Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Keep Away from the Shadows and Carry a Machine Gun.

The default position for a dhimmi is that of an ass hat wearer, who demands that this is the only hat that should ever be available to anyone and everyone, even to the headless.

“Very few seek knowledge in this world. Mortal or immortal, few really ask. On the contrary, they try to ring from the unknown the answers they have already shaped in their own minds: justification, explanation, forms of consolation without which they cannot go on. To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind. To answer may annihilate the question and the questioner”. Spoken by the vampire Marius in Anne Rice’s book ‘The Vampire Lestat’. Ballantine Books. New York, NY. 1985. Source link.

“…exercise restraint…”. Our Great Leader PM Kevin Rudd on the Communist Chinese murdering Tibetans.

“…do everything within our power…to end this slaughter”. Kevin Rudd on whales.

I have been reading some very good things on the Net and wonderful pieces on critical thinking and values. I sure need 'em. I was perusing in the unlucky dip that is our simply bad and largely useless MSM and the as per usual bizzaro mind set of our“betters”. This time it’s ex-Australian Prime Minister Bob ‘just ignore my exposed genitals' Hawke and some usual virtual pro-Castro crap. Bob’s a Rhodes Scholar and I thought that was a good thing. Nope. Can you do a Rhodes by correspondence? Maybe it means the Fender electric keyboard, and Hawke majored in Advanced Ray Manzarek Solo Studies.

And the creepiest thing is that the MSM by virtual default present much of their voguish lies as taken for granted facts in their own quality control free wonderland, reporting virtually straight from the Cuban propaganda Ministry and as reality, the almost fifty year long pantomime of the mass murdering pig Fidel Castro’s monstrous façade of Cuba Murder Inc.

Quite. In a stunning one hundred to zero election result, Fidel’s even more murderous brother Raul has won the “elections!” Riiight. And he may usher in “Democratic reforms!” Only if the entire Cuban Government gives all their guns to the people of Cuba, resigns and then commits mass suicide. How do you reform ex-judicial firing squads exactly?

Every TV and radio station seemingly presented this non-event virtually word for word from the commie hell island. If the Western media worked at this zero level of journalistic standards in Havana, there would be no arrests among any journalists and several editors would win 'Hero of the Revolution' badges, free Spanish health care, a house and a life-times supply of Cuban child prostitutes.

Now for foreign readers, Hawke was our oft rough n' tumble cum crème de la crude PM in the 1980’s. Noted for being that rare thing: a man that anyone can imitate with a croak and be instantly recognized as ‘our Bob’. He’s also noted for being a very popular PM and as they babble 'consensus builder.' Meaning perhaps reform for you but let’s leave Labor pretty much with its socialist left roots for us, unless you’re a bum leaving militant unionism intact.

Consensus builder. Whatever. Everyone mostly agreeing on something proves nothing. And for rich, stratospheric living Hawke, neo-Euro elitist Keating and Malcolm ‘I was a senile IMF rioter’ Frazer, their world views now occupy the same tedious rings of Venus where every left shibboleth is spouted ever more publicly over subjects that seem way beyond their bog standard yet laughably PC analytical capacities.

In the Herald Sun for Wednesday March 05 2008, Bob says he’s gonna find “common ground” between er, Islam and the West. There is none. Can Bob be serious? Yep, amazingly he is. Just wait till Islamist mass killers have nukes. Then they'll find our common ground zero like they did in New York, but er, more so.

To quote and Fisk, I present the following: “We need to bring together the thoughtful, constructive forces in the Muslim and non-Muslim world”.

Er, Bob dear, the West is made up of every religion and the Western Canon is based on the thoughtful, rational, free and constructive. That’s why the West has progressed and the Middle-Least has not. It has achieved everything through oil developed entirely by Western engineers over a hundred years ago.

Beyond this single product of crude, the entire Middle-East produces less products than Finland. Spain translates more books and literature into Spanish in any year,than the entire Middle-East has published in 1300 years of insanity and violence. No science papers, no outstanding contributions to the world and not a single world-class University in any of God's Monkey Houses. But I digress.

More from the great statesman, Bob: “ That challenge which exists at the moment between the Muslim and non-Muslim world has the potential to be disastrous as reflected in the extremism on both sides”.

Moral relativist cognitive dissonant PC leftard twaddle. There are no sides beyond Islam on the side of evil, oppression, homicide and utter depravity. Islam is entirely assaulting the West as it has for over 1400 years. Now they simply have the means. There is no equal measure of extremism, only from Muslim states and their dominant Islamist loon populace.

Apart from said profoundly disgusting moral relativism, there are dozens of countries in the West, Asia and the rest world who don’t give a damn about Islam one way or the other. But Islam is belligerent, deceptive, apocalyptic and active to that end, everyday, in every way and virtually everywhere. It hungers for an undeserved attention. Islam can't get noticed for anything constructive, because it never was or is. Thus Islam's repertoire exist's entirely of the hideous, frightening, intimidating, repulsive and profoundly boring.

What extremism is there in Norway, Japan, Thailand, Australia and Scotland etc, etc? All are under attack by Islam. By Hawke’s logic, Islam is not waging an asymmetrical war with its own goals and drives at all, but is being pulled into atrocity by equivalent daily acts in the West, a kind of reciprocal see saw, then? Balls.

This paradigm would have an equal mirror reflection to Muslim states with Western culture, religion, government policy inciting and brainwashing millions of people to scream daily in the streets for death to Muslims. But it doesn't. Not a shred and nowhere. And where's an equal millions of Western immigrants to the Middle Yeast organizing violent jihadist terrorist action in their host country? Sadly, Bob neglected to name any empirical examples where this is so.

Still, I would never call anyone a daft, privileged old dhiimi treasonous bastard. Nay, that's for other Plebeian jesters like me. Hey, so Bob is gonna get Iran and every other Muslim Islamist mad house to realize the error of their ways, and no longer want to murder all Jews and "wipe Israel of the map?" Sure. Now Bob has always publicly supported Israel, so what gives? Opportunism? Senility? Senile opportunism or opportunistic senility?

"Oh, so blowing up, beheading, mutilating or raping Jewish, Thai, British, Iraqi, Sudanese, Afghani, Spanish and French men, women and children, etc, etc, is wrong? Now you put it that way, I see what you mean. I will tell all Muslims to modify the Koran and Mohammads teachings accordingly. I'm sure every Islamic terror group in the world will be eager to take up dancing and rock music instead!" Imaginary Ahmajinedad.

"...the Jews are bacteria". The real Ahmajinedad.

Bob, like many of the powerful goofball Western elites and the MSM, deliberately, wilfully and mostly just incredibly stupidly, refuse to see an enemy clearly. Islam's roots, drives, history and relentless daily actions seem to not register clearly with Bob, because Bob is a perfect dhimmi fool. This is as per usual. Why do these people find it impossible to take Islamists at their endlessly stated word, especially when it’s followed by endless corresponding action?

Because they are phony baloney's. As Islamist garbage are frauds and the "filth of Islam" as Christopher Hitchens has rightly defined it, is a total fake.

He drivels on: “…We share so much in common…” No we don’t. We share nothing. Islam is utterly hostile and incompatible to Democracy, Capitalism, freedom of expression, rational and objective science and reason, the individual, feminism, gay rights, music, art, fun, the rule of law, private property, any other religion and so on and so on ad nauseum.

Maybe this piece from Phyllis Chesler on the extremely common cultural art and practice of Muslim child murderers is some common ground that we share? Er, no.

Bob: “…the great religions of the world have been hijacked…” All the great religions? Oh, he means… “…on the one hand by the Osama Bin Ladens...” Er, no. There is only one Bin Laden, though there are millions and millions who love him and are a lot like him. Unless Bob means a formal invitation to a dinner party at Bob’s multi-million dollar Sydney Harbour side mansion. How inclusive and embracing of diversity.

MC: “Presenting the Osama Bin Ladens and their twenty seven children!”

Ah, the ever popular hijacking of Islam lie. Bob is either a liar or an ignorant dhimmi twerp or both. If someone hijacked the religion of peace or else, its been a 1400 year hijack, involving millions and millions and often actual hijackers, dozens of Islamic states and the free West, the East, North and South as hostages. Islam is hijacking. Islam is based entirely on murder, deception, oppression, lies, envy, spite, blame shifting, dysfunction, conformity and madness and all funded by billions of petrodollars. Bob sees this [or does he] and sees good things.

Nobody can ‘pervert’ a fully armed, utterly merciless, belligerent and aggressively warring evil like Sharia Islam, any more than one can pervert Nazism, communism or any totalitarian death cult. They all come pre-perverted. Especially when Mohammad is the head pervert, pedophile, rapist, mass murdering, Jew-hating and lice infected head slicer. So no.

It is not possible to make a turd pie fit for consumption.

Bob continued: “…hijacked on the one hand by the Osama Bin Ladens and on the other by the George Bushes who invoke his God to justify the most horrendous acts”. Riiight. You are either grossly ignorant and incompetent or a disgusting stupid lying fucker, Bob. Your choice. Yes, George Bush and his beheading videos. No.

What a repellent slur on America, a country of 300 million people of all races and beliefs. Where do I begin to Fisk Bob’s long line of retarded myopia, his moral inversion, mental gymnastics, irrational leftist hyperbole, outrageous, venal, vile and willfully stupid bullshit? And his faults?

See how Bin Laden and Bush are in their stunning moral equivalence the same? The ability to discriminate between two opposing things such as good and evil, safe and dangerous  is the basis of rational thought. Is soapy Bob going to use this same level of non-judgement in reconciling the homicide/suicide bombers of Islam and the thousands and thousand of people they have blown up, beheaded and otherwise murdered at the rate of over [as at August 2013] 21,000 known major Islamist attacks since 9/11? That can be hundreds a week, not including the as usual state endorsed mayhem in any Muslim theocracy.

Last time I checked, no one had hijacked Judeo Christianity. As Ann Coulter said "the Amish have been quiet lately." Yep, we're all scared of that Anglican on our flight. Bob declines to provide evidence and detail. Bob is the brand of Western millionaire power elite that has never considered that if you don’t stand for the liberation of ordinary people from a massive tyrant, then you stand for absolutely nothing but your own perfect inaction and moral vanity. And that’s high level left fraud and chauvinism.

Is Bob incapable of recognizing real terror or seeing a distinction between the apocalyptic drive for a Global Caliphate where anything is permissible, and a free, open, successful and naïve West under sustained and relentless asymmetrical attack? On the eminently polite and successful John Howard, Hawke spat this sour absurdity: “a disastrous era which had used frightful deception to terrorize Australians!”. 

Er, riiight Bob. When you look at Islamic jihad you can't see a shred of a violent global agenda but with John Howard you can see terrorism.

When many see the insane ideology of Islam and its profoundly organised, Muslim state backed worldwide terror network, they see entirely no Islam or Muslims, or even terrorists especially none that could possibly have their own goals. When they sees the USA, they don't not see the worlds most productive, generous and open democracy or the worlds most free and modifying state, they see something no sane, intelligent and mature adult would, but what Sean Penn always does.

When Bob thinks of the democratically elected ex-Prime Minister of a great country like Australia, all he has to offer as a laughable analysis, is identical to the grossly juvenile and insane rubbish screeched by any auto pilot Kos kid parody. Yep, Bobby spouts the same fantasy's as a frothing seventeen year-old trust fund twerp or tedious Che the child killer Guevara loving brat smashing a McDonald’s window at a IMF peace riot. Of course, there’s a negative, unhinged and clueless side to this  too.

But then before such silly people even start their ridiculous and disingenuous efforts, you and I all know what the real goal is: it will all be our fault and how the West must be nicer to millions of people who want us dead. I would never say that Bob Hawke and his views are those of an old ass hat wearing, worn out, un-tethered, non-researched, unrepentant stale Labor boob cum bloated old rich Leftard.

Nope, the guy at the milk bar said that.

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