC creeps and LRAM pressure groups etc, and now naturally also the lobby of stealth Sharia jihad cum Islam Murder Inc.

13. They have positive opinions of all cultures, religions, systems and people, except their own. They auto-approve and like people because of their ethnicity as a group and not as individuals. Thus they 'like' my wife even though they haven't met her, because she's Japanese. As Mark Steyn said, with Multiculturalism, you don't need to know anything about the actual people, their culture or anything, just feel good about it.

14. They are eventually deliberately and casually anti-Semitic, and align themselves with naturally anti-Semite Islamo Fascists. They don't recognise a Fascist when they see a real one and don't want to, being Fascistic themselves.

15. They often want an ever bigger government to provide almost everything and control more element's of every citizen's life. As Dan Zaremba at the mighty Islammonitor org has said, they are oddly and curiously eager to give up even their own and especially your rights to the government that they later accuse of infringing on their freedom's! These include such foundation pillars of freedom as private property, freedom of speech and gun ownership. Dan also suggested number 43. Thanks Dan.

16. None of their non-ideas when taken to their logical ends as they usually are, make any sense or work at all. Hence, the many usually left New-Age fools' believe in anything but the facts.

17.  They deny often completely the hideous murderous truth of variant left, radical, communist and socialist regimes while showing no interest in their 150 million plus and counting victims of oppression and mass murder, all while selecting various useful pet victims without asking them, as opportunistic cyphers entirely for advancing their one true agenda of gaining total power. [When no longer useful to the left, these pets and the previously loudly trumpeted causes are both invariably dropped, forgotten or put on the left’s endless enemies list.]

This is called "Bambi Factor". A true elitist would not feel 100% progressive if he/she/it did not possess at least one Bambi to look after. Having a Bambi (cute, cuddly and totally dependent) creature makes them feel better, more important, superior (and poor bastard Bambi is the living proof of their superiority). Working-class people aren't good Bambi anymore because as living standards invariably rise and people are successful, they don’t need the activist left for anything worth a damn.

18. They are uninterested in their own history [except for fraudulent re-writings of it] and deny that their ideas essentially mean and require totalitarianism with all its classic oppression, coercion and implementation via murder. When they do admit it, with opportunistic eruption, they're almost at their most spittle flecked. (Wait until they actually get the chance to kill people.) When it's with their common and casual glibness, it's as if such malignant, inhuman viperous talk of "necessary" and "required" mass murder, is the most logical and beneficial activity in the world.

19. The LRAM is more likely to be a government employee, an employee in general, in the media, a celebrity, the arts, tertiary educated, though more often in the theoretical than the practical, such as the trades or self employed, less likely to be a business person, in the military, self taught through experience or self-made. Though in the end, they can of course come from almost any background and class, once infected with the virus of the Left.

20.They don’t really believe in any opposition to themselves. Because opposition to the only truth can only be described as: FASCIST!

21.Their views actually require absolute conformity and extreme radical rebellion.

22.The LRAM think all Conservatives should be eliminated.

23. They're against law abiding citizens owning guns and want a disarmed populace. Why? It's one of the first steps to establishing a Fascist Totalitarian state, the natural end result of PC Left Liberalism.

24.They don’t support the military but are indifferent to the military forces of the enemy.

25.Are for peace even when peace allows oppression and kills millions.

26. Are against force, action or violence except for their own causes in which the ends always justify the means. Thus the Weathermen, Symbionese Liberation Army and the Baader Meinhoff Gang etc.

27. Nearly all their heroes are psychopaths, frauds, murderers, deluded, phony, liars, traitors, impractical and unproductive parasites, spoiled rotten or incompetent, and have usually never achieved anything worth a damn.

28. All their heroes cannot be criticized.

29. Are antithetical to business and its heroes, innovators and leaders, and are clueless as to its importance to society and state, seeing it as essentially bad, exploitative and a source of wealth to be stolen or appropriated.

30. Are usually not Christians and comfortably insult Christians but er, simultaneously perform incredible apologia gymnastics regards Islam.

31. Are often not just atheists, but irreligious while eagerly picking up ‘fashionable’ beliefs or cults to which they are invariably obsequious and accepting, however ridiculous. Thus Harrison 'Chuckles' Ford and Richard 'Smirky' Gere etc, are oblivious and comfortable with the two faces of old cue ball, AKA the Dalai Lama.

32. Speak superficially about spirituality but can’t tell you what it actually means.

33. Replace moral clarity with the amorphous.

34. Largely unaccountable no matter what the appalling evidence. They rarely if ever admit they were wrong or apologise, in fact they repeat the same process's again and again.

35.No matter how intelligent they are, the result is in the end stupid and unworkable.

36. Avoid discriminating thought which is the basis of rational thinking, is seen as a moral imperative. Thus they have no judgement.

37. They don't really believe in right and wrong, or good and evil. Everything is seen as subjective and mere opinion, one being no more valid than another. They're ultimately nihilists. Though oddly, Bush is always "Hitler".

38.Anti-American by default and indifferent to contemptuous of the Western Canon, including the enormous, unprecedented success and pro-human scale of free-market capitalist democracies.

39. They hate Working-Class people who are now happily middle-class. Unless they're rich celebrities and hypocrites who use their wealth and privilege to criticize capitalist democracies and the West to the point of absurdity, treason and destruction via parroted Marxist critical theory. The real success's of the poor via the empirical reality of the triumph of capitalist democracy enrages the LRAM, because it completely validates the overwhelming success of free-market's, while utterly discrediting all their idiotic, useless and destructive LRAM, socialist and communist junk.

40. Prefer people who are victim pets and losers and want them to stay that way. Though this does not usually apply to themselves or the people they associate with. Hence the enthusiasm for whining, criticism, envy, spite, blame and the habitual refusal to give any due credit.

Working class people aren't good Bambi anymore. Thus the dependence, weakness and culture of complaint generating that is welfare, special rights for minority groups, hyper-regulation via the Soviet product of PC enforcement, government funding for private artists and gun control and multicultism, with the brunt of unassimilated immigration being born mostly by the poor and the working-class to lower middle-class and the areas where they have to live and so on.

41. Don't want actual solutions and are uninterested in any, as this would remove a very handy Central Casting mass of people for their "Look how bad the West is!" crocodile tear soaked cant. Thus they can never be satisfied and there is no end point to their er, 'thinking'.

42. They’re dangerous and will destroy us all.

43. They are destroying us.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Manhattan under 15 metres of seawater by 2015 is apparently more real to many than today's Islamist bomb blasts and beheadings.

Updated request of the week from Thursday 06 September 2007. I dedicate this to the recent 2020 whacky wankfest of Leftard neo-Socialist freaks and mediocre elites, held in Australia this week. At which the well known geo-political economic genius and actress, Cate 'Pure Gold' Blanchett, featured prominently. Great to know we're all in safe Hollywood celebrity hands, eh?

I also dedicate this to the real and actual facts of Islam to be found at the religion of peace, jihad watch, militant Islam monitor and at AIM.

This is my feeble, woefully inadequate and totally ignored response to the actress Cate Blanchett posting on Yahoo, a laughably open forum on her 'concern' for Global Warming. Who would have thought? A Hollywood star and celebrity on a superficial and 'passing within a decade or so' bandwagon! What can ya do? There's trouble everywhere....

Hey, don't get me wrong. I love the movies as much as everyone else. There are many actors and Directors that I admire; some of them not dead but planning to be. And of course the many wonderful technicians, writers and so on. It's just that today, actors can often seem more like models, but without the depth.

Cate writes: Why do you care about climate change and what are you doing to reduce your impact on the environment? Hi, my name is Cate Blanchett and I’m working with the Australian Conservation Foundation to promote Who On Earth Cares, a new campaign bringing together all who are concerned about climate change.

If you care about climate change, I urge you visit 'who on earth cares' and put yourself on the map.I am looking forward to reading your responses.

Dear Cate Blanchett:

Er, my subscription to Newsweek ran out in April 1975, and I never actually got to read the last issue, as it dropped out of the letter box and into some shrubbery. So I'm just reading their special edition for that month as I write. That's the very groovy one kinda positing to predicting Global Cooling. Naturally, I'm shocked to see that twenty-two years later, no government has acted on Global Cooling! Not one!

My God! Also, didja know there's gonna be global collapse in food stocks by the 1980’s and all backed by scientists and activists who clearly want to know, just what are the government going to do about it? Shouldn't we deal with this first? Cate, we need your Tinsel Town Rebellion and traditionally deep Hollywood analysis.

"When do we want it? We want every whim and fashion now!"

Don't cha' just love moral vanity? It's so applicable! Yes, I know many cynical "Fascists!" say that GW is all a tragically embarrassing, trendy mass hysteria and total rubbish that will one day be unmentioned, even by the same people who are so shrill about it now.

Just like the population explosion by the 1980’s in the West eh? Ok, it mostly collapsed. Food stocks collapse… Ok, it mostly quadrupled. Oil running out twenty years ago! Y2K? The collapse of Capitalist Democracies and the triumph of Communism and Socialism? Um, ok, but this time it’s true, obviously.

Now I know some awful and plain wrong racist Neocons, even say that Al Gore is a long term "transvestite-like" political opportunist, who is incredibly rich and is now even richer by about $50,000,000 due to his doco that is even more sincere, trustworhty and exciting than he is. "Fascists!" who disagree call it a “pseudo-science documentary”. Outrageous! There's no science in Al's pseudo!

Well, anything that is not in agreement with GW means nothing and is easy to glibly dismiss like anything else that won’t conform to our right on orthodoxy, which is a good thing. And don’t forget, the rich can mostly just edit out the general public cos’ those dull unglamorous people have no media voice whatsoever.

Ever seen Joe and Josephine Average on a magazine cover as anything but a grist for the mill story, a bit part in their own life, a human un-interest story, a manipulated straight from Central Casting object, a sycophant or flunkie to a celebrity and the loaded, or as a joke or for a crime? Nope, nada. They don’t have the phony teeth. And that’s where Hollywood comes in.

Some ungrateful Philistines say that the support of GW by Hollywoods “narcissistic, decadent, juvenile to undergraduate mentality of stupid, shallow, lazy, unresearched, deluded, spoiled rotten, bloated egos of unaccountable, corrupt, rich playboy and playgirl control freaks is hardly a guarantee of objective Quality Control".

Wrong! I would never say that. Actors have sometimes even taken acting lessons and often have personal assistants. Naturally, these are all perfect credentials for lecturing the world on economics, geopolitics and science. I say forget the depth, admire the ad nauseum.

Can’t the critics see that movies are the most important thing in the world and the hardest work on the planet?!

Everyone knows science is proven by consensus; you just need enough people to agree and that proves it, or make up some predictive software. If it’s gong to happen in the future, that’s rock solid evidence. Scepticism and endless pointless testing has no place in science. If one person says X and 99 say Y; Y is always right.

That’s science at Sean Penn State and Leonardo Di Caprio High and that’s good enough for me. Sure, Hollywood stars, academics, celebs, radical activists and much Left media have felt great for example about Che the child killer Guevara who never killed a movie star, Mao the mass killer, the Viet Cong and gee, so many great subjects for subject change.

Doesn’t this prove they are right once again? After all, celebrities and Hollywood stars prove their rebel status everyday by being completely supported by the system they despise. That’s yucky old Capitalist Democracy. Yucky! Just don’t leave, except to go to Cuba for a free 'Castro Tours' holiday.

That's er, the part of Fidels Revolutionary Paradise without the firing squads, but with food, drugs, child prostitutes and champagne. All free with a celebrity propagandist, apologist and useful idiot card. So rock on, Bel Air Rebels!

After all, so many stars were right about using tons of coke and Leftist Dictatorships being great for the working class. Good enough for me too. You are a Goddess because you have acted in some films. Sure, it’s not like you actually wrote them or came up with the idea or wrote a real book or have any scientific, analytical or academic background, but that should not stop you having a bigger media platform than ordinary people. After all, you are a concerned star and celebrity and that’s more than enough.

This is my humble tribute to the great people of Hollywood who the whole world looks up to for guidance and inspiration.

All the best from Colonel Robert Neville.

PS. They also asked for sources, sports. Um, try wanting to find them. Oh, they meant supporting GW. Try skeptoid for some thinking and logic skills just to start with.

There are millions of scientists in the world. Have they all been asked? Who has that data? There are 2,000 'scientists' on the IPCC report. The IPCC is a political body, and not a scientific one, thus the idiot and anti-science mind-set of er, "consensus!" The scientific method is not Democratic. Science is not about agreement, votes, numbers or powerful groups. Science is always in flux and contention, as suits a naturally dynamic world.

Some who don't want to be. Predictions are by definition predictive; they have not happened yet. Science is not consensus but endless scepticism, method, re-testing and wide ranging peer review. Scientists have their flaws, ideologies and pride like everyone else.

That's why the civilised and clear minded look to the method, not any mob, however impolite, shrill, peculiar, trendy or funding pursuing. But what do I know? Get out the ropes for all I care, because if idiots, fakes, flakes and bullies get power, they’ll usually find just the right Logical Fallacy to justify coming after you, eventually.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Imagine reality.

In Zimbabwe most ordinary people don't have to "imagine" no possessions: they're living John Lennon's 'Imagine' imaginary dream! Capitalism, free markets, the rule of law, property rights and everything and everyone is busted, socialised, levelled, powerless in one vast Marxist blood stain and above them is "only the sky". A rather merciless sky. They really don't have a Limousine to piss in.

John Lennon on his song 'Imagine': “Now I understand what you have to do. Put your political message across with a little honey”. Or a thick sickening syrup.

And by golly, that message would be by any logical and rational measure insane bullshit. Imagine there’s no 'Imagine!' Imagine there’s no reality! Imagine there’s no Yoko Ono or there is a Yoko Ono...

'Imagine' really is a great song. In fact 'Imagine' is such a great song, that I never need to hear it again. Ever. Imagine is one of the best, catchiest and utterly done to death melody and lyric combinations advocating the joys of nihilistic totalitarianism ever. And it's of a particularly Pol Pot's Year Zero Khmer Rouge and emptying out the city of Phnom Pehn kind.

Add the zenith of the Cultural Revolution and the best of the living hell of North Korea and hey presto! It is the perfect distillation of a classically clueless, callow, juvenile projection fantasy. And interestingly, it’s the complete and exact opposite of the kind of life that most every teenager is largely obsessed with. Er, unless one is a teenage cadre of a jungle guerrilla unit. Hey, every teenager hates to get more possessions, money, fun and thrills, right? Er, no.

Imagine the methods needed to achieve the crushing crap socialist nirvana that is the efluent of 'Imagine', basically a series of lyric revulsions against individuals as flawed and real human beings, with the song posing as er, just the opposite. It's weird, baby. If you can't imagine the natural result of such junk read up on the truth of North Korea an' all.

Imagine is just a damn pop song and has no answers to anything whatsoever, or even poses a single question worth asking. Just like the great Beatles were, outside of song writing and related, virtually incapable of running a basic adult life. None had ever paid a bill, got their own passports or really done almost any of the things that most independent adults have to do. Nope, imagine no personal assistants, managers and flunkies. The Beatles were a fantastic band but not er, as far as I can tell, any kind practical guides to ordinary life. You know the kind? The one without limousines of cash, infinite room service and a massive, largely uncritical adulation.

The most common trait of the very wealthy and famous is that they often believe or others do for them, that everything they say is pure gold.

When Lennon wrote this mawkish Mogadon laced Tin Pan Alley corn, he was a drug addict, a permanent snoozer and a man seemingly determined to lose his overstated alleged 'rebel edge' as fast as possible. With Yoko’s uncomprehending help seemingly also his sense of humour, all by imagining himself into some kind of bizarre self-neutered hippie uber-boob cum bore. What happened? John Lennon used to be a real laugh, full of anger and a great rocker, all seemingly dumped and only to return in ever diminishing flashes as the music and matching tedious politics of the 1970’s dragged on and bloody on.

That's the er, "protest" bowel movement that never once protested about a single real dictatorship like say I dunno, North Korea, Red China, Pol Pot, Che the child killer's Cuba or Soviet Russia et al, including a single Eastern Block communist feifdom and apart from South Africa, which the left helped deliver to the mass murdering and mutilating, tribal rapist Marxist thieves of the ANC and their stealth jihad pals, made not a single lyric about the other twenty odd African hell holes and so on and so on. Yeah, real er, rebels. Riiight. Sure. All lazy mere fashion within an easy teeny intellectual reach.

'Imagine' is based on pathetic guilt and embarrassment at ones own affluence, as if a poverty you have no intention of experiencing is somehow ennobling. Poverty is merely destabilising, humiliating, frustrating, unhealthy, enormously sad, boring, dangerous and totally worthless. This is why rich pop stars sing about it while entirely avoiding anything like it. 'Imagine' is the end result of being extremely rich, indulged, alienated, bored, tired, drug addled, drunk, largely unquestioned and laying in bed for weeks at a time at the tag end of the sixties idiot hippie radical dream and tediously regurgitated every decade since.

The endless Night of the Living 60's Dead and Charles Manson Show that is the ever recurring baby bummer decade, is kept alive by a Dr Frankenstein of circular yet exhausted fashion, boring old leftard celebrities, hackneyed and narrow movies, a backdated MSM, tedious academics and various neo-socialist hobbyist freaks in governments or any combination there of. No, really. Hey, what do I know? Most everything.

The clichéd view of the sixties "happening!" happened really only for a proportionately small group of oft amusing sixties twits, celebrities, entertainers, media hacks and other indulged elites, but never really happened for the majority of ordinary people, if at all. Thus the faux history of the sixties is written by the same elites, not ‘the people’ innit.

The most popular album in England in the 1960’s was er, 'The Sound of Music!’, not the Beatles, the Stones and Dylan. The most popular films were ‘Carry On’ films’, not Bonnie and Clyde and Easy Rider. And nearly everyone was a square, so square was merely the norm. The sixties actually happened for most people in the 1970’s. This is why the 70’s sucked in so many ways and was the start of the joy of today’s full-blown narcissistic decay of twerpydom. Ah, the perfect place for the laughably meaningless pap and drivel of ‘Imagine’. Ah, Pap and Drivel...Who'll ever forget them.

The only thing worse than the actual song ‘Imagine’ are people’s gushing and deluded logical fallacy reactions to it. ‘Imagine’ is a great way to measure the dumb ass quotient at any dinner party where people say things like er, the following true quotes:

“This album is a very moving & touching album in which John is expressing his view of what the world should & can be like”. [ Yes, it should be a place devoid of possessions that we can then er, share. We can share our leaves and twigs...]

“I agree with John on so many things”. [Of course you do, because you are retarded, but you haven’t got the money to even begin or not to begin, as the case may be, to live the er, dream.]

“Especially this album’s message that there can be peace if we try to make it happen”. [Yes, peace is great in North Korea where they’ve “made it happen”.]

“Also, if we want peace, killing is not the way to get it”. [Damn, why did we kill all those Nazi’s?] From the deliciously named Lennon 666.

Now here's a funny thing. Google on 'Imagine' lyrics interpretation and it's nearly all the same gushing drool. Funny, eh? No. It's easy to realise the dream of 'Imargarine'. Just destroy the economy and murder all the individuals.

The ridiculous and illogical sentimental overload of 'Imagine' is if anything, a variant on 'Brave New World'. And like many a sixties rabble, Lennon did er, dig the chemical happiness of various 'Somas'.

John Lennon was so talented that he managed to avoid like most rich celebrities, proposing the novel idea of promoting the hard facts of what made say, his life so enormously bountiful, rich and privileged. Nope, Lennon never promoted the capitalist democracy and free-market principles, the only system that enabled him to spout ludicrously child-like nihilist fantasy’s all while rolling in millions of filthy dollars.

Now Lennon was obviously smart and had a sense of humuour. In the daft film Forrest Gump, the lead is an idiot. And yet he’s an entirely empathetic, practical, effective, socially conservative, honest, hard working, humble, kind and caring er, capitalist who employs people and offers real solutions and services.

And in a Hollywood film of all places, you find the following scene seemingly and refreshingly ridiculing my, my, communism and calling it a little like it is, via the spurious non-ideas presented by the nutso lyrics of ‘Imagine’.

Dick Cavett: You’ve had quite a trip. Could you tell us uh, what was China like?

Forrest Gump: "Well, in the land of China, people hardly got nothin’ at all".

John Lennon: "No possessions?"

Forrest Gump: "And in China they never go to Church".

John Lennon: "No religion too?"

Dick Cavett: "Oh it’s hard to imagine".

John Lennon: "It’s easy if you try, Dick".

It’s a riot. Let’s look at the great lyrics that so many ‘Imagine’ are a workable blueprint for the world that they say they so sincerely pine for. It's just those nasty Neocons that are stopping it from happening, man!

“Imagine there's no heaven”. Why? For step one to a solipsistic nihilist moral relativism, that’s why! So no Church, no Western Canon, no Enlightenment, no Industrial Revolution, no black Church, no black music, no rock n’ roll! No Beatles? No Lennon and no ‘Imagine!’ Check.

“It's easy if you try”. Empirically deluded and an impossibility at best, and at worst an utter lie.

“No Hell below us”. Well, yes, while there is only molten magma, kudos for a good step two toward a pass with honours in Nihilism 101. Check. Er, a vision of Hell can be had backstage at the Grammy's.

“Above us only sky”. Oh, and the troposphere, the stratosphere, the planets and stars and so on. Hey, no God you say? You're boring me.

“Imagine all the people, living for today...” Imagine the electricity going off, people dying in hospitals and no road rules. Imagine Africa and North Korea as one!

“Imagine there's no countries”. Imagine seeing people as simultaneously dreamy and what makes them human as entirely disposable.

“It isn't hard to do”. Again absurd. Er, balls.

“Nothing to kill or die for...” This is my favourite. Everything is meaningless and worthless and yet all is er, cool and groovy!

“And no religion too...” Er, and we know which religion pop stars dismiss glibly by default, and it ain’t Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or Crystals.

“Imagine all the people...” Yes, not as individuals.

“Living life in peace...” Doing what exactly? Apart from boring one another.

“You may say I'm a dreamer...” Yes, precisely and not a very good one.

“But I'm not the only one...” Since 1967 there has never been a shortage of clueless Leftard Liberal boobs.

“I hope someday you'll join us...” You mean at the Hilton? As long as you’re paying, mate. Send a Limo for me will ya?

“And the world will be as one...” And we will all be the same as what? We’ll all be Taoists or interpretive jazz dancers or? Who wants to live in a share house with er, everybody?

“Imagine no possessions...” How is this good exactly? So nothing to cook with and no shelter? So rolling naked in the mud without dentistry and infested with parasites while attacked by wild animals that are not so stupid? Um, isn’t food a possession? Isn’t the means to produce it possessions? Isn’t intelligence and rationality something you can possess? Not in the Madhouse of Crazy Mirrors that is ‘Imagine’ land, folks.

“I wonder if you can...” Er, no. I can’t. Not without drugs and especially while I watch you drive by in a limo or see a colour spread of your vast mansion and estate, with its own island. If I could imagine such insanity and believe it, I'd try to get professional help. And er, I prefer to imagine achievement, initiative, innovation, progress and the prosperity and abundance it brings.

“No need for greed or hunger...” So greed causes hunger? Not a lack of an economy? Well, I’ll be. Lend me a million or two then, will ya John? Not that I’m greedy, just hungry! Let me lessen the chances of you being tempted.

“A brotherhood of man...” A brotherhood of clones. Yes, Lennon lived in a big apartment and then invited the Brotherhood of Man to perform there, as they weren’t currently then on tour.

“Imagine all the people...” That’s some imagination you’ve got there. I mean, imagine everyone? At once?

“Sharing all the world...” The one empty of possessions, incentive, an economy, common sense and any depth of emotion beyond that of a passive house plant where everyone is mass produced? Er, that one? Or maybe just a world without hubristic and annoyingly bloated pop stars? Now that I can imagine.

“And the world will live as one...” Ah, global Socialism. That’s gotta work!

There is in John Lennon and many a super absurd millionaire's celebrity posturing, a Peter Cook and Dudley Moore as ‘Derek and Clive’ routine just screaming to get out.

Clive: "Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome for saviour of the world and billionaire Jack Lemming, here to perform his wonderful song ‘I Made Gin’".

Derek: "Oh, thank you Tony! And without further ado, ‘ere it is!

[Derek at piano and Clive on vocals.]

I made gin about eleven,
It’s easy if you’re fried.
Oh hell just fucking blow us,
All over the bathroom tile.
I made gin for all the people,
A bunch of parasites.

Imagine there’s no drugs,
I can’t get hard if I do.
Nothing to fucking get out of bed for,
And no idea too.
I made a gin for Yoko,
Living life as a bag.

You may say fuck off".

Derek: "He’s an arsehole!"

Clive: "But I'm not the only rich cunt.
I hope you’ll never join us,
Cos there’s not enough fucking room.

Imagine no fucking celebrities,
I wonder if you can.
I need some weed or heroin,
And a blow job in a Limo.
I made a hit for Yoko,
Sharing the same fucking spoon...

Oh, a warm round of fists for a real talent, a real talentless shit, it’s Jack Lemming, the famous prick and arsehole..."

Derek: "Thank you, Tony, you’re too kind, I..."

Clive: "Yes, I’m sure I am..."

Derek: "I try to be. I want to save not just this world but other worlds such as Mars if there’s any life there..."

Clive: "Wonderful. Now if you could just take us out with a nice reprise of your great load of shit..Imagine that."