Wednesday, 13 August 2008

$port Inc. meets Communi$t Murder Inc.

Happy Comrades at the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, officially agreeing that the Chinese Communist government has really, really, really changed! No, really. Oops, sorry! Wrong computer generated graphic! Hey, has anyone noticed that the Chinese Olympic Symbol looks exactly like a short and veiny penis?

"Paperwork grounds jetliners", said a newscaster. Why didn’t they bloody fold ‘em better, then? "Ethically unfit and easily frightened athletes apologise to mass murdering totalitarian Communists", a newscaster didn’t say, though that's precisely what kinda happened.

Whenever I see those conical hats upon the tumbrel of a “Self-Criticism” session, I always noted the excellent use of Standard A2 Size White Paper. Did you ever seen such perfect corners and seams?

“You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em , know when to fold ‘em”. Kenny Rogers, who knew a lot about making a really good paper aeroplane and contradicting a Commie rat with a gun.

“Well, did you evah? Have you evah? What a swell party this is!” Did You Evah? Cole Porter.

It’s enough to make you weep! Hey, I hope I wasn’t out of line with the crack about the Cultural Revolution and the murder of millions?

Lord Keynes: "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"

It’s funny, innit? But turn on to most any of the sub-par product of our MSM, and everything sounds like a joke to the swinging and witty. Well, because mostly it is a joke. A rolling joke, in which the subject matter barely exists in depth and meaning, and ceases to at all once the contrived focus is um, averted, distracted and...

“ Ah, gee, what’s that noise over there? It seems so shiny, new, important and exciting! Oh, it’s the same disappointing repackaged Soylent Green! Check. Soylent Green is people!”

Thus no matter how freakishly pointed and unexpected, everything still largely ends up being the same story. The one that sells advertising or satisfies the moral vanity of media boobs, rarely offering effective insight, analysis or yuk, empirical truth.

“Cos the Joker laughs at you!” I Am The Walrus. The Beatles.

The writer Gordon Burn has written a neato book on this very subject of the contrivance, artificiality, lies and manipulation of the goldfish bowl of the MSM. It’s called 'Born Yesterday: The news as a novel'.

Here's a joke: So four athletes walk into a Beijing Airport built in honour of firing squads. What? They don’t honour them? Hey, credit where credit is due, baby. They help to hold Red China together, and don’t you forget it. In the largely taxpayer funded "Spirit of the Olympics". Just whut is dat? Bunkum.

Read as the necessary uber self-obsession of the top athlete, plus the required acquiescence to whatever corrupt and freakish regime you are currently performing the pointless behaviour of jumping higher, running faster and endorsing a worthless drink for more cash in, and so on.

Ok, I digress. The athletes left the plane wearing face masks to laughably avoid the well known smog, [Just like Asians most everywhere Asian do, Jim.] and got into trouble for it. So in the er, "Spirit of the Olympics", they apologised! Er, sure. I’ll apologise, if the dirty Communist clique apologises for murdering over forty million or so Chinese etc.

But apologise, our great athletes did, in the er, "Spirit of the Olympics!". Our Foreign Minister, Roger Quisling, er sorry, Stephen Smith, says that protesting about mass murder in a totalitarian dictatorship that funds Zimbabwe, Sudan and so on, would be against you guessed it, "The Spirit of the Olympics".

Gee, maybe having the Olympics in China will change the minds of the few people in total power for um, no particular reason? Just like attending the 1936 Olympics in Berlin did so much to open up Nazi Germany, thus making the Third Reich see the error of their ways. If only Hitler had Google to filter out his failures...

The Olympics are big money and power cloaked with their meaningless drivel of sportsmanship. [And oddly, big money losers too.] The IOC is corrupt and phoney says I. Have they got an office at the the UN? Gotta have!

For the local people, the Olympics mean often more oppression, denial of their meagre rights and ever more marginalisation. It’s balls really, that sport is anywhere near as important as it’s relentlessly made out to be. It’s easy actually. It's repetitive games for often narcissistic and indulged adults plus massive advertising and product endorsement, innit?

“It was never meant to be a game!” Rollerball.

The control of modern industrialised sport is by and for the very rich. Even the bleachers are often beyond the plebs. I don’t have much interest in being a duped spectator to the bread and circus that often covers such profound ugliness and Hell, boredom.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics is merely Communist propaganda writ hideously and robotically large, and presented on our own public and commercial media, and we/they pay for it! What is the "Spirit of the Olympics", exactly? Well, it ain’t for you! And it ain’t about being too concerned about the murder of millions or a vast apparatus of lies and exploitation. So balls, really.

I’ve still got a great article somewhere written by a European immigrant who made the perhaps correct and startling observation that for many Australians “Only sport is real, the rest is in shadows”. For some reason, we do have real problems with depth in many things. No really. It could be many things and often is, but it often ain't the same as the er, brochure, is it?

Thus our films and more are far too often emotionally shallow, lacking dynamic, usually un-sexy, lacking in nuance and thus rather pointless if they are not in the end, entertaining.

When I was a kid uninterested in the repetitive conformity of not just sport, and whenever my Dad introduced me to a male adult, they seemingly always and only asked a sport question of me, usually along the lines of “And what team do you barrack for, nipper?”

“Er, I don’t really, um, follow football”, says clueless little me.

They would always look beyond puzzled and almost sickened, then turn around and walk away without saying a word. And this to a small boy! Naturally I thought that most adult males at the time appeared to be stupid, dull and heartless bores.

The poor level of entertainment choices when I was a kid could mostly fit in a cheap shoe box. You’d settle in for the meagre Saturday afternoon movie for example, and it wouldn’t come on most of the time if there was any sport on. And the sport would go overtime by maybe six hours! Why? Cos EVERYBODY loves sport more than anything else in life! I mean, what else is there? Actually, Australians spend more on the arts than sport, but that won't shift units and fit the dominant paradigm, eh?

For many, the equivalent of the old joke about “We have both kinds of music, Country and Western”, could be "...we sometimes have both kinds of meaning in life: Sportsman and spectator".

Is sport all creepy and so on? Er, no, not at all, I guess. There are many very good reasons and benefits to doing it such as team work, fitness and free fruit.

It’s just the mindless and coercive dominance of it, and often to the exclusion of all else that for me, drains sport of its limited appeal as an amusing and rather pointless past-time. Games are largely for children, ain’t they? No, really.

Hey, of course there’s nothing wrong with doing sport. That's until it’s taken to be the seemingly most serious, important focus and goal for a whole nation, and the alleged thoughts of sports people are deemed somehow interesting or relevent outside of the game, whatever it is.

Man, no I love mindless mass conformity! Who doesn't? So sure, there’s nothing wrong with sport except for ah, a lot of things.

Here’s Andrew Bolt, one of the few locally to point out the bleeding obvious about China’s Olympics. It ain’t for the games, kids. It’s for the power and phony image building.

Dig The Jackboot Games.

“Television coverage of the opening ceremony revealed that thousands of the spectators in the stands were in fact police and soldiers, while official cheerleaders stood in the aisles choreographing the applause.

Outside, most Beijing residents have been kept well away from the venues. Crowds trying to watch the opening night fireworks from the subway station nearest to the athletes village were pushed away by paramilitary police. Crowds in the street were moved on”.

Hey, ya gotta love that Olympic spirit! Smells like totalitarian spirit... Here’s Andy again on the miniature girl singers switcheroo.

I liked this comment except for the last bit of baloney from Bernard:

“What a load of garbage Australia constantly sterilizes its media image by presenting cute little blonds throughout the whole spectrum of media including its 2000 Olympics. Nicki Webster was the little cutsie they used for the Olympics. Australians are a disgrace with their constant tokenism of other races where it suits them in the media especially with the race they killed off, the Aboriginals. You all need a damn good whacking”.

Pretty good, but er, “killed off?” I guess that’s why there are more Aborigines today than 200 years ago then? So er, no. But a good try at kicking a goal for your faux Sainthood nonetheless. And it’s not really Australians as a whole per se, that are the “disgrace”, as much as the ad agencies, media and politicians etc, in charge of most things that have a voice.

But then I was not ever really much of a team player, either on the sports field or the firing squad.

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Well played Colonel! Great piece, thinking about China being given the Olympics really is maddening. At least more people will be talking sooner rather than later about how there are really two very different Chinas in one.
Maybe in the future it will be in Saudi Arabia or Venezuela.
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