Sunday, 19 September 2010

Judge says that Muslim terrorists directly quoting the Koran and spreading Islam by force exactly as Mohammad did have nothing to do with Islam.

A large Muslim crowd from the 1300 year-old extremely long line of millions and millions of Muslims who have misunderstood Islam.

Judge Barry Boob: “It’s mere coincidence that millions of Muslims who are descended from generations of Muslims who marry only other Muslims, who dress, speak, eat and act as Muslims always have, who go to the Mosque and read the Koran regularly, who follow the words, teachings and actions of Mohammad exactly and are entirely Muslim in every respect can appear to the layman, as identical to these mysterious and as yet unnamed global terrorists, whomsoever they may be.

Let me say that that any Muslim is always a Muslim if they say so and are automatically deserving of our utmost grovelling dhimmie respect, right up until the point of their planning to and then murdering thousands of people, at which point they become the aforementioned mysterious and as yet unnamed global terrorists, though in no way connected to Islam, which is a peace loving religion.
For example: after reviewing the alleged evidence of the unpleasant misunderstanding regarding the clearly non-Muslim related incident at Fort Hood, a nasty business, nasty, of the Allah Akbar shouting behead all infidels and pour oil down their necks Power Point presenting, eager Al Qaeda contacting, avid strip club frequenting Major Nidal, the authorities and I in all our learned and profound wisdom have come to a conclusion. Indeed the only conclusion presented by these meaningless facts: Fort Hood was clearly the work of a typical Anglican.

Again, many if not most words and facts to the unqualified plebeian layman such as say you, are so very easy to misinterpret and thus misunderstand. For example, my wife and I were out last month when two dark tanned men advised us in their own wonderful patois as it were, and in what makes our diverse multiculture so colourful, that they were going to “smash in" my "stupid white kuffar face" and then "rape da Missus Leb style, you Infidel cracker dog”.

I naturally pointed out their faux pas in that they were not Lebanese but African, but before I had the chance to congratulate them on their freelance celebrating of cultural diversity, I realised too late my own error in neglecting to offer them a grant. Through my broken and bloody teeth I apologised for 19th century imperialism and for their appalling current lack of said government funding.

Fortunately I did manage to gurgle that my now naked wife and I understood what they actually meant and what their message through their entirely justified actions was, and that was a message of peace. A violent and terrifying peace that we should all embrace, and that has absolutely nothing to do with any unfortunate misunderstanding or misinterpretation of either culture or Islam. Indeed, any negativity towards vicious gang-rape is entirely on our heads, while we still have them.

So in conclusion, I shall paraphrase and say that if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it may indeed be a giraffe though of course conditions apply, naturally."

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