Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nic Cage Still Haunted By Robert Neville's Grim Faced Charisma.

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During the filming of 'Blowing', the 2009 movie starring Nic Cage about a train full of doomed film extras and actors who can't do American accents properly, Robert Neville's "grim faced charisma" left Nic Cage standing in the background.

And Cage has been "haunted" by it ever since: "From that moment on, the films I've starred in have too often either been over-blown, ludicrous, even twee or frankly, they've kinda sucked. Man, my personal assistant Consuela warned me about this when she said that "I beg of you Mr Cage, beware of The Neville! Give that one a scene, any scene and E' Padre, all eyes will go to him as if to the heavens! I tell you as The Holy Ghost is my witness!, El Neville is either a saint or the Devil! Give him a talking role and Santa Maria of the Blessed Virgin, he'll take the film from you! On the blood of our Lord Jesus, this I swear!". But did I listen? Nope, I mean this guy was just a featured extra. Yep, extraterrestrial mebbe..."

In the now infamous scene shown below, Cage tries to warn of "El Neville" as he points frantically at Robert and shouts out that "It's him!" but to no avail, all while Neville, [hunched second from left] plays James Dean as the ultimate movie extra, thus setting in play Nic signing on for not only 'Drive Angry' and 'G-Force', but 'The Bad Lieutenant', 'Season Of The Witch' and another 'Ghost Rider'.  "See! Isn't that evidence enough of a powerful and vengeful force at work?" pleads Nic. "It's all the work of El Neville! Consuela! I'm soooooooo sooooorryyyy!"

The following pivotal scene from 'Blowing' features Robert Neville authentically playing the part of a man desperate to escape from this truly terrifying yet common 'extra's in acting career train wreck' sequence. Neville on the right of course, naturally stands out in his sharp tailor-made suit with hand-fitted white silk shirt, a soft auburn colored Burmese silk tie and hand-crafted Toni Ponti shoes.

 [Vid may take 20 seconds to load.]

Cage looking pensive said, "They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Man, if only I'd maybe helped Robert get an audition for a supporting role, or a bit part or a job helping with the catering, mebbe. At least Neville could do an authentic American accent! Yeah, maybe it's not too late to lift this curse! I'm gonna get my agent to track El Neville down! Consuela! Get me my soft auburn colored Burmese silk tie and hand-crafted Toni Ponti shoes!" 

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