Thursday, 16 December 2010

Kevin Gershwin and Julian Willard’s 'Siren Song' a Smash Hit Now Into Third Year!

The pivotal dramatic scene in 'Siren Song'. Lyrics and music by Kevin Gershwin [no relation] and starring Julian Willard as The Spinster, the lead 'Bird Woman' of The Sirens.

After yesterday’s explosive Christmas matinee which left them "laying in the isles" according to Search and Rescue Gazette, and with audiences screaming about the most "stunning performance" by the lead that they have ever witnessed, the combined talent's of Julian Willard and Kevin Gershwin have gone from rumour to Greek myth.

The lyrics and book of 'Siren' were originally written by Kevin Gershwin as a one man act, until Willard contributed her unique voice to the libretto. As Psychology Today stated: "this show" has an "unbelievable soliloquy, among many by the leading lady." 'Siren Song' has now run for over three years since opening in November 2007, bringing in ever more people and according to the entertainment bible Venality, “by the boat load.”

It displaced the previous eleven-year run hit of ‘No Showboat’, a tragedy starring Howard Keel as the unassuming accountant who attempts to transform a quiet backwater of predictable song and chorus ensembles, into a semi-paradise for solo voices. While ‘John’, Howard’s character ultimately fails, in exile he eventually finds a kind of redemption.

The “groundbreaking performance” as Marine Salvage Journal has called it of 'Siren', has left some critics confused such as David Marr known for his catchphrase “I can’t believe its butter!” Said Marr in a theatre toilet cubicle immediately after yesterday’s performance:
“I hate songs like ‘In the Navy’, even though that song wasn’t in it. I blame the Navy for this. Sometimes I look inside the back of my TV set and I find a banana. I don’t know why I’m here.”
Unless unforeseen events in the fickle world of showbiz decide otherwise, Kevin Gershwin's and Julian Willard's outstanding achievement in 'Siren Song' is set for a very long and deservedly successful run indeed.

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