Saturday, 30 August 2008

Derek And Clive Search In Vain For The Wonderful World Of Abortion.

"Don't worry, Miss Clueless. We'll take care of everything. It's a brave new world. Would you like a carry bag? They're made of cotton so that they're good for the environment. Yes, we should all care about vegetation. Anything bloodless, without a soul and made mostly of fibre and water is so precious. It makes me so mad when I see a plant needlessly cut down, murdered really". Photo source: Anti-Abortion Signs.

“Ferē libenter homines id quod volunt credunt. Nearly always people believe willingly that which they wish”. Caesar.

Clive: Derek, do you know that according to the apparently dominant opinion via our wonderful MSM and even government literature, abortion is apparently a wonderful thing?

Derek: Is it?

Clive: No Derek, it’s actually a fucking nightmare I searched for the wonder of it I did, but my search was all in vain.

“And I followed her to the station, with her suitcase in my hand,
And I followed her to the station, with her suitcase in my hand.
Well, it's hard to tell, it's hard to tell, when all your love's in vain,
All my loves in vain”.
Robert Johnson. Love in Vain.

Derek: As the old joke goes, the only people who are completely pro-abortion have already been born. To quote P.J O’Rourke, the too many people argument comes down to, “there’s too many of you, just enough of me”. They’re all arseholes!

Clive: Quite, though not always.

Derek: Life is rather difficult innit, Clive?

Clive: Life is impossible, Derek. Especially for some as in the utterly defenseless and  innocent. Thus I am not of the venally cheerful advocating largely left eugenics kind where the clean socialist euphemism of "choice" means only abortion and it’s made out to be well, entirely Jim Dandy, Derek.

“Oh God! I think I’m pregnant!”

“You can always have a Jim Dandy!”

But then the left are all for the eugenics of abortion because they want to set the stage for eliminating anyone who disagrees with their collectivist ideology and are thus not useful to them. What's especially nauseating is the pervasiveness of one hideous opinion that says it's all entirely normal to kill living babies and that it's a brave and worthy act, convenient and not really so awful when seen in the right light, like an execution with tasteful down lighting. Whatever way it's viewed, abortion is a rotten thing. I can't imagine many men going for the procedure themselves as they would be horrified to have their cars cylinders treated that way.

What I don’t like Derek, is ignoring and lying about the hideous truth. Hideous it is as are the harsh facts of the freakish barbaric procedures, and the millions and millions and millions of them done every year. It’s a charnel house horror show that never ends, Derek. Many women are being conned. If we decided based on all the facts, the number of abortions would drop enormously. Though I must admit I’ve never had an abortion myself. I never had the Latin.

“Salus populī suprema est lex. The welfare of the people is the supreme law”. Cicero.

Derek: They didn’t hesitate to fill me in on all the disturbing details of my rectal exam! “We’re going to insert this into your arse and then we’ll open it up like a fucking aircraft hangar and have a look around!”

Clive: You must show me the photos over dinner. Alright, they say that it’s not really a person. Fuck off! Alright, give it to me and we’ll go play fucking billiards with it then. Do you know they lie and cover up the empirical facts of it to young women because among other things, according to our leftist socialist betters, Christian morality is so apparently bad and unworthy? Show the average female a few happy snaps of your standard baby slaughter mess and they run way in revolted horror and don’t ever get a fucking abortion. “Oh come on. It’s progressive! Like group think!” they shout to no avail. And what do you get for your abortion? Fuck all laughs, Derek.

Derek: Fuck all you’ll be looking back on in a photo album when you’re old and alone sucking vitamised shit through a straw while daytime telly drones on and fucking on, and no one comes to visit because the only person you’ve had anything in common with for over five decades, is a man who stepped on a mine and left his knackers in a palm tree and a lesbian piano teacher with a tattoo that says “Fuck Bush!” and even when she did, it never achieved anything that lasted past the rinse cycle.

Clive: The majority of women in the affluent West do not generally loath having the baby they decided to, except for my dear Mother. My Mother always wanted her own Rhesus monkey. “Oh why can’t you swing from tree to tree and live on fruit, Clive?” she would say.

Derek: Gotta love your simians! Who isn’t attracted to middle-aged women who’ve had their insides scraped out like a melon about half a dozen times?

Clive: Certainly not me, Derek. And what woman wouldn’t adore a going nowhere relationship over ten pointless repetitive years? It certainly burns up those pesky fertile years as it slowly all grinds to a self-indulgent halt. Think of how many decades of sunday afternoon art gallery perusing you’ve got to look forward to. And why would a healthy man stay with a woman who finds having babies such a politically unfashionable horror, that she prefers scraping them out of herself and often for no good reason? Women are more likely to regret the children they never had and never can, or an abortion and the peculiar and problematic aftermath. It puts a damper on the whole evening. Ah, we are all flawed humanity, Derek, though one does try not to wallow entirely.

“Homo sum; humanī nil ā mē alienum putō. Nothing human is foreign to me”. Terence.

It is a conundrum when you do not want any more children yet oddly this does not make me pro-strangling of infants that can look you in the eye and scream in agony as they're ripped to pieces by an adult.

“Integer vitae, scelerisque purus. Blameless in life, and free of sins”. Horace.

“When the train rolled up to the station, I looked her in the eye,
When the train rolled up to the station, and I looked her in the eye.
Well, I was lonesome, I felt so lonesome, and I could not help but cry.
All my love's in vain”.
Robert Johnson. Love in Vain.

Derek: It’s funny, innit? But if I went up to some pregnant woman in a park and pulled her 24 week old foetus half way out of her cunt, and then started to stab the squeaker to death, the local by laws officer would say “Ere you two, go get yourself a room at an abortion clinic!”

Clive: That’s because we’ve had decades of the death cult of abortion elevated to that wonderful thing, an icon of progressives. Life is naturally messy and often becomes more so the more we try to er, sedate ourselves. You know in the Soviet Union and Eastern Block states, progressive meant the extermination of people too. They were progressing ever onward toward totalitarian perfection via mass murder, lies, spite and nihilism. Thus the left are eerily correct to go by the moniker of progressive just like cancer is progressive.

Like the great Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, anyone who has lived under progressive communism which also ironically loved abortion and hated Christianity, knows that progressives are largely frauds and in the logical end, killers of the individual soul. It’s no longer really a right to choose per se, if there is blatant manipulation, indoctrination and a corrupting bias toward a single outcome. Especially if it involves the tearing to pieces of a tiny human body. Apparently it's the babies fault if you're raped and the baby must get a automatic death sentence without a trial and often by the same people who are against the death penalty for actual killers, like the abortionist.

Derek: Ironic, innit. It’s interesting how envirofreaks often despise people and their freedom to choose, Clive. It’s not much fucking choice if some fucker narrows it all down to their idea of what choice means.

Clive: Yes, Derek. But that’s your progressive for you. We’re progressing toward a diversity of their opinion and not yours or mine, because for the earnest left advocates of a diversity of opinion, our opinions are unfortunately too diverse. And Planned Parenthood loves black people so much that they make unusual efforts above and beyond the call of duty in convincing them to kill their unborn children, thus making less of the very black people that the left liberal protesteth that they love so much. Sadly as with Obama, this love often manifests itself in a neurotic state and rather ironically for the largely irreligious, a religious-like delirium. For a progressive, eugenics of abortion is up on a pedestle, or it's down to the abortion clinic for their pet cipher of choice the perceived minority group.

Derek: Bloody complicated, your progs, Doctor!

Clive: Yes Derek, and they demand you conform to their crude irrational mentality. Sometimes its hard to know what today’s slogan is thus the great tradition of progressive firing squads.

Derek: Not much of a progress if more and more babies are being knocked off because they can be, being rather small an’ all.

Clive: Yes. 75% of Russian pregnancies end in abortion while the Russian birth rate collapses so drastically that they lose about 500,000 citizens a year that are never seen again, because they are simply not replaced. Most of the free West is below replacement level or at freefall.

As Mark Steyn said, filling such a numbers void via immigration is an inherent structural weakness. It's doomed to end in our own social and cultural collapse. Only America, Australia and a few other democratic and capitalist spots on the free Anglosphere map have healthy domestic population growth. The highest birth rates happen in the less pleasant parts of the globe, ironically where human life is often valued little like a vast abortion clinic. I imagine if babies were the same size as say the average pro-abortion lobbyist, things would be different. I imagine if babies gestated in the form of a building laborer or a Hell's Angel, abortions would drop off considerably. “Stop trying to tear my head off or I’ll kick your fucking teeth in!” they’d say. Or if all babies were Charlton Heston, Derek. “Get your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty abortionist!” 

Many people don’t want to face the profoundly ugly truth that leftist Green ecofascist ideology on virtually every subject is essentially inhuman control-freakery. They are regularly incapable of coming down on the ethically human side of anything. When shades of grey are required, they are black and white and when clarity is needed, they are greyer than old underwear.

Derek: [On piano.] They are old underwear! Soylent Greens kill people! What I say?! What are you afraid of Dr Zaius?! Dr Zauis, Dr Zauis!

“When the train, it left the station, there was two lights on behind,
When the train, it left the station, there was two lights on behind,
Well, the blue light was my baby, and the red light was my mind.
All my love's in vain.

Uumh, Willie Mae, Uumh, Willie Mae.
Uumh uumh, all my love's in vain”.
Robert Johnson. Love in Vain.


Anonymous said...

Good dialogue.

Horrible picture, the baby's mouth in a silent scream.

I've never seen such a picture. I am crying.

jeannine said...

Photshop is a wonderful thing. Some people believe anything. Just ask Pat Robertson.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Actually, it's invariably nihilist Marxist product sodden leftard liberal "progressives" who believe in anything...except the facts.

Ah, of course. A Himalaya of abortion facts is er, "photoshopped". Er, WHAT do you think abortion is? That they just ASK the baby to leave?

You are as they say, a stupid, stupid, laughably lying and venal cunt. No really. Thus the unreachable anonymous non-profile as per usual. Ya fulla shit ain't cha and you know it.

Toodle ooh. Colonel Neville.