Friday, 13 September 2013

Half-Baked Sarah-Lee Manson-Young Sues For Half of Cheesecake.

"Does my Hamass look big in this?" asked the Senator. Not so much in front of these double doors and not at all to a left dominated media. Environmentalist Geek Head Sarah-Lee Manson-Young asking a crowd of Jew-hating BDS freaks if they know of either a non-Jewish cheesecake bakery  or a self-loathing leftist atheist Jew that hates Israel and loves Hamass but can mebbe make a great knish, STAT! Hey, if only Antony Loewenstein was competent enough to bake pies or do anything productive and useful.  Curiously, the Senator has never got around to crying in Parliament over the murder of the Jewish Israeli Fogel Family or of any Jews murdered by wait for it, Koran and Mohammad following Muslims. Gee, much like the same groups, organizations and entirely fictional Palestinians she, like most of the left support and who scream loudly for more Fogels and so, so much more. Hey, how about a tear for 170 million and counting victims of the mass murdering crimes of the Marxist progressive cancer left? I can't imagine why no weepin' and wailin' for them seein' how she cares soooooooo much and so much more than us plebs. Maybe she's Occupied...Or maybe she was reading this essay or this book on how entirely Green were the Nazis and vice versa. No, I guess not. The venal left never really learn anything of empirical and proven value beyond looking for cynical opportunities as they rename, re-brand and repackage themselves because they think they know everything there is to know already. Essentially narcissistic, morally vain and phony inversions of every alleged good they claim to be, they never listen or mature in the slightest and actually don't usually read at all, especially never really researching their own conformist, hideous and depraved death-cult history. It's how the profoundly immoral activist left remain in their own minds so clean and Green, yet with their actual Soviet product and delusion-filled deaths head stare forever fixed on that glittering socialist Utopia, just over that vast pile of dead bodies.

[The following is a satirical modification of a recent Yahoo post. Remember...Live Free or Die.] 
Australian Geeks Senator Sarah-Lee Manson-Young says OOZ magazine almost made her look attractive, appealing, fun and rational instead of an incompetent, immature ecofascist nitwit and Hamass whore, when they photo-shopped her head onto the body of a lingerie clad model.
Senator Manson-Young is suing the magazine on several pounds over the photo and article entitled "OOZ's Asymmetrical Stealth Jihad and Cheesecake Plan", four years after Senator Manson-Young’s emotional address to over 3,000 Hezbollah loving Muslims and Marxist left Jew-haters in Melbourne at the State Library in January 2009.
But NSW Supremes Court Justice Dianna Ross on Wednesday struck out several of her arguments, saying she did not believe that any photo could make the Senator look attractive, appealing or interesting. Justice Ross, however, granted Senator Manson-Young leave to argue her case in front of a mirror at a later smorgasbord dinner date.
The magazine had said it would "house the next mass rally of Jew-haters in the OOZ office", if the Geeks' immigration spokeswoman would agree to a "tasteful" bikini or lingerie photo shoot using a body double or triple assembled in the dark from recycled materials and using a paper grocery bag with two holes.
Senator Manson-Young claims the magazine gave rise and to several facts, including that she is "not a politician to be taken seriously" and that her pro-illegal aliens and space aliens stance is "ridiculous", even in a support girdle. The Senator also claims her response to the article proves she was not competent to make a serious contribution to the political debate or crossword puzzles because she is "too emotional" and "too immature".
Bauwow Media, which owns OOZ magazine, claimed the article was plainly intended as a makeover and only a "strained, forced or unnatural act” would cause a reader to take Senator Manson-Young, seriously.
In her judgment, Justice Ross found there was no evidence that Senator Manson-Young was not immature and emotional. "I do not have any difficulty accepting that any factual article would be denigrating and capable of holding (Manson-Young) up to public ridicule," Justice Ross said. "However, I do not think it is capable of attributing incompetence or immaturity to a lingerie model." The case will be heard at a later date, [if one can be found] at an all night all you can eat.

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