Friday, 1 April 2011

Proud Jew Hating Islamofascist Pal and Marxist Daughter of Stalinist Creeps Leer 'Rhiannon' Stevinix, Saves Furry Friend From Certain Death!

Keen ecofascist Comrade Stevinix, is pictured in her favourite Burqua known affectionately as 'Bobby', only moments after the dramatic rescue of 'Hymie' the caterpillar. "I could smell the fear" she said at the time.

Comrade Leer Stevinix The Geeks newest MP, has been lauded by the mainstream media for coming to the rescue of a cute and lovable insect friend. “I was just helping a local pre-teen jihadist adjust her very first bomb training-bra, when out of the corner of my spinning eyes I saw an adorable little caterpillar in terrible danger! He’d fallen off the wonderful sign this darling moderate Muslim child was holding and was out on the sidewalk! Exposed to pedestrian traffic! It could have ended in tragedy. We must care for our multitudes of disgusting creatures with their blue and green gut juice” said The Geek MP, [or Moral Pervert.]

Comrade Stevinix continued:”I love bugs and rolling around in filth. Always have. Any Stalinist Marxist leftist socialist front group slime is right up my alley. Yep, I love creepy crawlies to death! I’ve found Palestinian caterpillars are very useful pets. I’ve got one called the Blind Sheik and another called Zarquawi. I had one called Arafat but he died of AIDS. Yep, I love caterpillars. It’s just those fucking Jews I can’t stand”.

Asked how she came by the nickname 'Rhiannon', Comrade Stevinix replied that it's mainly due to the fact that it's "only other drug-addled and laughably decadent asshats who can see any rhyme, sense or reason in any of the incoherent nihilist collectivist shite that I babble. And yet they do".

"I am not delusional!" said Comrade Stevinix with a final flourish. "Important people and the ordinary voters all really, really love me!"

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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Hey, that Stevinix sounds like a real scrubbed collectivist bint. She is? Bravo and five stars then!

No, really. Colonel Neville.