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Waleed Ali Feeding the Lyin’ to the Christians.

The Principal of The Joseph Goebbels Polytechnic, Dr Christian Szell, fine tunes a student’s incorrect attitude. Remember, expressing an individual view based on your own rational experience plus solid empirical research, is always wrong in today’s education system, whenever it contradicts zer current glorious paradigm!

Dr Szell: “Islam iz a religion of peace, iz zit not?”

Dustin Halfman: “I don’t understand. Do you mean it is, or it isn't?”

Dr Szell: “Islam iz a religion of peace? Yes?”

Dustin Halfman: “Aaargh! Yes! It’s so peaceful you wouldn’t believe it!”

Dr Szell: “Zer Fuhrer was zer greatest comedian ever, ja?”

Dustin: “Is that yes he was, or yes he wasn’t?”

Dr Szell: “Let’s be positive!”

Dustin: “This is insane! What do you want? Aaaaargh! Ok! Hitler was a freakin' riot!”

Now I'm a Judeo Christian kinda guy. But ya know some alleged Christians are it seems, largely fucked in the head, inverted and Twilight Zoned out, especially when their hand-wringing bogus view of reality, such as it is, reminds one of the old corny visual gag featuring a scorecard. You know, “Lions 100. Christians 0”. Boom-tish.

So an alleged Christian College hosts one of Australia’s smoothest Islamist apologist blame-shifting bores in one old alumni of Waleed Aly as the best PR voices on Islam. Wally is apparently beyond any critique. In the ever more mythical land of Oz, well I just wanna spew.

Are they INSANE?! Or is that maybe just plain dumb, fraudulent, cowardly, willfully naive, unread, unresearched, irresponsible or outrageously disingenuous and therefore wrong and ultimately suicidal. You be da judge, Jim. Here are the actual cold hard and unpleasant facts of how slow smiley-faced Islamization works, and how it's being done right now throughout the world and very much here too. Islam despises Christianity and all other "false" beliefs, including democracy and all human rights. But I digress.

Jesus H. Christ! Wal rarely says much that is not utterly confused and confusing, manipulative, phony and generally excuse spinning balls. Consider the absurdity and incompetence of promoting Islam in a Christian school! Why exactly? Islam is an uncompromising doctrine of eternal warfare against unbelievers that can never be challenged by anyone. It was in all the Al Aqsa papers.

Islam is a crock of ugly shite founded by a 7th century serial child-rapist, Christian and Jew hating, mass-murdering necrophiliac bandit warlord psychopath. Though killing everyone is being inclusive.

Now dig, still almost free readers. I’ve done some kinda extensive Fisking on old Walleyed Wal. Well, as much as I can stand, because despite how dhimmi left boobs term Wal as a er, “Intellectual!”, he ain’t.

He’s a boring, mediocre speaker and a logical fallacy sodden mess, weaving improbable scenarios sans any verifiable evidence. But that’s the Koranic art of taqiyya for ya. As the old Chuck Rio and The champs classic goes, taqiyya!

Can’t see how I’m wrong at all. I'm merely working here from the crap material Big W provides ad nauseum. Ironically no one is more damning of Wal than er, Uncle Wal. If only he never said anything.

Funny, innit, how people can put themselves out there as a voice, and then be untouchable by analysis? No, not surprising in Australia, bub. A land where the elites, the media and plenty of others, become ever more inept, deliberately clueless, lost and adrift in the dumb dreams of the multi-cultist with every dragging week. As some may know from reading my shabby missives, Wal was hosted by Wesley College a few months ago. Amazingly, the entire student body, and all staff were allegedly in love with Wally! Imagine dat?! It's crap of course.

No dissent? What kinda school is that? In any sane school one can find dissent on every subject from quantum physics to metal shop. But er, apparently no dissent on the world's major death cult of Islam.
Give me an ‘effing break.

Anyway, I looked through the school mag and found the basis for this post. It was a perfect addendum for the hilariously and strangely hideous evening of the Wal, that I attended. Yes, it was a fun-filled night, if by 'fun' one means nausea and extensive root canal work.

Curiously, I can't help thinking of Dr Christian Szell in the Dustin Hoffman movie Marathon Man“Is it safe? Is it safe?” Er,sadly no. Onto the Colloseum and let the Fisking begin!

Zer following, sorry, the following is from a Wesley pamphlet, ‘Celebrating 30 years of Giving: our past, our present and your part in our future’. Swell. Giving in? Giving head? Give me a break. This next bit is part of der spiel for what a Wesley student apparently is:

“...a person with an awareness of self, an ability to think critically, creatively and independently, and with a resilience, a generosity and a preparedness to act with others interests at heart”.

Er, rather all absent on Wal’s big speech night, I’m afraid. Especially with the threats and insults my friends and I received from some of the er, student body...without a head! Maybe an awareness that you’re being duped would be cool. Thinking critically on Islam, means to actually possess a shred of curiosity in order to to learn about the hideous facts of it.

Creative? Why listen to a mediocre door to door Koran salesman like Waleed then? Independent! Ha ha! You mean as in not a single dissenting voice? Yep, ya gonna need to be resilient when facing the pro-Islamo-fascist left mob. Generous? Hey, like the Saudi’s pumping 100 billion dollars into the West to promote and support a massive Islamization and Jihad against us? Could be.

Only truth seeking and rational individuals will ever act with the interest of other people at heart or even themselves, and thus go against the dominant lefty lies for Islam lynch crowd.. Now onto the booklet.

“It’s Monty Python’s Flying Cir...” Sorry, it’s Principal Drebben in Wesley College Community Lion Magazine Edition 103. April 2008. Pages 6 and 7. I’ll try to keep the excerpts mercifully short. Basically, according to Frank Drebbin, er sorry, Helen Drebben, Wal’s “voice has been heard, clear and unequivocating".

Yep, that’ll happen when a mostly left media promotes him so easily, while allowing little to zero empirical analysis or counter fact to be printed or broadcast. Yeah, his voice is heard, but not really listened to, beyond the signposts to the ultimately suicidal, stupid and traitorous.

More absurd Waleed courtesy of Drebben: “...persistent and lucid in promoting a greater understanding of Islam...” Yes of course. As per usual, it’s always us who are somehow committing the crimes of "misunderstanding" a global 1400 year-old uber-violent jihadist movement that wants to murder us all and does. Thus 120,000 Southern Thais murdered over twenty years by Muslims for er, not being Muslims and "misunderstanding".

Funny how such an allegedly "universal" message is so hard to understand by so many even in Arabic.

“...a voice of reason and deep insight where others have been less so...”

Get it? What Wal says is always correct and so intelligent, whereas any critic can never be anything but er, unreasonable and inferior to our Islamic genius boy.

“...debate which is helping to define who we are...”

In other words, some people insist on defining themselves instead of allowing neo-socialist creeps to do it for them.

“...he has stood courageously and articulately against the forces of unreason unleashed in the West by the collapse of the twin towers in 2001...”

Riiight. The forces of un-reason are not among the psychopathic nihilist terrorists who murdered almost 3,000 people, but in us for daring to notice and react at all. See how the towers just “collapsed?” So not smashed down by Muslims then? And dig the no capitals for Twin Towers. They were after all, so insignificant to any left stealth jihad variant.

“...made a significant contribution to Australia’s intellectual and cultural life”.

Bollocks. Where, when, how and as if? And if Wal is the laughable standard, then there is nothing to aspire to but bunkum, lies and propaganda. So you see basically, Walter is a kind of Jesus, Lincoln and a junior Einstein rolled into one bouncy ball of baloney. Beyond all belief really. Hey, just to make sure one understands how more Aussie than thou Wal is, regards er, cricket, Wal “...writes about it perceptively, understanding better than most it’s historical and social significance...”

Hey, as long as there’s no sense of His superiority, and our lowly ability at “understanding” well, anything really.

“He’s the tops! He’s the cat’s pajamas!”

Hey, is somebody blowing somebody here? And not with plastic explosives. Wally blew brass during his salad days as a Wesley and music student. Is someone calling long-distance on Wal's public saxophone at main office? Is Mohammad coming out for a quick jihad around the desk? Here’s an odd thing. Wal the law and engineering whiz has apparently been an ambassador and for the er, UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. And for spreading Islam. One could laugh and weep.

You know the UN? The profoundly corrupt and evil body whose largest block of voting nations are the 57 Islamic states of the IOC. You know Islamic states? They have done so much to promote feminist causes and human liberty. Er, no. Weird, is it not? Has Walter done good work in this area? I dunno. But somehow I feel that his endless promotion of Islam as a good thang and by default for women too, has gotta kinda conflict...somewhere. What else has Wal got above us mere kafir and infidel mortals?

“...perceptive [again]...eloquent prose...profound social awareness...equally deep understanding...”

“...amid a media thrilled by its own frenzied and frequently irrational outbursts...”

Ya mean like The Age that Wal writes for or the ABC and SBS that Wal appears on? Or much of the leftard media who have largely the same bundled default views on everything as you do? Which one are you talking about?

“Waleed’s analysis of what was happening was quiet and thoughtful, a voice distilled from a muddle of noise”.

Yep, that’s how he does it, but he still sounds like muddled noise even after the editing...

“...of all the journalists who rushed into print, only he... [only He! Just like Jesus!] ...was able to discern that “identity politics” may have been at the heart of the matter”.

Meaning that we’re all racists. Naturally. Wal said cricket on the old sub-continent is “...an expression of post-colonial independence: the forum in which colonial masters could be defeated”. As opposed to it merely being an enjoyable game, or the free choices of  sentient Indians who liked the game, I suppose.

Gee, ya reckon Walther, the incredible talent and intellectual dredged up such post-modern deconstructionist drool at wait for it, university? Ya reckon? One can imagine the title: ‘Cricket Balls: Inter-Competitive Sports as a Multi-layered Meridian Divergent and Conversant Prongle Prangle for Re-imagining the Hegemony of Colonial Imperialism and Wank Doodle’. 

Hey, last year, Wal put out a book wid words and everything that was a “...profound reappraisal of how we acknowledge and tackle the cultural and religious divides that persistently afflict all societies...”

Really? How relativist of you. Funny how all over the world, from Papua New Guinea, to Africa and to France, etc, etc, it’s virtually always Islam and communist, totalitarian leftist variants that do the er, “tackling” and "afflicting” innit? Anything but look at the truth of it. It’s Islam and so on, what’s doing it, Guvna’.

“...and one needs to go no further than the title of ‘People like us: How Arrogance is Dividing Islam and the West”.

You're right. You don’t. The duplicitous title says it all. The faux inclusion of himself so he can deliver a mass-slander of Australians. And that's just in the lousy title. "See, I'm including myself here!"

So it ain’t the arrogance of Waleed, or 1400 years of relentlessly aggressive, nihilistic, totalitarian, tribal, depraved, bigoted, racist, Jew-hating, woman and child-mutilating, enslaving, raping and murdering and violent beyond belief Islam, but the entire free worlds fault? Does that include the 10 million Muslim victims of Islamic terror and oppression since 1948? Guess not. This would upset Wal’s bogus and fake paradigm, eh? Muslim's have been fighting each other since Mad Mo died ad everybody else as well. So far, that's a body count of 270 million and counting, among them 80 million Hindu's and 170 million black African's.

Maybe Wal will mention these uncomfortable facts? Nope.

“...to hear the strength of his opposition to the egocentricity that dominates discourses on religion and ethnicity”.

Read that as some people in the West still have a stubborn confidence in the enormous economic, artistic, judicial, human, expressive, scientific, creative freedoms and vast achievements of the Western Canon. Thus we cannot manipulate them yet... If only they would agree to the superiority of Islam and the left! But they won’t, and just because on every count, Islam and the left are utterly dysfunctional ad narcissistic failures with nothing to offer anybody free and happy, but murder, lies, envy, hate, madness, conformity and oppression'.

“...His voice speaks for our common humanity...” Er, not for me, because Wal says some rather standard race-bating drivel about “white” people and especially Christians. But hey, that’s ok!

“...and the humility to reach out to others”.

Pass me that bucket. Humility like this?

“...no two civilizations”, he writes, “have spoken so many words to each other as those of Islam and the West”.

Er, Islam and Muslims speak everyday in words and actions. Thus the beheading videos and bombings of girls schools and pet markets and mass-rapes of white women and children. But dig the ever present moral equivalence - at least until the blame-shifting kicks in. The words that Islam has spoken are fanatical hate-filled crude threats of mayhem, calling for our death and destruction.

The fact is, most of the non-Islamic, non-totalitarian, and thus largely successful world, is actually totally uninterested in Islam. Remove the [Western engineer developed] oil and we still need Islam for absolutely nothing, unless one counts the income from avid Arab and Pakistani animal and child porn down loaders and the heavy worldwide demand for dried figs.

But even the totalitarian Chinese are having serious Muslim problems, meaning violent attacks. Because Islam always does insist that we notice it whatever it takes, and when obviously not for its zero achievements, then for its export of violence and vice.

“...and no two seem to have communicated less”.

Er, I’d say over twenty-thousand known major Muslim terror attacks reported in the mainstream media since 9/11 plus 9/11, is saying a shitload.

While left dominated Western media and the alleged intellectual response is invariably willfully incompetent and default lies for Islam, free and sane Western people continue to speak as per usual with their enormous achievements in every sphere. Conversely, compared to the sub-microscopic to zero level achievement in Islamic states.

Thus Spain translates more books in any twelve month period than the entire Middle-East has in 1300 years. And Finland produces more goods for export, if you ignore Arab crude oil, than the whole Middle-East combined. Without the lazy free gold of Western engineer developed oil and the foreigners who do 80% of all work, they’d have barely a pavement to spit on. I could happily narrow the required conversation down to “Airstrike!”

“..Waleed Aly has sought to find a way “across a verbal ocean of nonsense” which threatens to drown us”.

A verbal ocean of nonsense is Waleed's forte. What they really mean is that any uncomfortable fact about Islam and any criticism, even by other Muslims ex or otherwise, is automatically deemed as always unacceptable. Because any criticism of Islam is always the wrong kind, because it's er, critical. It’s not "drowning" that will kill us, but car bombs, homicide/suicide zombies, beheadings, masss-rapes, being burnt alive, crucified and the criminal censorship of facts, infiltration, dimmitude, lies, demographics and eventually nukes.

“Nonsense is a word he uses frequently...”

Correction, nonsense is a method he uses frequently.

“...and he is prepared to attack it fearlessly”.

Buffalo bagels!

“...He writes directly, without pretence or disguise”.

Horse hockey! Wal is nothing but pretense and disguise. From Longmans Contemporay Dictionary of English. Pretence: "n. An attempt to pretend that something is true”. 

Disguise: “n. Something that you wear to change your appearance and hide who you are, or the act of wearing this: The beard, the glasses and the German accent were all part of his disguise”.

“Iz zit safe?!”

“...His Theory of Knowledge teacher would be proud of him”.

Curiously enough, I bet he would be...

“...And Wesley should be proud too, of this man of faith and wisdom”.

Then that makes you a dhimmi putz, don't it? Thus I would not send a stripe-assed baboon to Wesley. The last thing I need is to witness the lauding of a simian alumni who sadly lacks any clear thinking. It'd be a tragedy! Ya reckon Wal is ever gonna get up and say "Gee, sorry and I hope Islam wasn't out of line with all the endless threats and murder by its millions of freaks..." Guess not. No, it's always about us, innit? Funny that. “Dr Zaius! Dr Zaius!” "Stop the Planet of the Apes, I want to get off!" [The Simpsons.]

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