Wednesday, 1 September 2010

dePRAVDA: Comrades Madame Bundt And Lear Stevinix Rhiannovski Triumph In Glorious March Through Bourgeois Ecofascist Front Group!

Comrade Madame Bundt pictured here in her youth.

Comrade Lear Stevinix Rhiannovski pictured here at a recent anti-Zionist pro-Hamass mass-murdering psychopaths and other comrades rally, where he performed his popular Party Member trick of impersonating Stalin's moustache.

After the long-term infiltration of the ecofascist collective the Geeks, Comrade Bundt along with other key operative's, has been elected as local Kommissar in the satellite state of Melbournistan. Reinforcing the communist ideal, Comrade Madame Bundt said: “Bringing the revolution many steps closer has been made easy as we have many Soviet and East German agents and others in the media, government, education and especially entertainment." [Cuban agent's have gained revolutionary credit for their redistribution of complementary 100% cotton traditional Che the child killer t-shirts available in sizes 8 to 20.]

"Indoctrinating the young with correct thought is like training a dog, only much easier. What dog is stupid enough to willingly brainwash itself?” said Comrade Madame Bundt with a laugh.

Comrade Madame Bundt has responded quickly to criticism by the Australian Bolshevik Committee [ABC], regards the non-implementation of firing squads to liquidate all class-enemies of Gaia and the poisonous promoters of incorrect thought. Comrade Madame Bundt: “Remember your Gramsci and Saul Alinsky! We must be patient, comrades. When we have full revolutionary power all those who refuse to see the beauty of the progressive dream will be sent to the gulag or shot or both!”

Current Kommissar Comrade Lear Stevinix Rhiannovski, was supportive of Comrade Madame Bundt with correct revolutionary zeal. Wiping away tears of joy, Comrade Rhiannovski exhorted that “class enemies such as conservatives, Christians, sceptics, Zionist’s, non-left artists and Roger Whittaker fans, will be ruthlessly eliminated! Read my moustache! No more class-enemies!”
The reactionary tabloid The Australian, failed in trying to expose Comrade Bundt in a negative light and merely reinforced his commitment to the inevitable victory of the proletariat. Capitalist enemy of the working-class The Australian, reported that Comrade Madame Bundt said that he had "..always been towards an anti-capitalist, anti-social democratic, internationalist movement" and that "the parliamentary road to socialism is non-existent". 
He called the [Geeks] a "bourgeois" party but said supporting them might be the most effective strategy..."Communists can't fetishize alternative political parties, but should always make some kind of materially based assessment about the effectiveness of any given strategy come election time," he wrote in the 1995 memo. The Geeks General Secretary Bobby Backdoor used superior Marxist mathematics to endorse Comrade Madame Bundt and said that he ‘continued to have his "160 per cent support". This is correct REVOLUTIONARY thought, comrades!
Peoples Update!: Counter-Revolutionary Capitalist Double-Agent Rhiannovski Arrested and Purged! Comrade Rhiannovski has stated that: “Socialist countries naturally do make errors and therefore criticism and self-criticism will be forthcoming!”

Socialist countries do not make mistakes! No apologies for current truth are necessary! All failures are due to bourgeois and Zionist counter-revolutionary forces! Down with class enemy Rhiannovski!


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