Sunday, 28 October 2007

Media Is Short For Mediocrity.

The Australian MSM (Main Stream Media), is constantly searching for 'young', 'fresh' and 'progressive' 'talent' who will 'tell it like it is', such as new cadet Larry 'Young Guns' Hoopla, pictured here writing his popular weekly column, 'I agree completely with Noam Chomsky', for 'The Age' newspaper. Like most journalist's, Larry upholds the highest standards and practices enshrined as they are, on a framed Lynch's dinner napkin, kept in pride of place over the 'Age' 'Editorial Board's Memorial Urinal' hand basin.

It reads in part, "We promis too uphild the gratest,, the highest stuff and whatever etc". Impressive, eh? You're in good hands, Aussie public!

Here’s something inspired by a recent post by the great Tim Blair at timblair dot net. It’s the groovy old Beatles song, ‘Helter Skelter’ in regards to the leader of the Australian Labor Party and the loyal Opposition, Kevin 'Fluffy' Rudderless, the man who would be Kink.

“Er, sure I went to New York drunk on a boy’s night out. Yeah, I went to a club where young women spread their trimmed genitalia before me, but I didn’t notice, or I looked away, or something, or I’m lying. I was doing a crossword puzzle. A four letter word for vagina? Hmmmm…no, I know this one…don’t tell me? Four letter word for vagina starting with the letter ‘c’? I’ve got it! CEO’s! Everything I’ve ever said is a lie including that. Now just let me say this”. I will Kevin, but I can't hear much while I'm asleep.

Hells to Schedule.

When I get to the question, I go to the top of the poll,
Where I bop and I worm and I go for a ride,
Till I stall and I churn and I go for a lie,
Till I give you no answers, and I fool you again.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, eh.

Do you, don't you want me to flip flop?
I've a Commie Clown Dep, says she's miles above you, aah.
Sell me, sell me, sell me,
Bums tell me the answers,
I may be a phony, but I ain't no chancer.

Hells to schedule. Hells to schedule. Hair!

Well, do you, don't you, want me to fake it?
I may come down fast but don't let me wake you.
Smell me, smell me, feed me the answer,
I may be Labour but I ain't no saviour. Left out!

Reds out! 'Cause here Gill comes.

Your media is not for you and it ain’t for me. Yep, our media is not for us at all, kid. It certainly isn't about us. It's for the media and those who benefit from it. It’s not your ABC, it’s theirs. Now SBS reflects a multicultural and PC vacuum all its own. It’s the Symbiotic Baloney Sophistry really. Commercial TV is actually far less commercial than is perceived or it’d be wildly more successful instead of being gradually self marginalising.

Kerry O’Brien on ABC TV’s ‘The 7:30 Report’ speaking to Virginia 'yes there is no alt MSM' Trioli.

Kerry: “Virginia, don’t you find it a total and bankrupt fraud that people like you and I are both so long-term affluent and privileged, are often government employees via the taxpayer, and yet we still spout relentless ‘with the people’ bilge? Of course, we’ve probably never done anything of the sort, but we think we’re ‘the voice’ of truth. Is this not er, sickening? I mean, I get to ask lots of canard and junk questions instead of anything worthy, and all wrapped in a pretense of ‘serious’ journalism! It’s outrageous! ”

Virginia Trioli: “You’re right, Kerry. Ensconced in our smugly conceited Limousine left liberal phony default paradigms, we live almost entirely removed from the actual indifference to hatred that the plebes have for us. And year after year, we give ourselves endless kudos and get even more for er, zero achievement. The best part is, we’re entirely unaccountable, unreachable and pretty damn comfortable too”.

Kerry O’Banyan: “Er, do my ears look big in this hairstyle?”

Virginia Tripoli: “You should see my weekend spread!”

Networks don’t really always sell what you may want to buy. They’re selling what you are supposed to buy, or whatever you'll accept. They are entirely timid beyond the excitingly average, mildly prurient and what is often barely diverting to the intelligent. TV is now close to being fit only for bored children, Nursing Home dementia patients, Social Security waiting rooms, bad bars and people without cable or the Internet.

There’s no conspiracy. This is maybe the best these bores can do and they don’t think people like you and I will notice. Where’s any alternative to compare it to? Online, sports or you buy it. Nothing free is free. The majority of printed media in Australia, while ideal for getting the lowdown on the opinions of journalists, editorial staff and of the Undergraduate mind, is otherwise far more useful as a source of frustration, boredom or as mere pointers to researching the actual facts of the matter at hand. Surprise, the empirical truth is so often the exact opposite to what you have just read or been insulted with on TV.

I say read advisedly, as much of the MSM is so intractably dull, humourless and predictable, that it’s unreadable, unwatchable and unlistenable. It helps a little if you use the flick through headlines speed reading, listening and watching click over methods. TV is virtually devoid of real local talent. Who and where are they? Who knows, certainly not in a TV studio.

Sure, it’s not all crap, at least 15% may be worth a damn in spite of most elements of reality missing in action and neither published nor broadcast. The list of unapproved material and topics is long. The laundry list of what will always get coverage is short and tends to overlap. If it wasn’t for the perversely put down, predominantly US imports, movies and occasional narrow documentaries, I’d have no reason to touch the TV set except to play a DVD or dust it.

Try turning off the tube, radio and don’t read any MSM print for a few months. When you return, it’s much like any soap opera; the same plot lines and tedious characters resting on often unearned laurels of predictable and mediocre scripts.

Like last weeks debate between Kevin ‘Dud’ Rudd and the PM, ‘Peter Cook Monologue’ Howard. Yep, John went on and on about ‘unexciting’ and ‘non-vision’ things, such as boring old facts regards the economy, security and entirely in a present reality. And I'm sorry, but the PM was utterly correct on every count. The Howard Governments great achievements are empirical but are fraudulently, disingenuously and almost invariably treated as otherwise.

Kevin Rudd has the advantage of talking entirely about nothing but the apparitions that haunt the PC and Labour Left mind, such as it is.

Anyone who understands economics, investment, business, governance and real wealth creation, realises that Costello and Howard's highly competent successes, despite any flaws, will likely continue to grow and pay off into the future. They’re not merely based on taking from the productive and giving to the unsuccessful because of whatever guilt or moral vanity may have possessed you.

The Prime Minister in full bore: “I enjoy collecting toffee wrappers during the week, so if it is precipitous, I can spend Saturday afternoons spreading them out. Do you know that if you combine the area of an entire lifetimes worth of wrappers that these wrappers could cover the New Hebrides? Of course, I could never consume such a vast amount of toffees. No, such a vastness would be out of my league. That's more for your professional bores like Al Gore”.

The Opposition to Random Things Leader, Mr Kevin Crudd: “Let me say, that visions are the things I see almost daily. Sometimes it’s a flying custard pie in flames, Mr Zebedee or a really super, wow, really fast fighting robot, with special rockets for flying! Visions and hallucinations are what my alternative to government is offering. John Howard has lost touch with unreality and has no New Age ideas whatsoever. Vote for me and we can all imagine a future together”.

Yep, the hideous coverage by zer Channel 9 Netverk included a preposterous, tacky and entirely manipulated electronic and laughable ‘debate monitor’ in the form of a worm! I kid you not, foreign readers. Yeah, the Minor Niners apparently collected ninety-nine ‘uncommitted’ voters and handed them little devices to er, rub away at. So, the 'embarrassing because it's a stupid idea' worm, responds to how they feel? Yeah, right, that’s the basis of all objective and rational thought, eh? Feelings, nothing more than feelings, trying to forget you… Riiight.

"I feel your slogan!"

Yep, these ‘committed’ voters were so impartial, that as Kev drew in breath before he spoke, the monitor went vertically up, and vertically down, most of the time the PM spoke. Ray Martin?

Er, how does one describe a venal, phony, mealy-mouthed and typical Oz media veteran? Freak? Rich? Unaccountable? Creepy? A serial dullard and poser? False slanderer of the Howard Government? Deliberate liar blaming the ABC Chairman for Ray’s own behavior? Gleefully misleading? Research free? A professional bore?

"No! I won't have it, Fawlty! He’s a Saint of ‘the people!"

No one cares more about truth, informing the public and his hair than Ray ‘we’re all pals here’ Martin. If Ray and George Negus by some bizarre accident, ever managed to create anything, especially not still-born media wise, well, that Mother could be almost anyone in the Oz MSM really, as they’ve not only been shoving it in our throats for years.

‘The Age’, that well known table cloth for winos, shoved out the next day, a standard bogus headline that read, “Rudd’s decisive win. The worm’s verdict”. Quite. Maybe so, but er, this was a TV debate, not a Federal Election result, right? Ninety-nine people? What percentage of the Australian population is that, without using the formula for Pi and atomic fractions? Gee, no bias or glee at ‘the Aged’ eh? Eleven years of incredible growth and development virtually unique in the world, and the PM’s hated for not spouting peripheral and fashionable Left agenda’s?

Peter Costello, one of the most incredibly competent Treasurer's in Australian history is not revered as the financial giant that he objectively is, and for what? Focusing entirely on his job? Instead he’s despised and insulted by the very not so ex-Labour PM Paul 'Scumbag' Keating, one of the worst, disaster achieving, arrogant, affluent and elitist Limousine Left Liberals in Australian political history. The chances of Keating bowing out gracefully are as slim as ‘The Old Morgue Attendant’ and rich art buyer himself, preferring to hang around ordinary people instead of the spectacularly wealthy, powerful and similarly bitter.

What do you honestly see? That the Labour Party has changed at all? Yeah, it has. It’s far worse than it's ever been, as it disappears into the shrink wrapped vortex of its inherent, militant flaws and inbuilt incompetence. See the gleeful freaks both old and new, as they come out the cracks of the MSM like summer blowflies. The Unions, such as the disgusting and bankrupt Leftoid cesspool that is the Teacher’s Union, just can’t wait to roll out their entire line of frauds and shibboleths ad nauseum etc.

And the Opposition Deputy Prime Minister is an old Commie! Unmarried, childless, a committed hard core Unionist, an unchanged Leftist, Socialist and ugh, a lawyer! If only she was an animal torturer, it may have toned her profile down a bit. Yep, for Julia ‘Ocean of evasion’ Gillard, the only thing she would pick up on if she ever had a Road to Damascus conversion to normality, would be a commitment to be more inclusive regards Islamist killers.

Hard to believe, but a recent survey of some 'True Believers', thought that Bob 'hold that thought' Brown, a childless gay man and Julia 'I forgot to have children!' Gillard are, wait for it...'the two people with the best views on child care!' Fantastic. It doesn't get any better than that, folks. Oh, but it can, it can.

Ok, of the four males at my sons kindergarten, at least four are gay! They all seem pretty competent and nice guys, but er, isn't it a little bit coincidental and simply an ideological perversity to choose Bobby 'Frank Zappa Parody' Brown, and Julia 'Smash Capitalism!' Gillard over anybody else? No one else measures up, eh? Riiight. I guess the Marxist lesbian in a wheel chair wasn't available.

The Labour Party is entirely planning so it can seem, to relive its past except more so, much like their avid supporters like the ‘anti-war’ but pro ‘Peace Kills’ Left, but that’s ok crowd. Ah, and now the Left do indeed march very comfortably with the 'Islamist Grand Global Death Plan' much as the Left has always wholeheartedly embraced Che ‘the child killer’ Guevara. Yep. It’s 1968, 1975, 1987 and 1996 all over again folks. Yeah, you and I have no voice in‘The Great Diversity of Opinion Swindle'.

“Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve been had?” John Lydon.

Yes, 24/7.

Thanks to Tim Blair's Netsite and Andrew Bolt's 'Herald Sun' column of Wednesday 24 October, for additional info sources and inspiration. Go Blair and Bolta!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Jesus is all Left wing by me. Er, no.

Yeah! Environmentalism! I love anything mental! That's all I need to focus on from now on to totally change my life! Sign me up today! Do I get a date with Al Gore? He's a real doll!

Canberra Bishop George Browning has said “It’s unbelievable”. And he should know. He’s the Anglican Church’s Global Environment Chief! And the Chairman of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network or AAEN. Er, this is the Church we're talking about, right?

"I’m just going to step away from you and leave quietly via this door. Goodbye!" (Sounds of disappearing footsteps into the distance.)

Voice calls out, “It’s in ‘The Age’, for Thursday 25 October 2007!”

Apparently, the often fluffy Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, has offended the Browning non-method, by daring to suggest the fact that environmentalism is a political ideology driven mostly by er, political ideologues.

According to Browning, Pell is going pell-mell straight to Hell, for saying in part “Radical environmentalists are more than up to the task of moralising their own agenda and imposing it on people through fear. They don’t need Church leaders to help them”. That's er, a fact. Check. He also said that he was sceptical about say, Manhattan under twenty metres of sea water by 2050. Twenty metres under the sea, Al Gore the political transvestite baloney, check.

He also points out that the ‘Environmental Junior Red Guard Movement’ is perhaps bogus or gosh, flawed? Pell says that as a Church leader, he must point out “when the Emperor is wearing few or no clothes”.

“Arise, Emperor Gore”.

Er, Pell is completely correct about the Enviro Comrades not needing the Church to push their deeply corrupt and corrupting agenda. Except that the irreligious Left and Radical environmentalists, not only do want the Church to conform to their cant and rhetoric, but all of the mainstream, which they already mostly have, and well, everybody else too. The Left and Enviro Freaks will never be satisfied, until there is no dissent from their bunkum whatsoever. And even then.

Why? Because it’s essentially an anti-individual, anti-freedom, anti-Capitalist Democracy mass orthodoxy, that is finally and essentially anti-people. The ultimate aim as stated repeatedly by many a Green and Radical Spokes Pimple, is the eradication of “the scourge” of humanity.

The Church being involved to the level of having an ‘Environmental Committee of the Sub-Pagan Committee of Neo Commies’, reminds me of the long ago, well intentioned but absurd ecclesiastical, elastical publication of ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ book. It was a quickly and now profoundly, very laughable and dated late 1950's to 1960’s attempt at getting 'hip' with the kids. No one much remembers it, which is a shame, as it was a more genuine if embarrassingly naive effort that nonetheless, did mirror more closely than the latest load of creepiness, the ideas of Jesus.

Especially more so than following the work of Saint Al and his millions of deluded lemming like fans, in their idiotic pantomime and intellectual masquerade.

Brown prefaces his stupid fashionable and disturbingly shallow views with an accusation against the Government of having “an utter obsession with growth”. As opposed with an obsession with stagnation or the retrograde, or what about a most excellent economic collapse? That’s just gotta be Pious the First! Well, an idiot employed by the Church, non “growth obsessed” and therefore productive taxpayer funded tax exempt, can afford to twitter and twaddle away while conveniently removed from a harsher economic reality.

This is the best part I feel. Bishop Browning Off, says “I wrote him [Pell] a letter saying Jesus had an awful lot to say about the rich taking what belonged to the poor and about the heritage of the children, and as he spoke about both these things he spoke about climate change”. Riiight. Now there is so much topsy turvy ignorance, bean sized intellect and plain crazy as a monk in a lice ridden hair shirt, that I must ‘Fisk’ it one stupid and deluded piece at a time.

Firstly, to ‘Tom Brownings’ Non School Days’ level of education and apparent lack of understanding, wealth is a pizza. So, if I have more, someone has less. Er, no. We have enormous abundance not because we stole Ferrari's, plasma TV’s, air travel and modern medicine from “the poor”, but because we created this wealth from the triumphant duo of Capitalist Democracy and it’s attendant freedoms, including the free flow of ideas. Nothing in human history has done more to move the poor into the ranks of the economically free than Capitalism and Democracy. Not even the great work of millions of hippie parasites or the efforts of mass murdering Communism and Socialism.

Now go away George Browning, and enrol your feeble mind in a night course on economics 101. Get thee to a library!

Now, “the heritage of the children” will rely completely on how innovative, financially literate, educated and productive their parent’s and they have been. Not how much they tried to roll back into the filth and dust of history, no matter how much a phony Arcadia is invoked via the latest dumb and therefore, vastly popular ideological fashion that lies to you, because you want to be lied to.

Er, the last time I read Jesus, he “had a lot to say” about getting off your backside, physically, mentally and morally and about moving forward, not backward or maintaining a death like statis. Um, it's about as absurd as you can get, extrapolating that Jesus spoke about damn climate change. Good Grief, Charlie Browning!

Er, I thought the whole deal was that it was man made? Modern industrial man. But that’s the thing, the ‘facts’ of Climate Change that are so vehemently rammed down peoples throats one minute, are just as easily dropped or reversed in the next. But that’s because as a movement, it’s almost entirely emotional. Its how one ‘feels’ about things.

Brown drools on through his cassock that Pell, was an exception even in his own Church. Er, so scratch one down for total irrelevant bankruptcy, regards actual religion, spirituality and the teachings of Jesus Christ within the old Anglicans then, eh?

Sayeth the 5.0 Calibre Browning, “I frankly don’t know where he’s coming from or why he says what he does. It doesn’t make any sense to me. The contribution he should make as Leader of the Church is muted because of his stance”. Quite. I'm sure that a lot of reality doesn't make much sense to you, Georgy. Here, have two wafers and lay down, non-layman.

So, a leader today is defined by following the mass conformity of Leftist and Radical fashions? Especially the ones that the Left has co-opted to give them desperately needed new blood, legitimacy and a handy all purpose platform ever since the fall of Soviet Communism, the Berlin Wall and the absolute discrediting of Communism and Socialism among the sane. Er, is that the one?

I thought that the Church and Jesus were naturally the antithesis of atheist, inhuman, conformist, mechanical, ordinary people butchering and anti-religious Leftism? Gee, I guess I was wrong.

Yep, I guess it wouldn’t make much sense to you, Brown baby, when a Churchman says something, er, Churchy. You are so far out in getting with the hip and now, you’re about as profoundly spiritual as the latest Hello Kitty accessories.

Um, the opposite is true. The Church is muted because of your stance, George Brown Pants. What does anyone need the Church for, if they’re selling the same guff as the smug creeps up the street at the Socialist Alliance Meet House and Public Urinal? Gee, I wonder if that’s part of the reason why things are going bad regards filling those old pews. Never mind, get some nose rings and dreads. That’ll really convince ‘the kids’ that you’re for real, man!

“You’ll be wack and turner, baby. Rice that cracker and moan some cooly steel, yo’ all”.

Good old Pell said Church leaders should be “allergic to nonsense”. He’s right of course. Climate Change is the most codified nonsense since Communism or the Virgin Birth. He very rightly pointed out that environmentalism is a very effective way for “muting Christian witness”. Well, that’s because it’s essentially a Leftist and Radical inspired loon movement.

If there was no political advantage to the Left, no financial gain to the Leftoid, Liberal and fraudulent of mind, like Al Gore Blimey, various academics, and no cache for Hollywood freaks who see themselves as transgressive the more they conform etc, the environment would just be something you consider normally. Much like vaccination, plumbing and fire safety. Instead it's a single focus 'Fun Fair Mirror' & 'Moral Ego Monster Reflector' that distorts almost everything in public discourse.

George Browning then trots out the usual canard of how it’s all "settled science wise". Science doesn’t work that way, Bub. It always strikes me as curiously totalitarian this idea of, "it’s settled, so don’t even speak".

“Ok , Comrade. What is the slogan for today? Stravinsky is a ‘Hero of the People’ or an ‘Enemy of the People?’ Either way is fine by me but I wouldn’t want to suggest that I’m connecting my self to anything definite or indefinite, unless our Glorious Leader also feels we should agree with both points of view simultaneously or neither. I’m ok, but only in the currently approved and revolutionary way only”.

Science is not an agreement of the like minded, but a series of methods and process's that are all repeatable, demonstrated and testable. It’s not a game of numbers. Or else Galileo was wrong about the shape of the earth. Browning very yukkily suggests that “drought” be stricken from the language! Er, no 1984 there, eh? Christ. Because “it leads them [Australians] to think that they can return to the life they had before”. Yep, Browning is already twenty kilometres down the Road to Wigan Pier. Aah, the classic smug and unreachable arrogance of the unaccountable.

Essentially, like environmentalism, Browning's views are all bigotry, a bigotry that wears the deceptive cloak of 'it's all good for you'.

No matter how benign and pseudo 'reasonable' it's presented, environmentalism can never be satisfied, just like the Left movement by stealth that it really is. As time drags on, we'll be forced into ever more proscribed, restrictive, punitive and absurdly pointless behaviour. At core, it’s essentially a Commie Freak Global Franchise that co-opts regular people to make up the deluded and distracted numbers.

Lastly, the curiously named Rosie Catt, also of the AAEN, goes straight into zero Quality Control and hyperbole hyper drive, by blathering that inaction amounted to “Genocide”. Riiight. No concerns about real and actual Genocide happening right now, Rosie?

Check, Genocide. Apparently, stopping the Third and Developing Worlds from having the development that has more than doubled our life spans, given us enormous health, medical and economic freedom etc, etc, would not amount to Genocide? No way, sports. These people are mere abstractions and ciphers to the Left and Rosie 'on the mat' Catt.

But hey, let the fatuous, ignorant, entirely glib and fashionable in the West play one empty, meaningless and destructive anti-human game of moral vanity after another. It'll all pass as it has many times before, as soon as the gas escapes from it, and they find a new and fraudulent political play thing.

But it must be one that only ever inconveniences those that have no voice and take the full brunt of it in poverty, oppression, misery, disease and death. It must never be of real consequence, or an 'Inconvenience of Truth' to any Western hobby activist. On the contrary, they'll usually benefit very nicely indeed from its frauds, lies and fakery. They always do.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Rusty’s Crow Call.

Nothing escapes the reverse mirror, topsy turvy moral vacuum and research free zone of the MSM (Main Stream Media). From 'The Peoples Cube dot com'.

Several decades ago, the King of Australian television, Graham Kennedy, got the sack for making a “crow call” on air. That is, he made a long crowing sound like the bird of the same name, that just happens to sound like the originally low Dutch slang for sexual intercourse. Thus “Faaaaaark!” Ridiculous as a controversy and passingly funny, really.

Now I’m a fan of old Gra Gra, because anyone who managed to be distinctive, dynamic, entertaining, rebellious and mysterious at all in the largely dull and predictable Australian television industry and media, is er, a “faaaarkin’” miracle. These five qualities alone virtually cancel out 99% of our current Oz celebrity mass.

Aah, but on Sunday night, an elongated in flight tourist add, called “Australia Revealed”, was shown on Channel 7. Naturally, it revealed less about Australia, than how the negative default explanatory styles of the diseased and self loathing Left, are now mainstream and taken for granted. At least within the biased and bigoted MSM who have free reign to market and push their often mediocre boredom as a worthwhile er, ‘product’.

So what did Rusty ‘hanging on the telephone’ Crowe have to say? It’s nothing as usual with old RS, the full-time serious actor and part-time body guard cushioned public drunk and bore. Serious actor, like disciplined musician, is mostly an oxymoron. But sayeth the Crowe as his pompous, sonorous, condescending and mostly monotone narrative of cliché got into PC hyper drive, ‘If Aboriginal cultures, languages and beliefs are lost, Australia would lose it’s heart and soul’. Riight.

There's so much Cognitive Bias and Logical Fallacy in that one cant sodden, patronising and stinker line. The fact is er, no it wouldn’t. Bollocks. Not a bit and no. Firstly, there's zero chance of such a hyper hypothesis happening in Hartford, Hanover or Hampshire. Um, isn't there more than three times as many Aboriginals today as in 1788? Don't both public and private Australia pump millions of dollars, much exposure and effort into promoting and maintaining Koori heritage? Er, plenty of Aboriginals have career's, professions and cash etc, too. Aren't um, Aboriginals themselves going to be er, fairly Aboriginal? Could be.

Any Kooris watching this kind of typical glad handing crap on the tedious tube must just get sick of it after a while. I'd like to see some of these folk's given a chance to voice their more "diverse" range of opinions.

"Hey Crowe, mate! You're full of crap!"

But you know, journalist's know exactly what opinions Aboriginals should have. Somewhere from gratitude to a faux 'solidarity' with the opportunistic Left.

Apparently, the other 99.5% of the population have no heart and soul, especially as ‘The Crowe’ made a right angle turn from standard PC patronising of Aboriginals to standard PC broad insults against every other Australian, but mostly read as ‘white people’. Yep, there was of course that mandatory old canard of the Leftoid and non-patriot that ‘Australians came mostly from English Criminals’ etc. Er, no.

Most were not criminals and those that were, would never have been today. Their main ‘crime’ was poverty and illiteracy, especially in the ways of the dysfunctional, corrupt, dishonest and mean system of their time. And many were very literate indeed, as any investigation of the writings of that period will show. But what does that matter? You only have to walk on eggshells spouting phony platitudes trumpeting your Major in Moral Vanity, when you talk about Aboriginal’s or ethnic groups. Go straight for the crème de la crude when prattling about “White people bad, everyone else fabulous!” It'll all work out perfectly fine for you.

I liked quite a few of the films that Rusty has acted in and that’s in no small way because like most actor’s, he hasn’t actually written any screenplays or made any films. Still, he's obviously doing better than I am, to put it mildly. Now, most movie stars have nothing to say that you haven’t heard at any Student Union Crisis Meeting, car burning, bong night or madhouse. Or from Osama Bin Laden’s latest video release. Twenty minutes of the ‘Mile High Club’ and 'Oxygen Deprivation Society' was all I could bother with.

In every interview I’ve seen of the 'Great Actor', Russell usually seems to come across like a humourless and puffed up parody of himself. As if a medicated psychopath with an extremely earnest Banjo Paterson fetish, has cornered you at a party.

Russell will now read a poem. “Let me tell you of the gentlemen of the high plains and of the fields of wheat that sway in the...Hey! I said put my bloody call through now, pal!”

Now here is the kicker. Apparently Rusty was not insulting enough to mainstream and working class Australians according to a Mr Gordon ‘who am I?’ Farrer writing in 'The Green TV Guide' in 'The Age'. Er, I know I’m anonymous but unlike Farrer Force it Minor and Rusty Trawler, I don’t despise or condescend to a large proportion of my fellow voiceless and anonymous citizens.

‘Gordon of Cartoon’ did agree that ‘Crowe’s Call’ was one long line of hackneyed bunkum, but he still felt that it really let down the thirst for self loathing, arrogance and elitism that beats in the black heart of nearly every ‘Age’ journalist. Yes, it was ‘The Age’. Surprised eh? ‘The Age’ being the well known home of patriotic celebration and a profound love of the common people. Er, no. Farrer uses the phrase “patriotic masturbation”. Er, apparently, treason would logically then, be the height of being ‘Master of Ones Domain’. Balls.

Farrer 'The Fatuous' tooted, “But that portrait ignores the traditional Aussie can’t be arsed, won’t do spirit. Where’s the celebration of the slackers and the yobbo’s? Where’s the hoi poloi, the rabble that eschews effort and is uninterested in anything intellectual? Oh, hang on: Kath & Kim was on earlier”.

What a bastard, eh? Yep, yar all trash! Let’s give old Gordon ‘faux intellectual’ Farrer a little bit of a ‘Fisking’, eh?

First of all, there are just twenty one million people on this vast and mostly harsh continent. That’s only one million more than the tiny island of Taiwan. Australians achievements by almost every measure, are incredible, and much of it by the people who Farrer seems to see as gauche to despicable losers. My own achievements however are sadly negligible. Uh yeah, without another ‘Age’ journo, how would we all get by?

“Oh my God! This is a real crisis! A disaster! What’ll we do? I know! Get a journalist, an activist and a stand-up comedian! Quick!”

As you see, these people often have nothing but contempt for the mass of people who consume their utterly dispensable junk. Um, apparently Farrer is a real seeker of the intellectual, but can’t tell the difference between the sitcom of ‘Kath & Kim’ and real life. Keep lookin', Jim. That can happen to media types who are mostly cushioned by an income derived largely from being sales people for biased crap and mediocrity sold to the masses that they regularly insult.

How bad can our media get? As bad as any largely unaccountable series of smug cliques can be. How can so many write so little for so long and not get fired?

Dear Gordy, er, I’m kind of smart and I can usually brush my own teeth without much assistance, yet I don’t really hate my fellow people, especially as an abstraction. And I’m er, not picking up any deep sort of Samuel Johnson level of contemplation from you, really. Maybe that’s on Wednesdays? Maybe you’re just a bit of a bigot who looks down on anyone who doesn’t share your right kind of prejudices? I think the right term for such an Undergraduate mentality is twerp. Australia deserves a damn better media than they have. The Australian media is mostly not good enough. Its crap really and never seems to improve at all. It's just better packaged.

You wouldn’t know this from the annual ‘Andrew Ollie Media Lecture’ that was also shown on the same night on ABC TV. It stunk. Endless droning and backslapping about how incredibly great the Oz media is and how it’s actually getting better than ever. Er, no, it ain’t. The same old sickening baloney about how they're always ‘looking for new talent’.

Yeah, you can just turn up with your potential and apparently highly desired individuality, right? Nope. Potential and individuality are the two things that the media expend much energy on trying to avoid, and usually with great success. No, you mostly need to be a fully qualified assembly line bore and then you'll still only have a minuscule chance of getting any opportunity at all, ever. Those that do get into Club MSM, can look forward to a long career mostly churning out the same old required hucksterism’s.

Everyday in almost every way, the Australian MSM makes a collective crow call aimed squarely at the general public. It really is kinda rusty through and through.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

A Soft Padding Sound.

"CBD apartment available. Great city views. Comes with rooftop garden fully equipped with Browning 50 Calibre machine gun. No vampires please. Ask for 'Speedy' Bob Neville".

Dear sports, this is Chapter 2 of Night Swallows West, my feeble attempt at a last man on earth scenario as a short story, influenced outrageously by Richard Matheson's I Am Legend sans vampires. Of course, I was motivated by that groovy cult piece of very good cheese from 1971 The Omega Man.

It starred "the man, and I do mean, The Man", Chuck Heston, as they say, mostly "eating up the scenery". Much as the truly great actor did in Planet of the Apes, Major Dundee, Will Penny, Ben Hur and so on. With Chuck, no matter how much suspension of disbelief is required, Heston always has the presence and ability to hit the mark every time.

I started this thing about seven years ago then shelved it until I felt I could do a little better. I'm looking forward to the new film version of I Am Legend, starring Will Smith. Looks pretty neat, kinda creepy and perhaps quite moving. The illustration is from that production. [Update: The script, the absurd CGI Gummi bear mutants and Will Smith all sucked. Just like the appallingly bad remakes of Planet Of The Apes and The Time Machine. Ugh.]

Chapter 3 in this perhaps deservedly unpublished series will be called Insect Kingdom.

Here is Chapter 1 A figure on the Landscape.

Chapter 2. 'A Soft Padding Sound'.

The sun rose higher over silent buildings above the mean air of broken downtown mains that expelled dark and slowly moving rivulets of liquid, feeding into larger bubbled pools and streams of greenish black. Peeps drove fast as the day hit its mid point and the light upon the buildings as he passed them, gave the effect of flickering playing cards, the warm light absorbing the last of the morning haze.

Stopping in the middle of an intersection he got out and looked up at the front of a building on which there was a giant billboard. With the bright daylight and the silence of the empty street, the city appeared hollowed out like a corn stalk. From the billboard, the image of a face looked down at him. Standing alone in the middle of the junction, the sensations of frustration that moved through his skin and muscle were as thousands of tiny and independently rising tremors. Standing on the road, he eased them away, letting out a fatigued moan, and then walked over to a cracked fire hydrant that was releasing a jet of white water into the gutter. Splashing his face under the softly falling mist at its edges, he took a cloth from his pocket and wiped himself down.

Releasing the handbrake and sliding into gear, he moved toward the middle of two lanes and drove on. As the vehicle made the flat ridge of a hill, its heavy body mounted a kerb onto deeply stained pavement. Turning the wheel, it described a semi-circle, so that the nose of the truck pointed towards the street and the body was at a diagonal to an immense electronic screen, now a washed out, patchy and motionless black. Drained of glowing image, it was affixed to the vast face of a multi-story stone columned department store that lead on to a labyrinthine network of alleyways and side streets.

The entrance of four large glass doors was pushed back to either side and covered in a thick greasy dust was framing a permanently open maw, like a mouth gasping for air. The engine of the machine began to cool, the steel hood contracting with sporadic cracking sounds like breaking bones.

A wide canopy jutted out at a hard angle, sheltering the sidewalk along the face of the entire length of the building and on the roof of this overhang, a single loose sheet of tin curled up like a frozen limb and tapped at odd intervals in the light breeze. Stepping onto the bitumen, he looked up toward the likeness of a great round figure that sat slumped upon the top of the greying metal of the canopy.

Slowly surrendering its bulk and features to the elements, was a large polystyrene snowman; the bubbled flesh pitted and eaten away in hundreds of gouged and melting pockets. One eye had fallen to its curved chest, where it was gradually burrowing its way down into the gut, forming a vertical shaft. A long corncob pipe, at a parallel with the roof, cast a shadow down the front and across three large and faded buttons. The pieces that formed the mouth had long since dissolved and the place where its crescent shape would have been was instead eaten away, cancer-like, by the steady effects of wind, rain and sun.

The form of the pipe was held in place by attachment to a long bolt that went into the back of its head, which joined a central piece of tubing acting as a brace and forming a backbone. One arm held the tattered remains of an umbrella, as the other lay disconnected against its side. A few strands of bare wire draped back from the body to the wall behind. A blackened mess of decorations lay strewn in broken and unrecognizable pieces around the base, while the remnants still hung wreath like across the filth slapped belly.

Past the glass doors, the interior of the building was centrally illuminated from high above by a vast skylight in the shape of a great domed glass bell, now opaque and mildew covered and straddling the centre of a plaza. The gaping holes and clear glass that remained allowed the sun to flood down the sides of two freestanding, glass and steel lift-wells directly beneath.

The light formed a blemished circle of illumination on the ground. From the top floor of the plaza, a small stream of water ran quietly down the rusted, bacteria-greened escalators and washed over the end of the last metal stair. Forming a shallow pool, the dirty water spread outside onto the pavement and along the gutter, following the gradient of the road. The flow continued down to the basement and then to the several levels of car park below as black, gasoline slicked and oily shallows.

Next to the lift wells was a two-story high Christmas tree made from steel, aluminium and plastic, its pyramid-like form carrying a heavy coating of dust and dirt that bent towards the ground, the millions of needles that made up its drained and washed out body. Hundreds of coloured and filth specked electric light globes covered a slowly rotting mass, while the many lengths of barely distinguishable ribbons sagged about its slag-like heap.

Under the dappled sunlight, he padded lightly across towards the stairs at the far side of the centre, where he stopped for a moment and looked upon a crumpled group of bones. A small form sat in a car ride and on a bench was an adult and a younger figure. A second figure was slumped against the fibreglass neck of a horse. The shredded remnants of their clothing moved slightly in the air. They had always been there, or so it seemed to him, as all that went before seemed less real than now. As he turned away, he spoke to them as he sometimes did to those that he came upon.

The timber of the steps was moist and sticky as he walked briskly onto the second floor and moved away from the atrium, towards the lines of shop fronts where the light became less penetrating and allowed shadows to form in the damp murk. He walked casually through the ripe funk of decay and towards the display racks, from where he removed a small sports bag before exiting out the other side of the store. Keeping a distance between himself and the unlit interior, he followed the line of the balcony along the wide concourse.

Turning into a corridor that led on to a stairwell, he strode up several levels, the light becoming progressively darker, before he pushed against a horizontal bar that opened a door into the bright light of a rooftop parking area. Wiping off a warped and weathered table, he sat down on the warm surface and put his feet on a chair. Placing the empty bag at his side, he took out his pistol from its holster, removed the magazine for a moment then slotted it back in as it made a small clicking sound. For perhaps twenty minutes, Peeps wrote in a small notebook, until a feeling of fatigue came over him. Getting up, he stretched and walked casually over to the wall at the edge of the car park and looked down and along the street, then into the distance for some considerable time.

Turning away, he got up, put the notebook in the bag and moved quickly down stairs, across the plaza and on into the half-light of an arcade. Its cold, dim interior led out onto a narrow sun filled side street of specialty shops, where seats and tables were set out on the pavement, with many tipped over and spread along the road. Entering a cafe, he placed the bag on the counter, and removed several bags of coffee from a shelf, placed them inside the bag, then left.

Stepping through the rear entrance of a large bookstore cool and stale, he placed two slim volumes in the bag and walked steadily back the way he had come. Returning to the vehicle he placed the bag in the boot, reached for a small folding chair then placed it in the morning sun, giving him a clear view down the hill and on through several intersections receding into the distance. From a box he took a small bottle and a book. Returning to the chair he sat and began to read, returning occasionally to several pieces that had lodged in his mind. Looking toward the sky he took a cloth from his pocket and began to clean his sunglasses.

Suddenly he coughed loudly several times and the sound of it bounced sharply off steel, glass, marble, concrete and tile cutting across the surface of buildings. For several blocks, this one sound penetrated the silence as each material modified it slightly, repeating and creating a kind of feint and weird amphitheatre. Peeps breathing became steady and he fell into a semi-doze then a deep sleep as his body slumped to one side, the day slowly falling into afternoon.

Against his face a soft push of warm air gradually brought him to consciousness as he stood up and twisted slowly. Placing everything back into the vehicle, Peeps got in and slowly drove off from the kerb. In the cabin a light hiss emanated from a radio receiver and transmitter that swept and cycled continuously through each frequency. Apart from the effects of weather and oscillation, it never varied from a clear monotone.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

The Bleeder of the Opposition.

The most important thing that the Australian Labour Party can never seem to do.

The Leader of the Australian Labour Party and the Opposition, Kevin Rudd, has accused the Prime Minister John Howard of being negative by merely pointing out the clear facts of the Shadow Cabinet election line-up consisting of 70% Unionists, then Lawyers and Party Hacks.

Er, therefore, Rudd admits exactly what Howard is saying; that these facts are a negative! Julia Gillard, the woman who would be Deputy Prime Minister, is an old Communist that belonged enthusiastically to 'The Socialist Forum' at her old University. Er, as you can imagine, their agenda lacked um, Democratic nuance regards their true totalitarian dreamscape goals.

Now, imagine if you will, any Political Party putting up a neo-Nazi as Deputy Dawg material. Imagine the scandal.

Er, what’s that I hear? Let’s not take her past Communism so seriously. Not “real” Communism and Socialism? It never is, is it? One hundred million dead can’t be wrong.

Why is the thought of a gleeful Pinko sans a Road to Damascus, not basically the end of Rudd’s line-up of the usual suspects? Er, the media is mostly short for mediocre and what’s left is Left and that’s it. Far too many people seem incurious and undemanding. As long as they say the words you long to hear. “I know your deepest, darkest fear. I know everything. I’m a spy”. So said sad Jim Morrison.

Kevin Rudderless describes the classic career arc of what he is; a career Diplomat, and a ‘Consultant’. Er, yeah, Consultants…your guarantee that you have just paid a lot of money for often unproven advice available elsewhere for free. Now he’s a faux spontaneous Party Guy! He’s as spontaneous as a mimic can be. The reason Kevin is such a populist wind sock, is because he’s empty of any actual convictions at all. Just tie him to a pole in the horizontal and watch the wind blow right through him.

If the Labour Party were to win, it will prove to them that they never needed to change after all. Not their faction, Union and Left infected ideology or their fatally flawed Party structure.

"Jeepers! We were perfect all along!"

For months, Lazy Labour has been coasting on a fatuous sea of poll driven illusion, based entirely on the assumption that a majority want to vote for them, and not because of anything they have actually said, changed, put in place or achieved. This is smugness and conceit defined. This is 'Classic Labour Party'.

"We found voters were turned off by 'New Labour', so we put back the kilo of sugar and vinegar and are now calling it "Classic Labour".

Yep, for the Left and Labour of mind, feelings trump reality every time, especially when the great economic achievements of the current Government and much more, are taken often completely for granted by so many. Er, John Howard is on almost every count that matters in reality, one of the most effective, competent, pragmatic, mature and hard working Prime Ministers in the world today, sports.

Now, I don’t like that he took guns away from law abiding citizens and insists like virtually every leader, that Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’ when it clearly isn’t. Ok, so we don't have the guns, but hopefully we have the numbers.

And as for the easy tripe phrase of "new ideas". I haven't yet heard a single one from 'New' Kevin. Er, I bought some new Chinese slip on shoes last week. They weren't as good as my old Italian hand mades. And I think I'll stick with my 'old' Fender Strat and old fashioned, living in the past Marshall. I'm a regular 'old' stick in the mud. Yeah, new ideas. Oh, I just thought of a new idea! Let's wear flowerpots as formal hat wear! It's new. Gotta be good.

Kevin Rudd is at best, often superficially pleasant and smiley, while underneath is a seething anger. John Howard is relentlessly polite and naturally so.

While other’s bend to the wind sock of populism, various fantasies of useless charisma and to nonsense about often dangerous “vision”, the PM achieves one incredible accomplishment after another, both consistently and often low key. And for eleven years.

Why is Peter Costello not considered one of the greatest economic heroes of our country and indeed anywhere? Instead, he’s either ignored, disliked or given a grudging and slim credit. Costello has performed one vastly competent economic miracle after another over eleven of some of the most volatile years in Australia’s history. And he also believes in the individual and the civic good.

Yep, it’s always “Er, yeah. Howard’s good at the economy but nothing else”. Er, the economy is the everything that everything else springs from. There is no ‘something else’. Rip off all your clothes, and live under some leaves in the local park. Call yourself “The Wildman of the Wood’s!" See how ya go.

Rudderless and all 'Howard Hater’s' always never, ever give credit to the PM. Howard is always just “tricky”, “clever” and a “liar”. Bunkum. He’s achieved what he has entirely due to empirical, highly measurable and measured competence, skills, talent and methods. It’s not a trick, but a trick of the light, to those unable to get out of the bog of Left and Labour ideology.

Yep, John Howard is a square and that’s just how I like my Prime Minister’s. Now, if the election was about auditioning a lead singer? Yeah, then I’d want someone hip, but otherwise, no. I’d vote for Winston Churchill if he was available for parties, but there isn’t one on the horizon and John Howard is the closest thing around.

Every faux “issue” that’s been generated and thrown at him over his eleven unprecedented years, is laughably distorted and inflated usually beyond any serious consideration. And that’s after they’ve almost invariably started as baloney. Then these vitally “important” topics are either given the status of virtual 'Urban Legend's of the Left' and endlessly recycled to true believers, or quickly replaced with a new and pressing canard straight from the sodden pages of ‘Journalists Anonymous'. They may be key issues to Kerry O’Brien on ‘The 7:30 Report, ‘The Age’ Editorial Team or a WTO riot participant, but er, no. Not really.

These mostly Leftish inspired ‘non-issues’ have been almost uniformly as unimportant, insubstantial and un-life like as a Socialist Alliance paper mache puppet, a la the Prime Minister as Fido.

Before I drone on anymore, here’s a list of a few of the Howard and Costello team's meagre achievement’s and er, “tricks”.

"That’s some Trick, that Trick 22”

Economic areas. Labour (1995-1996) versus John Howard’s Coalition (2007-2008).

Net Govt debt. Labour, $95.8b. Coalition, Zero.

Average mortgage rates. Labour 12.75%.Coalition 7.15%.

Real wages growth. Labour -1.% (Mar’83-Mar'96). Coalition 21.5% (Mar’96-June’07).

Unemployment rate. Labour 8.2% (March’96). Coalition 4.3% (Aug’07).

Long-term unemployed. 197,800 (March’96). Coalition 71,400 (Aug’07).

Australians at work. 8.3 million (March’96). Coalition, 10.5 million (Aug’07)

Average inflation. Labour, 5.2%. Coalition, 2.5%.

Avg. household wealth. Labour $136,257 (’95). Coalition $348,782 ('06 preliminary).

Industrial disputes. Labour 193 (Avg.’83-’95). Coalition 59, (Avg.’96-’07).

Source: Australia, Strong, Prosperous and Free. The Liberal Party. The Herald Sun Saturday October 13 2007.

Yep, that’s a lot of Party Tricks, eh? Or maybe luck!? Er, no. There’s nothing more enraging to the Left and Labour than public facts. They have to go into some heavy denial, relentless subject change, focus strictly on peripherals and boy, the mental gymnastics alone calls on every bogus ad hominem at their disposal.

Yep, the same freaks who chant “Little Johnny!", would never say that to someone who really was short.

“Hey, look! There’s little Johnny Wilson, the midget!” Nope, never.

The ad hominems aimed at the PM are invariably such absurd juvenile hyperbole, that they may as well be saying he's the biggest 'Destroyer of Solar Systems' since B9setT2-3A. And that's saying something.

If we ever get to see Fluffy under pressure as a Prime Minister, waiting to make no decision at all because he has no one to copy, well, it’s uh, going to be a blast or two.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Wonderful World of Denial. Captain Bligh says there's no mutiny.

The Left Liberal Radical Axis of Mediocrity lost in the Wasteland of Moral Relativism and Cognitive Dissonance.

I did a post called 'The moral vanity of The Age turns away from The Dark Of The Sun’. This new and miserable post is my take on one of the latest public displays of pure political and ideological driven balls.

As reported in the Brisbane Times for October 05 2007, Labour Premier of Queensland Anna Bligh recently fired a disingenuous broadside from her poopdeck at Federal Liberal Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews. Here's the ABC on same.

What a broad!

This was after Kev decided not to increase the quota for Africans due to some Sudanese immigrants having very serious problems in er, assimilating. He also said that he wanted to move the focus of the quota toward Iraqi’s and other groups in need. Surprise, surprise, few mainstream media outflows challenged the following funky bunkum by Captain Bligh with a leg wax.

Anna called the Minister a "racist" as you do Er, right. Sure he is. She used the old canard of the mediocre and venal, Cliché Number 27B, that the Ministers statements were like something coming from "the Deep South of America in the 1950s". Quite.

"Racist!" is the auto-mating call of the PC Left Liberal and radical when they have no case or are trying to divert your attention. The old "down South" thang, is one of the few ways a Left Liberal and Labour fool can vent their natural and laughably repressed bigotry's.

Thus driveled the Captain before jumping off the high end of her own hyperbole plank, "I think frankly, Australians will see Kevin Andrews' comments for what they are. It has been a long time since I have heard such a pure form of racism out of the mouth of any Australian politician".

Well, just listen to your playback then. Apparently Anne of Sickly Green Gables doesn’t take Africans seriously enough as adults to logically believe that any should ever be held accountable for their own behavior.

Sayeth the Cap’n, “For it to come from the Immigration Minister is particularly disturbing”.

Er, yes, but this crap coming from the State Premier is at first merely laughable then creepy.

“I think we are in for a desperate and ugly federal election campaign and I would suggest that people like Kevin Andrews need to think long and hard about the long-term traumatic effects he will have on the lives of refugee children and their families before he opens his mouth again".

That’s right. Even though Police reports, business people, welfare worker’s, African’s pleas for help with their children etc, all exist, a River in Egypt is the place to go for Anna. Oh Anna. You come and ask me girl, to set you free girl... Yep, Premier Bligh may be the source of denial!

Here's Andy Bolt's Mea Culpa on how he joined in the Andrew's kicking, for November 19 2008. Ulike most, it's typical of the Bolta that he has the grace and smarts to admit an error. Plus he shows how Police Commissioner Tricky Chrissy Nixon and all and sundry, skewed the statistics for African crime and got the whole story wrong.

So a year ago and even as a raw and beginner blogger, I got it entirely right, thus proving that I'm better than most, being one of the God's an' all.

"Kevin Andrews comments are basically making a judgment about the character of people on the basis of their race," said Miss Anna Funicello, er, Bligh.

Balls. Um, Minister Andrews made the judgment based on cultural and criminal realities and um, the most common practitioner’s of Sudanese culture are surprise, Sudanese.

Sudan being quite a bit less multicultural and ‘inclusive’ than Australia, hence the decades of vicious warfare and internecine tribal mayhem. And um, why can’t you judge on race, exactly? Especially as there is no such thing. We’ve been pretty judgmental about countries with a warlike culture before.

Nameless drone; “Sir, the Japanese have sunk half the American fleet at Pearl Harbour!”

High Ranking Official who knows far better than any plebe ever could, who simply doesn’t have the Officer’s sense of nuance; “Let’s not rush to judgment, soldier. Can’t you see that your kind of racism will only inflame the situation?

Anyway, anyone who would do such a thing, while it should be deplored in the strongest possible terms, is obviously not a real Japanese. Now pass me that nice coloured paper and scissors and help me cut out dolls. That’s what being truly constructive and inclusive is all about”.

And that’s the thing. As Evan Sayet has said, one of the defining characteristics of PC Leftardism, is that it sees having no discrimination and discriminating thinking whatsoever as a "moral imperative". They don’t want to judge anything, except for any difference of opinion to theirs. And especially if you dare to disagree.

"The ability to discriminate is the basis of rational thought". Evan Sayet.

Anna Bligh and her kind dismiss any contradictory views, opinions, experiences, and empirical evidence, no matter how objective or documented, as invalid if it contradicts her delusions and wilful ignorance. This virtually guarantees that the situation at hand will fester until it's far too late for everybody, as it has in the Britain and Europe. But never mind. It’s the messenger’s fault.

Insert Political and Ideological Cliché Number 19/B.

But of course everybody comes out of this environment of endless war, tribalism, mass murder, despair, zero schooling, total societal collapse, rape and no room service, pressed and ready to go straight to the office. right? Got to, Mister!

“Clean shirt? Check. Watch? Check. Tie? Check. AK47? Check”.

Many Sudanese may be regular people, even relatively speaking including their relatives, really. But those that ain’t, are pretty effective at um, not being so regular.

“Before I go out at night, I like to have a nice bowl of All-Bran and put on my Crips Colours. It keeps me regular!”

Well Anna does have support though er, from the usual coalition of the publicly funded. Here’s some of the Baloney Squad. The following in quotations are from the Brisbane Times followed by my nasty but witty comments.

"Elhadi Abass, the Manager of the Multicultural Sudanese Centre in Flemington, said the so-called African gangs were simply groups who stood out because they were black and tall”.

"There are no gangs; it is the Sudanese culture to walk together as a group". Elhadi Abass.

Isn’t that great? Ok, get your breath. It is funny, innit? Elvis wasn’t an addict. He just liked taking enormous amounts of drugs!

Bol Gok, a member of the Sudanese Community Association of Australia, said the dossier was another way of the Minister "targeting the African community”.

Er, apparently there are some other ways he neglected to mention.

"I don't think anything he says should be correct because he has generalized the whole community. These problems can happen to anybody, not just the Sudanese community".

Not at eight times the average, chum. Er, riiight. Kevin "generalized" when he clearly never did, so Ball Cock then actually generalizes about the Minister! Er, good luck with that, Jim.

Here’s an impeccable source of fearless objectivity: “Human Rights Commissioner Graeme Innes said any decisions about Australia's refugee intake should be made on the basis of humanitarian need and not how well refugees integrated into Australia.[!] It's not surprising there are problems. These people have been in refugee camps for a decade in some cases", Mr. Innes said”.

Er, I thought the only problem with Africans was Kevin’s mean words, but now there is a problem?! I’m confused Mr. Innes. Is that Graeme Innes the airport novel writer? And we should not care how well people integrate if at all?! Good Grief! Oh, I get it...Graeme means he doesn’t care how well they integrate into your neighborhood and not his. Got it Gra Gra.

"We should be embracing and helping people rebuild their lives, we shouldn't be singling out groups”. More Innes.

Embracing eh? Watch out for that knife! Er, I thought we were helping, to the tune of millions of dollars and an actual immigration policy that the immigrant's countries don't have. Gee, I don't believe Sudan has an Immigration Policy? Well, Graeme, maybe you would have enjoyed embracing the seven young African males, that an undercover Detective at our cafe, was forced to mace?

Er, I think Grabba Grabba hey only wants one group actually. The parts of the African Community that can never move into his street.

I knew plenty of African business people and Church going folk who suffered from the behavior of their own young males. Guess what? Maybe a few of 'em want the same things as everybody else, minus the PC infected guff.

"Paul Power, from the Refugee Council of Australia, said the claims made in the dossier "could be said about any community in Australia". Er, statistically speaking, no.

My wife is Japanese. Yeah, I'm terrified of her Tokyo friends just like everyone else. No. Ooh, lookout! It's a Welshman! And he's got a pie! I won't leave the house due to Taiwanese $2 shop owner's, surfer's from Hawaii and roaming gangs of Jews.

"Mr. Andrews is presenting it as concrete evidence, and none of the other side of the story. He is presenting an extremely one-sided view of African Australians”. A single minute of Power is enough.

“Reverend David Pargeter, from the Uniting Church's Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, said: "When a Government minister, on the eve of an election, connects violent action with one particular cultural group, we know we have reached deeply into the darkness of racial politics”.

Actually, when I hear your crap, I know I know I'm listening to a professional grievance mongering and lying Leftard multicultist. Er, look fluffy, change “connects” to disconnects and you have the previous cavalcade of PC rabble’ down to a T. Here’s one last Logical Fallacy from the parade of Cognitive Dissonance before you throw, sports. It's professional asshat Tim Costello.

“And World Vision chief executive Tim Costello warned that other countries might stop taking Sudanese refugees displaced by the Darfur crisis if Australia clamped down on African migration”.

Er, yeah Tim, as usual, right on the mark as usual. Er, no.

Councilor and teacher Peter Brown of Dandenong, or Fun City, said this year that the Australian Government was "easing the ethnic problems of black Africa by transporting their citizenry to Australia by the jumbo jet-load".

He said to Radio 3AW that the Sudanese had been one of the most challenging groups of students to deal with. “They've come from an environment where there's been very little domestic control”.

Yep, ethnic groups are entirely worthy of being taken seriously, but never enough to notice any flaws.

Here are some quotes from a whole parade of alleged "racists!" just trying to get elected, apparently. Let's start with a comment by the Police. The source is the intermittently mediocre Neil Mitchell in The Herald Sun, via Abandon Skip

“Many of them are continuously looking for problems. They choose not to adapt to the Australian way of life and more annoying they do not like to abide by our laws”.

Senior Detective Dave Logan from the Transit Police, speaking to the Berwick Leader: "Ninety-nine per cent of our assaults, robberies and armed robberies involve the Sudanese”.

Secretary of the Police Association, Senior Sgt Paul Mullett, to The Australian: "The Sudanese are very difficult to deal with. They come from a lawless background and they really have to be educated about Australian society's standards”.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Evans, officer in charge of Region 5, which includes Noble Park, speaking with me on 3AW: "This is a cultural thing. A lot of these people are brought up as warriors in their own country”.

Evans, speaking about police activity after the murder of Mr Gony; "We really want to keep a lid on this. It's a bloody awful thing”.

Sudanese Community Leader Martin Johnson, from the National Democratic Alliance of Sudan, who describes it as cultural shock, where young Sudanese suddenly have freedom and clash with their parents who try to control them: "We are sorry for what our kids have been doing and sorry for what has been happening to the community in Australia”.

Here's a simple fact for the pea sized of mind to try and grasp: Africans also suffer from endemic African style violence, especially in Africa! So, let's do something effective in of all places, empirical factual reality. Right here and right now. Many Africans are Christians and maybe a little hip to the local scene per se.

So, I'd get with their Churches a little too, maybe. In short, treat them as the human beings they are, for good and bad, not ciphers for lying. It's crazy enough to work. Ah, the light hearted fun and laughter of our merry waltz to cultural suicide.

Here's my letter to Captain, my Captain. I got a bog standard form response but no celebrate diversity festival show bag.

My feeble missive as follows.

Dear Premier Anna Bligh:

Ahoy Captain. I was very interested in your very serious charge that Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews is indeed a racist. This is naturally something I'm sure you are in the process of reporting to the Police, as a racist Minister of the Government is against the law an' all.

Er, one thing, Miss Bligh, um, we are both using the same definition of racism aren't we? Meaning that one believes in the idea of race which has no scientific basis. And then one extrapolates that some of these undefinable races are intrinsically inferior to others. Are you with me so far? Good.

Er, or do you mean the fraudulent 'charge' of racism being made as a way to avoid facing problematic and harsh realities and the ensuing er, responsibility?

Hey, what do I know? I'm just a guitar player.

Now, we live in a Parliamentary Democracy where little to zero can be done without first passing a law via the many levels of checks and balances. So Kevin Andrews’s alleged racist actions that you have not spelled out beyond ad hominems and Logical Fallacy, would surely have a basis in a law or laws somewhere first. Am I right? Yes. Er, where are these laws exactly then, Anne dear?

Doesn't that kind of make all the many people who voted for these people also er, "Deep South racists?" Say, people like me and my Japanese wife must also be supporters of a racist! Gee whiz! Do you really think it could be so?

Aah, Old Dixie, one of the few groups and cultures you can exercise your own kind of acceptable racism and bigotry against, anytime, anyhow and anywhere. No one complains. Guaranteed. Yep, they're all trash down South, even the Chinese, Japanese, Jewish and Latinos etc, eh?

They're all Southerners, Jim.

I'm married to a Japanese woman and come from a very working class background, so I tend to be very sensitive to when ethnic groups and the working class are being used as handy ciphers for political and ideological cant. Like you did with Africans, in the Brisbane Times I believe.

I will state here quite clearly, as one of the anonymous, powerless and voiceless drones of the Australian public, that you have made an absurd, outrageous and profoundly phony "I'm so much better than you" lie, and a slanderous public statement.

Look, I may be wrong, so send any photo's you have of Kevin Andrews in full KKK regalia and we'll call it quits, eh?

Any chance of a reply, old sport? I would like one, if that's ok. I'm sure you're very accountable, hmmmm? Now no need to tender your resignation and subsequent suicide. Just tell me how and why you would say such bunkum in public and how many people do you think would actually swallow it, I mean without wanting to anyway? Or apologise to Kevin Andrews’s maybe....

Here's the link to something I wrote rather nicely on my popular and shabby blog regarding the whole typically fraudulent response by The Age newspaper to the whole Festival of Political Posturing regards the unpleasantness with immigrants. Newspaper? Sure it is.

All the best from Colonel Robert Neville.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Indoctrinate K.

Kofi Annan stops for a well earned break after doing nothing about anything except aiding and supporting evil and corruption. And lot's of loading of kickbacks into his Swiss bank account. Phew! He's the hardest working man in the 'All Show, No Action Business!' It was always coffee time with Kofi, at the UN...

Here's a modified piece from Monday 15 October 2007.

File under the snappy title of why I don’t want my son to be indoctrinated with the fashionable and dangerous junk of Marxist Left infected climate change con-artistry.

In 2007 I attended one of a series of Open Days get to know the school thing for my son, who started primary school the following year. All very nice and groovy and so open your brain falls out. The school is over a hundred years old. Yet I remember it like it was only yesterday... Dig, the politics in the government education system date from about 1975 up to the very latest pain in the ass. The teachers at this school are mostly nice people really, but government employed means mostly conforming to the benign, the soft Left and up to hardcore creeping Marxist Leftardism. No, really.

The school has many worthy and thoughtful approaches and maybe that’s the problem. Nice people accept and swallow strangulated PC guff better than anyone, because they imagine they mean well and hate to be seen as not correct enough. You never can be enough for the er, Current Truth.

Not just in education is there always one more obsession with controlling something that isn't controlled completely yet. Though luckily it's only what you say, think, do and who you are. No, really.

Well, I was kinda exhausted on that particular afternoon and as I was drifting in and out of my somnambulism, I picked up how the big focus for the school next year will be, wait for it...the environment. Big 'effing and fun surprise, eh? The kids'll love it! No.

Hey, they don't mean a focus on the environment of critical thinking skills, or physical fitness, or financial, philosophical, linguistic and numerical literacy, martial arts, independence or business skills, how to run a ranch, an appreciation and understanding of our system of Parliamentary Federalism, Capitalist Democracy and freedoms, the glory of the Western Canon, the debt we owe our armed forces for our fortunate life, an examination of the diseased spread of the politics of the Left, or the relentless ongoing threat of Islam. Nope. Scratch the Big Elephant that wants to kill us all.

None of these are where we apparently need to concentrate for real um, achievement. What every kid needs right now, is what the correct opinions are and what to think to the decimal point about the environment! And there's so much of it about!

"Look! The sky! And exciting dirt!"

Now, the very cone hat wearing denunciation session response I usually get is “Well, don’t you care about the environment? There's no future for the children without it?”

Well, not as much as you and not without crazy pills. And for me, there's no future worth having if I have to spend most of it listening to earnest twerps. Just saying you care, doesn't automatically lead to thinking straight and taking effective action on anything. These are quite separate ah, things.

The future is unlikely to be built on parroting unproven and predictive "consensus" drivel. Science has nothing to do with consensus by numbers. If one says no and he's right, 99 saying yes still means nothing if they're all wrong. It's methodology, re-testable evidence, being able to repeat an experiment and submitting a theory for multiple peer reviews etc. Global Warming is a deeply corrupt and corrupting influence, a money and cache spinner to the tune of over four billion dollars in "research" funding as of 2006.

If they all agree, why research it then? You obviously know all and have the hard evidence...No.

"Oh yes. We all agree. We want more funding!"

The dogshit on your shoe that is Climate Change rhetoric, is the most overbearing, insufferable and sickening atheistic orthodoxy since the last one.

Just say "Whatever you tell me, I believe it all!" and "Al Gore is a living and infallible Gulfstream jetting and Limousine convoy riding saint!", and your cheque will be in the mail.

If they care about the environment so much, why is science, physics, marine biology, geography, bio-chemistry, anthropology and so on, no longer good enough for the job?

Cos the real tactical problem is that they all require an adherence to facts and gosh, Quality Control. Then there's nowhere for the Ten Idiot Commandments of Al Gore. Then the empty and meaningless endorsements by one thousand unqualified Hollywood freaks and endlessly sour "The End Is Nigh!" Left academics, just don't count, do they?

The Marxist activist of mind want an all enveloping fake umbrella via a manufactured subject. They then have a very useful, easy to manipulate mass movement. In fact, they already do. They can’t really do this within established and separately legitimate subjects of academic discipline. You have to have mass conformity of thought and action for their true goals.

Global Warming=Global Socialism.

This bunk got a real boost with the collapse of Soviet Communism. Fellow travellers in the West needed to find another cause to feed and legitimise their radical politics by stealth, and quick! Its worked beyond a Socialist ego monster's wildest dreams. The mainstream now promotes and defends Socialistic and Communist doctrines on their behalf! Truly sickening and astounding.

But I digress. Back to school. I was busy and didn’t think about my dazed and confused Open School Day until a few days later, when I read a news letter from my sons Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a German word and kind of apt, considering the Nazi-like ugliness, crudity and cruddiness of accepted Left rhetoric.

“Vee have vayz of making you talk like uz!”

So in 2007, he's in the last few months of chreche and stuff and I’m a flickin’ through a gentle newsletter from said kindie. There's nice and boilerplate things about behaviour and so on. There is. It’s all fairly decent though as per usual overly proscribed with tiresome details. You know a lot of the style today is basically how to make boys more like girls, short of literally emasculating them, and how to encourage girls to be the boys they have mostly no interest in being. You know, the usual ball of string. Then I spy, in the house of love, the dream that you’re dreaming of...

A single page stapled in and written by er, let's call her Candy, titled “Why do children need to learn about climate change?” Exactly. Why the fuck do they? My guess is more hordes of Junior Socialist Soldiers. Er, they don’t need to know. Now I’m not objecting because it’s absurd rubbish and not true. I’m not saying it’s not true a little, no, of course not... I’m saying it ain’t true at all. It’s pure crappo junk.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. There's none. The onus is never on me to believe you, the onus is always entirely on you to prove your case. That's science, bub.

I object to a currently fashionable, politically and financially motivated ideology of laughably named Climate Change canard pushed by Left, Socialist, Communist and radical ideologues and front groups.

I'm repulsed and bored by the venal, rich, political transvestite opportunist and utter fraudulent hypocrite Al Gore. I'm pushed into snooze land by the endless parade of absurd, frivoulous, flatulent and clueless celebrities, Fidel and Chavez loving Hollywood decadents, musicians, Marxist academics and Leftoid Teachers Unions.

Quite frankly, I want the dominating influence of these freaks to be as limited and cancelled out as I can manage. In short, keep as far away from my kids as possible, you fucks.

I don’t want my son being indoctrinated with ideology that has no testable standards whatsoever and cannot be questioned. I don’t want my son to be told the lie that Islam is a religion of peace either. So there. Nya nya.

Christopher Hitchens has defined Islam as "filth". Mohammed the freak, rapist, paedophile and mass murderer, was not a fun guy and thus nothing like Jesus Christ. The crude, turgid and unreadable insanity of the Koran is not a "Great Holy Book". From the first stupid and evil page to the last, it sucks shit.

Now the first line of the first paragraph of the neo-nutso newsletter read “It may be comforting to deny the scientific information about global warming, but the evidence is now overwhelming”.

Pretty smug, eh?

Er, I thought it was far more comfortable to accept an orthodoxy than try to defy it and the wrath of the zealot mob. See how these bastards have replaced even the idea of questioning their crap by defining it as akin to "Holocaust denial?!"

Such conceit and “don’t question me” arrogance. What the Hell is this kind of stuff doing in a Kindergarten paper? They’re two to six year olds...

Such tripe is now considered mainstream. The little letter said that carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas from breathing, the sea, vegetation, volcanoes etc, and what most all life forms are made from, is all caused by humans! And this in turn causes GW. Er, no.

The increase in Co2 comes about 800 years after any of the many warming periods of the earths several billion year history etc, etc.

Candy quotes the fraud, incompetent and stupid mediocrity, Kofi Annan. “The question is not whether climate change is happening, but whether in the face of this emergency, we ourselves can change fast enough”. Er, right you shitbag. Hows ya son's bank account going?

You can’t ask “Is it safe?”, but Candy takes it as given that there's a crisis of climate change. Balls. And what has Kofi changed except his bank details and laughable job description? Candy says “It would be irresponsible to not share this information with children, to give them the opportunity to learn how their actions impact on the planet”. Er, yeah. They'll love it. All five year-olds think this way.

Maybe she means share the nformation that Kofi and Gore are utterly corrupt, rich and unchallenged frauds?

It’s not very responsible is it, to burden small children with phony doomsday scenarios and guilt all for nothing? And you wonder why so many young people are depressed when they are relentlessly told the opposite of reality? They're being brainwashed with the natural negative nihilism of the Left, disguised as the good works of save the planetism.

Capitalist Democracy and free markets are precisely what's improved the world and our lives. Apparently millions not dying from disease and hunger is a negative. Conservation of nature is apparently auto-great, but conserving people just doesn’t figure.

An absurd linking of non-facts and shibboleths built on fashionable suppositions: “This knowledge enables children to be part to be part of the CC solution and teaches them that they can make a difference”. Not as a conformist group they won't. Not a lot of room for rugged individualism in a mass movement, is there?

It’s not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom. My computer holds lots of knowledge called data. This brainwashing doesn’t enable children to do anything, as they have no choice in either agreeing or disagreeing with this stuff. Where is the invitation for an impossibly well informed five year old to er, disagree? Or a 47 year old to disagree or question for that matter? There ain’t one.

Make a difference? Without any understanding of finance, economics, media, political ideology, extremism, Capitalist Democracy, science and coercion? Or for that matter, Radical and anti-Democratic groups satrating, co-opting and infiltrating grass roots and popular movements? I doubt it.

Indoctrination of the very young and innocent by ideology cloaked in self-righteous and unanswerable cant. It's for the benefit of adult obsessions and not the children. It's disingenuously political.

GW junk is parroted to the letter by narcissistic sleaze bags and liars like the Clintons and Al Gore, radical and violent Leftist extremist groups alike, such as the Socialist Alliance, a front group for over 150 violent organisations and is now even repeated verbatim by Osama Bin Laden.

The sources for the kindergarten pamphlet were the spineless, dithering, weak minded and deeply corrupt Kofi plain brown envelope Annan, and the profoundly political, unaccountable and ridiculous IPCC. 2,000 scientists? So what? There are millions of scientists in the world and how many have been consulted?

Yep, it's Lefism through and through, kids. Vast completely unproven and untested leaps to disaster are exclusively the modus operandi of the Left. Computer models that can't get the weather for next week right more than 65% of the time, can apparently get it on the money 20, 30 or a 100 years into the future...Er, no.

The Junior Red letter got kinda contradictory and muddled in predictable fashion and I got exhausted, but here are some highlights.

Candy wants “the children of future generations” to enjoy the same or better standard of living than now. But we have to “reduce our impact on the planet’s resources”. Where do you start? Er, a higher standard of living, eh? So we’re talking about Capitalist Democracy and free markets? Nope. A better tommorrow and all via Marxism apparently.

Though not for Candy personally, I imagine. The two unprecedented and massively successful systems of Capitalism and Democracy are unmentioned or alluded to anywhere in Candy's Economic Master Plan for Tomorrow. And we are talking about a newsletter for a Kindergarten....five-year olds. Wait until High School and Uni, kids!

Candy: “ equity issue that is relevant as race, class and gender!”

Mmmm, deliciously thick, turgid and unreadable as an inner-city lesbian's thesis on the patriarchy of whatever. Riiight. I can see the Socialist Alliance badges and Che the child killer’ Guevara poster and T-shirt set from here. Raise that middle-class kiddie fist in the air.

"No, not ya finger up the nose, Billy!"

Then as it often does, it's into fairly faux emoting of traditions. Tradition is what the Left and Liberal spend most of their time trashing and dismissing, unless it disingenuously and hypocritically suits their means and ends.

This stuff is so mainstream that it flows like dysentery from the most regular and normal seeming folks. That’s the problem. Ordinary people have pretty much accepted what is actually Left, radical and extremist propaganda, with an ultimately hideous and moronic logical end.

It occurs to so few that much of there doctrinaire fodder is clearly stupid and can only end in disaster, as it has. It occurs to even less people to say anything about it, or even know how to. In the end, this singular paradigm for indoctrinating children is a freakish obsession to control everything and everybody.

Good luck in disagreeing with any of it, kids.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

The moral vanity of 'The Age' newspaper turns away from 'The Dark of the Sun'.

There are some great shopping bargains to be had in more ethnically diverse and working class areas for those who come suitably prepared.

A favourite Mark Steyn quote is of how "the great thing about multiculturalism is that absolves you from actually learning anything about another culture. You merely have to feel good about it and go to the restaurants".

Like every Western country and the only countries with multicultural immigration policies, Australia is experiencing er, some Celebration of Cultural Diversity problems. Someone left the cake out in the rain it seems.

The equation works out something like this: The middle-class and upwards usually enjoy more of the positives of Multiculturalism, while the poor, the working class, the immigrants and the refugees themselves, bear most of the brunt of the negatives. You know, the empirical facts of violent mayhem and dysfunction that dare not speak their name.

So basically, unless you're living in it and UNDERSTAND what you are experiencing, the MSM and our authorities will leave you ignorant of the true scale of our own massive social decay.

“Hey, I really like that Vietnamese electrician, the Scottish dentist and the Chinese accountant. Not so crazy about the Sudanese rapist and the heroin dealer from Saigon, the aggravated burglary fanatic from Canada or the pervert from Pago Pago”. A racist.

In 2007 the Australian Immigration Minister Mr Kevin Andrews, said that he would be limiting the intake of people from Africa, in part due to the difficulty of more than a few being unable to um "fit in" and as the quota is filled, policy would focus on Iraqi’s and Burmese etc.

Fit in. Sounds like the slightly gauche guy at a sophisticated dinner party making a faux pas about Madame Bovary and modern art.

“Oh, I meant that Jeff Koons was neo ironic in his references to over sized consumerism, not just ironic in the distillated sense of say, Karl Von Poo Poo pants”. Inner-urban sophisticate Left Liberal hypocrite and thus never a racist.

Or maybe like this...

“I don’t know. Ahmed and Van just don’t seem to click with people. Could it be the screaming, gang colours and the machetes? Australians are soooo narrow minded!”

On Friday October 11, 2007, The Age newspaper, [sure it is!] had a banner above their headline of “Community’s anger spills over” at the top of page one that read, “We are all Australian, Mr. Andrews”. Quite. Whatever. Er, no.

That shows him, eh? Pure self-righteous balls. It’s the perfect self-serving default slogan for the meagre and mediocre morally vain Age journo, your guarantee of unbalanced and alleged news. Yep, ya reckon the Age Editorial staff all live in the fucking working class and migrant heavy suburbs, you know, the one's with the mismatched cheap curtains? Er, no.

But they’re willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with Africans against racist hyperbole whether actual or imagined. They’ll just do it as many suburbs away as possible.

A Sudanese “community spokesman”, [See biggest loudmouth creep] said that all Australians should be ashamed of the murder. Er, I'm sorry but no. Only the people who killed him, I’m afraid. Um, isn’t the whole drift of all this supposed to be that you shouldn’t judge a whole culture by the actions of a um, minority? Oh, I get it...Check and nuance.

The riots in Sydney were according to the earnest to prove their right on non-racism, all the fault of white mobs. Yep, no-one PC complains if you throw all white people, especially working class nobodies into the "racist" jive. Apart from including a lot of drunks, there was the tiny irritation of a decade of serious intimidation and violence by Lebanese Muslim gangs that contained authentic tribal and ex-militia types.

That's over a decade with absolutely no “community anger spills over” headlines and no serious media criticism of any Lebanese bullethead. It was “shame” and “racist” when the paradigm suits the MSM, all aimed at white Australians and via bullshit headlines screaming disingenuously from page one.

Now paradoxically, I have no time for idiot mobs whatever their beef and would have hosed them all.

But do dig corruption whistleblower and ex-detective Tim Priest, who speaks clearly of how for over ten years, both Government and Police ignored Lebanese gangs whatever they did, as policy via corruption of sworn duty, incompetence and PC cowardice. Not much different in Melbourne, Tim.

The headline on was “Coalition accused of race politics”. Not until the seventh paragraph do you find out who the objective source for this expose actually is. Surprise! It’s the Opposition Immigration Minister, Tony the Burke. Er, a boy is murdered and the Opportunist Minister for Imitation kind of infers the actual Immigration Minister of kind of being a racist, or at least "incompetent" and a political opportunist. Er, fraudulent, spineless and gut turning bollocks, Burkey boy. Cos Burke doesn't believe in being discriminating. Sadly, the ability to discriminate between good and bad choices is the basis of rational thought.

Dig "Comrade Burke" and the Utopian Marxist company he enthralls at the Labour Tribune...very 1930's innit?

"I'm yet to be shown a good reason why." These were Burke's words on suggestions that temporary protection visas should be retained. He finished his speech with a message for asylum seekers and refugees under a Labor government: "The day you arrive in Australia is the day your persecution ends." Burke will face a struggle in shadow cabinet to win support for abolition of TPVs, but he is confident he can win. Refugee and immigration activists in the ALP and beyond should put maximum pressure on Labor to win this change.

Of course at the heart of the injustices is a world system that is all about controlling human labour-power as a commodity. As the world economy becomes increasingly global, it is a crime that human beings are treated as criminals for wanting a better life. Tony Burke is quite right; no human being should be illegal. However, there is only one way to ensure this and that is to abolish immigration controls altogether. Democrats, humanitarians and socialists should campaign for a world without borders. Businessman and explorer Dick Smith has called for the end of all immigration controls, saying, "Borders are really – they’re immoral, really if you analyse it."

The Age like all of the Left, love their victim pets, whether they are or not. Must be damn fine to be a contrived and fraudulent hero especially as it's a pose that you can discrad at the drop of an irresponsible hat.

Man, there's shithead louts in better areas but basically no. It's always “Police arrested two men from, [the working class suburb] of St. Albans and fifteen men from St. Albans and 150 men from St. Albans. They also gave a stern warning to seventy-five WTO rioters from St. Brats Private College”.

The focus of faux tears by the The Age, was a young African man apparently and rather ironically from a Christian and awfully suffering family, Liep Gony. Liep was 18 years old in Thursdays ‘Age’ and 19 years old in Friday’s edition. Right. Confidence building. Liep already had several serious charges against him, including weapons, assault and theft. A sad and mixed up dangerous kid, sports. And as an ex-cafe owner in an immigrant area, Liep was the kind of lad I had to deal with over three long years.

He was allegedly and brutally murdered by two South Australian males, Clinton David Rintoull 22, and Dylan Sabatino 19. Rintoull is reported as having a mental illness. Quite. Violent murder pushes ya over the edge every time. Liep Gony has been filmed wearing a red gang bandana while taking part in ongoing violent behaviour in one attack led by him and his pals in a store.

Bigotry and racism come straight from immaturity and ignorance mostly, and human nature. From boredom and zero role models. From being dumb as a bench. From the atomisation of society that results from forcing mostly poorer people to be together when they don’t really want to be. From the Marxist Left critical theory of denigration of every and any institution and tradition in the host country, and the patronising elevation of diversity until it means nothing beyond a vacuum and nullity.

It comes from dysfunctional young men and women who are not productively occupied. It comes from the opportunity to take cowardly advantage. From the fact that not everybody likes everybody else, and why should, or would they? And racism ain't just white people, which is invariably the feeble default MSM meaning.

Why and how did he die? Well, that’s crime and crime happens. Often it's for nothing and random, or some juvenile "reason" For plain dumb bigotry, for kicks, or a for a troublemakers wasteful but logical end. And it may have had nothing to do with racism or bigotry at all.

I’ve been violently assaulted more than once. It doesn’t happen any more and for rather good reasons. But it could. I could have easily died or even killed my attackers defending myself. And if any one had then asked why, the answer would have been for no reason at all. None of the violence made any sense. Hideous and oddly boring really.

Where do poor immigrants go to live exactly? The professionals and more affluent can go to nice suburbs with nice driveways. The regular and poor more likely go to places filled with video stores, take away food outlets, two dollar stores, graffiti, desolate and very ugly railway stations, and little or zero night life.

Unless you’re a member of the Tottenham Clockwork Orange Droog Re-enactment Players.

Still, the utilities all work and they can be ok places once communities are established, and a hundred times better than downtown third world Tintown. But sometimes, nothing actually improves. It's just imported and everything is dragged down and permanently. Despite the design of suburbs, policies, culture and support services etc, we do have violent, ugly no-go areas. And they're growing.

The deal now is to celebrate diversity, but never mention or even allude to the unpleasant parts however much they may smash you in the face.

“Avert your eyes children! Look away!”

All people have faults, but some are a little more life threatening than others. Thus there is little community apprehension about people from Japan, Scotland and Hawaii etc. But some concern with those from African failed states like Sudan, recent war zones like Serbia and the Islamic madhouses of the Middle-East.

Gee, we can’t make any judgement of our own anymore, eh? No, we must abrogate our own thinking to our PC betters. Er, no. The Age and it’s like, consistently lack a an empirical, cohesive and reliable sense of judgement, if any.

I should be so lucky, or I wouldn't have built that damn business.

Few Age journo's seem genuinely interested in looking at the reality of life for people who don’t really read The Age, except as grist for their phony platitude First Aid Kit, that they invariably get out every time there’s a problematic and potential destabiliser of said shibboleths.

It goes something like this folk’s. When any human flaws and reality flare up in an ethnic group, subject change to blaming any preferably white person and our culture.

They write this guff not to inform you, but to feel good about how good they must be. Never a dark or incorrect thought crime crosses their pasty PC brows.

"AIN"T WE GRAND!" Age headline.

Er, no. Ya mostly tired and dated crap for a tired and dated readership.

Stuffed with phony and stupid opinion pieces spouting the lie that the Minister had somehow caused or influenced all this and must apologise etc. Er, so maybe their dumb pieces could have an effect? Nope, not really.

Proportionately it's not a huge Age kind of readership in the Western suburbs. Yep, apparently Sudanese, Somalians and Lebanese were all strangers to war and violent conflict until that damn Minister mentioned "The War", and then everyone started going berserk like the panic scene in Flying High, but with machetes and baseball bats.

A simple fact missed about this latest swingin’ scene, and quite deliberately so, is that this violence and intimidation effects Africans too. They're often the first to suffer from it. Do they really think thugs don’t prey on their own people and often first? Do they really think it doesn’t have consequences for people with hopes and ambitions for their future? Be honest about things and they may actually be of some help. I saw how African business and shop keepers suffered, and the women and children...

Now here’s the PC conundrum, chums. Ethnic cultures are apparently all of equal value and should be acknowledged, but not enough to notice any flaws. How do you acknowledge a culture exactly?

“Yoo, hoo! Animism! Over here! I’d like you to meet Muslim Child Brides and this is Crap Traditions of Afghanistan and please, say hello to Bad Teeth from Estonia. Can I get you something to drink? I’m sorry about the B.O. We’re French”.

Yep, to the PC Left Liberal, all cultures are wonderful cultures and absolutely flawless and fabbo, except for our own. We're apparently noshing but flaws. The default position of the neo-Marxist leaning is that of a perpetual teenager or five year old.

Everything is how you feel about things and what your peers think. It's all rather, emotional. The modus operandi of journalism today. One can afford to be generous when glib and unaccountable.

The Age is a dull, biased and incompetent broadsheet that naturally reinforces the ignorance and right kind of bigotry of many of its comfortably smug readers. I used to read it everyday until it became not just unbearable, but useless.

The dominant tone is that of a talentless, humourless and tedious journalism graduate.

Perfectly happy to pursue a spurious to outrageous beat up sans any evidence, that the decent and professional Immigration Minister is “playing a racist card”.

MSM Cliché Number 12B, folk’s. Anything for love, eh? self-love. The angle of the story is baloney of course, but what do they care? Not a whit, Bub.

They say they really care about the people in places they'll never need to go, and people they'll never need to know. Mere MSM grist, Sparky.

Gee, talking about The Age is only slightly less boring and predictable than trying to read it. The fantasy that they’re a quality adult newspaper is pretension.

The Herald Sun is “Oh, how gauche!”, lacks the same put-on but has its own. It can reflect in its throw away, shallow and almost text free format, something more actual about da people than The Age would ever try to. The Australian newspaper is superior to both and is sometimes even fit for adults.

Now culture does matter. Culture is all. Ideas of race which have no scientific basis? Nope. It’s culture. Class maybe, but it’s not really permanent, innit? It's culture, as many children of immigrants clearly see as their parent’s attitudes rapidly disappear in the rear vision mirror of assimilation. Character yes, but not generally speaking and not over culture, without some er, difficulty.

It’s culture really and they are not all equal. As Mark Steyn said, if all cultures are equally valid, then why bother to learn the non-existent differences? Why have immigration if there are no differences? Just get more of the same people.

Some cultures are superior to others. Some parts of some cultures are better than other parts. Some cultures get on with other's and some don't. Some culture totally suck shit. Most cultures have class divides. That’s life, unless you have fashionable communal tribal fantasies, but enough about the middle-class.

This is the contradiction the self puffers of PC want you to swallow.

“Cultures are very, very important, but not enough to ever have a negative effect and you can’t notice any flaws etc” and ad nauseum”. Only a mad person has no urge to belong to a group and usually it's their own group. Why would it be any different?

“Without the aid of prejudice and custom I should not be able to find my way across the room”. William Hazlitt.

Just because someone gets on a plane, no magical maths formula can make a culture naturally add up to everything being just Jim Dandy. In Britain and Europe, its unravelled in under reported disaster, urban civil clashes, atomisation and a profound and wide spread demoralisation.

Africans are people too so um, some must also have human flaws, a background and even distinctive behaviour, like you and I, or my Japanese wife, non?

No! Never! Do you know that many millions of African’s are Christians? It’s the fastest growing religion in Africa. Nothing tribal and superstitious though, surely? Christian and black. What a conundrum for the irreligious and Christian loathing Left.

But that’s the thing. In poorer states, a lot of people are tribal and superstitious. Maybe not as much as middle-class and other New Agers I grant you.

The local junior criminals that sent hideous and criminal text messages to Africans are probably not big library card users.

Mentality in certain areas can be a drag, and a bad landscape feeds it. When such swell chums come into the inner city at night and don’t know how to behave, it's because adulthood is not an option that occurs to them. It’s upbringing, environment, class, culture, personality and character that form attitude, bub.

Culture is something the Police take very seriously, or they would not have ethnic squads.

What the posers at The Age are saying apart from admire me, is that any fact that doesn’t tie in with their assumptions, is dismissed. They’re telling people who experience this directly, that their judgements, observations, standards, experiences, cultural expectations, history and values are superfluous and bankrupt, whoever they are. They’re just not acceptable.

And once a story rapidly fades away, most journalists don’t have to live in these places. But one day, violent and dysfunctional sub-cultures will be entrenched and seemingly everywhere. Here’s two interesting statistics. In the US, 94% of murdered black men are murdered by other black men, predominantly gang and drug related.

Africans in Australia figure by 8 times more in crime statistice than the average.

The fact is there are serious and real problems with more than one immigrant and local group such as Vietamese, Middel-Eastern, Eastern European etc. Africa is not homogenous and there are many very different kinds of people and cultures. Some a lot more fun and laughter than others.

Long enough ago for the nausea to subside, my Japanese wife and I had these cafes. One in the middle-class inner city. Good. One in a heavily immigrant area of old working-class area of over 140 different languages, that we mistakenly though was on the way up. Er, no. Over a couple of years we directly experienced not only the reality of the inbuilt dysfunctions of multiculturalism, in all its atomised glory, but the joy of a Left Labour Socialist council in power for many decades.

A perfect symbiosis, the council contained well intentioned and rather naive people to the wilfully disingenuous, profoundly incompetent ideologue and the plain dangerous idiot. A virtual parody in dire need of an ideological enema. Add dozens of welfare and ethnic lobby groups, Marxist radicals and a crippled undermanned Police Fiasco Force and away-ay we go! It was, wait for it..Hell.

I remember knowing some peculiar Left types at the time, who had moved from hip and inner city St. Kilda because as they said, it was “too Yuppie”.

Meaning young and professional, right? Which one of those is supposed to be bad, exactly? They themselves of course, were merely old and affluent. The real reason they moved to these less able suburbs was financial, and in the inner-city areas, there was also no longer any one they could feel superior to. Thus they moved to where the looking down is easy and the cotton is high.

Yep, Hell says I. The street violence, alley way dealing and drug injecting, swearing, mind numbing loud public screaming matches, the drinking, vomiting, extremely reckless driving, the fighting, the constant threats, murder, rape, burning, the car smashes, riots, insane cavorting, the despair and the laughs.

Nothing wears you down like mass stupidity.

People were left to their own devices, both the perpetrators and the eternally suffering victims. The attitude was all wrong. So much learned helplessness and negative ways of explaining everything. It was always “them what dun it. It woz them what dun ‘im in, I tells ya!”

“Ripper strikes again! ‘Orrible murder in Whitechapel!” No? More like “Orrible activist, welfare lobbyist and Labour Party Safe Seat Hack strikes again in Western suburbs!”

Now coming from a very working class backgroud and being married to a Japanese woman, I tend to be sensitive to when the working-class and ethnic groups are being used as a mere cipher for ideological and political preening. Aah, I do.

Let me say at this jolly juncture, that the immigrant shop keepers and business people in this mistakenly selected pile, were some of the nicest and hardest working people you could meet and just the kind of people that are rather ignored by the comfortable twerp media.

There were many decent and regular Africans, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Arabs, Italians and Indians and so on. So it wasn’t all bad, just bad enough. There are good people from all over the world in these areas, but they often get little support and protection, and they never expect an authentic voice in the media. Thus they’re never disappointed. But don't get me wrong. The overall effect whatever way you cut it, is still a drag.

The fact that these people manage to do what they do in such peculiar circumstances, in educating their children, running a business, holding down jobs, giving to charity and being decent citizens and so on is well, a miracle and a profound achievement.

When we first encountered problems at our café, about seven and a half minutes after first opening, it was hard to choose who was the most disturbing threat, because the competition was so fierce.

Was it the Lebanese neo-militia haircuts with their emotional hair triggers and pea sized tribal brains? The Serb drug and prostitution ring leaders with Bowie knives, handguns and a cheery smile? The Vietnamese stolen goods, guns and heroin merchant asking if “Are you Jason, mate?”

Jason: Chasin'...heroin.

Maybe it was the old school street alcoholics urinating on the road? The Middle Eastern Muslim loons with their insane Jew hatred and screams of “Islam will kill all you fucking skips!”

Perhaps it was the guttersnipe white trash, with dangling cigarette, pram full of soft drink, potato chips and endless inane talk of “the Jacks” and “fucking dogs?”

Maybe the straight out hordes of the straight out insane? Aah, so many memories. We used to pray for the area to become a gay enclave. Sadly, it never happened.

Now hear this, many of these pranksters hated each other intensely and themselves. Not everyone in every group, but not a lot of multicultural mixing and curiosity there. And why should there be? They often seemed like separate radio frequencies. I bet most journalists and everyone else mostly hangs out with people like gosh, themselves!

That’s human nature and not a crime. It was just a little more pronounced there if you know what I mean. You ain’t seen internecine conflict until you’ve seen civil rivalry by tribes and bitter micro state enemies in a 1960’s style suburban street, especially of the couple of hundred years vintage hatreds. It was in short, a delight.

'It was a very good year, for fighting in car parks and using a knife”.

oNE OF The worst for us were the young, black males and if they were Muslim and Arabic speaking too, WELL that was even more fabulous. And in a gang? even better. And some from the same background were some of the nicest. But the not so nice hated our white female staff, threatened to burn our business, rape my wife and kill me.

And leave no tip.

If I wasn’t a rather testy fellow, and I had no real choice, we may have met the same sticky fate as many others. Maybe my luck held. Not always so for some other local business people, I can tell you. Maybe too, because I kept a trench shovel in the kitchen.

Call the Police? Good luck. I spoke to the Police many times and even visited the Police Station Chief for a chat.

He spoke of how insane and without limit’s African domestics are. How the preferred L.A style of ersatz homeboy’s don’t listen to Police and just laugh at them, drinking and driving without licences etc, usually on the road. He said many rapes are committed by Africans and Middle-Eastern males against white and Asian girls, who are often seen as no better than prostitutes. And these largely went unreported and unprosecuted.

One wonderful Saturday night, a few hundred yards from our café, over one hundred Africans rioted at a local CBD intersection from about 10 pm till dawn. This was black on black. They stopped cars and so on into the night, screaming and fighting. I called and called the Old Bill but the Police never arrived and they certainly didn’t turn up during the riot. They were outnumbered and out bluffed.

And like us, damn scared.

In the film Dark of the Sun, starring Rod Taylor, set in 1950’s Colonial Africa, the end carriages of a train that has escaped from a town just before it falls to a Mau Mau onslaught, stalls and then breaks loose on a hill. It rolls right back into the mayhem with everyone trapped on board. It’s filled with desperate and fleeing Africans, Chinese, whites and others. Of course, their end is rather nasty.

Eventually everyone loses by denying a searing reality merely to maintain the phoney idol of multiculturalism, its assumptions and fashionable PC drivel.

One can delay the effects if you can afford to live somewhere else, but not comletely and not forever.

We never, ever miss the rich tapestry of raw multiculturalism or pine for the inclusiveness of an all night riot. And we eventually did sell that cafe. Unlike the poor bastards forced to stay there, we were fortunate enough to own an apartment in the hip, swingin’ inner-city and pretentious part of town, away from the Mau Mau Appreciation Society.

Hey, The Age newspaper. Just the right size for wrapping fish.