Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Climate does change. That’s why they call it climate and the weather.

The IPCC and Al Gores computer model of what Los Angeles will look like by 1987.

“Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had”. Michael Crichton.

Al Gore cruises Hollywood for a blow up job for his profile which funny enough, was always pretty big. I don’t know about you, but anything that’s eagerly taken up by a boring, middle-aged and until post mockumentary, ignored politically, but now hugely reinflated and rich politician; an assortment of Hollywood actors, celebrities, affluent musicians, vandalising and spoiled private school kids and dreadlocked white boys from welfare funded drum circles, public purse seeking academics and scientists, is not my idea of a guarantee of factual quality control.

Er, why are so few people curious about Big Expandable Al's past political record? Re: the King of opportunism, flip flop, Gore's environmental non-credendentials and his general long history of venal political "tranvestitism"? Hey, that's the way the Left gets astride a new hobby horse. Their modus operandi at core is always 'spare me the details and cut straight to the ego drama!'

Meanwhile at a swingin' Bel Air pad it's ‘Yeah Big Al! Let’s just do it, baby! Let’s give it to the man! Oh, you and I are the man? Just let me finish that line of coke I left beside the pool!’

That may be why a guy from the International Panel on Climate Change can say on a Government public radio broadcaster that their predictions “are just true”, without being queried on the innate fakeness and low level of such a statement. I’m sorry, but last time I looked, predictions by definition were if nothing else, predictive. They may be possible, they may be a lot of things but they haven’t happened yet, so no.

Why are so many vast, affluent and naturally impervious ego’s so newly sensitive and caring about the Global Warming Rag anyway? What are we buying and what are they selling exactly?

The latest seized upon pet subject is as mere grist to the undisciplined minds of the soft Left, all to give some meaning and direction to a belief system whose only solid stand on anything at all, seems to be its opposition to things. Then when said wheel barrow or trick pony is found a little wanting, it’s discarded without comment or accountability.

Ok, so there wasn’t a new ice-age, (global cooling!) as predicted by perhaps 1982 and there was no population explosion in the developed world so that by the mid 1980’s LA was supposedly going to look like a scene from Soylent Green. Ok, so all the major resources and oil didn’t run out by 1985 and food production instead of collapsing, more than quadrupled across most of the world that used modern production methods.

But shoot, you still got to be a much lauded and earnest blow-hard bigmouth with endless media exposure time. You also sold a lot of books, made a lot of money, filmed an award winning documentary and got that nice government ‘research grant’. But anyway, hey! I digress. The end is really, really coming this time, no really, maybe within ten years or more with, ta-da! Global Warming! No, no! Really! Trust me! I’m an activist!

Conveniently, it’s often funded once again from the same kind of self-perpetuating and ever expanding government gravy train that is this time around, called ‘climate change’. What a dumb term that says so much about the non-thinking of this latest in a long, long line of mass hysterias. Climate does change, that’s why it’s called climate. And at about four billion in funding at last count.

Within a decade or two, no-one will be mentioning global warming and not because we’re not living in a Kevin Costner movie, but because it’s perhaps all crap and simply not true. Hey, in science class, didn’t ice take up much more room than water? Isn’t Co2 85% water? Hasn’t the world’s climate gone from ice age to primeval jungle many times? Aren't we insignificant? Isn't controlling the worlds natural instability beyond our abilities?

Global Warming is such an already allegedly established and overbearing orthodoxy of the Emperors new clothes, that people who know almost nothing about anything will brow beat you with their hand me down expertise. It’s like another version of the rusted opinion of the ignorant philistine on art, ‘I know nothin’ ‘bout science, but I know what I like and I really like what I don't know ‘bout climate change!’

The serious point is that the methods and attitudes that GW’s moral vanity priests used to arrive at their conclusions seem anti-individual and anti-objective thought. Consensus is nice and cosy sometimes, but doesn’t in itself necessarily mean a damn thing. I thought science was permanent scepticism via multiple testing?

Vast and complicated computer modelling of possible future changes in climate, may be found to have used less skill, accuracy and proportion than that required for plastic airplane modelling.

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