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The Australian Greens and the Labour Party et al, long to go down on Chavez.

“Agitprop. [U] music, literature, or art that tried to persuade people that SOCIALIST ideas were good. 1970’s radical agitprop”. Longman’s Dictionary.

Hey, ya convinced me! For most every Left deary, it’s forever 1972, 1936 or some other limbo where the entire sum of existence is strained like baby food, through the gross immaturity of a student union crisis meeting that will apparently last forever. So dig the government supported mass agitprop festival, man! It’s the latest 1966.

That’s a painting of Marxist dictator and killer Chavez. The world’s number one fan of Che the child killer Guevara. Note the jaunty little Red Che beatnik cap?

On the wall is the names of Australian politicians, artists, [ha ha!] Marxist and other tax supported and doctrinaire twerps, all saying how much they simply dig Chavez, and want that dumb as doorknob and excitable blob totalitarian to come to Australia! No, really.

The photo is from the site of the very skilled, highly qualified and utterly talentless agitprop creep, and authentic totalitarian pervert killer fan, Than Van Rudd[!]

Better dead Than Rudd, is related to our own PM Kevin Rudd! I kid you not. With the aid of a fruitbox, Kev is roughly the same height!

Here are some neato anti-Chavez "No!" to Communism protests Google links.

How wide and deep is the infiltration, indoctrination and propaganda of Left Marxist critical theory bunk? It's pretty much taken for granted and accepted in a lot of Australia, is it not? This includes the natural bedfellow of Sharia Creep. How profound do you want? It’s virtually a century old tradition, kid.

[Here's a classic from thepeoplescube with a classic Marxist drone email they received, from a boob who couldn't grasp that the cubes satirise Marxism! Good grief...]

Hey, the PM’s nephew, like totally thinks totalitarian Marxism is like, totally rad! So your gues is as good as mine.

Dig. This is Trocadero Art Space in Footscray. Unfortunately, several years ago I used to own a café five minutes walk from there. The owners of Trocadero Art Space were once apparently friends of ours, who my wife and I spent quite some time with. I doubt this will ever be so again and clearly, it was rather a waste of time.

There is oh soooooo much more to this miserable and disturbing story and I will try to deal with it over the next few posts. You know, how more and more, the largely subsidised arts and their cosy mutual fantasy world, is naturally stuffed with radical, treasonous misfits and amazing parasite bores with nothing natural, original or individual to say.

Or how the decades long Labour seat of Footscray Council was and is a parody in microcosm, of decadent urban Socialist and even well meaning, wanking and stupidity. But that will have to be another beyond belief post.

You will NOT believe the truffles I’ve seen!

Hey, do I feel cheated, sickened and fooled? Trocadero has another studio and the last I heard, Mrs Trocadero was gaining her Real Estate licence and planning to invest in property, not Venezuela. And Mike had got a nice fat tax payer funded prize and so on.

Er, isn’t that all very ah, property rights, the rule of law, the autonomous individual and well, Capitalist? And yet the wall...

Che the child killer had a wall called El Paradon. He used it to murder thousands by firing squad minus any trial. He had the wall of his office removed so he could watch and laugh. Che loved to stride out to bully then shoot unarmed, often tied up men, women and children in the head. But I digress.

They do work hard at the Trocadero. No really, but what’s with the bog standard display of hypocrisy and moral and mental gymnastics?

I can’t wait for the show of support and welcome wall for Castro, Kim ill Sung, the Monkey House of Saud and President Amadinejad and his insane revolution. Throw in the Chinese Security Services and a special mention for Gnome Chumpsky’s heroes, the Khmer Rouge just for laughs. Gotta be a hoot!

Maybe display something they all have in common. I know! Put up some nice shots of lynched gay men. Oops, the Saudi’s behead them and Fidel beats them to death over years, usually in one of Cuba's 300 prison dungeons full of excrement.

Nice gallery though. I see the evils of the Capitalist system and Democracy, have worked out quite well for the faux rebels of the part-time revolution... Some people have no any ability to discriminate between good and evil do they? And sometimes neither of these realities even exist in their er, minds, except as an abstraction.

A painting glorifying Chavez with a list of pro-totalitarian Left fools and Marxist fellow travellers is merely AGITPROP GRAPHIC DESIGN, comprende?

Are they lying to me or themselves? When are the displays scheduled for Che, Hitler, Stalin and Mao with artistic bullet holes and brain matter and a nice soundtrack? Nope, it’s a modern art gallery owner’s moral imperative to have no judgement on things of the Left whatsoever. Bad luck that the ability to discriminate is the basis of rational thought. Ah, now that’s why the art is graphically so competent, like an advertising agency!

“Try NEW Collectivism! Now with 25% more Hegemony of the Glorious Proletariat!”

But it’s ugly shit. Sterile, devoid of an actual human idea and meaningless. Still, got the nice government Capitalist cheque, eh? So it all works out fine.

"Hey, there’s a great Gestapo Show at the Arts Centre! Let’s go, man and make a day of it!"

So anyhoo, Bob Brown’s screwy control freak Greens Party, “the 2006 ALP National President Warren Mundine, NSW Greens politicians Lee Rhiannon and Sylvia Hale, Greens senator Kerry Nettle, Democrats senator Natasha Stott Despoja, journalist John Pilger, broadcaster Phillip Adams, Muslim community figure Keysar Trad, and a host of union leaders”.

Gee, some real surprises there, eh? Natasha "Love me David Hick's!" Despoja, John King Crank Pilger and Phil “I was a teenage Communist and an ABC journo for life” Adam’s.

“I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” Captain Renault. Casablanca.

So a rat horde of local Left luvvies have kindly invited Huge O Chavez, the worlds number one Che the child killer Guevara fan, and obese Venezuelan Socialist dictator to Australia. Why?

For a nice tax payer and ALP funded [?] fellow traveller supported mass blow job in their morality free and mutual Marxist love-in, silly! Chow down, men and women of the Left!

So dig, Than Van Rudd is like many a ridiculous venal radical, treasonous bore and juvenile phony. They don't seem to care much for the culture that has given them everything and without which, they would not likely survive. Thus he calls himself an artist and is entirely accepted as such by fellow phonys. Way to go, creep.

Several years ago Saigon Rudd was the protagonist of his own fake artist controversy, when the Troc hung Than's torn and burnt Australian flag, as art, outside the gallery on a billboard... No, really.

At the time, I defended his right to er, blah blah, blah. My, that was a long time ago. I still would, but I’d also defend my right to describe a weasel-like ingrate and originality free short-order shit from Central Casting. Ah, another triumph of multi-cultism and a University education.

“Education doesn’t eradicate stupidity, it positively reinforces it”. A fellow blogger.

Gee, and look whose supporting it. “bolivariancircle org, socialist-alliance org, venezuelasolidarity org, directaction, greenleft org au, theconch org, thegroovolution org “.

A cavalcade of organised international, local and radical Marxist rabble. And who’s sponsoring it exactly? Via your government, YOU are.

"Program sponsored by Arts Victoria, Australia Council”. Than's site.

Here’s Andrew Bolt on Than The Rudd Brat. "Some relatives shouldn't be encouraged".

Venezuelan Students, employees and just about anybody sane and uncowed, showing how much they DO NOT love Chavez, totalitarian Socialist bankruptcy and fraud at all, unlike the ALP and Greens, who clearly do. But not enough to actually live there.

From The Sydney Morning Herald: “ALP president behind Chavez visit". February 13 2007..

Labour's national president and a line-up of Greens politicians are behind a push to bring the world's most outspoken socialist leader and virulent US critic to Australia.

In parliament on Tuesday, Treasurer Peter Costello produced a copy of an online invitation which calls on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to visit Australia. The invitation, from a group called the Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network, lists ALP national president Warren Mundine and Labour senator Gavin Marshall among its signatories.

"We have watched developments in Venezuela with great interest. We have been impressed by the great effort that your government has taken to improve the living standards of the majority of Venezuelans," the invitation states".

Colonel Neville: I'd love to see Australian Socialist Solidarity, or Australian Revolutionary Socialism Empowers Hegemony Of Liberation El Solidarity! Hey, I've got it!

Chavez Unites National Totalitarian Socialism!

"Although we are on the opposite side of the globe, we feel that our shared ideals of social justice and democracy bring us close together ... what Venezuela has been able to achieve in so little time will be a source of inspiration and ideas for many in Australia."

Other signatories include NSW Greens politicians Lee Rhiannon and Sylvia Hale, Greens senator Kerry Nettle, Democrats senator Natasha Stott Despoja, journalist John Pilger, broadcaster Phillip Adams, Muslim community figure Keysar Trad, and a host of union leaders.

Mr Chavez has recently held meetings with Cuba's Fidel Castro and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, using both occasions to criticise US imperialism and foreign policy.

In a speech to the United Nations last year, Mr Chavez famously labelled US President George Bush "the devil".

Mr Costello said Venezuela's inflation rate of 18 per cent was among the highest in the world, and yet the invitation praised what Mr Chavez had done for the country's living standards.

He called on Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd to discipline Labor's signatories to the letter.

"I would have thought that the leader of the opposition, who is so concerned about the US alliance, wouldn't have his own senators inviting to this country a man who called the US president a genocidal killer and who went to the UN General Assembly and called the President of the United States the devil," Mr Costello said.

"Now that we're all into the business of protecting the alliance ... we will be looking forward to the leader of the opposition disciplining Warren Mundine, disciplining his own senator Gavin Marshall, and explaining to us what the president of Venezuela could advise us on how to improve Brutopia here in Australia."

Chavez shows his humble and down to earth side.

The Australian: October 07 2007. Chavez flags oil-fired push in Pacific:

The Government of international pariah Hugo Chavez has signaled a challenge to Australia's influence in the Pacific with an aggressive diplomatic push based on cheap fuel for island states.

…in Tonga yesterday, Venezuela's Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs for Asia, Middle East and the Pacific, Vladimir Poljak, said his Government was ready to help end the West's "domination" in the region...

…The Chavez Government's decision to nationalize most of Venezuela's oil industry has led to prices there falling as low as 9c a litre, making it among the cheapest in the world. Asked how Venezuela might be able to help Pacific states, he suggested moves to tie them to the Chavez Government through cheap fuel.

"We can say our oil in Venezuela is used as an instrument of liberation because our oil policies are truly independent," he said.

"We have two choices: either we use it and be selfish about it or we use it and help others with it.

"We've used our oil to fund schools, health and research for the people. So I think our presence here at this forum really shows the true interest Venezuela has towards the Pacific.

"One of the things we are thinking of for Pacific countries is for them to have a storage space for their fuel and petroleum."

Colonel Neville: Gee, nine cents a litre, eh? That’s gotta work! It’s a wonderful idea to reduce a valuable and primary in demand resource to a sub-zero fraction of what it costs to produce. Excellent Marxist economics!

“The only way to make a small fortune in Marxism is to start of with a large fortune”.

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