Sunday, 24 August 2008

Roseanne’s Grossly Obese Leftardism Vs Good Looking Hollywood Limousine Liberals.

Roseanne Barr on the left, in between rehearsal and meals for the remake of the Steve McQueen sci-fi classic 'The Blob', with her body doubles, triples and quadruples.

Hey, that contracting but mostly expanding Michellin woman and virtual parody of crude hysterical left truther and Jew-hatin' liberals Roseanne, recently jabbered some classic by the numbers bunkum about the relatively harmless yet talented Tinsel Town twits, Angie and Brad.

While there are subtle differences between Brad and Angie and Rosie, there are similarities too. No, really. Brad and Angie are a swell couple and so is Rosie. Angie has a great mouth and Rosie has a grate mouth. Brad is almost kinda beautiful for a man and so is Rosie. Some other differences are that while Angie and Brad are delicious, few people want to eat Rosie. Ironically there is little Rosie doesn't want to eat.

Now while many would be transfixed to see Angie and Brad getting it on, people are amazed that Rosie keeps on putting it on and taking it off at all. Hey, Angie and Brad have adopted six people. Roseanne is six people! Frome Rachelle Swiney at Lifestyle:

“Here is what she, [Roseane Barr] has to say about the beautiful pair:

"[They] make about $40 million a year in violent psychopathic movies and give away three of it to starving children trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity as they spit out more dunces that will consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more."

Colonel Neville: Three million bananas, eh? I think that’s exactly three million dollars more than I’ve given so far, so kudos to Lips and Loins. Brad and Angie don't "make" films as such. They act in them. They are actors. So therefore, Jack Palance wasn't really a killer. He was a film. Er, what the ‘eff does “give a crap about humanity” mean? Like walking around wringing hands pretending you’re a cross between Albert Schweitzer and the Pilsener Dough Boy/Girl Motherload? Er, ya mean caring as in the hideous photo of Roseanne sporting a Hitler moustache and taking burnt gingerbread Jews oout of an oven? [No, really, she does] Ya mean like that kind of sensitivity and caring?

“Spitting out dunces?”

Er, there’s not always a connection between the parents IQ and their children per se and while I believe Rosie has zero evidence that the beautiful couple's kids are anything but perfectly normal, I'm sure Barr's kids too are not all venal, treasonous crotch grabbers who sing off-key.

Ok, while Brad and Angie are from Hollywood and as per usual rather naff, they’re not really total pinheads, are they? I have noticed their some level of success, especially compared to my lack of. Good looking, rich, hysterical and free. Yeah, Angie and Brad are real losers. Er, no.

After all, they did adopt six kids and however high one’s faux level of how pure a motive must be before one can take any action, well, actions speak louder an’ all. As far as I can tell through the fog and hackery of the MSM, they seem to be er, nice enough per se, for average Bel Air bizzarro kinda parents. And many clueless Hollywood boobs, venal hypocrites and loons like them too, which is good enough for me. Perhaps even better than plenty of others I’ll wager. But what do I know? Nuttin'.

Sure, Angie is a bog-standard asshat liberal who loves Che the child killer Guevara enough to have his murderous sadist face tattooed near or on her sphincter. Hey and she's a UN Ambassador for refugees! Great! Which is soooo Hollywood ironic really, when Che the narcissist coward caused one of the greatest refugee floods in history. But I digress.

I’ve seen no film of their front yard but I bet there are probably very few car bodies, abandoned refrigerators and bags of trash among overgrown weeds. As the cliche goes, I wish they’d adopt me just long enough to see Angie's tattoo or bottom or whichever comes first, so to speak. Yep, maybe it'd even be fun to meet Brad, that handsome clod.

Curiously Roseanne Barr is not the er, person I go to for depth of thought regards geopolitical insight or any perceptive and nuanced analysis of the human mind. No. Rosie is the go to moonbat for crass, shrill, witless and rotten self indulgent stupidity. Nope. If I lived next door to the Creature from the Black Forrest Cake, I may go over to borrow a cask of mayonnaise. That’s unless of course she’d already sucked it up for breakfast.

El Gordo Rosie: "...consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more".

That's wonderfully irrational, but I bet ya done your fair share of consuming there, Tokyo Harbour Rose. Have ya got a permanent eatin' chair at the end of a Tootsie Roll conveyor belt? Yes, deep down, all narcissistic yet self-loathing leftards hate people really. Thus their love of enviro-freakism. It's a turbo charge for the morally vain nihilist. A tree never argues back no matter how stupid you are.

The great P.J O'Rourke said that all left drivel about the junk of overpopulation boils down to "just enough of me, too many of you!" Hey Rosie, get out of your pantry and let a family of Samoans move in.

'Rosie also went on to tell off Angie for being undecided in the upcoming presidential election: "Aren't you supposed to be somewhat enlightened, or do you not know that the African daughter you hold in every picture had parents who suffered and died because of the Republican Party’s worldwide economic assault on Africa over the last few decades since Reagan?" Rachelle Swiney.

Colonel Neville: Like her own carved out of lard matching bookend, Rosie O’Donnell, Roseanne is a sewer that's guaranteed to burst with not just the bullshit of conspiracy. Quality Control free and spewing stratospheric babble, Rosie and her kind are unhampered by empirical evidence or any checkable court-ready source of information. Yes, so a “worldwide assault” right, and on Africa at the same time? Sheesh. It's impossible to follow such non-thought process's even if one wants to. How does America being the largest aid donor in the world tie in with such a cunning plan, you stupid sweat turd?

So er, the U.S is 'assaulting' Japan, Singapore, China and Australia too? What about Sweden?! Could be. Maybe even Mars! So, it isn’t the lack of civil governments and working economic systems, tribalism, Western leftist ecofascist and homosexual activism, misogyny, superstition, warfare and corruption etc, ad nauseum? It was the Gipper all along!

'Roseanne is upset and she finished off her tirade with some final words of wisdom for Angie: "P.S," she added, "It might be good for your Asian and African children’s' self esteem to know you support a brown man for the leader of the free world." Rachelle Swiney.

Colonel Neville: So, she means Obama? But Obama is exactly as white as he is black, just like my son is as much physically Japanese as he is white Australian. Er, does she mean we should vote for a person based on Rosie’s albeit fashionable and popular bogus race fantasies? Go figure. Thus drones the innate contradictions of the left as they hysterically try to prove that they are relentlessly better than you and I, and in every absurd way possible. She sure can eat me under the table though, but I wouldn’t let her.

Ah, as with their natural anti-Semitism, limousine libs are like some kind of hidden until midnight of the mind loup garou werewolf, always just a jerking hop, skip and a jump away from their true souls of idiot bigotry and natural racism.

So, all brown and black people are the same then? And helpless? They can’t think for themselves eh, or have their own opinions in opposition to Roseanne’s? Yes, the leftovers love their victim pets as passive ciphers, ya see. They amazingly assume that their easily picked up and even easier dropped causes, could never be conservatives but largely grateful and passive drones. Now that's the stock in trade of the leftoid: their largely untested, limitless smug conceits.

Yes, of course. The voiceless would naturally think the same as libs, wouldn't they? Amazingly this would be the same as what Roseanne thinks! Incredible coincidence, pudding neck. I’ll alert the media and Dunkin’ Donuts. You stupid, thick, venal, second-hand mind bastard.

My wife is Japanese and rather brown and yet she is, surprisingly I know, repulsed by Roseanne, and not just by the avalanche of flab. But it's also the tidal wall of logical fallacy, standard irresponsible twaddle and the all encompassing moral vanity. Oh yes. The wifey also thinks Roseanne is a massive poop head but not in those words. But that’s brown people for ya. They can be so ungrateful to those who know better than they do of what they need.


Eowyn said...

I am left (mostly) speechless at this latest stroke of genius. I (Mike) (G)ravel at your feet.

Anonymous said...

That photo is not of Roseanne Barr from the TV show ROSEANNE!!

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Anonymous:

But she signed it with a Tootsie Roll! No, really. Colonel Neville.