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The only meaning in Western multiculturalism is the belief in no meaning or beliefs of your own, but in the random ones of inferior cultures.

The wonderful world of an EMP attack. Hey, you can rely on the government, media, education and celebrity. Yep, they’ll ALWAYS LET YOU DOWN.

More laughs.

And the bad news is...

Colonel Neville: Hey dig this. One passing report on the radio and nothing on the TV. Yes, Kevin Rudd and his natural incompetence is the thing to focus on. No. And a dancing poodle.
“SEOUL, South Korea – The United States says it has deployed anti-missile defenses around Hawaii, following reports that North Korea is preparing to fire its most advanced ballistic missile in that direction to coincide with the U.S. Independence Day holiday next month.”

And why not...

Democrat admits Obamsocialism live. As you do.

Teacher fired for not loving the Wonderful Obamaness. Oh it is so wonderful.

“The other day, in fact, Obama fired the Inspector General for doing his job and investigating an Obama friend and supporter for wrongdoing and making him pay back monies he stole.”

No laughing at Obama on campus.

“Bucknell's recent forays into censorship began on March 17, 2009, when BUCC members stood at Bucknell's student center and passed out fake dollar bills with President Obama's face on the front and the sentence "Obama's stimulus plan makes your money as worthless as monopoly money" on the back. One hour into this symbolic protest, Bucknell administrator Judith L. Mickanis approached the students and told them that they were "busted," that they were "soliciting" without prior approval, and that their activity was equivalent to handing out Bibles.

The students protested, but despite the fact that Bucknell's solicitation policy explicitly covers only sales and fundraising materials, Mickanis insisted via e-mail that prior permission was needed to pass out any materials—"anything from Bibles to other matter."

Colonel Neville: Dig the control freak faculty shut-down of the satirical affirmative action bake sale. Minority groups get lower priced cakes!

Jennifer Lynch CHRC fraud and head control freak smiley faced fascist speaks of many things:

“Tolerance and open-mindedness are ideals to which Canadians have subscribed, and are part of the quest for equality that has come to define our country all over the world. They are the foundation of the Canadian Human Rights Act, whose promise is to give effect “to the principle that all individuals should have an opportunity equal with other individuals to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have” without discrimination.

I believe critics of human-rights commissions and tribunals are manipulating information and activities around rights cases and freedom of expression to further a new agenda. This agenda posits that rights commissions and tribunals, and the attendant vigilance over all the rights and freedoms Canadians now enjoy, no longer serve a useful purpose.”

Colonel Neville: Remove “I believe critics of” and a few other things and hey presto! She’s got, oh baby, she’ got it.

“..human-rights commissions and tribunals are manipulating information and activities around rights cases and freedom of expression to further a new agenda. This agenda posits that rights commissions and tribunals, and the attendant vigilance over all the rights and freedoms Canadians no longer enjoy, serve a useful purpose. In this way, the debate over our human-rights system has been used as a wedge to undermine and distort freedom of expression”

Colonel Neville: Perfect . Ah, but then said power bint reveals her real self:

“Ironically, a debate about balancing rights has not itself been balanced. One can only surmise that if these critics succeed, thus would begin a broader assault on freedoms they would subordinate to absolute freedom of expression.”

Colonel Neville: So a phony, lying, twisted leftard fucker as per usual.

The religion of peace loves to murder children. Ah, Islam: forever sucking the shit of depraved uber-nihilism.

"‘I am sorry I could not speak to you then because we were just about to begin the funeral service for Irfan, an 11 year-old boy who was shot in the head. He passed away yesterday.'

That was the opening line of the e-mail from Fr Mario Rodriguez, National Director for the Pontifical Mission Societies in Pakistan. Several hours later, Fr Mario was able to give a few more details as we spoke over the phone.

‘Irfan was shot in the head a few days ago when the Taliban attacked the church in Tiasar Town near Karachi, where 300 of the 700 local Christian families are Catholic. He had massive brain injuries and was on life-support when I visited him in the hospital on Friday. He died on Monday and was buried today, Tuesday. His parents are devastated and his mother hasn’t eaten or drunk since the incident.’

Sadly, Irfan Masih was only one of the recent casualties as a result of Taliban activities. On 22 April several insurgents entered Karachi and began to spray insulting messages on the walls of the town. ‘They wrote “Long live Taliban!”

and “Embrace Islam!” on many of the walls, but people stayed quiet until the Taliban attacked the church. When Christians reacted and tried to remove the slogans, they were told “We can do what we want. You are a minority!”’

After 2 hours, the insurgents then returned with over 40 armed soldiers and began firing on the Christians gathered there. ‘One boy died on the spot. A man was shot in the arm. Irfan was shot in the head and struggled to survive’, continued Fr Mario. The Taliban then proceeded to sack the houses of 15 Christian families in the area, later setting them on fire.

‘Most people are against the Taliban. They do not want them to take control, but what can they do? The Taliban have such a low opinion of women and of education for women. In the Swat Valley, they destroyed two schools that were run by the Presentation Sisters. They gave the Sisters 24 hours to leave their two schools and the girls’ hostel and then blew up the buildings. This is very sad; women are a vital resource for our society.’

‘The Taliban also makes life difficult for other people. They do not like technology and say that it is all evil and so they go around destroying radios, television sets, CD and DVD players. They close down cinemas and newspapers and ban dances and music. By destroying technology, the Taliban ruins a growing resource that impacts especially on its greatest users - the young'."

Clueless leftard Codepink bints love head slicers. “When we last checked in with Codepink, the group was swooning over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Iranian president was in New York to speak at the UN, and the “women for peace” organization got an audience with him in order to condemn American aggression and to praise Iranian goodwill. A convivial time was had by all:
The CODEPINK women proposed inviting American and Iranian artists to build a “peace park” in Tehran, a memorial dedicated to people-to-people commitment to peace and diplomacy between our two countries.”

Via vladteps blog: Britain in an ever tightening embrace of death with its own cultural suicide.

“The “earned citizenship” programme to be introduced in December 2010 will grant immigrants a British passport two years quicker than normal if they can show that they have “mentored a new refugee” or been active in a trade union (possibly by going on strike).

The earned citizenship programme forms part of the Government’s Borders, Immigration and Citizenship Bill which claimed that newcomers would have to “earn” the right to stay in the UK and be given a new “path to citizenship.” Initially, Government ministers had said that some form of community work such as running a local scout group would contribute towards gaining citizenship.
Now, however, the Home Office has said that immigrants will win fast track approval for British citizenship if they take part in trade union activities, canvass for political parties, volunteer for a “faith” organisation or “mentoring a newly-arrived refugee.”

The fascist leftard filth that is Obama’s ACORN:

“Protesters that were part of an angry mob that included many ACORN supporters nearly knocked New York state Sen. James Alesi, a Republican, down on the floor and spat in the face of his chief of staff, according to reports.

The protesters were reportedly upset that two Democratic senators decided to caucus with Republicans, a move that when finalized by the state Senate would hand Republicans control of it. Majority Democrats have shut down the chamber to prevent the transfer of power.” More groovy Beckola!

Beck, Goldberg and Watson on progressive cancer.

Celebrating multiculturalism presents!

“NY woman charged with burning daughter in ritual.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York mother and grandmother were charged with setting a 6-year-old girl on fire during a voodoo ritual that caused life-threatening burns over 25 percent of the child's body, prosecutors said on Thursday.

The girl suffered physical and emotional scars after she was set ablaze with lighter fluid and kept at home overnight until another relative insisted she be taken to the hospital, prosecutors said.

"During the performance of a Haitian voodoo practice ... the child's mother is alleged to have intentionally poured an accelerant over her young daughter's body, causing her to be engulfed in flames," Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said in a statement.

The 29-year-old mother was charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child. If convicted, she faces up to 25 years in prison. The grandmother, 70, was charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. She faces up to 7 years if convicted.”

Mark Steyn on th EU's fascist folleys:

“The problem in Europe is not a lunatic fringe but a lunatic mainstream ever more estranged from its voters.

...As a result of this month’s election, this Groucho Marxist grouping of “Others” tripled in size to just under a hundred seats. So, if they’re not liberals, socialists, greens, “European democrats” or the “Nordic Green Left,” what the hell are they?

Okay, here goes. The members of the non-bloc bloc include: one member of the “True Finns” party; one member of the Slovak National Party; two members of the British National Party; two members of the Austrian Freedom Party; two members of the Vlaams Belang, the “Flemish Interest” party; two members of the Civic Union, which sounds like a gay marriage in Vermont but is in fact an offshoot of the Latvian nationalist For Fatherland And Freedom Party; three members of France’s National Front; three members of Jobbik, the Hungarian nationalist party; three members of the Greater Romania Party...

Well, you get the picture.

The two seats won by the BNP represent the first victory in a national election by any British Fascist party, however squishily one cares to define that term. Seventy years ago, under Sir Oswald Mosley, a far more charismatic leader than the BNP’s Nick Griffin, the British Union of Fascists never managed to elect a single local councillor.

So the electors of the United Kingdom crossed a dark Rubicon this month. For 40 years, London’s Europhile politico-media elites have attempted to impose a “European identity” on the masses, condescendingly assuring the British people that they are, indeed, European, they’re just too parochial and ill-informed to realize it. Thus the paradox: in its rejection of Europe, the British electorate has never been more European. The Brits have finally got with the program: just like the Continentals, they’re voting for fascists. the western half of Continental Europe, politics evolved to the point where almost any issue worth talking about was ruled beyond the bounds of polite society. In good times, it doesn’t matter so much. But in bad times, if the political culture forbids respectable politicians from raising certain issues, then the electorate will turn to unrespectable ones.

...On the day of the European elections, the Toronto Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein responded to my observations about his recent column accusing Tamilphobic Canadians of racism. “I wish,” sighed Mr. Goldstein, “Steyn would spend more time disagreeing with what racists say and less time defending their right to say it.” But that’s kind of a crowded market for a pundit to get a piece of the action in.
I mean, Canada surely doesn’t need one more delicate flower shrieking “Racism!” at every affront to the multiculti pieties. That hypersensitivity is what’s helped deliver more and more of the European vote to “fringe” parties. You want to talk about immigration? Whoa, racist! Crime? Racist! Welfare? Racist! Islam? Racistracistdoubleracist!!! Nya-nya, can’t hear you with my two anti-racist thumbs in my ears!”

Now dig this: Mousavi is merely another Muslim totalitarian loon and the protests are by a population that is at least half Muslim and overtly so.

Robert Kagan on “Obama, siding with the Iranian Islamic monkey house regime.

“One of the great innovations in the Obama administration's approach to Iran, after all, was supposed to be its deliberate embrace of the Tehran rulers' legitimacy. In his opening diplomatic gambit, his statement to Iran on the Persian new year in March, Obama went out of his way to speak directly to Iran's rulers, a notable departure from George W. Bush's habit of speaking to the Iranian people over their leaders' heads. As former Clinton official Martin Indyk put it at the time, the wording was carefully designed "to demonstrate acceptance of the government of Iran."

The idea was that the United States could hardly expect the Iranian regime to negotiate on core issues of national security, such as its nuclear program, so long as Washington gave any encouragement to the government's opponents. Obama had to make a choice, and he made it. This was widely applauded as a "realist" departure from the Bush administration's quixotic and counterproductive idealism... His strategy toward Iran places him objectively on the side of the government's efforts to return to normalcy as quickly as possible, not in league with the opposition's efforts to prolong the crisis.”

Frustratingly the Binks is not well. Support the Great Binks!

“Jihadis and progressives are generally humourless ideologues, bent and seeking to bend everybody else and the world into acceptable shapes. They may smile, but it’s a mocking hateful spirit, not a joy which echoes the very heart of reality– the infinite and joy-filled heart of almighty God.

BIBI FAKES THEM OUT! For them of you what bewail the anti-suicide bomber wall, and evil Jews and why won’t they give those poor people a country (and who didn’t notice the rejected Oslo Accord 95% solution), it’s all a big obvious con job.

“OK, you can have a nation”, says Israeli PM BiBi, “but no Israel-bashing weapons allowed.” Tantrum ensues, Bibi is mean and hateful, wah, boo hoo from the usual suspects.

Except.. you just got busted. Publicly pantsed. Big time. The cognitive dissonance filters will kick in, but to those who prefer to think about the news, look what just happened. He called their bluff– and they blinked.

HAMAS & CO. WANT IT ALL. NO JEWS. All the alleged negotiation of the past generation and more; all the soul-searching and hand-wringing and internal debate– all for nothing, really. The paleostinians are a convenient excuse for the Arab world, not real people in misery; they are a useful source of wringing money out of the West to their various recent sets of mafia leaders– why do you think Arafat died a billionaire?

BUT IT NEVER WAS ABOUT ‘PEACE’– only extermination, exile, whatever it takes. Juden raus.

Better a godforsaken stinking desert again– even a radioactive wasteland, even– than to have a prosperous democracy with Jews in it in our backyard. After all, Mohammed promised the planet to Muslims, right? “And we want that bit we stole fair and square from the Byzantines back again.” Bravo, Bibi! “

“THE KEY TO THE MATTER: When trying to understand a mafia, or organized crime, read & watch the GodFather saga– yes, even the unfavourite bits.

The ObaMafiosi are a Chicago Machine crime family. Extortion, threats, bribes, rigid loyalty, running cons, threats, daylight robbery, political and economic sub-bosses, consigliari, hitmen and thugs; and now they own the White House. Watching the GM/ Bank of America/ TARP/ election-stealing, money’s all there in The GodFather. Watch how they do, and prove me wrong.

Gettin’ His Thug On.

One key to any illegitimate regime is to get your thugs going: revolutionary guards, brownshirts, call them what you will. Outside the law, scaring off opposition with violence and threats and not law and reason or the usual channels. So now ACORN is getting their thug on: intimidating a NY State Senator, assaulting a top aide– and (of course) not a word from Obama, nor should we ever expect one. Just as in all the enemies-list stuff, the media abuse, messianic messages, and other “Shame if anybody were to get hurt” moments of the past 8 months and more.

It’s not a mistake. It’s how tyrants work– just as by having 25+ czars, he can duck the courts and legislative branches, so with his less official allies, he can send clear messages to those who would oppose him or his programs.”

The silly Earthtimes calls Geert Wilders defence of liberal democracy a pursuit of the “far-right.“

“Amsterdam - More than 40 per cent of all voters in the Edam- Volendam municipality voted for the far-right Freedom Party PVV in the elections for the European Parliament on Thursday, Dutch media reported on Sunday. In the village of Volendam alone, 49.9 per cent of the electorate voted for the Freedom Party founded by Geert Wilders, known for his fierce criticism on Islam and migrants and his Euro-scepticism.

Edam is a picturesque traditional Dutch town, world famous for its Edam cheese."

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