Friday, 10 October 2008

Distortion Revolution.

Like crazy, man! Bill 'Bull' Ayers, his merry band of Weathermen and the Revolutionary Communist Party endorse the Revolutionary Change of Obama! Right on! Burn, baby, burn!

Now dig fellow destroyers of the fake myth of Che the child killer Guevara. In a previous post I sourced the great David Horowitz at Free Republic and ended up at the wonderfully anachronistic and naturally stupid Revolutionary Communist Party of America website, as you do. And upon its turgid pages, I found a 2006 interview with Bill Ayers, the phony ‘with the people’ Marxist psycho and still entirely avid pipe bomb maker. Remember to book ahead if you need one by next Thursday! Ask for Bill.

Ayer’s was interviewed by the fantastically named comrade idiot called er, Reggie Dylan! No, really. I write to a lot of people and not all of them are wilfully deluded loons. I simply must post some of the mountains of letters I write soon. Simply must old boy! They make riveting reading, but who needs a riveting?

Anyway, I managed to get through the insane self-inflating and self-congratulating rationalisations of baggy eyed Bill and I thought “hey, I think I’ll write to Reggie!” So I did.

And Reggie, God bless him, wrote back in a fashion. He linked me to “Revolution #55!” on his websites crazy dial. Oh man. It’s a classic. It’s a Marxist Madness May Day Sale! Here’s my Dear Reggie letter, then his response and finally my Fisking of his beyond belief parody of classic Leftard pro-murder pamphlet scribbling in pure Marxist gibberish.

Absolute Communist gold!

“Dear Reggie Dylan:

Man, that name is just too delicious! I mean, Reggie is funny, but then with the Dylan added. Inspirational. Revolutionary!

Wow. I salute you most excellent comrade. Er, maybe I should say "All Hail Commissar Bob Avakian! The all seeing eye of the glorious people's Revolution and 24 hour firing squad!"

Bob, I want to report a thought crime by counter revolutionary running dog Number 1349/B29T AKA as Colonel Neville. Yes, I'm self criticising and turning myself in! I need to be re-educated. Help me!

Look, are you guys actually a Communist Socialist, Radical, Leftard, Liberal parody from the Peoples Cube? Gotta be, Mister!

Anyway, you're fantastically humourless and I loved your bankrupt interview with Bill the boomer Ayers. Literally eh? Man, what a hideous "for the people" phony and psycho. Thus a perfect and eternally tenured academic. Check. Nuance.

Hey, here's a quote that sums you all up really. " in a fantasy life completely supported by the system they despise".

Neat eh? It's Mark Steyn. There are some great quotes too, from the many men and women that the Weathermen, the Black Liberation Army and the S.L.A have murdered, but they're mostly screams, including some of terrified children.

Anyway, you can write back to me, but be sure to subject change, deny, self-inflate, lie and go into Leftard hyper hyperbole. Good luck.

Your enormous fan, Colonel Neville. PS. Are you actually all mad? Just wondering...You are here and here too. Baby, it's all you”.

Colonel Neville".

And here’s Reggie and Bob's response and the wonderful Through the Looking Glass link they sent.

“In response to your letter, we are sending you an article that clearly spells out what we are and are NOT about, "Some Crucial Points of Revolutionary Orientation—in Opposition to Infantile Posturing and Distortions of Revolution," published in our newspaper on July 30, 2006. We urge you to read it”. Reggie Dylan and Commissar Bob Avakian.

Colonel Neville: For a more apt and authentic reading of the above, recite in an Eastern Block KGB accent like this:

"Sarm karooshell Poynts of Rhevolooshunairy Orientayshun—in Ope-ozishun to Eenfuntie-el Poe-stering and Deestorshuns of Rhevolooshun," publeeshed in our noozpaypar on Joo lie thar erty too zero zero seex. Ve urge you to reedzit Comraid. Co-opperayte und evree sink OK, be deefeekult und sings carn bee mush verse four yoo...Comraid”.

Colonel Neville: Funny innit? It seems any sentence spoken or written by a Marxist contains at least one lie by default. The following mass produced factory output of Red nonsense is not "clear" as either writing or entertainment, though it is parody gold.

And it doesn't "spell out...what we are NOT". It does this by ommission. It reinforces the violent madness and conformity to a mediocre set of useless and destructive paradigms, while showing tha it's "NOT" about rational thought, decency, truth, beauty, fun etc, and never, ever, ever about real people and an authentic understanding of the world. Any world. But that's radicalism for ya folks!

Commissar Bob: “Revolution #55, July 30, 2006”.

Colonel Neville: Hey, the Beatles stopped at Revolution #9. But REVCOM go all the way to #55 and beyond! Sheesh.

Commissar Bob: “Some Crucial Points of Revolutionary Orientation — in Opposition to Infantile Posturing and Distortions of Revolution.

“Revolution is a very serious matter and must be approached in a serious and scientific way, and not through subjective and individualistic expressions of frustration, posturing and acts which run counter to the development of a mass revolutionary movement which is aimed at—and which must be characterized by means that are fundamentally consistent with and serve to bring into being—a radically different and far better world”.

Colonel Neville: Virtually unreadable, innit? But it has an otherworldly funniness. Like a stale ghost from the far past...Cos it is! Hey I can dig it. “Revolution is a very serious matter”. Really. Ya don’t say? It’s clearly a virtual humour free zone with our Reggie and Bob. Yep, can’t start any laughing and ridicule, or then the whole house of cards and inhuman shithouse of fraud falls down, and don’t it just?

So thinking for your self is out, and being a mindless mass Marxist drone is in. basically “zair iz to be no deviation from zer Glorious Party Line or you vill be shot!” Check. Nuance. Notice that the last part is so, er, lawyerly? They do love endless control freak rules and regulations of every minutiae, eh? And many a murderous totalitarian bureaucrat has been a lawyer or some other dry fiddler of numbers representing millions of extinguished lives.

Yes, endless and ever changing rules for endlessly pointless behaviour. This provides all the opportunity for you to disobey a rule even if you don’t know it and then you can be executed, which is the entire basis and purpose of Communism. But gee Bob, do drool on you stunted bastard.

Commissar Bob: “Revolution, and in particular communist revolution, is and can only be the act of masses of people, organized and led to carry out increasingly conscious struggle to abolish, and advance humanity beyond, all systems and relations of exploitation and oppression.

A bedrock, scientific understanding,”

Colonel Neville: Ah, the old pseudo science of Marxist Socialism rears its inhuman, ugly, stupid and brute head. Can’t wait to see the catering!

Commissar Bob: "...which must underlie the development of such a revolutionary movement is that:

The whole system we now live under is based on exploitation...”

Colonel Neville: Er, yeah. Sure it is. And that’s why nearly everyone who can escapes from Communist prisons to the free West. To be exploited. And away from the Socialist sharing of firing squads. Yes, exploitation is how I got my new Japanese car and renovated my kitchen. I exploited Toyota and Adrian my interior decorator. “Ooh! Exploit me! Please?!"

Commissar Bob: “The whole system we now live under is based on exploitation— here and all over the world”.

Colonel Neville: Now that’s a classic and sums up Commissar Bob’s er, faux love of humanity. Oh sorry, I meant Bob the megalomaniac midget and his breath taking ego driven narcissistic hatred of reality and the human beings who live in it.

Hey, I must let my family in Japan know that next time they go to Shinjuku to realise that the entire meal is based on exploitation. Good grief. Beyond retard really.

Commissar Bob: “It is completely worthless and no basic change for the better can come about until this system is overthrown”.

Colonel Neville: This is the very best line I think. Yes, thus the Marxist illogic follows that the people who live and express themselves in this “system” themselves are “completely worthless”. Does this include Bob? No, never!

Bob is going to make the world a better place, by inevitably dismissing all those “worthless” people who form society. I guess that’s on top of the over 100 million that Communism has already murdered. But why quibble about mere numbers? Che, Fidel, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Sung and all the rest of the destructive vampires never did and never will.

Yes, “worthless”. The meaningless, vast and empirical economic triumph of Western Capitalist Democracy free markets lifting the standards of living of billions of people in reality. The worthless free flow of ideas and innovation resulting in massive advances in medicine, technology, science, human rights and the awesome artistic expression of the Western Canon. Sure, it's overstuffed with spoiled Leftard brats and radical academic cunts, but ya can't have everything.

You know, when a Marxist fuck like Bob makes their bog standard grand sweeping statements, I like to counter by dwelling on the details. Remember, according to Commissar Bob, it’s all "completely worthless”. SO it follows that dentistry, a jumbo Jet, plumbing, your local kindergarten, Ferrari, Marvin Gaye, ice-cream, café’s, Thomas the Tank Engine, Italian handmade shoes and naturally the computer and software Bob uses to say “everything is worthless”, are all worthless. Rather stratospherically ironic, irrational and utterly, utterly phony there, Bob.

Yep, apparently the vast Western Canon is cancelled out by the ridiculous misfit abstract fantasy’s of that boring and humourless weirdy beardy Karl Marx. A man who never gave a damn about anyone he actually ever met or knew. But please, drivel on.

Commissar Bob: “And that: In a country like the U.S., the revolutionary overthrow of this system can only be achieved once there is a major, qualitative change in the nature of the objective situation, such that society as a whole is in the grip of a profound crisis,"

Colonel Neville: Funny innit? But all Communist hellholes are in a permanent crisis of permanent revolution. Yep, “what is today’s slogan?” and “who is today’s enemy?” This is the murderous and suicidal fuel for the engine of mass murder known as Marxist Leninism. The repulsive and terrifying beast of Communism is just another way of saying you don’t understand human beings at all and you hate them. Then it’s very easy to murder them, eh?

Commissar Bob: “...owing fundamentally to the nature and workings of the system itself,” [Colonel Neville: Yes, the naturally chosen and rationally constructed series of complementary systems based on civil government, highly efficient economic systems, the rule of law, private property, freedom of speech, the free flow of capital, freedom of movement and the free flow of ideas, innovation and market demands etc. Gee, which one does Bob not approve of?

Obviously Bob is pretty comfortable using a capitalist running dog computer, the Internet and the myriad multi layered capitalist and democratic systems that support not only Bob in his ungrateful idiot fantasy life, but his entire Revolutionary Communist Party in His Glorious Peoples Basement.

Commissar Bob: “...of and along with that there is the emergence of a revolutionary people, numbering in the millions and millions, conscious of the need for revolutionary change and determined to fight for it. In this struggle for revolutionary change, the revolutionary people and those who lead them will be confronted by the violent repressive force of the machinery of the state which embodies and enforces the existing system of exploitation and oppression; and in order for the revolutionary struggle to succeed, it will need to meet and defeat that violent repressive force of the old, exploitative and oppressive order”.

Colonel Neville: Yep, right off the deep end to the natural home ground of Marxist Leftard Communist radicalism. This is the rabid urge for immediate violence ASAP! All by imagining and constructing endlessly absurd conspiracy theory in the largely benign, successful and ordinary society in which Bob lives affluently and comfortably.

Yeah, “millions and millions” are just pining for a violent revolution. Who wouldn't?! Not at my son’s kindergarten they ain’t. Still, the millions and millions of ordinary actual people who don’t have a fevered head full of revolutionary Che the child killer Guevara type insanity, are ready made for the inevitable firing squads once the “hegemony of the proletariat”, meaning University misfits and psychopathic killers have taken over.

Commissar Bob: “Before the development of a revolutionary situation—and as the key to working toward the development of a revolutionary people, in a country like the U.S.—those who see the need for and wish to contribute to a revolution must focus their efforts on raising the political and ideological consciousness of masses of people and building massive political resistance to the main ways in which, at any given time, the exploitative and oppressive nature of this system is concentrated in the policies and actions of the ruling class and its institutions and agencies—striving through all this to enable growing numbers of people to grasp both the need and the possibility for revolution when the necessary conditions have been brought into being, as a result of the unfolding of the contradictions of the system itself as well as the political, and ideological, work of revolutionaries”.

Colonel Neville: Notice that that last super turgid example of pure bad political writing that George Orwell described so well in his ‘Essays', is one oxygen sucking paragraph of crap? Un-fucking believable. Not a sensitive and nuanced cunt is he?

Yes, “violence is wrong” and I suppose that’s where Bob Ayers the pipe bomb fan comes in and thousands of criminal fake academics like him. Must Indoctrinate U as we “march through the institutions”. Yes, that’s entirely what Obama means via his noun “change”. What Bob really means if you can bear reading his bilge, is that violence is only wrong until you can get away with it, say like after the revolution, then its Murder Inc.

So just be patient, lie and cheat then hey presto! It's the instant Marxist murder spree jackpot!

Commissar Bob: “In the absence of a revolutionary situation—and in opposition to the revolutionary orientation and revolutionary political and ideological work that is actually needed—the initiation of, or the advocacy of, isolated acts of violence, by individuals or small groups, divorced from masses of people and attempting to substitute for a revolutionary movement of masses of people, is very wrong and extremely harmful”.

Colonel Neville: Yes, in fact it’s so wrong that you are Communists, an ideology based entirely on murder, lies, conformity, envy, spite, destruction and insanity. And of course, this must be why you gave a cheery platform and voice via an uncritical, entirely supportive and congratulatory interview to Bob Ayers the Weatherman. Bob and his freakish group of middle-class and now middle-aged and eternal brats, along with their pals the Black Liberation Army and geeks like the S.L.A and Baader Meinhoff etc, bombed, robbed, terrorised, kidnapped and murdered people. Check. Nuance.

Notice at no time does Bob ever ASK the “masses” what they want? Bob assumes as per usual that he knows what the "masses" want. That’s because bloated narcissists like Bob and Che the child killer are uninterested in what real people feel or think. Bob knows what they want. He told them. What an asshat.

Gee, Bob, I think people vote with their feet, freedom of choice and money everyday. They want what they have and more of it, not less or nothing, but sadly none of you. See, they don’t want bad things that they can’t use. Like Marxism. Thus there is no demand for Marxism at the supermarket.

Commissar Bob: “Even—or especially—if this is done in the name of “revolution,” it will work against, and in fact do serious damage to, the development of an actual revolutionary movement of masses of people, as well as to the building of political resistance against the outrages and injustices of this system even before there is a revolutionary situation. It will aid the extremely repressive forces of the existing system in their moves to isolate, attack and crush those, both revolutionary forces and broader forces of political opposition, who are working to build mass political resistance and to achieve significant, and even profound, social change through the politically-conscious activity and initiative of masses of people”.

Colonel Neville: Yep, entirely revealing the truth of Liberal to Left Marxist and radical infiltration and indoctrination of our schools, media, government and society in general. And of course, any society or government that doesn’t allow totalitarian control freak frauds to agitate, infiltrate, threaten, coerce and commit violent crimes is being a “repressive state”.

Hey, it’s a fundamental of Communist fakes everywhere that they must manufacture an enemy. When that one is gone they merely find another "enemy of the people", and another, and another. Ironically, every "enemy of the people" comes entirely from the er, people! Still, it's a mass murder spree and larf, innit?

Let me say this Bob and Reggie in love. Your writing is a useless, worthless bore. The crude, humourless, crushingly mediocre and immature drivel that any Ministry of the Current Truth churns out. It may cut it at a permanent student crisis meeting and its variants, but you simply can’t write. I mean at all. Read Orwell on the rules for clarity in written expression.

Bob’s problem? Anyone who believes in Marxist Communism in 2008 has nothing sane, original, natural or worthwhile to say to a complete human being. And that’s because a radicals are lacking, don’t relate and are hostile. They ain’t really interested in people except as handy abstract ciphers. Bob lacks humility, humour, self-reflection and talent. But wait. There’s less! Something more is missing in the perspective of Reg and Bob. A genuine love for people.

Sure, they talk about it, but it is an as per usual entirely faux and phony “with the people!” posturing. You mouth and pretend, but it’s hollow and well, plain nuts.

Yes, that “infantile posturing” Bobby blathers about in a kind of laughable Eastern Block grammar. You are distorted Bob, and just like your perceptions of mad revolution and your refusal to accept the truth of the society in which every extremist is merely a vampiric misfit. Hey, some folks really have nothing to offer anyone.

Marxist Communism is no product at all and not one that any sane person anywhere wants to buy. Like ever. Thus we see the outrageously disingenuous manufacturing of “old as new” paradigms, and the eagerness to force said bankrupt nonsense onto people despite fraudulent denials to the contrary, that you don’t mean by any means necessary.

The fact is there is no “oppressive state” in free Western democracies. Pure cant. So Western radicals without anything to actually fight against or for, have to invent everything to give any validity to the killer drives of Marxism. The free West is actually built on trust. It won’t work without it, sport. We are open societies and because of this, vulnerable to totalitarian deceptions like Bob the Commie con artist is peddling.

How does one justify a mad ideology based entirely on lies, force and murder? With lots of mental gymnastics and moral inversions on the way to the madhouse I guess.

So to Reggie Dylan and Commissar Bob Avakian, I say good luck with your plans to spread the ideology that's murdered over a 100 million people and counting, you sad, phony, boring, ungrateful and dangerous boobs.

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