Friday, 8 August 2008

Inner city blues and creeps who hate Jews.

For many of my inner-city Leftard neighbours, anything they believe is always more true than any proven fact. In fact, many things are so stupid, that only those in the inner-city, academics and in-patients can believe them. Nothing is ever startlingly irrational enough to reject as useless, dangerous or insane, as long as it fits the paradigm. Thus "Bush is Hitler" and "Al Gore is a Saint", or Che the child killer Guevara is a fit role model for er, school children, because he hated the free West and was good looking.

Dig, swinging hepcats. Now I live in the inner city. I have for about twenty five years. I like it, no really I do. But the opinions such as they are of the average inner groover and frankly, deluded, ineffective usually Leftoid twerp, are entirely able to be filled in by numbers and over the phone. Their idea of Quality Control is to have no idea of Quality Control.

An absurd and bog standard case in point. I run into an acquaintance and we talk about er, fake fireplaces! Yes, there’s always a place for “Bush/Hitler” drivel, as we shall see.

Colonel Neville: “Maybe put a plastic squirrel or scenes from Dante’s Inferno; Mohammad being thrown into the 9th Circle of Hell where he belongs. What about the heads of those you find despicable, like Hitler, Stalin and...”

Hey, the other guy added the one person he imagined naturally completed this trio. Guess how irrational and historically retarded his choice was, but how perfectly acceptable it is to many a Leftard boob... It's the equation that folks like my temporary pavement pal virtually always go to and without any sense of proportion or embarrasment.

Here’s the clue again: Hitler. Started WWII, crushed and murdered hhis way across Europe etc, murdered six million Jews as part of around sixty million dead, wounded, homeless and insane via a totalitarian, actually fascist Left socialist dictatorship.

Stalin. Murdered around forty-five million, massive Gulag torture death camp system, ruled for decades via Communism, an ideology based on murder, lies, envy, conformity, spite and an enormous scale of inhuman madness, such as children informing on parents and being forced to kill to degrade and kill each other. Uncle Joe helped to beggar, retard and destroy Russia for seventy years, exported totalitarian oppression and hey, he also wanted to rule the world.

Clive: “So, again. Hitler, Stalin and...?"

Derek: “So the definition of a dictator is an absolute ruler of a sovereign state. Is it Mao?”

Clive: “No”.

Derek: “Pol Pot?”

Clive: “No”.

Derek: “Idi Amin, Burma’s Than Shwe, Sudan’s Omar Al Bashir, Robert Mugabe, Islam Karimov in Uzbekistan or Saparmurat Niyazov of Turkmenistan?”

Clive: “No”.

Derek: “Kim Sung in North Korea?”

Clive: “No?”

Derek: “Bokassa?”

Clive: “No”.

Derek: “Papa Doc Duvailer?”

Derek: “Fucking Hell! This is a hard one! Saddam Hussein, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Iran’s Armachimphead and Seyed Ali Khamane’I, Teodoro Obiang Nguema in Equatorial Guinea, the powers in charge of the Congo, Syria’s Assad, Cambodia’s perverts, Castro, Chavez, the killers of Rwanda or China’s Hu Jintao?"

Clive: “Er, yes, er, actually no”.

Derek: "Ok Clive, I’ll just throw these at you and with a little more detail”.

[Long pause while Clive peruses extensive link...and we're back!]

Clive: “Er, no. Not even combined according to the dominant and fashionable sources of the day”.

Derek: “Really?! Fuck me! So it’s Hitler, Stalin and who then?”

Clive: “It’s George Bush, Derek!

Of course, after all, he is an elected President who is happily going to leave office at the end of his term; who presides over the worlds most free, successful Western Capitalist and free market Democracy. He’s liberated Afghanistan and Iraq, and given billions toward combating AIDS and many other things. He’s a fairly ordinary married guy and has never murdered anyone.

He also fully supports the Jewish state. He’s continued to bankroll the security of Europe, allowing them to stay in their perpetually venal incompetence and historical weakness, turning up their nose at American superiority in virtually every field, as they collapse into welfare and birth rate free fall. Or as the Europeans like to call their suicidal malaise, a faux superior level of sophistication to everyone else.

Also, you can say anything you want about him in the media and nothing will happen to you, except you’ll probably win a prize for your film that tanked, book that didn’t sell beyond a Uni campus bookstore, or your utterly fake and bogus documentary. So naturally it’s George”.

Derek: “Ere Clive. Sophistication seems to mean an inability to tell shit from clay but appreciating the nuance in a gallery er, full of it. But if Bush was the same as Hitler and Stalin, wouldn’t people be terrified to live in America and be fleeing in their millions via the ports, borders and airports. In fact, millions are actually fleeing into America, aren’t the Clive?”

Clive: “Oddly Derek, leaving America is something only rich celebrities threaten, and sadly never do. This is due largely to their inability at obtaining free cocaine, blowjobs and enormous wads of cash ten thousand miles from Bel Air. So mostly they go to the Bahamas or Cuba”.

Derek: “They’re all a bunch of phoney useless rich arseholes! Fuck ‘em all!”

Clive: “Exactly, Derek”.

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