Saturday, 14 April 2012

Celebrate Communist Mass Murder With Schweppes.

Heart warming yet disgusting commie money shot taken April 2012 by Colonel Neville. It's a gas station on the corner of Rivers Street and Bridge Road Abbotsford in Melbourne, Australia. The eager twerp comrades at some venal advertising agency are apparently entirely simpatico with the asshat shite management of Schweppes. Who knew? Yes, ONE HUNDRED MILLION to perhaps 170 million people murdered and counting under Marxist communist socialist leftist barely variant regimes is somehow, well, just a big laugh and so allegedly hip, unlike say that hideous socialist Hitler and his National Socialist Workers Party AKA [NAZI Party]. Nazi's only murdered far less as gee, they simply lasted far shorter than commies who NEVER seem to die. But then it is easier to keep Marxism going when you have Marxists in love with tyranny working throughout the media, academia, unions, celebrity and government. Now that's funny. Exactly when will Marxist communist regimes and their influences damn well fall and be destroyed forever like their collectivist mirror image of the nihilist Third Reich did?

[Hey, did ya hear the one about the black Afro-Cuban Doctor, Dr Elias Biscet incarcerated for 27 years, making him once the longest serving black political prisoner in the world? It's a riot! Yep, the kicker is that he was imprisoned in a cell the size of a telephone box for handing out sermons by Dr Martin Luther King. Yes, madcap. Via Forbes: "In 2007, while still in prison, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush. Almost exactly a year ago, he was released." Did George get credit for this even on a t-shirt? Nope.]

There was also among thousands of others Eusebio Peñalver, who died utterly ignored by the MSM mainstream media, in Miami in 2006.] Excerpt."Today, Cuba's jail population is 85 percent black. The regime Castro founded holds the distinction of having incarcerated the longest serving black political prisoner of the twentieth century, Eusebio Peñalver, who was holed up and tortured in Castro's jails longer than Nelson Mandela languished in South Africa's.

Peñalver was bloodied in his fight with communism but unbowed for thirty years in its dungeons. "Nigger!" taunted his jailers. "Monkey! We pulled you down from the trees and cut off your tail!" snickered Castro's goons as they threw him in solitary confinement." Ever heard of him in the MSM, on ABC or at SBS? Nope? Not really amusing at all is it. Here on ugly display is the total RACISM aimed at blacks that is Cuba today. A Cuba loved by the left n' Hollywood and Australia's own vile militant Marxist MUA [Maritime Union of Australia]. Gee, ya know Branch Secretary Kevin Bracken is an ugh, a 911 Truther and an eager supporter [as is the MUA], of the Jew hating left and stealth jihad Islamofascist allied pals BDS attacks on Jewish business? What a surprise. What a creep. For such filth it's always the Jews fault, innit? But then the Jew-hating pure evil of BDS is endorsed by the ACTU[Australian Council Of Trade Unions] and the ecofascist mediocre stealth socialist world government yearning creeps of Der Greens. No, really. It is. Look it up.

Destructive Dinners Deserve Destruction.
The scene is a get-together of assorted talentless advertising creeps and Schweppes twits at Stalin's Bar and Grill, where one of the guests has a surprise: a totalitarian mayhem themed advertising campaign! The Gang of Fraud were reminiscing about the signing of the Hitler/Stalin Pact which er, "really shook things up". The shitty drinks and Gulag concentration camp referenced laughs flow freely...

Comrade Lenin [no relation]: Where is my Revolutionary Raspberry? I left it on the table just a moment ago, comrades!

Comrade Beria [no relation]: Comrade Lenin! Comrade Trotsky ironically confiscated your Revolutionary Raspberry for the good of the revolution! He said you shouldn't drink alchohol on account of your advanced dementia, comrade!

Comrade Stalin [no relation]: I'll show that damn Bolshevik! Where's that ice pick? [Turning to Mugabe, the ANC Delegation and random Baath Party folks[no relation]. Comrades, ya gotta try the Firing Squad Fiesta Party Pack!

[In unison:] We always do, Comrade Stalin! YOU are our inspiration and guide. [Girlish giggles and laughs all round, except for Trotsky. Er, the ice pick n' all..]

Che the child killer [no relation]: You want ice? I have cubes and firing squads, Comrade Stalin. [Fun note: Che Guevara's full name is Ernesto Guevara Lynch. Che the child killer was apparently part Irish and part of the Argentinian aristocracy. He is loved by the racist criminal Mexican militants of La Raza [The Race], yes, "The Race" yet ironically, Guevara was arrested for being in Mexico illegally! Oh, the zany capers!]

Comrade Stalin [no relation]: Che, I note you always plan ahead and always badly. Last time you went to get the party sausages you got lost, my hair-covered Charles Manson to the power of ten comrade. And by the way, can't you take a damn bath once in a while? You smell like fourteen million executed political prisoners! Hahaha! I made a Siberian death camp joke! EVERYBODY LAUGH!

[Everyone laughs without stopping until Beria is shot, whereupon everyone starts laughing for real, except for Beria.]

Comrade Mao [no relation]: O.K, we've had some fun and yuks, now let's get down to business. Advertising. What is it? Love, comrades, love! People see a product but they also want to feel that they belong and not just to any ordinary mixed drink, but that they're popular, that they're even well, loved. And way too many people will go along with anything rather than risk being currently friendless and...alone.

And what's the easiest thing to join in the world today after any roaming violent nihilist Occupod mob, cannibal based tribalism, a fun death cult, Islamic jihad or The Book of the Month Club? Whether you're thinking leftarded academia, socialist freak government, militant thug unions, Rage Against The Machine, inbred Hollywood n' celebrity or the ABC, it's the leftist mob, for fun and profit, comrades! Think mass murder, commie conformity, envy, spite, lies and madness and think...Schweppes!

[A gasp and a hush falls over the room, then it suddenly errupts in cries of "Brilliant!", "Bravo!", "Death To Capitalism!" and "Cheers!"]

Comrade Pol Pot [no relation]: I love it! It makes me want to clear out entire cities and beat women and children to death with axe handles! Bring on the revolution!

Comrade Kim Ill Sung [no relation]: [in tears] Now I know I was not wasting my time torturing three generations of families to death! It's the bomb...Has anyone tried the Old Fashioned Lenin's Tomb Lemonade? It never loses its formaldehyde fizz!

Comrade Fidel [no relation]: Look, I enjoy drowning over 88,000 Cuban escapees, murdering thousands and supplying child prostitutes to foreign stars as much as the next Marxist pervert, but will people buy such crap? Won't somebody notice a fucking gigantic billboard extolling Communism and drinks? They sure as shit would if it was Nazi symbolism, mebbe..

Comrade Bill Ayers: Are you kidding? They're nearly all indoctrinated from childhood. No one will notice a billboard sized blow job to Communism, nor will barely anyone care or understand. It's entirely normal to them. And if someone oh, I don't know, points it out, empirically explains everything and says hey, 'ya know murder-based totalitarianism sucks big time, fella', they'll go and attack them! And then they'll hire the commie-lover and give him a title, tenure and or a raise for life. Believe me.

Hey, this Marxist Critical Theory Margarita Mix is delish!

Comrade Fidel [no relation]: Of course! What was I thinking. I've been doing it for years and Hollywood loves me. Now where's my Revolutionary Raspberry, comrades?!

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Tallulah said...

Well, I'm afraid I can't be witty about this. I'm totally smacked in the gob. I can't believe that sign is for real... and yet there it is, before my eyes.

I know nothing about Schweppes except that I like their products. But now I have no inclination whatsoever to buy them ever again. :(