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Cognitive Dissonance, Islam and zero fashion sense, combine to make NSW Greens MP John Kaye an academic failure and thus a Leftard success!

"Unattractive Middle-Aged Socialist Frumps For The Environment! [UMASFFTE] John Kaye models the latest cheap shirt from the Eternally Tenured Academic Range".

"Land for Islamic college obtained by deception, say Greens. December 12, 2008 The Australian.

“THE land on which an Islamic school is to be built in Sydney's southwest was obtained by deception, the NSW Greens claim. They are also demanding the state's education minister take back the land.

The Land and Environment Court gave conditional approval on Thursday for a 1200-student Islamic school to be built, despite the controversial plan having been rejected twice by Bankstown Council. NSW Greens MP John Kaye said the first problem was that the college would generate a lot of traffic and have a severe effect on residential streets.

"The second is the land was obtained by deception. The government was told it was going to be a residential development, Garden View Apartments was purchasing the property," Dr Kaye told the ABC.

"When they first signed the contract for sale, it was signed to a company called Garden View Apartments with the understanding that it would be developed as apartments, as the name would imply. Just before the contract was finalised, Garden View Apartments exercised their right to change the name of the purchaser and they changed it to al-Amanah College."

At that point the government made a massive mistake, Dr Kaye said…What we shouldn't do here is be distracted by the racist climate. We shouldn't be distracted from good policy by the idea there may be some people who oppose it because of the environment.”
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Dear sports, I'm sure Greens MP John Kaye is a wonderful fellow and a million laughs. No, really. Sadly the Greens policy handbook is insanely radical Marxist shit, and no better than a smiley Left Liberal fascism sub-Mein Kampf. Or a kind of Communist Manifesto For Other People. You know, the one's that can't afford to live in the better quality areas, and thus avoid the bullshit and resulting Cosmic Debris entirely.

Colonel Neville: A mindset that can NEVER be satisfied, or proven to function in any known dimension. Relentlessly morally vain and conceited, it is always finding one more thing for the government to do, ruin or control.

So ipso facto, John Kaye being a Green makes him by default, just like Bobby Brown, an asshat. Bobby Brown appears to be a man who stretches his thin puckered mind to the limit, merely by remembering to breath. [Last link is Paul Dreissen's eco-imperialism com]

"Here comes Bobby Brown...Watch him now, he's going down". Bobby Brown. Frank Zappa.

Colonel Neville: Now one of the saddest things is to witness poorly groomed academics with their no one cares dress sense circa twenty years ago, sporting a dandruff flecked bad haircut and faux groover remnants and leather elbow patches, with optional surf board style or sensible shoes, with a marvellous range of cheap synthetics, twills and tweeds and all nicely round shouldered.

Yep, pathetic. And especially when said tragic is predictably spouting the entire sexless list of doctrinaire and tedious pet causes via PC left liberal hyperbole, and they then go and spoil it all by getting a new wardrobe.

And Doc Kaye managed by some wonderful miracle to do the right thing allegedly for the lesser reasons, while managing to appear as a wilfully deluded fool on the main point. The main point being that Islam sucks shit.

Plus the Doc naturally throws in a classic Straw Man diversion tactic of attacking unnamed "racists". As you do when you wish for others to take the blows you won't.

And everything was going so as per academic twerp well. Here's Dr Sanity on Strategies for Dealing with Denial.

Another thang is when a highly educated boob cannot tell the difference between two very different and distinct things. Like height and age, or shoe size and a stripe assed baboon waving a nine iron. So dig. Dr[!] John Kaye cannot t tell the difference between:

A. Religion, B. Race or C. Fellow Democratic citizens and D. Statistically millions of theocratic Muslims who want you dead.

The dippy Doc said the following on the recent passing of an apparently fraudulent application by an Islamic school that first posed as the builder of an apartment complex. A school which the Greens amazingly also now “oppose” per se:

"What we shouldn't do here is be distracted by the racist climate [!]. We shouldn't be distracted from good policy by the idea there may be some people who oppose it because of the environment”. The Doc drivels.

The Doc is clearly distracted by his own “racist” fantasy climate of PC confusion. “Racist climate?” Ah, that would be PC Left code speak for white people who voice their well grounded fears of something like gee, Islam. Dr John Kaye is unlikely to ever live next to or near the joys of Mohammad, the famous paedophile rapist and mass murdering Jew hating bandit. Is any of THAT a problem? I mean, even for er, “racists?”

There is not a more racist ideology than Islam.

And funny I thought. I have noticed the dearth of Islamic schools and Mosques in the well kept suburbs of the average Doctor and other professional classes. But I’m sure the Doc would jump at the chance to do so thus proving his non-racist credentials.

“I love the sound of the Mezzuhen in the morning”.

Here is a link to a exquisitely contorted example of the easily confused British dhimmi wimp trying to “accommodate” and be “tolerant” of the unaccommodating and utterly intolerant religion of peace or else. It’s a cultural suicide classic!

Mr Finkelstein says “I'm not calling for a retreat from the tolerance and mutual respect of this country. That's the last thing I want. I depend on it, don't I?” Well do ya punk? Indeed you do. It’s the basis of every sodden and collapsing PC Leftard fantasy. Just belieeeeeeeve! Cling onto, kid. It’s ALL ya got!

And here's thepeoplescube on a lapdog called media.

Now Doctor Do nothing spontaneous, himself admits to deception by gosh, Muslims. Gee, who could conceive of those in charge of an Islamic school project being deceptive, dishonest or using the Koranic art of deception known as Taquiyaa?!

I mean like, wow!

And yet anyone else who objects who is NOT as PC virtuous and pure as the DOC, is naturally a “racist!” Er, about which race again? Who cares! You don’t need a race! They’re just racists anyway!

The problem is that an Islamic school will teach er, Islam, which comes from the Krazy Koran via the which is more dangerously insane[?] Mohammad. Gee, finding a positive angle that derives from the Koran and Mohammad is like trying to put a cheery spin on the Manson Family’s day out at Cielo Drive.

And what a not so ironic coincidence that Charlie Manson was obsessed with radical and violent Utopian revolution that made no proven sense, as well as very fashionable Buddhism and a total misreading of pop culture via the Beatles. And Charles was a self-loathing white mental case who longed for a screwy race war to make things you know, "groovy". Go figure.

now dig that acoording to Doctor K, the first problem for Jihad By Stealth Polytechnic is er, traffic. Sure it is.

It’s not the traffic as much as the passenger’s, though no one likes an exploding range rover. Yes of course, traffic, deception, land and sewage. Yours or theirs? Just don’t mention the looming, ever growing and ever problematic presence of Islam. Better to lie about it and blame the victim Infidel’s while slipping further toward cultural and security suicide.

And where has allowing a good proportion of established Muslim immigrant areas to grow, been a real bonus and success story exactly? Europe? Britain? No, not for Muslims and Islamisation, but for us? Name one place that has a lot of Islam and Muslims that you and many other people would want to live there because hey, it’s a fun and happening Muslim area!

You know, cos of the great café’s, services, clubs and nightlife and the laugh a minute diverse community programs Islam is so well known for. That kind of thing and not all of them are fronts for Jihad! Er, no.

Here’s a surprise for a Left Green politician and academic. The Doc ticks every fashionable activist box! The Doc’s values can almost be narrowed down, ha ha, to more government and less of you and I. Thus nothing is exactly for sale and tested in the market place, but seemingly involves tax payers paying ever more tax for ever more non-ideas of the Left boob variety.

From the Doc’s fun site: “John has also worked as a volunteer, spokesperson, campaign coordinator, parliamentary policy adviser and candidate for The Greens, including:

Lead Senate Candidate, 2004 Federal Election. The Greens vote increased by a massive 30 per cent in a tightly contested election in which preference allocations by the ALP and the Democrats favoured right wing and religious extremists over The Greens. While he was not elected to the senate, the highly energetic campaign contributed to the development of The Greens as a major political force”.

“...the ALP and the Democrats favoured right wing and religious extremists...”

Colonel Neville: Riiight. So Nazi’s and Islamists then? Cos hey, there ain’t no-one else who fits that description. But no, while there are no Nazi’s, there’s plenty of Islam.

You and I know that “religious extremists” are default Left code for Christian and white. Dr Kaye, adding to the “racist climate”.

“A double serving of Cognitive Dissonance for table 8!”

"For the benefit of Doctor Kaye, there is always us to blame".

Consider that the Left’s fantasy of the “right wing” describes everything to do with the Lefts own relentless control freak impulses and goals of ever bigger government, nationalising industry, controlling capital, disarming the people and crushing free speech. So I would say that their absurd ideas of “right wing” have nothing to do with Conservatism at all, and everything to do with the empirical definition of the smiley faced totalitarianism of the Left Liberal.

And rather ironically, the core values of Conservatism of the individual, non-caveat free speech, the right to bear arms, property rights and the free flow of capital and innovation etc, are not common areas of thought and care for the Left. Neither is what actually makes Capitalist Democracy a success, the profound value and freedoms of the Western Canon, or the limits of the venality and fraud of Left ideology.

Ad the harsh reality of Islam to the long list of their Cognitive Dissonance and hey presto! But I digress.

Bernard Goldberg author of Bias: A CBS Insider On How The Media Distorts The News.

Hey Doc, give me the names of your alleged racist’s? Oh I get it. It’s entirely OK to randomly call great swathes of anonymous people racists because they naturally are uncomfortable with an ideology that wants to kill them and is attempting globally, just that. And even before it reaches 10% of the population, the empirical point of no return for the aggressed host culture and it’s radical Islamisation via Sharia Creep.

Every person living in the free Capitalist Democratic West has entirely legitimate reasons for fearing losing their own culture to multiculti atomisation and the opportunistic and long term goals of Islam and Muslims.

Apart from innate ignorance, stupidity and treason, there is only ONE authentic reason that the PC Left Liberal automatically denies the harsh facts of Islam and vilifies their fellow citizens en masse, like some retarded cliché scatter gun.

It’s because once one examines the fraud of multiculturalism, you have to examine everything else you believe in and maybe finally let it all go. It’s the boomer bullshit of the never ending PC Son of the Son of the1960’s and 70’s that defines their entire intellectual posturing. “I’m more correct than you and thus superior, and damn smug about it too”.

Any criticism of their sacred cow shit has NOTHING to do with whether you can provide a Himalaya of facts and reason that absolutely proves you are entirely dealing with the truth. It’s the mere fact that you dare to even question any of it at all, and not just totally accept the bunk we’ve all been fed at every level since we were kids.

Thus the nameless hordes of Australian’s are “racist!” And about a religion that is actually an entire multi-layered ideology with military, political, sexual, monetary, deception and infiltration, crime for Jihad, social, law and other wings, with an alleged religion as a mere beard. And now the cover of religion and political correctness protects Islam from ANY critique. Now any criticism of Islam is ALWAYS the wrong kind. Our right to free speech when mentioning the empirical facts of Islam is now a criminal offence. Even not saying the truth bout Islam can be an offence. No, really.

The default auto-hypocrisy of the Left Liberal MSM.

Under the existing “Religious and Racial Vilification Laws” that are in direct opposition to the UN Bill of Rights, the US constitution and our own laws and history, introduced by the now very comfortable Steve Bracks in 2001, all any Muslim needs to say is they are "offended".

The ONLY complaint taken to court so far is gee, by Muslims being offended by Christian Pastor Danny Nalliah quoting the Koran! I kid you not.

“It’s not the evidence that matters but the seriousness of the charges!” The Trial. Franz Kafka.

The exact opposite happens with Islam. The more atrocities committed by Muslims, the more the MSM and academia draws the opposite conclusions not based on any but their own stupid and doomed delusions. The facts of Mohammad, Islam and the Koran are easy to find, research and understand, both historically and as it is PRACTICED on the ground. Including in every Islamic state and by the many millions of Muslim immigrants to the West and elsewhere, RIGHT NOW.

Though not for those who expend their limited character avoiding learning and understanding a damn thing. THIS is Cognitive Dissonance: the PC Left Liberal’s greatest and most inexhaustible resource.

It sure ain’t harsh reality, research, analysis, individual backbone and courage.


Stephanie said...

What makes the Doc Kaye doubly idiotic is that he is Jewish.

Yea Doc, do you know what the Muslims are planning for the Jews? You can read all about it in their unholy koran and even unholier hadiths.

What's more, he's the typical Greenie - son of a retired judge, William Kaye, privileged background, going to elite schools, only mixing with elite people etc. Kind of fits a pattern, doesn't it?

Government Deception said...

What makes the Doc Kaye doubly idiotic is that he is Jewish.