Sunday, 26 August 2007

Move along. Nothing to see, know, learn, research or face realistically with serious and sustained actions here.

From Sunday August 26 2007. Apologies for lack of posting. I'm in the middle of an acting course and a renovation. I'm also buildng a time machine and learning to play the ukele. No, not really. I'm not learning the ukele.

I have often mentioned to my Japanese wife that many people are specialists, but these same specialists can sometimes seem almost oddly unaware and incurious of a lot that’s outside of their particular field. And some are not even that good at their alleged specialty. Maybe due to a narrow specialisation! Who knows? Of course being a middle aged guy, I have repeated this point a little too often, thus specialising in boring my wife.

My wife has noted without any notes, how the Samurai had to be good at a wide range of disparate and curiously complimentary skills, such as flower arranging and sword fighting skills.

“Hey Nobu! Look at my roses and while ya at it, take out the guy on the left!”

It made the dears rather highly attuned and uniquely hardened, but like bamboo; flexible to a rather harsh reality. Therefore all the more able to function spontaneously and to adapting to the demands of a relentlessly real, asymmetrical warfare and the art of not just survival, but of crushing victory. Life or death, as Dr Johnson noted are very mind focusing choices. Or should be.

Of course it ain't so common to do this kind of thing today. But then, ritual suicide has lost much of its allure, both as a party trick or as a fun filled and light hearted afternoon.

This is partly why I'm not often in awe of some of the folks ya supposed to be impressed with, because even though they have the title and papers, they may not be so er, good per se. Don’t get me wrong, I admire greatly the many people who are far better than I can ever be. In fact, I’m positively bursting with admiration! Though the ill suited and incompetent are as convincing as a dentist with bad teeth. Or a blogger that few read. Er hum, ah, um.

Dear sports, daily global Islamic terrorism is an empirical reality and immediate unless one is a Left infected boob. Then nothing is real but fantasy.

The humanly flawed scale of the free, Democratic and Capitalist West, with human rights won with blood, is in serious and mortal peril. No, really. Now would I kid you? We're in the middle of an extended, undeclared and bizarrely denied World War IV. WWIII being the Cold War, with today neither a Winston Churchill or General Patton in sight.

Much of our authorities, security services, media, academics, entertainment industry goofballs and so on, are deluded, confused, mediocre, suicidally PC, addled by Left/Liberal platitudes and ideology, research free, cowards, liars, treasonous, just not good enough, incompetent, badly dressed and overweight. Think Mike Moore, a man who has not starved, despite the alleged inferiority of the free and affluent US lifestyle, to that of the crushing Gulag poverty of Cuba.

That brings me to the Victorian Police Commissioner Christine, I am not a PC kook, Nixon.

Yes, where do I begin? Er, with the dull, dull, dull and infinitely predictable short sheeted broadsheet of the Age newspaper for Saturday August 25 2007, at the bottom of page one. It’s all the way to the bottom of our own security and cultural suicide, folks.

The headline written by the headless about the muddle headed is seemingly aimed at sticking our necks out so that we are eventually beheaded was, and I kid you not, "Ditch War On Terror’: Nixon”.

Sure, if the other side dumps the Global Caliphate via mass murder, infiltration and the "We can’t wait till we get nukes!" attitude. And then suicides en masse in the desert. Their desert. See, just don't mention the war and it goes away!

We should clearly identify this conflict and our global enemy, by calling it what it is, a war against aggressive Islam. Is there another kind? Nope.

That would still leave out the various Communist dung heaps and various other dysfunctional combinations of non Democratic freaks etc. Quite the conundrum. Not really. They're all pals today.

What does our cheerful Chief say? It’s a riot of non-confidence building for the future and beyond, baby. Basically we should not really use unpleasant words and phrases like "war on terror" or "terrorist". So I guess rag headed freak fucker is out of line then?

Or we can she implies, refer to Muslims in ways that simply ignore and deny the quite taken for granted and just under the surface threat of being ever ready to be offended and the violence. Yes, always with the violence. Nixon is nicely in line with British PM Gordon Brown's own stupid lines of insane PC drivel.

Regards the phrase war on terror “It has very much the ring of the war on drugs and I think that it was not necessarily a good term to use”, sayeth the Chief of Chunks. Yeah right, dump the war on terror, [terror being a tactic] like aerial bombing, and call it by the true title of a War Against Islam, like the war against Nazism and Communism. It's the same beast, except amazingly, even worse being essentially apocalyptic.

Hey yeah, Nixxy baby, calling it World War II was so alienating to the Nazis, Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy, right? So we’re apparently under explosive armed global attack by drug dealers and there’s no difference between the corruption of selling narcotics for money and power etc, and using that to finace blowing up school girls for example, or committing really any act for a global religious messianic goal. Got it. Nuance.

“Pssst! Wanna buy a homicide/suicide belt? Top drawer Saudi Gold. It’ll take ya freakin' head off!”

Term, shmerm. If you can’t even recognise Islamic warfare enough to even name it, you need to take a short course in observation and the analysis, which is the basic skill set of an even average Detective. Or step aside for someone less squeamish about facing a rapidly escalating fact. Not the best time to play to the cheaper PC seats. Maybe a Police Chief should be a cool, tough professional with a spine, but what do I know?

I think Mark Steyn said that denying Islamic terror and its goals is akin to saying after Pearl Harbourin 1941, that we are not at war with Bushido, Emperor worship, Shintoism and militarism, or even with the Japanese and fundamental elements of their culture, but are in fact fighting surprise aerial attacks. And we'll do it all via police work! Riiight. Good luck.

Here's a gut turner. “It is not about a war on that issue” said Misty Christie meaning by “that issue”, ta da! Terrorism!

"Ooh! Don’t let that yukky issue touch me!"

It gets better. “It is about policing in many ways, it is about working with local communities and so I think it exaggerates the issue”.

Stop exagerating 9/11! It wasn't that bad! I guess that would be the local community that has no real organised leadership, the one that has made 750 no go zones in a deeply Islam infected France.

Or perhaps it’s the ones that seem to have not staged a single protest against a single one of the over 11,000 known extremely violent murderous Islamist terror attacks since 9/11? Certainly none as public and enervated as the many public Muslim screaming demands for death by beheading and Sharia law etc, all held regularly and without serious censure in Londonistan etc.

Maybe it’s the one that in virtually every survey of Muslims in the West shows a significant percentage equating to conservatively around 91 million Muslims worldwide supporting the aims of Jihadists and Al Qaeda? Could be, Jim.

Where exactly is this moderate Muslim community? The true Muslim community is somewhere where many in the West are not. It's in a place where Muslims believe totally in their own culture and faith, and are far more determined to implement it's complete destiny in any way whatsoever, and more than we are determined to maintain ours.

When any Musli makes any criticism of Islam, they are always attacked, threatened or murdered by fellow Muslims and ignored or criticised by the Western intelligencia and MSM, if reported at all.

There are millions of Muslim people simply living their lives, but Islam will always be problematic. Many Muslims yearn to escape the failure and dysfunction of their own cultures and country. I've had Muslim friends and neighbours. Muslims are said to not be an amorphous group per se, but curiously can often have common and repeated characteristics of outlook. And they do describe themselves as the Ummah, or literally the Muslim mass. And outside of it, everything is seen as inferior.

A common Muslim characteristic is the eagerness for believing in the most absurd and innately contradictory conspiracy theories, especially regards the Jews, the USA and the West ad nauseum. The victim mentality is extremely popular and virtually indespensible. There is the laughably tragic inability to focus on any of the oppression and abject failure of their own rulers, institutions and religion.

Talking to Muslims is usually all dandy unless you mention Jews, women's rights, gays, any sexuality, Capitalist Democracy, human rights, secularism, freedom of speech, art, music or any artistic expression to freedom in general etc, etc. For many Westerners, they cannot grasp what this assault on all our hard won freedoms and decency actually means.

Ironically, the biggest oppressors and murderers of Muslims are fellow Muslims.

If the apologists and serial deniers for Islam really cared about the real and actual oppression of Muslims, they would take Islam very seriously. But in their moral vanity, empty posturing and meaningless fashionable platitudes of anti-Americanism and self loathing, they can never do anything constructive, responsible or courageous at all.

All over the world, mosques are run by extremists backed with billions of Saudi petro dollars to spread Wahabist Islamism. Saudis only have petro dollars mostly as like most Islamic countries they produce next to nothing.

“Exaggerates the issue”.

Yes, that would be the "issue" of the Bali bombing, 9/11, Madrid, London, thousands of kidnappings and murders like that of of Iraqi or Thai or Afghani or Israeli or English schoolgirls etc, and of twenty seven children getting candy from GI’s in Iraq etc.

The same "issue" in Afghanistan with the murder of teachers and Doctors, the Morocco bombings, African mayhem etc, etc. Or the thousands of beheadings, the murder of Christian school girls, the murder of over 150,000 in Northern Thailand, the Iranian promise to “wipe Israel of the map”, and the hanging by Iran of over 4,000 for being gay, many of them minors, the riots by French Muslim “youth” or the thousands of thwarted plans etc “issue”?

Nix to that Nixon, said in part to the question on Iraq as a motivator for groups in Australia that we have “a range of people who get offended”. Offended eh?

Yep, well that’s a good enough excuse and surely enough “motivation”. Of course it’s nothing to do with Islam’s inherently violent character and empirical history right up to today that splits the world into two parts, the one of Islam and the one where Islam wages a continuous war of aggression to subdue completely, absolutely everyone and everything.

No, it couldn’t be, Mister!

Mohammed was a mass murdering Warlord and paedophile who hallucinated the crude, insane and unreadable Koran in a cave, all while a kept toy boy. Then "Hey Mo!" conquered and subjugated by the sword, a large swathe of the then known world. His rotten legacy was a freakish doctrine of perpetual war via a hideous marauding bandit army that later came within a few hundred kilometres of Paris. Islam then spent the next centuries as a 7th century parasite and right up to today.

Wissy Chrissy mostly said it's important to maintain good relationships with Muslim groups. Er, that pre-supposes that we don’t do that already as a natural part of an open, modern and Liberal culture by among many other things, immigration and a peculiar reverse assimilation to the incoming er, culture. And we have to do this why? Or the latent threats of violence will surface easily enough and a significant percentage will attack us, right? That's the truth. Anything but admit that Left Liberal multicultism is largely a bankrupt lie. How come no other group but Muslims have this dysfunctional caveat and problem?

Inspector Nixx said any response had to be measured. Er, no. A response is by definition too late, and so we should logically be pre-emptive and effective as in World War II. Any actions have to maintain ones own culture, secularism, faith and freedom and be overwhelming. Decisive and absolute victory is preferable to slow defeat and dhimmitude, I believe.

For many of the boobs in charge and those with a privileged media voice, our civilisation and survival seems to be entirely open to negotiation with our mortal enemies. Odd,innit?

Hardly a surprise though, when Nixon’s suffocating non-ideas and policies regards local police work, are stuffed with warm, fuzzy and debilitating PC junk. And as I write this, the Police are about to take industrial action under the banner "Put the Pinch back on Crime!" Well, I'll be, and after all of Nixon's great work for the last several years. Some folks are so ungrateful!

Anyway, dig this from one of the key people who are supposed to possess the clarity of intellect and thinking skills to uphold our security in the current festivities. Drivelled the Nixer, “When you look at the number of people who have been killed by terrorist incidents within Western countries, yes, it is an appalling tragedy and loss of life, but we are losing a lot more people in a lot of other ways”.

Great Logical Fallacy drool, eh? Yeah, a real “tragedy”.

A bummer. Just like Hamlet I suppose. Er, no. Oh, that’s ok then. Let’s give it a pass. Er, at the minimum it takes only a handful of Islamist superdorks to achieve a fairly apocalyptic result. If Nix doesn't realise, then she's the very wrong person for the job.

The only reason Jihad heads have not used nukes is that they ain't got them yet. Victorian Police Chief Christine Nixon is in short, a seemingly wilful incompetent, and PC addled putz. Isn’t this kinda dangerous for us?

One more round of official stupidity for ya folks, then you can sleep safe and secure in the knowledge that er, forget about that. Take a dozen pills instead.

In the The Australian newspaper for Sat 16/17 September 2006, a letter to the Editor quoted a Dr Colin Wastell of Macquarie University’s Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism. Yes, but can he tie his own shoes? Perhaps not.

He said that terrorists are “responding to injustices and are not religious fanatics!” I guess if I find an injustice today, is it then OK if I blow up Mrs Wilson at Number 7?

Regards whether Islamist terrorist freaks are genuine religious terrorist freaks... if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a damn duck, sporty.

He continued ad nauseum that indeed suicide bombers “are people of deep concern, of deep thought about the injustice that they see being done to the people they identify with”. Deep, huh? Freaking unbelievable.

Yep, in this moral relativism, Bin Laden is just like Martin Luther King and Albert Schweitzer! What’s truly horrible is that this man advises Police and Government agencies on this very subject. And yet there’s more!

A Dr Riaz Hassan who also teaches to the same clientele about, ’Suicide Missions: Strategic Logic, Planning, Recruitment and Impact’, agrees. Does he advise against terrorists or train them? Who knows! It's so zany and madcap!

Dr Hassan shares the view with Dr Wasted that there is “no connection between religious fundamentalism and terror!" Great news.

It’s great that they can join each other’s views together so seemlessly, though I imagine that one day the theorising may suddenly come apart rather explosively.

Well, that’s settled. No problem then. Thank God for that. How can I possibly be relaxed and comfortable with these saps and dangerous fools being in positions of power and influence?

Sadly, on the front cover of the same edition, the Federal Police Commissioner Bill Keelty ran an embarrassingly and eerily similar line. Apparently it’s not Muslims we should be concerned about much at all, but other ethnic groups. I don’t know if it’s their decency or their stupid ideological filter that’s worse or more dangerous.

Yeah, I can’t sleep at night thinking about the Sons of Hawaii Final Aloha Martyrs or The Welsh Choir of Death, the Osaka Salary Men of Revenge Happiness and The Taiwanese Non-Denominational Dumpling Throwers.

One thing old sports, why do they say suicide bomber as if the people concerned are blowing themselves up in their basement? If they called in Danno and Steve from Hawaii Five O to the average suicide bomb scene, Danno would say, "Yep, it looks like a Homicide-Suicide, Chief".

The aim is to kill and maim others, not just to destroy yourself I believe. To call it merely a suicide gives a little bit of a profoundly false cache to this delusional act like a burning monk. Notice how Buddhist monks set fire only to themselves in a clear street and not in a café, school or hospital?

Let’s start a global thing shall we, to call Islamist terror exactly what it is, not brave acts for justice for disillusioned Saudi billionaires, or acts with any justifiable provocation whatsoever, or possessing of a worthy gripe, an excuse or a cause, but world wide oppression and murder. Mass murder is both Islams means and end.

The demands of Islamists are explicit. They have none beyond our complete submission and death. There are also tactical and strategic diversions via phony multiple excuses and deception known as Taqiyya. Lies for a naive and open West.

Unless of course we consider surrender, conversion to Islam, eternal dhimmitude and our own mass executions as starting points for er, "talks".


Roland Durendal said...

Just for a short while a thought that Ms. Nixon didn't like the term "war on terror" for the same reason I hate it.
Well, I hate it because I consider it a diversion from the real target but I was disappointed to hear she doesn't want to offend Muslims.

Abandon Skip said...

"the quite taken for granted and just under the surface threat of ready to be offended violence."

There's the problem. Nobody denies it. That's what you get for tolerating the intolerant. Nixon & co still don't see the flaw in their tolerance argument:

"given enough understanding and tolerance, the other fellow will see your point of view".

Sure, sure. Nothing can go wrong, go wrong ..