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They’re Already Here: Rise of the Stealth Sharia Jihadists and Their Legions of Enablers.

Object de Cameron. “So much danger in this world is hidden behind masks. We tell our children stories of good and evil while knowing it’s not that simple. True evil doesn’t give us time to fight or to be afraid. We keep our heads down never bothering to look behind the masks, and in doing so we resign ourselves to terrible fates we can never see coming.“

“Machines, machines Sarah! You can pretend that they’re not, but they’re coming. They’re faster and stronger and they have been built to do one perfect thing: to kill you and I and they WILL kill you and your friends and your family. And your Mother and your Father and Kyle Reece and your son. Your son, your son.

They will kill everyone you love and everyone you hold close and there is nothing you can do about it, because they’re coming. They are coming and they will find you, cos that’s what they do. That’s ALL they do.” Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

"And I heard as it were the noise of thunder and I heard the voice of the beast say: “Come and see.” And I looked and behold a white horse and the name that sat upon him was Death and Hell followed with him." The Book Of Revelation.

"There’s a man comin’ round taking names...”

Now ain't that a description straight from the jihadists brochure?, AKA the Krazy Koran. Here’s the thing. I can’t stand conspiracy theories. They bore me to death. As Jim Morrison said: "Could any Hell be more horrible and real than now?"

But I saw a groovy doco on the usually affluent agitprop SBS of all places, on the tedium that is the JFK conspiracy trade. It pays well for some. I like this one called ‘Oswald’s Ghost’, cos it basically said all the conspiracies are clearly stupid crap. In the end I don’t care at all about the quite done to death and natural boredom of it really. Life and death? I can take it or leave it.

For what it’s worth, Lee Harvey Oswald the Soviet trained Marxist misfit bum, traitor and creep murdered JFK. Becuase soemting is obvious does not mean it's not true...A month earlier he had tried to murder a well known “right wing” er, wacko. One month later he murdered JFK and on the same day he murdered Police officer Tippet. Thus as Norman Mailer said and amazingly getting something pivotal right, Oswald had reduced himself from his insane plan of a public platform of uber-infamous notoriety from which to spout his Marxist drivel, to common punk. Bad luck, punk. Lee shot JFK cos he could and wanted to.

Here’s the simple equation debunk: JFK attracts auto conspiracy cos gee, he was murdered empirically by a clear Soviet Marxist super leftard, so one must discount it. Must. Funny how there was no conspiracy for Bobby much, cos golly, Sirhan Sirhan the 'Palestinian' loon was beyond the paradigm of 1968. And MLK was murdered by an alleged Southern cliché “right wing redneck" who was actually a Democrat. So not so perfect paradigm for the left so they simply falsify. So no conspiracy for them  either way there. Just don’t mention MLK was a Republican.

But people would rather believe convoluted drivel than the most obvious soul and face smashing threat right there in front of them, when that terrifying truth is oh so much worse and already happening. Like the stealth and overt Sharia jihad and creeping Marxist leftardism that surrounds us and fills the very electrical air we breath. Good luck with the denial, ya’ all. I should be so lucky...

Random signs of everyday peculiarity and decay presents..

 Mark Steyn is offline today? Unheard of.

"SteynOnline: This site is temporarily unavailable. Please contact your System Administrator. Could not connect to the database server."

Gee, the Internet is taking over real flesh and blood lives. Fancy that.

“NEW YORK (AP) — Whether it's around the dinner table or just in front of the TV, U.S. families say they are spending less time together. The decline in family time coincides with a rise in Internet use and the popularity of social networks, though a new study stopped just short of assigning blame.

The Annenberg Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California is reporting this week that 28% of Americans it interviewed last year said they have been spending less time with members of their households. That's nearly triple the 11% who said that in 2006.

These people did not report spending less time with their friends, however. Michael Gilbert, a senior fellow at the center, said people report spending less time with family members just as social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are booming, along with the importance people place on them.

Meanwhile, more people say they are worried about how much time kids and teenagers spend online. In 2000, when the center began its annual surveys on Americans and the Internet, only 11% of respondents said that family members under 18 were spending too much time online. By 2008, that grew to 28%. "Most people think of the Internet and (our) digital future as boundless, and I do too," Gilbert said.

But, he added, "it can't be a good thing that families are spending less face-to-face time together. Ultimately it leads to less cohesive and less communicative families."

 Hey, totalitarianism is getting a nice thrashing via the technology developed by the free capitalist democratic West. Sadly, it will amount to nothing...without guns. And ahem: they are at least half practicing Muslims, so go figure the laughable imagined dreams of democracy. Yep, the Internet really stopped a rich Marxist and Saul Alinsky trained fraud like Obama.

“Now that Ahmadinejad has claimed victory, the blogosphere, Twitterverse, and the rest of the social-networking sphere is on virtual fire. Tens of thousands of messages per minute condemning the results as fraud are passing to and from Iran, as angry Iranians and sympathetic outsiders exchange datapoints, analysis, and on-the-ground coordinates. While only a small minority of these posts are from people actually organizing protests, rooting out provocateurs, or sending aid to victims of violence, it's too easy to discount the more virtual interactions as trivial.

Iran's Internet-savvy youth have fought back, however, exploiting "proxy servers" to make their messages appear to be coming from different sources, and exchanging the digital addresses of the ever-changing list of servers still capable of transmitting packets. Iran's government counterattacked with a blockade, closing off the four Internet access routes it controlled, leaving just one pipe through Turkey for messages to breach it.

One particularly aggressive opposition group responded by facilitating a "denial of service" attack on the Iranian government's servers. All over the Internet, users of all nations can get easy instructions for how to install a small program that "pings" the offending servers so frequently that they crash, unable to handle the incoming requests. Of course, the problem with this strategy is that it also overloads the few, compromised pipelines into and out of the country.

The net result proves that the age of the totalitarian dictatorship is over.

Pictures of protests, police violence, and the reality of life on the streets in post-election Iran manage to seep out through the social networks. It's impossible for any American user of Twitter to remain focused on the iPhone's new features with this much real world life-and-death stuff crowding the inbox.”

How Obama Got Elected Pt 1.

Hey, hey our puzzled Police Chief finds real life hard to believe. So criminal bores are irrational and regularly doomed to self-destruction? Who would've thought? And yet he swallows totally the massive $cam of Global Warming. And he fails to notice Islam AND the left too. Why does this give me no confidence in our law enforcement agencies and other er, security services?

“Television scriptwriters could not come up with a scenario more far-fetched than the events which have unfolded since the very public slaying of Desmond "Tuppence" Moran on Monday, Victoria's police chief commissioner says.

"Fact is almost stranger than fiction with what we've seen," Simon Overland told ABC Radio on Wednesday.

"If you were a scriptwriter and sat down and wrote this stuff you'd probably say, `look, no, it's a bit far fetched no one will believe it'."

Mr Overland's comments came after the arrest of four people on Tuesday in relation to the murder of Des Moran, who was gunned down in his favourite deli in a busy Ascot Vale shopping strip on Monday. Moran's sister-in-law Judy Moran was arrested and charged with being an accessory after the fact in the murder and hours later her Ascot Vale house was severely damaged by a suspiciously lit fire.

Mr Overland said he also found it disturbing that people like underworld identity Mick Gatto were becoming social commentators on crime. "Sometimes the world is a strange place and I find it an increasingly strange place where people like Mick Gatto can become social commentators on things like this," Mr Overland said.

"Judy Moran did, as well. The point I keep making is these are not nice people. "I'm not sure we should be giving them the sort of attention they are actually getting - they are not celebrities, they should not be treated like celebrities."

Jeepers. A man with a gun in a family restaurant. This is not the Australia I grew up in. The hour it is getting late...Gee, and it's a gun free zone too. Oh, I forgot. Being permanently unarmed victims is compulsory for the law-abiding and defenceless public. Got it. Nuance.

“A gunman who fired a number of shots inside a McDonald's on the NSW mid-north coast is still holed up in the restaurant surrounded by police.

Police rushed to the restaurant at a service centre near the corner of the Oxley Highway and Pacific Highway just after 8am (AEST) on Wednesday, after receiving reports about an armed man. Police evacuated the service centre and have surrounded the restaurant. "It's believed a number of shots have been fired (but) no one has been hurt," a police spokesman said.

"At the moment specialist police resources have been deployed to the scene and the Oxley Highway into Port Macquarie has been closed as a result. "For operational reasons, no further information can be released at this time."

One man, who identified himself only as Glen, told Fairfax Radio he was having breakfast in an alcove of the McDonald's outlet when the first shot was fired. He said 20 to 30 people were inside the restaurant at the time.

"I'd just ordered my meal, and I was finished eating my burger and was having a coffee reading the paper... and the first thing that I was aware of was a shot. "What I actually thought it was, was a loud balloon going off, and I looked over the alcove with some other people and saw the guy standing there the gun pointing in the air. "It was a small handgun, but I really just had a quick look, then like everybody else... we just ran out the side."

Ah, just like the Russians, large swathes of our society will decay and die face down in piss and alcohol. Apparently all storage combined holds three days food only. Ah, and we have no guns. Wonderful. A million laughs.

Yes, delightful, but hey, we can rely on our media and government to let us know about nothing? Distractions and lies are something I guess. So all in all, how long does it take to build a bunker shaft in the mountains? Life is but a dream, shaboom, shaboom.

“AUSTRALIANS are now the world's undisputed beer-swilling kings - with even the Irish failing to keep the pace of our outback booze hounds. A report has shown Northern Territorians drink 15 litres of pure alcohol each year - three times the global average.

And Alice Springs residents drank an average 20 litres of booze new figures released for 2005-06 published in the Menzies School of Health Research report show.

The only nations that come close to matching Territorians at the bar are the Irish and Czechs, who drink 13 litres of alcohol (World Health Organisation figures). The disturbing amount of booze being down might also explain why so many women in the Territory’s capital are leaving because they can’t find a “good man”.'

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