Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Top scoring US schools celebrate capitalism, the proven classics of the Western Canon and reject Marxist sodden leftard liberals.

Open borders socialism destroys education. Gee, but Utopia sounds so er, perfect! It's gotta work!

Via hotair: “Among the thousands of public schools in California, only four middle schools and three high schools score higher. None of them serve mostly underprivileged children.

Not many schools in California recruit teachers with language like this: “We are looking for hard working people who believe in free market capitalism. . . . Multi-cultural specialists, ultra liberal zealots, and college-tainted oppression liberators need not apply.

School administrators take pride in their record of frequently firing teachers they consider to be underperforming. Unions are embraced with the same warmth accorded “self-esteem experts, panhandlers, drug dealers and those snapping turtles who refuse to put forth their best effort,” to quote the school’s website...” Via latimes. Also here. And ace mu nu.

Mark Steyn semi-essay on the the state despotic:

“Professor Rahe:
In New England, their world was the township; in the South, it was the county; and elsewhere it was one or the other or both. Self-government was the liberty that they had fought the War of Independence to retain, and this was a liberty that in considerable measure Americans in the age of Andrew Jackson still enjoyed.

For Tocqueville, this is a critical distinction between America and the faux republics of his own continent. “It is in the township that the strengths of free peoples resides,” he wrote. “Municipal institutions are for liberty what primary schools are for science; they place it within reach of the people.” In America, democracy is supposed to be a participatory sport not a spectator one:"

Undertakers laughingly endorse Obama smaller cars push. Theyre good for business, pally.

All the President's left liberal Democrat newsmen. They just want the taxpayer to subsidise their bankrupt, failing and unwanted media. Is that to much to ask?

Radicalandright on the war is almost lost.

“5 May 2009:

I admire Rush Limbaugh for many things but most of all for his optimism. His faith in the American people and in human nature enables him to sustain an up-beat tone in every broadcast.
I wish I could post articles on this website that were optimistic in tone and content but I see nothing in the recent past, the present or the near future that could re-assure any Conservative, Christian or Nationalist, for on all fronts of the Culture War our side is losing.

Surely the tide cannot be turned in the War unless people on our side recognize our real enemies, their agenda and their most potent weapons.

In the current inquest into the state of the US Republican Party, its recent defeats and its contemporary impotence, not one Conservative contributor sees the wood for the trees. Free Marketers blame Social Conservatives, Isolationists blame Free Marketers, Social Conservatives blame ‘Moderates’, ground-troops blame leaders, some urge the ‘Big Tent’, others demand purity and expulsions, most wail for someone to ‘get our message over’; and all the squabbling as Conservatives blame each other pleases our enemies.

I use the term ‘enemies’ deliberately for I do not believe that politics in the USA is any longer about the rivalry of two competing but similar Parties, each thinking it can manage the system that is in place better than the other. Under such a system,

Parties expect to take turns in governing and play by the rules when in office. This kind of politics is often decried by those on the extremities as nothing more than a ‘game’ of ‘taking turns’ but such a system results in civilized debate and gradualism and, incidentally, a more or less united Nation.
The rise to dominating political power by the Media Class has consigned such politics to the garbage bin of history, for this new ruling Class that has taken possession of the Democrat Party has a revolutionary agenda. Revolutions signal a radical break with the past and no going back.

Revolutionaries also believe in retribution and the elimination of former opponents. Consequently, the new Congressional Democrat Party, its leader in the White House (all of them aware that they owe their electoral successes to the propaganda power of the Media Class) and their foot-soldiers in the Unions, the public services and Academia are busy pushing through a legislative agenda that will render opponents defenseless and ultimately outlawed.”

Smiling banned at Dept of Motor Vehicles.

Churchillsparrot on the free worlds last stand.

Lord Monckton on GW fraud:

“Lord Monckton warns, “the chattering classes are going to use this (global warming) scare as a pretext for taking certain fundamental actions...which will forever take away the independence and freedom of the United States. And if your freedom and independence go, then so will ours. It very much matters to us that you should remain independent and free.

For if you do not, we will not, and the world will not.” Lord Monckton’s Heritage Foundation speech. Lord Monckton, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, was Special Advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from 1982 to 1986 on a wide range of scientific and engineering issues, including global warming.

A much sought-after consultant, he currently serves as the Chief Policy Advisor for the Washington, D.C.-based Science and Public Policy Institute.”

Page 196: Red Hot GW lies with John Stossel and Horner. How kids are indoctrinated with GW junk.

Great conservative and or libertarian empirical links.

Mark Steyn on Global Warming phony’$.

Energy efficient globes mean poisoning hundreds of Chinese workers with mercury.

Via islaminaction: op Obama administration pick cool with Sharia law. No really...

“The Islamic catering, America destroying Obama is at it again. He has announced his pick for the State Department's top legal advisor. His pick is radical Harold Koh, who has stated that he has no problem allowing Sharia law into our US courts. It is sad that the American voters could not figure out just how radical Obama is.

A New York lawyer, Steven Stein, says that, in addressing the Yale Club of Greenwich in 2007, Koh claimed that "in an appropriate case, he didn't see any reason why sharia law would not be applied to govern a case in the United States."

A spokeswoman for Koh said she couldn't confirm the incident, responding: "I had heard that some guy . . . had asked a question about sharia law, and that Dean Koh had said something about that while there are obvious differences among the many different legal systems, they also share some common legal concepts."

Score one for America's enemies and hostile international bureaucrats, zero for American democracy.
Koh has called America's focus on the War on Terror "obsessive." In 2004, he listed countries that flagrantly disregard international law -- "most prominently, North Korea, Iraq, and our own country, the United States of America," which he branded "the axis of disobedience."

He has also accused President George Bush of abusing international law to justify the invasion of Iraq, comparing his "advocacy of unfettered presidential power" to President Richard Nixon's. And that was the first Bush -- Koh was attacking the 1991 operation to liberate Kuwait, four days after fighting began in Operation Desert Storm.

Koh has also praised the Nicaraguan Sandinistas' use in the 1980s of the International Court of Justice to get Congress to stop funding the Contras. Imagine such international lawyering by rogue nations like Iran, Syria, North Korea and Venezuela today, and you can see the danger in Koh's theories.

Koh, a self-described "activist," would plainly promote his views aggressively once at State. He's not likely to feel limited by the letter of the law -- in 1994, he told The New Republic: "I'd rather have [former Supreme Court Justice Harry] Blackmun, who uses the wrong reasoning in Roe [v. Wade] to get the right results, and let other people figure out the right reasoning."

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