Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Stones Stripped Of Title Over Drug Use.

The Rolling Stones in their heyday. Brian Jones is pictured sitting front row right, standing back row right and on the left.

A scandal revealing that the popular singing group The Rolling Stones have used performance enhancing drugs on more than several occasions, has shocked dozens of people around the globe and led to The Stones losing their title as “The Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band in the World”. The famous group are now known simply as “the band in the world”.

Keith Richards Denies Doping.

“I’ve never used drugs” said guitarist Keith Richards. “I don’t even drink. I prefer sober reality and living in the present, however challenging. Just ask Brian.” Guitarist Ron Wood says that he has never been involved in any kind of drug use, claiming “I don’t even own a bicycle.” Lead singer Mick Jagger of no fixed address, admitted that “the Beatles and The Who were doing it and then Led Zeppelin and Bowie…they said they were forced to do it. It was expected, though we never did ‘em. I’ve always preferred afternoon tea me'self”.

The head of World Celebrity Louis Renault, stated that he was “shocked! Shocked to discover that artificial stimulants were being used in the music establishment!" Could the Stones have written their songs without drugs or tricycles? "Who knows, but they wouldn't have been so profound. Anyway, what happened to the joy derived from the simple pleasures of sunshine, the great outdoors and healthy, wholesome pursuits like say, cycling for example?” What indeed.


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