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Obamessiah, the MSM, the UN and Sean Penn love and support Marxist trash against free people.

“..there is no threat about Communism here in Cuba.” Fidel Castro Cuba 1959. therealcuba com.

“We want peace and democracy!! Zelaya, never come back!”

“Rally in favor of our new government and against Manuel Zelaya as the President of Honduras. Parque Central, Tegucigalpa, Honduras 30/06/2009.”

Colonel Neville: Compare the vids above with the ones below and spot the bleeding difference. Guess which one most of the MSM is reporting on and which side The Obamessiah is on, and win a prize! First prize is utter despair for the Republic, while second prize is a fully stocked and armed, nuclear proofed bunker in the High Sierras.

Shown above are the virtually unseen in the MSM, pro-Honduran government and anti-Zeliar, anti-Chavez, anti-Castro rally. Dig the crowd roaring approval of the army helicopter overhead! My Lord... The true Latin America is NOT a deluded or delibrate leftist. When the real masses of people have a voice and support, they want freedom, democracy and capitalist prosperity. And guns.

And below is an anti- Honduran government pro-Zeliar, pro-Chavez, pro-Castro leftist rally roughly th same size and similar profile as two average sized police line-ups.

Gee, The Obamessiah and totalitarian Marxist and Islamist swine, EUroweenie decadent suicides and the UN etc, all support Zeliar the Marxist and fat Chavez the Che the child killer lovin’ creep and the Castro twins... Ya don't say? Big as they say, fucking surprise. Well they must. Gotta keep up that leftard house of cards whatever it takes.

Colonel Neville: So the laughable ABC news avoids reporting the Honduran massive ANTI-Zaliar/Chavez/Castro/Communist protests that show Hondurans overwhelmingly in support of the government, by showing a few dozen leftards protesting about the death of one protester.

As per usual, for the largely wilfully biased, manipulative, incompetent and venal Bolshevik knitting circle that is ‘their’ ABC. They reported the Muslim Uigher riots not as the entirely common worldwide practice of Muslim riots and golly right near the gosh, Pakistani border, but as something the local Han Chinese created. Maybe so but no.

Maybe the Uighurs have a serious halal beef? Gee, but there were Uighurs in Gitmo etc, etc. Trust Chinese media? Not always less than here. What are the chances from experience of a certain growing percentage of Muslims within a state being a million laughs? The ABC apparently got the number of Uighers beaten to death wrong etc, showed no history of the region nor mentioned the massive arrests.

Finally the ABC seem to have almost barely made up for it somewhat, [as feebly as they can] on their 7pm report, though I missed much of it. Ah, images of gee, angry Muslim Uighurs with gee, 7th century fashion statement beards. The reporter said how "shocked" people are, shocked! at seeing images of Han Chinese being violently attacked by golly, Muslims. And gosh, said Muslims are demanding things! Like an independent caliphate, oops, Islamic terrorist state, oops, a peace loving but misunderstood Islamic basket case within China.

So the global Islamic threat is out of the bag dad in China. Good grief.

Gee, and I wonder what possible reason anyone could have for finding certain Muslim percentages problematic? Muslim immigration has been a great success everywhere...No. Try Islaminaction.

Via hotair:Comment: “12:17pm.

Inocentes. El comisionado nacional de los derechos humanos Ramón Custodio dijo que no fueron los militares quienes dispararon al joven que murió ayer en Tonctontín.


Innocent. The National Human Rights commisioner Ramon Custodio said that the military was not responsible for shooting and killing the youth that died yesterday at Toncontin (Tegucigalpa airport). El Heraldo. elduende on July 6, 2009.

Comment via hotair: “...the Honduran Constitution is explicit that any President that even suggests, let alone, agitates for a Constitutional reform of term limits has immediately forfeit his seat as President and cannot run for re-election for at least 10 years. If you can come up with legal authority that countermands that clause in the Honduran Constitution please share it with all of us." elduende on July 6, 2009.

Comment: "You know I think the absolutely worse thing about the Left is their lying. It is the root of all their evil deeds. They know they cannot get into power if they tell the truth about who they are, what they think and what their intentions are. They have no desire to get out the facts or to present them objectively. The ends always justifies any means. (Yes, straight from Alinsky, whether they realize it or not).

Not to say some of the R’s don’t do that as well, but the Left is just absolutely twisted about truth, from the big names to the minions on the web.

It’s certainly appropriate that Alinsky dedicated Rules For Radicals to Lucifer, whom Jesus called a liar and the father of lies." INC on July 6, 2009.

Comment: “Members of Congress concerned about Zelaya’s possible ties to drug traffic.

Meanwhile, five members of the U.S. Congress, including three from Florida, want to know if the Drug Enforcement Administration has evidence that connects ex-President Mel Zelaya to drug trafficking. In a letter to President Barack Obama, Florida Congressmen Mario Diaz-Balart, Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Connie Mack, joined by California’s Dana Rochbacher and Michigan’s Thad McCotter, referred to assertions from Honduran Foreign Minister Enrique Ortez that the DEA possessed such evidence.

The letter concluded that the Administration should not press for the reinstatement of Mr. Zelaya if our law enforcement agencies have evidence that he is involved in drug traffic and asked the President for a direct response. I don’t know if this was posted yet, sorry if it was. If Zelaya is successfully reinstated as President all this goes away." fourdeucer on July 6, 2009.

Comment: “That the President of the United States would support Zelaya’s attempt to become a dictator is at once shocking and morally criminal. Their constitution states that the president can only serve one term, the supreme court of Honduras upheld the Honduran constitution. Zelaya refused to leave office so the military removed him. All legal, no coup, why is our media and government blind to the fact that Honduras is following their legal constitution?” Mr A on July 6, 2009.

Comment: “Meanwhile...Hillary Clinton, our wonderful SecState, will be meeting with Zelaya in Washington this week.

Giving a thug legitimacy is NOT the way to run foreign policy. No doubt about it, the Obama Adminsitration will stop at nothing to make sure Zelaya gets to force his way back into Honduras and we will recognize Zelaya as the sole legitimate “leader” of Honduras." coldwarrior on July 6, 2009.

“You missed this from Octavio Sánchez, lawyer, former presidential adviser (2002-05) and minister of culture (2005-06) of the Republic of Honduras."

"A ‘coup’ in Honduras? Nonsense.

These are the facts: On June 26, President Zelaya issued a decree ordering all government employees to take part in the “Public Opinion Poll to convene a National Constitutional Assembly.” In doing so, Zelaya triggered a constitutional provision that automatically removed him from office.

Constitutional assemblies are convened to write new constitutions. When Zelaya published that decree to initiate an “opinion poll” about the possibility of convening a national assembly, he contravened the unchangeable articles of the Constitution that deal with the prohibition of reelecting a president and of extending his term. His actions showed intent.

Our Constitution takes such intent seriously. According to Article 239: “No citizen who has already served as head of the Executive Branch can be President or Vice-President. Whoever violates this law or proposes its reform [emphasis added], as well as those that support such violation directly or indirectly, will immediately cease in their functions and will be unable to hold any public office for a period of 10 years.”

Notice that the article speaks about intent and that it also says “immediately” – as in “instant,” as in “no trial required,” as in “no impeachment needed.” INC on July 6, 2009.

“Many people may not have known that Zelaya’s flight started from Washington, where he apparently has set up his office in exile. White House officials told the Washington Post that they expect him to return to Washington after the aborted attempt to return to Honduras.”
Comment: “Here’s what the UN is saying:

UN chief calls for constitutional order in Honduras. GENEVA (AFP) — UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called Monday on the Organization of American States to work to restore constitutional order in Honduras, where the president has been blocked from returning after a coup.

By “work to restore constitutional order” they mean “disregard the constitutional order”. What do they propose should be done with the Honduran Congress and Honduran Supreme Court if Zelaya is to be reinstalled?

Shouldn’t the UN and OAS clairfy who it is they believe has the authority to determine what is constitutional in Honduras since they clearly don’t believe the congress and supreme court has the authority? If UN/OAS succeeded in reinstalling Zelaya and Zelaya immediately disbands the congress, court and constitution, the UN and OAS wouldn’t have a problem with that, and at the very least, the majority of the 33 OAS members would vote to recognize the Zelaya dictatorship as legitimate.

Comment: “La caída de Zelaya- sostiene el analista- genera mucha crispación y mucha angustia entre los presidente de los países de la Alba, donde hay ejércitos y temen que lo ocurrido en Honduras puede causar un efecto dominó. *Además: “Estamos dispuestos a pagar el precio del aislamiento político y diplomático con tal de que Honduras siga siendo una tierra de paz y libertad”. El Heraldo.


The Fall of Zelaya, the Analyst says, causes much concern and anguish among the (leftist) presidents of the ALBA countries, because they worry about the possible reaction of their own armies and a domino type effect occuring. Furthermore, we are willing to pay the price of political and diplomatic isolation if it means that Honduras remains a land of peace and liberty.


It means what I said earlier about the leftists being worried because the Honduran’s have stopped Chavez cold. Their whole enterprise was predicated on the assumption that they could take and consolidate power on the sly. The impunity has stopped and now Obama’s buddies are worried about a reverse domino theory taking hold, threatening them all. I know that Bolivia is about to pop too. Evo Morales is in trouble." elduende on July 6, 2009.

Comment: “Here’s one of those important rules of thumb...if he lasted that long as Zelaya’s VP, Chavez must have approved of him.

That’s the thing he obviously served with Zelaya and knows what has been going on with Chavez. He felt comfortable enough to prepare a run for the top spot last winter when it was obvious the term limited Zelaya was to have stepped down next January.

Something must have motivated Chavez to push Zelaya to raise the constitutional reform issue now. Did Chavez decide the lame duck Zelaya had nothing to lose or did something raise his hackles regarding Santo’s reliability should he win in Novemeber. In my book, for now, and irrespective of his positions today, Santos is tainted by virtue of his association with Zelaya and Chavez. Its the safe play. The Hondurans would be dumb to go through all this trouble to then cede the country to Zelaya lite.

Trust him about as far as you can throw him. I’m sure all sides are scrambling to figure this out too." elduende on July 6, 2009.

Obama and Sean Penn love Hugo Chavez, Castro and Zeliar.

Sean hearts Hugo: The saga continues. By Doug Powers. April 23, 2009. 08:51 PM.

"Every few days I like to post something to remind us that, in spite of all the madness and stresses that may encompass our daily lives, we remain inexorably sane and grounded in comparison to some of the attention-starved, hypocritical, “phonier than the contents of bikini tops on Malibu beaches” Hollywood Left sect. Today’s poster-boy for Thorazine is a frequent guest in the leftist Cuckoo’s Nest: actor Sean Penn.

In a piece at the Huffington Post published yesterday, Sean Penn rode to the rescue of his pal Hugo Chavez, defending the Venezuelan dictator against his American critics like a knight in clueless armor:
"I know President Chavez well. Whether or not one agrees with all his policies, what is certainly true of Chavez is that he is a warm and friendly man with a robust sense of humor (who daily risks his own life for his country in ways Dick Cheney could never imagine). To treat such a man coldly is akin to spitting on him. As a country we’ve done enough of that.

Say what you will, but it has only resulted in the self-celebration of our smirking spitters, while costing us international respect, American lives, and left wounds in the hands of our children’s future. The Cheneys, down to the O’Reillys and Hannitys and Limbaughs, effectively hate the principles upon which we were founded. They are among the greatest cowards in all of American history."

Sean’s defending an outspoken, anti-American communist dictator from certain Americans because they hate the principles upon which America was founded? Nothing can better confirm your lucidity, or hone your sense of humor for that matter, that watching a wealthy American actor defending a man who, if in power in this country, would put a fast clamp on the “artistic freedom” of Sean Penn and his vacuous pals.

And the Hollywood Left has the gall to call black Republicans “self loathing”?

Whenever I see Penn, Glover, Belafonte, Spacey, et al, sucking up to anti-American, anti-capitalist thugs, goons, tinpots and despots I can’t help but think of the giddy minions boarding the spaceship at the end of the “To Serve Man” episode of the Twilight Zone. It’s a cookbook, Sean!

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about the Hollywood left is that, even though they have more money than brains, most have never been quite stupid enough to move to a country that practices what they preach. But why should they when it might be coming to them?

You can learn all about Penn’s special friendship with Hugo Chavez in Sean’s upcoming sequel [to Milk.]"

Michael Savage listener recounts how the past is becoming the present.

Savage on Obama digs Seliar, Fidel and Chavez.

Part 2.

“If Ali Khamenei and the Guardian Council had hoped to ride out the anger over the rigged presidential election, they didn’t figure on Qum. The association of Islamic leaders in the most important religious city in Iran have declared the election illegitimate, which threatens to undermine the credibility of the Khamenei regime’s claim to divine direction. If the clerics of Iran bolt, what does Khamenei have left?"

Gatewaypundit with vid proof of MSM props up tyranny.

Gatewaypundit with statistical proof of Democrat liberal cognitive dissonance.
“Obama will more than quadruple the US budget deficit his first year in office.

The US has lost 16,000 jobs each day since Democrats passed their non-Stimulus bill, the largest redistribution of wealth from the private sector to government officials in US history.

The US lost over 2.5 million jobs in the first four months of this year under the Obama Administration.The US unemployment rate rose from 7.6% to 9.5% under Obama..the highest rate in 26 years.

The stock market is down 3,000 points from a year ago. And, the crash did not hit the economy until September.

By any measurement, GDP growth is far below what it was last year. Gross Domestic Product fell at a 5.5 per cent annual rate in 2009's first financial quarter.

Over the past year, overall levels of consumer confidence have bounced around a lot but ended up with little change. For the full month June 2008, the Rasmussen Consumer Index was at 71.9. In June, 2009, that number was 72:0.

But underneath those stable topline numbers is a dramatic shift along party lines. A year ago, Republicans were far more confident than Democrats. Today, the reverse is true.

Among Democrats, the Rasmussen Consumer Index jumped from 53.7 a year ago to 79.5 in 2009.

Among Republicans, confidence was at 99.4 a year ago and it’s fallen to 68.6 today.

As for those not affiliated with either major party, there’s been little change.
So, democrats say the economy is better off today.

OK. Lets look at at a few sets of numbers...”
Continue being appalled.
KrAzY ObAMa lOVe wanes.

Gateway with media garbage that Cuba is the alleged 7th happiest country AKA poverty stricken Communist Stalinist police state murderous dictatorship. More from faustablog.

The absurdly relativist posturing of the useful idiot and liberal her Edward R. Murrow, the Keith Olberman twerp prototype, sucks up Castro’s exciting revolutionary cum.

“..there is no threat about Communism here in Cuba.” Fidel Castro Cuba 1959.

The fabulous real Cuban known as generationY at desdecuba com.

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