Friday, 30 November 2007

You wake up this mornin’ baby and Lord you find yourself dead.

"The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet". William Gibson.

In 1968, the great Jimi Hendrix played at Madison Square Gardens. Or Jimi attempted to play, because a clarity free hippie dropped some "very bad LSD" into the drink of the exceptional and very young guitarist. Very "bad acid" is somehow very different to the kind of "very good" acid that is the first step on the disciplined and focused path to a successful concert.

“Hey, drugs got me where I am today! Nowhere!” Some hippie bastard.

Jimi struggled through the start of a set, halted and allegedly said “I’ve been dead a long time”. Dramatic or apocryphal, it was in the end maybe just the drugs or the decor. Hendrix was a very hard working, talented person and a generally nice guy, plus that rare thing in a modern celebrity, a patriot. Hendrix being a Screaming Eagle of the 101st Airborne an’ all. Ok, he dug it due in large part for the thrilling experience of parachuting and it also seemed like a good opportunity to his alternatives at the time. And yep, Jimi took er, drugs! To put it mildly. Though he was more of a red wine man and an avid room tidier.

Jimi sometimes startled his peers when he spoke patriotically about his own country and how Communism, especially in South East Asia er, sucked, which it did and still does of course. He also disturbed those unfamiliar with such things, when he spoke of the many bigotry's he had long suffered and not just from white folks, but from almost everyone.

People often misunderstand the deeply profound art of Jimi's expression, thats both raw, subtle, tender and furious while drawing their own fashionable, often one dimensional conclusions. For Jimi, a love of his country was a natural like he was, while sometimes terribly problematic, nuanced and even stark, but never stupidly hateful. Thus his art is lasting...the only thing Hendrix really lacked was enough time.

"I'll always touch you...can't you hear me, calling you?" Jimi.

And we've been dead a long time to how deluded and bankrupt general perceptions, or the lack thereof, have become.

Hendrix, like any subject I’ve ever got seriously interested in, could not be discerned accurately from the MSM at all. You could always feel the fingerprints of the last journo who went to the file drawer, and the one before, and before that, all repeating the same photocopied lack of insight and received lameness. For me, real insight came entirely from literature often sourced via the Net or the Net itself.

“I should have quit you, a long time ago. Now you got me crying, crying on the killing floor”.

And that's almost entirely my feelings regards the MSM, or the um, main stream media, Hollywood, celebrities and most of those with a repeated public voice. I feel a similar repulsion with our degraded, convoluted, and often compromised education system. Like an idiot hippie, they can have surprisingly similar views often completely unmoored from reality.

The common line that's pushed now, is that the Western Canon is mostly bad and pretty much entirely responsible for all the ills of the world, when the contrary is the empirical truth. The answer to the ills of the world is the spreading of the Western Canon, nothing else. There would be no modern 'world' without Western traditions.

"You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood, place it in the navel of a firefly and still have room enough for three caraway seeds and a producer's heart". Fred Allen.

"Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well housed, well warmed and well fed". Herman Melville.

The MSM is a mostly laughable and casual diversion, filled for the most part with hacks, shallow frauds and mediocrities, with little to zero insight, analysis, fact, depth or meaning beyond their own profoundly stupid and censorious bias. Of course, I’m not talking about the highly qualified modern journalist, who has studied hard over several years to become a professional. They’re much worse.

Much media is directed and twisted as a matter of fact and practice to fit the er, dominant paradigm. We've arrived at some kind of Kingdom of Logical Fallacy as a non-thinking norm. Where is media generally good? Maybe it's where real journalistic standards are indeed about life and death? To find a real journalist, pick your choice of any third world dump.

"The sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous". Shana Alexander.

Yep, it's a miserable stinker, and such cruddiness is not just in the general news and opinion pages, but in other sections of various tedious publications. When I was a kid, I thought publishing was done in a pub and I was right. The financial pages often have some of the most bizarre and clichéd ‘guidance’ that’s just simply not true. It might seem like something to a dullard with a comfortable and bogus MBA, but many of the ideas are often bunk. But what do they care? Not a whit.

Fatuous and hackneyed advice to the plebes on Managed Funds and such as the way to security. Er, no, only for the Managers of Managed Funds, sport.

Gee, no talk of the reality of the wealth of the truly wealthy coming from real estate, business, the development of ideas and services, capital movement, entities, trusts and buying through these etc? Or the fact that the discipline of buying consumer goods only really through real asset cash flow is what the rich do, not consumer goods and services via highly taxed wages, divided by time?

You can read mountains of this without stumbling upon any mention of the fundamental nature or existence of capitalist free market and the democratic freedoms that support it all. It's almost as if the Western Canon is its own ghost. A Che T-shirt wearing juvenile freak could read this stuff and see the economic world as entirely separate to any essential, useful or worthwhile reality, and of course, they do entirely.

This demonstrates that on almost every subject, the passive received MSM is wrong headed, dumb, limited, dishonest, mediocre, repetitive and pretty much useless beyond raw material for laughs, fustration and rage, and not always then. The MSM are happy to peddle the same reasonable sounding flop and bilge year after year. Study the reality of money, markets, business and so on and then look afresh at the usual ‘Financial Lift Out’ rubbish. Repeat the exercise on almost any subject. They hardly get a damn thing right.

Expect nothing from the media and you'll never be disappointed.

Why? Because they’re the MSM! They’re selling products to you, not real understanding or jeepers, news. In stentorian tones “Cutting news! All the news! News out your ass!” Like a magic act, you don't notice what ain’t there and what’s truly behind the empty illusion. A guy with a mop!

The medium is the message and the message contains no meaning, because they're not really in the business of informing you. While often entirely deliberate in their omissions, the MSM often don’t really know much themselves.

For these reasons, the reality of Islamism, resurgent Leftism, Communism and variant radicalisms, may just be into their third or final act without being reported, if reported at all, but as a contradictory lie. PC Leftist bunk after decades of concerted indoctrination has infected our body politic, public discourse, our institutions and even our own way of thinking.

It's so bad and poopy now, that the same kind of shrill freaks continually look for sources of complaint to give legitimacy for their er, obsessions. Thus absurd screams of “Racist!” and “Fascist!” with zero evidence or reason.

Folks often parrot to me that there's “lot’s of racists” um, "around". Well, in that case you’ll be able to supply at least one or two names then? Oh, I get it. Oh, you mean white people who are not PC Left? Check. There are no asian, black or Hawaiian racists. Check.

“All Left and Liberal ideas are discredited if you simply wait long enough”. Somebody cool.

The ordinary citizen will be under assault way before they read or hear about it, as they are in many ways already. There are many freaks that grow naturally, out of the logical decline created by PC Left Liberalism.

Britain and France etc, are already lost in the wondeful world of Islamisation, but we don’t see it reflected much, if at all in the Oz MSM, not even when we're dying in the streets and our homes. We'll wake up one morning and find our traditions, society, institutions, beliefs, decency and every one of the millions of things that make up life in a the free world, dead, dying and fighting for our lives.

You’ll be buying some cheese at a supermarket and the check-out girl will look flustered or crying, and there’ll be a feeling of bee like activity in the background and you’ll ask “What’s wrong?” And she’ll say “Haven’t you heard? A nuclear bomb exploded in Atlanta.” Or Melbourne, or Naples, or Dublin or...

Maybe it’ll be something else beyond our imagination that we turn away from thinking about now. There may be a point where people will ask why we weren’t er, "informed".

They’ll be cutting your head off, along with Mrs Noodlemier and your Aunt Doris, while the MSM are still blaming us while relentlessly trying to present a “balanced” story. You know, both sides of Auschwitz.

Those that disingenuously seek the intellectually lazy and morally bankrupt nonsense of “peace” with our determined and mortal foes, need to realise that such bunk will guarantee a harsh response. Whoever is hit, will launch missiles at ALL the likely suspects, and not wait for the next blast. That’s the way it’ll be, sports.

Remember, for the Left, the road we’re on is entirely the right and only road, except that the left can never be satisfied. The true goal of the Left is to accelerate, completely eradicate and then cement over any opposition to their irrational poison by stealth and legislation, and as soon as possible. Yep, try disagreeing with any of it and see how far you get.

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” C.S. Lewis.

In Melbourne, there have been dozens of attacks as per usual, and every day for years by groups of North African males. Recently, a few unpleasant incidents even got reported. Whiz-zo!

They included attempted car jackings in peak hour inner-city Melbourne! Just like South Africa, Nigeria, the Sudan and any other vortex of tribalism and religion, kids. But not once is there a mention about the true reasons. Often alien cultures, religions, standards of normality, life and death experiences including war, warlordism, misogyny and well, expectations and attitudes. Damn hard thing to chang, the old attitudes, especially over the duration of a plane flight.

Nope, it’s invariably our fault somehow, or the Police, for either acting or not acting or um... In some cases yes, but er, mostly no.

Like, that fault would be all our faults then eh? Including every other immigrant group too? So the Welsh, Chinese, Norwegian and Scots are all to equally blame for social disruption? Nope. But er, personal responsibility, culture or religion is not? Guess not, eh? Or then we’d know why everyone doesn’t commit the same offences at the same levels.

My wife is Japanese and so far no Japanese gangs, not even a single band of marauding Sushi Chefs has troubled Melbourne.

That’s the ridiculous flaw in the Left activist chant of “You are on Aboriginal Land!” Er, right. So ya gonna go down to Little Saigon and say that? Get the Hell away from me! Er, isn't the land supposed to be like er, everyones Mother? Then hi, Ma!

As Mark Steyn has said, in France, it’s always the same story about rioting “youths”, meaning the global MSM can run this story a hundred times without mentioning the word Muslims once. Most no one I spoke to really knew exactly what and who they were voting for in Kevin Rudd, but they were very determined that they would, and why not?

For all John Howard’s faults and he had 'em, he was a relentlessly polite, dedicated, highly competent civil servant, patriot and statesman. When somebody's sellin’, I want to know what I’m buyin’! And people expect damn too much from government. This ain't healthy, bub.

The Left Liberal see's Nirvana-like answer to everything as essentially ever bigger government. Aah, but they do plan to control the state and all its power to co-erce the rest of us, so naturally it’s one of the few times they plan ahead.

Imagine going to the dentist but you’re not sure if he’s a dentist. “I don’t know. I’m tired of the other guy. This new guy that just started hangin’ around, looks great, and anyway, he despises my old dentist, so that’s good enough for me!”

The West will end badly if we don’t focus on the harsh realities around us. The Bolsheviks were only around 3% of the population, not that long before they took over, and the Nazis were at about 5% near 1930. Then it was ever onward to an endless murder spree.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it". Alan Kay.

How many people now hold views that were not long ago, extreme Left and radical non-ideas? Now they're totally acceptable as mainstream and are even regarded as er, sensible? Environmentalism seems benign and smiley, at least without looking under the surface and at its history.

Enviromentalism is actually anti-human at base, and many of its main advocates in positions of influence and power believe utterly in culling via a legal genocide the “virus” of humanity. The head freaks are driven entirely by the passions of moral vanity, ego and ideology. Islamists are driven by their joy in all things necrophiliac, just like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Che the child killer Guevara and all such "beasts among men".

At my puny Uni, there was an activist festival made of the usual standard smorgasbord of stale and bankrupt non-ideas. Students seem able to assemble this crud at the drop of a pavlovian hat. There was a stand protesting, surprise, the evils of GM crops. The evil that can feed millions and greatly reduce irrigation and pesticides via resistance to disease, and similiar to the plants we have had for decades, nearly all hybrids. Yes, evil.

The neo-hippie table girl, seemed unaware that the freak movement died around 1966, when Robert Plant and others paraded through ‘The Haight’ with a coffin. On it was written the cheerful news that "The hippie is dead", because the movement had already been flooded by affluent drop outs, misfits, criminals, the mentally ill and entirely appropriated by business who sold it back to millions of boobs as the rubbish it was.

As someone once said, "Once you could buy hippie wigs at Woolworths, you knew that the 'revolution' was over". Oddly, "hippie" was doomed to carry on as a kind of irrelevant and eternal 'Day of the Zombie Hipsters' right up to now.

I said to my fellow ‘student’, “Isn't it logical if you are against something, that you are ipso the old facto, also for something?”

She replied “Er, whatever…Viva the Revolution! Down with Fascist Imperialism and BushHitler! Viva Che! Bigger parental trust funds!” or something like that. Actually she just had a dumb look on her spoiled and very slappable face.

Says I: "Do you know anything about GM Golden Rice? It's the only way to deliver Vitamin A to the millions of people who without this essential element, are left blind and disabled?"

She did say “Er, what are you talking about?” Um, she didn’t want to know anything of course as her posturing is nothing to do with any reality faced by real people. It's all about her feelings and vanity. All protesters seem to contain quite a few, if not all of 'The Seven Deadly Sins'.

Now how can a tertiary student not have picked up on much if any of the facts of a major subject that they claim to be so passionate about say via the MSM? Why hadn't any teacher or other student it seems, pointed out such profound ignorance? Because mostly those sources don’t exist.

"Hey, I said I had strong emotions about it... I never said I wanted to understand anything!"

Only a few days ago I saw the usual headline standby of lazily calling GM “Frankenstein Food”. Ho, hum. Plus there was a picture of Frankie Stein with a carrot head! Pitifully stupid. GM technology is a highly refined plant science, not a Gothic assembly of freakish flesh, dig?

"What is at risk is not the climate but freedom…I see the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity now in ambitious environmentalism, not in communism. This ideology wants to replace the free and spontaneous evolution of mankind by a sort of central (now global) planning”. President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic.

The difference between being a Conservative, is that you believe in proven evidence and consideration, while the Left Liberal is interested entirely with the future and intent and how one feels about it all. Conservatives also usually believe in God, while the Left of mind in some way, often believe they are Gods. It's the mentality and perspective of the narcissitic and egotistical control freak. Thus as Mark Steyn has noted, the chances of running into celebrities at any Democrats, Labour Party or Greens rally is pretty high. The converse is true of Conservatives.

From Mark Steyn: Barbara Streisand told TV Guide, "Al Gore called from Air Force One for advice. I couldn't take the call. I was in the middle of something." Riiight...

Maybe we better concentrate on the right things now, before we have nothing left to focus on, but how to simply survive through a long dark night for civilisation.

“All failure is a lack of concentration”. The great Bruce Lee.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Islam sucks.

Warning! Imam! Keep away from children, women, men and pets!

From the great Roger Kimball: ‘Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their credo: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope”.

I have a screech owl that I’ve called Mohammad. I also have a baboon and a chimpanzee named Mohammad. I have a dozen lovable newts, a hamster, a gnu, three aardvarks, a poodle, two mice, a rattlesnake and a sloth all named Mohammad. I also have a centipede, a slug, a blow fish, a family of Sea Monkeys and a Petri dish of bacteria all named Mohammad. I can say "Hey Mohammad!" and they all appear at once, alighting in photogenic pose.

The borderline insane and those that have rabidly leapt over that border of the mind, say that Mohammad is all. All lies? All insane? All over? All rubbish? All washed up? Allman Brothers? All I want to do is boogie?

Gee, the fact is there’s absolutely no need to try to er, 'understand’ Islam, or come to an ‘accommodation’ with Mohammad and the Krazy Koran etc. Nope, can’t be done. Not without signing your own death warrant. None of that irrational and suicidal PC floop for me, bub. Islam/Islamism has exactly NOTHING to offer the great Western Canon whatsoever, except for the abyssKlavan at PJTV com on "Does Islam Suck?"

Come on, let’s be honest. With Islam there’s always the clearly implied threat of violence, isn’t there? Yep, allegedly there are millions and millions of wonderful, fabulous and regular laugh a minute Muslims well, everywhere. Look! There's one! Er, no. Sadly, this means they are not authentic Muslims as defined clearly by Islam but apostates.

Also observe how any 'Muslim' dissident, feminist, journalist, intellectual folks etc, are in the West largely ignored, insulted and virtually completely unsupported by the MSM and left intelligentsia. It's empirical. In the Muslim world they're threatened or murdered. Going straight to the murder without the threats cuts down on the middle-Imam.

Name one left figure who supports a single courageous Iraqi er, semi-Muslim in their struggle for normality? I'd love to ask such illiberal boobs what kind of Iraq the people there should have. This 'logic' would mean either putting or allowing the Baathist Party back into power, or any dominant group of killers as long as they just love to hate America as the left indeed do.

So naturally reasonable semi-Muslim's are by default not generally the one's in charge in most if not all Islamic places I'm afraid, and in the way that counts, are they? Power in such peculiar states coming largely out of the oil fed barrel of a gun and the pages of the Koran, so to speak. Sadly and spelling theirs and our own doom, both Iraq and Afghanistan have placed Sharia Law within their Constitutions. Thus the West fights for Islamic Law! No really. Could things be any worse? Only if you have to listen to the Australian ABC's 24 hour faux news network.

In this year of 2010 our Assistant Treasurer Nick Sherry has with the support of Saudi stealth jihadists changed our tax laws to accommodate Sharia Law...No, REALLY. [Link via islammonitor org.]

And many earnest left infected folks seem to forget that Islam entirely sucks for million's of Muslim's too, and to the point of death which sucks. When in Riyadh and Iran etc, one must do as Islamofascists do, which is "Destroy Infidels!" One thing though, under any circumstances, don’t ever "misunderstand" Islam. Your head may come off and you may just explode.

So this is what I do. Some of the ways I have found to utilize Mohammad the all purpose 7th Century pedophile, rapist, madman, mass murdering lice ridden Jew hating bandit is simply in conversation, to replace random or key words with Mohammad and so on. Everyone knows what you mean as when one says "Frankly, Islam scares the Hell out of me".

And yet we can get some of the few laughs available out of the old bastard freak and the rest of the axis of medieval regards the Krazy Koran and as Christopher Hitchens correctly called it, "the filth of Islam". I have also thrown in some swingin’ bumper stickers. So try these. Remember as Islam goes ever more global and local with the help of not just the left, we're all dead anyway or will wish we were. Especially the female half of the population. Still, it's a larf innit, eh?

Islam Sucks!

Islam. The Religion of Peace...or else!

Hey! Did somebody just Mohammad?

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a Koran.

Oh John! Oh Mohammad!

Oh God! I think I’m going to Mohammad!

Removes most bathroom Mohammad’s with a single wipe!

Removes even the most stubborn Mohammad’s in the wash!

I think we may have to put Mother into a home. She’s becoming more Mohammad everyday.

I’m afraid your tests are positive Mr Kowalski. You have Mohammad.

Sir! I said drop the Koran and move away from the nuclear device, now!

Your towel, sir.

In all my years of medical and psychiatric practice, I’ve never seen a Mohammad like it.

Islam? No, it’s beef!

Islam treats women like a precious gift. That’s why they wrap them up.

Larry, Mohammad and Curly.

Hey Mo! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

And then he says, ‘you should have seen the other Mohammad!’

Hey Mohammad! Here boy!

All units respond to a Mohammad at 12th and Vine. Suspect is armed, has a history of psychological illness and is considered extremely dangerous.

In zis experiment I vill transfer zer brain of zis Mohammad into zer brain of zis chicken!

Of course I love you but we’re so different. You’re just way too Mohammad!

It looks like Mohammad is going for the triple play.

Hey Dude, like that Mohammad is like totally radical!

Early behead and early to lies, makes Mohammad unhinged wacky and despised.

Hey Kor-an, you’re the girl for me.

My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my Mohammad!

My Mother caught me having a Mohammad.

Hey, that’s like, totally Islam!

Adventurous cross dresser wishes to meet midget acrobat for casual fun times. Must be into Mohammad.

Oh, Mr President! I'll never get your Dhimmi stains out of my new dress!

Hey buddy. Interested in half an hour with a really hot little Mohammad?

I woke up this mornin’ and got myself Mohammad!

Are you some kind of Mohammad?

They Came From Outer The Koran!

I Was A Teenage Mohammad!

I never had sexual relations with that Mohammad.

I am not a Mohammad!

Dhimmi, Dhimmi coco pop!

The Australian Labour Party stands for all Mohammad's.

Read my lips. No more Mohammad's.

That curry gave me terrible Sharia.

Islam ah bad?

Life is but a dream...kaboom, kaboom!

Congress has just outlawed Islam. We commence bombing of Mecca in five minutes.

Whoh oh Black Betty, Ramadan. Damn things gone wild. Ramadan.

I just met a girl called Sharia.

Bewitched, bothered and beheaded am I.

In the merry, merry month of Ramadan.

A full Burqa looks like Gort the robot in drag.

Islamic puzzle book. Join the heads!

It looks like Mohammad is going for the red in the side pocket.

Now Mohammad, I just want you to relax and close your eyes and tell me, why do you hate everyone’s Mother?

That’s Mohammad ahead by two points.

Crazier than an Imam.

After washing thoroughly, please place all Mohammad’s in the bin provided.

I’ll have the Mohammad and eggs and a coffee, thanks.

I’ve been seeing another Mohammad, and we’re in love!

How could you spend all our savings on a Mohammad!

Hey man, this is Grade A Mohammad!

I’m sorry. We just sold our last Mohammad. We’re expecting more by Thursday at the latest.

They tried to tell us we were Mohammad.

Here’s looking at you, Mohammad.

Ramadan a ding dong.

Iraq me baby, all night long.

Hey, I’m gonna Mecca summa spaghetti!

Try ‘New’ Mohammad! Now with five times more Jihad!

Is your hair dry, lifeless and hard to Mohammad?

There is nothing to fear but Islam itself.

This is a day that will live in Islam, see.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for Dhimmitude.

The truth about Islam? You can’t handle the truth!

Israel is real. Islam is unreal.

Islam gave me cancer!

'Harem Jane' Fonda. 'Haram Jane' Fonda. 'Annoy Jane' Fonda!

Islamism. It’s the crème de’ la crude.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

The Omega Man Taken Down by the Meager Man and The Family.

That final polling was a real killer for the Government of John Howard, the last statesman accountant, semi-patriot in Australia.

Chuck Heston in ‘The Omega Man’: “What day is it, anyway? Monday? Huh? The Hell it is. It's Sunday! Sunday I always dress for dinner”.

It’s not the end of the world, that's next week. I really don’t favor hyperbole unless it's funny which it usually is, but when the jokes on me, especially if it’s on record twelve months later as an embarrassing reminder of how judgement and perspective are so clouded by emotion, and ain't they just? Look at the left; that’s all they have really. But yeah, what a drag the way the election's panned out, a real drag. And quite frankly John Howard wasn't so great, much of a conservative or for that matter deep at all. And yet, it seems that even the excitement of the victors seems er, somewhat slightly strained. Do they really believe it all? Maybe they do.

So apparently the next stop is their very collective idea of Utopia, on the Rudd PC Labour Socialist Union Express.

And now the challenges and tasks are ahead to er, do what exactly? The economy despite the government and a small cabal of monopolies is a semi-marvel, while Australia is er, barely 'secure' as far as naive Western Democracy’s go and what happens next? Er, fighting the non-existent threat of Climate Change! Or is it pressing home the endless list of repackaged leftist fashions for controlling you and I and everything, ad nauseum. Well, the most substantial stuff the Labor Party has is the previous contributions slim and awful as they are of Howard and Costello, Hawke and Keating.

Maybe forcing business to hire people at a set price and conditions id their new thing Yeah, that’ll work. Business doesn't have to hire but hire because of a demand. “Sorry, not hiring due to enforced fantasy of variant militant union”. What's often pushed by left Labor as big ticket "issues", are either phony, beyond government purview or blown out of proportion adjustments and changes.

As Thomas Sowell explains, few are the permanent working poor usually until government interference, while the flattening of perceived and undefinable inequality is problematic to say the bleeding least. Yep, there are exploitative swine and I've worked for quite a few of them, but an enforced government distortion  for an imaginary leveling has the opposite result to the desired effect: keeping people from entering employment at low cost and gaining the skills to move up. Thus the minimum wage destroyed black teenage employment opportunity in America.

The methods used create stagnation, limiting opportunity for growth especially in employment movement and business etc, and to put it mildly, the only real things that in the end are going to allow the ambitious and determined to get anywhere. If something costs more such as an employee, you get less of it. Aah, freedom ain't as easy and comfortable as dependence, eh? And I should know, being a sometime musician and therefore a bum.

Apt and interesting that a Labor unionist Minister was shown throwing 'Work Choices' in the bin. Hey, was that the dustbin of history where socialistic ideas of economics end up?

A strangulated economy will indeed present fewer choices beyond the static and diminishing. Equality is relative and an absurd non-idea in a dynamic capitalist democracy and free market trade. The top, middle and lower levels have all risen incredibly by any measure in spite of almost invariably failed government distortions.

True movement is only created by the natural dynamics of 'supply and demand' within markets. Dig how this creates the environment for the incentive to innovation required to competently ride such an effective and efficient beast and hey, if you really want no rough edges, eat oatmeal. Baby on us all, a little rain must fall. All socialist attempts to eradicate what is merely a part of real life, invariably ends with all but the control freaks at the top, standing in a diseased leftist disaster if you just wait long enough.

Compare the uninspiring and moribund economic fantasy's of Sweden, France and most of Western Europe, all doomed to collapse as their indulgent, socialised, secular and unsustainable delusions die along with their point of no return negative birth rates.

Then look at creepy China, creepy India, fun Taiwan, sad Ireland, bankrupt USA and massively over regulated Australia etc. A peculiar mix of good and bad I grant you, while still filled with actual opportunity which attracts instead of repels investment per se. Ok, mebbe not Ireland. Gee, not perfect to put it mildly, but then very little is to the socialist left except Cuba. At least China has mass executions, so that should count for something to the left. Aah, all attempts at 'perfecting' free markets and society end in fiasco, utter failure, death and destruction. Sure, there's a bad side too.

The true motive of left and even fake alleged conservative lefty wanna be and wanna be liked non-thinking is of a non-idea driven by a moral vanity that cannot bear any reflections of the system that they actually despise, which is capitalist democracy. That is, creating something and not merely taking. Having neither of these things and a logical, moral Constitution, makes it entirely less likely that there are opportunity's for any independence for the people you merely say you want to help but in truth desire to use.  But hey, that's a' socialism. Gee, how quickly they forget that they're the self-appointed heroes of the people.

Freedom is economic freedom...

...until they take it away because you are unarmed and have no logical Constitution.

At the risk of sounding corny and hyperbolic after all, do they know what they may have done? Well, folks, they replaced a successful and outstandingly dull PM and his middling-government, including a competent Treasurer and a qualified, wide ranging semi-business world team with that of a mass of deliberately hidden ALP staff cum militant union left lawyer's and other radical ecofascist variant atheist activist nitwit types headed by Kevin Rudd, a populist windsock doing default Tin Tin impressions without the charm, personality or courage. An millionaire meager man with a rotten record, a rotten narcissist, utterly incompetent, a cliche spouting phony, a nasty little abusive shit, and with a character free face that looks like a bowl of instant pudding.

As they say, barely a 'civilian' on the whole front bench and almost no real world business people if any, folks. Rudd has been a diplomat and a er, 'consultant'. The only consultant that never cares to look at a single detail.

‘The Age’ screamed out "Howard humiliated”. Er, maybe not as much as the mediocre and entirely dull leftoid broadsheet would like. Hey, The Age may feel humiliated when they inevitably go bankrupt and shrink to tabloid size with a puny albeit padded subscription of less than 140,000 .  The bias shown by that strange, now almost zero journalistic standards bore sheet and most of the Oz MSM has been instructive. I get it.

Yes, it was interesting how Rudd entered into the appalling claim on a tedious TV show that he would "beat John Howard in a bar fight!". Riight, that's really a nice way to think in democratic politics, and er, nobody seemed troubled by this bit of Mark Lathanism. Rudd is a kind of another Mark Latham bizzarro Labor type. While Latham was the out of control freak, Rudd is the control freak that's now in. Kevin wil say if it blows w ANYTHING if it blows with the current winds of opportunism.

In our media, like most, there's almost no honest interest in informing people about anything much beyond the narrow and bankrupt fantasy opinions of journalists and editorial boards. Bravo! Now I know what the government and commercial media think. The same things. Thanks for ‘informing’ me.

Folks, if you rely on the MSM print and TV etc, for information, you have learnt little to nothing about any subject. What you have ‘learnt’ is a load of product which is entirely different to reality. Unless you go online for insight and analysis and track down decent literature, you may as well get the laughable news and current affairs via an injection.

Apparently John Howard was evil and a cipher to hang every absurd and mostly baseless leftist grudge on. Well he’s gone now, so what's a conformist stand-up comedian to do? The whole premise “Howard out!" is that it’ll be so much better now. How, no-one can say with any empirical substance. So let every self-loathing despiser of the West knock themselves out.

Matthias: “One creature, caught. Caught in a place he cannot stir from in the dark, alone, outnumbered hundreds to one, nothing to live for but his memories, nothing to live with but his gadgets, his cars, his guns, gimmicks... and yet the whole family can't bring him down from that, that...”

Zachary: “Honky paradise, brother?”

Matthias: "Forget the old ways, brother, all the old hatreds. All your pains".

Aah, that’s right, the classic phony front of wanting the logical impossibility of “equality”, the basis of all totalitarianism. All leftist guff when taken to its logical end can only ever go one way. A desire to 'save' the world barely masks a desire to control it. Mathias Rudd may or may not say his version of “we will bury you” as he glares at the Opposition in a badly tailored suit. In fact it will be the turpitude of his own party’s many brittle, extremist factions and the allied freak parades of the Greens, left teachers unions, ecofascist groups ad nauesum that will do entirely that.

And what either the Liberals or Labour or anyone planned to do about more seriously facing, identifying and explaining global Islam both foreign and domestic beyond their current incompetent denial and aoplogia I don’t know. When the future finally comes to us not just internationally but domestically and with full force, I wonder how well the required back flips will go? I wonder, wonder I do…

Back to Kevin, who while a control freak is also an un-moored man who doesn't believe in the process and laws of his position. He's a weak and bullying twit, a profoundly lacking and hollow leader within the fatally flawed structure of a Labor Party that never changes for the better. Krudd it seems has no real power base as everyone who knows dislikes or hates him. It's as if only recently Rudd was slowly moved to center stage as if on wheels.

Who knows, he may rise to the occasion along with his Cabinet and the Labor Party will finally jettison the leftist monkey on its back, but no, he won't and they won't. Rudd is a faux religious man as religion is generally to the left is like pepper to puppies. Er, sadly, Generalissimo Franco was a religious man too, but taller. The left do like to hate, manipulate, lie, destroy and burn one way or another though, don't they.

Chuck: At it again, I see? What will it be tonight? Museum of Science? Some library? Poor miserable bastards.

'The Family': "Burn! Burn it all!"

Sometimes when I observe the beliefs, as opposed to the actual practices of many of the affluent elitists who make up various positions of power, influence and public voice, and now have an election victory to enact them, I often see bunkum. The Liberal [alleged conservative] Party too. This could quite easily be shown in argument but is shown in the disparity between what they say and entirely how they live.

Want to avoid running into a politician and or activist who believes in open immigration? Live in a crappy, crime ridden and dysfunctional working class area filled with immigrant frictions.

Want to run into the peoples heroes? Don’t hang out with the people! Go to exclusive get together's worth hundreds to thousands of dollars per head. Now there’s nothing wrong with being loaded, I’d love to be. It’s the phony linking of the rebel cred that turns my gut.

Don’t get me wrong. Australia is no corrupt dump per se and we’re actually very well served by our oft semi-decent politicians, who work almost hard and achieve some of what we take for granted and a lot of what we don't want or need. It’s just um, many are God awful. So if you want improvement, don't vote for me.

Now, John Howard had his few enormous flaws and blew the election. But both parties always fund a vast array of wasteful, indulgent programs from multicultural mutations to endlessly mediocre alleged arts bilge. Quite a bit of it just radical to deviant propaganda that without the prop of tax dollars, would instantly sink without trace. Hey, I don't mind the deviance, it's just that deviants should pay their own way not via the public purse. I always buy my own ticket.

Government funded art is mostly not worth a damn. Beyond usually superficial and repellent decoration, you get tax funded Freak Parades telling you that their junk is where it's at baby, that it's somehow 'relevant' and they're an artist merely by default of saying so.

"Look! It says so on my card. I'm an artist!"

And apparently, it's always entirely the audiences fault if they don't find it all that er, swingin'. I deeply despised Howard and his anti-conservative, anti-individual autonomy in taking away the right of law abiding citizens to own guns, leaving us all utterly limited, powerless, unarmed and thus ultimately defenseless against a changed or capricious state, civil collapse or criminal assault. All quite possible and the last, is an actual. If you think it’s a good thing to be unarmed citizens you really want to study history especially of enfeebled collapsing European, Asian, African, Latin American states, communist states, Nazism, nationalism and Islam etc.

Howard said he "hates guns" and hates 'em so much that he ALWAYS has armed security follow him everywhere. plus the police and the armed services. What a phony.  Howard also said that radicals are trying to drive a wedge between Islam and Christianity. What an idiot. Where does the incompetence stop and the lying for Islam begin?

The main difference between Howard and Rudd is that Howard did things because it was he believed, the semi-best for Australia per se while Kevin Rudd does things mostly for Kevin Rudd.

Most of the causes and complaints of the left and general populace against the Howard government are entirely peripheral, fashionable, unproven, absurd and superficial. They are, mostly unscientific. The solutions proposed for problems that are mostly non-existent or small are ridiculous, unworkable and also sans scientific. The actual errors of the Howard government are ignored or unknown. Howard didn't shrink government but grew it, along with taxes, regulation and the ABC.

The Greens living dead eco-freak eugenicist fraud Bob Brown opposes dams but not his own water supply, while we run out of catchment water. He says water tanks instead! It would take 150 million tanks at a vastly increased cost to do the same job. Er, Bobby, ya have to make steel with nasty industrial things. What a shallow flake, but the voters don’t mind at all. As long as they “feel” good about things and especially themselves. hence the surfeit of emotion that greets young Kevin Kreep.

Brown the ethical, moral and mental pervert has all the scientific, business and engineering acumen of a garden gnome. But that does not matter because you can go far in government without the hindrance of rational thought. It’ll only hold ya back.

Bob ‘Matthias’ Brown: “Definition of a scientist, a man who understood nothing until there was nothing left to understand”.

Chuck: “So, there is a little light in the forest after all”.

Matthias: “Take him to the little room... for the questioning”.

There were many revealing moments in the Kevin Rudd victory speech made entirely as usual of manipulative cliches. “Turning a fresh page” and “for all Australians” etc. I must have missed “light at the end of the tunnel”, “the challenges ahead” and “love cuts like a knife”. What struck me was that it all meant nothing but the people seemed to like it a lot.

As he gave praise to America without mentioning George Bush I think, he deliberately gave no space for the expected boos and segued straight into the next thing. While he spoke, an earnest baloney fanatic shouted angrily “When are ya gonna ratify Kyoto?” I wanted Kevin to say “When I get the wallpaper and have a spare weekend”. I felt for Kevin for a moment and thought what a rude jerk this guy was and how it said so much. But then Rudd spoke some more and I felt nothing but repulsion.

Funny, eh? As Kevin Rudd bores and sickens me as does The Thing from Kyoto. The last time I saw a more absurd, pointless, empty document that will only lead to disaster Prime Minister Chamberlain was waving it about.

Today the left allegedly loves and supports someone but by lunch, if they’re no longer of any use, they drop them like a non-opportunity. What does such an interjection from alleged supporters say of the ingratitude, the endless sense of entitlement and the eternal child mindset of the left, because, that’s what they actually are. It says everything.

I wonder how long our Kevin can hide under the camouflage of the amorphous and indistinct. All these odd folks and the junior army of “Kevin07” school system indoctrinated teenage moon bats urgently and earnestly all want and actually expect Kevin to now put into practice and actually do all their slogans and placards. In real life! But not as we know it, Jim. And Kevin will likely put in place a shitload of his off the cuff disasters. But then the left and Labor always eat their own.

Chuck talking to a bust of Caesar with whom he plays an endless chess game: “Your move, Imperator”.

Mark Steyn on how most film makers, artists, musicians and writers etc, have nothing to say about Islam. Nothing either true, rebellious, negative or individually daring and not just because they’re scared and have nothing to say. 

Friday, 23 November 2007

Is This Room Going To The Airport?

"Many people and not just the super demented are just plain crazy about their pet obsessions".

Mrs Freakmeister: "Excuse me. Is this room going to the airport?"

Colonel Neville: “No, it’s going to Zimbabwe. You want the 5:PM steam shovel on Platform 9, Platform 9, Platform 9”.

A demented, delusional and paranoid old lady asked me this fantastically Goon Show style question, meaning what time exactly was her flight to the Outer-Rings of Venus leaving? The disturbing thing is that many allegedly regular people, even outside of institutions, are nonetheless just as deluded, misinformed and plain mad as Mrs Freakmeister. That’s of the Venus Freakmeisters.

Mrs Freakmeister: “Oh, is this my room?”

Colonel Neville: “Er, yes. See all the photographs of YOU on the side table?”

Mrs Freakmeister: “Oh, no stranger would ever have my photographs in their room!”

Colonel Neville: “Mrs Freakmeister, if I don’t get away from you, your insanity will suck the life from me, much like a bleached coral sponge”.

And many people do. For a lot of folks, the existence or absence of empirical evidence are the least likely things to ever alter their opinion's in the slightest. For many, either way to the contrary can merely prove they're right!

“When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity”. Dale Carnegie.

I once had a Chinese girlfriend who was a sad but true, dimwitted and manipulative morbid narcissist and apparently rather mad. She was also the only genuine nymphomaniac I have experienced personally, and er, repeatedly. Though it ain't anywhere near as good as it sounds, sports. I mean the nympho part, not the er, morbid narcissist thing, which is exactly as bad as it sounds. She constantly burnt food because she’d just walk out the door, mid stir fry. So naturally the fire alarm would go off every second day and then she’d complain about the noise...

Chinese Monster: ”What dat for? Orrwayz peep, peep, peep!"

Colonel Neville: “Er, that’s to warn us of any fire in the apartment say at 3:AM, dig? [Under breath] You crazy bastard".

Chinese Freak: “But I never cook at 3:AM!”

And why not indeed. In the same senility corral as the room service to the insane woman, if not the same universe, was another bereft and raving old dust bag. Her endless screaming's concerned crazy, amazingly paranoid, convoluted and absurdly impossible future events.

Mrs MacGillicuddy: "The government are boiling the very pies we eat! And the steam is rising! Mark my words. In the future, we'll all be permanently damp and waterlogged, and that's when they'll jump! We won't be able to run, you see. We're being watched now. Oh yes. My phone is monitored. Pick it up. Go on. I can hear them whispering. Everything is in place. Oh yes".

Much like the manic obsessions of 911 conspiracy creepy bores and ecofascist environmentalism, eh? Which reminds me of Oz Greens Leader Bob Brown, a man whose mind is spread so thin when attempting to grasp any subject, that it can be folded many more times than the theoretical seven.

“I know what you’re up to! You’re with that woman up the street and you all stink! Don’t you think I don’t know?! I have proof! I have photos! Of you with the King, the King of Norway. You’ll never take me alive! You’ll never rule the world with your dirty tricks; ya death rays don’t scare me! Get away from me! Don’t you dare leave me! I’ll stab you, I will!"

Er, that's Mrs MacGillicuddy, not Bob Brown discussing Green's Policy. And yet, compared to the opinions of the MSM, all seemingly formed by mere chance, Mrs Mac could almost be as a breath of fresh air. Her scrambled mind stands out as clearly mad because well, everyone else is not like that. And there’s the rub, matey’s. It’s hard to find contrast in the MSM between good and bad when apart from small fast evaporating pools of intellectual light, the majority of the virtually useless MSM is so reflective of each other. And on so many critical subjects, merely reinforce rather blithely, captive delusions and ignorance.

"Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had". Michael Crichton.

When so many agree with what is nothing but fashionable guff, hyperbole, predictive bunkum, passively received indoctrination and junk that we've just grown up with, you find that ever fewer can speak out and say um, that’s simply not true. To know what the real motives for pushing something are and say here is the empirical evidence that will utterly Fisk this point by crushing point, is er, time consuming and difficult.

And there you have it. The dominant MSM and educational angle is mostly of the left. It’s emotional, passionate and always urgent and actually all about control and vanity. Moral vanity. It means that all children must learn thee only correct response to everything. Living in the inner-city as I do, the chances of meeting folks not sodden with left cant is sometimes kinda pretty slim. Of course not everyone in the inner-city is affluent and nuts. Some folks are loaded and entirely irrational. For instance, I went to an open day for my son’s primary school last year. On a class room wall there were pictures of Coalition troops, with a list of descriptive questions, followed by the alleged answers of the er, children.

I say alleged, because if you can swallow a child of about seven emoting in "SmashTheCapitalistWarMachineImperialistMurderersEtc" GreenLeft Weekly speak, all placard and chant ready, let me know how. The military are, according to our junior Sean Penn's and Noam Chomsky’s, mostly very bad "angry" people. Yep, the highly trained professional adults, of diverse backgrounds whose awesome courage and patriotism has given us everything we have, have been presented as creeps and borderline criminals, and not in reality straight from the mouths of babes, but via the ideological delusions of people a little taller than a seven year-old.

George Bush was surprise, seen as an idiot, a liar and every seven year-olds common concept, a fascist. Er, no. The fully qualified and experienced jet pilot, who graduated with a common C average from Harvard and Yale idiot, who is a rape and adultery and largely scandal free cum non-perjuring type President. Er, do seven year-old kids usually think in terms of fascism, meaning military states with all industry nationalized, total control of all speech via the state, and with some bizarre kind of agrarian fantasy overlay? Doubt it? Sounds like the collectivist left. Come on, kids have to be shovel fed this junk with little chance of dissent. They don't usually turn into sour and self-loathing paranoids without assistance. It ain't natural.

Aah, teaching kids not how to think, but what to think, ends in ideologically driven mediocrity so pervasive and accepted, that no one, especially a seven year-old, can conceive of anything outside of it. And this is done by otherwise good people. Go figure. It’s the Invasion of the Body Politic Snatchers as per usual. Don't let ya pod folks try this on ya at home, kids! Stay awake. Now where's that rebellion gone?
"Only a fool would let their enemy educate their children". Malcolm X. 
It seems now that if you agree with enough of someone, you by default must agree with it all [or you are instantly put on their enemies list]  and thus there’s no need to have any objective ability to discriminate with any proportion or perspective. Developing the thinking skills required for discriminating analysis is the basis of rational thought. The elimination of rational thought is the essential goal of leftism. The extreme and the amorphous. Some choice. Odd, innit?

To encourage children to not tell the difference between Hitler, Stalin and Mao on the one mass murdering hand, and Bush, Howard and Blair on the other, is bizarre. Or to see the incredibly successful West of capitalist democracy, free-markets, freedom and the human rights that they do objectively embody, as the true and only source of evil in the world, is not only insane and wrong, but deeply corrupting, manipulative and corrosive to young minds. This is cognitive dissonance, actually pure evil and it doesn't bode well.

It certainly doesn’t bode well for the assistance I look for with my own flaws, faults and limitations. I like to meet the many people who are far better than I am, but who has that much time? It’s disturbing to me to imagine being left to my own feeble resources. I thank God everyday for the Internet and independent publishing.
"It crushes a man's ego. I feel...lonely". Chuck in Planet of the Apes. 
"To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence". Friedrich Nietzsche.
If only I’d grasped any of this or anything at fifteen, or thirty five. Well, um, Nietzsche was a proto Nazi, a people-hating and self-loathing nutcase at the best of times, but nobody's perfect. And he was if anything, consistent. So of course, all the George Bush photos each had a little Adolf moustache and matching quiff sets. No one seemed to find this er, culturally insensitive to say any Jews, who gee, do know the difference. Now don’t get me wrong, the teachers are good people otherwise, and er, competent. It’s just that er, something is wrong. Maybe it’s the space-time continuum?!

In the staff room was a sensitive Teachers Union take on Ramadan. You know, the traditional Muslim cleansing ritual prior to the traditional Muslim violent Jihad. If you can spin that positively, you can spin anything.

“OK. This is how I see the new advertising campaign, Osama baby. Can I call you Osama? Smile and lose the beard and moustache! The kids will love ya! Ya so anti-American! Trust me! I did wonders for Che the child killer!”

"On everything from Indian policy to education, ideological purity now trumps even the most obvious failures in practice. The single greatest weakness of Western culture is the ability to draw a moral equivalence between anything and everything. It’s really an inability to see anything in due proportion".
Mark Steyn.

One can't think rationally when polarized. The mind tends to swing from one extreme to another like a pair of toy magnet poodles. So where do I end up? Avoiding being bogged down in the automatic treacle of the misinformed. At many a workplace folks spend their lunch break staring into space, gossiping, watching the very loud TV no matter what’s on, never reading and consuming often B grade food. So much for management, you should see the staff! Yet almost invariably many have strong views on geopolitics, economics, security and clog dancing, of which they deliberately know nothing.

"Howard’s a racist! I like Rudd’s smile. We need a change! Bush has caused terrorism!, America is so bad. I don't like cheese snacks. Is the cricket on?"

“I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like!" Er, no. The first admission means that the following conclusion is impossible.

Sadly, it’s not an inherent skill for any of us to be able to escape from the circle of logical fallacy. It takes some effort. Such nopinions are second hand impressions from second rate minds, and one ends up thrown upon the rough seas of emotions and of worthless viewpoints. But hey, Bon Voyage!

"Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions". Albert Einstein.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Alleged ‘Security Expert’ says that the causes of insecurity are all alleged.

According to a laughable British 'Security Expert', this could have easily been avoided! If only we'd had a nice 'inclusive' talk with nineteen Islamist freaks at the 'Airport Coffee & Cake-O-Rama'. It's a great place to snack, chat and Jihad!

All our food is Halal, so please notice this little courtesy Mr Islamist freak, and try not to want to kill us all please? Is that ok? I hope I wasn't too assertive there? Look! I'm really abasing myself and being tolerant and understanding like crazy! I feel your rich Arab pain!

If only we hadn't done a million things over the last 2,000 years and instead done a million other things instead and neither and also both at once...if only. Note to self: 'The list of things that offend Muslims can be narrowed down to everything and nothing'.

According to er, ‘British Security Expert’ Chris ‘no abs’ Abbott, its actually global warming that’s slicing countless heads from bodies and blowing thousands of people into a million pieces. His kind of ridiculous, pitiful and shameful attitude via absurd circus like and non methods, are working out pretty well then, for everyone in the UK and the rest of the Eurabia Kingdom?

The following madness was sourced from an article by Cameron Stewart in ‘The Weekend Australian’ newspaper for November 17-18 2007. It's one of the less stupid broadsheets in Oz. Cameron may have well been reporting the non thinking skills as they are in some disturbing parallel universe. Abbott the simultaneous Dhimmi and Greenoid acolyte delusional, gave his “provocative thesis” at the Australian Federal Police Conference on National Security this week. Why does this give me no confidence?

Because sports, Chris Abbott is a stupid and incompetent fool who has no business speaking to anyone about security, the reality of Islam or really ah, anything much at all. Look, it's ok for Chris to discuss his new lawn mower with the post man, but not for too long. How can I be so opinionated? It ain’t easy! But with our hero, Chris ‘Yabba dabba don’t’ Abbott, it is easy! As we shall see…

Our half a Federal Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty, invited Christ Abbot because he er, agrees with Abbott! Well that’s settled it then. Jeepers, I’m so surprised. Mick makes me think of a guy that you go round to borrow a spanner set from, and he’s making a chicken coop while listening to the races. He says “Ya wanna use the right gauge shifter on that, mate”. A nice guy but maybe not the ideal AFP Commissioner to deal effectively with Islamism, especially not with that haircut.

Abbott is a ‘researcher!’ with the ‘think tank!’ the Oxford Research Group. Sure he is and sure they are. I think their group just tanked. More of a stink tank, really. And gee, another turn up for the books; Chris Kringle used to be “a campaigner and researcher on a range of social and environmental issues”. Wow, I knew you’d be surprised. Fancy that…a Leftish mediocrity, who has an urgent message of bunkum sans empirical evidence. How unusual.

His idea is that terrorism, in reality think mostly Islam sports, is not the greatest threat to security, whereas the utter fashionable fantasy of Climate Change is the real terror, and it's here already! Run! It’s the end…once again.

The other apparent "threats" are “competition for scarce resources, marginalised populations and the trend towards militarisation”. Er, yeah. A list of Leftoid activist canards basically, yet there's ample more parody from Chris, all worthy of a High School debate team.

In all of the previous, there is not a whit of how economics, innovation, change, population or effective security actually works. But then, there rarely ever is with a Leftish mind, such as it is. Because Leftoid folks have entirely no interest in such things. It's "feelings, nothing more than feelings, trying to forget love...etc"

Dear Abby advocates “talking with terrorists!” Hey, why not? But you first Chris, and remember to watch your neck! You may not like what you hear, if you ever damn well do listen, because the message of Islam has been loud and clear for a long time. Over thirteen hideous and repetitive centuries so far. Islamist demands are simple and pretty easy to grasp, but not for syrup headed Chrissy so it seems.

They are convert to Islam, Dhimmitude or death.

“Reducing use of fossil fuels”. So stop that China, you naughty people, who wrongly want to escape 5,000 years of crushing poverty and live more like er, Chris Abbott! “Quitting Iraq”. Yep, there’s nothing a mortal enemy like Islam respects more, than the cultural vacuum of PC cowardice and running away.

Um, Islamists are globally in-country, and in ever growing numbers, or you know they can apparently just catch a plane. Gee, wouldn’t such utter weakness and confused Dhimmi idiocy perfectly embolden such freaks? Oh, that’s right. They’re not such an important threat after all. The World Trades Centre collapsed due to rising damp!

As per usual Leftoid modus operandi, Abbott scatter guns for the “real” causes of terror. Anything but face the unbearable abyss of a reality that may just knock the whole shit pile of Leftist lies right over. You know, it's caused by poverty due to a lack of oil trillions I guess. We’ve apparently also been too “reactive!”

“Hey! That was some bomb blast. First thing, let’s not be reactive! Waiter, we’d like some more cheese cake, please”.

Abbott drones on predictably about “addressing legitimate political grievances and aspirations of marginal groups” He recommends and I kid you not, “dialogue with terrorist leaderships...!”

Jesus H. Christ!

Not only does the couching of harsh realities in such PC cliché thicker than sewer sludge, say so much about the mindless mindset of our Christine, but every single one is empirically irrational. Pure Logical Fantasy, sport.

Who doesn’t have ‘legitimate political grievances?’ Name me a country that doesn’t? It’s called life, bub. Why isn't everyone setting of IED's and cutting off heads etc? So Muslims are not the only people with a grudge, mostly self inflicted, but the only ones encouraged to air them with mass murder. Listen Chris, Islam has it’s own motives and goals that have been around for 1300 years despite however much we may be tolerant of their daily atrocities and ‘understand’ their ‘problems’.

Not only is there no "leadership" in terrorist cells, networks and movements per se, but there is no leadership in Islam. Not since Mad Mohammad achieved his one good act and croaked. Talk to who exactly? Gee, maybe sign some legal documents at the UN? Gotta work! And Abbott would trust such an absurd tea party of the Left, Liberal, Radical, Nationalist, Communist, Socialist, Extremist, Cannibal State, Gangster Heaven and Islamist 'minds'? Is he nuts?

The only way to improve the UN is to cut off the top ten floors.

Chris is I believe, unless he's kidding me, completely ignorant and lazy regards any real insight or analysis of Islam at all. What he says is not worth a damn unless you want to catch the fatuous express to security and cultural suicide. Hey, if Chris is joking, it's hilarious then!

What is a “marginal group exactly?” That’s physics unless you can make everyone and everything fit into some insane idea of all being in some impossible 'middle'. But the middle of what?

Life is made of gradient; it’s not an amorphous gloop. So, until the West only I suppose, can make life completely ‘fair’, we should accept the attacks of Islam? How come no other group acts this way and gets an army of instant apologists, just add PC Left ideology? How come Muslims are responsible for committing around 85% of global violence since about 1960?

Oh God, it gets so tedious folks, that I have to cut to the chase for stupidity and here it comes!

Abbott raves how the GW Apocalypse is just around the corner…exactly when though, he omits to say. But Keelty agrees and piffles on that it could create ‘climate refugees!’, “in their millions!” Er, how does "could" happen, trump is happening, so easily?

Er, baloney with ya big 'if's'. Um, I can show you thousands of photos of people who have actually been beheaded, tortured, mutilated and blown up already and now, Boffo Boy. Give me a name and show me a single photo of even one person who has without question, been seriously harmed or killed by the crud of Climate Change. Bet cha’ can’t, because it’s…wait for it, not true.

Chris explains, in a fashion, how if we don’t act within ten years, we won’t be able to avoid “the earth from becoming a highly unstable place by the middle years of this century”. Er, Chrysalis...the earth IS a highly unstable place, being a ball of molten lava and spinning around over a thousand miles an hour an' all etc, etc.

“Stop the Planet of the Abbott’s! I want to get off!”

The whole article decays into bone tired tedium as Cameron duly notes, Chris Abbott is covering the same barren and wacky territory as Bono the tax shelter specialist. You know, 'the successful economies and societies of Capitalist Democracy, free markets, with the rule of law, the free exchange of ideas and the freedom of the individual etc,should all give the fruits of their efforts to the corrupt regimes that are none of these things, etc, ad nauseum'.

Then of course, there’s disarmament, the irrational answer for when you’re under sustained attack by an enemy who wants to destroy you. There’s recycling, based not on practicality or value, but on the miserable Leftist views of a world of ‘scarcity’, simply because such people seem incapable of being industrious and creating anything, especially the valuable and rare currency of ideas.

Aah, the classic meaningless, fatuous, glib and empty platitudes of “make world poverty history”. Higher carbon based taxes to push up the share prices of several Al Gore companies. More ‘management’ meaning read as ever bigger government. Something called “sustainable security” and so on, to the end of a virtual Student Activist pamphlet.

I thought sustained security would mean that we sustain a belief in our own cultural traditions and values regards the greatness of the Western Canon, Judeo Christianity and therefore we are fertile and focused enough to see things clearly.

The harsh fact is that Islam is entirely the enemy. Especially the coming nuclear armed Jihadist one, and we should take their daily words, actions and history entirely seriously.

Conversely, we should not take intellectual midgets and buffoons like Chris Abbott and any of his clueless, profoundly unresearched and disingenuous fans seriously, not even for one fatal moment.

PS. Dear Chris, go to the web sites 'The religion of Peace', 'The Prophet of Doom' and 'Jihad Watch', all in my swingin' links down the right hand column. Read Robert Spencer on Islam facts and history, Walid Shoebat the ex-Muslim and terrorist, 'America Alone' by Mark Steyn, 'While Europe Slept' by Bruce Bawyer, 'Londonistan' by M. Phillips, 'Infidel' by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and so on, and so on, just for starters. Then take two aspirin and don't call me in the morning.

Colonel Neville.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

It's a funny old world, innit?

Bill, the host with the most, explains the hiring of White House staff under Clinton.

The worlds foremost pair of clinical narcissists, the Clinton's, telephoned me last week, merely to deny that they had ever telephoned me. Bill asked about reversing the charges, or my wife completely dropping them. For a cool million or two...

What should one wear if Bill Clinton's coming? I'll get the wife to wear white! That’s why Bill got blow jobs in the White House. To hide the stains! By the way, Bill dropped in again yesterday and while I was busy, he took all the grapes from the table and must have hidden them in the small and crumpled bag he had with him, that wasn't Hillary.

I said, "Bill, have you seen the grapes that were here?" And I swear, he looked me straight in the eye and said, "There were no grapes on the table at any time!" Is there something wrong with Slick? Sheesh, a man can't even leave fruit unattended around a Clinton.

Al Gore also dropped by and I’ll never forget what he said.

“I enjoy collecting toffee wrappers during the week, so that if it is precipitous, I can spend Saturday afternoons spreading them out. Do you know that if you add the area of an entire lifetimes worth of wrappers that they could cover the New Hebrides? Of course, I could never consume such a vast amount of toffees. No, such a vastness would be out of my league. That's more for your professionals like Al Gore”.

Colonel Neville: “But you’re Al Gore”.

Gore: “If only I was Colonel, if only I was”.

Gore inspires me less than the feeling I'd get trapped in an eternal caravan park seaside holiday watching daytime telly in the rain, while listening to Scottish Favourites, the Mrs Mills Band and a BBC sound effects library record of a linoleum factory, while Ken Loach makes a 'real life' documentary of every moment of it over several decades, and my Mother never stops ironing, repeating endlessly “Who was that English singer again, you know, the one with the big lips? Was it Mark Jacker? Mike Jenkins? Marty Jammer?”

As luck would have it, Gore and Bill both came together, so to speak. Bill immediately grasped my arm with both hands, looked me straight in the eye as usual, and said, “You know, it's not sex that's over rated, it's not having sex that's over rated. Or having sex with people who think sex is over rated. Mind blowing sex is invariably under rated by those who don't rate at sex at all.

The more alive, energetic and complete a human being you are, the more you want to, and are able to share this with somebody who is hopefully the same. Lack of this or a boring and tragic mis-match is the basis of most if not all sexual frustration and otherwise.

By the way, do you have anymore of those delicious grapes?”

Colonel Neville: “Aah, hah! How do you know they were delicious, eh?”

Clinton: “Er, Albert told me. Hey, Albert! Did you finally finish that scale model of your Carbon Credits Company Headquarters? It looked exciting, man”.

Al Gore: “Well, thankyou Bill. In fact I haven’t yet. I need more power. But I should be ramped up enough to apply the decals next month …and do you know that the Australian bull ant can…”

I didn’t catch the rest as I gestured to Gore to stop with a wooden mallet and then I ran out the door and down the street screaming.

“You know” said Bill, as I returned with a makeshift ‘Cone of Silence' that he inhaled, “few people are serious about diarrhoea, but I am. I feel that the people of America deserve more. Al and I, and our many progressive friends in Hollywood where this movement all began, are going to get diarrhoea back on the screen where it belongs. ‘Diarrhoea! When do we want it? Never!’ What do ya think, Colonel?”

“Hey, the pizza’s here!”

"Hillary and I have got a great idea for universal health care that really is for the whole Universe! And, dig this. It won't cost a dollar! It can be funded entirely with recycled asteroids, easily processed into dry wall!" said William Jefferson, while he dried a cigar over a candle.

It was a funny evening. Al did his impressions of the living and Clinton, with his smooth and highly polished charm, in fact it was surprisingly shiny, eventually brought the whole table to a climax.

Monday, 19 November 2007

And my guests tonight are...

Hollywood used to have real stars.

Dear sports, this is a reply to a good post I got from Anonymous! It was regarding my piece called ‘Most celebrities have mediocre minds and think, say and do the same things’. I should be so lucky.

Dear Anonymous, we meet again. Now I know who you are! You're that guy, I think? Thanks for the comment though, and I appreciate anyone taking any interest at all. Your pointed post got me thinking. I guess I don’t really disagree with you per se. It’s just that it comes from another direction for me. And well, it’d be kind of curious to not comment on the dominance of celebrity in our culture, eh?

Though of course while every time has had it's celebrities, you must admit it’s a little er, oddly extreme today? As Mark Steyn has pointed out it’s often more an illusion how popular popular really is. Fame can now be so atomized, that no star today can actually be as big as the greatest were, say even a century ago. Caruso and various composers etc, dwarfed in scale of worldwide fame, in shear breadth of popularity and adulation, most of the current folks, God bless ‘em.

I guess for me, what stands out today, as opposed to how it seemed to be decades ago, maybe pre-Dylan, stars were well, just stars and that was mostly all they did publicly. That was enough it seems and what people apparently dug. They did some charity work, got drunk, got laid, took drugs, played golf, and went big game hunting in Africa or on Long Island!

Maybe it was often baloney but today you get all these mundane and relentlessly dreary facts about stars. And that’s what kinda spoils it for me. Once I knew that Robert Redford apparently got script guidance from the friends of Che the child killer for his ridiculous baloney of “Riding around on a motorcycle as a free Cuban will be punished by firing squad after the Revolution” or as it should be known, ‘The Murder Cycle Diaries’, well, I just can’t watch him anymore. Not even at his charming best in ‘Barefoot in the park’ or in ‘Bob looks old and weird’.

Almost every second celebrity it now seems, both considers themselves, and is even absurdly seen as, a kind of seer and fount of insight into economics, morals and the geopolitical. In reality, they’re still just getting drunk, taking drugs, drinking wheat grass juice and hiring high priced hookers. But without the style!

What's laughable is that many seem to have the same immature and fantasy based opinions that are totally opposite to any of their actions. Stars used to keep to themselves. How real that dignity and privacy was, well, I don't know, but it certainly seems light years from now.

Sure, not all Hollywood are merely very rich nuts, but as the rare and expressed Conservative Bruce Willis has said, if you want to work, keep your cards to yourself. He spoke of how many Tinfoil City people are actually Conservative, but don't tell. People you wouldn't guess. But er hum, Hollywood is more "McCarthyist" than HUAC ever was. It's just all Left Liberals now.

"Are you, or have you ever been a member of the Republican Party?" Liberal HUAC interrogator or 'Hollywood Unctious Activist Crap'.

"I'll never name names, not even Bruce Willis! Is that mike on?" Bruce Willis.

And look, if you hung out with some of these Leftist hobbyist stars, they'd probably be a lot of fun and generous...for a while. But on many serious things that they can and do have an effect and some power over, well, their heads are on wrong. If they weren't protected by such massive privelege...

It's weird that people find much 'star' quality at all in people they know far too much about and that turn out quite often to be uninteresting bores, and for good reason. It’s hard to be a bore when you’ve been a bomber pilot like Jimmy Stewart or a circus performer like Burt Lancaster or escaped poverty through incredible effort like Richard Burton, who could recite Shakespeare backwards, and not just the name.

Maybe it was the often fake and finally empty rebellions of the 60’s, the decade that never really happened for most regular people, that ruined it for the idea of what a star is. If not that, the following decades maybe didn’t help in the old depth and mystery stakes, not when every second celeb wanted to be a hip and happenin’ rebel in exactly the same way.

"Hey, have a coke. I'll get the front end loader and a length of PVC pipe!"

Witness how extreme the faux causes and opinions can be now, or at least since the 1960's and Washington Jane. Openly bloated narcissism and treason is back in screaming vogue, sports. Sure, a washed up Errol Flynn thought that the Child Killer Twins, Che and Fidel, were terrific, but Flynn ended up virtually friendless. Today, that kind of behavior would just make you one of the dozens of Hollywood guys, jetting off to the island of 300 torture prisons for a few laughs.

Sure, yesterday's stars may have even been a lot of freaks too, who knows? Unlikely for many though, and they weren't freaks on continuous parade. And many had a real life outside of celebrity. Many old stars did have authentic charm, style and cache that still holds up, a ‘something’ that this mornings Tinsel Town folks would sell their black souls for.

And it’s an odd thing too; the old stars were usually seen as otherworldly and mysterious beings at precisely the time that they most related to their audience and in the films they made. Conversely, as today’s celebrities are more and more touted as being just regular people, the movies they make are more likely to not relate to the majority of regular people, their lives or values, which many celebs seem to openly despise.

This is in spite of film and TV premises that allegedly reflect exactly that, the ‘searing realism’ of a $200 million budget and perfect looking people.

Look, I often have little to no sentimentality, and can find old movies as lame, dated and made up of cheesy tedium as anyone else. Sadly, the latest films can often follow this same magic formula.

I like new stuff if I can get it, but 'new' is not version three of the film I saw last year. Yep, there are many wonderful people working in film, TV and so on and far better than my non showing, that’s for sure. While there’s nothing as dated as the latest thing, sometimes that thing becomes the something that works, lasts, influences and thus becomes the same old rubbish that sickens not just young people.

It becomes something worthwhile because it either inherently is, or for the context of its appearance, or it’s just pure fun and entertainment. Which are the main game in the end and admirable goals in themselves. Try being entertaining. My Japanese wife says straight out “Why is that funny? You are not funny!” You can’t argue with Japanese quality control, no matter how humourless.

It’s amazing anything creative works out, especially movies. Movies are the cultural language so they say, and still amazingly great value for money. Look what you get for around fifteen dollars. The same twelve people in forty five films! I just wish so much of it didn’t blur into another “Oh oh! Guaranteed to tank again!”

I guess it may have something to do with choice; with such a fast moving and huge range of filmed mediocrity and even great work, but starring too often the same few people. When asked for often absurdly identical and by the numbers opinions, too many seem almost invariably unable to think beyond something resembling the eternal student activist. If a chat show has three guests, at least one or more will mention how “BushIsAmoron, IsAnEvilMastermind, IsHitler! Ha, ha!” Cue audience auto approval and smiles all round by a couple of actors, your guarantee of intellectual rigour.

Perhaps it doesn’t bode well that many films are made by a relatively small group of repeat offender Hollywood loons whose 'material' seems at base cynical, and to despise much about the ordinary public. It could be that this just doesn't always resonate so well with everybody? A 90% failure rate would sink most other kinds of business, but that's Tinsel Town Rebellion for you.

But what do I know? I just know that guests worth catching on Michael Parkinson are getting thinner on the ground all the time, and not just because Orson Welles is dead. All the best, mysterious stranger.

The anonymous Colonel Neville.

PS. Here's a very cool related piece by Mark Steyn, on the old and new stars and of the old and new versions of 'Oceans Eleven'. He's as usual, on the money and entertaining. And that's showbiz!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Chisel 'Conversations' and the wonderful contradictions of the Left.

Theo Van Gogh is one of the many lucky Europeans who have gained so much from engaging in a conversation with the second, and currently far more successful Islamic expansion into Europe.

"Conversations, Conversations. Breakfast show to a sleepy nation”.

Thus go the lyrics to the roaring song ‘Conversation’ by Cold Chisel, the greatest Australian band ever and one of the best anywhere, sport. It’s funny what dumbness, either wilful or at the naturally occurring ceiling of MSM mediocrity you can catch in passing. I heard the following radio snippet maybe on the ABC?

A guy from Britain was saying that the name ‘Muslim’ had become like ‘Nazi’, in the UK, because wait for it, people were associating Muslims with no good news. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe something to do with Iran and every other Islamic nation wishing to destroy Israel and murder all Jews everywhere? Could be.

Aah, dear reader, the idiot went on to explain. British people are just bigots! Oh, the same ones who let so many in, ya mean? Yes, anyone who is repulsed by the repulsive bombing acts and beheadings of their citizens by the orgasmic practitioners of an insane religion like Islam is a bigot. Why people don’t just celebrate cultural diversity and inclusiveness after every bomb blast, I don’t know. Sticks in the mud! Oh, they do? In the Middle East? Right, and in much of the Muslim areas of Britain.

Now the kicker is that the idiot on air, then extrapolated to the moon and back, by equating an entirely logical fear of Islam and Muslim threats, to the persecution of Jews by the Nazis! Yes, I get whiplash following the automatic apologia for Islam via mental gymnastics myself. Rubber neckin’, I’m just rubber neckin’!

So, what I’ve realised, and more so everyday, is that the mentally ill Left, PC Liberal and Multicultural Cultural Suicide Brigade are entirely made of contradictions. Every non-idea of the PC or Leftoid, has a corresponding contradiction that leads to another contradiction, until it looks like jungle undergrowth; but in place of fecund and alive, it’s entirely and utterly sterile. Every freak birth of Leftism and Liberalism is born dead, baby.

So, let me get this talentless shites insight right if I might, alright. Er, the Jews, who are the main target of Islamist Muslims, after 'moderate' Muslims and any critics of Islam, are used as a handy cipher to blame Britons who are under actual empirical attack, threat and infiltration by thousands of Muslims who are impossible to assimilate? This is entirely because they're uninterested in Western culture and traditions at all, except to use this same heritage to destroy it and us, because they despise the West and us, as they do anything not Islamic. Ok?

And this proves that Britons are using the feeble excuses of being blasted into pieces and cultural collapse, merely to be bigots? Right. Current topsy turvy inverted subject change Left Liberal baloney. Check.

And this makes them like Nazis but the Muslims are the Jews, even though the Muslims say clearly in public, in protests, in every survey, as they do across the world, that a majority would want an Islamic UK, France, Belgium and Norway etc, Sharia Law and support violence, up to and including Bin Laden? Check. Um, so the Jews of Nazi Germany threatened to turn Germany Hasidic, planted bombs and had violent loud demonstrations in the street, to which the Nazi authorities spinelessly acquiesced? Um, er, no. Not without the old crazy pills.

So, this freak can get on a major radio service, spout outrageously stupid Logical Fallacy’s to the point of no return, and not be held accountable? Yep, that about sums up the state of play of 95% of the Main Stream Media in Australia.

But that’s the thing, sports; the Left, the Liberal, the Radical, the Islamist and Muslim, and in the end the Communist and Nazi, Nationalist Dictator ad nauseum etc, all float entirely on a vast sea of raw sewage and contradictions. The Left are ‘for the people’ but they still usually embrace much of the pure ideology of Communism that has murdered over 100 million people. They have hideous heroes like Che the child killer, spoiled, failed medical student, narcissist, sadist, buffoon, bungler and coward Guevara, who loved murdering people, any people.

They hate the steady, proven, enormously popular and naturally triumphant success of Capitalist Democracy’s, free markets and freedoms that have done more to vastly improve the health, wealth and freedom of ordinary people in 150 years than every other system throughout history combined. Because this lacks the required drama and a position centre stage for 'our hero!'

No Himalaya of evidence can change such a mind because they live entirely in the world of emotional and symmetrical thinking, completely unconnected to any reality but their own surging passions. Let me put it plainly; none, I repeat none of the non-ideas of Leftism have ever worked ever and never will.

These non-ideas may appear to do so as they are forced onto the deluded, passive and powerless, or are promoted hungrily by the strangely eager with ulterior motives, but they are all, my friends, always in the process of being discredited. The people just have to live or die through its experimental Hell. It takes a lot of dishonesty, trickery and ignorance to hide this in such clear view. But it's all so clearly there, for those who want to see.

None have any track record of success in the past whatsoever. And that’s why the earnest people who get so enervated by such utter junk and lies, get so instantly and entirely angry if you criticize any part of their absurd rubbish. No matter how cleverly and disingenuously they may cloak it in a fashionable cause, it's still the same polished turd.

They get upset because 'you’re stepping on a dream!' Their dream, that’s never happened and never can, but according to them, is just around a mythical corner in the not too distant future, if only we would listen and recklessly jump off the abyss together. It’s only ever come true as a nightmare and quite naturally, as it can do and 'achieve' nothing else.

Thus the classic Communist and Socialist posters of people staring boldly, passionately and resolutely into a bright future of absolute conformity and inhumanity.

"After we build 10,000 more crudely designed, unwanted and unusable tractors, it's on to Workers Paradise for a chocolate sundae!"

The Left of course, have the same five basic ideas as Communism. Communism is based firstly on its main engine and main purpose of murder. It’s always in the beginning and in the end, all about murder, it ain’t never been about conversation or alternative opinions and lifestyles, baby. It’s the original one dimensional mono style. Communism, Leftism, Nazism etc, they all hate individuals.

So, Communism and by default all Leftism, is based entirely on murder, lies, conformity, envy and spite. Once they’re in power, all of them always follow the exact and invariably the same pattern, their entire Modus Operandi is based on this.

There’s no alternative, as Totalitarianism feeds entirely off its only real resource; the lives of human beings that they destroy via mass murder. Thus there is always the endless hunting for “enemies” to add to the endless lists, of those to be murdered. And all “for the people!” An abomination created by monstrous people for the mad.

Marx and Lenin were insane psychopaths; sly, cold and manipulative people. They were like all such misfits; real life hating, mechanical and profoundly mediocre freaks fit for nothing in a successful and normal society. So they have to create the madhouse in which they can operate freely. In this way they can imagine and believe that they are actually somebody of note, as they swagger, posture, hate, plot, lie and murder as many human beings as fast as they can.

The non-ideas of the Left are not working now, no matter how currently fashionable and funded entirely by the state via the taxpayer. We are being buried alive in this bunkum; our children are being exposed and indoctrinated with this sickness, via the MSM, entertainment and an often debased educational system. The political ideology and ultimate goals of the Left are a natural vortex of high emotion and extremely urgent moral vanity which at base is about controlling the state and absolute power, a vortex which can never be satisfied and into which everything is sucked to destruction.

This never matters to any Leftist, Radical or even the softest of Liberals, really. An empirical result means nothing as time means nothing, as cause and effect mean nothing as the murder of 100 million souls means nothing.

I wonder how much longer we can all snooze in our bed, free of the terrors of Islamisation and indeed, the natural end logic of Leftism? Hmmmm? Sleep on this, sports. Colonel Neville.

"It would not matter if three quarters of the human race perished...the important thing is that the remaining one quarter be Communist". V. I. Lenin.

"... the very cannibalism of the counterrevolution will convince the nations that there is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror." Karl Marx. "The Victory of the Counter-Revolution in Vienna," Neue Rheinische Zeitung, November 7, 1848.

"I come to the inescapable conclusion that we must now launch the most decisive and merciless battle against the Black Hundreds clergy and crush their resistance with such ferocity that they will not forget it for several decades... The bigger the number of reactionary clergy and reactionary bourgeois we manage to shoot in the process, the better." V. I. Lenin. Dmitri Volkogonov, Trotsky: The Eternal Revolutionary [London: Harper Collins, 1996], p227.

"To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the ‘The Wall!

(Editors note: 'The Wall', or 'El Paredón' means an actual and notorious firing squad wall.)

Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any enemy that falls in my hands! My nostrils dilate while savouring the acrid odour of gunpowder and blood. With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!

Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective and cold-blooded killing machine. This is what our soldiers must become”. Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara.