Saturday, 19 February 2011

Obama Calls Egyptian Protesters "Middle-East Tea Baggers Inciting Violence."

Obama shares a decent and civil joke with ACORN, Barack Hussein's long term associates and supporters, the very civil and decent Marxist communist socialist leftist child prostitute business advisers.

As the decent and civil Egyptian based Muslim Brotherhood supported demands for reform that they would never use to grab total power, President Barack Obama called out the Egyptian protests as “nothing but Middle Eastern tea-baggers”.

The President stated that while he had neither “the time nor the interest” in listening first hand to what the mass movement had to say, he “er, like, just knew” from the briefs supplied to him by his staff, that “they’re clearly people who are not only divisive but racist, ignorant and frightened of change while clinging to their guns, bomb vests, beheading videos and Korans”.

President Obama added that:
“in all candour I say this to be consistent with my values of enormous honesty and any absurd charges of dissonant addle-headed progressivism and out of depth left liberal opportunism are false, like the Republicans. Lying is something only those who disagree with me do because they are petty and misguided. For me to do otherwise rather than be consistent in this would be hypocritical or close to patently psychopathic. And this again, would not be nice.

If I have been anything, it is consistent. Consistency is the defining value I grew up with and has been the guiding principle in my life as well as in my political career, and continues to define my choices. Choices that may not please everyone, but they are consistent. Yep, consistency is the thing. Good old consistency. Ya can’t beat it.

I ask a simple question that any decent and civil person would ask. If the Tea Party were indeed a wide range of ordinary decent Americans and not pure evil, why would they not automatically agree with everything I say and do? I cannot conceive of an answer to such a question.

Next question please? You in the back smoking a Meerschaum Pipe I believe and wearing the straw boater, kilt and an appealing fright wig.”

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