Friday, 28 March 2008

Yes, we have no Obamas.

"I have a dream that one day, no unhinged University student Leftist, dangerous and deluded trust fund brat, retarded and eternally tenured academic, just flown in International Socialist radical extremist and criminal creep or Carlos Santana, will be judged by the quality and colour of their Che the child killer Guevara t-shirt design.

Yes, a beautiful dream that we can walk together as one mindless, embarrassing mass on the way to another, violent mid-town riot and car burning, as we all scream "Fascist!" and assault any old veteran who just happens to pass by on their way to being productive. Yes, I have a teen cream dream!"
Barack 'follow that dreamscape' Obama.

Dear sports, people ask me and even some very famous people have said, “Who are you?” And that’s the kind of question anonymous chaps like me love to ask of er, the very famous. But where's the er, forum? Not in the MSM that's for sure. That's mostly for bad journalists so it seems, mediocre being the hack qualifier of choice. Who are they really, these creeps with power and privilege? Who am I? Thank God nobody, though I'd love the cash.

Marlon Brando used to delight in asking what he considered the only statement worth knowing the truth of regards anyone. “He’s a phony” he’d say and act accordingly. Marlon said Montgomery Clift was so uptight that it was like he had “…a Mixmaster up his ass, and he doesn’t want anyone to know”.

In the Truman Capote book 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s', the narrator “Fred”, says that Holly Golightly is a “genuine phony”, because she really believes it. Man, that’s like the most! And the film of the same name is a genuinely touching piece of entertaining and dated corn that's like gold, because today, such a film with such a feel, cannot be made at all. The main reasons among others, are the abundance of money multiplied by the dearth of stars to pull off an original idea worth a damn. Ah, the dreary facts of a faux reality obsession. If I wanted mere fake reality on film, I'd watch documentaries on diarrhoea.

Like all movies, the film is a total fake, but so delicious and cosy. They really believe it too, so it seems, and so do we, and therefore it’s genuinely er, real and really fake. The good fake. Don’t cha’ love the taxi in the rain scene, the party and Audrey singing Moon River and..?

People are most often nostalgic for things that never happened, eh?

“Are you alive and have you been born yet?” said Jim Morrison the very talented clinical depressive. Jimi Hendrix once hit Paul Caruso, a friend of his and when Caruso asked “…why the Hell did you do that?!” Jimi replied, “I’ll always touch you…” And he did.

Frank Sinatra counted loyalty as the bedrock of friendship. Sadly, like Sinatra, some of these people were disturbingly complex and possibly mad and depressive alcoholic's, so maybe just forget about it. Barack Obama, the Manchurian Candidate of our times, is related to a whole lot of white people, especially himself. Genetically, Obama could have been born looking like the third Johnny Winter brother, or the “brother” Winter. But nope, he just looks more black for what it’s worth, and looks really can deceive, which is spelt aye before he, and the ayes have it, apparently.

Barack related to Brad Pitt and a whole lot of other er, brothers and sisters? Hence the good looks and the dull mind. Yep, a whole list of top profile movers and groovers. Surely he's related to a fruiterer or a used car salesman from New Jersey or something more er, regular?

Here's a hip piece by our hero Mark Steyn on Obama and the Wright 'Brother'. "Look! I can fly!"

Tragically, Obama is like the old clichéd banana comparison. Obama appears more black as his time in the laudatory sun drags on, and more so in say California and New York than other spots. Sadly, he’s mostly yella when it comes to facing up to Jeremiah 'Bullfrog' Wright, or any solid policy of any sense or usable and proven value whatsoever. Obama is so environmentally PC, that he’s constructed himself completely out of the surrounding atmosphere that's mostly filled with the expanded hot air of a heavy breathing mob of Leftard hysterics. Never mind.

With Obama’s lovely smile, and as the old Pepsodent toothpaste ad goes, "You’ll wonder where the yellow went, when you clean your teeth with the President!”

I imagine that when Obama sat listening to the Pastor Wright out of the ballpark, Barack thought “Hey, that’s some insane, bigoted and low intelligence insanity I’m listening to, and I’ve been doing it for seventeen years now. How ‘bout that? Boy, lucky I disagree with it and frown a lot. Yes indeedy. Yet strangely, I feel compelled to get this freak to marry me to Michelle my belle, and I think I’ll even throw in my daughters baptism…a baptism of fire! Why not, eh? Gee, am I talking out loud? Am I?”

“No, you’re not and I’ve never felt more proud to be an American!” Michelle ‘rich and crazy’ Obama.

And er, talking of loyalty, not really a big quality in the Democrats who love as they say, to eat their own. And um, Islam comes with an inbuilt loyalty clause. “Please note: Leaving Islam results in death”. Obama will be the worlds first high profile Muslim to leave the ahem, 'faith' for Christianity of a whacko kind and live. Good luck there, kid.

Is Obama a genuine phony or just a phony but without the fake credit? Is he a baloney slicer or just a smoke blower of the most snake oiled and platitude spouting type? Or is he just full of crap, but authentic crap? The audacity of hopelessness? Or like Clinton, the audacity of grope? Or like Englishman Tony Blair, the audacity of soap? Having English parents, well, we used to share the same bath water every Saturday night whether we needed a bath or not. I once stepped into the bath and stubbed my toe on the floating soap scum.

Which is just great. Because with the new wave of PC Leftard Liberal neo-Global Socialism via Global Warming and its empty heroes crazily sweeping the West, we can at last all finally dispense with the harsh facts of life. Like needing to bathe, earn a living or even dentistry.

People like Barack 'follow that loony Preacher' Obama, our own PM Kevin 'populist windsock surrender boy technocrat' Rudd, and some Gordon 'kiss that Koran PC sod' Brown, are gonna find a new way to deal with the reality of the scum of life floating opportunistically to the top. They’ll simply congratulate themselves on getting there, while ignoring the largely voiceless dissent of over half the populace. What a load of big rich and phony baloney creeps and poo poo pants. No, really.


Anonymous said...

Oh the irony!

Judge Decries Cruel & Unusual Death Penalty Method, while Sitting in Front of a Che’ Poster (and guess who he’s voting for, for Prez?)

TXpoet said...

With his messianic vision of himself, it is no wonder that Obama thinks Che was a freedom fighter and that Hugo Chavez is a patriot. If the recent PA primary is Obama’s idea of winning...