Friday, 25 October 2013

Why Are You Endlessly Coming Here Little Russian Federation Creep?

According to my traffic feed monitor on the right and over a boring month or two, you have made creepy serial visits to this home page at an average of around one geek visit per several hours or so and in weirdo blocks of around 10 or more over tedious 24 hour periods, all while apparently looking at nothing beyond your own ass. Why exactly? No, I'd really like to know. Are you nuts or merely a Chechen? If you can write down even one a semi-coherent gibbering, please, make a comment. They're open and often even to the criminally disturbed. Ah, you just made another er, 'visit'. Ya got anything to say, bub? You do appear to be an ugh, actual automated troll. No, really.

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