Sunday, 21 June 2009

They’ll kill again, don’t know where, don’t know Yemen, but ex-Gitmo's kill again some Sunni day.

Babbling Streisand and Roseanne Barn fund ACORN. No really. Gee, big ‘effing surprise there. No.

Colonel Neville: Hey, the leaders of Iran are “apocalyptic genocidal death-cult leaders.” Who would've guessed? Not Obama. “Glenn Interviews the author of "Inside the Revolution," Joel C. Rosenberg. Topics include Obama's appeasement of Iran, Ahmadinejad, Nuclear Weapons, Israel's plight, and the 12th Imam.“

Colonel Neville: Another Obamessiah triumph. Former Gitmo mass murderer fails to turn over a new leaf in Yemen.
“The fate of three of nine foreigners abducted in Yemen last week is known — their bodies were found, shot execution style. The whereabouts of the other six — including three children under the age of 6 — remain a mystery.

But terrorism experts say their abductors and killers are almost certainly not a mystery. They say the crimes bear the mark of Al Qaeda, and they fear they are the handiwork of the international terror organization's No. 2 man in the Arabian Peninsula: Said Ali al-Shihri, an Islamic extremist who once was in American custody — but who was released from the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

And if al-Shihri is behind the gruesome murders and abductions, they say, it raises grave concerns that the scheduled January 2010 closing of the Guantanamo prison and the release of most of its prisoners to foreign countries will galvanize Al Qaeda and compromise American national security.

The nine foreigners — four German adults, three small German children, a British man and a South Korean woman — were abducted on June 12 after they ventured outside the city of Saada without their required police escorts, according to a spokesman from the Yemeni Embassy in Washington. Days later the bodies of Rita Stumpp and Anita Gruenwald, German nurses in training, and Eom Young-sun of South Korea were found shot execution style in the Noshour Valley in the province of Saada, an area known to be a hotbed of Al Qaeda activity.”

The United States is negotiating with Yemen, according to Mohammed Albasha, spokesman for Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Washington, over the possible transfer of the more than 100 Yemeni nationals currently behind bars in Gitmo.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY), Ranking Member on the House Homeland Security Committee, opposes closing Gitmo and says Obama is rushing "helter skelter" to find homes for the remaining detainees to meet his "arbitrary deadline," which he says may come at the cost of national security.

“The president’s policies are very very disturbing. He appears to have decided to close Guantanamo without any idea of where these detainees are going to go and is now trying desperately to find countries and places for these people to go,” King told"

Colonel Neville: Good news. Ted 'let the bitch drown' Kennedy is overseeing Quality Control for Obama’s heart warming Saul Alinsky plans. In the socialist cultural ruin of sharia creeps that is the U.K, they want to get rid of the as not to offend Muslim circus geeks. What offends Muslims can be narrowed down to everything and nothing.

Colonel Neville: Obama says “there are countries where a single payer system, works pretty well...” That's dumps with government run health care ONLY! The Big 0 forgot to mention a single one...because there are none.

GE, the Fed and death by Obamanomics.

The Search, with Montgomery Clift and Ivan Jandl, is the story of a displaced little boy (Ivan Jandl) in post World War II Europe who is looking for his mother whom he had last seen at Auschwitz. He is befriended by American soldier Steve (Clift)who plans to take the child back to the USA for a new life. Filmed on locations in Germany among real bombed out ruins this is an enthralling story which will capture your heart.”

“..he doesn’t talk because he knows it won’t make any difference...”

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Glen Beck, my God Colonel is he another one of your mentors?

You should go the whole hog and put the thoughts of Chuck (barking mad) Norris on your site, his political adroitness is the stuff of legends. Or failing that some nice pictures of John Wayne, not very intelligent mind you, but he may just give you a boner.

I have to ask you though Colonel are you the lost love child of Ronny Raygun?