Monday, 6 July 2009

Capitalist democracy is magnificent, effective moral and fun.

Living under Nazism, Islam, Marxist Communism and Socialism will naturally focus the minds of the sane so that you never take freedom for granted. Yep, capitalist democracy is great, unless they let in lots of Muslims and allow Marxist leftard liberals to infiltrate everything. Oh they have? Fabulous then.

[WARNING! Some graphic photos, dumber than dog hair Muslim slogans like the one above, some as per usual ugly jihadist child murdering psychopaths and Krazy Koranic fashions. Sadly I can only post some of the literally thousands of cheery yet deeply disturbing photos, that I have collected over several years of the joy of Islam. Timers and explosives are sold seperately.]

Dear sports, as shown above, Islam clearly fills Muslims with a warm love of people. Muslims are people who need people. To scream at, threaten, blame, demand from, parasite off, lie and deceive, bore, oppress, mutilate, torture, rape, behead, blow-up, brainwash and invade. They are the luckiest people. On a clear day, I can see forever.

The Iranian theocracy controls what kind of haircuts young people are allowed to have. Think about that. 55% of Iranian youth have considered suicide.

Under the filth and uber-fascism of sharia law a nine year old girl and fifteen year old boy are treated as adults and they can be executed or kept in jail until they are eighteen and then executed. Ah, Islamic nuance and charm.

Via prodos com Islamic kiddie TV on how Muslims will murder Danish cartoonist's for sayin g Islam is violent as you do.

The Polish, Hungarians, Latvians and every other Eastern Block country had death under Nazism and death under Communism and naturally they now love life and economic and political freedom under Western style capitalist democracy but even more so, because they’ve learnt the hard way what it means and how precious it is.

Imagine large proportions of the people living under Islamic dictatorships which is virtually every Islamic state, and all the people imprisoned in Marxist Communist ten to the power of 1984 shit piles like North Korea and Cuba etc, were suddenly free to choose everything. Suddenly millions of people saying the systems the leftards of the West love, but choose NEVER to actually live in are all pure shit as they abandon totalitarian collectivism to the abyss where it belongs.

Ah, a billion or more people COMPLETELY valuing and WANTING the best kind of freedom which is ALWAYS capitalist democracy. I can dig it. Sadly, many of the criminal, mediocre and insane in these places would still choose the power, privileges and slavery of totalitarian collectivist nihilism. Go figure.

All that the sane who want freedom need are the three essential things that the free always have: guns, lawyers and money. In Australia we have two out of three.

Celebrating Multicultural Diversity Presents!

Muslim Child care staff.

Muslims mass madness in the heart of New York city. As you know, Islam has done so much for the Big Appple. Er, no.

Muslims in Norway.

Our rather geographically close Muslim Asian neighbours with a childs head. No really. Yeah sure, as our ex-PM Paul Keating and unchallenged, untouchable uber-rich bunko spouting boob says "Asia is where our future security lies." No. I don't think so. Only while we have more firepower.

British Muslim immigrant bravery. This is what millions of Muslims REALLY think of and plan for the "Infidel" as soon as they have the numbers...

Ex-Gitmo fun loving terrorists are now getting gelati on a tropical island courtesy of the US taxpayers they are determined to destroy. That's showing 'em. No. Oh the cruelty and without a trial...tasting! If you can't get anything useful from psycopath jihadist freaks, better execute them on the battlefield as they did in a just as serious, but seriously declared war like gee, WWll. Ah, flavour flav.

Britain feels the Muslim immigrant love.

Muslim Glee Club.

Muslims celebrating diversity at Melbourne Tennis Centre in Australia.

Muslims kids celebrating multicultualism in Melbourne CBD on January 18 2009. No Muslim was even slightly prosecuted or inconvenienced in the making of this banner.

Muslims in New York say thanks to PC multicultism for helping Islam destroy the free West so easily.

In Sydney Australia, thousands of "moderate" Muslims attended an Islamic funeral for a Muslim criminal killer, as you do. Grave dancing starts at five.

Immigrant Muslim women in the free West show the awesome power of Western left liberal feminism. "Fuck you!" says the slave tent loon.

Via atlasshrugs, two young sisters who were murdered as are thousands, for not "choosing" to wear the wonderful chador, which literally translates as tent. And more here.

WARNING! Very graphic photo coming up!] PLUS bad grammar and CAPS with lots of exclamation marks. 24 hours a day and seven days a week, authentic Muslims commit 95% of global violence across the globe against everyone, anyone and other Muslims. Go figure.

Here's a standard YouTube post by the charming TheTrueIslamImam. [YouTube account link.]

However un-PC and hard to accept for many, he's a rather typical Muslim type living in Britain. No really. These people are NOT a minority.

Dig the exclamation points and the CAPS!!! It comes with the natural low IQ high percentages of inbred insanity. I neglected to keep the link but there is a mountain of this stuff because there are gee, millions of Muslims like this. No really.

Check out his fun collection of Jihadist vids. This is just a random pick and nowhere near the worst of course, in fact not anywhere near it. Believe me. Now imagine catching a late night train with this twisted fucking freak. You probably have...

who R U TRYING TO FOOL SHIAA SLUT!!! IF SOM1 RAPE U DON'T BLAME MUSLIMS BUT ONLY UR OWN FILTHY WORDS!!! The difference between Sunni Islam and Shiism is monumental; the Shia believe in false prophets after Prophet Muhammad (صلّى الله عليه وآله وسلّم) and thus there should no confusion that Shiism is Kufr. The difference between Sunni Islam and Shiism is on a core fundamental issue, one which shapes the entire faith itself. SHIISM IS KUFR!!!!!”
Colonel Neville: And which part again, is the positive area where we gain something useful and fun from Islam that we didn't have before? Ya got nothing. Carry on then. And they will and do. Though we may not.

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