Saturday, 15 March 2008

Earth Hour is completely ungrounded.

Nobody in the world cares more for the little guy and the average Joe than the rich, powerful PC Left Liberal Democrat, or Labour Party and socially concerned kind of guy. Nobody! Especially not you and me. You try it, fella. They will ALWAYS care more than you, because they SAY they do, and that's a lot of caring!

It’s funny, but if you believed the MSM, almost everybody will believe anything, no matter how irrational, evidence free or embarrassing. As long as plenty of fools and phoneys also believe it, or just mouth the mass propaganda platitudes. Thus we have the illogic of er, ‘Earth Hour’.

"...British reader Peter Monro nevertheless reminded me of something that seems relevant, Orwell's far-sighted concept of 1984, 'Crimestop':

Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc*, and of being bored and repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity.

There's a lot of that about". From Mark Steyn.

Turning off your power for an hour cannot achieve anything, because there is nothing to achieve in the first place, if you understand how economics work at all and how energy is generated, stored and used. But gee, no need to face that we live in the twenty first century, when we can all hold hands for a classic nineteenth century séance. Just believe.

“I feel an overweight presence in the room. Uncle Al? Is that you? Show us that voodoo that you do so well!”

If a problem is real, then either their is an actual action that can be taken or there isn't. So why the emphasis on the symbolic? Because it's just another farce in a long line of Leftard bollocks. My friends, we are being buried alive in an avalanche of PC Leftist con jobs and Socialism by stealth.

And not a single MSM newspaper, TV or radio outlet seems to have questioned or more correctly ridiculed such mass idiocy bullshit. Nope, it’s merely another chance to put out stories without any content, value or effort with the as per usual absence of any discernable journalistic standards. Don’t need ‘em when everyone is on board the same gravy train and monopoly of Leftard environmentalism. It is a vast and limitless churner of cash and undeserved credit, innit?

Beck played an acoustic set in the dark to 35,000 people. Did he charge less? Then he flew back home in his peddle powered Lear jet, right? Who would have thought that pop stars are superficial, intellectually lazy, fashionably Left, ineffective, and about as rebellious as oatmeal?

At least gay men have not got hysterical about ‘Earth Hour’. Er, no. A gay drag show was held with a few hundred torches while a yoga studio held a candlelight session. Yoga, or stretching, did as much to get India from a backward toilet to a modern powerhouse, as cheese making did for the space program. Next to this information was a picture of Cate Blanchett, a virtual parody of the clueless and hypocritical rich celebrity. Full of the standard movie star boob disdain for America and the movies that have made her rich, untouchable, obscenely privileged and entirely fatuous.

Which brings me to ‘A moment with Simon McKon’, er sorry, McKeon, in an interview slash self serving standard promotion, in ‘The Melbourne Weekly Magazine’ for March 12 to 18 2008, page 12.

He’s a Macquarie Group Executive Chairman who has “heard the call of conservation and embraced it”. Yep, for a lot of big business, it’s a virtual direct bank deposit. Macquarie Group make enormous amounts of money of the kind that can make incredibly comfortable and bloated egos even more enormously conceited and smug than they usually are.

It's a shame some folks don't hear as clearly, the call of say global Islamism and nuclear weapons, Communist regimes, the real causes of poverty, the oppression of Muslim women and gee, lot's of other more er, problematic things .

The level of cash and remuneration at places like Macquarie, a very good friend of Middle-Eastern global business concerns, gives the rest of us Plebes, a clear perspective on our true position as insignificant, voiceless and powerless. Thus we are spouted to by a fraudulent media and their select chums who are given a speaking platform. Er, gee, Simon has worked at Macquarie for 20 years and was a lawyer before that. What a surprise. Thank God lawyers reject all bullshit and money churning by default.

The MWM makes up over half its pages with the great fraud that is Real Estate advertising. See Neil Jenman’s great book, ‘Don’t Sign Anything’ for a reality check. I wouldn’t trust much of anything the old MWM editorial staff put out beyond the date, but I'd still check the calendar. It’s the classic ‘we’re all pal’s here’ and back scratching fishbowl that is the local MSM.

This is the first question put to old Simon the likeable, and I kid you not. “When did you first discover you were part of a larger Universe?!” No, really.

Ah, if only Peter Cook were here now.

“I first discovered I was part of a larger Universe, when I started receiving my enormous pay cheques and monthly and yearly bonus. And of course, if God has deemed me as obviously so very highly worthy to receive such a handsome stipend, who was I to refuse, my destiny?

A destiny to show the world the way of the future. A bright and golden future, where rich, powerful, stupid, disingenuous and profoundly hypocritical mediocrities from all walks of life, from rich and powerful politicians, to rich and powerful musicians, rich and powerful business people, rich and powerful movie stars and academics, can make ever more lovely money and indoctrinate our children to their heart’s content, all while receiving a virtual Himalaya of credit for absolutely nothing.

I feel it’s a wonderful thing, bringing a little fantasy, especially a bloody enormous fantasy such as Al Gore has done with Global Warming, and the vast expansion of his carbon credits fraud company, into the drab and meaningless lives of the common wage slave, is the least that people like me can do. And believe me; I can do a lot less”.

That’s how I read it, kid. He also said the usual by the numbers platitudes with the perfect little encapsulate of PC multi culti clap trap. You know, the subtext is a moral relativist one, and you sense clearly that any problems are of course, our fault. You know, crappy local Aussies.

Simon the wonderful: “…there are many people in our community who do it really hard". (Not at Macquarie there ain’t.)

"It was very multicultural..." (I no longer have to live there.) "...and I learnt that there is enormous diversity..." (But virtually none in the MSM.) "...but that the very strong principles of love and respect..." (You are about to be screwed and snow jobbed.) "...should transcend..." (Should, would, could, maybe, er, no.) "...our differences”.

Why have or care about any differences, learn about any differences, or celebrate them if they need to be ‘transcended’ anyway? Like er, gee, could there maybe be something wrong with the atomisation of irrational diversity worship, as opposed to cohesion? Doesn't seem to be much of a problem for the Japanese...

But that’s multiculturalism for you. As Mark Steyn said, multiculturalism absolves you from learning anything about another culture at all. Just feel good about it and go to the restaurants. Same with ‘Earth Hour’ posturing and pantomime. You just think and act in the dark. Everyone else is.

No one really wanted to really know all about my Japanese wife’s Japaneseness. Why should they? They either didn’t care one way or the other, or just felt good about feeling good about a Japanese person and just came to our Japanese café’s.

Asked on his commitment, another baloney word, Simon blew the following smoke. He was going “natural” on March 29. Great. Big 'effing deal, as they say. Simon is going to roll naked in the dirt, without dentistry, medicine, technology or money, while tearing apart a rabbit with his bare and gnarled hands. Excellent. Balls.

His “real interest is setting targets over the next twelve months to decrease carbon emissions..." (Read as swell opportunities for many people to make vast gravy train profits out of an entirely bogus service, via a fake crisis with phoney consultancy.)

“…by at least ten percent and preferably considerably more”. (Hey, they just love to throw these feel good and endlessly elastic parameters out there, don’t they? Cos’ they sure sound good. Simon has started buying his suits from Kmart as a gesture. Er, no.)

“….While it may be seen by some…” (Critics and dissenters are no good. Check.)

“…as a token gesture,” (It is entirely.) “…it is much more than that”. (Yep, it's also mass hysteria, the biggest fraud in history, a scam, a big lie, fraud, baloney, crap, manipulation, incompetence and money churning bullshit. Yes, they all come to mind.)

“…Hopefully as a community..." (Yep, people who live in the swankiest areas and have a public or business face, love to say ‘community’. Say it now. 'Com-ma-yoo-nit-ty'. Feels great, eh? Kudos to you for thinking about the er, community.)

“…we can make a statement…” (Love those statements!)

“…that we are moving from awareness to action…” (How very Socialist is the urgent call to action. But er, what action exactly and to what proven result? It's amazing how many of those that have got enormously priveleged lives due entirely to Capitalism and free markets, like to have a Socialist fantasy wank.)

“...and that we can actively reduce our energy consumption, just as we are doing with water”.

Enough water flowed down the deliberately dam free Mitchell River over one 24 hour period in the 2007 er, floods, to supply most of Melbourne’s water for around six months. Yes, the cost of one dam to end much of Melbourne’s water crisis, a phoney crisis manufactured through political and ideological incompetence, is 1 to 3 billion dollars. To collect the same amount of water would require 150 million rain tanks.

“…And hopefully with government incentives, we can substantially increase the supply of energy”.

What is the incentive to develop that which is seen as bad? No tax payer funded incentives are needed for supply and demand. Has Simon heard of the market and um, Capitalism? Seems to have worked for him, being a major beneficiary of it, an' all. Why involve the damn government all the time anyway? Oh thats right. The Left loves ever bigger government as a solution to everything.

Gosh, it’s great to know the rich and powerful still see real value in carrying around, if only metaphorically, a nice little current grab bag of PC Left Liberal shibboleths and canards. Nothing, I repeat nothing is better for business than repeating what deluded people want to hear.

Simon describes his work a day world. Nice work if you can get it…

His career highlight was being appointed by the Federal Government as the inaugural President of the Takeovers Panel. Terrific. Love those takeovers. Saves energy via shareholder suicide! He resolved a dispute, hosted a dinner for the Oak tree Foundation, and compered a hypothetical in Sydney about business in the developing world.

What’s hypothetical about it exactly? They need the same things as we have. Capitalist economic systems and civil democratic government, human rights and no Islamist and Communist terrorism, I imagine. Oh yes, no Internationalist Leftard twaddle scams. But I digress.

Simon: “I managed to flee the CBD for a few hours to Sandy Point, Waratah Bay, where our yachting syndicate is getting very close to reclaiming its world speed sailing record”. Quite.

Yeah, I don’t know how many times I’ve had to flee an air conditioned luxury office tower with catering, in my late model prestige car, down to an exclusive sea side spot and do a bit of yacht clubbing. Had to, old boy. Just had to, what?!

“How stressful is your work?”

Simon: “I am very fortunate that I don’t seem to suffer from stress. My view is that as long as one is doing one’s best, there should be nothing to get hassled about”. Riiight. What the Hell are these people talking about?

It’s all so clear to me now. So cool it man, or you’ll bring the fuzz down on us! Yes, won’t get fooled again. Er, apparently many of us are eager to be. Yes, but you know, as Jimi Hendrix said, "...this is why I am so concerned, with the smell of a world that’s burned".

I thank God for the many great debunking sites on the Net, which clearly show that most celebrities are not a guide to anything. Just as many other rich folks ain't, who go along with any fashionable bullshit. So don’t get burned, gang. Maybe.

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BrianFH said...

Google & Gore would be much better off furthering the efforts of a smallish non-profit and allied for-profit organization, and than posturing and fulminating and gassing.

If their progress continues on its present course (and it appears to be doing, technically, better than hoped so far), a very cheap (~1-2% of current costs), waste-free, radiation-free, highly efficient (~85% overall, so very little waste heat, see 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, etc.) power source will begin coming on-line within a decade. The source generators will be small (housed in home garage-sized buildings) and almost trivial in capital outlay (~$¼M ea.), and able to generate ~5-25MW each. That's about $50M/GW, as opposed to ~$1-2B/GW for current plants.

Raw input materials are hydrogen and Boron11; the latter is the limiting element -- it is estimated that supplies for ~10X total current global power production would deplete supplies in about 1,000,000,000 years.

Just to be explicit about the effects, the Oil Economy would shrink to a minute fraction of current volume and value (especially in conjunction with ZEV developments, etc.; see, and new nanowire battery developments with 10X the capacity of current LiIon versions), global warming and pollution would become non-issues (the economics would force rapid mothballing of every other power plant type on the planet), and eliminating poverty and shortages of almost any kind would be easy (given almost unlimited access to ultra-cheap energy.)

So join me and Giggle at Google.