Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Derek and Clive Discuss How Wallpaper Patterns Lead to Violence.

Derek and Clive examine left liberal civility that leads only to ever more love and kindness. The left are a progressive kinda love. It's a wonderful thang.

Clive: Did I tell you I had the kitchen repainted?

Derek: Er, no. You didn’t.

Clive: Yes, I had to. It was the violence. It had to be stopped.

Derek: What violence Clive?

Clive: Not only the violence but the vitriol, Derek. The vitriol and the wallpaper combined lead directly to the violence.

Derek: Er, do go on.

Clive: Well, you know I like a nice pattern on my wallpaper, maybe a concentric circle in soft orange or a bamboo jungle on a soft golden yet roughly tactile raised rustic finish. Or repeated Balinese fishermen on pastel.

Derek: Lovely.

Clive: Well, it all had to fucking go. Every time I sat eating a nice bowl of Rice Crispies I became enraged with vitriol. The vitriol if it was anything, was enraged. Whenever I heard any vitriol, out of the blue I’d start raving about 'is furniture real' and 'what are the government doing about adverbs.' And then the wallpaper patterns would set me off. I could see meanings in the patterns, Derek. If the patterns were filled with anything, they were filled with meanings. Dark and terrible meanings, especially the flock cubes.

Derek: A very nasty business your vitriol. Er, what is vitriol exactly, Clive?

Clive: Vitriol is anything said by people who don’t agree with Marxist sodden left liberals but is never anything the left say themselves. Remember Derek, the left are never wrong, thus their 100% failure rate.

Derek: Those leftist hypocrite arseholes sure do like to project logical fallacy, don't they?

Clive: Projecting is their modus and logical fallacy is their operandi, Derek. On a good day they are narcissist control freaks.

Derek: Any examples of the beauty of leftist non-vitriol, Clive?

Clive: Fucking millions. When one says “Sarah Palin Is A Cunt” or “Kill BushHitler”, or that “my big black brothers will gang rape” Palin, that is er...

Derek: Vitriol?

Clive: Er, no. That is left liberal Democrat civility. If I say I believe in the freedom of the individual above the group and in a respect for The Constitution, in limited government and low tax, respect for life and in personal responsibility, THAT is vitriol.

There are many beautiful and entirely acceptable and respectable left words except when it's problematic to mention them, and none have ever caused or been associated with a shred of violence ever, only misunderstandings. As the left always says, all their lies and violence are entirely necessary.
Beautiful words like The Baader Meinhoff Gang or the affluent Marxist killers The Weathermen, or perhaps the more stupid than mud Black Panthers, the SLA, the BLA, the left's natural mega-treason, The Democratic Party created KKK and Jim Crow Segregation ad nauseum, FDR the double-down Depression extender and his mutual penpal Mussolini, people hating atheist psychopaths Marx, Lenin and Stalin - who was not an anomaly but a genuine well-versed Marxist communist ideologue and the logical result of any communist system, the Jew-hating nihilist Marxist collectivist left and their natural bedfellow Jew-hating pals of the Islamofascist global jihad out to destroy Israel and the Jews and the entire free West etc, etc, and leftard hero and tshirt salesman Che the child killer Guevara and his compadre the commie gangster rapist and pedophile pimp pig Castro...

...Charles Manson the true spirit of 1960's collectivist commune ecofascist mass murdering hippiedom, Green ecofascism control freaks eager to exterminate five billion plus human "cancers" for Gaia, Marxist Ira Einhorn the Earth Day co-founder and girlfriend murdering fugitive, Marxist Critical Theory to our destruction, ACORN the sub-prime enablers and voter fraud specialists, the SEIU and endless myriad uber-criminal thug unions, BIG ever expanding ever more controlling government, disarming the people intoripped-off indoctrinated slaves ripe for mass murder...

...nationalisation to taxpayer subsidised bankruptcy, socialism, collectivism, communism, liberalism, progressivism, George Soros and his hundreds of front groups, racist rapist La Raza, Noam Chomsky endorsed Khmer Rouge and Noam Chomsky the nihilist Marxist Critical Theory parasite and uber-traitor, filthy Mao now with over eighty million murdered, the left's eternal and never arriving Utopianism, Viet Cong with 2,000 Catholics murdered in 48 hours, North Korea the concentration extermination camp state, Pathet Lao the roaming mutilating rapist psychopath killers, Shining Path ditto, Red Brigades ditto, S11 affluent rebel cred, WTO riots, Hitler’s National Socialist Workers Party a perfect socialist mob nightmare...

...International Socialist as your guarantee of disgusting nihilsm, Marxist Odinga his Islamisation and Sharia pals and the Obamessiah, Islam Murder Inc, mythical moderate Muslims, Bill Ayers the tenured terrorist, every leftards true guide and guru Saul Alinsky, Gramsci, Columbia University guest speaker Ahmadinejad, millions of Saudi dollars bought and sold Columbia University and the Frankfurt School of Political Correctness...

...instant Palestinians, Hamass public crucifixion, Hezbollah beheading videos, multiculturalism, identity politics, abortion, the Hitler admired Margaret Sanger's eugenics and so on.
Derek: It’s all very complicated Doctor. Nurse! The sheets!

Clive: Now you see how the toxic mix of that tufted paisley in the kitchen and my own conservative Constitutional vitriol naturally turned into mayhem and violence.

Derek: What kind of violence?

Clive: Well, as I said, the wallpaper pushed me over the edge about Thursday morning. I heard the word beehive and I just had to unleash millions of killer bees onto Mrs Colombo next door.

Derek: Oh no, Mrs Colombo hates killer bees!

Clive: Exactly. And as I was out and about Tuesday, I walked past a Target store. Well naturally I had to attack my local MP with a flame thrower. It was that enormous bullseye they have up on the wall. I couldn’t help myself. Did I tell you what happened after I watched that documentary on WW2?

Derek: Er, no, the one with Shirley Temple as Himmler?

Clive: Yes. Well, I missed it. But after The Good Ship Lolly Reich finished, I noticed that the mainstream media started spreading Sarah Palin’s target poster all over the world, thus exposing most of the non-blind to it’s evil influences, and now two billion people have lined up to shoot their local politician. It’s THAT powerful. Do not look at it Derek! It will make you into a crazed assassin especially if you hear any vitriol at the same time.

Derek: Don’t worry Clive, I won’t! I’m deaf, blind and fucking incredibly stupid and it’s lucky that I am, or I could be so easily manipulated.

Clive: [rings a small bell] You are drooling, Derek.

Derek: Uuuurk!


Colonel Robert Neville said...

That's one of the funniest pieces of satire I have ever read since I was President! I'd offer you a cigar but, you know, I'm not here writing this comment. Actually, wait a minute...

Your fan for life, Bill Clinton.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Why can't I write like this?! Why oh G-d why?! Is it because I'm a Hamass loving treasonous leftist cunt, is that it? Oh, right. It is.

Anthony Lowenstein.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Hey, it's me again. Boy, have I got one hell of a freaking boner. Now ya know why they call 'em 'interns!'

Bill Clinton.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

This is our chance to heal the universe, when there will be no more disease or ageing and everyone will be of equal height and appeal. We can give all those who ask, free money and a three piece lounge suite and a nice pot to piss in. Yes, wee can.

President Obama.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Er, gurgh garunt psaaw! Why the buuuuurp!, BLAAAT!, do rape victims attack the great, BLOORTRAPPP!, men of the left? Farzurgle, PINZPFFT!!

Come 'ere, my fucking mayoo, mayooo, muse. Shluuurp!

Bob Ellis.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Anne O'Brien the BDS organising Marxist Jew hater and Hamass pal's email is
Or 0422 913 165.

Colonel Neville.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Jew hating Marxist leftist Anne O'Brien and her fellow leftist and Islamofascist dirtbag bedpals, are planning a major proto-Kristallnacht harrassment of Jewish business's in Sydney Australia. And my, my, she gave out her mobile phone number.

Write and be nice...Something like Dear Gentile Reader. Or call the hard working brown shirt and ask what's with all the Jew hatred an' all, you wonderful leftist mobster? Her disgusting "targets" missive follows. No, really. Colonel Neville.

Herr name is Anne O'Brien.
0422 913 165.

"Hi all, At the last meeting on 26 June we had a discussion of what to do next. This email is an outcome of that planning.

The next meeting of the BDS Sydney network will be at 6.30 pm on 14 July, 1 hour before the CJPP meeting at the NSW Teachers Federation, 23-33 Mary St Surry Hills.

Please arrive at 6.15pm as there are many things to get through. At this meeting we will transition from Marrickville BDS to a Sydney wide BDS network with regional groups organising and hosting BDS activities in their area.

We will begin by making a 'map of Sydney' with our selves by standing at a place in the room where you live and forming regional teams with the others around you, exchanging contact details and deciding on something to organise together.

Before this meeting, THINK ABOUT POSSIBLE TARGETS in your area. Find out if MAX BRENNER has a shop nearby, or if Caterpillar has a factory, if your local grocery is selling Israeli occupation grapefruit, if there is a Seacret stand at your regional Westfield and bring this information to the meeting.

When we form groups we will decide on a first event, stall or action, delegate jobs and write a list of needs for how the Sydney-wide network can support you to make your event work. Then we will make a time line for these local events.

If you have anything to add to this format please email me. Please also invite your friends. Thanks, Anne and Aidan."

What a pair of commie sweethearts, eh?

Anonymous said...

Colonel you are bonkers. But I understand your pain. Your beloved media empire that repeats much of the swill you believe in 24/7, will soon be gone.One can only hope some of the more rabid of the wing nuts you so love will do time.

Now go back to being bonkers.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

We salute your meaningless yet perfect Anonymous leftard cowardice. Bravo. Colonel Neville.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Congratulations Anonymous leftard number 203,3174! Thanks for adding to the tally.

Er, and how many people seek out your meagre yet wonderfully meaningless semi-thoughts again? Oh, that's right. Precisely ZERO. Yet YOU rather ironically come to MY blog. Interesting...You're unwanted and lonely, ain't cha.

Laughably you are like all leftards: incapable of producing anything anyone actually wants or needs. Good nihilist mob drone.

Toodle ooh. Colonel Neville.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Anonymous said...

"Colonel, I am bonkers. I understand nothing. My beloved left media empire that repeats much of the swill I believe in 24/7 is dying, and will soon be gone thanks to THE INTERNET. One can only hope some of the more rabid of the other moonbats I so love will do time.

Just like pivotal leftist creeps such as the wanted criminal fugitive Ira Einhorn, the co-founder of Earth Day and girlfriend murderer now serving life, or Charles Manson the proto-ecofascist hippie and mass murdering psychopath now serving life, or the disgraced left liberal MSM fraudster Dan Rather now discredited, ridiculed and unemployable, or Walter Cronkite the closet socialist who dreamed of a one world government and the extermination of billions of people for Gaia.

Or Weathermen domestic terror and murder outfit co-founder Bill Ayers, the Marxist bomb-maker and attempted 3:AM murder of a judge and his entire family while the law enforcement officials wife and children were sleeping.

Bill Ayers, who got off on a technicality thanks to being the parasitical rich son of a Democrat Senator.

Bill Ayers, who along with the Black Liberation Army, murdered the only black cop at the time in the NEWARK Dept, and in 1981, murdered a Brinks security guard AND a much loved and respected BLACK high school Principal on the steps of his school, for you know, the glorious leftard revolution... and so on and on and on...

Now I go back to being left bonkers left."

Anonymous said...

Col Bonkers. I see one of your ilk has gone off the rails. A rabid right wing fucking cracka fucking jack, nearly as bonkers as you.Hey, Col Bonkers, this will set the cause back a bit.But I'm sure you will spin it, because, well, you just do don't you?

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Creepy Bore:

You laughably did not read the warning at the top right of my blog, but then, you have never really read anything, anywhere, have you.

You are thus deleted and there will no longer be anonymous Jew hating leftards and inbred Islamofascists allowed on this here blog. Toodle ooh, twerp.

No, really. Colonel Neville.

"Mediocrity Is Its Own Reward.

UNMODERATED comments appear INSTANTLY. Invariably 'Anonymous' leftist trolls and their natural born irrational gibbering Mohammedean stealth jihadist pals, spouting emotional unread and ineffective logical fallacy that DO NOT focus on a blog post, an actual point or counter with sourced evidence and or at least some wit, and instead babble tedious ad hominems etc, will be kept in the Laughable File, but you will be deleted."